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The Champion Hopeful and the Champion Meet!


Now that you’ve beaten Elesa, hit the red switch and ride the cart to the entrance. After leaving the gym, heal up at the Pokemon Center before taking the Western exit towards Route 5. As soon as you head out, Cheren catches you and challenges you to battle. His team consists of a Level 24 Liepard, Tranquil, his monkey, and his Level 26 Starter Pokemon. Remember, the starter is equipped with a Sitrus Berry for a health boost.
When you beat Cheren, Elesa will show up and introduce you to Alder, the Unova Region Champion! He’s hosting an event where trainers can show off their skills, and he wants to test yours. Get ready, you and Cheren are going to have a tag battle against a pair of Kindergartners. They use each use a Level 26 Herdier, while Cheren uses his Liepard. Keep in mind that Intimidate might make the battle drag out if you try and use Physical attacks, because those are the only moves Cheren’s Pokemon has.
After proving yourselves superior, Alder compliments your skills, and Elesa and Cheren soon depart. Leaving you free to battle all of these trainers! Start with the cook who hase a Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour, all at Level 21. Next up, the Clown and his pair of Level 22 Whirlipede. Now talk to the Guitarist with two Level 22 Blitzle and teach him the tune of defeat. After you crush his soul under your feet, he’ll fork over the Electric Guitar accessory for the Pokemon Musical. Now that you’ve stopped the music, go break up that Dancer’s rhythm. He has a pair of Level 22 Darumaka. You’ve crushed two forms of art, let’s make it a Hat Trick! That’s a Painter with a Level 23 Sigilyph. Now that you’ve crushed every trainer’s dreams and humiliated them in front of Alder, feel free to explore the grass for some Wild Pokemon.


Route 5 Wild Pokemon
Gothita, Psychic-type, Levels 19-22, Common(Normal Grass, Black-only)
Solosis, Psychic-type, Levels 19-22, Common(Normal Grass, White-only)
Minncino, Normal-type, levels 19-22, Common(Normal Grass)
Trubbish, Poison-type, Levels 19-21, Uncommon(Normal Grass)
Liepard, Dark-type, Levels 20-22, Uncommon(Normal Grass)
Audino, Normal-type, Levels 19-22, Special – Common(Shaking Grass)
Emolga, Electric/Flying-type, Level 20, Special – Rare(Shaking Grass)
Cinccino, Normal-type, Level 22, Special – Very Rare(Shaking Grass)


There are a handful of Pokemon you haven’t encountered in the wild before, including some Version Exclusives. Head back to the entrance and cut through the grass, where you’ll find a Backpacker using Level 23 Munna. Then you can pick up the Great Ball behind her. Keep following the grassy path to another Backpacker, with a Level 23 Palpitoad, which is part Ground-type, immune to Electricity, but crippled by Grass.
He is also guarding a Revive and some thick grass, which of course, containing higher-levelled Pokemon and the chance of a Double Wild Battle. No new species in this grass though. There IS a Zinc in the grass, which boosts a Pokemon’s Special Defense EV’s(Effort Values). Hop off the ledge and head West, where Cheren and Elesa are standing next to a drawbridge. Elesa tells the operator to lower the bridge, and away we go.


Driftveil Drawbridge and Marketplace

While walking along the bridge, you’ll notice some peculiar shadows. These are feathers, which work like weaker versions of vitamins(Zinc, Carbos, etc.). You may also encounter the bridge’s sole Wild Pokemon in these shadows.


