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PE2K brings you the latest trans-dimensional reports from our affiliates at VULPIX
News in the Pokémon World.


Yesterday, Professor Rowan, Sinnoh‚Äôs leading Pok√©mon researcher, confirmed that Togepi and its evolutions have now been officially placed on the world‚Äôs growing endangered emergency list. He noted that the alarming decline in the already space population was an immediate ‚Äúred flag‚ÄĚ. Rowan has assured that an extensive study is currently being conducted, and that its focus is primarily on indentifying and remedying the problem. ‚ÄúWe already have many leads, and now each must carefully be explored before coming to any conclusions,‚ÄĚ he stated, and made it clear any questions about the report‚Äôs content would not be answered. ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs too early to give a proper reply.‚ÄĚ

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PE2K brings you the latest trans-dimensional reports from our affiliates at VULPIX News in the Pokémon World.

Representatives of Team Plasma held a press conference in bustling Nimbasa City today. A leading official, whose identity remains unknown, has declared that Team Plasma is working to bring about a movement resulting in the mass release of Pokemon from the care of Trainers.

This announcement has shocked Pokemon experts and enthusiasts worldwide, with a call for more information as well as evidence supporting claims that Pokemon will benefit from the separation. Leading authorities on Pokemon are divided, with some agreeing that Trainers can sometimes push Pokemon into slavery-like roles, while others blast the claims as absurd, citing the strong bonds between Trainer and Pokemon that often last a lifetime.

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Magikarp salesman

PE2K brings you the latest trans-dimensional reports from our affiliates at VULPIX News in the Pokémon World.

The one and only Magikarp salesman has returned to Kanto from the Unova region this past Monday. It’s been said that he has been selling a lot of Magikarps in the Unova region, a place where Magikarps aren’t native and is also considered a rare Pok√©mon to most Unovans, which has been getting him a lot of attention lately.

Our affiliate, VULPIX News, has recently caught up with the Magikarp salesman. They’ve had an interview with him. In that interview, he reveals the reasons why he went to Unova, talks about how much Magikarps he has sold, and more. Below are some highlights:

VULPIX: What made you want to visit Unova and sell Magikarps there?

Magikarp salesman: Whenever I try to sell a Magikarp in a region like Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn, most people don’t buy them. I don’t know why… Maybe because Magikarps can be found in almost everywhere you fish in those regions. There may also be other reasons, but that’s the only reason I can think of right now.

One day, the idea of selling Magikarps in a region where Magikarps can’t be found suddenly hit me. When I started thinking about regions where Magikarps aren’t common, Unova was the first thing that came into my mind, and I thought selling Magikarps there would be a great idea.

VULPIX: Selling Magikarps in a region where it’s not a common Pok√©mon, surely is a good idea. How many Magikarps have you sold there?

Magikarp salesman: My bag contained more than a hundred of PokéBalls with Magikarps in it, and every single one of them has been sold!

VULPIX: How much money did you make from selling all those Magikarps to the Unova residents?

Magikarp salesman: Over 9,000! 60,000 Pok√©Dollars to be exact. This must have been the highest amount of money I’ve made in a week!

VULPIX: Alright, last question. Do you have any plans for the future? If you do, what are they?

Magikarp salesman: Yes, of course I do! I’m planning to set up my own fish store somewhere in Unova, where I can keep all my fishes safe, and sell them day after day. Magikarps won’t be the only fish sold there, I’m planning to sell other fishes there too.

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PE2K brings you the latest trans-dimensional reports from our affiliates at VULPIX News in the Pokémon World.


The Unova Pokémon League Association has just announced a landmark decision to accept registrations from foreign Trainers for the first time. Unova has previously existed separately to the rest of the regions, preferring to run their own Pokémon League program independently to the one first set up in Kanto and expanded throughout Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. World-renowned Pokémon expert Professor Samuel Oak commended the decision.


“It is time that the regions of the world came together to share their wealth and knowledge with the Pok√©mon Trainers of the future. Since the origins of training, travelling has always served as a method to strengthen the important ties between humans and Pok√©mon and now, developments in technology have allowed us to undertake that travel on a scale previously thought to be impossible. Inter-regional travel will allow residents of Unova to learn of other regions and perhaps even encourage them to visit us, while we in turn learn about the maginificent Pok√©mon that are only found there. This rare opporunity should not be missed by any Trainer or Pok√©mon enthusiast.”

The Unova region boasts an impressive 156 native Pokémon as well as bustling cities, quiet forests and new battle styles. Interested parties are asked to arrive at the laboratory of Professor Juniper in Nuvema Town no later than 10am on March 4th to receive their Starter Pokémon. Ships will be leaving from Viridian City, Olivine City, Slateport City and Canalave City in the coming days and Trainers are advised to check with their local Pokémon Center for departure times. Two more waves of Trainers will also be accepted on March 6th and 10th. Starter Pokémon will be given out on a first come, first serve basis so Trainers are encouraged to arrive early to ensure they receive their first choice. Hopefuls are already gathering in the normally-quiet Nuvema Town, with many more expected to arrive within the next few days.

Though the region of Unova holds many new adventures, prospective Trainers have been reminded to proceed with caution as they come across previously unknown species of Pok√©mon, and to be wary of anyone claiming to belong to a syndicate known only as “Team Plasma”, a Pok√©mon-based group whose motives are yet unknown.

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PE2K brings you the latest trans-dimensional reports from our affiliates at VULPIX News in the Pokémon World.

Yesterday, the self-appointed Karate King Kiyo vowed that this year his Fighting Dojo would take back its place as the official gym of Saffron City from “that witch Sabrina and her meddlesome underlings!” ¬†Four years ago, the young girl had completely overpowered every member of the dojo single-handedly, culminating in a pitiful battle with Kiyo in which his Pokemon were unable to land a single blow on Sabrina’s mighty Alakazam. ¬†Now, with gym leader applications beginning earnestly, not only have there been young upstarts across the Kanto region, but also familiar faces such as Kiyo and the members of the Yas and Kas Gyms of Dark City.

For the last four years, the Fighting Dojo and Sabrina’s Gym have stood side-by-side, both accepting challengers and attracting different types of trainers. ¬†But if Kiyo’s disparaging remarks have been any indication, this harmony may not last. ¬†When asked for comment, Saffron’s current Gym Leader stated, “I had no idea Kiyo was so bitter after all these years. ¬†I thought that we were on better terms.” ¬†Sabrina’s public response to Kiyo’s comments have been few and far-between, perhaps illustrating the Gym Leader’s reluctance to stoop to such levels of mudslinging.

Saffron’s citizens however are already taking sides, and while most support the current Gym Leader, Kiyo is attracting attention from many of Saffron’s older citizens who remember how things were before Sabrina won the gym. ¬†An employee of the Silph Company, who wished to remain anonymous, had this to say, “Sabrina has been fulfilling her duties as a Gym Leader, but many of us want things to be the way they used to be, especially given the growing crime rate. ¬†The Fighting Dojo would be much more active in keeping the city of Saffron safe than our Sabrina’s Gym.”

This news is undercut slightly by the discovery that the Fighting Dojo had been illegally selling Fighting Pokemon not only to challengers, but to several Biker gangs across the region. ¬†Investigations into this matter will continue into the following weeks, but Kiyo is confident that he will get to battle Sabrina again, “The Fighting Dojo will reclaim its place in the sun this year, no matter what dirty tricks that witch tries.”

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