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Season 7 - Pokemon: Advanced Challenge





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Episode 1 (Season 7) - What You Seed is What You Get

Ash and friends are leaving Mauville City, but Ash wants to go to the Pokemon Gym in Lavaridge Town while May wants to compete in a Pokemon Contest at Fallarbor Town.  Max discovers the two towns are close to each other, so they decide on Fallarbor Town first.

Team Rocket stumbles into a huge watermelon patch but an Electrode disguised as a giant watermelon sends them blasting away. Some watermelons float downriver to be eaten by Ash and the gang. A Grovyle and Slugma attack them, and a girl named Natasha accuses them of being thieves.  Her Electrode reveals the truth, so she invites them on a tour of her watermelon patch.  After Natasha claims she’s never lost a double battle, Ash challenges her.

Ash sends out his Treecko and Corphish to challenge Natasha’s Pokemon, but they are quickly overmatched.  Corphish and Slugma KO each other, leaving Treecko and Grovyle to duke it out.  The battle is interrupted by Team Rocket returning to steal more watermelons. 

Grovyle uses its Bullet Seed, but is gagged by an attack from Team Rocket's robot.  Treecko uses Bullet Seed and manages to knock the melons down, and Pikachu zaps the robot, sending Team Rocket blasting off again.

Natasha and Ash resume the match, but Treecko is defeated by the power of Grovyle’s Bullet Seed attack.  The kids settle down to enjoy some juicy watermelon, and Ash and Pikachu try to encourage Treecko by spitting seeds at it.  Treecko retaliates by using the real Bullet Seed move on them.



Episode 2 (Season 7) - Let Bagons Be Bagons

Ash and friends are headed to Fallarbor Town when they are nearly hit by a Bagon jumping off a cliff.  Ash sends out Taillow to attack the Bagon, but a girl named Michelle leaps out to accuse them of launching a sneak attack.  After learning Bagon was at fault, Michelle apologizes and explains that her Bagon is trying to learn how to fly.

Ash challenges Michelle to a battle so Bagon can get more experience so it will evolve into Shelgon and then Salamence (which can fly).  With Michelle using her special computerized glasses to guide Bagon, Pikachu takes a real beating from Bagon’s Skull Bash attack.

The battle is interrupted by the arrival of Team Rocket in a helicopter.  Meowth swoops down wearing a jetpack and grabs Bagon.  Treecko hits the helicopter with Bullet Seed, causing Team Rocket to drop the remote control for the jetpack.  Ash and the others run to find Bagon.  Ash tells Michelle that she needs to encourage Bagon more so it can evolve. 

Team Rocket meets up with Meowth and Bagon, discovering that Bagon is thrilled because it got to fly (using the jetpack).  Ash and the others catch up, and Pikachu hits Team Rocket hard with Quick Attack.  But Team Rocket captures Pikachu, flying off in their helicopter.

Bagon and Treecko use the jetpack to follow Team Rocket and attack the helicopter, freeing Pikachu.  Pikachu zaps the helicopter, sending Team Rocket blasting off again.  Bagon, Treecko, and Pikachu ride through the sky on the jetpack, and when they land, Bagon evolves into Shelgon!



Episode 3 (Season 7) - The Princess and the Togepi

Ash and friends welcome an old friend – Misty!  She’s received an invitation to a Togepi Festival, and is soon greeted by Team Rocket disguised as the operating committee for the festival.  They escort Misty and Togepi inside a large building, which turns out to be a concealed zeppelin.  Ash and friends climb aboard before takeoff, and the aircraft makes its way to the Mirage Kingdom.

Misty leaves the zeppelin and is met by Colonel Hansen, who demands that she turn over Togepi.  Ash and Brock step forward to protect her, sending out Mudkip and Pikachu.  Misty, May, and Max flee while Pikachu and Mudkip battle Colonel Hansen’s two Ninjask.

Colonel Hansen’s Shedinja catches up with Misty, who sends out her Corsola.  During the battle, Togepi is blasted away and found unconscious in a stream by the princess of the Mirage Kingdom.  A servant tells the king that the princess has finally found a Togepi, and they all gather in the princess’ quarters to look at it.

Misty arrives and demands the return of her Togepi.  The princess and the servant explain that Togepi are worshipped in the Mirage Kingdom, and in order to become ruler, the princess must have one in her possession for the coronation ceremony.  Colonel Hansen wants the throne for himself, which is why he tried to steal Misty’s Togepi.  The princess decides to send Misty and friends home with Togepi.

As the gang are about to board the zeppelin, a mirror image of the temple appears in the sky.  Togepi begins to glow and float toward it.  Colonel Hansen arrives with Team Rocket, and his Shedinja attacks the group using Solar Beam, which Pikachu attempts to block with Thundershock.



