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Season 1 - Indigo League





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Episode 1 (Season 1) - Pokemon - I Choose You!

The Pokemon story begins with our hero, Ash, in his hometown of Pallet where 10-year-old boys and girls are not only eligible but encouraged to begin their own Pokemon journeys. Pokemon are creatures of various size and special powers that inhabit this world, coexisting with humans. Young Ash is a young boy with an insatiable curiosity about Pokemon. His knowledge of these mysterious creatures surpasses that of most of his peers. The day he has been waiting for has finally arrived; he can now begin his journey, leading him toward his destiny, to become the Greatest Pokemon Master of All Time! Before fulfilling such an ambitious goal, however, Ash must receive his first Pokemon from Professor Oak, a researcher living in Pallet. Ash has decided beforehand which Pokemon will accompany him as he begins his travels, but oversleeps on the critical day of his departure and arrives after the appointed time. Three children, who began their journeys before Ash, have taken the Pokemon that he wanted. Inside the fourth remaining Poke Ball, Ash finds Pikachu—a rare Pokemon with the ability to literally shock you with his sometimes difficult but nevertheless electric personality and power.

Ash and Pikachu set off on their journey, but as anticipated, Pikachu won’t obey Ash. Soon after setting out, the duo are attacked by a huge flock of wild Spearows. During the attack, Pikachu is critically injured and Ash fights desperately to protect it from any further harm. Pikachu responds to Ash’s selfless act by exerting all its remaining power, repelling the flock of Spearow with a 100,000-volt electric shock. Thus Ash and Pikachu’s journey and friendship begins.



Episode 2 (Season 1) - Pokemon Emergency

As they flee the Spearow flock, Ash learns from a feisty young girl named Misty that there is a hospital for Pokemon, a Pokemon Center, in the nearby town of Viridian City. Ash arrives in Viridian City with the one thought of finding the Pokemon Center where Pikachu, who is near death, can be treated. Ash is stopped and interrogated, however, by Jenny, the town policewoman, who finds him suspicious. After Ash verifies his identity with the Pokedex he received from Professor Oak, Jenny races Ash and the injured Pikachu to the Pokemon Center.

Joy, the Pokemon Center nurse, begins treatment on Pikachu. Just as Ash breathes a sigh of relief, grateful to have gotten his only Pokemon the care it needed, the Pokemon Center is attacked by Jessie and James, two members of 'Team Rocket,’ an evil organization of Pokemon thieves. Meowth, a Pokemon of the cat persuasion, completes the menacing pack whose evil is only be surpassed by Team Rocket’s boss. Two of Team Rocket’s Pokemon, Ekans and Koffing destroy the Pokemon Center. Ash and Misty, resist the attack, but have no Pokemon that can successfully battle against Team Rocket. The barely recovered Pikachu brings a host of Pikachu friends and enters the battle just in time to rescue Ash and Misty from this pinch, attacking Team Rocket with a tremendous electric shock that blows them away.



Episode 3 (Season 1) - Ash Catches a Pokemon

Ash, Pikachu and Misty leave Viridian City and enter the Viridian Forest, where they discover Caterpie—a forest Pokemon. Promptly seizing it with a Poke Ball, Ash is overjoyed at his first capture. Bug-hating Misty, however, detests being chased all over the forest by Caterpie, who just wants to play with her. That evening, the party camps out in the woods. While Ash and Misty sleep, Caterpie tells Pikachu of its dream of someday evolving into a beautiful Butterfree. The following day, Ash captures a Pidgeotto with Pikachu’s help. Substituting Pikachu for Caterpie, Ash is victorious in his capture of Pidgeotto.

In search of rare Pokemon, not to mention retribution for their bruised egos from their last meeting with Ash, Team Rocket has set their sights on Ash’s Pikachu, making it very clear that they are here to stay. As a battle unfolds between Team Rocket and Ash, things look bleak for the good guys as Pidgeotto and Pikachu are defeated by Ekans and Koffing. In a last ditch effort, Caterpie saves the day by encasing the enemies in its special web and sending them off into oblivion. After making peace with Misty, the victorious Caterpie suddenly spins its thread, encasing its body in a cocoon. Caterpie has now evolved into a Metapod, bringing it one step closer to its dream of becoming a Butterfree.



