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gamrFeed reports that in February 27 2011, Pok√©mon has turned 15 years of age. Pok√©mon was born at the same date in 1996 with the launch of its game in Japan. It’s a franchise that started to grow from day one, and now, known to millions and millions of people worldwide.

On this date in 1996 a revolutionary new franchise was born ‚Äď Pok√©mon. I don’t think anyone could have imagined back then what this behemoth of a franchise would one day become.

Some 15 years later, the franchise has spawned dozens of video games, a trading card game, four anime series, scores of merchandise and an annual feature film. Pokémon is enjoyed by millions of gamers of all ages across the world.

Here’s to a good run of memories Pok√©mon, congrats on the birthday.

Source: gamrFeed

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