Episode 4 (Season 7) - A Togepi Mirage

Shedinja attacks Misty and friends, but they are protected by Togepi using Safeguard.  Everyone is then transported into the Togepi Paradise, located inside the mirage floating above the temple.  There they find a group of sick Togepi.  It is explained that Togepi are only well based on the emotions of those around them, and the evil plotting of Colonel Hansen is making them sick.

Colonel Hansen tries to break into the Togepi Paradise, and Misty’s Togepi travels back to try and stop him.  Instead Togepi is knocked out by Hansen’s Shedinja and Ninjask.  Misty and everyone else are transported back to the Mirage Kingdom.

Back at the palace Hansen claims the throne, and has the king imprisoned.  He kicks Team Rocket out.  A ceremony begins in which Hansen is declared king.  Outside, Team Rocket disguise themselves as fortune tellers to tell Brock where the king is being held.

Ash, May, Misty, and Princess Sara confront Hansen at the palace, but Torchic and Pikachu are no match for Ninjask and Shedinja.  The other Togepi suddenly emerge from the Togepi Paradise and and channel their energy into Misty’s Togepi, using Safeguard to protect everyone.  Misty’s Togepi evolves into a Togetic.

Misty throws out her Gyarados and uses Flamethrower to roast all of Colonel Hansen’s Pokemon.  The king arrives and has Hansen arrested.  Togetic decides to stay and protect the Togepi Paradise.  All of the Togepi leave, except for one who jumps into Sara’s arms.  With that Togepi, the princess can now claim the Mirage Kingdom throne.

Everyone bids Misty goodbye as she heads back to Cerulean City aboard a zeppelin.



Episode 5 (Season 7) - Candid Camerupt

Ash and his friends are walking through the desert when they pass out because of the heat.  They are rescued by the Winstrate Family, who in return for the hospitality offered, want to have a Pokemon battle between the four Winstrates and all four of the kids.

Team Rocket also faints in the desert, where they are discovered by Vito Winstrate.  He left home a while ago to battle in the Pokemon League, but he’d rather just raise Pokemon.  His family is very proud of him going off to the League, and he’s afraid of them finding out the truth.  James offers to help him talk to his family.

The battle begins back at the Winstrate residence.  Brock uses his Mudkip against Victor Winstrate’s Zigzagoon, but is knocked out by a surprise Thunderbolt attack.  May takes out Victoria’s Roselia with her Beautifly.  Max doesn’t have any Pokemon yet, so he borrows Ash’s Corphish and easily knocks down Vivi’s Marill, breaking the little girl’s heart.

Ash takes on Grandma with Pikachu.  The battle is close until her Camerupt uses Eruption and begins to chase Pikachu everywhere.  Camerupt gets confused and charges the Winstrate’s house instead.

Vito and Team Rocket are watching the whole thing, so Vito secretly has his Alakazam start a rainstorm to calm Camerupt down.  Team Rocket tries to steal Pikachu but Vito uses his Pokemon to stop them.   Grandma Winstrate realizes that Vito is helping them and never went to the Pokemon League.  She announces that it’s okay for Vito to choose his own path.  Vito leaves the Winstrate farm, to become the best he can be at raising Pokemon.



Episode 6 (Season 7) - Love at First Flight

Ash and friends are still on their way to Fallarbor Town and stop by Lake May for a rest, where they spot an Illumise and some Volbeat practicing for the May Festival.  The Volbeat Trainer, Romeo, is a big klutz, and he causes an accident that sends all of the Pokemon crashing into the water.  Ash and Brock send out their Water-type Pokemon to save them.

It turns out that Romeo is in love with the Illumise Trainer, Juliet, and he gets nervous around her.  May decides to help him practice confessing how he feels by having Ash dress up as Juliet.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has Meowth pose as a Volbeat, luring Illumise into a trap.  Juliet goes searching for her Pokemon and instead comes across Romeo rehearsing with the kids.  Romeo sends all of his Volbeat to track down Juliet’s Illumise.

Team Rocket uses Sweet Scent to lure all of the Pokemon into a powerful vacuum, capturing Ash and Pikachu in the process.  Pikachu shocks the vacuum to shut it down, and the one free Volbeat uses Quick Attack to destroy it, freeing everyone.  The combined Volbeat use Signal Beam to send Team Rocket blasting off again.

Romeo confesses how he feels to Juliet, and they decide to marry.  At the May Festival, the Volbeat and Illumise put on a spectacular performance.



Episode 7 (Season 7) - I Feel Skitty!

May is practicing for her next Pokemon Contest, when Torchic finds a Skitty in the bushes.  May wants to catch it, but it’s too sick to battle.  Brock leads the group to the Greenhouse, where Skitty can be healed using Aromatherapy.