Driftveil Drawbridge
Ducklett, Water/Flying-type, Levels 22-25, Common(Bridge Shadows)


At the end of the huge drawbridge, you’ll arrive in Driftveil City! There’s plenty to do here for the moment, but not challenging the Gym Leader. First you’ll see Cheren and a cowboy arguing about Team Plasma. The second house in the city has a kid who will teach any Starter Pokemon one of three moves, matching their type. These moves; Fire Pledge, Grass Pledge, and Water Pledge, have different abilities when used together in battle. The effects only work in Double and Triple Battles, so they aren’t the best moves to teach to your Pokemon.
At the Pokemon Center, a guy on the second floor will give you a Repeat Ball, and the bottom Pokemart Clerk is selling Net, Nest, and Dusk Balls. Net Balls work better on Bug or Water-type Pokemon, while the Nest Ball is stronger on lower-levelled Pokemon. The Dusk Ball is the second best Pokeball in the game, only outclassed by the Master Ball, but only when it is dark.
The large house just outside of the Pokemon Center has a boy looking for a Minccino. In exchange, he’ll give you a Basculin, the pirahna Pokemon you encountered earlier, and its level matches the level of the Minccino. The old man also wants to see how many Pokemon you’ve Seen(not caught), in your Pokedex. If the number beats fifty, he’ll give you a Shell Bell, which heals the holder by a fraction of the damage it does to the opponent. The house to the West of the Pokemon Center has a woman who asks to see a certain move each day, and in exchange, will give you a Heart Scale, which is given to a certain man in exchange to relearn forgotten moves.
Now head outside to the large marketplace, and talk to the Biker for a cool surprise. He challenges you to a Rotation Battle in Black, and a Triple Battle in White! In a Rotation Battle, it’s a 3-on-3 on a moving battleground. At the start of your turn, you may spin the field to switch to another Pokemon BEFORE making your attack. In a Triple Battle, all three Pokemon fight at the same time. The catch is that the Pokemon on the side can’t reach over to the Pokemon on the opposite side unless they use moves like Earthquake.
Either way, the Biker uses a Level 27 Zebstrika, Krokorok(Sandile Evolution), and Basculin. Inside the marketplace, you can buy herbs from the man in the pink shirt. Be careful, the effects of these herbs also lower your Pokemon’s happiness. The man in the suit gives you an Expert Belt if you show him a Level 30 or higher Pokemon. The Expert Belt increases the damage of Super-effective moves, not a bad effect to have. The last woman sells MooMoo milk, which heals 100 HP, and she sells it by the dozen too! If you want to do something sneaky, hug the wall on the outside of the marketplace, where the Biker is, until you find a hidden door that leads to a Big Pearl! Now, head South to the Cold Storage, where duty calls once again.


Conflict in the Cold Storage!

Firstly, there is a Youngster near the entrance who uses a Level 24 Whirlipede and a Karrablast, a new Bug-type Pokemon for your Pokedex. There’s another one doing sprints with another new Bug-type, Joltik! Joltik is also part Electric-type, making Rock-type attacks especially effective. He also uses a Dwebble, with both Bugs being Level 24. Now, head back and squeeze between the large storage crates. There’s a worker who gives you a Rocky Helmet, which deals damage to the opponent when they come in contact with the Pokemon holding this item.
Keep following the western path, checking out the vending machine and pulling a PP Up out of the trash. There is also grass which contains an Ice-type Pokemon. Which might just come in handy next gym.


Cold Storage Wild Pokemon
Herdier, Normal-type, Levels 21-23, Common(Grass)
Vannillite, Ice-type, Levels 20-23, Common(Grass)
Minncino, Normal-type, Level 20, Uncommon(Grass)
Timburr, Fighting-type, Levels 21 & 22, Rare(Grass)
Audino, Normal-type, Levels 20-23, Special – Common(Shaking Grass)
Cinccino, Normal-type, Level 23, Special – Rare(Shaking Grass)
Stoutland, Normal-type, Level 23, Special – Rare(Shaking Grass)


