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Season 7 - Pokemon Advanced Challenge





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Episode 31 (Season 7) - Six Pack Attack

Ash and friends decide to visit Professor Birch.  On the road they are nearly run over by Birch in his jeep, on his way to the port to pick up Professor Oak.  Ash and Brock join him, while May and Max head to his lab.


May and Max are admiring the Hoenn starter Pokemon at the lab (Treecko, Mudkip, and Torchic), when Professor Oak shows up.  He shows them the Kanto starter Pokemon he brought: Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander.  May befriends the Bulbasaur.


Team Rocket arrives and kidnaps all six starter Pokemon, and Professor Oak and the siblings go after them.  They track the thieves to a secret base, but fall into a trap and are imprisoned.  Team Rocket also takes May's Poke Balls.


Meanwhile, Birch, Ash, and Brock are hot on the trail with the help of a Poochyena.


Oak and the siblings escape from imprisonment with the starter Pokemon.  Oak has a Zubat use Supersonic on Team Rocket while the Bulbasaur uses its vines to grab May's Poke Balls.  After running, they eventually find their way to an outside door, but can't break out.


Professor Birch and company arrive outside the door, where they use Water-type attacks on the door and then have Pikachu blast it with electricity.  A group of Pokemon on Oak's side knocks down the now-weakened door with Tackle or Pound.


Team Rocket shows up again, but all of the Pokemon team up with their different attacks to send the crooks blasting off.  After saying goodbye, the kids depart for Fortree City.

Episode 32 (Season 7) - The Bicker the Better

The kids are on their way to Fortree City, but May is delaying them.  Ash starts to argue with her, and the two kids continue to bicker as they walk.  They are interrupted by a couple named Andi and Oscar, who challenge May and Ash to a tag battle.


Ash uses Corphish and May uses Skitty, facing off against the lovebirds' Nidoking and Nidoqueen.  Skitty's Assist move continually interferes with Corphish's attacks, so the two Trainers and their Pokemon begin to fight.  Ash and May are defeated.


Andi and Oscar encounter Team Rocket next.  Jessie and James agree to battle only so they can steal the couple's Pokemon, but are soundly beaten.  Jessie and James blame each other for the loss.


The two groups overhear each other fighting, and Jessie decides to team up in a tag battle with May against James and Ash.  The battle starts to go in favor of the boys, prompting Jessie to send out another Pokemon.  The fight between Skitty, Seviper, Cacnea, Corphish, and Dustox quickly goes out of control, until Meowth realizes that Team Rocket could steal Pikachu.


They grab Pikachu and run, but Ash and May team up to stop the thieves.  After using their Pokemon to soundly defeat Team Rocket, Ash and May reconcile.

Episode 33 (Season 7) - Grass Hysteria

Ash and friends are lost in a forest when they are attacked by a Skarmory that kidnaps May.  It drops May on the other side of a tall fence, and several hooded men prevent Ash, Brock, and Max from pursuing.


The Skarmory drops May on the ground, where she saves a Bulbasaur from falling off a cliff.  A group of Grass-type Pokemon angrily attack May, but she drives them back with Torchic's Ember attack.


The hooded men explain to the guys that the Grass-type Pokemon will attack any human that trespasses, because people damaged the forest trying to catch Grass-type Pokemon.  The guys decide saving May is more important, and Ash manages to get over the fence.


A group of Grass-types corner May, and Ash swoops in and has Pikachu clear a path.  The two kids run for it, but get cornered again.  A Venusaur arrives and orders the other Pokemon to back off, accompanied by the Bulbasaur that May helped.


May begins to befriend the Bulbasaur, but Team Rocket arrives, trying to catch Grass-types with their robot.  May gets caught inside the robot as well, and helps all the Pokemon break free.  The Venusaur uses Solarbeam to blast the robot away.


Reunited in the end, the kids get ready to depart the forest, with one new addition - the Bulbasaur decides to join May on her journey.

