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Season 2 - Orange Islands





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Episode 1 (Season 2) - Princess vs Princess

Misty and Jessie compete against one another for Queen of the Princess Festival, a day where women rule and the guys have to do whatever the girls tell them. Misty finds out how important friends are when Ash and Brock allow her to use their Pokemon in the tournament. But Jessie manages to lick her competition with a surprise Pokemon of her own.



Episode 2 (Season 2) - The Purr-fect Hero

It's Kids Day, and Ash and friends help the children at a nearby school celebrate the holiday. Team Rocket spoils the fun with a Pikachu-napping scheme that goes awry when they snatch a kid instead of the Pokemon. But in a shocking turn of events, Meowth becomes a good guy--- or does he?



Episode 3 (Season 2) - Riddle Me This

Ash, Brock and Misty travel to Cinnabar Island where Ash hopes to win his Volcano Badge. They are approached by a strange character speaking only in riddles while giving them clues on how to locate the gym. Once inside the gym, Ash and Pikachu have a super hot battle with a spitfire Pokemon they've never seen before!



Episode 4 (Season 2) - Volcanic Panic

Ash continues his quest to attain his Volcano Badge once he finally locates the gym that is suspended above a pool of molten lava! Only a strong fire Pokemon could help him in this battle, so Ash must rely on his misbehaving Charizard to help him win this smoldering match.



Episode 5 (Season 2) - Beach Blank-out Blastoise

As Ash and the gang are rushing to catch the last ferry off of Cinnabar Island, they stumble over a rare Pokemon in trouble. It's a Wartortle, the evolved form of a Squirtle. The Squirtle Squad jumps in and relates to Pikachu that there's a problem on their island, and they need our heroes help!



Episode 6 (Season 2) - The Misty Mermaid

One of Misty's water Pokemon is in desperate need of exercise, so the gang decides to take her Horsea to a gym that's run by her sisters in Cerulean City. But, Misty gets more than she bargains for when she learns that her sisters are planning an exciting underwater ballet.



Episode 7 (Season 2) - Clefairy Tales

Ash, Brock and Misty get sidetracked on their way to Viridian City when all of their belongings mysteriously disappear. While searching for their missing things, the group find themselves mixed up in a close encounter that's really out of this world !



Episode 8 (Season 2) - The Battle of the Badge

Ash and friends finally make their way to Viridian City where Ash hopes to earn his Earth Badge. They get to the gym just in time to see his rival, Gary, being defeated by a never-before-seen Pokemon that he insists must be evil!



Episode 9 (Season 2) - It's Mr. Mime Time

On their way back to Pallet Town, Ash, Brock and Misty encounter a runaway Mr. Mime. Ash disguises himself as a Mr. Mime in an attempt to lure it back to its trainer. As always, Team Rocket is intent on stealing this rare Pokemon for themselves -- will they catch the right one?



Episode 10 (Season 2) - Holiday Hi-Jynx

Ash and his friends run into a scared and lonely Jynx who has a boot belonging to Santa Claus but can't find it's way to the North Pole. Team Rocket is convinced that Jynx really is Santa Claus and Jessie wants revenge from something that happened in her childhood. Can Ash beat the odds and return Jynx to its Master before Team Rocket gets a hold of it?



Episode 11 (Season 2) - Snow Way Out!

Continuing their journey, Ash and gang find themselves at a fork in the road. They make the fateful decision to climb a steep and dangerous mountain taking them even deeper into the woods. Pikachu gets lost and they must all work together to find him, stay warm and weather the storm.



Episode 12 (Season 2) - Showdown at the Po-ke Corral

On a visit to Professor Oak's house, Ash runs into Gary where they talk about the upcoming Pokemon League. Professor Oak explains that instead of being so competitive with each other they should try and learn from each other. When Team Rocket busts into the lab and tries to steal all the Pokemon everyone learns a lesson about teamwork.



Episode 13 (Season 2) - The Evolution Solution

Ash decides to join his mom and friends who are vacationing on Seafoam Island. While there, he searches out the programmer of the Pokedex to get information about the evolution of a Slowpoke. The mystery of how Slowpoke evolves into a Slowbro is surprisingly revealed when Team Rocket makes their usual bumbling interference.



Episode 14 (Season 2) - The Pi-Kahuna

In an effort to train hard and maintain top shape for the Pokemon League, Ash decides to try some surfing. When he hits rough waters, a surfer named Victor comes to the rescue and tells Ash about a gigantic wave called Humungadunga which hits the island just once every 20 years. Having failed to ride the wave in his youth, Victor is afraid to try again so Ash and Pikachu must provide Victor with the confidence he needs to conquer Humungadunga!



Episode 15 (Season 2) - Make Room for Gloom!

Back in Pallet Town, Ash and friends meet Florinda who works at the local nursery. She's afraid that her Gloom is not evolving into a Vileplume because she's not training it properly. When Team Rocket bursts in and attempts to steal Gloom, everyone sees just how strong a Pokemon can become -- through love.



Episode 16 (Season 2) - Lights, Camera, Quack-tion!

A famous movie director comes to town and everybody wants to be the star. Since he only wants Pokemon in his movie, Ash, Brock, Misty and Team Rocket fight hard to make sure it's their Pokemon that will star opposite Wigglytuff.



Episode 17 (Season 2) - Go West, Young Meowth

The gang heads to Hollywood for the premiere of Pokemon in Love and Meowth is forced to look back on his painful past. Meowth shares bittersweet memories of his life before Team Rocket, and reveals how and why he learned to walk and talk like a human.



