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Nacrene City and the Basic Badge


Team Plasma and the Dream Ruins


When you leave the gym, you will be greeted by a woman named Fennel. She has a gift for you from Professor Juniper, and leads you to her lab. If the odd-looking machine attached to the bed isn’t a dead giveaway, Fennel is researching the Dream World, another new feature introduced this generation, but that can wait. What matters now is that Professor Juniper’s gift to you is HM01 Cut! Thanks to the Trio Badge, you can now cut those weird-looking trees. Come to think of it, wasn’t there one in the Dreamyard? Better go check it out. If you need to restock items, go to the Pokemart, since you have your first badge, their inventory has improved. Now you can purchase Great Balls, Repels, Status Healers(Antidote, Awakening, etc.), Escape Rope, and Super Potion.


After you cut the tree, Bianca appears, feeling curious about the mysterious ruins. Inside, you’ll find a Munna, the Pokemon that Fennel described to you earlier. It doesn’t take long before two people dressed like knights show up, sound familiar? Apparently Team Plasma wants Munna’s abilities to help restore balance to the Pokemon World… so they decide to kick it. That doesn’t make much sense, but it does give you an excuse to battle these creeps.
The first Grunt has a Level 10 Patrat, just watch out for Bide and it’ll be cake. The next one uses a Level 10 Purrloin, how boring. After the Grunts go down, Ghetsis uses Double Team! No, you’re not seeing things, Ghetsis apparently has ninja powers. He scolds the Grunts for hurting the Munna, and they take off. The evolved form of Munna, Musharna, appears from the shadows to help its child. Fennel also appears, excited to see the two Pokemon with connections to the Dream World in front of her. They leave, dropping an item as they float away. Fennel takes it and leaves, meaning you can explore the Dream Ruins!


Dream Ruins Wild Pokemon
Patrat, Normal-type, Levels 8-11, Common(Normal Grass)
Purrloin, Dark-type, Levels 8-11, Common(Normal Grass)
Munna, Psychic-type, Levels 8-10, Uncommon(Normal Grass)
Audino, Normal-type, Levels 8-11, Special – Common(Shaking Grass)
Musharna, Psychic-type, Level 11, Special – Rare(Shaking Grass)


If you’re looking for a Pokemon good with Special Attacks, Munna and Musharna are good choices early on. Directly West of Bianca is a Pokeball, and climbing the stairs to the East leads to a Repel and a Potion. When you’re finished here, head back into town.
Go back to Fennel’s lab and talk to her to recieve the C-Gear. When this is on, your DS will actively seek other trainers and give you up-to-date information on their progress! You can also use this to quickly swap Friend Codes and engage in battle with people in your wireless range. This thing eats up your DS battery, so turn it off if you want to save the energy. Fennel’s aide will give you something even more useful than the C-Gear, the Pal Pad! From this point forward, you can trade and battle with your friends over Nintendo Wi-Fi! Now that that’s finally over; onward to Nacrene City!


Cheren and the Wellspring Cave


West of the Pokemon School is a park with a fountain in the center. Head South for a free Great Ball, that’s good to have. Now head straight North, see the buildings? The one on the left is a kindergarten where you can take a nap to heal your Pokemon. Beats walking to the Pokemon Center. And the house on the right is the Daycare Center! There’s a catch; you can only store one Pokemon at the moment. You’ll be able to start breeding later on the game, so remember the location.
The playground has four trainers for you to fight, starting with the Kindergarten Teacher standing next to the Kindergarten. She has a Level 10 Lillipup and Munna. The three Kindergartners are also Pokemon Trainers! The one closest to you has a Level 10 Panpour. The one next to him uses a Pansear, and the one at the slide has a Pansage, all Level 10. And no, you can’t slide down the slide, your character just walks down it. I know, I was disappointed too.


Following the path, you’ll enter your first Double Battle. The rules are the same as before, you each send a pair of Pokemon to fight side-by-side. The Twins use a pair of Level 10 Purrloin. Aren’t you getting sick of seeing those Level 10 Purrloin? I know I am. Keep going until you reach the intersection, where you will be stopped by Cheren. As usual, he leads with his Level 14 starter, still holding an Oran Berry. Next up is a Level 12 Purrloin, and this one knows Sand-Attack. Once that’s over, you’ll have a little run-in with Bianca, a little girl, and Team Plasma. They head off into a cave, with Cheren close behind. That item in the grass there is a Super Potion, in case you were wondering before the Cheren battle.


