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Pinwheel Forest and the Stolen Fossil
You don’t get a moment’s rest after beating Lenora. The guy you met earlier runs in, claiming that some men in knight’s clothing are attacking the museum, sounds like Team Plasma is taking a little field trip. When you head back to the museum, sure enough, there’s a big line of Team Plasma Grunts. Lenora and the Grunts will go back and forth, but then Team Plasma creates a smoke screen. When the clouds clear, the Dragonite Fossil’s Head is gone!
You and Lenora will head outside, where a man wearing green clothes will show up. Lenora introduces him as Burgh, and he is the Castelia City Gym Leader! Bianca and Cheren will show up a few moments later, also offering their help. Lenora leads your friends into the museum to explain the situation, while Burgh heads to Pinwheel Forest. Follow Burgh all the way into the forest, where plenty of new Pokemon and battles await.
Pinwheel Forest Wild Pokemon
Pidove, Normal/Flying-type, Levels 15 & 16, Uncommon(Normal Grass)
Venipede, Poison/Bug-type, levels 15 & 16, Uncommon(Normal Grass)
Sewaddle, Bug/Grass-type, Levels 14-17, Common(Normal Grass)
Cottonee, Grass-type, Levels 14-17, Common(Normal Grass, Black Only)
Petilil, Grass-type, Levels 14-17, Common(Normal Grass, White Only)
Audino, Normal-type, Levels 14-17, Special – Common(Shaking Grass)
Pansage, Grass-type, Level 15, Special – Uncommon(Shaking Grass)
Pansear, Fire-type, Level 15, Special – Uncommon(Shaking Grass)
Panpour, Water-type, Level 15, Special – Uncommon(Shaking Grass)
Whimsicott, Grass-type, Level 17, Special – Very Rare(Shaking Grass, Black Only)
Lilligant, Grass-type, Level 17, Special – Very Rare(Shaking Grass, White Only)
Big list, and if you noticed, the new monkeys are roaming this forest, along with some Bug-types, which might come in handy late in the game. You’ll find Burgh at a split in the road. He’ll head North, but we want to head West, where there are plenty of battles to be had. The first are Twins, both with Level 16 Sewaddle. Fire-types will scorch these two. You’ll then have to battle that Team Plasma Grunt below you. He uses a Level 16 Sandile, a Ground/Dark-type Pokemon. Fighting-types from the battle with Lenora will be useful, unless it packs Intimidate, which lowers your attack. Head West, and you’ll find another Team Plasma Grunt, with a Level 16 Purrloin. South of her, you’ll be able to pick up a Big Root.
North of the Grunt is a Pokemon Ranger, packing a Level 18 Herdier. Winning the battle will earn you a free Chesto Berry, because Pokemon Rangers are just that nice. West of the Ranger is a Super Potion. Keep heading West, and you’ll find a Youngster with a Level 16 Venipede and Timburr. Keep moving, and be sure to pull the Antidote out of that stump. See that harmless pile of grass right in front of the log? Well, that’s a Pokemon Ranger! This one has a Level 18 Pansage, and you’ll win another Chesto Berry as a prize.
Head through the log, and then take a left turn at the split. There’ll be another Pokemon Ranger in the first lump of grass you encounter. She has a Level 18 Panpour, and will give you a Pecha Berry. At the top of the log, you will face a Plasma Grunt with a Level 16 Patrat. Head down the other log, and walk until you reach another item in a stump, a Paralyz Heal. Head to the log, and another Pokemon Ranger will jump up at you, with a Level 18 Pansear, and another Pecha Berry. Head South and start looping around to that item, TM86 Grass Knot, which does more damage on heavier opponents. Now, head through the log to battle a Team Plasma Grunt’s Level 18 Patrat(two of them), and Sandile. When beaten, he’ll hand over the Dragon Skull, and a Team Plasma Sage will come out of hiding. The Sage will talk for a while, and then Burgh and Lenora show up. Team Plasma leaves, and Burgh follows. You hand over the Dragon Bone and receive a Moon Stone, which can be used to evolve Munna into Musharna. There’s a Miracle Seed before you jump off the ledge, in case you didn’t pick one up in Nacrene City.