Eliza the therapist shows the kids her fragrance collection and uses a special mixture to make Skitty better while it sleeps.  Meanwhile, Team Rocket flies overhead in a balloon and decides to steal some fragrance for their Pokemon.

Skitty wakes up feeling much better, and May battles it using Torchic.  Her attempt to catch Skitty is interrupted by Team Rocket bursting in.  Jessie’s Seviper uses Haze, causing a lot of confusion.  Meowth completely falls for Skitty.

Team Rocket flees, but Ash’s Taillow wrecks their balloon.  They manage to get away with one bag, finding Skitty inside.  Jessie claims it as her own, much to Meowth’s dismay.  He helps Skitty run away.

May and friends locate Team Rocket, and Jessie and May get into a fight over who gets to catch Skitty.  May’s Beautifly knocks out Jessie’s Dustox.  Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to send Team Rocket blasting away.

May takes out her Poke Ball to catch Skitty, but Skitty knocks it out of her hand and jumps into it.  As they’re walking away, Skitty jumps out of the Poke Ball.



Episode 8 (Season 7) - Zig Zag Zangoose

Ash and friends are traveling when a Zangoose runs up in front of them.  It is followed by its Trainer, their old friend Nicolai.  Ash challenges Nicolai to a Pokemon battle.

The battle is being watched by Team Rocket.  Jessie sends out her Seviper (to steal Pikachu), but Zangoose senses it and the two Pokemon start to fight.  They fall into the river, and Ash sends Corphish to drive Seviper off so they can rescue Zangoose.

While the injured Zangoose is recovering back at their camp, Ash shows Nicolai how to battle Seviper.  Team Rocket returns and the battle between Zangoose and Seviper continues.  James and Meowth steal Pikachu while Jessie is helping her Seviper.

The friends go to get Pikachu back, but James’ Cacnea accidentally sends Pikachu flying.  Wobbuffet grabs Pikachu and runs off, trailed by everyone.

Nicolai notices that they can’t catch Wobbuffet because it’s running in a zig-zag pattern, so he instructs his Zangoose to do the same to avoid Seviper’s attacks.  Zangoose then uses Crush Claw to win the battle, while Pikachu uses Thunder to send Team Rocket blasting off again.

Nicolai congratulates Zangoose, and Ash and Nicolai continue their battle.



Episode 9 (Season 7) - Maxxed Out!

Ash and friends stop at a Pokemon Center where May’s Skitty pops out of its Poke Ball and causes trouble.  A kid that looks a lot like comes up to yell at them – and his name is also Max!  The two Maxes get into a fight.

May and Max run into the other Max outside, saying hello to his Surskit.  To avoid a fight, Brock suggests that everyone take out their Pokemon.  Team Rocket arrives on the scene, but Skitty grabs Jessie’s hair.  Surskit escapes while Jessie goes berserk in another one of Team Rocket’s giant contraptions, sending everyone blasting off.

While the kids are looking for Surskit, the other Max admits that he’s jealous because he doesn’t get to travel with his Pokemon.  They find Surskit in a spring, but are attacked by Team Rocket again.  The Maxes team up, and Surskit uses Water Pulse to break a rock dam, washing Team Rocket away. 

Jessie emerges from the water to grab Surskit, but is hit hard by Skitty.  Then a double-attack from Surskit and Pikachu sends the crooks blasting off for good.

The other Max decides to go traveling with his Surskit, and both Maxes shake hands, now good friends.



Episode 10 (Season 7) - Pros and Con Artists

May and friends finally arrive in Fallarbor Town, ready for the next Pokemon Contest.  There are already a lot of coordinators there, including one named Grace with a Medicham.  Grace already has 3 ribbons, and shows off her Medicham’s special combo.

May tries practicing combos with her Beautifly, but gets confused.  Drew shows up and taunts her.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is running a scam to sell fake PokeBlocks.

When Ash tells Drew he’s not competing, Drew challenges him to a battle that Drew wins.  Drew implies that it takes teamwork between a Trainer and Pokemon to succeed, which May doesn’t have.  With her confidence shattered, May is easily duped by Team Rocket’s scam.

Before May can purchase a fake PokeBlock, Grace steps in and exposes the ruse.  Team Rocket leaves in their balloon, stealing all of the Pokemon they can on the way out.  Medicham frees all of the Pokemon, and then May and Grace team up to fight off Team Rocket.

May gets her confidence back and enters the contest, standing on stage next to a confident Drew.  Her second Pokemon Contest is about to begin.



Episode 11 (Season 7) - Come What May!