Route 3 Wild Pokemon
Patrat, Normal-type, Level 8, Uncommon(Normal Grass)
Pidove, Normal/Flying-type, Levels 8-11, Common(Normal Grass)
Blitzle, Electric-type, Levels 8-11, Uncommon(Normal Grass)
Lillipup, Normal-type, Level 9, Rare(Normal Grass)
Purrloin, Dark-type, Level 9, Rare(Normal Grass)
Audino, Normal-type, Levels 8-11, Special(Shaking Grass)


Blitzle is a Pokemon to take note of here. Its evolved form, Zebstrika, hits pretty hard and has speed to back it up. Now, follow Cheren West, but don’t enter the cave just yet. Loop around and battle the Pokemon Breeder, who uses a Level 9 Patrat, Pidove, and Lillipup. She’ll give you an Oran Berry for winning. The end of the path has a Repel.
Now follow Cheren into the Water Hole. Don’t get your hopes up, you and Cheren don’t team up for a double battle, you fight the Grunts… right next to each other. Your Grunt has a Level 12 Patrat. After winning, two more join the fray. NOW you and Cheren get to team up. They both use Level 12 Patrats, and Cheren might trigger their Bide, so be very careful. Oh yeah, if you started with Tepig, his Oshawott might use Water Sport, which’ll weaken your Fire-type attacks, I just don’t understand his logic. Oh yeah, there are some nice Pokemon in the Water Hole, totally worth exploring.


Wellspring Cave Wild Pokemon
Roggenrola, Rock-type, Levels 10-13, Uncommon(Rock Floor)
Woobat, Psychic/Flying-type, Levels 10-13, Common(Rock Floor)
Drilbur, Ground-type, Levels 10-13, Special(Swirling Sand)


All three of these Pokemon are good choices. Woobat has some nice Special Attack, while Drilbur and Roggenrola are physically fit. Roggenrola also has some good Defense when it evolves, just watch out for its dismal speed. Drilbur is a Ground-type with lots of potential when it evolves, it also has two abilities that boost its power in Sandstorm weather, pretty cool. These three are great choices for earning the badges, so don’t overlook them. There’s TM46 Thief, so pick that up for a good Dark-type move. Now go talk to the little girl to get a Heal Ball, but more importantly, open the path South.


Nacrene City Museum


The first trainer you face, a School Boy, uses a Level 13 Blitzle. The item next to him is an Antidote. If you head South, you’ll find Cheren who will warn you about thick patches of grass. In these patches, you will encounter two Pokemon in a Double Battle. If you remember the Double Battles from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the concept is basically the same, except you won’t have an NPC Partner, so don’t worry about them defeating the Pokemon you want to catch. The Pokemon in thick grass are also stronger, so don’t bite off more than you can chew. Next trainer is a School Girl, with a Level 13 Woobat. South of the bridge is another Great Ball, perfect. The School Girl on the bridge has a Level 12 Patrat and Purrloin. The other side of the bridge has an Awakening for you. There’s one last trainer before you reach the city, another School Boy. This one uses a Level 12 Pidove and Roggenrola. Beat him, and you’re free to enter Nacrene City.


When you enter Nacrene City limits, Cheren will drag you over to the Pokemon Center. Gee, could something important be happening? You’ll also get 3 Chesto Berries, which awaken sleeping Pokemon. See the staircase leading into that house? A girl in there will trade a Pokemon not normally found in your chosen version in exchange for its counterpart. If you bring her a Cottonee in Pokemon Black, she will offer a Petilil in exchange, the reverse happens if you own Pokemon White. In the first house to the left of the Pokemon Center, a man will sell X-items to you (X Attack, X Defend, etc.). If you want a quick boost in battle, this is the place to go. They are a little bit pricey though, so it’s up to you. Next door to that a blue-haired girl will ask you about the three starters. Whatever answer you choose, you’ll receive an item to boost that type’s attacks. (Charcoal for Tepig, Miracle Seed for Snivy, Mystic Water for Oshawott). Pick whatever item you want, just be sure to have the Pokemon of that type hold onto it. Now head North and look for the building with the Pokeball statue, Nacrene Gym is just inside the museum, but first…


