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Season 2 - Orange Islands





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Episode 31 (Season 2) - The Lost Lapras

After picking up the GS Ball from Professor Ivy, Brock decided to stay on the island so Ash and Misty head back home by blimp. Unfortunately, our duo gets double-crossed by Team Rocket once again, and Jigglypuff puts the whole crew to sleep. After another crash landing in the middle of nowhere they meet a new friend named Tracey while trying to help a Lapras that washed up on the beach.



Episode 32 (Season 2) - Fit to Be Tide

Ash, Misty and their new friend, Tracey, are on a new adventure exploring the Orange Islands as Ash sets out to qualify for the Orange League Tournament. After hearing that the Mikan Gym Leader is known as one of the toughest trainers in the Orange Crew, Ash can't wait for the challenge. He learns that Pokemon battles are run a little differently on the Orange Islands, but he can always rely on his Squirtle to pull them through!



Episode 33 (Season 2) - Pikachu Re-Volts

Just as Ash, Misty, and Tracey set foot on Mandarin Island, Pikachu and Togepi turn against them and join a group of other angry Pokemon. When the misbehaving Pokemon disappear, Officer Jenny arrives and informs them that dozens of Pokemon have been reported missing, including Meowth! Everyone fears a Psychic attack is behind this mystery. Will Jessie and James actually join forces with our heroes? Could they possibly win a battle for the first time?



Episode 34 (Season 2) - The Crystal Onix

While riding around the Orange Islands on his Lapras, Ash finds a mysterious message in a bottle, which leads the gang on a new adventure. Ash, Misty and Tracey travel to Sunburst Island, which is famous for its artists and glassblowers. They meet a struggling young shopkeeper who's seeking inspiration from a legendary crystal Onix. Having been unable to find this special Pokemon, the shopkeeper turns to our heroes. With Tracey and his observational Pokemon on board, they set out to fire up a new friend's creative drive!



Episode 35 (Season 2) - In The Pink

Aboard Lapras, the group follows a news crew to an uninhabited island, where a scientific expedition is underway after the discovery of a fossilized Kabuto. A series of natural disasters place our heroes in mortal danger, with only the power of their Pokemon to help them. What is the secret of the Kabuto, and who wants that secret to remain hidden?



Episode 36 (Season 2) - Shell Shock

Aboard Lapras, the group follows a news crew to an uninhabited island, where a scientific expedition is underway after the discovery of a fossilized Kabuto. A series of natural disasters place our heroes in mortal danger, with only the power of their Pokemon to help them. What is the secret of the Kabuto, and who wants that secret to remain hidden?



Episode 37 (Season 2) - Stage Fight!

Ash, Misty, and Tracey buy tickets to the Pokemon Showboat, a wonderful carnival where Pokemon can speak and perform plays! A young actress from the performance has been having problems with her Raichu ever since it shocked her early in their relationship. Ash and Pikachu may be able to help. Of course, they'll have to deal with Team Rocket first, as they attempt to steal all the talking Pokemon.



Episode 38 (Season 2) - Bye, Bye Psyduck

Misty meets another female trainer who also is an expert on water Pokemon. The new trainer notices some signs that Misty's Psyduck may be ready to evolve. As the two prepare for a Pokemon battle, a Golduck springs from the water and battles for Misty. With her powerful new Pokemon, can Misty defeat both her newfound friend and Team Rocket?



Episode 39 (Season 2) - The Joy of Pokemon

While sailing between small islands, the group encounters an extremely busy Nurse Joy. She tells the group that she travels from island to island helping sick and injured Pokemon, and invites our heroes to travel with her. On the expedition, they learn much about Pokemon and Joy's very special friendship with a Magikarp. Unfortunately, Joy runs some into trouble continuing her rounds once Team Rocket storms into the area!



Episode 40 (Season 2) - Navel Maneuvers

A second Orange Islands trainer puts Ash and his Pokemon through a battery of tests. First, Ash must climb a mountain without use of his Pokemon. Once at the summit, he must assemble the proper team of Pokemon to freeze moving water, construct a bobsled, and then win a race on the sled. Do Ash and his Pokemon have enough skills for the challenge of Orange Island training?



Episode 41 (Season 2) - Snack Attack

While Ash and friends are still discovering new islands, they come upon the seven Grapefruit Islands where groves of giant grapefruit are ripe and in season. When it looks like thieves are stealing the grapefruit, Ash, Tracey and Misty volunteer to help catch them. Surprisingly enough, what looked like hundreds of thieves was actually just one giant, hungry… and sleepy culprit!



