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Sometimes, as you face a horde of blood-sucking Pokemon eager to rip a hole in you, you realize one important fact… Pokemon is Serious Business!

This Monday we take a deeper look at Pokemon, what HM’s really mean, and the tragedy of Ditto everywhere.

Editor’s Picks

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Tales (Above) – He swore to protect and serve… even if it meant taking an attack for her.

Rare Candy Treatment – “I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.” ~Abraham Lincoln, 1858

Life As A Pokemon – Poor Ditto!

Drawn Comics

Curly Pie – The Worst Valentine’s Day Cards Ever Made.

Ghost’s Tale: A Crossover – Would you like the Red Tent or the Green Tent, Mr. Anderson?

Mokepon – Chapter 4!

Pikarar – Now everyone can draw Pikachu!

Pokemon Zirconia – That is the most wicked Charmeleon I’ve ever seen.

Pokeyman: Revolution – Agent Alpha… This is not good.

Shinka: The Last Eevee – Sometimes… it’s the improvised moves that work best. Like Pikachu using Bonemerang or Bulbasaur using Dig.

Stuff of Legend – And then the annoying rivals show up.

Sprite Comics

Pebble Version – Did… Did Flannery just attack a human with her Pokemon? Wow…

Pokemon Edge – All’s well that ends well.

Pokemon Light & Dark – Dark secrets indeed…

Pokemon-X – I wouldn’t be too worried if Carol is using a normal attack against Machop rather than fighting move.

Pokemon Warpers – Because if he becomes attached… he’ll never want to leave. Plus Togepi is too cute!

Random Kanto – Metronome. It just never works when you need it the most!

PE2K Comics

Jentoh AdventuresSlowly but surely, the memories return.


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