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Party of the Decade (Page 2)


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Picture 1, Picture 2, and Picture 3: The 64 finalists arrive at the Video Game National Championships tent. Nothing is happening yet, since all of them will be introduced on stage first before they get the tournament going.


Picture 1 and Picture 2: Remember that Pokemon Character Distribution line? Well, it just got even longer. It grew larger and larger with every passing hour. Picture 3: The festivities on the stage are about to begin. The large screen will be used later to broadcast the semi-finals and the finals matches in the Video Game National Championships.


Picture 1, Picture 2, and Picture 3: Several Pokemon characters were introduced on stage. Several of them were wandering throughout the park later on.


Picture 1: Everyone in those yellow shirts are the finalists for the Video Game National Championships. Each of them were introduced on stage one by one with their name and the city they're from. Picture 2: Hulk Hogan then took the stage and did his signature hand to the ear thing, as fans cheered loudly. He also brought the document in which New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, officially declared the day, Pokemon Day. A lot of people shouted at Hogan to rip his shirt (another Hogan trademark). Unfortunately, he never did. Picture 3: After the ceremony on the stage, The Video Game National Championships begins! First up were the players in the 13 and older category. After that round, half the players will be eliminated. Up next would be the 12 and under category.


Picture 1, Picture 2, and Picture 3: There were exciting battles left and right. These are the best of the best!


Picture 1 and Picture 2: More battling in the Video Game National Championships tent. Picture 3: Team Rocket has arrived! And the Pokemon reporter, and her camera man was there as well.


Picture 1: Well into the event, the line for the Pokemon character distribution grew to a new high. The line now wrapped around the lawn.


Picture 1: Here's Jirachi with some fans. Picture 2: The semi-finals and finals are now shown on stage, live on the big screen. A guy named Professor John provided commentary throughout the match.


Picture 1 and Picture 2: The hostess and Professor John were joined by Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan also provided some commentary to the matches, though he's not an expert like Professor John (the Hulkster had to ask Professor John a few things, like what a certain move does). Hulk Hogan especially liked the Body Slam move when he saw that used in the match. Picture 3: The second place finisher got his trophy (on the right), while the winner (on the left) will wait for the ceremony to crown both champions (the 12 and under winner and 13 and over winner).


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