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banner of the week

Do you have a Shop in either the Sprite or Graphic Art Boards that doesn’t get as much traffic as you’d like? Are you convinced that your artistic abilities surpass all others? Are you as creative as Billy Mays?

If you answered yes, no, maybe, or you took a moment of silence when you thought of Billy Mays, then you should join a Contest in the Art Contest Board!

From this point forward, I will be reporting on everything that happens in the Art Contest Board on a weekly basis. In addition to an update on the new weekly theme, the winner’s winning entry will be promoted in my article. In addition to that addition, your art shop or art gallery will also be promoted which adds even more reason to faithfully enter in each contest. Just think, your Banner/Sprite Shop… ON THE MAIN PAGE OF PE2K. :O I know, you are quaking in your seat at this very moment.

What is this week’s theme you may ask? Are you foaming at the mouth with anticipation as I build tension? Here we go!

This week’s Banner Contest Theme is Freestyle!

This week’s Sprite Contest Theme is To be Determined!

In addition to the contests this week, until March 14, you have the opportunity to create PE2K’s rank badges! Your badge could be selected to represent PE2K. :O

So go out there and join a contest and I’ll be seeing your entry next week!

(Also, don’t forget to vote for your favorite entries in the current contests!)

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