Episode 34 (Season 7) - Hokey Pokeballs

The kids arrive in a city where May lets her Bulbasaur to enjoy the scenery. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is at the Pokemon Center (PC) making "repairs" to the transporter machine.


Upon arrival at the PC, Ash calls Professor Oak.  They decide that Ash's and May's Bulbasaur should meet, so Oak transports Ash's over.  Unfortunately Team Rocket has rerouted the machine so they get all the full Poke Balls, and only empty Poke Balls arrive at the PC.


The kids confront Team Rocket outside the PC.  James has attached a new engine to their balloon which malfunctions, so the thieves go blasting off.  They drop one Poke Ball - Ash's Bulbasaur.


Team Rocket gathers up everything from the crash site and runs, but a hole in James' bag leaves a trail of Poke Balls along the way.  The two Bulbasaur quickly pick up the trail to a cabin where the thieves are hiding.


Team Rocket seals up the cabin and begins fending off Ash and friends, using the Poke Balls as projectiles.  The two Bulbasaur try to sneak the rest of the Poke Balls out through a window with their vines.


Pikachu breaks down the wall with Iron Tail, and the Bulbasaur team up to battle Team Rocket.  Pikachu sends the thieves blasting off.


Back at the PC, Ash talks to Professor Oak again, who begs Ash to send Bulbasaur back.  Everyone says goodbye, and the little Grass-type is sent home.

Episode 35 (Season 7) - Whiscash and Ash

The kids have stopped at a lakeside camp site on their way to Fortree City. Ash trips and drops his badge case into the lake, where it is eaten up by a giant Whiscash.  Ash dives in after the Pokemon but gets caught in some reeds instead.


Ash is pulled out of the water by a fisherman named Sullivan, who calls himself "Legend".  He tells them that he has been trying to catch the giant Whiscash for years and its name is Nero.  The kids decide to help "Legend" catch Nero.


"Legend" shows them how to fish, but all of them are unsuccessful.  On the other side of the lake Team Rocket is also fishing, but not having much luck.


Eventually Ash snags Nero and manages to pull the giant Whiscash out of the water.  Before he can get his badges back, Team Rocket scoops Nero up in a net and flies away in their balloon.  Ash's Grovyle uses Bullet Seed to send the balloon crashing down, and a battle begins.  Whiscash uses Earthquake on Team Rocket, and then Pikachu sends them blasting off with Thunder.


"Legend" tries to catch Nero using his own Pokemon, but eventually he just pulls out a Master Ball and throws it - which Nero gobbles up, and then swims away.

Episode 36 (Season 7) - Me, Myself and Time

The kids are crossing a mountain in the fog, and Ash trips and slides down a cliff with Pikachu. He encounters a mysterious woman singing a strange song.


Pikachu stops a Baltoy from spinning off a cliff.  Its Trainer, a girl named Callista, arrives and explains that she is searching for ancient artifacts from the Baltoy civilization.  Her parents forbid her to search, but a mysterious phone call sent her to the mountain that day.


Team Rocket is also on the mountain, and they attack the mysterious woman, who fights them off with her Xatu.  Callista and Ash help fight the thieves off, and the woman leads them to a cave with the ruins that Callista has been searching for.  A pile of rubble lies on top of the most important artifact, and the woman explains that her Baltoy is trapped under it.  Callista's Baltoy clears the rock and frees the other Baltoy.


Team Rocket attacks again with a drilling machine, but they are driven back and sent blasting off as usual.    The woman explains to the kids that the artifact is a time machine and reveals the truth to them - that she is a future version of Callista!  She explains that she spent her whole life searching for the Baltoy civilization and now has no time to study it - but now the younger Callista can.  The elder Callista disappears into the machine with her Baltoy.


The kids leave the ruins, and Ash reunites with his friends, in a hurry to get to his next Gym battle.

Episode 37 (Season 7) - A Fan with a Plan

May is headed for the Rubello Town Pokemon Contest, where at least 1 ribbon is needed to enter. She runs into Drew, and both of them are mobbed by the Mothers for Pokemon - a group of women who adore Pokemon Coordinators.  One of them, Savannah, is a Coordinator herself, and will be competing in the upcoming contest, but she is really nervous.


