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  1. Pokemon Adventures: Revolution [War-style RP] (SU's OPEN!!!)
  2. Fight Like a Warrior - Warriors RP [SU]
  3. Pokemon: Revenge of the Deathmon
  4. [SU]Kenchoo Region Middle School RP
  5. Kenchoo Region Middle School RP
  6. A Fight For Existence (AFFE) - (RATED PG)
  7. Containment [SU]
  8. Souls of Anima: Dawn of a New Era (SU's OPEN!!!) *Repost*
  9. Fight Like a Warrior! [RP]
  10. gRAffiTi [An ORIGINAL-cum-MULTIFANDOM AU roleplay]
  11. [SU] Merines [Still open!]
  12. evee rpg
  13. Star Wars: Birth of the Rebellion RP Sign up
  14. The Will
  15. The Mysterious Way Of Not-Knowing Becomes An Answer~
  16. Star Wars: Birth of the Rebellion
  17. Orange Islands {SU} PG-13
  18. my pokemon RPG
  19. Pokemon Special Rp [sign up closed]
  20. Senior Year ( Sign Ups )
  21. Sinnoh League
  22. Battle In The Sky ( SU )
  23. .:.The Heros' Children: The 10.:.
  24. .:The Heroes' Children: The 10:. [SU] (Closed! Reserved People Still Can Finish SUs)
  25. Geist ( Pokemon version.)
  26. The Journey Begins
  27. Naruto: Chasm of Secrets [SU]
  28. The Rise of Darkness
  29. Naruto: Chasm of Secrets [RP]
  30. March of Olympia
  31. Captain Darkrai's Secret
  32. Pokémon Special
  33. Prelude to Life-Revived!{SU}Present Time Baddies Only and Wanted!
  34. ~*BlackPeak Wolves [SU, Re-done]*~
  35. [SU] Darkrai's Reign: The End of Peace
  36. The Dark Age (RP and PG-13)
  37. [SU] Life and Death
  38. Black Rain RP (SU)
  39. [SU]Morphers:. Run or Fight? (Legendaries Available!)
  40. [RP] Life and Death
  41. The End (Sign Ups)
  42. >>*questionare For The Real Pokemon Addicts@@#<<<(for Addicts Only)
  43. Pokemon Topaz:Darkness Rising
  44. [RP] Merines [Plz lock.]
  45. [SU] Fatal Server: Redundancy (Open 24/7)
  46. Conisi (RP)
  47. The Inter Galatic Pokemon War RPG!!! (Now accepting)
  48. [RP] Fatal Server: Redundancy
  49. [SU] Anima
  50. Pokemon Rp (Needs A Title)
  51. Pokemon fire red/leaf green roll play
  52. 7 Deadly Sins Vs. 7 Virtues RPG (now open, leaders get Legendarys!)
  53. Containment [RP]
  54. .new challenge. [Pokémon Roleplay] [SU: Closed]
  55. .new challenge. [Pokémon Roleplay] [Open]
  56. The Crystal Tournamnet
  57. The Raine
  58. (SU) War in Roniah: Light vs Dark (SU's Closed)
  59. Tree Of Extinction
  60. ~The Last Chance Sign ups~ NEED EVIL
  61. Naruto RX: Age of Shadow
  62. Naruto: Chasm of Secrets (SU, editing re-create)
  63. [SU] Anime Becomes Reality - The Anime Comes to Us (not the actual SU. please block)
  64. [SU] Anime Becomes Reality - The Anime Comes to Us [SU]
  65. [RP] War in Roniah: Light vs Dark (RP Closed)
  66. The Forgotten Century: Sign Ups
  67. Pokemon High School II: A Year's Beginning [SU's CLOSED!!][Revamped Story!]
  68. The Final Frontier: Open Your Heart [SU's Open!][Part One]
  69. Rommir the World Beyond [SU] (Incomplete, do not post)
  70. Pokemon: The Majestro Region
  71. Proficient Juveniles {LITERATE :3} {EVIL REALLY NEEDED}
  72. Superpowered(Neo said i could reopen it!^^)
  73. The elite Region
  74. Pokemon Treasure Trove!: Adventure III[SU's OPEN!!!]
  75. Pokemon High School II: A Year's Beginning
  76. [RP] Anime Becomes Reality - The Anime Comes to Us [RP]
  77. Guardians of the Pink Penny (Sign-Up)
  78. [RP]Morphers Run or Fight?
