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  1. Men in Black [SU]
  2. A New Adventure
  3. Pokemon universe
  4. Pokemon Universe
  5. The Fell War Saga [Bleach RP] <RP>
  6. Professor Layton and the Missing City [RP]
  7. [SU]Pokemon: Return to the Temple of the Sea[SU OPEN]
  8. Arceus' Rampage [SU]
  9. Days Of Daycare
  10. [SU] When Anime Becomes Reality - Digimon [SU] (Revived)
  11. [SU] The lord wars [SU] |revival|
  12. Pokémon: Neo Genesis ((SU and Revival))
  13. [SU Open!]Chi[SU] PG-13
  14. [RP]Pokemon: Return to the Temple of the Sea[RP]
  15. Push: The Next Generation SU *redone*
  16. The cry of the wild~Pokemon RP SU
  17. The demons rising [SU]
  18. [SU] Pokemon Doomsday: Rain or Shine
  19. [SU] The Battle of Aloria [SU] (Revived)
  20. Battle Challenge RP
  21. Supernatural: The Rise Of Lucifer *SU*
  22. Pokemon Leaves of Fire (SU)
  23. MiB [RP]
  24. [RP] The Battle of Aloria [RP] (Revived)
  25. [RP] When Anime Becomes Reality - Digimon [RP] (Revived)
  26. [SU] Terrah: Land of Unity /PG-13\ [SU]
  27. [SU] Pokemon: Royalty is Among Us [SU] (Open)
  28. Pokémon Academy [SU]
  29. Pokemon: Shattered Reality
  30. [RP] Pokemon Doomsday: Rain or Shine
  31. [RP] Terrah: Land of Unity /PG-13\ [RP]
  32. Men in black; the conquest of a thousand worlds
  33. [SU]Haunted House[/SU] PG-13 (Maybe Higher)
  34. Metal Sonic's Academy for Role Play enrichment!
  35. What lies behind Moorewood Bridge (SU)
  36. [SU]Pokémon Guardians REOPENED![SU]
  37. Poke-Morph Island: Rebellion against Rocket- [SU] PG-13
  38. Pokémon Academy [RP]
  39. Camp Half-Blood: god vs. god vs. god (RP)
  40. Wonderland[.late.for.tea.]- My first RP! :D
  41. [SU] Wrong Place, Wrong Time (Under construction by the high King's request)
  42. Pokemon Reality TV: Battle of the Season
  43. Eli's Pokemon Adventure
  44. [RP]Pokémon Guardians[RP]
  45. Family Town
  46. Void
  47. Metal's RP Academy [RP thread]
  48. Shattered Reality (RP)
  49. look's like team rocket's blasting off agaaaaaiiiiinnnnn!!!! *ding*
  50. Blue Jeannies
  51. Blue Jeannies
  52. The new pokemon of the age(with your made up pokemon)
  53. Meme Wars[SU}
  54. pokemon: alternate reality
  55. Pokemon Fallen woods: The first clue
  56. [RP] Royalty is Among Us [RP]
  57. [SU] Blank Academy [SU]
  58. Supernatural: The Rise Of Lucifer *RP*
  59. Final Fantasy XIII: The Rebirth of Cocoon [SU]
  60. [SU] The Dreamscape RP
  61. [RP] The Dreamscape RP
  62. SU[.hack//NextWorld]SU
  63. [RP] Blank Academy [RP]
  64. Seargent Pika's Lonely Luvdisc Band REDUX AGAIN![SU]
  65. Wild Tribes (SU)
  66. [SU]Oblivion (A Pokemon RP)
  67. The demons and angels
  68. RP[.hack//NextWorld]RP
  69. The betrayal: Sign up!
  70. The six keys of Dreamland
  71. ||The Betrayal|| [RP]
  72. Naruto: A New Beginning of a Ninja's Journey Signup
  73. [SU]Haven- Legend's Roost
  74. Pokemon Piece Mewtwo's hidden Treasure RP started Sign ups still open
  75. Kirby: The clone wars [SU]
  76. [SU] Dragons' Tears [SU]
  77. Seargent Pika's Lonely Luvdisc Band REDUX AGAIN! [RP]
  78. [SU]MegaMan X: Master of Puppets
  79. Sin Song (Sign-Ups Open! :3)
  80. Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [SU]
  81. Child's Play Signups [MA 15+]
  82. How Neo Pikachu Does It - A Role Play Creation Tutorial Guide
  83. Avatar: Rise Of Firelord Kazha [SU]
  84. Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [RP]
  85. [RP] Deadliest Warrior: Clashes in time
  86. [RP]Megaman X: Master of Puppets
  87. The six keys of dreamland
  88. [SU] The Guild of Salvation
  89. [RP] Avatar; Rise Of Firelord Kazha [RP]
  90. (Revived) God vs. god vs. god, a Percy Jackson Roleplay.