Jessie from Team Rocket wants to enter the contest but can't since she has never won a ribbon.


Later, May is practicing outside the Pokemon Center when she spots Drew with his new Masquerain.  She tries to show off her Bulbasaur, but it won't listen to her.


The next day, May is helping Savannah practice when they are accosted by Team Rocket, who takes both May's and Savannah's ribbons.  The kids take down Team Rocket's balloon, and Jessie returns the stolen ribbons.  Savannah's Lairon uses a Water-type move to send the thieves blasting off.


Savannah's daughter Sandra reassures her mother, while May is feeling confident again about the contest.

Episode 38 (Season 7) - Cruisin' For a Losin'

The Rubello Pokemon Contest begins! Savannah is still nervous, but May is overconfident.  Both of them do good in the first round performances, and while waiting in the locker room, May brags that once you have at least one ribbon, all the rest come easily.  Drew tells her off.


Jessie tries to enter the contest by making her own ribbon, but instead a woman offers to buy the ribbon, giving Jessie the idea to start selling them.  She puts James and Meowth to work.


The finalists in the contest are announced:  May, Savannah, Drew, and Sunny.  Ash tries to offer some advice, but May snaps at him.


Drew's Masquerain takes down Sunny's Girafarig with a three-move combo.  The next battle is May's Bulbasaur versus Savannah's Lairon.  Bulbasaur gets nervous, and doesn't dodge Lairon's attacks.  Bulbasaur takes a bad pounding but May refuses to accept defeat, and the judges yell at her.


May goes outside, and Ash talks with her.  The two of them go back inside to watch Savannah face off against Drew.  Drew beats Savannah by a lot of points, and wins his fourth ribbon.


Team Rocket is trying to sell the ribbons they made, but no one buys one, and even the woman who bought one before wants to return hers.


Back at the Pokemon Center, Savannah doesn't feel bad about losing, and even May realizes that she can't take her wins for granted.

Episode 39 (Season 7) - Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend

Team Rocket talks to Giovanni on the video phone, and he yells at them for not making progress, threatening to replace the three of them.


The kids are eating breakfast when Skitty runs off and encounters a Spoink that has lost its pearl.  The Spoink shows how it rolled away, so the kids help look around the forest.  Spoink keeps mistaking various round objects for its pearl - like an Igglybuff - and putting them on its head.


Just as they find the real pearl, all of them are caught in a Team Rocket trap, but Ash's Corphish helps them get out.  Spoink drops its pearl and Meowth catches it. Team Rocket runs off to a nearby carnival.


At the carnival, James runs into the Magikarp salesman, who is now selling Feebas.  Drawn by the promise of Feebas evolving into a Milotic, Jessie trades the pearl.  But when their new Feebas is swimming, its paint washes off, revealing just a Magikarp.


Ash and friends arrive, and both groups go looking for the salesman.  Brock and Max reveal the scam, and then everyone confronts the Magikarp salesman.  The kids start to battle Team Rocket, and the salesman slips away in the confusion.  Spoink passes out, but Max grabs the pearl and puts it on Spoink's head.  Spoink then uses Confuse Ray to send Team Rocket blasting off.

Episode 40 (Season 7) - That's Just Swellow

Outside Crossgate Town, the kids meet a Trainer named Shane and his Swablu.  He is practicing for the PokeRinger competition, a contest where flying Pokemon battle in the sky to capture a ring and place it on the goal post.


Ash and May both sign up with Taillow and Beautifly.   Meanwhile, Team Rocket has also arrived in town.  As a child, James received training from a champion PokeRinger, and decides to enter the competition as well.


The competitors are matched up into three separate groups of four.  In the first group, Shane and his Swablu use the wind to their advantage and win the round.  Ash faces the previous PokeRinger champion in the next group, but knocks out his Volbeat to win.  In the last group, May and James face off against each other, but Dustox (borrowed from Jessie) scores the goal.