  79. (SU) Gangs of Saffron City
  80. Battle Frontier Tournament
  81. (RP) Gangs of Saffron City (Closed)
  82. The Forgotten Century: Role Play [SU's are open for one more member!]
  83. Naruto: Shinobi's Lighted Path
  84. The Last Chance
  85. (Closed) The Balance of Life and Death
  86. Worldwide Pokemon League 31337 AD [Literates ONLY]
  87. Pokemon Adventures: Hidden Destiny(SU's Closed!!)
  88. [RP] The Balance of Life and Death (SU's still opened)
  89. (SU) High School RPG (Actual High School)
  90. [SU] Knowledge, Emotion and Willpower
  91. Eeveelution Apartments
  92. Pokemon FuZion
  93. Pokemon Battling RPG
  94. Superpowered
  95. High School Warrior (pokemon RP- open again)
  96. High School Warrior (pokemon RP) sign ups are closed
  97. +Anima: Return of the Enigma
  98. [SU] The Rise of the Empire [Star Wars]
  99. (SU) Colors of New Beginnings (SU's Closed)
  100. The Ether's Cursed star [SU] [Still OPEN peoples >.>]
  101. Elemental War:(working sub-title)
  102. Good vs. Evil: The Plot of Team Mythic
  103. Pokemon - Brightlight Highschool
  104. Pokemon - Brightlight Highschool Signups
  105. (RP) Colors of New Beginnings
  106. The Twisting War
  107. [RP] The Ether's Cursed Star
  108. Pokemon High II: A New Beginning[SU's CLOSED!!!]
  109. The Future of pokemon high school
  110. [WAR VII] WAR VII RP Sign Ups - The Infernal Covenant
  111. Mewtwo returns
  112. Warriors of the Blizzard SU (Warriors RP)
  113. The oragins of the pokemon league!
  114. Kanto Missing Memories: The Journal's Lost Page
  115. Code Lyoko:A New World{spaces already limited}
  116. The Great Earthquake
  117. The Greath Earthquake sign ups
  118. Rings of Darkness and Light Sign Ups Still Open!
  119. Withering Nature-The battle for survival (SU)
  120. Pokemon High School: Summer Vacation/Clash of Legend!!!
  121. Luminous Comet (Pokémon) {Signups}
  122. Withering Nature-The battle for survival
  123. Pokemon: Chronicles of Nijen
  124. Mewtwo returns sign up
  125. [Ace Attorney] Turnabout Tourism {SU}
  126. (SU) The Reincarnations
  127. [WAR VII] WAR VII RP - The Infernal Covenant
  128. (RP) The Reincarnations
  129. Pokemon!
  130. Twisted Lab
  131. War of The Monsters: Help us; They're still alive
  132. Pokemon Academy.
  133. Deleted
  134. The Nature's Breath
  135. The Nature's Breath(sign ups/OCC thread)
  136. The Curse of the Dark Ages
  137. Deleted
  138. [RP] {Ace Attorney} Turnabout Tourism
  139. Fall of the Kanto goverment Part 1: Hiding {SLOTS 9/15}[Accepting]
  140. [SU]War Stories
  141. Fall of the Kanto Goverment Part 1: Hiding[RP]
  142. Naruto-(working title)[SU]
  143. Time Regression: Data Glitch {Digimon RP}
  144. Pokemon High School III: Clash of Legend!!! [Closed]
  145. PokeSoul Fusion I
  146. Kyrax Realm Remake (SU's) (Accepting) (Please someone join)
  147. Digimon: Grimmon'
  148. Digimon: Grimmon's Revenge
  149. The Lunar Coins [10/12 Positions Filled] [ACCEPTING]
  150. Pokemon: The Big Calamity
  151. The Lunar Coins (RP)
  152. Curse of The Alma Jewels
  153. ~Pokemon Special~ (RP) ~Signups closed~
  154. Age of Heroes
  155. [SU] A New Pokémon Journey: Reunion [SU]
  156. [SU] BlackPeak Wolves: Rise from Canine
  157. Third Life
  158. [RP] A New Pokémon Journey: Reunion [RP]
