This is going to be a tricky one. Normally I will be glad to write about this for a Pok√©mon who is regarded as great in competitive battling like Togekiss and Dragonite. The thing is, putting the title “Great” in accordance to writing about Absol may seem kind of misleading because Absol‚Äôs not the best, but not the worst either, so I changed the title a bit for the subject. Before we see its difficulties, let‚Äôs take a look at its merits and weaknesses. I am going to let this slide by because training Absol has its share of difficulties to overcome. Anyway, the main reason for these articles is to see the difficulties of raising a Pok√©mon in the prospect that they will be rewarding as a result, something you won’t experience in simulators.

Absol image courtesy of Bulbagarden


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Absol, being the Disaster Pokemon, has appeared in the anime a total of 4 times. (Read More…)

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Welcome to PE2K’s October Pokemon of the Month. The next Pokemon in our line up is Absol, and this month we bring you a plethora of Pokemon articles, stories and artwork all about the Disaster Pokemon.

Absol are native to Hoenn and commonly found around natural diasasters. Because of this, superstitious people began to think that Absol was the cause of these catastrophes. After much research, it has been determined that Absol can sense impending disaster and thus are found often at the scene, not to cause trouble, but to warn humans. This makes Absol a most noble, yet misunderstood Pokemon.

Check back throughout the month to find articles all about Absol as we explore its origins, battle strengths, abilities and the mysteries surrounding this Pokemon. Remember, you can participate in Pokemon of the Month by joining the PE2K forum, submitting artwork or stories to the Creative Dex, leaving your own thoughts and comments on articles and joining in on discussions.

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Hello and welcome again to ‘The Origin Of! Ever wondered how Game Freak come up with their wacky ideas for Pokemon? Have you ever thought ‘DUNMKDNSD THIS POKEMON HAS NO ORIGINALITY DSFHKF’? Well, I’m here to rid you of such thoughts, and to show you a lot of time and thinking goes into creating our adorable cock-fighting creatures.


This month, we cover a trio of Pokemon that is quite close to my heart. September 2011 is the month of Togepi, Togetic and Togekiss. I’ve always liked these three, originally for no more than knowing the move ‘Aura Sphere’ (it was my favourite move back in the day). Now, though, I’ve learned to love them for many reasons other than their moveset. One such reason is Togepi’s origin, which I’ll explain now. (Continue reading…)

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Togekiss ‚Äst A Pokemon that has joined us in Generation IV has now been chosen as Pok√©mon of the Month!

Togekiss has sometimes found unique spots on several teams throughout the generations. With base stats of 85/50/90/120/115/80 (HP/ATK/DEF/SPATK/SPDEF/SPE), with average speed,good defenses, and high special attack, it isn’t easy taking down Togekiss without having Stealth Rocks set up. People tend to take advantage of its ability, Serene Grace, an ability that heightens the chance of an additional effect such as a status from the move Tri Attack, and use it on most sets. Some physical variations of this Pokemon uses the ability, Hustle, that boosts the power of physical moves while lowering their accuracy at the same time.

Togekiss is bulky mainly on the special side, but it can also take a few hits from the physical perspective. With base 85 HP/90 DEF/115 SPDEF its reaches 374 HP/317 DEF/361 SPDEF, which shows some of its natural bulk. Togekiss also gets moves such as Encore and Thunder Wave which are both beneficial to a wall-like Pokémon. Not only that, it typically carries Air Slash and Aura Sphere. With the combination of Thunder Wave and Air Slash, the chances of the opponent laying a move are slim and rare.

Togekiss is definitely a Pok√©mon that may be able to fit in certain teams and serve its purpose properly. With its introduction in Generation IV, its hype still hasn’t died down yet mainly due to the fact that teams still use these in battles. With its good movepool, good stats, and ability, there’s no wonder why it has been chosen as Pok√©mon of the Month!

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In this edition of PokeTweet, we are going to hear the thoughts of PE2K’s Twitter followers have concerning this week’s Pokemon of the Month: Togekiss.

One of the first tweets we are going to look at comes from Maxrodda who said:

@pe2k The fact that it learns aura sphere makes it pretty good. And it was one of my top pokemon…Plus my friend hates them since Cynthia’s know so many different moves

Togekiss indeed learn many different moves via TM and breeding. Just by looking at the TM list, Togekiss can learn: Flamethrower, Solar Beam, Brick Break, Grass Knot, and Shock Wave. The last of those listed moves was the one that Maxrodda mentioned in his tweet.

It is Togekiss’s diverse moveset that helped made it such a popular choice for competitive battlers. Togekiss gets access to Nasty Plot which helps boosts is already high special attack stat help give it’s special attacks it learns more power. This also includes Aura Sphere as Maxrodda mentioned. (Continue reading…)

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For the month of September, Here is the “Pokemon of the Month: Which Sprites are Best?”

Featuring the Pokemon of the Month for September, Togepi, Togetic, and Togekiss! (more…)

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And we’re back for another Tribulations of Great Pok√©mon article! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the gist of the article, the purpose of this series of articles is to highlight a Pok√©mon’s difficulties in raising them, because if you play simulators (easy to do these days), then you don’t get to feel difficulty in raising them because the simulator will just generate the Pok√©mon you need. And so, Togekiss will be the Pok√©mon of the article.

Togekiss image

(Read More…)

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Togepi and its evoluion family has been featured in the anime, along with last month’s POTM. Togepi has appeared a total of 4 times, Togetic with 2, and Togekiss with 2 as well.
(Read More…)

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Welcome to another episode of Pokémon of the Month art show, where we feature Pokémon artworks from deviantART and other websites across the internet every month for you to view!

This month’s PotM are Togepi, Togetic, and Togekiss. Below we have a list of artworks featuring the three Pok√©mon. These artworks have been made by various users of deviantART.

1. Togepi

by Skuldchan
by sweetochii

2. Togetic

Misty and Togetic
by Aminako
togetic togepi and murkrow
by purplekecleon

3. Togekiss

:: Togekiss ::
by xblooiex
Mama Togekiss
by xblooiex

If you like these artworks, then leave the creators some comments!

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