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  1. Dawn vs. MOM!
  2. Piplup is a boy?
  3. Poor Piplup
  4. New Title - DP142! [Spoiler]
  5. New Title - DP143! [Spoiler]
  6. Which Voice-cast do You Prefer?
  7. Japanese version fans
  8. New Title - DP144! [Spoiler]
  9. New Title - DP145! [Spoiler]
  10. New Title - DP146! [Spoiler]
  11. New Title - DP147! [Spoiler]
  12. New Title - DP148! [Spoiler]
  13. New Title - DP157! [Spoiler]
  14. New Title - DP149! [Spoiler]
  15. Team Rocket Facts
  16. What episode (s) are these clips from?
  17. kotone
  18. Where can I find video clip downloads of Absol?
  19. New Title - DP150! [Spoiler]
  20. New Title - DP151! [Spoiler]
  21. New Title - DP152! [Spoiler]
  22. Did you see the first movie at the cinema?
  23. arceus movie
  24. new movie?
  25. new pokemon?
  26. Omg! (spoiler!!!!!!!)
  27. ash's new pkmn (spoiler)
  28. If a new character comes, what would you wan him/her to be like?
  29. New Pokemon Movie
  30. where i can download all espoides?
  31. What do you think is wrong with "New" Pokemon
  32. {POSSIBLE SPOILER} Misty is coming back!?
  33. What is your favorite Pokemon Movie?
  34. Could ash survive on his own?
  35. Movie 13: Lugia & Ho-OH is Out! & is Replaced by Celebi & the 3 Legendary Dogs!! WTH!
  36. (Spoiler)Ash's Pidgeot
  37. Ash's team in the near future (SPOILERS)
  38. (spoiler)future things reavled!
  39. DP 158 Error!
  40. SPOILER! A Death in Pokemon!?
  41. Ash and his epic fail of a team... plus a spoiler :)
  42. What happened to Jigglypuff?
  43. Dawn`s fate
  44. Dawn's new rival
  45. Fave episode?
  46. How did Gary compete in the Kanto Pokemon League?
  47. predictions for gen v
  48. Anyone else prefer the episodes without humans in?
  49. Cyndaquil
  50. rate pokemon 2000
  51. Pokemon Adventures?
  52. Favorite Pokemon Manga/Comic?
  53. New Phantom Champion: Zoroark Trailer!
  54. Torterra? (spoiler)
  55. Diamond/Pearl Series Scheduled for a 2010 End in Japan
  56. The Grand Festival [Spoilers]
  57. Phantom Champion Zoroark [Spoilers!!!]
  58. New Mewtwo movie?
  59. Which Pokemon do you feel were unfairly treated?
  60. ash's team (spoilers)
  61. New Hero for Gen 5?
  62. Most Memorable Quotes?
  63. brock?
  64. Sinnoh League (Ash)
  65. Favorite Pokemon Special Character?
  66. Gen 5
  67. sinnoh league
  68. B/W Character Discussion
  69. Pokemon Sinnoh League Victors
  70. Favorite Pokemon Movie
  71. Pokemon movie
  72. What do you want to happen in B/W?
  73. Anybody Know If....
  74. Anyone else think the series peaked at the Orange Islands?
  75. Who's your favorite Girl? ~Updated~
  76. What was the most annoying pokemon movie you watched.
  77. Remember the GS Ball? What happened to it?
  78. Pokemon The First Movie- like or dislike??
  79. Just noticed this...
  80. Red's ID Number?
  81. Favorite Pokemon Episode?
  82. Best Pokemon Theme Song Awards!
  83. New Anime Season: Best Wishes! [possible spoilers]
  84. New Character Designs
  85. Does it annoy you
  86. Pokemon Theme songs.
  87. video game music in situations in pokemon movies
  88. First Four Episode Titles Revealed
  89. when do you think the Zoroark movie will air in the US?
