Welcome to PE2K’s September Pokemon of the Month. Based on the results of the survey held last month, we have chosen the top 10 Pokemon and arranged them in order of generation in order to bring you a variety of interesting Pokemon articles.

This month we feature Togepi, Togetic and Togekiss, hailing primarily from Johto. Embodying happiness itself, these Pokemon are said to appear to kindheated people, bringing them gifts of luck, joy and fortune. Togepi has had an especially large role in the anime, where it was the very first Johto Pokemon to be revealed. The family also received a welcome boost in the fourth generation with a new evolution. Togekiss is said to avoid conflict, though they have plenty of powerful moves to call upon in times of need.

So sit back and relax as we feature articles, stories, artwork and interesting facts all about these purest of Pokemon. Remember, you can participate in Pokemon of the Month by joining the PE2K forum, submitting artwork or stories to the Creative Dex, leaving your own thoughts and comments on articles and joining in on discussions.

Keep checking back for opportunities to showcase your own talents and also for our much anticipated Pokemon giveaway later this month.

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Dragonite – A dragon-type Pokemon that has long been with us since Generation I has now been chosen as Pokemon of the month!

Dragonite has always been good when it comes to battling. With base stats of 91/134/95/100/100/80 (HP/ATK/DEF/SPATK/SPDEF/SPE), not only was it powerful both physically and specially making it a good mixed Pokemon, but it was bulky as well, able to survive a substantial amount of hits. Dragon/Flying is only weak to three types (Rock, Ice Dragon), resistant to five types (Fighting, Bug, Fire, Water, Grass), immune to one type (Ground), and takes in neutral damage from eight types (Normal, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Electric, Psychic, and Dark). Unfortunately Ice-type moves are pretty common, but this is solved slightly with the use of Yache Berry, which weakens damage intake from Ice-type moves. Once Generation III was released, our powerful dragon Pokemon was soon overpowered by a new, more powerful menace – Salamence. (more…)

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First Thoughts

In honor of Dragonite being this month’s Pokemon of the Month, let take a look at it’s first prominent appearance in the Pokemon anime. Before the airing of this episode in 1999, Dragonite was either shrouded in shadows or was a side character. This episode allowed the viewers to see why people consider Dragonite the pseudo-legendary that it is though it’s battling skills and speed.

In this episode we are watching Ash’s attempt in defeating the Orange League’s Champion. It will take everything Ash has to defeat Drake and his powerful Dragonite in Enter The Dragonite.

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Welcome to Dex Busters – a monthly column where we’ll take the look at Pok√©Dex entries and really see if there’s any truth to them, or if they’re all just a load of bologna. A little like Mythbusters for Pok√©mon, but I don’t have an infinite budget or corporate backing. Keep in mind that for the purposes of this series, the height and weight listed in the Pok√©Dex are the arithmetic mean for that particular species. Let’s get started!



The following is a reworded and condensed version of all of Dratini’s Pok√©Dex data from the main series of Pok√©mon games.

This Pokémon has longer been considered mythical. Their existance was only confirmed recently, during two unrelated events of one being captured by a fisherman, and another found living in a colony of Dratini underwater. When they are born, Dratini are large to begin with Рeven at young ages, they are known to exceed 1.9812 meters. As Dratini grow older, they grow rapidly in length, often shedding their skin as a result. During this shedding process, Dratini was protected by rapid waterfalls. This continual growth and shedding of old skin occurs because the life energy within its body steadily builds to reach uncontrollable levels.

  (Read More…)

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And now I am going to start a series of articles dedicated to seeing the competitively-lauded Pokémon of any difficulties they have that makes them hard to find or raise with the prospect that you have a rewarding Pokémon to battle with. Basically, if you use simulators for your battling needs, you will never have experienced the hardships of getting a certain strong Pokémon, as the simulator basically generates the Pokémon you needed. In light of this, some would scoff at certain players for getting a certain Pokémon very easily, like through hacking. What players can consider to be some of the weaker Pokémon might also be some of the easiest to raise, like Rattata and Pidgey, because of their availability. So basically, this article is talking about the difficulties on raising said strong Pokémon to contrast any article that prefers to talk about why easy-to-raise Pokémon can’t hold a candle to those big names.
Each of these entries will contain a fully-evolved Pok√©mon that is great in competitive battling, by the way. In there, I will explain what‚Äôs great about them (the “Great” part of the article), their possible drawbacks and what kind of possible external drawbacks these Pok√©mon possibly may have that balances their abilities out (the “Tribulations” part of the article). It will end with whether I think the Pok√©mon is balanced or not. Do keep in mind that I won’t be doing these type of articles regularly, so don’t expect the next one to appear any time soon. With that, let‚Äôs begin! Since the Pok√©mon of the Month is Dragonite, this is the Pok√©mon we will start with, to commemorate this particular Pok√©mon. This is of course because Dragonite is a great Pok√©mon, so this is a no-brainer. To make Dragonite feel special, he will be the first one to be reviewed in this series, and as such, beginning this particular series of articles and leading the way to future articles!