  91. [SU]Wonderland at War[SU]
  92. [RP] The Guild of Salvation RP
  93. [SU]The Balance Chronicles : Chapter 1 - The Never-Ending War[SU]
  94. [SU] Desperation - Pokemon RP
  95. Eevee Isles - Population: 100,000
  96. [SU] Road Last Traveled RP [SIGN UPS CLOSED]
  97. Desperation - Pokemon RP
  98. Shifters, War of Fang and Claw (SU)
  99. Kingdom Hearts: The Beginning of the End {SU's}
  100. Falcior Academy: Secret of the Knights [Open - added information on Aeon forces]
  101. Murder I - Haunted Mansion [15 slots left]
  102. [RP] Road Last Traveled - The Fallarbor Town Massacre [PG-13]
  103. Pokemon Prophesies; the first prophesy
  104. Falcior Academy: Secret of the Knights [RP]
  105. Welcome to pokemon academy SU
  106. The Infection-{Part 1:Accumulation}(RP has started/Sign ups still open)
  107. Pokémon Sinnoh: Neo Galaxy!
  108. The Fires Below (D&D 3.5 RP) SU's Open
  109. The Fires Below (D&D 3.5) RP
  110. Recruit me!! :D (1x1 or group)
  111. [SU]Kirby Super Star: The Time Heroes
  112. Kingdom Hearts: The Beginning of the End {RP}
  113. Night watchers
  114. The ledgend (will u join the fight) NOT READY
  115. Pokemon Piece Mewtwo's Hidden Treasure
  116. Pokemon Sinnoh: Neo Galaxy!
  117. Pokemon Prophesies; The first prophesy
  118. Final Fusion SU (RP opened)
  119. Pokemorphs- the battle of the types
  120. Pokemon: Superpowers unite! [SU>Pg-13]
  121. The Race for the Red Core
  122. Pokemon: Outcasted by Sight
  123. The Infection-{Part 1:Accumulation}(RP)
  124. Pokemon Ranger~Stand By Me~
  125. Pokemon Ranger~Stand By Me~
  126. A Fault of Souls -- [Now open to everyone]
  127. A Fault of Souls -- Sign-Ups -- [REVIVED... or soon to be, anyway]
  128. Pokemon: Rebirth (Open/Accepting)
  129. World of Nightmares [SU; Open]
  130. Pokemon Sentai Wild Rangers (SU)
  131. Final Fusion RP
  132. Shard Carriers - PG-13 - Sign-up [OPEN]
  133. World of Nightmares [RP]
  134. Pokemon: Rebirth (RP)
  135. The Russo-American War
  136. Shard Carriers - Season 2 | PG-13
  137. Total Drama Barrens [SU clooooosed!!]
  138. Taking Back Time [A Pokemon RP] {SU}
  139. Sinnoh Adventures! : Sign-ups Open
  140. Digimon 2: The Great Frontier
  141. Sinnoh Adventures [RP]
  142. Pokemon Legends [Sign Up Now!]
  143. Pokemon Legends [RP Board]
  144. City Escape - Pokémon RP Signups
  145. City Escape - RP
  146. Friendenimy, A Pokemon RP [SU]
  147. BIT.TRIP ERA [su]
  148. Pokemon Ranger~Stand By Me~ RP
  149. The lost legend ~SU~
  150. [SU] Touhou Adventure (OPEN!)
  151. Rebirth: Legendary War (SU)
  152. The Rise of The Espada~A BLEACH RP~SU's OPEN
  153. The Kyoto Islands - Sign Up [OPEN]
  154. [RP] Touhou Adventure
  155. Rebirth: Legendary War [RP]
  156. [SU] Replication [SU] RP up | Still open
  157. The Witches Talisman RP Sign Ups! (MA15+ for Romance and Violence)
  158. [RP] Replication [RP]
  159. [SU]Thieves- The Family
  160. The Curse Lives Again~A Fruits Basket rp~ SU'S OPEN
  161. The Rise of The Espada~A BLEACH RP~SU's OPEN
  162. The life of a Demi witch/wizard RP
  163. Thieves- The Family [RP]
  164. The Witches Talisman RP (MA15+ for Romance and Violence)
  165. [SU] ::The Darker Side of Me (RP Started, SUs still open!)