…N appears and challenges you to battle! First, he’ll ask you a simple question, answer with whatever you feel suits you. N starts the battle with a Level 13 Pidove, he’ll then introduce you to two Pokemon you haven’t met before; Tympole and Timburr, both Level 13. When he loses, he runs off, but not before mentioning Zekrom or Reshiram, depending on your version. Now there are two different directions you go; forward, or left. Forward leads you into the Gym and towards your next powerful foe, but if you don’t think you’re levelled up enough, you can head left to the next route, where you will find some higher-levelled Pokemon, including Timburr and Tympole.


Pinwheel Forest Entrance Wild Pokemon
Tympole, Water-type, Levels 12-17, Common(Normal grass)
Pidove, Normal/Flying-type, Levels 12-15, Common(Normal Grass)
Timburr, Fighting-type, Levels 13-16, Uncommon(Normal Grass)
Sawk, Fighting-type, Levels 12-17, Rare/Special(Normal Grass[Black Only], Shaking Grass[White Only])
Throh, Fighting-type, Levels 12-17, Rare/Special(Normal Grass[White Only], Shaking Grass[Black Only])
Audino, Normal-type, Levels 12-15, Special – Common(Shaking Grass)


Follow the road, and talk to the first person you see. She will give you a TM94 Rock Smash. Before you actually get to the grass, you have to battle the Nurse in pink. She uses a Level 15 Munna, which has a bit of staying power. Nurses and Doctors are special trainers, once you beat them, you can talk them at any time to heal your Pokemon. You don’t even have to make the trip to the Pokemon Center if you don’t let all your Pokemon faint! Squeeze into the fence next to her and follow it until something blocks your path, it is an Ether, which restores the PP of one of your moves.
Train as much as you’d like in this patch of grass before tackling Nacrene Gym. There also a few trainers and items to be had, might as well get them now, right? There’s a Kindergartner just below the Nurse with a Level 13 Cottonee and Petilil. The one next to her has a Level 14 Roggenrola. Follow the tracks to find a Great Ball. Head South to find a Youngster with 3 Level 13 Tympole. There’s an Antidote just below said Youngster, and another Youngster with a Level 14 Venipede and Lillipup. Up those large stairs are a Black Belt and a Battle Girl, both with Level 16 Timburr. Head down that other flight of stairs for a Net Ball. There is also a rock there, that if you show it a Fighting-type Pokemon, it’ll reward you with a Star Piece, which can be sold for lots of cash. Now you can train your Pokemon at your own pace. I recommend getting them to at least Level 18 before challenging Lenora.


When you’re ready, head back to where you battled N, the Nacrene City Museum! Once inside, the scientist in front of the Dragonite-like fossil will lead you to the actual Gym. The coach will show up and toss you another Fresh Water, and then explain the basics of the gym. The first trainer uses a Level 17 Patrat. Yup, this is a Normal-type Gym, just like Goldenrod City.
There is also a puzzle to solve for this gym, but I’m here, so don’t worry. First talk to the girl in the middle row, and then head to the first bookcase on the left. Examine the blue books to get a question. Choose the first answer, and then do the same thing with the green bookcase in the middle row. After that, talk to the girl in the back and answer her question the same way to be treated to a battle! She has a Level 17 Herdier, the evolved form of Lillipup if you couldn’t guess. Check the bookshelf she was standing in front of to receive a question, answer yes, then go to the bottom-right bookshelf. Talk to the first girl and get another battle. She’ll use 3 Level 15 Lillpup, and then move. Open that book, and ta-da! The staircase to Lenora is now open! Seriously, you just answered “Yes” to every question and solved a Gym Leader’s quiz. How easy.
Now you get to battle Lenora and her two Pokemon! She uses a Level 18 Herdier, and a Level 20 Watchog. These two aren’t that tough, provided you’re adequately levelled. Once you beat her, she hands over the Basic Badge and TM67 Retaliate. Congratulations on your second badge, keep up the good work!


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