Episode 4 (Season 1) - Challenge of the Samurai

Wandering the Viridian Forest, our heroes meet up with a mysterious young Samurai. Continually polishing his skills as a Pokemon Trainer by challenging all trainers that pass through the forest, he now sets his sights on Ash. Their Pokemon battle begins, Metapod against Metapod. Just when it seems a victor will never emerge, a swarm of Beedrill attacks, causing a delay in the battle. The samurai is first to flee for shelter. Ash tries to recall his Metapod into a Poke Ball, but just misses this seemingly helpless Pokemon as it is being whisked off by the Beedrill. Our heroes manage to escape, aided by Pikachu’s electric shock, but Metapod is nowhere to be seen. The search begins.

They finally discover Metapod conspicuously resting in a nest of Kakuna about to hatch into Beedrills. Ash attempts to rescue Metapod, but Team Rocket arrives on the scene, interfering with his plans. The noise of their conflict arouses the sleeping Metapod, who evolve into swarming Beedrill eager to attack our heroes. Ash rescues Metapod, leaving the members of Team Rocket, who are oblivious to any danger, as decoys. In the meantime, Metapod throws its body in front of an attacking Beedrill to protect Ash from its piercing stinger. As a result, it’s shell is torn open, transforming the brave Metapod into the beautiful Butterfree. Under Ash’s direction, Butterfree uses Sleep Powder to put the Beedrill swarm, as well as Team Rocket to sleep. Our heroes part company with the young samurai, leaving him in awe of Ash’s dexterous handling of a Butterfree in battle.



Episode 5 (Season 1) - Showdown in Pewter City

As they approach the entrance to Pewter City, our heroes meet a strange and enigmatic old rock-seller named Flint. When he learns that Ash is a Pokemon Trainer in training, Flint strategically directs them to the town Pokemon Center knowing they will come across information that will help Ash progress in his journey. Ash discovers that in order to participate in the Pokemon League Championships, he must gather badges earned only by defeating Pokemon Gym Leaders. He heads directly to the Pokemon Gym and challenges the Gym Leader, Brock, but suffers a terrible defeat. Flint encourages the disappointed Ash and provides him with some insight into Brock’s unusual situation. Brock must raise 10 brothers and sisters, all by himself, leaving him no foreseeable way in which to realize his dream of participating in the Pokemon League. Though Ash’s image of Brock, the powerful Gym Leader, crumbles, his desire to earn a badge is unchanged. Preparing to challenge Brock a second time, Ash gives Pikachu a unique, intense training session. Will the new improved Pikachu be victorious the second time around, and will Brock experience a twist of fate enabling him to fulfill his dream of participating in the Pokemon league?



Episode 6 (Season 1) - Clefairy and the Moon Stone

As Ash and the gang are rushing to catch the last ferry off of Cinnabar Island, they stumble over a rare Pokemon in trouble. It's a Wartortle, the evolved form of a Squirtle. The Squirtle Squad jumps in and relates to Pikachu that there's a problem on their island, and they need our heroes help!



Episode 7 (Season 1) - The Water Flowers of Cerulean City

In his search to collect Trainer Badges, Ash heads for Cerulean City, intending to confront the Cerulean Gym Leader. For some reason, Misty expresses a desire to avoid Cerulean City and disappears somewhere along the way. Without concern for Misty, Ash and Pikachu continue toward the Cerulean City Gym. When they arrive, the exterior of the Gym gives the strange appearance of an aquarium. Upon entering the building, Ash and Pikachu are entranced by a synchronized swimming show being performed by three beautiful sisters. Could this truly be the Cerulean Gym? And what could be the role of the three beautiful swimming sisters? More importantly, will Ash be able to defeat the strangely absent Gym Leader to earn his next badge?