In the next round, Ash's Taillow faces off against a Skarmory and wins easily.  Shane goes up against James, but his Swablu gets blinded by the sun, giving Dustox a chance to score.


While the competition is going on, Jessie and Meowth have been tricking Trainers into leaving their Pokemon behind for a special "relaxing" treatment.  They trap the Pokemon into a net and prepare to run.  Meowth tries to order James to leave with them, but James refuses.


Ash and James begin the final round, but they are interrupted by a freak tornado in the middle of the field that blocks their path to the ring.  Ash sends Taillow into the swirling wind, and its determination causes it to evolve into Swellow.  Swellow snags the ring and leaves the tornado, with Dustox on its tail.  Swellow punts the ring onto the goal, and James is dragged away sobbing by Team Rocket.


Swellow frees the stolen Pokemon, and then Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off with Thunderbolt.  Ash attends the award ceremony, where his picture is displayed alongside the previous PokeRinger champions.

Episode 41 (Season 7) - Take This House and Shuppet

Team Rocket crash lands in front of a mansion, and start to argue.  But a beam fired by a Shuppet hidden in the bushes calms them down.  They enter the mansion in search of food, but the door locks behind them.  They start to argue again, but are again calmed by Shuppet.


Ash and friends are lost outside when it starts to rain.  They eventually make their way to the mansion and get locked inside as well.  May and Max start to argue, and Max runs off.


Max runs into Shuppet, and the two of them explore the mansion and play.  They overhear May still saying some nasty things about Max, so Shuppet plays a joke on the kids by using Psychic to move things around in mid-air.


May meets Emily, the owner of the mansion.  Emily wants to turn the mansion into a hotel, but can't because it appears to be haunted.  Everyone splits up to look for Max.


Max and Shuppet are hiding when Team Rocket comes in, followed by May's Torchic.  When they threaten the little Fire-type, Max jumps out to protect it.  May comes in, and battles with Team Rocket.  An armoire almost falls on May and Max, but Shuppet stops it.


Emily recognizes the Shuppet from her childhood, but Team Rocket grabs it, flying off in a balloon.  Ash's Swellow breaks Shuppet free, and Pikachu sends the team blasting off.


Max and May apologize to each other, and Emily bids them all farewell.

Episode 42 (Season 7) - A Shroomish Skirmish

Ash and friends have stopped for lunch, and Brock has made food for all of their Pokemon.  Corphish eats up its share quickly, so it snatches up Torchic's food.  Corphish and Torchic start to fight, firing furious blasts of Bubblebeam and Ember at each other.


Team Rocket is starving, and they end up stealing apples from a group of Shroomish.     Some of the Shroomish become angry enough that they evolve into Breloom, then attacking Team Rocket.  The thieves run into the camp where the kids are, and eat their leftover food.  But the Breloom show up and attack, sending everyone blasting off to various parts of the forest.


Torchic and Corphish run into each other, and eventually find Max and Meowth.  The quartet stumbles into the food stash of the Shroomish by accident, and have to fend off attacks from the Breloom.  They are found by Pikachu and Swellow, but none of the Pokemon can fight off the Breloom.


Torchic evolves into Combusken, and begins a one-on-one battle with the leader of the Breloom. A titanic exchange of kicks and punches ends in a double knockout.  The two Pokemon become friends, and together they attack Team Rocket.  In the end, everyone sits down for a shared meal.

Episode 43 (Season 7) - Unfair Weather Friends

Ash and the gang are headed to Fortree City when it starts raining and then snowing. They run for shelter and meet a Castform who leads them onward.  The gang is greeted by two scientists from the nearby Weather Institute, Bart and Millie.  Brock feels absolutely nothing for the attractive Millie, which puzzles him.


Millie is showing the kids around the Weather Institute when a Team Aqua helicopter suddenly appears, and they restrain all the other scientists (plus Team Rocket).  Team Aqua is looking for information on the Legendary Pokemon, Groudon and Kyogre.  Bart gives his access card to Castform, who flees in search of Millie.


