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  1. Corruption [We're Closed... I'm Sorry :( ]
  2. PMD: Worlds Collide
  3. Battle for Shibuya (TWEWY RP) [SU]
  4. Corruption
  5. digimon fighters
  6. dragon riders: the hidden land of the huns
  7. Push: The Next Generation SU *re-opened*
  8. Pokemon Contamination
  9. || Aaron Academy || RP OPEN ||
  10. The Rebellion; A Dynasty Warriors RP
  11. Miradin University: The Land of Seven Suns
  12. Push: The Next Generation {RP}
  13. My New RP
  14. Battle for Shibuya (TWEWY RP)
  15. Power in the Wrong Hands [Revival FTW]
  16. Transformers: The Great War
  17. War of Salzarus
  18. jesse costume
  19. War of Salzarus SU
  20. Battle Island School (Hoshi Death Alternate Timeline)
  21. {SU} Incarnate of Stone
  22. Quista - Storm of Silver [SU]
  23. Kingdom Hearts: The Last Chance
  24. The Dark Spire (Revived: Need a cleric!)
  25. Transformers: The Great War [RP]
  26. KH: The Last Chance [RP]
  27. Quista - Storm of Silver
  28. Power in the Wrong Hands [RP]
  29. (SU)An Unseen World - The Tale of Zarca! REVIVAL (SU)
  30. Chaos Realm (Still need some people. we are having a blast so far.)
  31. Legion: Creatures of the Night [Revived; SU Open]
  32. {SU} Beastly chronicles: Part one - Escape from the paradise.
  33. The Dark Spire [RP]
  34. The Dark Spire [Spire RP]
  35. ~Spread your wings~ Dragon RP ~and roar to the sky~
  36. The Dark Ages (Revival FTW)
  37. [SU]Turning Ninja's into Trainers[SU] A Pokéruto Role Play (Revived)
  38. Escala and the Rise of Darkness
  39. The Sixteen Trials
  40. Legion: Creatures of the Night [RP]
  41. Falcior Academy: Disappearance. [SU OPEN]
  42. The Story of the Children: The Eight SU is closed (please don't lock)
  43. Pokemon.... the guardians.
  44. Falcior Academy: Disappearance -> The Children of the Lost -> Closing Act.
  45. The Story of the Children: The Eight [OPEN :D]
  46. We Speak to Death (We need PEOPLE!)
  47. Chaos Realm
  48. Pokemon Contamination [RATED R POKEMON RP] {SU}
  49. [SU] Animal Crossing RP [SU]
  50. Bakugan: New Civilization
  51. (SU) The Saviors of Creation (SU)
  52. Pokemon The Guardians
  53. !UPDATE! [SU] Dinosaur King: The Stone age comes back! [SU]
  54. {SU's are closed}Three Worlds Collide - Disgaea/Pokemon/Sonic Crossover{SU}
  55. A Shadow that Looms over Earth {SU}
  56. {RP}Three Worlds Collide - Disgaea/Pokemon/Sonic Crossover{RP}
  57. [RP]Turning Ninja's into Trainers[RP] A Pokéruto Role Play (Revived)
  58. Pokemon~Strom the Tower SU Open
  59. [SU] Digimon: New Beginning [SU]
  60. [SU]Pokemon vs Naruto vs After School Nightmare[SU]
  61. Multiplied
  62. His Dream - World Domination!?
  63. World Domination Sign-Ups
  64. Pokemon Contamination [RATED R] {RP}
  65. Eternal Nothingness [SU]
  66. Law and Pokemon
  67. World Domination [RP]
  68. Law and Pokemon
  69. [SU]Digimon: Dawn of a New Era[SU] (improved plot and more info added)
  70. Super Mario Sunshine II: The Return of Shadow Mario(SUs OPEN)
  71. [RP]Digimon: New Beginnings[RP]
  72. [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP
  73. We all have secrets..[SU]
  74. We all have secrets..[RP]
  75. Crossover
  76. Digimon Story 3: Call of the Ancient Legendary Warriors
  77. Boat of the UNKOWN--Pokemon RP--
  78. [RP] PMD2: The Planet's Paralysis RP
  79. a role play?
  80. [RP]Boat of the UNKNOWN[RP]
  81. Reanimators
  82. The Pokemon Olympics
  83. Pokemon The Final War
  84. Final pokemon war sign ups
  85. Dinosaur King: The Stone Age Returns!
  86. Pokemon Big Brother
  87. Salamence's Dragon Guild
  88. [SU] - City of Corpses - [RP up! SU still open.]
  89. [SU]A pirate's adventures with Ninjas and Benders.[SU]
  90. A Shadow that Looms over Earth {RP Open!!!}
  91. [su] Kung Fu Panda: The New Resolve [su]
  92. [SU]Forever REVOLUTION!!!: The Hundred Year War (SU's Open!!!)