May is competing in her second Pokemon Contest and manages to make it to the next round along with Drew, Grace, and a disguised Jessie.  Jessie has attached a device to her Dustox that produces beautiful rainbows when it performs an attack, making the attack even more beautiful.

May battles against Jessie, with Beautifly delivering enough of a beating to break the rainbow device and defeat Dustox.  Caught cheating, Jessie is disqualified.  Team Rocket tries to make trouble, but Pikachu sends them blasting off.

In the next battle, Grace takes on Drew and beats his Roselia in a decisive victory with her Medicham.

Grace moves on to the finals to battle May.  Medicham takes a commanding lead until May tries a combo involving Tackle and Silver Wind, pinning Medicham down.  May takes the lead with one minute to go.  The two Pokemon meet in a head-on collision, and though both Pokemon go down, May has more points and is declared the winner.

Drew congratulates May, and then the kids are off to Lavaridge Town for Ash’s next Gym Battle.



Episode 12 (Season 7) - Cheer Pressure

Ash meets an old friend: Batcher from Mt. Lighthouse!  He’s a member of a pep squad school that cheers at Pokemon battles, led by a man named Sheridan.

A disguised Team Rocket offers Sheridan money to cheer for their Pokemon battles.  To test the effectiveness of the cheering, Brock and Ash offer to battle against Team Rocket.

Brock’s Forretress knocks out James’ Cacnea, who is secretly revived using Helping Hand.  Sheridan wears a mask containing a small microphone that he uses to give directions to Pokemon hidden inside the pep squad’s giant drums.

After Cacnea wins, it’s Ash and Pikachu versus Jessie and Seviper.  Jessie doesn't pay attention to the battle, and Seviper is quickly taken down.  Sheridan issues commands to revive Seviper repeatedly.

Max sneaks nearby and knocks the drums over, revealing the Pokemon concealed inside.  Sheridan runs off, and Ash manages to encourage Pikachu to victory.

Team Rocket then reveal themselves, but Pikachu is too weak to fight them off.  Plusle and Minun revive Pikachu, whose Thunder attack starts a thunderstorm.  A bolt of lightning hits Team Rocket’s balloon, sending them blasting off.

The members of the pep squad decide to go home, Batcher continues his Pokemon journey, while Ash and friends continue to Lavaridge Town.



Episode 13 (Season 7) - Game Winning Assist

Ash and friends are fleeing a group of rampaging Slugma along the Fiery Path, when they escape down a hill and end up on a Numel ranch.  They are greeted by the owner Julie and her Furret.

Brock and Max offer to help with the chores on the ranch while Julie and May have a Pokemon battle.  May looks up attacks in her Pokedex, and orders Skitty to use the move Assist against Julie’s Furret.  To May’s surprise, Skitty uses Ember, then Silver Wind.  Julie defeats May in the battle, and explains that the move Assist allows a Pokemon to use any of the moves known by their Trainer’s other Pokemon.

That night, while everyone is sleeping, Team Rocket shows up in a robotic Numel to steal the sleeping Numel.  The kids wake up, and try to stop them.  May and Skitty are captured by the robot.

Inside the robot, Skitty wakes up the still-sleeping Numel and they try to escape.  Team Rocket activates internal sprinklers to prevent the Numel from using their Ember attacks.  Skitty uses Assist to recharge, and the Numel burn through the robot’s shell to break free.

Team Rocket tries to battle May and her friends, but they are quickly zapped by Pikachu.  The next morning, Julie gives the kids directions to Lavaridge Town and they depart.



Episode 14 (Season 7) - Fight for the Meteorite

The gang rushes to the cable car headed up Mt. Chimney, boarding it just in time along with a disguised Team Rocket.  As the car travels upward, they spy both a red helicopter and a gray helicopter.

Professor Cosmo is on the mountain, searching for a recently-fallen meteorite.  Team Magma and Team Aqua arrive, both after the meteorite.  Team Aqua hijacks the cable car system and causes the cars to stop.  Team Rocket reveals their identity, but the kids are too busy trying to escape the cable car to care.  Ash manages to get out to the mountain.

Teams Magma and Aqua fight, with Team Magma’s Dark-type Pokemon overpowering Team Aqua’s Water-type roster.  Back in the cable car, the kids enjoy lunch with Team Rocket.

Ash meets Professor Cosmo, but Team Magma gets the meteorite.  They place the meteorite inside a machine designed to activate the volcano.  Professor Cosmo distracts Team Magma while Ash tries to steal the meteorite back.  Pikachu ends up shocking both Team Magma and the machine, causing an overload.  Professor Cosmo pushes the machine into the lava, destroying it (and the meteorite).