Episode 8 (Season 1) - The Path to the Pokemon League

After receiving his second badge, Ash sets off triumphantly for Vermilion City. Along the way, they hear of a trainer named A.J.—a fierce-Pokemon-trainer who has never lost a match. Full of self-confidence from his own record of ten victories in a row, Ash heads directly for the gym to find his new opponent. When they arrive, a huge bulletin in front of the gym announcing, This Gym Not Authorized by the Pokemon League along with a neon sign declaring 98 Consecutive Victories appeal to Ash’s over-confidence. A.J. is on the brink of achieving his goal of 100 straight victories, after which he will embark on a journey to gather badges. Will victory fall on the side of Ash and his 10 straight victories or with A.J. and his string of 98? In the process, will Ash learn some important lessons about the bonds between Pokemon and trainer?



Episode 9 (Season 1) - The School of Hard Knocks

Our three heroes have lost their way in the depths of a dense wood, shrouded in thick, white mist. Momentarily giving up, they decide to break for a brief rest. As Ash wanders deeper into the wood, searching for firewood, he happens across a young boy being bullied by five classmates gathered around him. Eavesdropping on their conversation, Ash learns that the boys are attending the Pokemon Technical Institute (or 'Pokemon Zem’ for short) - a preparatory school for Pokemon trainers. Graduates from the Pokemon Technical Institute are automatically qualified to participate in the Pokemon League without undergoing any actual test of skill. Although many children dream of entering the illustrious Pokemon Technical Institute (or rather their parents dream of them entering), only the most wealthy children can enter the school. But there must be a reason for the gloom overshadowing the faces of the students of this aristocratic school.



Episode 10 (Season 1) - Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village

Still lost, the party continues to wander. Falling from a rope bridge, stumbling into pitfalls, being caught in various traps, they struggle on until reaching a village, not shown on their map, inhabited by Pokemon that have been injured in battle or abandoned by their masters. In this village, a kind-hearted young woman named Melanie cares for these Pokemon. Even as our heroes, touched by Melanie’s kind example, attempt to assist her in caring for the Pokemon, Team Rocket is slowly making its way toward the village. A combined effort of Melanie and Ash’s Pokemon is needed to battle and defeat Team Rocket, and as a result, Ash’s courage earns him a battle between Pikachu and Melanie’s bravest Pokemon, Bulbasaur. Will Pikachu defeat Bulbasaur, thus increasing Ash’s collection of Pokemon?



Episode 11 (Season 1) - Charmander - The Stray Pokemon

As our heroes press on toward Vermilion City, they encounter a lone, weak Charmander at a mountain pass. Standing atop a stone, it appears to be waiting for someone. Ash immediately attempts to capture it, but fails. Giving up, Ash and friends head for a nearby Pokemon E. R. There they run into Damien—the very boy who had abandoned the Charmander. A storm erupts. Our heroes go out in the middle of the night to rescue the deserted Pokemon. Their timing couldn’t be better for they saved the fiery Pokemon from an attack of vicious Spearow. Upon their return to the Pokemon E. R., the Charmander is taken care of immediately, but the next morning he is gone, without a trace. Ash and friends go out to find him only to be side-tracked by the devious Team Rocket. Just when they thought they had captured Pikachu and rendered our heroes temporarily helpless, Charmander comes to the rescue. Will he ultimately become the next Pokemon to join Ash?



Episode 12 (Season 1) - Here Comes The Squirtle Squad

A company of Squirtles stand in the path of our heroes’ enthusiastic march. To make matters worse, joining forces with Team Rocket, the Squirtles capture Ash and friends. When the Squirtles lock Pikachu, who has been critically injured, in a cage, Ash runs to retrieve a healing Potion. Upon Ash’s return, a battle ensues between Team Rocket and our heroes. When it becomes apparent that Team Rocket has deserted the Squirtles, and even endangered them, Ash and his love of Pokemon prevails, and saves a Squirtle from certain doom. Will Ash’s kind and brave act go unnoticed by the Squirtle?



Episode 13 (Season 1) - Mystery at the Lighthouse

The party emerges from the forest onto a beach, where in the distance they see a lighthouse, shining at the top of a cliff. The lighthouse belongs to Bill, a Pokemon researcher who is awaiting the coming of a one-of-a-kind Pokemon, never before seen by humans. Before long, a tremendously large shadow begins to take form in the sea mists, but this possible discovery could be hindered due to the infamous Team Rocket lurking in the background cooking up another one of their schemes. Could such a legendary Pokemon truly exist?