Also, follow the line of grass to find an Ether, and a secluded area with Worker who uses a Level 24 Pansage and Timburr. There’s also a patch of thick grass with higher level Pokemon and a Protein in the middle of it. Now head back to the big warehouse, and try and walk towards the door.
Cheren will show up and say that Team Plasma is pinned in the storage. First, follow the patch of grass to pick up a Heart Scale. Now, head into the warehouse and the true Cold Storage. First, head up the staircase to grab a Net Ball. Now, you have to tackle the ice puzzles! The first one is simple, slide forward, and then right. The Worker on the other side uses a Level 24 Pansear and Timburr. Now, slide across the ice and grab the stairs. There, you’ll find another Worker who uses a Level 24 Panpour and Timburr.
Now, this ice is a bit intimidating, but its no sweat really. Step onto the ice patch and slide right, slide up from there, and then to the left, and then straight down. Head South and stride up to stairs, battling the Worker and his Level 25 Gurdurr, the hideous evolved form of Timburr. Follow the path, there’s another Worker with a Level 24 Vannillite and Timburr. There’s an Ice Heal, which unfreezes frozen Pokemon.
Why did the trainer cross the ice patch to the North? To challenge the Worker on the otherside. He has two Level 23 Timburr and a Level 23 Vannillite. He’s guarding a Hyper Potion. Now, you can head West and either explore the open crate, or return to the entrance by taking the stairs and sliding back, returning after you heal your Pokemon. Cheren stops you and asks if you’re ready before you can explore the crate, so something must be up.
Inside are eight Team Plasma Grunts, and a Sage; Zinzolin. The Grunts take formation, and you’re in charge of fighting the ones on the right. The one on the far right has a Level 23 Sandile and Watchog, the one next to him has a Level 24 Trubbish. The one left of him has a Level 24 Liepard, and the one protecting Zinzolin has a Level 23 Watchog and Scraggy. After beating your Grunts, Clay, the cowboy from earlier, and also the Driftveil City Gym Leader, appears with a group of Workers. Together, they arrest Zinzolin and the Grunts, before taking their leave. Pick up the Nevermeltice before heading outside via the sliding ice bridge.


Clay the Earth shaker

After besting the Cold Storage, heal up at the Pokemon Center, and then follow the road behind it heading East to reach the Driftveil City Gym. Cheren, Clay, Zinzolin, and Ghetsis are standing in front of the gym, with a whole mess of Plasma Grunts! No battles this time, Clay hands Zinzolin over to Ghetsis, and Team Plasma quickly takes their leave. Cheren is upset that Clay let them go so easily, but all the Gym Leader cares about is the safety of his town. Whatever, it just means the gym is finally accepting challengers!
Talk to the coach to pick up another Fresh Water, then head onto the platform and interact with the green arrow. This gym’s puzzle involves riding these platforms to reach Clay at the bottom. It’s a bit of a hassle, but there’s no way around it. Head onto the next platform and battle a Miner with a Level 28 Palpitoad and Drilbur. Ride the platform down, and then you can either ride the lift above you up to fight another Miner with a Level 28 Sandile and Drilbur, but that fight is optional.
The main path, you have to follow the railing around to be challenged by a Miner. He has a Level 29 Krokorok. Take that lift down, and head right if you want another optional battle with a Businessman who uses two Level 27 Sandile and a Palpitoad. Otherwise, head to the Northern lift and ride it up. Hop on the northern railing which leads to an Office Lady who has a Level 29 Drilbur. Take that lift down, plummeting to the deepest part of the gym. There you will find the basement-dwelling cowboy, Clay. He has a Level 29 Krokorok and Palpitoad, but the biggest threat is his Level 31 Excadrill. It is the evolved form of Drilbur, and is a powerful Ground/Steel-type with the ability to tear your team to pieces.
Aim for the 30’s before you challenge him. Clay also has two Hyper Potions, which will stall the battle even longer. For beating Clay, you’ll get a Quake Badge and… be promised a Technical Machine. Unfortunately, Clay left the move on Route 6, so you’ll have to go there and get it. Anyways, you’ve just earned badge number five! Keep up the good work.


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