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Psychic Power


So here it is: "Psychic Power"

Lost no games eh, well lemme see...


x3 Slowpoke

x3 Slowking

x3 Mr. Mime

x2 Movie Promo Mewtwo

x2 Mewtwo

x4 Natu

x3 Xatu

Hmm, well you do have a wide variety of Pokemon. Sometimes that is good, but

rarely it is...I'm going to make this an Opponent Control Deck, just by tweaking

it some. Good Idea with the 3 Mr. Mime. Xatu is good for heavy damage, while

Slowking gives trainer denial. Mewtwo base set is an excellent wall as well,

and Promo Mewtwo is a good Haymaker. 20 cards


x3 Bill

x3 Professor Elm

x3 Computer Search

x2 Energy Removal

x3 Gold Berry

x3 Potion

x3 Professer Oak

Whoa, not enough drawing power. Add in some more drawing power and more opponent

control cards. 20 cards


x20 Psychic Energy

OK deck I suppose.