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The latest update to the Pokemon TCG Online included a desktop client for Mac users. This long awaited addition has been promised since Pokemon TCGO had became a desktop application in the Spring.

The Mac version of the desktop application will have the same features as the Windows application. The client will use the same servers as the Windows application. This will allow users of the previous web-based application access to their old collection that they had from the previous web-based version of the game. Both versions of the Pokemon TCGO will be able to interact with each other to conduct battles and trades.

Source: Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

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UK retailer GAME has just begun taking pre-orders for the cute yellow Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL console which was confirmed for Europe a few months back. The handheld will set you back a reasonable £179.99, but the release date has yet to be announced.
We are still hoping for an announcement that the Pikachu Edition 3DS XL will be released in America, but stay tuned for details!
Are you going to pre-order your copy?

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Let’s give a big round of applause to the re-Grand Opening of the PE2K Wi-Fi League! Woohoo! This time around, the League is an RPG-like adventure aimed at casual battlers who want to use their favourite Pokemon!

Travel around the Celestia Region! Capture Pokemon in the routes and caves! Challenge Gym Leaders and make your way toward the Pokemon League! Apply to be a Gym Leader! Find items and rare Pokemon! Buy Pokémon from the Pokemon Ranch!

If you were around during the previous Wi-Fi League when it was active, there is a guarantee that you will enjoy the updates.

If you have any questions, please ask either Pokemon Trainer Sarah, Teo, Kaoru, Etymology or Typhlosion Explosion. We would be glad to answer any questions that you might have!

Also, if you join before October 7th, you will receive a special Egg! This Egg will hatch into one of the Pokémon that can be found in the Celestia Region! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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Keldeo, the Colt Pokemon, will be available to Australian players starting September 15th. Players will be able to download Keldeo on to Black and White from participating EB Games and Target stores from September 6th, to the day before Pokemon Black and White 2′s release date, October 11th. Make sure you have Mystery Gift, or you won’t be able to receive Keldeo.

For more information on how to receive Keldeo and to check the list of participating stores, visit the official Pokemon Black and White website for Australia.

Enjoy your new Keldeo!

Source: Bulbapedia

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Forum War II

Every age is fraught with perils, disagreements, tragedy, and danger. Opinions mix into a swirl of changing tides, each under the banner of one central force that governs it the most. On the world known as Lurra, two nations – Miniera and Nomade – waged war against each other for centuries, but finally the elusive dream of peace had been reached after so many horrors had been committed.

But dreams last for mere minutes, and peace is everything but eternal.

Beyond the sea exists a mystical new land called Kibou, first discovered by Miniera. Such fantastic news was quick to escape the lips of secret, reaching the ears of Nomade. As with any nation vying for growth, both of them were eager to claim Kibou as their own territory…and the old conflict reopened like a fresh wound, pouring havoc over the land again.

It is up to the forums of PE2K and GTS+ to decide the tide of battle as they take command of members of their nation. The blacksmiths versus the explorers, cast iron against survival experience, all demanding control from natives as enigmatic as the beginning of time itself.

Who’s side will triumph once the sun rises on this Dawn of Discovery?

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This week Kenny talks about the Olympics and curiosities about our own version of it.

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Plasma Gale

Team Plasma will finally enter the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The next Japanese trading card set will be called Plasma Gale which will be the seventh set within the Black and White series.

This set will feature Pokemon used by Team Plasma such as Skarmory, Klinklang, Crobat, and Bouffalant. Klinklang was used by N in the Pokemon Black and White while Ghetsis used a Bouffalant. The set looks to be based on both Pokemon Black and White and Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 video games. An alternative art N will be a Supporter found in this set along with Team Plasma’s Pokeball. Also featured in this set is Lugia EX which will join the ranks of the many powerful EX cards that have already been released.

It should be noted that none of Team Plasma Pokemon will be renamed similar to previous villainous team based set (eg: Palkia G, Team Magma’s Groudon). Instead, Pokemon are going have a “Plasma” as a subtitle under the HP and the Plasma emblem as a watermark. This will mean that a Klinklang from this set will still be consider the same as Klinklang copies from the other sets when it comes to deck building. Rules state that a player can only have four copies of a Pokemon, Item or Special Energy card in their deck.

This set is scheduled to be release in Japan on September 14.

Source: BulbaNews

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This week The Anomalous Niche Audio talks a little bit about the War XI.

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We are happy to announce that Pokemon Elite 2000 now has its own Facebook page!

You can check out all of the latest Pokemon news, without ever having to leave Facebook. Additionally, we’ll notify you of forum events and competitions.
So what are you waiting for? Here’s the link for Pokemon Elite 2000 Facebook. Connect with us and like our page!

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Just west of the Port of Nagoya, the Nagashima Spa Land amusement park celebrated the opening of its latest attraction – the Pokemon Adventure Camp. The world’s first, large-scale Pokemon attraction opened on Saturday, July 21.
The Adventure Camp is an indoor attraction, where visitors enter and become Pokemon Adventure Camp (PAC) Members. They head off to different habitats: woods, waterfalls, caves etc., which are represented by different rooms in the exhibit. Using a portable terminal they catch Pokemon, play various side games and battle. You can also seek out hidden Pokemon and gain ‘experience’, similar to that of wild Pokemon encounters in the video games. (Read More…)

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