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Picture 1: There were some seats up front near the stage, but those were quickly taken. Most people in the audience were standing to see the exciting battles. Picture 2: After all the battles were done, the hostess showed some of the special prizes the winners will be receiving. One of them is a jeweled Nintendo DS Lite, made especially for the winners of the tournament. Picture 3: Another special item for the winners, a Pokemon iPod.


Picture 1: The first place and second place finishers are getting on stage for the crowning of the winners.


Picture 1, Picture 2, and Picture 3: Hulk Hogan cheering on the winners. 12-year-old Samin Syed from Roslyn, New York, is the winner for the 12 and under division. And 22-year-old Minh Ba Le from Herndon, Virginia, is the winner for the 13 and over division.


Picture 1, Picture 2, and Picture 3: Surprise! Tsunekazu Ishihara, President of The Pokemon Company, showed up to award the winners with their trophies on stage. Here in these pictures, Minh Ba Le receives his trophy from Tsunekazu Ishihara.


Picture 1, Picture 2, and Picture 3: Now it's Samin Syed's turn to receive his trophy from Tsunekazu Ishihara.


Picture 1: Tsunekazu Ishihara had a smile on him throughout the ceremony, he seemed very happy to be there to celebrate Pokemon's 10th anniversary. Picture 2: Some music suddenly came on, and the sudden sound of cymbals clashing loudly startled the Team Rocket member next to Hulk Hogan. However, Hulk Hogan didn't seem to get startled at all by the sudden loud cymbals (because he's Hulk Hogan). Picture 3: Hulk Hogan standing next to Tsunekazu Ishihara and the hostess.


Picture 1 and Picture 2: Tsunekazu Ishihara made a speech, basically thanking everyone for attending Pokemon's 10th anniversary. He also revealed Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl will be compatible with the GBA games (Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon FireRed, Pokemon LeafGreen and Pokemon Emerald). This is old news, since it was revealed in Japan (and here in Pokemon Elite 2000's news long ago). However, this is the first "official" announcement in the US that this feature is indeed available in Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. Picture 3: The Pokemon Ranger trainers that I got pictures of earlier in the day. Both of them made speeches concerning the Pokemon Ranger game, basically saying it's the Pokemon Ranger's job to be the protector of nature and so on.


Picture 1: That's David from Nintendo of America. When he saw Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, he dashed over there for a quick picture just like Brock. Picture 2 and Picture 3: After crowning the winners of the Video Game National Championships, we had some free time. I took a break since I was exhausted from the day's activities. After a short break, we went over to the Nintendo World Store. Just like the Party of the Decade, the Nintendo World Store was also very crowded. A lot of people that went to the Party of the Decade also dropped by at the Nintendo World Store, since it was just walking distance away.


Picture 1: Bottom floor of the Nintendo World Store. Here's the Pokemon section of the store, where you can buy Pokemon figures, Pokemon TCG, and Pokemon games. There's also a second floor that had more Pokemon items like Poke Dolls, Pokemon pillows, and other Pokemon related products. Picture 2: Most of you probably remember the Pikachu GBA SP, which went on sale in Japan back in March 2005. It's on display here, along with the Groudon and Kyrogre GBA SP, and other GBA SP themed units. Picture 3: And here's the Pokemon Game Boy Micro. You get one for $149.99. And by the way, those jeweled GBA SP's are $299.99 each. After the Nintendo World Store visit, we headed out to dinner, and then back to the hotel. That was the end of the day, but for us webmasters, the next was Pokemon Immersion day, where we get to play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Ranger.


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