  90. Pokémon: Best Wishes: Initial thoughts
  91. Pokemon Anime Best Wishes Theme?
  92. OMG pikachu and Ash
  93. Awesome site!
  94. Ash's Age
  95. pokemon shippings
  96. Animation of the Anime
  97. Whats your most favourite pokémon that Satoshi has caught?
  98. What Pokémon battles do you want to see?
  99. What movies would you like to see during the Unova saga?
  100. Did they make Mewtwo too powerful in the movie?
  101. Pokémon Movies?
  102. Why do Ash and his friends never recognize Team Rocket in their disguises?
  103. The Golden Pokeball
  104. [SPOILERS] Victini and the Black Hero: Zekrom
  105. What's Your Overall Opinion on Shooti?
  106. How come Ash doesnt catch more Pokemon?
  107. Pokemon Sprites
  108. The Flame in Charmander's Tail
  109. What gender is Ash's Pikachu?
  110. Pokemon BW Preview
  111. Favorite Pokemon Movie
  112. Pokemon Anime Dub Discussion
  113. Any Cameos You Would Like To See?
  114. Thoughts on the Sinnoh Saga
  115. will dawn and brock come back
  116. Pokemon The First Movie
  117. Will They Show It? (SPOILERS)
  118. When Ash gave Sabrina his Haunter, why didn't it evolve?
  119. 10th Anniversary Pokemon The Movie 3
  120. *Spoiler* 14th Pokemon Movie
  121. Best Pokemon Opening Theme?
  122. ポケットモンスターベストウイッシュ Pocket Monsters Best Wishes or Pokemon: Black and White (Anime)
  123. Future Team Speculations and Wishes (may include spoilers for dub watchers)
  124. Why does Ash never realise Team Rocket in their debris apparels?
  125. Pokemon First Movie Deleted Scenes?
  126. If You Were In Charge Of The Anime
  127. Shippings of the Anime (and manga)
  128. Am I the only one that noticed the ammount of flaws in the original sagas??
  129. Funny Pics on Pokemon Anime Series
  130. Ending the year with Best Wishes. (spoilers)
  131. Has anyone ever noticed Ash's Pokemon evolve very often?
  132. Ash and Pikachu unreal
  133. Are the pikachu mini movies...
  134. Funny Parts
  135. LEGALLY watching Japanese Pokemon?
  136. Poke-Predictions!
  137. BW: Ash Vs Trip
  138. Who's Your Favorite Anime Character?
  139. Blood?
  140. What happend to ash's gliscor
  141. More than 6 Pokemon on hand?
  142. Pokemon in real life
  143. Pokemon you wish Ash would catch
  144. What Is Your Favourite Pokemon Film
  145. Can someone confirm if this is true or false?
  146. I search a episode
  147. General Anime Discussion Thread
  148. [SPOILERS] The Speculation Thread
  149. Has anyone else heard of this?
  150. What Do You Prefer: Dubbed or Sub?
  151. How many gens of anime?
  152. [SPOILERS] New Pokemon Best Wishes Series
  153. The Pokemon Anime Review Project
  154. Temporary Best Wishes Review Section
  155. If you could be the Anime and Storyboard Director
  156. Can someone help?
  157. Help, Please, I'm worried!
  158. .:UPDATE:. Pokemon Anime TV Petition! .:UPDATE:.
  159. Which one of Ash's battles satisfied you the most?
  160. Missing Types
  161. Who was your favourite companion?
  162. The Pokemon League
  163. Pokemon - Caption 'Em All!
  164. Keldo Invasion: Caption Contest
  165. Anime Dream Team
  166. Pokemon 4Ever
  167. Meleotta Invasion: Caption Contest
  168. What did you think of the Contest episodes?
  169. Pokemon: Crossover
  170. Black 2 and White 2 - What will the anime do?
  171. Anyone know where to
  172. [SPOILERS] What is Sadder
  173. Do you cry...
  174. Favourite Opening Title/Song?
  175. [SPOILERS] New Series
  176. Best Season of the Pokemon Anime?
  177. Ash's best Pokemon
  178. Mewtwo Invasion: Caption Contest
  179. How is Ash still 10?
  180. Will Ash be the main character in Generation VI?
  181. Battles Battles Battles
  182. [Share] Movies HD! Tks for watch :)
  183. Why was Misty handled so poorly in the anime?