Team Magma departs with the knowledge that their machine worked.  Team Aqua leaves, pleased that Team Magma did not succeed.  Team Rocket falls down Mt. Chimney.  Ash and his friends get directions from Professor Cosmo and head for Lavaridge Town.



Episode 15 (Season 7) - Poetry Commotion!

Ash and friends arrive in Lavaridge Town.  Ash heads straight for the Gym, where the Gym Leader Flannery is running around on fire.  Brock uses Mudkip to douse the flames, and everyone goes inside for the Gym battle.  The battlefield is a mess, so they need to clean up first.

They find out Flannery just inherited the Gym Leader position from her grandfather, who left town to write Pokemon poetry.  None of the kids know that he’s actually spying on them because he’s worried about Flannery.  He comes back in disguise and offers to help Flannery out.

Team Rocket also shows up in disguise to help clean the field, but instead they steal Flannery’s Torkoal.  They try to fly away in their balloon, but are stopped by the grandfather, who teams up with Flannery for a Pokemon battle with Jessie and James.  May and Max free Torkoal.

During the battle, Flannery’s Slugma evolves into Magcargo.  Flannery realizes her grandfather is there, and together they defeat Team Rocket.  Everyone gets ready for the Gym battle the next day.



Episode 16 (Season 7) - Going, Going, Yawn

Ash uses Corphish in his Gym battle with Flannery.  Flannery chooses Magcargo first, which is defeated by Corphish’s Crabhammer.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is digging a tunnel to steal Magcargo and Pikachu during the battle, but they accidentally hit a pipe and are sent blasting off into a hot spring.

Ash recalls Corphish and sends out Treecko, hitting Slugma hard but getting burned by Flamethrower.  Ash sends out Corphish again, but Slugma uses Yawn to put Corphish to sleep.  Pikachu goes out to battle next.

Pikachu knocks out Slugma with a powerful Thunder attack, but Flannery calls out Torkoal.  Pikachu can’t get through Torkoal’s Iron Defense, and is KO’d by Overheat.

Treecko is sent out again, but is quickly knocked out by Overheat.  Ash sends out the sleeping Corphish, who takes some damage before finally waking up.  To get through the Iron Defense, Corphish hits Torkoal with Crabhammer from the side, flipping the Fire-type over and then knocking it out with Bubblebeam.

After the battle, Flannery receives some advice and praise from her grandfather, and presents Ash with his Heat Badge.



Episode 17 (Season 7) - Going for a Spinda

Ash decides to head to Petalburg City for his next Gym battle.  On the road, the gang runs into a group of Spinda.  A pretty girl named Claire approaches, and Brock’s reaction to her scares all the Spinda away.  She is looking for her lucky Spinda, which has a heart-shaped mark on its face.  Ash and friends offer to help her.

Team Rocket tries to steal the Spinda using a vacuum, but the lucky Spinda fights back using Hypnosis and all of the Spinda escape.  They also try disguising a Teddiursa (and later Meowth) as a Spinda to lure the real Spinda in, but fail.

The kids track the lucky Spinda down to a flower garden, where they are met by the Spinda’s owner – Claire’s fiancee, Kain.  Brock’s heart is broken.

Team Rocket shows up in a giant Spinda robot capable of repelling all the attacks of the Spinda.  Brock sends out all of his Pokemon, and his Forretress destroys the robot using Explosion.

Ash and friends wish Claire and Cain the best, and depart for Petalburg.



Episode 18 (Season 7) - All Torkoal, No Play

Ash and friends are walking through the Valley of Steel on their way to Petalburg Gym when they encounter a Torkoal being attacked by a Skarmory and several Magnemite.  May’s Skitty and Torchic drive the Steel-type Pokemon away.

The Pokemon of the Valley of Steel turn out to be very territorial, and both Torkoal and the kids have put themselves in danger by trying to cross the valley.  Regardless, they decide to press on.

Team Rocket is in pursuit, though at first the trio is attacked by Skarmory and later Steelix.  They are sent blasting off and nearly hit Ash and his friends on the way down, falling into a chasm instead.  May tumbles off the edge, and Ash and Torkoal work together to save her.  They are attacked by a Magneton, which Torkoal sends flying using Flamethrower.

Magneton is found by the Steelix, who then goes looking for Torkoal and the kids.  When they meet, it turns out that Torkoal came to the valley looking for a fight with this powerful Pokemon.  The two begin to fight, with Ash directing Torkoal. Steelix has the advantage until Torkoal uses Overheat, knocking the giant Steel-type out.

Torkoal joins Ash’s roster of Pokemon, and the gang leaves the Valley of Steel.



Episode 19 (Season 7) - Manectric Charge

Ash and friends return to Mauville City, where they encounter a carnival run by Team Rocket.  They let all their Pokemon out to enjoy the festivities, and Team Rocket tries to steal them.  Wattson and Watt arrive to help fight off the thieves, and after the battle Wattson’s Electrike evolves into a Manectric.

