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You’re walking through a forest.

It’s dense, it’s dark and it’s cold. You just wanted a Pidgey, maybe a Hoothoot, but so far, nothing. You just want to leave now. Maybe check tomorrow. Of course, the forest won’t let you leave that easily. Just when you can see the light at the end of the forest, a figure blocks your way. Its thin wings shimmer. Its dragon-like head tilts slightly to the left. You stare at its titular scythe-like arms.

Yes, it’s Scyther.

Japanese Name: Strike
Species: The Mantis Pokemon
Type: Bug/Flying
National Dex Number: 123
Abilities: Swarm/Technician
Egg Group: Bug
Catch Rate: 45 (Not Likely at Full Health)
EV Yield: +1 Attack
Evolves into: Scizor via Trade w/ Metal Coat (Any Game except RBY)

Scyther tend to live in groups, with the strongest being the leader. This is similar to how lions act in our world. Older Scyther tend to fall to the younger ones, usually being banished or shunned from the group. Although these Pokemon are tough, at an old age they can be easy targets for other Pokemon, such as Fearow and Staraptor.

Despite what was mentioned earlier, Scyther groups are usually found in grasslands, though the Pokemon are still rare. They can be found in forests, but not as likely. Areas like the Safari Zone in Kanto or the National Park in Johto are special habitats where Scyther are free to roam until they are captured.

Capturing these Pokemon will be no easy feat. With a powerful Attack stat, they can tear through many Pokemon in 1-3 hits if you aren’t careful. Even if you are lucky to bring it to low health, it will still most likely cause you to use more Poke-balls than you probably carry, especially if you are in a Safari Zone.

If you obtain one of these magnificent beast, you need to know how to use it.

Make good use of its Attack stat!

Scyther have an incredible Attack stat. You want a moveset that capitalizes on this. I recommend something along the lines of:

-Swords Dance
-Bug Bite
-Quick Attack/Aerial Ace/Pursuit

Make sure your Scyther has the ability Technician as it increases the power of moves under or equal to 60 BP (Base Power) by 50%. Thus, Bug Bite earns an added 30 Power, upping it to 90 BP. This makes it like U-turn, but without the effect of losing the Swords Dance bonus and more PP to use, which can be devastating to Pokemon like Alakazam and Absol.

Roost can be a good healing move, recovering 50% of Scyther’s HP.

Quick Attack is here for a quick and efficient way to finish off an opponent before they try to heal, whereas Aerial Ace can be used on those Pokemon resistant to your Bug Bite. Finally, Pursuit can be used on those Pokemon you suspect of switching, like Grumpig, who is likely quivering at the sight of your Scyther. All three of these attacks also gain the Technician bonus.

If you’re also looking to EV train, specialize in Attack and Speed. Nothing is more intimidating than a fast and brutal killer like a scythe-equipped mantis.

The Condensed Pokedex Entry:

Scyther, the Mantis Pokemon. This Pokemon can move with such expert agility that it can appear as a ninja, creating duplicates of itself while homing in on its prey. Its speed can make it nearly invisible to the naked eye, cutting grass with its scythes as it moves. Although it cannot fly, it can spread its wings to stay in the air for a short duration of time as it runs.

  • Red/Blue/Yellow: Safari Zone, Game Corner (Unobtainable in Blue, must be traded from Red or Yellow, or via the Time Machine from Gold, Silver or Crystal)
  • Gold/Silver/Crystal: National Park (during the Bug Catching Contest, not found in normal visits)
  • Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald: Unobtainable. Must be traded from FireRed.
  • FireRed/LeafGreen: Safari Zone, Game Corner (Unobtainable in LeafGreen, must be traded from FireRed)
  • Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: Route 229 (Diamond), Route 210 (Platinum), Route 215 (Platinum) (Unobtainable in Pearl, must be traded from Diamond or Platinum, or via Pal Park.)
  • HeartGold/SoulSilver: National Park (during the Bug Catching Contest, not found in normal visits)

*Note: This Pokemon can also be found in Pokemon XD at Citadark Isle, but it will be in Shadow form. It must be purified before it can be traded to a Gen III game.

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