Episode 14 (Season 1) - Electric Shock Showdown

Our heroes finally reach Vermilion City. They make their way to the Pokemon Center to refill their empty stomachs, but once there, they witness dozens of injured Pokemon being treated. Pikachu and Ash are alarmed to learn that all of these Pokemon were injured in battles with the Vermilion Gym Leader, Lt. Surge. Nonetheless, eager to earn a badge, Ash challenges Lt. Surge. Pikachu reluctantly enters the battle only to discover its opponent to be a Raichu, a fierce Pokemon with tremendous electric power. In order for Pikachu to successfully compete, it must demonstrate a stronger will than ever before displayed in battle. Could Pikachu possibly have a chance against Raichu’s overwhelming strength?



Episode 15 (Season 1) - Battle Aboard the St. Anne

Ash and his party arrive at a port where the St. Anne, an international cruise liner, is docked. Receiving free tickets, from a mysterious duo, for a Pokemon Trainer party aboard the St. Anne, they board the ship filled with anticipation of good food and lots of Pokemon excitement. Aboard the ship, bustling with Pokemon Trainers, Ash meets a distinguished gentleman who suggests they make a Pokemon trade. Ash exchanges his Butterfree for the gentleman’s Raticate. Just then, the St. Anne is taken over by Team Rocket who had arranged the party as a ploy to steal Pokemon.



Episode 16 (Season 1) - Pokemon Shipwreck

Our heroes are revealed in the middle of a trap concocted by Team Rocket. Luckily the Pokemon Trainers are able to pool their Pokemon resources and successfully battle Team Rocket and their evil crew. In the midst of the confusion on board, however, a tumultuous storm wreaks havoc on the cruise forcing everyone except Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu as well as Team Rocket to evacuate the sinking ship. Luckily, Ash was able to exchange Butterfree for Raticate before the ship went down, but now our heroes are forced to team up with their long-standing enemies in order to survive their life or death predicament.



Episode 17 (Season 1) - Island of the Giant Pokemon

As our heroes and Team Rocket beat the odds by surviving the sinking ship, they are dragged into another potentially deadly situation when they are attacked by the ferocious Pokemon, Gyarados. One Gyarados becomes many and Ash, friends and foe are swept up in a tornado landing them in various locations on an island. Ash loses Pikachu and the Poke Balls containing Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. Jessie and James from Team Rocket, who land in another remote part of the island, also lose their Pokemon. Thus both Pokemon and their masters are left searching for each other on this strange island, inhabited by gigantic Pokemon. Where could this island be?



Episode 18 (Season 1) - Beauty and the Beach (Unaired)

Ash, Misty and Brock begin their vacation in Porta Vista. Team Rocket are waiting for them trying to find ways to catch Pikachu. Ash and co. later ride a boat, and they crash into Team Rocket's submarine which then crashes into a dock owned by an old man. Ash needs to find some way to pay back the old man for his dock. Meanwhile, Team Rocket land on a beach and meet an old lady named Nastina working on her beach house. They volunteer to help her. Ash firsts tries to work at a restruant and customers flock. Team Rocket then sabotage it and the customers go away. Disappointed, Ash goes to Professor Oak and his mom. They tell him of a swimsuit competition for girls and for pokemon. Ash enters Misty who for pokemon, dresses Squirtle like an alien and Starmie as the UFO. She is greeted in the competition by Jesse and James. James pretends to be a girl with a fake inflatable body suit. They have Ekans and Koffing wrapped together as the great "Leviathan". Jesse and James are angry they lost, so they attack with their submarine and send a heat seeking missle. Ash gets Charmander to turn it around and it hits Team Rocket who blast off again. Nastina goes with them. In the end, Ash's mom wins the contest and they get enough money to pay back the old man.