Inside the institute, Ash, Millie and friends reunite with Castform, fight off Team Aqua, and use the access card to get into the computer.  Millie transfers all the data onto a disk and deletes the copy on the hard drive.


Outside, Team Aqua uses the weather machine to create a bolt of lightning that sends Team Rocket blasting off.  Millie gives Team Aqua the access card.  A Team Aqua technician finds the files missing, and Millie reveals that she is in fact, a he - Brodie, the Man of a Thousand Faces, a member of Team Magma!  He escapes with the disk.


Team Aqua leaves.  Bart is feeling betrayed, but then the real Millie shows up - and Bart puts her to work transferring all their paper files on the Legendary Pokemon back into the computer.

Episode 44 (Season 7) - Who's Flying Now?

Ash and friends climb the steps to the Fortree City Gym - only to find out that the Gym Leader is busy in town with the Feather Carnival.  Ash quickly heads to the carnival, where Winona is riding her Skarmory above the city.


Team Rocket is also at the carnival, and James laments the time he saw a Chimecho for sale at a carnival but did not buy it in time.  Jessie and Meowth ditch him.


The kids meet Winona, and Ash challenges her to a Gym battle.  She's busy with the carnival, so their battle will have to wait. Ash and friends decide to have fun, and release their Pokemon so they can have fun too.


James sees a Chimecho for sale - from the Magikarp salesman who's scammed him three times in the past!  He buys it anyway, but once he shows it to Jessie and Meowth, it turns out to be just a Hoppip in disguise.  A real Chimecho floats by, and happily joins James.


Ash and Winona arrive at the Gym, but an explosion in town calls them back to the carnival.  Team Rocket is using a giant robot to shock and capture Flying-type Pokemon.  When Ash fights back, they capture his Pikachu and Swellow too, and use Chimecho to heal their wounds.


Winona's Skarmory defeats Team Rocket with a Drill Peck attack, sending them blasting off.  The festival resumes that evening, with the skies full of Flying Pokemon.

Episode 45 (Season 7) - Sky High Gym Battle!

Ash begins his Gym battle with Winona by sending out Grovyle against her Altaria.  Grovyle takes out Altaria with Leaf Blade.  Next up is Pelipper, a Water-and-Flying-type so Ash counters with the Electric-type Pikachu.  Pelipper uses Steel Wing on the ground, and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt with no effect.  Team Rocket arrives to steal Pikachu, but the force of Pikachu's continued Thunderbolt sends them blasting off.


It turns out that Pelipper is being grounded by its Steel Wing, making the Electric-type attack ineffective.  Pelipper uses Hydro Pump, which Pikachu uses as a conduit to shock the other Pokemon.  It results in a double KO.


Ash sends out Grovyle again, which is then finished off by Winona's Swellow.  Ash counters with his own Swellow.  Winona's Pokemon has the advantage since it has more experience battling in mid-air, especially with its Aerial Ace.  After taking several hits, Ash has his Swellow use Wing Attack on the ground, which gives his Swellow a chance to counterattack, knocking out Swellow and winning him the Feather Badge.

Episode 46 (Season 7) - Lights, Camerupt, Action!

Ash is ready for his next badge - which means heading to Mossdeep City.  To get there, Ash and friends will need to take the ferry in Lilycove City.  On their way there, the kids encounter a Trainer named Elijah and his Camerupt, stuck in a river. They help get Camerupt out, and Elijah explains that he travels around, showing movies to the small towns in the area.


Traveling together, the group falls into a Team Rocket trap, and Camerupt is stolen.  Corphish attacks the thieves and they get Camerupt back.  While camping out in the woods, the kids reminisce about the last time each of them went to the movies, describing the movies each of them saw.


They arrive in a town, and Elijah sets up the equipment and begins to show the feature: "Plusle & Minun and the Princess Rescue".  Team Rocket bust up the screening and run off with the equipment.   Brock stays behind to entertain the crowd, while Elijah, Ash, May, and Max chase down the thieves.  A trail of film leads the kids straight to Team Rocket, and Ash’s Grovyle takes them out.


