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Psychic and Bird

Psychic and Bird (Feathery Kinesis)


**Funny name**



4 Pidgey

3 Pidgeotto

3 Pidgeot

2 Farfech'd (Base Set)

3 Mr. Mime

2 Mewtwo (Base Set)

2 Mewtwo (Promo)


You need a LOT of work here. First off, you have 4 different lines of

evolution, that is WAY too many. You should never have more than 2, ever in

any instance. Try this tweak and see how it suits you. Your deck is

obviously resistant to fighting, by quite a bit. I turned the Pokemon into a

killer, Pidgeot Stall Deck. Pidgeot's insane hurricane does killing tactics,

while Mr. Mime make you unable to be touched. 19 cards total



2 Rocket's Minefield Gym

3 Bill

3 Prof. Elm

3 Prof. Oak

3 Computer Search

3 Gust

1 Pokemon Breeder

1 Pokemon Trader


Complete opposite problem as of above. Here you only have 4 trainers, 4

TRAINERS!!?!?!? You need some standards, and some card drawers... try

this... I added Rockets Minefield Gym so when your opponent plays Pokemon you

just Hurricaned, they might take damage. 19 cards total.



2 Double Colorless

2 Full Heal Energy

18 Psychic


That leaves 22 spaces for energy. Try this to suit your fancy.


Ground (Fertile Ground)



4 Brock's Geodude (Doesn't matter which one)

3 Brock's Graveler (The one that isn't Kamikaze)

3 Brock's Sandshrew (The one with 50 HP)

3 Brock's Sandslash (The Uncommon)

4 Brock's Onix (The one with 100 HP)

2 Brock's Lickitung


As with above, way too many Pokemon, and way too many lines of evolution.

I've made this an entirely Brock Deck, and for good reason when you look

below. That's 19 cards total.



2 Brock's Training Method

3 Brock's Protection

1 Pewter City Gym

3 Prof. Elm

2 Gust

2 Bill

3 Prof. Oak

3 Super Energy Removal

2 Switch


Now this is where a Brock Deck shines. The Trainer Card Brocks Protection

says cards that have Brock in their names can't have their energy discarded.

So if you use Brocks Protection, then Super Energy Removal, you don't need to

discard one of your cards, but you can discard 2 of theirs. That's 21 cards




20 Fighting Energy


I guess there decks are OK, but you need more trainers and less Pokemon and