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The Unova Pokémon League Association has just announced a landmark decision to accept registrations from foreign Trainers for the first time. Unova has previously existed separately to the rest of the regions, preferring to run their own Pokémon League program independently to the one first set up in Kanto and expanded throughout Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. World-renowned Pokémon expert Professor Samuel Oak commended the decision.


“It is time that the regions of the world came together to share their wealth and knowledge with the Pok√©mon Trainers of the future. Since the origins of training, travelling has always served as a method to strengthen the important ties between humans and Pok√©mon and now, developments in technology have allowed us to undertake that travel on a scale previously thought to be impossible. Inter-regional travel will allow residents of Unova to learn of other regions and perhaps even encourage them to visit us, while we in turn learn about the maginificent Pok√©mon that are only found there. This rare opporunity should not be missed by any Trainer or Pok√©mon enthusiast.”

The Unova region boasts an impressive 156 native Pokémon as well as bustling cities, quiet forests and new battle styles. Interested parties are asked to arrive at the laboratory of Professor Juniper in Nuvema Town no later than 10am on March 4th to receive their Starter Pokémon. Ships will be leaving from Viridian City, Olivine City, Slateport City and Canalave City in the coming days and Trainers are advised to check with their local Pokémon Center for departure times. Two more waves of Trainers will also be accepted on March 6th and 10th. Starter Pokémon will be given out on a first come, first serve basis so Trainers are encouraged to arrive early to ensure they receive their first choice. Hopefuls are already gathering in the normally-quiet Nuvema Town, with many more expected to arrive within the next few days.

Though the region of Unova holds many new adventures, prospective Trainers have been reminded to proceed with caution as they come across previously unknown species of Pok√©mon, and to be wary of anyone claiming to belong to a syndicate known only as “Team Plasma”, a Pok√©mon-based group whose motives are yet unknown.

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