  93. [SU]Pokémon: The Gem of Shaymin[SU]OPEN
  94. Lets set them on Fire... (Some content innappropriate for younger viewers)
  95. So We Set Them on Fire (some content not suitable for young minds)
  96. Digimon Story 3: Call of the Ancient Legendary Warriors
  97. [SU]Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: The Final Story[SU]CLOSED
  98. [SU]Legacys of heros[SU] 7 kids 2 adults needed
  99. [SU]PokePark Adventures: Crisis in Paradise!! [SU's OPEN!!!]
  100. Pokemon: A new beginning PG13
  101. Pokemon: a ne beginning pg13 SU's are open!
  102. The Secrets of Fell's Church SU
  103. Can a mod delete....or lock this or something.
  104. Forever Revolution!!!: The Thousand-Year War
  105. [RP] - City of Corpses - [PG-13]
  106. Knights of the Ariean Empire: Gate to Ta’irraeka [SU][Need Members!]
  107. [SU]Bridge of Fate: Pokemon Roleplay[SU]
  108. [RP]Pokemon: The Gem of Shaymin[RP]
  109. Resident Evil: Omega Trinity [REVIVED]
  110. [NEED MEMBERS AGAIN]Knights of the Ariean Empire: Gate to Ta’irraeka [RP]
  111. [RP]Bridge of Fate[RP]
  112. ~~Raging Storm~~ Sign Up (Pokemon RP)
  113. Vanasia
  114. Vanasia Sign Ups.
  115. [SU]-- Pokemon-- Ripped Away-- Pokemon-- [SU]
  116. [SU] The PHT Virus Outbreak - Black Winter
  117. [WAR XXX-XX-II+.5] Team RP # - Some Idiot Girl's Wish [Now open - join or die trying]
  118. [SU] Tokyo Mew Mew: The Next Generation (REVAMP! Two more Mew Mew's needed!)
  119. [SU]Kingdom Hearts: Children of the Kingdom[SU]
  120. Soul Siege Sign ups
  121. Pokemon: The Kanto Saga (SU open)
  122. [Pokémon RP] Carrying on a Wish [Open]
  123. [RP] Ripped Away [RP]
  124. Resident Evil: Omega Trinity [RP]
  125. Pokemon: The Kanto Saga (RP Thread)
  126. Fallout [SU]
  127. [RP] The PHT Virus Outbreak - Black Winter
  128. The Secrets of Fell's Church RP
  129. {SU} Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Shadow Dwellers {SU}
  130. Revolution
  131. Revolution
  132. Bad Luck [SUs NO LONGER OPEN >sniff<]
  133. [RP]Kingdom Hearts: Children of the Kingdom[RP]
  134. [SU OPEN] The Dark Legend of Sparx[SU OPEN!!!]
  135. { Pokémon: Forged Alliances, Battle for Stardust [SU] }
  136. [RP]Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Final Story[RP]
  137. DemiGod (Vampire Hunter D/Pokemon RP)
  138. [WAR XXX-XX-II+.5] Team RP # - Some Idiot Girl's Wish
  139. [RP] Pokemon: The Dark Legend of Sparx[RP]
  140. Final Fantasy: The Coming of the New Millenium
  141. Role Play Rulebook & Guide - Only for Advanced RPer's
  142. [SU] Lost Forever (Open)
  143. [SU] PKMN World Destruction-Rated: PG-13 [SU]
  144. *Intruders* Based Off The Host [Sign Ups]
  145. Kingdom Hearts: Deadlock [SU]
  146. (SU)Seargent Pika's Lonely Luvdisc Band(SU)
  147. Pokemon, good vs evil.
  148. Avatar - The Fifth Element (Originally created by The Frozen Prince and Caraa)
  149. Kingdom Hearts: Renegades
  150. Pokemon sprite RP
  151. Bad Luck [RP]
  152. Kingdom Hearts: Deadlock[RP]
  153. Crossing the Border {Pokemon RP} [SU]
  154. Era of the Dragon Riders: Impending Doom
  155. Lost on the road (Pokemon RP SU)
  156. [SU] Final Fantasy VII [Name forthcoming]
  157. [SU] TimeSplitters Future Perfect: Return of Crow (Rated: R) Non PKMN [SU]
  158. Lost Forever
  159. [SU]The Legion and The Empire.[SU]
  160. [SU] [Team RP VII] We Are Legends
  161. *~Pokemon Calamity (RP)
  162. [RP] Final Fantasy VII
  163. [SU] Mew-Two unleashed :PG-13: [SU]
  164. Sky High [SU]
  165. [SU] Knights of the Aura [RP Design Contest Winner]
  166. [RP] [Team RP VII] We Are Legends
  167. A New Pokemon Adventure!
  168. [SU] The Fire series RP
  169. [SU] Eevee Wars
  170. [RP] Eevee Wars
  171. [SU] The Regions Last Stand...