Episode 42 (Season 2) - A Shipful of Shivers

Ash, Tracey and Misty find more excitement than they bargain for when they reach their next destination. Professor Oak tells them that divers have recovered an Orange League Championship trophy off the coast of Moro Island that dates back over three hundred years! The trophy is on display at the Moro Island Museum of Art for all to see. By the time they get to the museum, Team Rocket has already paid a visit and now it's up to our heroes to track them down!



Episode 43 (Season 2) - Meowth Rules!

Team Rocket has engine trouble and lands on an island where the natives are waiting for the Great Meowth of Bounty to arrive and fulfill an ancient prophesy. When Meowth gets mistaken for this great creature with special powers, he enjoys the special treatment and decides to play along. But, when he's unable to perform the ancient ritual that's expected of him, the treatment he gets isn't quite so fun anymore.



Episode 44 (Season 2) - Tracey Gets Bugged

Ash and Tracey are thrilled when they reach Murcott Island, an island famous for having tons of bug-type Pokemon. Misty must try and overcome her fear of bugs when the trio finds an injured Scyther in need of treatment. Meanwhile, Team Rocket gets into their own battle with a swarm of Scyther, and they come out of it with a whole new look!



Episode 45 (Season 2) - A Way Off Day Off

Ash and the gang discover a new island that is loaded with different types of fruit trees, and since the food there is free they decide to take a day off and give their Pokemon a little vacation. Unfortunately, Team Rocket doesn't take a day off from trying to steal Pikachu… will they catch our heroes off guard.



Episode 46 (Season 2) - The Mandarin Island Miss Match

Ash, Misty and Tracey are on Mandarin Island where Ash has just won three battles in a row. But, he finally meets his match when they run into, Prima, one of the very best trainers on the Orange Islands. Misty is thrilled to meet her hero because she also trains water-type Pokemon, but, it's Ash who learns a very valuable lesson from this trainer who also sets him on course for a chance at another Orange League badge!



Episode 47 (Season 2) - Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon?

Our heroes are on their way to Trovita Island when they come across two Pokemon trainers who seemingly hate each other, even though their two Pokemon are in love. He has a male Nidoran and she has a female Nidoran and all that the two Pokemon want is to be together. It takes Misty, the true romantic, to see that perhaps it's the two trainers that are in love as well!



Episode 48 (Season 2) - Git Along, Little Pokemon

Ash, Misty and Tracey are bound for the next Orange League gym on Trovita when they find themselves trekking across rugged landscape, miles from anywhere. Tired, hungry and wet from a downpour, the gang spots a swarm of circling Magnemite gathering electricity from the lightening. Ash later finds out about a power outage in the next town and tries to corral the Magnemite, make his way to the black out and save the day!



Episode 49 (Season 2) - The Mystery Menace

Ash and the group have finally made their way to the city of Trovitopolis, which should lead them right to Trovita Island and the next Orange League gym! Everything seems normal until the earth cracks right beneath their feet and they find themselves in the sewer underground, and not alone. There seems to be some sort of a monster living there that has been terrorizing the town. Will Ash, Misty and Tracey be able to find it, before it finds them?



Episode 50 (Season 2) - Misty Meets Her Match

Floating their way to Trovita Island on Lapras, they spot a girl drowning by a whirlpool. Misty saves the girl with Staryu, while the girl's older brother watches most impressed with Misty. When they arrive on the island he greets Misty and has a quick dance with her. His name is Rudy, and he is the Trovita Gym leader. Rudy invites Misty to dinner and his little sister who Misty saved asks too. They are off at dinner and Rudy invites Misty to come check out the Pokemon in his gym.



Episode 51 (Season 2) - Bound for Trouble

After leaving Trovita Island, Ash and his friends stop off at a place that has a reputation for super-sized Pokemon. After falling for a Team Rocket trick that lands them in a giant hole in the ground, Pikachu gets stolen once again. This time Team Rocket locks Pikachu and Meowth together just before a giant Pidgeot swoops down and grabs them. Can the two survive in a land of giant Pokemon, being stuck together and without a key?



Episode 52 (Season 2) - Charizard Chills

Ash, Tracey and Misty are sailing along on Lapras when they almost crash into another Pokemon trainer wanting to battle Ash. This trainer heard about Ash from the Trovita Island gym leader and wants to put his Pokemon up against Ash's. When the new trainer uses a super-powerful Poliwrath on Charizard, it's more than anyone expects. Charizard finally decides to obey and respect Ash as not only his trainer but also his friend, and the two become closer than ever!



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