Everyone heads to the Mauville Gym for two practice battles.  First up, May’s Skitty faces off against Watt’s Ampharos. Skitty is victorious with Assist, using Quick Attack and Double Slap in quick succession.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket falls into Wattson’s new improved Gym traps, eventually encountering a group of robotic Raikou that they mistake for the real thing.

The second battle is Ash’s Torkoal versus Wattson’s Manectric.  Torkoal uses Overheat too many times, and Manectric takes out the Fire-type with a Charge/Thunder Wave combo.

Watt tells May about a Pokemon Contest taking place in Verdanturf Town, so the kids make that their next destination.



Episode 20 (Season 7) - Delcatty Got Your Tongue

The kids are on their way to Verdanturf Town when they are waylaid by another Team Rocket scheme.  May and friends successfully fight them off, but during the battle Skitty is blasted by Torkoal’s smoke, losing its voice.

May brings Skitty to the nearby Pokemon clinic in Foothill Town.  They meet Dr. Abby, who uses massage to help Skitty get its voice back.

Abby was once a Pokemon Coordinator, even winning the Grand Festival.  But she retired after her pride got her into a Pokemon battle where her Skitty was seriously injured.  A doctor from a Pokemon clinic helped Abby and taught her how to treat Pokemon.  After receiving a Moon Stone to evolve her Skitty into Delcatty, she decided to become a full-time doctor.

Team Rocket arrives in disguise asking Dr. Abby to treat Meowth.  While being massaged by Abby, Meowth talks out loud, revealing his identity.  Team Rocket steals May’s Skitty and Abby’s Delcatty.

Team Rocket attempts to escape in their balloon, but Delcatty escapes and destroys the balloon.  Delcatty shows off some impressive moves, teaching Skitty the move Blizzard in the process.  The two cat-like Pokemon team up to take out Team Rocket.



Episode 21 (Season 7) - Disaster of Disguise

Drew loses a Pokemon battle to the mysterious “Phantom”, a masked Pokemon Trainer using a Dusclops.  Because of the injuries sustained by his Roselia, Drew has to drop out of the Pokemon Contest in Verdanturf Town.

May is there to compete with her Skitty, and while practicing she is challenged to a battle with Phantom that Ash accepts instead.  The battle is interrupted by the arrival of a woman in a limo who chases the Phantom into the woods. 

The woman reveals she is looking for her son Timmy, who has been missing a lot lately, usually when the Phantom is around.  The kids follow her to a mansion where they meet the entire family.  Timmy’s father reveals that Tommy is the Phantom, disguising himself only because his mother hates Pokemon.

Brock dresses up as the Phantom to fool the mother, but Team Rocket shows up to unmask the Phantom for a huge reward.  Skitty’s Blizzard attack frees Brock but also unmasks him by accident.  Brock quickly runs off, and it appears that the mother did not see his face.  Timmy decides to compete in the Pokemon Contest.



Episode 22 (Season 7) - Disguise Da Limit

Timmy (aka Phantom) arrives late to register for the Pokemon Contest, because his mother gave him lots of homework to do.  His father let him go, and confronts the mother when she comes to check on Timmy.

Jessie is competing under an alias in the Contest, and her Dustox takes the lead in the first round.  May’s Skitty fails to do a Blizzard attack, losing points and putting May behind.  May still progresses to the second round. 

In the second round May quickly dispatches her opponent, while Phantom beats Jessie in a tough battle.  Jessie’s disguise is blown off, and after losing she decides to try to steal Phantom’s Dusclops instead.  Pikachu sends them flying with Thunderbolt, also ripping off Timmy’s mask.

Meanwhile, Timmy’s father talks to his wife and brings up the fact that she only hates Pokemon because her parents took her beloved Poochyena away from her when she was a child.  She relents and decides to cheer Timmy on at the Contest.

May and Timmy face off in the final round, and Skitty isn’t doing so well until May instructs it to use Assist.  Skitty quickly catches up and beats Dusclops.  Timmy’s mother encourages him to continue competing.



Episode 23 (Season 7) - Take the Lombre Home

Ash and friends are headed to Petalburg City so he can earn his fifth Gym badge.  They fall into yet another Team Rocket scheme to steal Pikachu but are saved by a wild Solrock.

The kids arrive at a nearby village where the stream has completely dried up.  They send out their Water-type Pokemon to search for water, and Brock’s Lotad falls into the empty well.  When he pulls it back up, the Pokemon evolves into Lombre.  An old woman runs out and calls it their “Water Lord”.

