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BW 03



Ash and Iris discover that Oshawott from Professor Juniper’s lab has been following them. It was then decided that Oshawott would join Ash on his journey.

Ash and Iris discover that a group of Sandiles have been terrorizing a resort. Together they later save a group of pokemon from several geysers that were about to go off.


So just like any Pokemon anime we have filler to watch before Ash’s next gym challenge and Black and White is no different. Sometimes filler episodes can be good and sometimes they can be bad. This one feels like the latter.

The plot is a typical filler episode plot where Ash and friends meets some stranger with a dilemma as they travel. The stranger in this episode was Dan and the problem was the Sandile who were terrorizing the resort. Turns out that the Sandiles were trying to warn the people and pokemon that there were some geysers that were set to go off soon. Which makes sense considering that Sandile is a ground type pokemon so I guess these guys should be able to tell changes happening in the earth.

What made this episode feel bad was the execution of the solution. This episode was mostly fine until we hit towards the end of the episode. The first part that made me shake my head was when Team Rocket came and used a magnet to lift up the Sandile that was holding Pikachu and Oshawott.

Can you say lazy writers and/or artist?

When were Sandile’s part steel or had metal in them? Is that some sort of special crane? How was that crane able to pick up Sandile? Not much is needed for a Pokemon episode to make sense but wouldn’t it have worked to just draw a claw on the crane instead of some sort of magnet?

Then there is the whole Pokemon on the rock surrounded by boiling water. That says to me that this episode decided to just throw away logic. I am perfectly fine with the Sandiles doing the whole bridge thing to create a path but the pidoves are another story. Why couldn’t the pidoves just fly away instead of just standing on the rock waiting for help that they didn’t need.

The worse part was that they flew away later. It just felt like lazy writing and I wish the writers would have used a different Pokemon or added more deerlings and partrats. I did found the Sandile bridge strange but I learned to accept things like that but the pidove was another thing.

Enough bad things, time for some good things. Oshawott is clearly a tool to make money. Slap his face on a candy wrapper and it will sell millions in Japan. Knowing that, I think the little otter is growing on me. It’s the voice. The Pokemon Company International made sure to give Oshawotta a cute voice and it works because I like the guy for that sole reason.

I would hate him but the guy’s voice is killing me. When Oshawott appeared in the middle of Ash’s and Iris’s argument and then just smiled and said ‘hello’ I just had to smile. Then later on, when we see Oshawott chilling in the hot sand with his shell on his head., it was so cute! Haha. Same thing when we saw him floating in the water at the end of the episode. Haha

Also Pikachu talking pika-speak…love it. I wish we could hear Pikachu talking pika-speak more often.

Overall this episode would be average if it weren’t for the second half.  Normal filler episodes tend to be decent but this one just felt mediocre due to what I consider lazy writing and/or animation.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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