Oh look, it’s February. What better time than now to snuggle under a blanket with some nice hot chocolate by the fireplace and check out some of the best fan fiction that we’ve got? Over the past year, we’ve gotten aspiring writers a chance to be featured on the website. They submitted their works and under the harsh light of our judges, only one (from each category) emerge the victor. Today is that day.

Best One-shot Story of 2010
Vatonage by Charmander009
We like to generally give some praise to one-shot fictions amidst the sea of long fan fiction. However, we have come to one that isn’t really about pokemon at all. Set in the pokemon world, this story speaks of a boy and a girl and their lives with a “scientific experiment gone wrong”. How would their lives be shaped? Well that’s for readers to find out.

Best Creative Writing
[colors] by Professor Geoffrey
Creative writing is a relatively new category we have, which generally is for everything not fiction related. We accepted anything from poetry to lyrics for songs for this category, but our winner is a series of poems written under each color. Indeed, it is an interesting piece with a lot of emotion and explanations for each. Well done Professor Geoffrey.

Best Chaptered Fan Fiction (less than 1 year old)
Wings Have We { and wherever we may go… } by Giratina
Chaptered Fiction has always been a hotly contested category in our awards. This year is no different. Juggernauts from fiction writers like Neo Pikachu contested for this spot, but in the end, Giratina won with fan fiction Wings Have We. Taking place in an interesting setting, the story runs in a first person and third person point of view that takes you though a journey that a boy named Casey makes. Brilliant trainer fiction awaits.

Best Chaptered Fan Fiction (greater than 1 year old)
Through the Eyes of a Flareon by Graceful_Suicune
It’s been a couple of years since we started doing these awards, and we thought that we should give some shout-outs to older fics that are still active and running. Through the Eyes of a Flareon is the one we chose for this year. Interesting characters and intriguing plot that departs itself from the traditional trainer fiction near the beginning, the journey that Dusty the Flareon follows is 19 chapters of story that you won’t want to miss.

This closes out our year. Hope to see you guys next year for Fan Fic of the Year 2011!

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