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ASB (anime-style battling) is a forum-based roleplaying game. It’s where you can battle others just like how battles are done in the Pokémon anime.

In ASB, you can also take part in contests and explore the Safari Zone. If you win a contest, you’ll receive a nice ribbon. And if you explore the Safari Zone, you may eventually encounter a Pokémon which you will be able to catch. I haven’t tried any of them (yet), but they seem really, really fun to take part in.

In my opinion, the most interesting feature of ASB has gotta be the money system. You start off with $15, and as you participate, you earn more money. With the money you have, you can do lots of stuff, such as adopting new Pokémon, evolving your Pokémon, changing your Pokémon’s name, gender, or ability, and much more.

The game’s rules and regulations seemed dull and complicated to me at first, but then I realized that the reason they exist is to keep the RPG safe and organized. And once I got into ASB, the rules started to become easy to follow. Most of the ASB staff seems to be friendly and helpful, and the referees are great at doing what they do, and that’s refereeing the matches.

I give this game a rating of four stars out of five. It’s a great thing to participate in whenever you have free time. You should totally consider joining ASB.

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Anime Style Battle

Hello Pokémon Trainers!
In addition to Pokémon Black and White coming out today, I am proud to announce that the PE2K Anime Style Battling League is back online and open for registration!
For those who don’t know, the Anime Style Battling League, or ASB, is a forum based game in which players progress to become Champions, much like the Pokémon games. Battles however, allow for much more creativity – as seen in the anime (hence the name!)
Sound interesting? You should give it a try! If you were a member before, come back – everything is shiny and new!
But, to strive, the ASB needs many of two things. Referees and Safari Rangers. Refs, as the name implies, referee Pokemon battles held between two trainers, while Safari Rangers referee battles between the Pokemon a trainer chose to bring into the Safari Zone and a wild Pokemon. You’ll find descriptions of greater detail and length in the ASB.
Since the aforementioned positions are so important, we need willing and active ASB participants to try out for these spots. There is no limit to how many Refs and Rangers there can be and all you need to do to become one is pass a simple test! And of course, your hard work won’t go unpaid – your work will get you cash in the ASB, to help your adventure along!
So come on down and look around!

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Pokedex Information

Name: Sceptile

Type: Grass

Abilities: Overgrow

Evolutionary Stage: 3 (Final)


ASB Information

Cost to Obtain: $40

Cost Effectiveness Ratio: 26.67



Attack Bracket: 2

Special Attack Bracket: 1

Defense Bracket: 3

Special Defense Bracket: 2

Average Stat Bracket: 2

Sceptile, the fastest Grass starter, joined the Pokemon scene in Generation III.

It is the fastest Grass type available in the ASB, and is the only grass type Pokemon capable of learning Dragon Claw, Dragonbreath and Dragon Pulse. While the speed certainly make it a good asset in fighting fast water types, the speed comes at the price of defense. The Defense Bracket is only average, which would make it difficult to use Sceptile in a highly competitive manner.

Sceptile can, however, dish out quite a bit of damage with its high offensive stats. Not only can Sceptile make decent use of its trademark move Leaf Blade, it can also use strong Special attacks to fit with the high Special Attack Bracket that it has been placed into.

For example, Magical Leaf, Leaf Storm, Giga Drain and Solar Beam would all do quite a bit of damage to opponents while still making good use of both the Special Attack Bracket and the STAB bonus that Sceptile gets from these moves. Grass type moves notwithstanding, Sceptiles high Special Attack can also be used for moves such as Razor Wind, and all the Dragon moves it can learn mentioned above.

Overall, Sceptile fits in among similar Pokemon such as Houndoom (which also has identical stats), Granbull, Wailmer, Torkoal and Cacturne to name a few. This certainly puts it above many pokemon stat wise. For the cost, the stats are certainly worth the payment.

While the defensive capabilities of Sceptile are limited, this is common to speedy pokemon, which balances the offset in stats nicely. Sceptile is a hit-and-run fighter, hoping not to catch too many damaging strikes in the process. As there are few Grass type pokemon which can claim the high stats that Sceptile has, it is a nice addition to any team which is looking for grass power.

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Pokedex Information:

Name: Manectric
Type: Electric
Abilities: Static, Lightningrod
Evolutionary Stage: 1 (Final)

ASB Information:

Cost to Obtain: $22
Cost Effectiveness Ratio: 27.5


Not too shabby at all.  While the ratio is relatively on the higher side (which isn’t desirable), it certainly puts Manectric over a lot of pokemon.  It’s not the worst pokemon you could get for the price, although there are certainly some more powerful alternatives.  It is among the high ranks of the Electric types, equal in power to Raichu, but not as hardy as Ampharos.   Overall, Manectric compares similarly to pokemon like Sealeo, Loudred, Chimecho, Staraptor and all the second evolutions of starter pokemon.