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Hi there, Pok√©mon fans! As you’ve seen this month, we’ve been highlighting the Dratini family for the Pok√©mon of the Month! But we’re going to need Pok√©mon to look at for future months! That’s where you come in!

We’d like everybody to take a survey that will only take 3 minutes of your time, in which we’d like to hear: Which Pok√©mon do you want to see for Pok√©mon of the Month?

By filling this out, you’ll help us choose Pok√©mon not only for next month, but for future months as well! Only un-evolved Pok√©mon are listed, but feel free to choose as many as you like! We’ll need as many people to participate as possible!

Thanks, and we’ll be back soon with another Pok√©mon of the Month!

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Throughout the years, the Pokemon anime has featured almost all of its Pokemon. This month, we’re talking about three particular Pokemon: Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite. Dratini has made a total of 3 appearances, Dragonair with 4 appearances, and Dragonite has appeared a grand total of 9 times.
(Read More…)

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Dragonite Banner by Charmander009

As well as all the articles about Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite this month, the PE2K staff have been working hard to bring you a number of forum events.

Dratini Giveaway
Thanks to Paperfairy, this month we’re giving away special Dratini over Wi-Fi! How are they special, you may ask? Well each Dratini has flawless IVs, special egg moves and best of all, the OT of PE2K! These Dratini will only be available to claim this week, so get in now! For more information, click here. To claim your Dratini, post in this thread.

Drawing, Graphics & Sprite Contests
Special art contests have been set up to honour August’s POTM. The theme is set, so use your creativity to take out the top prize! Whle nothing’s been announced yet, it’s quite likely that the winners of these contests are in store for some interesting future perks… Shh! Entries close on August 22nd and voting will then begin to determine the winner, so enter while you can!
Sprite Contest
Graphics Contest
Art Contest


Creative Dex
Now’s the perfect time to submit your Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite artwork and fanfiction to the PE2K Creative Dex! Your submissions will eventually be honored on the PE2K website as a reference for the whole community of Pokemon fans!

Don’t forget you can comment on and discuss all the POTM articles posted on the site in their designated threads. You can also make new discussion threads on the forum if you have an interesting topic, or you can post your thoughts on this month’s POTM in this thread!

So don’t forget to check out the PE2K forums this month!

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Dratini Sugimori

The POTM team bring you another exciting event for POTM; Pokémon giveaways. Each month we will give away Pokémon relating to the Pokémon of the Month, in this case, Dratini.
The Dratini will have the OT of PE2K, to commemorate this event, and will also have their catch date in August. They all have flawless IVs. Each one also has two egg moves – the egg move received is dependant on nature.
The Dratini have been bred by resident member Paperfairy, so give him your thanks for providing you with this opportunity.
If you want one, please post in this thread (the one auto-generated with this article) with your FC and times of availability. The Dratini you receive will be random. Who knows? Some of you may find a few special Dratini, teehee.
You have one week to post stating you want a Dratini. After that, distribution will begin. BlueJello and Paperfairy will be on the B/W Wi-Fi server at certain times in the day (these have not yet been decided). If you see us online, respond to our trade requests to pick up the Dratini. Make sure to keep an eye on the thread in order to make sure you get our Friend Codes as well!
Have fun!

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As the Dragonite family are the Pokémon of the Month, an analysis on their role in the popular Pokémon Trading Card Game seems only appropriate.

Dragonite and its family has appeared in the TCG several times – Dragonite itself having 16 unique cards, and Dragonair/Dratini only having 14 unique cards. With the exception of Dragonite δ, Dragonite ex δ, and Dark Dragonite, this family of cards has always been Colorless. This is because in the TCG, Dragon and Flying are represented by Colorless. Despite their weakness to Ice and Rock in the video games, the Dragonite line is consistently weak to Colorless, representing Dragonite’s weakness to Dragon as well.
The Dragonite family has had above average (if not high) success competitively in the Pokémon Trading Card Game РDragonite was a primary component of the Dragtrode and Metanite decks, and rose in popularity after the 2010 World Championships in SP decks.
(Read More…)

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