Pokemon Elite 2000 doesn’t update itself. Our dedicated staff works hard to ensure that the latest, and most important information is available to our audience. Feel free to contact any of the staff if you have questions.


Site Administrator

Email: webmaster @ pokemonelite2000.com
Bio: The Admin and overlord of the PE2K Forums and Site. Ray tends to the basic needs of the forum and makes sure that it is always there for Pokemon fans around the world can enjoy. This psyduck-loving man is very rare and can rarely be seen around the forums posting. One may think that Ray is there only to be mistaken yet he is always hiding in the shadows making sure that PE2K is running smoothly and chugging along towards the future.


Vice Administrator

Email: kennyc001 @ hotmail.com
Bio: Joined in the foggy seasons of “when the forum started”, Kenny is now a fossilized artifact of the pe2k forums. In his life, he was some guy who likes to talk about trading card games and pokemon, did some role playing and story writing on the side, and was rumoured to have 6 wives on pe2k at once who constantly churns out banners for him to wear on his sig. They say that if you listen to the servers closely in the dead of night, you can still hear the voice of Kenny screaming things like “Jigglypuff”, “disseminated intravascular coagulation”, and “darn it bulbapedia, it’s anatomy not physiology”.

Harry Kim

Editor-in-Chief; Administrator

Email: HKim.PE2K @ gmail.com
Bio: Kim has been a fan of Pokemon since the original games, but only joined PE2K in March 2003. He mainly enjoys roleplaying, fan fiction writing, and participating in the Pokemon Ultra RPG. Other hobbies of his include Chess, Anime, Star Trek, World of Warcraft, and Tabletop Roleplaying.

Pokemon Trainer Sarah

Editor; Administrator

AIM: ArcticAngel34
Email: sarahdiep55@hotmail.com
Bio: Hi, I’m Sarah! I’m the current head of the PE2K forum and have been a member there since 2005. I am interested in all aspects of Pokemon, especially the science behind their origins and collecting merchandise. My favourite Pokemon is Bulbasaur and my favourite game is Pokemon Snap. While my main focus is the PE2K forum, on the website I am primarily involved in reporting Pokemon news, with a special interest in news from Australia and Pokemon merchandise. The best way to contact me is via PM on the PE2K forum.


Senior Editor

AIM: MissyBerlitz
Bio: I have been a Pokemon fan since I was five. My very first Pokemon game was Blue, and I’ve been hooked ever since. As a child, I had little understanding of how the game worked. I first joined PE2K in 2007. I participate in the URPG, just battling and buying items as of right now. My favorite colors are purple and pink. My favorite Pokemon are Hydreigon, Meloetta, Togekiss, and Lilligant.

Arch Enemy

Senior Editor

Email: loveithate.it@hotmail.com
Bio: Hi! I’m Arch Enemy. I’ve joined PE2K back in January of 2010. I’ve been a fan of Pokémon since I was a little kid, and still am one now. My favorite Pokémon is Vulpix, and my favorite Pokémon games are Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. If you have any questions to ask, or if you’d like to know me better, you can drop me a VM or PM on the forum, or even an IM if you find me online on MSN or AIM!

Eternal Moonlight


AIM: WinterThundra
Bio: N/A


Image coming soon…
Email: N/A
Bio: N/A

Mikey (Charizard Michelle)


E-mail: OnePieceataTimeBlog @ Gmail.com
Bio: Gather around for the tale about a person named Charizard Michelle who joined in 2006. You may know this person as Mikey but it is all the same considering the feats of this person. Mikey has taken part in many WARs, Role Plays and even organize the infamous Parody WAR all in the name of fun and humor. Now Mikey wanders around various part of PE2K including the Anime section. When Mikey isn’t writing about the Pokemon TCG, the Pokemon fandom on Twitter or the anime then you can find this person on One Piece at a Time Blog.


Contributor; Moderator

AIM: Grassy_Aggron
Bio: Hey, pe2k, are you ready for the insanity that is Grassy? I joined back in 2008, and quickly took root in the Creative Writing and Role Play sections. I love writing stories, after all, and am known for being unusually cruel to the characters I love the most. I became a Moderator of Creative Writing in 2012, creating the Tutoring and Review Group (TAR) to help everyone out with grammar and the like. My favorite Pokemon is Aggron, and I also double as a living encyclopedia of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, effectively being the twisted branch between Nintendo and Sega on this forum. If you want to contact me for help, or simply to chat, just drop me a line, preferably with some chocolate on the end!