Elijah shows the rest of the movie, and everyone enjoys it - even Team Rocket, watching from a hiding place in the bushes.

Episode 47 (Season 7) - Crazy as a Lunatone

Ken and Mary of the Pokemon Mystery Club (PMC) are once again looking for a Pokemon from outer space, checking the site of a meteor crash.  A Lunatone emerges and zaps them, erasing their memories of the encounter.


Meanwhile, Ash and friends reach Volley Town, finding it strangely deserted.  They walk into the Pokemon Center for assistance but Nurse Joy is zoned out and unhelpful.  Brock doesn't believe it's the real Nurse Joy.


Team Rocket sneaks into the Pokemon Center, but bump into Ash and friends.  When Nurse Joy approaches, they all run, and hide in a storage room.  There, they run into the frightened Lunatone.  It tries to use Psychic on them, but passes out instead.


Nurse Joy returns to normal and treats Lunatone.  It needs moonlight to survive, so they decide to take it up to nearby Camerupt Point where the full moon shines.  They hide the Pokemon from the PMC in a cart and pull it up the hill, but are cut off by Team Rocket.  Team Rocket gets into a fight with the Pokemon Mystery Club.


The PMC sends Team Rocket blasting off.  Pikachu, Mudkip, and Beautifly team up to drive off the PMC, but they won't be defeated.  The full moon rises and Lunatone charges up and send the pair off with Hidden Power.  The kids then bid farewell to Lunatone.

Episode 48 (Season 7) - The Garden of Eatin'

The kids have stopped by the Banana Slakoth Garden on their way to Lilycove City, but the gate is closed and the trees have no fruit on them.  When they meet the director, a man named Marcel, they find out a Snorlax came down from the mountains looking for food, and has been eating all of the bananas.


Ash decides the only way to take care of the Snorlax is to catch it, so he and Pikachu confront the giant Pokemon just after it eats.  Unfortunately, Pikachu's attacks have no effect and Snorlax puts them all to sleep with its Yawn attack.


After consulting with Professor Oak, they get the recipe for a PokeBlock that will feed the ravenous Normal-type, and he advises them to use a Pokemon that can't be put to sleep to catch it.  Slakoth's evolved form, Vigoroth, is one such Pokemon.


Marcel talks to all of the Slakoth, trying to convince them to help save their home, and one comes forward.  They have it battle and defeat all of Ash's Pokemon, gaining enough experience to evolve into a Vigoroth.  The next time the Snorlax wakes up, Marcel and Vigoroth challenge it to a battle.


When Snorlax's Yawn attack proves ineffective, it uses Hyper Beam instead.  Vigoroth attacks furiously, eventually knocking down the giant Pokemon with Focus Punch.


The park reopens, the Slakoth are happy, and Marcel shows the kids what he did with the Snorlax - placed it in the center of a relaxation chamber where people can take a refreshing nap.

Episode 49 (Season 7) - A Scare to Remember

As Ash and friends walk to Lilycove City, a tree comes crashing down in front of them ? pushed over by Team Rocket in their newest giant robot!  They have Pikachu in hand, when the robot begins to sink into the ground and crumple.  It explodes, sending everyone flying.


The kids find themselves stuck in a tree ? without Pikachu.  Team Rocket is lost, and Meowth is nowhere to be found.  Pikachu and Meowth wake up next to each other, and to Meowth's delight, Pikachu has no memory.  Meowth convinces Pikachu that it was a part of Team Rocket and that the two of them are best friends.


While the pair makes it may back to Team Rocket's secret base, Meowth witnesses Pikachu saving a Zigzagoon, not being scared of a high ledge, and even sharing an apple with Meowth.  Eventually they make it back to the base, and Meowth updates Jessie and James.


Ash and friends track down Pikachu to the cabin, where Team Rocket has Pikachu attack Ash.  They try to get away in a balloon, but Ash grabs on.  James orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, and they end up crashing.  Ash and Pikachu land in the river and wash ashore.  When they awake, Pikachu has its memory back.


