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What’s up PE2K? WebMaster here. After long weeks of planning and organizing, I’m pleased to inform you that the PE2K Summer WAR has officially begun! All sections are open, and judges can now start giving points. This event only happens once a year, and it will be a ton of fun, so don’t miss out!
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Play Pokemon TCG

Pokemon Organized Play has announced the tournament format for the 2013 tournament season. The format will allow sets from Black & White on to be used for tournament play which includes the 2013 Worlds Tournament. The new format will go into effect on September 1st. This follows the release of Dragon EXalted TCG set which will be on August 15th. Below is the press release involving the the set rotation and what it means for players of the Pokemon TCG.

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[Action] [Adventure] [Comedy]

Rating – [T]

Host: Korra

Description:As a young teen or young adult living in the region of Tobyan, you’ve made it your dream to collect six medallions to be famous, and have riches and food for you and your family. Whatever you decide to do, train hard, however, because there is harsh obstacles in this journey – fierce battles, hard trials, quirky people, side-quests of your own…perhaps even a forbidden, sealed darkness.

Tags: Journey, Tobyan, Pokemon, Dark, Original Region

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[Adventure] [Comedy] [Action]

Rating – [K]

Host: Elesa

Description: What started off as a joke, soon turned into a heated argument between two sides of Pokemon residing near Littleroot, which then created the idea of a bet. The side which proposed the bet believed that any Pokemon was able to travel around Hoenn within a month and come back alive to tell the tale. The other side laughed at them but accepted the bet, eager to see how things would turn out. If they did return, those who laughed who have to surrender themselves to the Trainers of Littleroot town and be captured into tiny Pokeballs.

The Pokemon BET
Tags: Hoenn, Journey, Bet, Pokemon POV, One-Month Time Limit

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TheSpeedGamers will embark on a challenge to capture all 649 available Pokemon in order to raise $50,000 for autism care group, ACT Today! The marathon will take place from June 15 to June 22, about 168 hours.

The marathon will also include special events including a play-through of Pokemon Stadium using a saved Blue version from 1998. Donators will be entered into raffles and contests that will award prizes such as toys, games, badges, custom figurines and more.

This is sure to be an exciting week! Be sure to check them out!

ACT Today! is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise awareness and provide treatment services and support to families to help their children with autism achieve their full potential.

Source: TheSpeedGamers, ACT Today!

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PokeMoshPit, in collaboration with KOTC Nation and GameStop, has announced a Pokemon Black & White tournament to take place on July 21 in Morristown, NJ.

In addition to the competition, they will preview copies of Pokemon Black & White 2, which will be released in Japan on June 23.

The tournament will be at the Hyatt Morristown at Headquarters Plaza. Registration starts at 11:00 a.m.

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From June 5th to June 7th, PE2K’s reporter, Ali Al-Karam, will be providing coverage of E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, on the site. Make sure to visit back often to see live updates from the convention starting on Tuesday, June 5th!



Just in case you’ve never heard of it before, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly referred to as E3, is one of the world’s largest trade shows for video games and other products related to video games. Visitors to the site who are interested not only in Pokemon but also all video games related (especially from Nintendo) will certainly enjoy seeing the many releases that E3 will have to offer in just one week. You can visit the E3 website by clicking here.


Nintendo is expected to release a large amount of information on their new console, the Wii U. It’s very much possible (with all the new games released by that we’ll receive information for the American releases of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, Pokemon Dream Radar, Pokedex 3D Pro, and Pokemon Conquest (In Japan, Pokemon + Nobunga’s Ambition).


This is sure to be a big year for E3 and for PE2K! This is the site’s first year providing live coverage of the expo, and we predict this to be a big event for us. We’re sure that site visitors will greatly enjoy seeing our updates on E3 from June 5th to 7th!


– Ali Al-Karam

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PE2K Submissions

Want to see your artwork featured on PE2K? Your Sprites? Your Stories? Roleplays? Something else entirely?

Now you can!

There are many talented fans in the online Pokemon community, but it’s often difficult for many to be noticed. That’s why we’re launching a new initiative to being greater focus on these amazing writers and artists.

It’s simple. Check out our Submissions Page or click the Submissions button on the sidebar. It’ll tell you everything you need to know to put your work on the front page.

It’s time to show the world your work!

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Do YOU think you have what it takes to be a PE2K website staffer? We are currently hiring new people to write articles. If you think you have what it takes, read and fill out the application here and you just may be one of the lucky members!

The topic is:

The topic is: Pretend that Red and Blue are coming to the U.S. The new info that was released: New English names for Fushigidane (Bulbasaur), Hitokage (Charmander), Zenigame (Squirtle), Masara Town (Pallet Town), Tokiwa City (Viridian City), and Tokiwa no Mori (Viridian Forest). You must include the Japanese names in your article (Note, do not use Japanese characters [hiragana or katakana]. Just use the romaji). For example, Masara Town will have the English name of Pallet Town or something along those lines.

Write an article with a fake source describing the new information about the English releases of Red and Blue.

Good luck to all who apply!

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In the May CoroCoro Issue, there are many additions leaked. These new additions may be set in Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2.

Here they are!

These may or may not be final, and are subject to change.



First off, this is a leak from the CoroCoro May Issue. It shows new protagonists. It also shows that the blue haired character is your rival and is from Hiougi City.

On that note, Hiougi City is the starting and hometown of the protagonists. Also, a new researcher named Akuroma, who studies about the strength of Pokemon. There is also a new gym leader named Homika (the guitar player) and she specializes in Poison types. She will appear in a new anime episode scheduled to air on June 14th. Shizui is a new gym leader as well, specializing in water types.




Moving along, this leak here shows many new details of the upcoming games. One detail being the new additions to the PokeDex. Like the other regional dexs, Pokemon from past regions will be added to the Black and White 2 Dex, with the total number of Pokemon reaching about 300. Eevee, Riolu, Metagross, and Psyduck may be added. This image talks also about Kyurem’s attacks. ¬†Another detail stated is that Pokemon Black and White 2 will take place two years after their¬†predecessors, Black and White.






Finally, the last scan. In this leak, it shows that the adventure in Black and White Versions 2 will begin in Hiougi City, which is southwest of Unova. Hiougi City has a Trainer School and a Pokemon Center as well.

Also shown in the scan is what may be a poster, possibly a pre-order bonus gift. Additionally leaked is an underwater road. Plus, this image likewise states that Unova may have many more places, areas, and facilities.

There we have it!


Also, to kill some speculations, here are some known rumors.

- There will be new Pokemon

- N is missing

- Team Plasma has returned

-  Cheren is a Gym Leader

- The adventure will start in Castelia City

- There are new towns and areas


Remember, these are few of many RUMORS. Do not believe anything that is not proven in some way by The Pokemon Company International, Pokemon Smash!, CoroCoro Magazine, or any other trustable Pokemon Source!

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