Episode 19 (Season 1) - Tentacool and Tentacruel

Our heroes arrive at Hutber Port, where a ferryboat line runs to the mainland. There they meet a cousin of the old man’s competitor from Acapulco who, having recently acquired a great deal of money, is trying to construct a huge luxury hotel, turning a coral reef area into a tremendous resort. This section of coral reef, however, is very important to the Tentacool and Horsea that live there. When a huge school of Tentacool interferes with the construction of the hotel, the cousin and a group of young people organize a campaign to drive them away, offering a reward of $10,000 to anyone who can repel the Tentacool. Naturally this draws the attention of Team Rocket who attempt to get rid of the Tentacool by spreading a mixture of super secret stun sauce over the ocean. Their plan backfires, however, transforming the Tentacool into a gigantic Tentacruel which begins a fierce counterattack against the humans. In order to defeat this reign of terror, Ash, Misty, Brock and their Pokemon are drawn into a battle that will require more than just strong combative skill.



Episode 20 (Season 1) - The Ghost of Maiden's Peak

After leaving Acapulco in search of Saffron City, our heroes finally arrive at a small port town in the middle of celebrating a summer festival. In order to recover from their hard journey, Ash and his party decide to participate in the festival. Team Rocket’s interest in the festivities, on the other hand, is purely monetary. Brock and James are both bewitched by a picture scroll shown in a shrine open only on the day of the summer festival. The picture depicts a beautiful young maiden in a scene from the legend of Maiden Rock—a point on a cape near the town. According to the priest’s explanation, the girl in the picture lived 2,000 years ago, and awaited the return of a lover captured in battle, until she finally turned into stone. Every year at this season, the ghost of this girl steals the spirit of a young man and this year it is James’ and Brock’s turn. What could the ghost possibly be after? And what is its true identity?



Episode 21 (Season 1) - Bye Bye Butterfree

As they journey toward Saffron City, our heroes come to a path that continues along the side of a sheer cliff. When the party sees a flock of Butterfree flying above the ocean, Brock, as a Pokemon breeder, explains that it is the Butterfree’s egg-laying season. In order to continue their posterity, Butterfree find mates during this season and cross the sea together. Ash releases his Butterfree, sending it off toward the flock. His Butterfree performs a dance to attract a pink Butterfree, but is brutally rejected. Ash, Misty and Brock try to encourage Butterfree, but Butterfree can’t recover from the shock of rejection. Just then Team Rocket arrives to poach the Butterfree. Ash’s Butterfree tries to prevent the capture of his fellow Pokemon with very little success. Determined to free them and win the heart of the pink Butterfree, he battles Team Rocket with the strength and courage of a Pokemon in love. Can Ash’s Butterfree rescue his fellow Butterfree Pokemon and win the heart of his pink Butterfree? If so, will he leave Ash, his beloved Pokemon trainer, to follow his love and fulfill the Butterfree destiny?



Episode 22 (Season 1) - Abra and the Psychic Showdown

The party finally arrives in Saffron City where a young girl manages a gym of Pokemon using her psychic powers. If Ash defeats this particular Gym Leader, Ash can earn a gold badge. Gathering all their strength, Ash and Pikachu challenge her. She happily accepts, but adds the strange condition that if Ash loses, they must become her friend. The official gym battle begins, but Pikachu is helpless against the young girl’s Pokemon, Abra. To make matters worse, Abra evolves in the middle of the match, turning into the more powerful, Kadabra. Employing even stronger psychic powers against Pikachu, Saffron City’s Gym Leader defeats Ash. As this strange story unravels, Ash encounters a mysterious man who seems to be the key to solving the puzzle to this young girl’s disturbing power.



Episode 23 (Season 1) - The Tower of Terror

Ash realizes that he must battle and collect a ghost Pokemon in order to defeat the young girl’s psychic Pokemon. In search of a ghost Pokemon, he heads immediately for a tower in Lavender Town where they are said to dwell. Jessie, James and Meowth from Team Rocket are already at the tower, but as they lay in wait for our heroes, they are attacked by Gastly, Haunter and Gangar. In the process of trying to defeat the ghost Pokemon, Ash learns a lesson or two about the mystical spirit world. Can Ash capture a ghost Pokemon and if so, will it be enough to defeat the psychic Gym Leader of Saffron City?