Team Rocket lands in the water nearby, and Pikachu sends them blasting off.

Episode 50 (Season 7) - Pokeblock, Stock and Berry

The kids finally arrive in Lilycove City, and Ash is starving.  They decide to head to a restaurant that serves omelets, but Pikachu runs off, leading them to the berry market.  In the berry market, they meet a Pokemon Coordinator named Kelly and her Grumpig.  Kelly is buying berries to make PokeBlocks with, and she plans to enter the Lilycove Pokemon Contest.   Kelly invites them to her home, which is attached to a PokeBlock store that her mother runs.  Kelly's mom teaches May and Brock how to make PokeBlocks in the Berry Blender.


Ash wants to teach Swellow the move Aerial Ace before his next Gym battle, so he ventures outside with Max to practice.  They meet an old man named Ralph, who was once known as "Vladimir the Attacker", a famous Pokemon Trainer.  He offers to help.


May makes her first PokeBlocks and tests them on her Pokemon, but only Beautifly likes them.  Team Rocket shows up and tries to steal Kelly's Grumpig, but May has Combusken use Sky Uppercut to send them blasting off.  After Kelly compliments the Fire-and-Fighting-type Pokemon, May decides to use Combusken in the Lilycove Contest.


When Team Rocket finally hits the ground, Jessie finds a flyer for the contest and decides to enter with James' Chimecho.


The contest begins, and May is called up first.  She starts by having Combusken perform Fire Spin, but it goes out of control...

Episode 51 (Season 7) - Lessons In Lilycove

Combusken's Fire Spin is spiraling out of control in the Lilycove Contest Hall.  Combusken protects May, who takes control by having the Fire-and-Fighting-type unleash a fireball and perform Sky Uppercut.  The performance earns May a decent, but lowered score for losing control in the first place.


Meanwhile, Ash is keeping an eye on the contest from outside while he continues to teach his Swellow Aerial Ace.


Kelly puts on a great performance with Grumpig, using Psychic to catch thrown Pok?ocks.  A disguised Jessie is up next with Chimecho, who she hurts and forces to use Astonish - an unusual move that actually earns her a perfect score!


In the next round, May faces off against Jessie, and the battle is pretty much even, until Chimecho misses with Double-Edge, letting Combusken hit it with Sky Uppercut.   Team Rocket retaliates with yet another one of their attacks, but Swellow drives them off with its new Aerial Ace attack.


May and Kelly face off in the final round, May taking a beating until she comes up with an idea to use Fire Spin on the ceiling, which rains down on the whole room so Grumpig can't possibly escape.  May claims victory, winning her third ribbon.

Episode 52 (Season 7) - Judgement Day!

The kids are running for the ferry to Lilycove and jump on the boat they see leaving only to discover it's actually a boat to Bomba Island.  Once they arrive on the island, they meet a young Trainer named Jimmy and his Wartortle, Charmeleon, and Ivysaur.  Jimmy is a student at the Pokemon Battle Judge Training Institute, located on the island.


Professor Serena from the institute gets Ash and Brock to help out in her class by staging a Double Battle which Jimmy will judge.  Ash uses Swellow and Corphish, while Brock uses Mudkip and Lombre.  The battle is fierce, and after Mudkip and Lombre both use Water Gun on Corphish simultaneously, Jimmy mistakenly declares Corphish unable to battle.


That night, Ash and friends find Jimmy outside talking to his Pokemon.  Jimmy explains how he met all three of them by accident, and even got a Cascade Badge - also by accident.  Team Rocket interrupts and takes all three of the Pokemon, causing Jimmy to run after them.  Seeing his determination, Wartortle evolves into Blastoise, and uses Hydro Pump to free the others.  Team Rocket is then defeated as usual.


Serena tells Jimmy he has to leave the school now, but not because he's a bad student, but because he'd make a better Trainer. Jimmy heads back to Lilycove to start his Pokemon journey over, while Ash and friends continue on to Mossdeep City.



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