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Plasma Gale

Team Plasma will finally enter the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The next Japanese trading card set will be called Plasma Gale which will be the seventh set within the Black and White series.

This set will feature Pokemon used by Team Plasma such as Skarmory, Klinklang, Crobat, and Bouffalant. Klinklang was used by N in the Pokemon Black and White while Ghetsis used a Bouffalant. The set looks to be based on both Pokemon Black and White and Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 video games. An alternative art N will be a Supporter found in this set along with Team Plasma’s Pokeball. Also featured in this set is Lugia EX which will join the ranks of the many powerful EX cards that have already been released.

It should be noted that none of Team Plasma Pokemon will be renamed similar to previous villainous team based set (eg: Palkia G, Team Magma’s Groudon). Instead, Pokemon are going have a “Plasma” as a subtitle under the HP and the Plasma emblem as a watermark. This will mean that a Klinklang from this set will still be consider the same as Klinklang copies from the other sets when it comes to deck building. Rules state that a player can only have four copies of a Pokemon, Item or Special Energy card in their deck.

This set is scheduled to be release in Japan on September 14.

Source: BulbaNews

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Reuters Reporter Michael Holden looks into British Judoka Ashley McKenzie and how Pokemon changed his life.

DARTFORD, England (Reuters) – Ashley McKenzie grins broadly as he tells how a fight over a Pokemon card turned him from a problematic youngster in trouble with the law to one of Britain’s best hopes for a judo medal at the London Olympics.

Thrown out of school, his life was changed when he was 11 by a tussle on a street near his home in west London which broke out when another boy tried to make off with his prized Pokemon Charizard card.

“This Charizard was the best card. It was my life back then,” he recalled at the British judo team’s training base in Dartford to the east of London.

“I’ve gone to grab his shirt and next thing I knew I was over his shoulder. I was a scrapper back in the day so I knew this wasn’t right.

“I went for him again and as I’ve gone for him he’s thrown me again. I was thinking ‘No way, what’s going on? How’s he throwing me? He’s hurting me’.”

Baffled, he went home and looked on the internet where he discovered he had been overcome by a judo move. Keen to learn more, he went along to a local club and found his erstwhile attacker there, along with his Pokemon card. (Read More…)

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We are less then a month away until the new Pokemon TCG expansion to hit the English TCG scene, Dragons Exalted. This set will be important for many reasons due it being the final one before the rotation in late August and the introduction of the much awaited Dragon type. The addition of the new Dragon type will add a lot to the TCG because there are no pokemon that can resist this type. They are also only weak to themselves. This coming weekend begins of the prereleases for Dragon Exalted but before you go to them, join us as we take a look at some of the cards that you can expect to see. (Read more…)

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Fake Pokemon Cards

On June 26, federal authorities seized 33,000 sets of fake trading cards in the port of Los Angeles. The cards violated trademarks of Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and other card games. Had the cards been real, they would have been worth over $200,000.

After being confirmed to be fakes, the cards were crushed and hauled away.

“They are gone,” said Jaime Ruiz, spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

According to The Orange County Register:

“This seizure is yet another example of how effective targeting and trademark expertise by CBP officers and import specialists prevent the introduction of counterfeit products into the U.S.,” said Todd C. Owen, CBP director of field operations in Los Angeles. “CBP maintains an aggressive posture against those attempting to circumvent trade law.”

Counterfeit playing cards are sold over the Internet, at street markets and even in legitimate retail stores, and most parents are unaware when they are buying an illegitimate product, CBP officials say.

The agency is expanding efforts to seize infringing goods. Nationwide, the total number of intellectual property rights seizures in fiscal year 2011 increased by 24% compared to fiscal year 2010, a 325% increase over the past decade, CBP officials said.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, The Orange County Register

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Play Pokemon TCG

Pokemon Organized Play has announced the tournament format for the 2013 tournament season. The format will allow sets from Black & White on to be used for tournament play which includes the 2013 Worlds Tournament. The new format will go into effect on September 1st. This follows the release of Dragon EXalted TCG set which will be on August 15th. Below is the press release involving the the set rotation and what it means for players of the Pokemon TCG.

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Pokemon Card Dress

Seems like there is no limit to the creativity of Pokemon fans.

Apparently, Becki (shown in the picture) has managed to create a dress using Pokemon cards. The handmade dress is composed of an estimated 200 cards from the original Base 1 set. The cards are fixed together using staples.

Though the ebay auction is currently over, the dress was put up for a starting bid of 300 pounds, or about $460.

I would love to learn how she made the thing cause that’s just awesome!

Thanks to Jyoti Mishra for the photo.


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PokeCollection has revealed the next Pokemon TCG set, Dragons EXalted. The set is due to release on August 15, 2012 with Giratina, Gyarados, Terrakion and Rayquaza being the featured pokemon for the set. Dragons EXalted is going to be based off the Dragons Selection, Dragon Blade and Dragon Blast Japanese TCG sets. This set will officially introduce the new Dragon type into the English TCG. No EX Pokemon have been announced for the set but based on the information known, it is expected that Giratina EX, Terrakion EX, and Rayquaza EX will be included in the set.

Also announced was this Fall’s tins. The tins will feature Darkrai EX, Mewtwo EX, and Rayquaza EX. They will be released in mid-September.

Additional Source: Bulbanews

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North Attleboro Police

According to The Sun Chronicle, three men were charged with theft for stealing more than $400 worth of Pokemon cards from a Walmart in Massachusetts.

David Danforth, 19 of 133 Jefferson St., and James J. Davis and Sean H. Nadeau, both 18 and from Taunton, face charges of shoplifting and conspiracy in connection with an incident May 11 at the Walmart store. Store personnel told police they spotted three men who grabbed packs of cards and walked out of the store.

Police later searched a vehicle belonging to one of the suspects and allegedly found a large stash of collectible cards.

The total value of the merchandise was put at $442. The defendants appeared to answer the charges Tuesday in Attleboro District Court.

Source: The Sun Chronicle

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For yesterday’s release of Dark Explorers, has created a mini-website with a Darkrai theme to advertise the new TCG set. This website contains many interesting features that make it unique and fun to visit; a history of the “pitch-black” pokemon, a preview of the Dark Explorers set, information about new Pokemon-EX cards, instructions on how to receive a special Darkrai for your Pokemon Black & White version, a lot of free downloadable content, and even the entire movie Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai, available for viewing.


First of all, the website contains a “History” page that offers a short description of Darkrai and many explanations of video games and other media that Darkrai has appeared in. (more…)

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Pokemon TCGO

In a recently community update, Pokemon TCG Online Staff has announced that they will be disabling multiplayer functions. The reason for this is to focus on a new multiplayer that will be launched in late Summer. In order to hold users over until the release of the new multiplayer, Pokemon TCGO will launch a new single player Trainer Challenge.

The news of disabling the multiplayer function has brought up many questions from the users. In response to these concerns, the Pokemon TCGO Staff has released a Q&A.
(Read more…)

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