  166. [SU]Kingdom Hearts-The Returning Darkness[SU]
  167. Noctowl Guardians Pokemon RP [SU]
  168. Jewels of the past [SU]
  169. The Jewels of the past [SU]
  170. ~Pokemorphs~ |The Prophecy|
  171. Terminator: Early Dawn
  172. The Corruption of Team Rocket [SU]
  173. Legend SOS [SU] Open, RP is up
  174. The Four Gates
  175. Digimon Adventure: NEXT!
  176. Total Drama Barrens [RP]
  177. Pokemon: Obscuring Clouds [SU] PG:13
  178. Legend SOS
  179. [RP]Kingdom Hearts-The Returning Darkness[RP]
  180. Noctowl Guardians {RP}
  181. The Rise of Team Ozone~sign-ups
  182. }{shift}{
  183. Desperation - Pokemon RP [SU] (Attempt number two!)
  184. Metal Revolution: Pokemon/Music Crossover [SU]
  185. [SU] Shattered (Open, RP is up.)
  186. The 9: Sign Up
  187. The 9 SU
  188. Pokemon the last chapter; The rise of Fasika
  189. Deadly Alliance: Enter Team Darkness [OPEN; RP started]
  190. [RP] ::The Darker Side of Me
  191. [SU] Tides of Freelance~Nigh Ruin
  192. Deadly Alliance: Enter Team Darkness [RP]
  193. Cipher's Revenge [SU]
  194. The Veilstone Saga
  195. Pokemon: Blitz of the Night
  196. Pokemon: Blitz of the Night
  197. Castlevania: The Five Houses
  198. The Veilstone Saga [RP]
  199. Left 4 Dead Episode 1 - No Mercy
  200. Desperation [RP]
  201. ~PokeMorphs:~ |The Prophecy| [RP]
  202. [SU] Battle of the Eons (RP started, still accepting)
  203. [SU] A New Pokémon Journey: The Elite Tournament [SU]
  204. The Magikal Society of Pokemon Summoners: Year One [SU]
  205. [RP] Shattered (Sign-Ups are still open)
  206. Sentimental Generation (Sign-Ups)
  207. [SU] Blank Academy (Re-opens) [SU]
  208. Galactic Guardian Academy, G.G.A [SU]
  209. [RP] Tides of Freelance ~ Nigh Ruin
  210. (SU) Harry Potter and the Spawn of Voldemort (MA15 for Violence and Romance)
  211. [RP] Battle of the Eons (SUs still open)
  212. [RP] A New Pokémon Journey: The Elite Tournament [RP]
  213. Role Play~
  214. [SU] Project Alteration
  215. [SU] The War for Axian[SU]
  216. [SU]This is How the World Ends[SU] (We are accepting SUs now!!!)
  217. Battle of the races. A legendary war story.
  218. Harry Potter and the Spawn of Voldemort (MA15 for Violence and Romance) RP {SU open}
  219. [SU] Touhoumon: Attack of the Haxxors (A Touhou/Pokemon RP)
  220. [SU] The Institute
  221. The Sisters of Ash Ketchum [SU]
  222. The Ultamite Anime Character! [Sign up]
  223. The Sisters of Ash Ketchum (RP)
  224. [RP] The Institute.
  225. [SU] Dungeons and Dragonites: Campaign 1 [SU] (One Spot Now Open!)
  226. The Assassins Institute [SU; Open]
  227. [RP]This is How the World Ends[RP]
  228. (Rp) What has happened to our world?
  229. [SU] King of Monsters (Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover)
  230. [SU]Pokemon: The Island League[SU]
  231. ~Nothing Lasts Forever~ A Pokemon Roleplay ~Not Even Legends~ (Sign-ups)
  232. ~Nothing Lasts Forever~ A Pokemon Roleplay ~Not Even Legends~ (Roleplay)
  233. [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]
  234. The King of Monsters (Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover)
  235. The Assassins Institute [RP]
  236. DATS in Isshu (Pokemon/Digimon Savers Crossover)
  237. Sprites
  238. Digimon Data Squad/Savers
  239. Digimon Data Squad/Savers
  240. [RP] Dungeons and Dragonites: Trial Run [RP]
  241. [SU]Escape From Avalon[SU]
  242. Rp closed
  243. The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [SUs] =REVIVED=
  244. [SU] The Lylat Wars (Star Fox RP)
  245. When Earth calls for help~Su
  246. The Kuriboh Clan![Sign up]
  247. The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=
  248. [SU] The Secrets of Fells Church [SU] PG-13 [CLOSED for now]
  249. Legends unleashed: Team Hurricane
  250. Build Up Your Gang