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Worst Nightmare


Here are two more decks that I came up with. Please let me know of

your suggestions:

Worst Nightmare

4 Gastly (Neo Destiny)

2 Haunter (Base)

3 Dark Haunter (Neo Destiny)

3 Dark Gangar (Neo Destiny)

3 Jigglypuff (Jungle)

2 Wigglytuff (Jungle)

2 Mistreavous (Neo Revelation)

3 Igglybuff (promo)

Hmm, well first off, you have WAY too many Pokemon. Take out the Dark Hypno

line. And the Gengar line needs major tweaking. You should have a a 4-3-3.

Honestly, I think Fossil Haunter should be in your deck, but there is no need

for Fossil Gengar. So that's 3 extra cards. Absolutlely Superb thinking with

the wiggly line, it adds your resistance and they can sleep instantly. 3-2

line is good. Add in 2 more igglybuff, and 1 more misdreavous. That's 22 cards


1 Boss's Way

3 Oak

3 Bill

3 Prof Elm

2 Computer Search

1 Pokemon Breeder

2 Pokemon Trader

1 Challenge!

2 Switch

2 Gold Berry

Try this, 19 cards

17 Psychic Energy

2 Double Colorless Energy

You only need 19 energy

Colorless Haymaker

2 Chansey (Base)

2 Blissey (Neo Revelation)

2 Kangaskhan (Jungle)

2 Scyther (Jungle)

2 Licktung (Jungle)

2 Lugia (Neo Rev. non-holo)

2 Ho-Oh (Neo Rev. non-holo)

Unfortunately, this is no where near haymaker. A haymaker is a deck that can

do good damage near the beginning of a game. Here a list of all the haymakers

I can possibly think of.

-Hitmonchan (Base Set)

-Electabuzz (Base Set)

-Scyther (Jungle)

-Movie Mewtwo


-Rockets Zapdos

-Magmar (Fossil)

-Gligar (Neo Genesis)

4 Potion Energy

4 Full Heal Energy

4 Double Colorless Energy

3 Grass Energy

3 Lightning Energy

3 Psychic Energy

3 Water Energy

Depending on the deck you make, tweak it so it's energy is split right down

the middle.


2 Defender

4 Goldberry

2 No Energy Removal Gym

2 Bill

2 Switch

2 Gust of Wind

2 Energy Arc

2 Professor Elm

In every good haymaker, you need Energy Removal, Computer Search, and cards

that cards. Gust is also a must, as are some cards that replenish life, such as gold berry.