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Hello Pokémon Trainers, and welcome to the fourth edition of Member Spotlight!


We, the staff here at PE2K, really love the awesome community of people we have on the forums. As a result, we want to show you all off! Today, we have an interview with mysterious Global Moderator Teo who joined the forum in 2005.



Since joining PE2K, Teo has been involved in various aspects of the forum. He joined the moderator team just after the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and since then has contributed to the WiFi battling section by organising tournaments and running his own clan. Not much is actually known about him aside from his excessive use of exclamation marks, for he is rather myserious and a bit elusive. Who knows what his actual potential is! Today we chatted with Teo to find out his thoughts on Pokemon Black and White and how he first got into Pokemon.


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This week, we chatted with the elusive Teo to find out who he is and how he first got into Pokemon.


Why did you choose your username?

I had originally got the name Teo from the Video game Legend Of Dragoon. Pretty much the only other RPG I’ve actually played aside from Crono Cross and Pokemon. I’m not too big on that Genre. ANYWAYS, it was the name of a boy you had to save on the thrid disc I believe it was. I was like WOW, the name is so simple! I’ve got to remember it! So, I used it from then on! Be it on an RP Character or forum name.


Do you see yourself ever quitting Pokemon?

That’s a tricky question. So here is a tricky answer. You see, I’ve always liked Pokemon, and enjoyed the games much more than the anime. Essentially no plot to that other than. I NEED TO GET ME GYM BADGES SO I CAN BE POKEMON CHAMPION! OOH A NEW REGION! GONNA GO SO I CAN BE WINNER, but still lose and all. Like I was saying though, the games are pretty nifty and have heaps of mechanics to them which make it quite interesting. So, I’ll find myself playing them for a good while.


Now the other half to this question, this current generation that’s coming out, is really a big big BIG let down in my opinion. It’s as horrible as the country it’s suppose to represent. Hahaha! Seriously though, I don’t like the look or feel for the graphics at all. I’m sure the battle mechanics are good, and I’m sure they’ve added more nifty features, but the game nor the actual pokemon for this region don’t say POKEMON to me. Will I get the games? Most likely, but I find it rather annoying that I can’t transfer over older Gen Pokemon to it so I can start my journey with them vs these new ones. Should tell you all how much I just LOVE this new region. xD


I guess you can say that I’ll just keep on playing the older games, and just stop following the newer ones.


How did you get into Pokemon and how has it impacted your life?

I first got into Pokemon when it was first released here in the US. I remember going to a friends house right after school just to watch the anime. A friend of mine started talking to me about it originally, and he told me what time the show came on and the first episode I remember watching was the S.S. Anne episode. Watched it like three times in a row I think before I got to see another episode. xD! I thought it was a pretty cool show! So I made time to watch it whenever I could. What really got me hooked though was when my friend brought over Red version to my house one day. I remember starting my first journey, picking Charmander, and catching a Pidgey and raising it to Pidgeotto before I had to turn it off. Eventually, i got myself a game and couldn’t stop playing! I just HAD to catch them all!


As for how Pokemon impacted my life? Well, if it wasn’t for me liking Pokemon, chances are I wouldn’t have met the most awesome girl in the world! So she’ll always keep my love for Pokemon alive! Cause I don’t have a choice in the matter really! xD!!!


What is your favorite Pokemon?

That’s a tough question, I don’t always have an exact favorite! I just really have a group of Pokemon I do love and that I think are just awesome! Originally it was Charmander and it’s evos cause that was my original starter. Then there is Butterfree, who is just awesome and cause I remember doing something in grade school about the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Though, if I really had to pick a favorite, it would most likely be Teddiursa! Cute, cuddly, but can be quite fierce!


What are you involved with aside from Pokemon?

To be honest, Pokemon isn’t what I focus most on! xD If anything, I enjoy playing Fighting and Racing games the most! I do play some FPS, but only because of people I know. My hobbies would include, watching anime from time to time, origami! Been big on origami for AGES! AGES I SAY! Building Model kits, gotta love Gunpla! :’D Drawing stuff every so often, and some other arts and crafts.


What boards can we find you at on the forum?

LOL! I really have to say this, I’m kind of like a legendary Pokemon as it were. You know I exist and you can see me, but I don’t have an exact location as to where I actually belong. xD!


What’s your favorite generation?

Favorite Generation would definitely be the first, because it started everything and the anime during that time was just great! And gotta love Brock for yelling GO ONYX!


How did you find PE2K/why did you join?

I found it AGES ago, I beileve it was roughly two years before I actually joined up and all. I mainly joined because I wanted some questions answered in relation to Fire Red and Leaf Green. Considering the only generation I had played at all was still the first. xD


Finally, if you were part of an assorted soup, what delicious ingredient would you be?

MY ONLY QUESTION ASKED BY A MEMBER! You think the community would take advantage of something like this to get to know some one better, but no! ANYWAYS, I’d like to say the broth, because it often goes unnoticed but is essential. Though, I’m really going to have to say a potato! Not quite the main focus (unless you’re a certain Pokemon Trainer!), but still plays a key part in the soup over all.


Thanks Teo! Our next Member Spotlight will be the MOTM for February! Make sure you post questions for them to answer in the Question Submissions Thread once the results are announced! Until next time!

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