  159. Terror Hunters:Sorcerer Chase[lock]
  160. Who Will Complete the "PokeJourney?"
  161. {SU} The Revival of the Pokemon Elite Squad {SU}
  162. Orb of Chaos:The 1st Coming[lock]
  163. Pokemon Adventues: Hidden Destiny
  164. Elemental War:Arcalico's Arrival
  165. [RP] Time Regression: Data Glitch {Digimon RP}
  166. The 25th Hour:Mid-Night
  167. The Ultimate Hunter Of The Missing Number
  168. Vampires:Quest to Reign[lock needed]
  169. The Three Islands:Dialga Mountains
  170. Ice and Blood [SU] =HDM RP=
  171. Moonlight High;The school for pokemorphs
  172. Ho Oh and Friends: The 3 Legendary Birds
  173. Ho Oh and Friends:Lengendary Pokemon and a Few Others
  174. Super hero school sign ups still open sign up asap
  175. The Story of Dante (Some names are from Devil May Cry 2 the Video Game)
  176. Pokemon Special ~Rp~
  177. Pokemon Kingdoms: Forest Kingdom
  178. Pokemon Kingdoms: Forest Kingdom
  179. Bounty Hunters:EXILED
  180. Pokemon Adventures: Hidden Destiny
  181. Pokemon-Guild of Lucas
  182. [S.U] Pokemon Ziggurat: War of the Legends [PG-13] [S.U]
  183. Naruto: Chronicles of the Grave
  184. Star Wars Legecy
  185. Star Wars Legacy SU'S Open
  186. [RP]The Three Islands:Dialga Mountains[RP]
  187. The Two Caves: Crescent Cavern
  188. One Chance
  189. Pokemon: Legends Collide
  190. One Chance SU's
  191. [SU]Sekai, Tune of Kokugen and Aida {Naruto/Real World RP}
  192. PAC [Pokemon-Adoption-Center]
  193. Pokemon Galacica Sign Ups.
  194. Pokemon Galactica
  195. Pokemon Ranger: Darkness Stylers
  196. Pokemon Contamination
  197. Pokemon Revolution: Part 1 [Transformation] (Sign-ups, OPEN!!!)
  198. [SU] Chronicles of a Villain [You can post now]
  199. Pokemon Conamination (The World Has Ended)
  200. StarCraft: Onslaught [Sign-Ups]
  201. Zoids:The Region War(zoid/pokemon crossover)
  202. Rings of Darkness and Light (Revived) (RP)
  203. Pokémon: Topaz RPG [Sign-Ups OPEN]
  204. Pokemon,A world of Darkness
  205. Ben 10 Omnitrix Duplication
  206. Ben 10 Omnitrix Duplication Sign ups.
  207. Fighting Back(RP)
  208. Pokemon Survival 1: Humans Are Extinct
  209. Pokemon Rescue Team Adventures:Sky Tower
  210. Poke-bound
  211. Shattered Remains [SU]
  212. Pokemon Adventures: The Great Race! [SU's OPEN!!!]
  213. Drimedia-(working title)
  214. Naruto: The Fallen Leaves~War of the Ninja {SU}
  215. [WAR VII] WAR VII RP - The End's Grasp Sign Ups
  216. Grimmon's Revenge
  217. The Eight Fragments-The Legendary War(need Two more Arceus/Darkrai members)
  218. Naruto: Discovery of the Chasm of Secrets
  219. [WAR VII] WAR VII RP - The End's Grasp
  220. Medallion Masters
  221. Medallion masters sign-up.
  222. Shallow (A romance RP) Website is up and running.
  223. Pokémon: Topaz RPG [RP]
  224. [SU]Legend of Demons I - Demon War
  225. Light and Dark Gods
  226. Shadows
  227. Master's Region
  228. Naruto: The Fallen Leaves~War of the Ninja
  229. The Ice-Types' Revenge [Sign-Ups]
  230. Pokčmon or Trainer? You decide! [You can always SU!!]
  231. The super hero school
  232. ...The Legendaries Arise...
  233. A Journey (Sign-Ups)
  234. Scattered Remains [RP]
  235. Pokemon Adventures: The Great Race (RP Spinoff)
  236. Anthropomorphic Struggle
  237. Pokemon Amethyst
  238. Zoids:Deathsaurer's Return
  239. Pokemon Ultimate: The Journey.
  240. Pokemon Ultimate: The Journey {[RP]}
  241. [RP]Legend of Demons I - Demon War[RP]
  242. Pokemon wonder peeps!
  243. pokemon wonder peeps! :MOVED:
  244. Pokemon Sinnoh Adventures;The beggining of a Sinnoh journey
  245. The Haunted Mansion:secrets
  246. Pokemon: Flaming Spirit I [SU]
  247. Kingdom Hearts:The Heartless Invasion(SU OPEN!)
  248. Zoids:Deathsaurer's Return[RP]
  249. Role!
  250. [WAR VII] Lookie Event