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Another long and glorious WAR has come to its conclusion. Teams have all struggled valiantly for ultimate bragging rights and the splendor of forum-wide glory. These competitors have vigorously fought through the blood, sweat, tears and all of them will walk away with honor on their side. However, only one team can truly be crowned the WAR Champions.


Our winning teams are….


3rd place: The Not-so-super Friends and Team Awesome!


2nd place: Eggman Empire


1st place: Guardian Units of Nations (G.U.N)



Congratulations to all the members of G.U.N.! Your tireless efforts have won you bragging rights for the whole year in addition to the honor of winning one of the largest events on PE2K. To acknowledge this accomplishment, you will be given a custom userbar fitted with the Pokémon of your choice. I’ve contacted your captain Grassy_Aggron and she has posted in your board asking the team about their choice of Pokémon.


Once again, congratulations to the winning team and kudos to all the teams that participated. I would also like to extend a special thanks to our WAR judges and my fellow WAR Leaders for putting their time and effort into making this WAR come together. Remember to come by next year for another chance at ultimate forum glory.


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This week The Anomalous Niche Audio talks a little bit about the War XI.

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What’s up PE2K? WebMaster here. After long weeks of planning and organizing, I’m pleased to inform you that the PE2K Summer WAR has officially begun! All sections are open, and judges can now start giving points. This event only happens once a year, and it will be a ton of fun, so don’t miss out!
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In theme with the ongoing war event at the forums, this month’s sprite of the month just happens to be the winner of the first week of the spriting section of the war. On week one, the theme was a recolour. One must, of course, make a new colour scheme for an existing pokemon!

Our winner of this month is Cacophony from team VILE with this interesting probopass recolour. Special thanks to 3m0d0ll for judging the event.

See you next month!

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Hello PE2K Members!
A new generation and a summer is upon us, and you know what that means…
The PE2K WAR, a strong PE2K tradition, has been around for nearly a decade now, and while it may seem early to start thinking about it, I think there is no better time than the present. Usually, WAR consists of several different categories – RP, Trivia, Fanfic, et cetera, with teams competing for points. The team with the most points at the end of the season wins.
This year, I’d like to… shake things up, if you will. I’m writing to the community today with a proposition. I promise to turn WAR into a… board game of sorts. Think of it like a mash up between traditional table top RPGs (Dungeons and Dragons, I suppose?) and Pokémon, with our favorite WAR oddities. This would add an extra layer of strategy onto the existing WAR concept, and could prove to be a viable and interesting WAR replacement.
This being said, I don’t want to develop something that would never get used, hence my writing of this article. I’m looking for a response that gauges the interest of the PE2K community. If there’s interest, I’ll happily continue development, but if there’s a lot of dissent, I’ve no problem halting and continuing to do the WAR as we traditionally have done.
Give me your honest opinion on the forums! A good summary, if you’re confused, is here.

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WAR VIII has drawn to a close on PE2K, and now its time to name the winner.

1. One Against All [32 Points]
2. The Cullen [28 Points]
3. Knights of the Round Table [24 Points]
4. Team Aqua [21 Points]
5. Team Rocket [16 Points]
6. Team Gurren Lagann [14 Points]

And the individual standings for WAR VII are…

1. FireflyK [9 Points]
2. k_pop [5 Points]
3. Neo Pikachu

Good WAR, guys. It was fun. I hope to see you all next summer for WAR IX. Wow, we’re almost at the first WAR with an X in it. And WAR X is in two years. That will be fun. XD

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