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Pokemon TCG: Diamond and Pearl Prerelease Tournament



I was at the Pokemon TCG: Diamond and Pearl Prerelease Tournament. It was my first time playing in an official Pokemon Organized Play event. Just to make things a bit more fun, I announced that the first person to beat me would get a PE2K t-shirt.


Pokemon TCG: Diamond and Pearl Prerelease Tournament

For those unfamiliar with the prerelease tournament structure, you get six booster packs to create a 40 card deck. Since I was new, I didn't know what a good strategy would be. I figured in a tournament like this, you probably want to do a lot of quick damage. I decided go with a Sneasel and a Stunky. I only had one of each of those and I didn't have any of their evolutions, but I thought at the time that these cards would be valuable in a tournament like this (one can poison and the other can attack bench Pokemon for 20 damage). Some of the other cards in my deck includes Glameow, Turtwig, Duskull, Unown, and Drifloon. So I was using a dark and psychic type, plus Turtwig just in case I didn't get any energy (I could chip away with it's energyless attack).


First and Second Match

My first match was a close one. I had one more prize to go, and my opponent had two more prizes. It came down to the coin flip: heads and my Glameow does 30 damage and just enough to knock out the opponent's Pokemon, or tails which will do no damage. It was heads and I won my first match. In my second match, I didn't get a good draw of cards (got two Unowns and got a Duskull later on), and my opponent had a Magneton out early in the game. I couldn't even do any damage because Magneton has resistance to psychic (ouch, Unown and Duskull is no use here). When I got some cards that could actually help, it was too late, and I lost the match. And as promised, my opponent got the PE2K t-shirt for being the first person to defeat me. That didn't take too long.


Third - Sixth Match

So after a quick lunch break, it was my third match, and I was 1-1. Although I only had a Turtwig to work with in the beginning (the energyless attack of tackle really helped), I was lucky to get Stunky and Sneasel soon. My opponent also used psychic Pokemon, so I had the resistance advantage with both Stunky and Sneasel, and I eventually won that match. So I was 2-1 going into my fourth match and I was up against a Palkia early on. I was able to take down the Palkia, but that's pretty much all I managed to do. It turns out that my opponent's Roselia was a bigger challenge. I lost that match to drop to 2-2. In my fifth match, I simply didn't get the cards I needed. Long story short, I lost the match. I looked at my deck and saw that all the cards I needed were on the bottom of the deck. I got a little lazy and didn't shuffle my deck as well as I could (learned my lesson). Now I'm down to 2-3. In the final match, I made several mistakes looking back at it. I lost the match to finish 2-4. Since I was new, I was glad to win any matches at all. So the pressure to win was off early in the day when I won my first match.


The End of the Tournament

Afterwards, for finishing the tournament, everyone gets an additional two booster packs and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl TCG sleeves (which would have been useful to me during the tournament since I played without sleeves). I had good time playing at the event. Usually I'm the photographer covering these events, but it was definitely fun to play in it. It was a great learning experience and I would feel more confident playing in a prerelease tournament again. A big thanks to the Pokemon tournament organizer at the event and the rest of the staff for running a very smooth tournament!