Primary Analysis:

Not bad.  While it obviously outranks all basic Electric pokemon, Manectric is a good contender for anyone seeking a good Electric-type.  Only slower than Electrode, and just as fast as Electabuzz, Manectric is a very fast Electric-type pokemon which can perform on a powerful level as well.  It doesn’t cost much at all to obtain, making it very worthwhile for battlers seeking a good Electric-type pokemon.


It’s abilities, Static and Lightningrod, are both useful, though Lightningrod may not be as useful.  Lightningrod was primarily designed in use for a double battle, where your Manectric draws Electric attacks away from your Water-type or Flying-type partner.  The main problem with Lightningrod is that it doesn’t grant immunity to Electric-type moves.  While the effectiveness is 1/2x because of typing, damage is damage, which may slow things down, but it wouldn’t make much sense to use an Electric type to battle Manectric anyways.  Static finds more use, since it causes typeless paralysis (meaning that even Ground-type pokemon can be effected by Static).  Given that paralysis helps out in multiple ways, Static is probably the favored ability for Manectric.

ASB Stat Brackets:

Attack Bracket: 3
Special Attack Bracket: 1
Defense Bracket: 3
Special Defense Bracket: 3

The stats are average at best.  Because of the high special attack stat, Manectric could see decent use as long as trainers adhere to a mostly Special moveset.  Moves like Thunder, Thuderbolt, Shock Wave, and even non-STAB moves, like Overheat and Flamethrower, are probably the best choices out of Manectric’s moveset.  While it wouldn’t be terrible to use a physical attack like Fire Fang and Thunder Fang, it would be highly discouraged, as the favorable Special Attack stat makes better use of higher base power moves as well as several STAB moves.  However, it is important to realize that Manectric is not a pokemon which can tank through almost anything.  Taking place at Bracket 3 for both defensive brackets, Manectric is a pokemon that hits hard and gets hit hard.  Manectric is a pokemon which is probably most useful for taking pokemon out quickly assuming that there aren’t type modifiers on the field.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Manectric can be used well if given favorable conditions.  While a high Speed stat and a perfect Special Attack Bracket make it useful as an Electric type, some drawbacks include a limited Special movepool, moderate Defensive stats and a moderately high Cost Effectiveness Ratio.  This is probably a reason that the ASB hasn’t seen any use of Manectric in battles.  As an Electric-type, it obviously can take on high powered Water-type and Flying-type pokemon with ease, and it’s limited Fire-type moves would allow it to contend with Grass, Steel, Bug and Ice types with efficiency.  Manectric could see a little bit of playtime in such cases, but it ultimately stands as a pokemon which has limited use.


About ASB

The Anime-Style Battling League (ASB) allows trainers to compete with each other using anime-based moves as their Pokemon fight it out with knuckle-biting action.

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This articles series examines various pokemon and strategies that can be applied to the PE2K Anime Style Battle League (ASBL or ASB). Like the Strategist’s Corner, the first article will also be on Golduck.

This Week’s Pokemon: Golduck

Abilities: Damp, Cloud Nine
Type: Water
Evolution Stage: Stage 1
Obtained By: Evolving Psyduck

Cost to Obtain: $22
Cost Effectiveness Ratio: 19.3

Note: Cost Effectiveness Ratio is calculated by multiplying the cost of obtaining the pokemon by its Average Stat Bracket. This number is then divided by the form number of the basic pokemon. For example, Golduck is the second form or its evolutionary line, it costs $22 to obtain, and its average stat bracket is 1.75. (22*1.75)/2 = 19.3

  • $12 to Adopt Psyduck at the Adoption Bureau
  • $10 to Evolve to Golduck at the Training Dojo

Not the worst cost for a pretty decent pokemon. $22 is relatively easily obtained if you don’t have a Psyduck on hand.

The cost effectiveness ratio is on the lower side, which makes it very cost effective. For its stats, it has a very good ratio, making it a powerful pokemon for its price. Some pokemon in the close range of Golduck’s cost effectiveness ratio include Camerupt, Dewgong, Donphan and Dragonite.

Golduck’s Battle Stats

Attack Bracket: 2
Special Attack Bracket: 1
Defense Bracket: 2
Special Defense Bracket: 2
Average Stats: 1.75

For it’s type, it has strong stats. While using STAB Special Moves is the obvious best choice for strategy, using Golduck as a physical attacker will also yield good results with it decent Attack stat. It can hold its own against most pokemon, though it will have some trouble fending off many pokemon with third evolution forms. Overall, Golduck is certainly a pokemon worth having in the ASBL

In terms of abilities, while Damp does prevent two incredibly powerful attacks, Self-Destruct and Explosion, those two moves are not used very often. Cloud Nine provides a better insurance as weather moves are incredibly common in the ASB when they are allowed by rules.

Well, that’s all for this update. Hope to see you all next time!

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