Contributor; Moderator

Email: webdragoon1337@gmail.com
AIM: webdragoon1337
Bio: What’s up, PE2K? I’m WebMaster. I’ve been a fan of Pokemon ever since I got Blue Version for Christmas. I joined PE2K for URPG reasons, but I branched out further over time and became a moderator of the Pokemon: General Board. If you ever want an interesting topic to post in, stop by my board; I have tons to talk about. My main responsibility as a site staff member is to post the URPG Times on the PE2K main site. I’m still able to help with other articles too. Guess that makes me kind of a wild card ^_^. My favorite Pokemon is Ho-oh and my favorite non-legend is Serperior. Feel free to contact me to chat or if you have any questions.


Contributor; Moderator

Email: bluejellojelly@aol.com
Bio: I Joined late December of 2009, when I tried looking for a Pokemon sites for reasons I do not quite recall. I was a pretty avid competitive battler back then, and still am to this day, running several clans. I also have interests in spriting, and this includes my forever growing Ditto sprite collection. My favourite Pokemon are Ditto, Foongus, Scrafty, Politoed and Poliwag, although new 5th generation Pokemon are growing on me. I hope to write several articles for this site, including Black and White news and various other articles.

Typhlosion Explosion

Contributor; Moderator

Email: cbadger0525@gmail.com
AIM: SJolteon
Bio: My name is Typhlosion Explosion! You can call me TE, Typhlosion, or my real name, Corey. I’ve been on PE2K since May 2007 and started back in activity in April 2011. I was formerly Shiny Jolteon, Shiny Eevee, Vaporeon100, Ho-Oh00, Serenity Suicune, and Jolteon100. Currently I am a moderator for the Trivia/Games section and was the WAR XI Leader. I also am part of the Website Staff. Obviously, my favorite Pokemon is Typhlosion, with Ampharos, Jolteon, Leafeon, Togekiss, and Dragonite not far behind. My favorite type is Fire, because Blast Burn is my favorite move and my favorite Pokemon is of the type. I live in New Bark Town in Johto as well! That being said, Johto is my favorite region and Heart Gold is my favorite game! My favorite color is orange too! I’m on the PE2K Forum every second I can be, so feel free to shoot me a VM or PM to answer any questions about me or anything else you may have! c:


Creative Dex Staff; Contributor

Email: simmi92@live.com
AIM: simmio92
Bio: So hi I’m Simmi, I joined PE2K January 2011, I’m in art school, I like; drawing, animals, ice cream and fun stuff like movies and such. I’m good at making Graphics, I’m a Graphics Expert in the PE2K Creative Dex, which hopefully will be up on the website someday soon, Gemma is my Graphic Expert partner, while on those notes, Mizuki Emi is my pair. My favorite Pokemon would probably be Staryu, Gyarados….(The list goes on including mostly water pokemon). So if your ever in need of any assistance or have any questions feel free to send me PM or VM. ;)



Email: stacey.pe2k@gmail.com
AIM: DowsingMCHN
Bio: My name is Stacey though I am most likely known as DowsingMCHN on the PE2K forums! I’ve only been on PE2K for a short while but I already know it’s going to be somewhere I will stay for a while. My favourite Pokemon would have to be Roserade, this is due to the fact that I was a heavy 4th Gen Competitive player, and Roserade was my lead. Hoenn would have to be my favourite region with Sapphire being my favourite game. This is due to Sapphire being the first Pokemon game I ever played. I am on PE2K a fair bit and am willing to help anyone out. So if you need help, feel free to PM or VM me and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.

Ali the Dark One

Image coming soon…



Email: gmandiddy@hotmail.co.uk
AIM: gmandiddy
Bio: Hey PE2K, my name is Digital, formally known as gmandiddy. I joined back in 2010 and started to hang around the URPG Boards. After a couple of years, I started to get involved with the forum itself and now I am a moderator of the Pokemon Anime and Manga forum. I mainly create Anime Reviews for the website and I’m also starting a huge database full of Anime Reviews. My favourite Pokemon is Porygon-Z or Stunfisk, because of their beautiful looks. If you have any queries or worries about the Pokemon Anime or Manga, feel free to contact me.

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