Her granddaughter Mary explains that they receive their water from a stream flowing out of a Lombre shrine, which dried up shortly after a meteorite fell to earth.  Solrock has been spotted in the woods since then, so they blame it for the drought.

The villagers perform a rain dance with Lombre, and many wild Pokemon join in.  Ash and friends use Lombre’s dance to draw Solrock out, but May’s Skitty runs off toward a cave.  When May and Mary explore the cave, they discover a machine built by Team Rocket siphoning water from the stream.

A battle begins, and Solrock ends up using Ember to protect the villagers from Team Rocket’s attacks.  Pikachu sends the villains blasting off again, while Solrock continues to burn.  Brock’s Lombre and Mudkip cool down Solrock with their Water Gun attacks, and the steam creates a rainstorm.

The villagers decide to worship Solrock instead, while Ash and friends depart for Petalburg.



Episode 24 (Season 7) - True Blue Swablu

A tree inhabited by Swablu and Altaria is struck by lightning during a thunderstorm, and one of the Swablu fails to fly away before the tree crashes.

The next morning, May and friends are walking through the woods when they find the wounded Swablu.  Swablu puts the kids to sleep with Sing, but Torchic wakes them up by pecking their noses.  Their shouts alert a park ranger, who brings everyone to a rest station.

May wants to stay there until Swablu gets better, so Brock helps her with caring for the little Flying-type.  Eventually its wing heals, but it still can’t fly.  The ranger explains that the accident with the tree was very traumatic, so the kids try to re-teach Swablu to fly.  Eventually Max comes up with a successful idea to trick Swablu into flying using “magic powder” spread by Beautifly.

The ranger locates the Swablu’s flock at a lake and drives the kids there, but they are stopped by Team Rocket.  The trio steals Swablu and escape in their balloon.  Swablu uses Sing, but James’ Cacnea uses Pin Missile while asleep, damaging the balloon.

The balloon becomes engulfed in flames, but Swablu manages to overcome its fear of flying to escape.  Brock’s Mudkip and Lombre put out the fire, and Team Rocket is sent blasting off.

The gang finally arrives at the lake, but the flock appears to be gone.  May offers Swablu a place with her, but the flock suddenly reappears, and instead she lets Swablu rejoin its fellow Pokemon.



Episode 25 (Season 7) - Gulpin It Down

Ash and friends are in a town close to Petalburg City, when their picnic is gobbled up by a passing Gulpin.  They overhear an emergency announcement instructing everyone to evacuate.

The kids and a local shopkeeper are accosted by a large group of Gulpin.  Officer Jenny saves them, bringing the friends back to the Pokemon Center.  They meet Nurse Joy and Professor Jacuzzi, who are working to stop the Gulpin from eating all of the town’s food supplies.

The professor’s first plan involves a giant PokeBlock to lead the Gulpin away.  Team Rocket tries to steal the PokeBlock, but their balloon is shot down by the Gulpin.  The Gulpin follow the PokeBlock out of town.

The Gulpin try to return through the sewer, but Jenny and Joy block the way. The Gulpin emerge onto the street.  Professor Jacuzzi arrives with a device that beams them up and shoots them away, but it breaks down with one Gulpin left to go.  Ash sends Treecko out to battle and the machine restarts, grabbing both Pokemon.  It explodes, and the two of them become oversized.

To avoid destroying the town, Treecko leads Gulpin to a lake, but is too tired to battle (shrinking back to normal).  May suggests capturing Gulpin in a Poke Ball.  Nurse Joy gives the professor a Heavy Ball, and he captures the Gulpin, vowing to restore it to its normal size.



Episode 26 (Season 7) - Exploud and Clear

Ash and friends are eating lunch in the woods when they notice that Treecko has wandered off.  After failing to convince the Grass-type to come down from a tree, lunch is disrupted by a rampaging Loudred.  Its Trainer, Guy finally catches up with his Pokemon and makes it stop.


Ash and Guy decide that both troublesome Pokemon need exercise, so they battle.  While battling, both Pokemon evolve at the same time, into Exploud and Grovyle.  The battle continues, but Exploud won't listen to Guy.  It hits Grovyle hard and runs off.


Grovyle catches up with Exploud at a waterfall, and the two begin to battle again.  Exploud still won't listen to Guy.  Team Rocket interrupts, trying to capture Exploud, but Guy protects his Pokemon. Pikachu and Exploud send Team Rocket blasting off.


Guy and Exploud reconcile, and Ash and Guy decide to finish the battle.


Episode 27 (Season 7) - Go Go Ludicolo

Ash and friends are almost to Petalburg City.  Ash can't wait to battle Gym Leader Norman, while May and Max look forward to seeing their parents again.  They remind Ash that he needs to pick 3 Pokemon to battle with, so Ash calls all of his out to decide.