Castelia City and the Skyarrow Bridge
The other side of the ledge leads to the Northern path, and a handful of trainers. The Schoolgirl standing next to the fence has a Level 16 Pidove and Purrloin. Head South across the bridge, to battle a Lass. The Lass has 3 Level 15 Woobat. South of her is a School Boy with a Level 17 Munna. Now you can head back North, and finally exit Pinwheel Forest.
Check out that massive bridge! Head through the gate, and talk to the Hiker, who gives you a Quick Claw, which has a chance of making your Pokemon attack first, regardless of speed. Now, run all the way across the bridge to Castelia City. As soon as you exit the gate, head South to a pier. Talk to the scientist, who will ask you about the three elemental monkeys. Answer with the monkey you want to use the most, because he will you the stone necessary to evolve that monkey. Leaf Stone for Pansage, Fire Stone for Pansear, and Water Stone for Panpour. Don’t both saving it, because those stones won’t really evolve any other Pokemon, unless you transfer it from an older game. I’m sure you’ve taken a lot of damage during the exploration in Pinwheel Forest, so head to the Pokemon Center before doing anything else. Inside, the girl in front of the counter will ask you to use the Geonet System, that globe on the 2nd floor, and place your location into it.
If you have the Liberty Pass, then this is the place to claim your Victini. That adventure will be covered later in the guide. Head up the path to the right of the Pokemon Center, where you’ll find a roadway with a lot of traffic. Head into the first building, and talk to the kid who will show you a picture of Zorua for your dex. If you have the Celebi that was given away, the kid on the left will turn out to be Zorua. The 22nd Floor has the Gamefreak team wandering around. The second building in the alley has TM44 Rest on the 11th Floor, just talk to the Hiker. Head North to the fountain, and talk to the Dancer in front of it. He’ll ask you for a battle, agree. He has a Level 21 Pansage.
After he loses, he’ll mention two other dancers in the city, we’ll find them soon. Head down the alley to the West of where we reached the fountain from. There, in front of the manhole, there’ll be another dancer. Challenge him, and he’ll have a Level 21 Panpour. Head into the cafe and talk to the man behind the counter, who’ll give you a Lemonade. Go to the dumpster, where you’ll be ambushed by a shady character, who’ll give you a TM70 Flash, which can be used to light up dark caves, and decrease accuracy in-battle. Head South, back onto the outside of the city, and head to the building with the green overhang, the Battle Company.
Inside, a man will greet you and introduce the company before heading up the elevator. Follow him, and head up the 47th Floor, with a handful of trainers. They don’t call it the Battle Company for nothing. There’s an Office Lady with Level 10 Herdier, a Businessman with a Level 19 Timburr, Scientist using a Level 19 Roggenrola, another Office Lady with a Level 18 Petilil and Cottonee, and finally, second Businessman with 3 Basculins, which you’ll see plenty of once you’re able to Surf. Talk to the Businessman just below the first Office Lady for 3 Timer Balls and Quick Balls. Below the second Office Lady is a Revive, and the Scientist in the corner will give you a Scope Lens, which increases your chance of scoring a critical hit.
On the 55th Floor, you’ll find a Hyper Potion and more trainers. There’s a Businessman to the left with a Level 20 Woobat and a Researcher with a Level 20 Munna and an X Special, so watch out for her boosted attacks. There’s also a Scientist with a level 20 Sewaddle and a Dire Hit, which boosts the chance of scoring a critical hit. On the right side is a Businessman that has a Level 19 Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour. All that’s left now is the Cleaner, who uses a Level 20 Trubbish and Minccino. When you beat him, he gives you an Exp. Share, which distributes the experience earned in a battle to the holder, even if they didn’t participate in the battle. Very useful if you want to train your under-levelled Pokemon. Now you can leave the Battle Company and head back outside.
Head to the West alley, where the Castelia City Gym is waiting for you, but Cheren will bump you out of the way, followed by Burgh, we’ll come back to that. The red brick building is the Survey Building, where if you answer a ton of questions, you’ll get a Soda Pop, but it’s not really worth the time. Head down to the pier closest to the Battle Company, where the last Dancer’s Level 21 Pansear is waiting for you.