  172. Pokemon Adventure Board 1
  173. Pokemon~The new demension [SU]
  174. [SU] Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Dawn of Destruction[SU CLOSED]
  175. [SU] Dysiac File: Screaming Silence ~RP Design Contest Non PKMN Winner: Gold~
  176. Seargent Pika's Lonely Luvdisc Band REDUX
  177. [RP] Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Dawn of Destruction [RP]
  178. [RP] Mew-Two Unleashed :PG-13: [RP]
  179. Pokemon Schools (SU)
  180. [RP] Knights of the Aura
  181. [SU] Pokemon: Super-Hero Alliances \PG-13/ [SU]
  182. Pokemon Adventure Board 2 - Route 1
  183. Poke-Sentai One: Fossirangers [SU]
  184. [SU] The lord wars [SU]
  185. Galatic Gaurdian Academy, G.A.A [SU]
  186. [SU]Dark Reality[SU] PG-13 SIGN-UPS ARE OPEN!
  187. [SU]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies[SU]
  188. Galatic Gaurdian Academy, G.A.A [SU]
  189. [SU]Pokemon: The Grande Challenge[SU OPEN]
  190. Dragon Age: Origins (SU)
  191. Galatic Gaurdian Academy, G.A.A [RP]
  192. [SU] Raymu Raving Rabbids (PG-13) NO MORE GOOD GUY SUS NEED BADNIKS PLEASE! [SU]
  193. [RP]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies[RP]
  194. [SU] Team Rocket Squads {PG-13} [SU]
  195. Yeerk Invasion (Pokemon+Animorphs Crossover) [SU]
  196. [RP] Pokemon: The Grande Challenge [RP]
  197. Pokémon Schools (RP)
  198. [RP] Super Hero Alliances /PG-13\ [RP]
  199. [SU]The 6 Orbs RPG[SU] SIGN-UPS OPEN!
  200. [SIGN-UP] The Hunger Games
  201. [RP] Team Rocket Squads /PG-13\ [RP]
  202. [SIGN UP] Freak City RPG! (14+)
  203. [SU] The Land of Anime [14+]
  204. [SU]Pokemon: Kanto Journeys[SU OPEN]
  205. ~A Whole New World~ [Pokémon Role-Play Sign-Up]
  206. [RP] Raymu Raving Rabbids (PG-13) [RP]
  207. [RP] Dysiac File: Screaming Silence
  208. [SU] Pokemon Hogwarts (It's back!)
  209. [SU] Pokemon: Nintendo Arrivals /PG-13\ [SU]
  210. [SU] Doctor Who: The Dark Paradox (PG-13)
  211. The Witches Talisman RP Sign Ups! (PG-13)
  212. Wild pokemon ((RP))
  213. Mystic Island
  214. Pokemon: The Turia Region Sign Ups
  215. Pokemon: The Hicuru Region(SU)
  216. [SU] Zatch Bell! New Generation! (Open) [SU]
  217. [SU]The School of Srs Biz
  218. Pokemon Ulitmate Challange
  219. Pokemon Ultimate Challenge: Path of Destiny
  220. [RP]Pokemon: Kanto Journeys[RP]
  221. [RP] Pokemon: Nintendo arrivals /Pg-13\ [RP]
  222. Crossover 2: The Tournament(Reopened)
  223. Battle Island School (Revive/Restart)
  224. [SU]Chronicals of Nature
  225. Battle Island School, the Revival
  226. [SU] The Legend of Zelda; Shattered Courage
  227. Digimon- Soldiers of Nightmare (PG13) *Post away!*
  228. Crossover 2: The Tournament RP(REOPENED)
  229. The Witches Talisman RP (PG-13) SU are still opened!
  230. [RP] The Legend of Zelda: Shattered Courage
  231. [SU]Pokemon: The Eternal Comet (Sequel to Grande Challenge)[SU OPEN PLZ SU!!!]
  232. Pokemon: The Omega Factor (SU)
  233. The Metroid Virus: A Metroid RP /PG-13 {SU}
  234. Vongola and Notturno Generation XV
  235. [RP] Digimon-Soldiers of Nightmare
  236. A Shadow that Looms over Earth {Revived} SU's
  237. [SU] The Dragon Summoners [SU]
  238. [SU] Pokemon: Challenge Island
  239. [RP] Pokemon: The Eternal Comet (Sequel to Grande Challenge)[RP]
  240. Pokemon: The Omega Factor
  241. Limestone Tournament. Shock suprise to the winner, Semifinals.
  242. The Fell War Saga [Bleach RP] <SU>
  243. God of War: The Doom Games |PG-14| - [SU]
  244. Camp half-blood Roleplay (SU still open)
  245. Pokemon Piece
  246. [RP] Pokemon Challenge Island: Path of Destiny
  247. Battle Challenge (SU's Now CLOSED) (RP POSTED!)
  248. Professor Layton and the Forgotten City [SU]
  249. World of Pokemon
  250. Days Of Daycare