After trying to get oranges out of a tree, the Pokemon are captured by Team Rocket in a net.  Grovyle cuts the net and frees the Pokemon, and everyone congratulates the Grass-type.  The gang sits down for lunch, but are interrupted by a dancing Ludicolo and its Trainer Poncho.  Poncho challenges Ash to a battle; if Poncho wins, he gets the kids' lunch.


Ash is ready to use Grovyle but Corphish wants to battle.  Ash and Corphish aren't really in synch, so Corphish is badly beaten.  Poncho takes the sandwiches and leaves to eat, but is followed by the angry Corphish.


Team Rocket shows up again and grabs Poncho and Ludicolo in a net, but Corphish pops their balloon.  Ash and friends arrive, and with Ash's teamwork, Corphish successfully takes out Team Rocket.  Poncho apologizes for taking the sandwiches, and Brock makes stew for everyone.


Ash proposes a rematch with Poncho and Ludicolo, this time using his Torkoal.


Episode 28 (Season 7) - The Double Dilemma

The friends arrive in North Petalburg and stop by the Pokemon Center, where May and Max are quickly recognized as the children of Norman.  The siblings are swamped by an adoring crowd.  Ash and Brock manage to escape and wander off.


Team Rocket arrives in town and they decide to disguise themselves as Norman's family (Norman, Caroline, May, and Max) to conduct an autograph-selling scam.


When Ash mentions that he's planning to take on Norman in the Petalburg Gym, a whole crowd of Norman-devotees challenge Ash to battles.  Ash easily beats them all, exhausting his Pokemon (and himself).  Word gets around about how good he is, so the crowd with the siblings pressures May to battle Ash in order to teach him a lesson.  Her Torchic uses Ember on Ash, and he falls over.


The still-disguised Team Rocket disappears, causing another crowd of people to search them out.  The two crowds meet, and begin to argue over which version of May and Max is the real thing.  May uses Ember to burn away Team Rocket's costumes, and Pikachu sends their balloon blasting away with Thunderbolt.


The crowd is impressed with the defeat of Team Rocket - by Pikachu.  Though Ash is dejected, the kids set off for Petalburg City.


Episode 29 (Season 7) - Love, Petalburg Style!

Ash and friends finally arrive in Petalburg City.  Ash heads to the Pokemon Center (PC) to take care of his team while everyone else visits May and Max's house.  At the PC, Ash sees Norman talking to Nurse Joy.


At the house, Norman's wife Caroline makes everyone lunch, and she seems very upset.  The kids check out the greenhouse where Norman keeps his Pokemon, and his assistant Kenny explains that Norman has been going to the PC everyday to see Nurse Joy.  The kids rush to the PC to yell at their father, just as Ash arrives at the house.  Caroline shows up at the PC with her luggage and tells Norman she's leaving.


Back at the greenhouse, Ash checks out Norman's Pokemon and gets into a battle with Team Rocket.  Everyone returns to the house in the middle of the battle, and something in the greenhouse is damaged that makes Norman very upset.  He has his Slaking use Focus Punch on Team Rocket to send them blasting off.


It turns out that Nurse Joy was actually helping Norman prepare a fireworks display for his wedding anniversary, but it was ruined during the battle.  Nurse Joys repairs the display, and that night they all watch the fireworks together.


Episode 30 (Season 7) - Balance of Power

Ash challenges Gym Leader Norman for a badge.  While they battle, Team Rocket is busy digging a tunnel under the Gym.


Norman's Slakoth begins with Hidden Power, and Pikachu can't hit it.  Pikachu is then immobilized by Slakoth's Blizzard, so Ash switches the Electric-type out for Torkoal.  Torkoal takes out Slakoth with Flamethrower.


In turn, Torkoal is taken down by a Scratch attack from Vigoroth.  Ash sends Pikachu back out, and when the two Pokemon make physical contact, Vigoroth is paralyzed by Pikachu's Static ability.  Pikachu uses Iron Tail to knock out Vigoroth, but also faints.


In the end Ash's Grovyle faces off against Norman's Slaking.  Slaking manages to counter all of Grovyle's attacks, and then uses Earthquake.  The shaking disrupts Team Rocket's plans, and puts them up against some angry Dugtrio.


Low on HP, Grovyle's Overgrow ability increases its Attack power, and the Grass-type knocks Slaking out with a combination of Pound and Leaf Blade.  All his Pokemon defeated, Norman awards the Balance Badge to Ash.


However, Max is upset at his father's loss, so he runs off with the badge.  Norman talks things over with Max, explaining that the experience of losing is just as important as winning.  Max returns the badge to Ash, who celebrates winning his fifth Gym badge.


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