The pier to the right of that one is the Prime Pier, where you’ll find Burgh and Bianca, and a mystery person – Burgh’s friend; Iris. You’ll meet up with her again later, but now a Plasma Goon shows up, but runs off before you can catch him! Burgh runs off, and Iris and Bianca leave it up to you to chase after him. But first, head straight up, through a road swarming with people, where you can find an Art Gallery that’ll hand out berries each day if you show them a Pokemon of the type they ask for, and there’s also a stand where you can buy Castelia Ice on certain days of the week, when the crowd clears.
Now go back to the Fountain where you met the first Dancer, and he’ll give you an Amulet Coin for beating his friends, which doubles the amount of money earned in a battle that the holder Pokemon participated in. Head North, where there are two buildings to explore. The one on the left has a Name Rater on the first floor, who can change your Pokemon’s nickname. On the 11th Floor, there is a Scientist who asks for a password, this password enables you to transfer certain Pokemon that unlock special events in Black & White.
The building on the right leads to an international party, where people from all over the world gather, these people speak the language of their respective country, so don’t expect to understand anything unless you’re bilingual in a certain language. The girls on the bottom-right of the room give you TM45 Attract, which has a chance to immobilize Pokemon of the opposite gender. Now that we’ve gathered everything, head back to the alley with Castelia Gym.
Burgh will be waiting at the entrace, urging you to follow him. He’ll lead you to a warehouse just to the left of the Gym, where three Plasma Grunts are waiting for you! You only have to fight one, who uses a pair of Level 17 Sandile. After beating them, Iris and Bianca will show up, and follow you and Burgh inside, where Ghetsis, two Sages, and the three Grunts will be waiting. After another lengthy speech, Ghetsis will return the Munna that had been stolen from Bianca. After they disappear, Iris and Burgh will discuss some thing, and then Iris will hand you a Yache Berry, which halves the damage done by super-effective Ice-type attacks, so give it to a Dragon, Grass, or Ground-type Pokemon. Burgh will then go back to Castelia Gym, waiting for your challenge. The item Team Plasma left behind is a Smoke Ball, which allows you to instantly escape from a Wild Pokemon battle with no chance of failure. Heal up before entering Castelia Gym.
Inside the gym, talk to the coach, who will give you another Fresh Water. Burgh is a Bug-type Gym Leader, and his gym is designed based on a beehive. You have to get a running start in order to pass through the walls of honey. It can be a bit of a maze, but I’ll be here to help you navigate it. Pass through the first wall and hit the switch, which will lower a gate on the left. Head right and battle the Clown and his Level 20 Sewaddle and Venipede. Hit the switch just past him and walk through the wall you just opened, if you want to avoid a battle, step around the switch. If not, step on it, and a Clown will leap out! He uses a Level 20 Sewaddle and Dwebble, which is a Bug/Rock-type Pokemon, so Water-type attacks are fair game. Now, hit the switch on the right, and then on the left, and finally, the one on the far left.
Now, walk through the honey above the switch that makes the Clown pop-out, and hit the switch on the other side. The last switch is on the left, first head down, ignoring the first switch, unless you want to battle a Clown’s Level 21 Sewaddle. Now head through that wall of honey, to reach the switch in the corner. Run through the gate that just opened, where another Clown will be waiting. Like the first one we faced, he uses a Level 20 Sewaddle and Venipede.
Hit the switch, and you’re now free to challenge Burgh. I’d say Level 22 is a good level to shoot for before challenging him, but let’s face it, you’ve had plenty of battles since beating Lenora, so you should be levelled enough to beat him, unless you’ve been slacking off on your training. His first Pokemon is a Level 21 Whirlipede, which has some bulk to it. It burns like all the other Bug-types though. He also has a Level 21 Dwebble, and a Level 23 Leavanny, the fully-evolved form of Sewaddle. Leavanny his the powerhouse of his team, and he packs recovery items for when his Pokemon reach the red. For beating Burgh, he will award you with the Beetle Badge and TM76 Struggle Bug! That’s another Gym Leader down, just 5 left.


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