Episode 18 (Season 2) - To Master the Onixpected

With only three weeks left before the Pokemon League competition, Ash, Brock and Misty head up to Mt. Hideaway to find one of the Elite Four Trainers. Ash and Brock hope he will teach them the real secrets of Pokemon training, but what they really learn is that Mt. Hideaway is the land of overgrown Onix!



Episode 19 (Season 2) - The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis

While Ash and Brock are busy training for the Pokemon League, they inadvertently uncover a hidden temple containing Pokemon fossils. Misty recalls reading about a hidden city where people used to build temples to honor Pokemon. Could they have stumbled upon the ancient city of Pokemopolis?



Episode 20 (Season 2) - Bad to the Bone

Ash, Brock and Misty finally leave Pallet Town and are on their way to the Pokemon League Tournament when they run into another trainer who's also headed for the Indigo Plateau. Unfortunately, this trainer has had all of his Pokemon Badges stolen from him and unless he gets eight more badges he won't be able to complete in the Tournament. Ash is unfairly challenged to a battle where the winner gets to keep all eight of Ash's Badges!



Episode 21 (Season 2) - All Fired Up!

On the day before the Pokemon League Tournament, Ash, Brock and Misty watch as the torchbearer runs by on his way to Indigo stadium. They learn that it is the flame of a Moltres, a legendary Pokemon that stands for the whole spirit of the Pokemon League that lights the torch. Ash's excitement and nervousness build up to the next morning as he joins the other trainers in the march of the athletes. But, its Team Rocket once again who tries to spoil the moment when they attempt to steal the flame of the Moltres.



Episode 22 (Season 2) - Round One - Begin!

Ash, Brock and Misty finally leave Pallet Town and are on their way to the Pokemon League Tournament when they run into another trainer who's also headed for the Indigo Plateau. Unfortunately, this trainer has had all of his Pokemon Badges stolen from him and unless he gets eight more badges he won't be able to complete in the Tournament. Ash is unfairly challenged to a battle where the winner gets to keep all eight of Ash's Badges!



Episode 23 (Season 2) - Fire and Ice

Ash's second battle takes place on the Rock Field where he relies on his Squirtle to hopefully take down a Nidorino. In between matches, Ash needs to drop off his Pokemon at the Pokemon Center to have them taken care of. Team Rocket takes this opportunity to make one more attempt at stealing Pikachu. They set up a Pokemon Center of their own and when Ash drops off his Pokeballs, they grab them and run! When he finally gets his Pokemon back, Ash must race to make it to his third match of competition, which will be held on the Ice Field.



Episode 24 (Season 2) - The Fourth Round Rumble

Ash's fourth battle on the Grass Field is against his toughest opponent yet! He battles Jeanette Fisher from Crimson City who brings a whole cheering section with her. Jeanette uses a powerful Scyther, which Ash has never battled before. Will his Bulbasaur be able whip Scyther's double team attack by using his reliable vine whip? To finish off the match, Jeanette brings out her Bellsprout which Ash feel is far inferior to his Pokemon. Once again, Ash lets his over-confidence take over.



Episode 25 (Season 2) - A Friend in Deed

Ash's Mom and Professor Oak make a surprise visit to watch Ash battle in the Pokemon League Tournament. Professor Oak informs Ash that if he wins his next battle he'll be able to use six Pokemon in battle instead of three. He also tells Ash to remember that if he does his best but loses his matches, he's still a winner! On their way back from dinner, Ash meets another trainer who's also competing in the tournament and also has a Pikachu. Ash and Richie become fast friends especially when they have to fight the unrelenting Team Rocket that steals all of their Pokeballs, along with both of their Pikachu.



Episode 26 (Season 2) - Friend and Foe Alike

A twist of fate pits Ash and his new friend, Richie, against each other in the fifth round of the Pokemon League Competition. Both are determined to triumph, but who will emerge victorious? And, can their friendship survive the struggle? Ash and Richie make a promise to each other that because they're friends they will make this the best Pokemon battle that they've ever had. Unfortunately, Team Rocket kidnaps Ash on his way to the tournament and demands he give them Pikachu or he won't make it to the battle at all. Ash is determined to keep his promise (and his Pikachu), and have the best battle of his life!



Episode 27 (Season 2) - Friends to the End

It's the sixth round match at the Pokemon League Competition, and Ash, Misty and Brock are in the stands cheering for their new friend, Richie. When an unfortunate turn of events happens, Ash learns a valuable lesson that he will take with him on the rest of his journey as a Pokemon trainer. Finally, Ash and Richie get to march with the athletes for the closing ceremonies of the Competition where they add a Pokemon League Badge to their cherished collection.



Episode 28 (Season 2) - Pallet Party Panic

After battling in the Pokemon League Tournament, Ash and his friends return to Pallet Town for a hero's welcome. Team Rocket, as usual, ruins the party with another bumbling attempt to steal Pikachu. Professor Oak makes a request for Ash, Brock and Misty to go on another journey to bring back a mysterious looking Pokeball for him. On their way, Ash is in for another surprise when his Pidgeotto evolves into a Pidgeot just in time to save the day!



Episode 29 (Season 2) - A Scare in the Air

Ash, Brock and Misty prepare for their long journey to Valencia Island to bring back a mysterious Pokeball for Professor Oak. After discovering that the trip will take a month to get there, Ash manages to win a free blimp ride so it will take only a day! Once on board, they realize the blimp is being powered by Team Rocket! And things only get worse from there!



Episode 30 (Season 2) - Pokeball Peril

After making a crash landing onto Valencia Island, our heroes get directions to Professor Ivy's laboratory where the mysterious Pokeball is being held. Once at the laboratory, Brock realizes that Professor Ivy and her group of scientists are Pokemon breeders just like him! Suddenly Brock begins to feel at home and thinks about staying for awhile to continue his studies on Pokemon breeding.



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