Episode 24 (Season 1) - Haunter vs Kadabra

Unbenownst to Ash, one of the ghost Pokemon decides to join Ash and friends on their journey and more importantly help Ash battle the powerful Saffron City Gym Leader. Ash returns to Saffron City with one goal, to win a gold badge. The scene is set and Ash and the young girl are once again face to face when suddenly, Ash’s ghost Pokemon is nowhere to be found. Feeling completely humiliated, Ash leaves the gym. Brock and Misty are left behind and as a result, the young girl uses her powers to turn them into miniature dolls, rendering them helpless. The mysterious man from Ash’s previous encounter with this baffling Gym Leader shows up providing Ash with some information that could ultimately be the key to defeating her. Determined to rescue Brock and Misty, Ash returns to the Saffron City Gym ready to do what it takes to win and save his friends. Just when his attempt seems hopeless, the ghost Pokemon shows up with a unique combative technique. Will this be enough to rescue Ash’s friends as well as the young Gym Leader from her dark and lonely world?



Episode 25 (Season 1) - Primeape Goes Bananas

On their way to Celadon City, our heroes encounter Mankey, a wild Pokemon that if rubbed the wrong way can go into uncontrollable fits. Not realizing its unpredictability, the party accidentally upsets Mankey. To make matters worse, Team Rocket arrives and an all out war is waged by Mankey, who evolves into a ferocious Primeape, against anyone in its path. Will Ash be able to add Mankey/Primeape to his ever growing collection of Pokemon without having to withstand Primeape’s unrelenting wrath?



Episode 26 (Season 1) - Pokemon Scent-sation!

The party arrives in Celadon City, a perfectly pleasant town full of large department stores, condominiums, and fancy arcades. Brock and Misty are mesmerized, listening to a pretty young girl in a miniskirt, selling perfume. Appalled by the price of the perfume, Ash is kicked out of the department store, and heads for the Pokemon gym alone, but he is denied entrance to the Celadon Gym. The perfume that Ash criticized in the department store is produced in this gym. Brock and Misty enter the gym and befriend those who inhabit it, but Ash must go to some outrageous lengths in order to even set foot in the gym let alone prove himself worthy of battle against its Master.



Episode 27 (Season 1) - Hypno's Naptime

Our heroes come to a town in which a great deal of children have recently turned up missing. Working together with Jenny to search for these children, they begin an investigation at the Pokemon Center, inquiring into the disappearances, but Joy has other concerns. For some reason, the Pokemon in the Center aren’t getting well at all. Jenny reveals that a mysterious sleep wave has been passing in and out of the town for several days. Our heroes suspect a connection between the missing children and the Pokemon’s poor condition. Team Rocket begins a sinister search of their own for the source of these strange occurrences. What could be the cause of this sleep wave?



Episode 28 (Season 1) - Pokemon Fashion Flash

At Brock’s persistent request, our heroes stop by Caesar Street, a town of breeders famous for its Pokemon beauty salons. Brock makes a special request to visit a salon called Coron. The owner of the Beauty Salon, Coron, is a breeder who has received the most superior ranking in the Pokemon Breeder Contest for three years straight. Recently, a store called Salon Roquet has been introducing outrageous fashions, making wild profits and disrupting long-term shop-owners.



Episode 29 (Season 1) - The Punchy Pokemon

In the outskirts of Fuchsia City, our heroes come across Hitmonchan, a fighter-Pokemon. With little thought, Ash attempts to capture it, but he and Pikachu are badly defeated. Hitmonchan’s master has abandoned his family, training day and night, aiming for victory at the P1 Grand Prix (the number one Pokemon Grand Prix). His daughter tells Ash and his friends of her desire to make her father remember his family. In the meantime, Ash’s party enters the P1 Grand Prix, but with Team Rockets unwanted, not to mention, unofficial presence at the competition, the battle goes out of control.



Episode 30 (Season 1) - Sparks Fly for Magnemite

As our heroes make their way through the industrial town of Gringy City, Pikachu, perhaps weary from travel, is in a strange state; the electric sacks on his cheeks are continually twitching as though overcharged. At the town’s Pokemon Center, Joy diagnoses Pikachu as being in the first stages of a Pokemon cold. She begins treatment immediately, but the town suddenly goes into a blackout. Assuming the problem to be in the power-generating station near the beach, Ash and friends go to investigate. There they discover the Pokemon, Magnemite and a pack of Grimer—Pokemon created from sludge. What exactly is going on?



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