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  1. Projections.
  2. ~Shattered Glass Masquerade~
  3. The Chao Garden (season 1)
  4. .:Enslaved:. [PG/13]
  5. W I L L (PG13 for Violence)
  6. The Legendary world theory.
  7. Imprisonment!
  8. would you read this whole versoin?
  9. The Human Species (PG-13)
  10. Last Kiss
  11. Surely we all remember and welcome a relic.
  12. Pokemon:Power of the Five (Somewhat PG 13 later on)
  13. Roselia's evolution system mysteries!
  14. Peace, an Interruption of War
  15. The Video Journal of an American Pokemon Trainer (PG-PG13)
  16. Diary of a Lazy Kid - The Hard Road to Victory
  17. Aka's Poetry thread
  18. Wilted Rose
  19. Project Dimension
  20. Starcraft II: Drop 2 of a 3 Part Series (Pg15)
  21. The Heirs of Legend
  22. [one-shot] Text Message
  23. [Other] Negima - Battle for Origin (PG13)
  24. Down to Earth [Kingdom Hearts One-shot]
  25. [Pokemon] Arceus: A Deity in Need
  26. [IA] Pokemon 1: Interactive Adventure
  27. Dark Nostalgia: Feral Twilight (PG-13)
  28. Dark Nostalgia: Biohazard (PG-13, PMD/Anthro-Pokemon fic)
  29. Apollo's Short Story/Novel and Poetry Thread (Content varies from G to PG-13)
  30. The PE2K DreamCraft Contest [THE RESULTS ARE IN!]
  31. pokemon eternity
  32. pokemon reloaded
  33. [IA] Rapture Rising
  34. [IA] The Random adventure of Randomness
  35. [IA] In a Cellar somewhere...
  36. [Pokemon] [IA] A Werewolf in Lilycove
  37. DreamCraft - The Trials of Survival
  38. [OTHER][IA] WASTELAND: Survival in the Post-Apocalyptic world!
  39. [IA] Interactive Adventure Info
  40. [IA] The Day Dies With You
  41. [Dreamcraft] Darkrai's Inferno
  42. [CALL OF LEGENDS] Frozen World
  43. If I Rise - A Dreamcraft Entry
  44. The POKEMON Cup. [PG-13]
  45. ~Storm Chaser~ [DreamCraft] (Chapter Two Added 4.20.11)
  46. Devout (PG-13)
  47. Odyssey of the Forgotten
  48. Winning by a peck
  49. [Pokemon] Evolution's Gate (PG-13) ~COMPLETE~
  50. The Stirring (Original fiction) (Pg-13)
  51. Forever at a standstill (M FerrisWheel One-shot))
  52. Conflict of the Gods
  53. [DreamCraft] The Bonds That Never Die
  54. The Northern Wind's Game [DREAMCRAFT]
  55. [DreamCraft] The battle is on! -ShiningStar Island
  56. [DreamCraft] The Goldenrod Incident (PG-15)
  57. Mewtwo, the strongest of all Pokemon: Caught?
  58. The Team
  59. [Pokemon] Tides of Freelance~Nigh Ruin [PG] ~The Fic~
  60. Adventure, Quest [PG+13]
  61. [Pokemon] Three Dogs and Johto.
  62. [Pokemon] Falling In Balance (Rated PG-13 for Violence)
  63. [Pokemon] Pokemon Adventures: Beyond the Horizon
  64. [Pokemon] .stalls.
  65. [WAR X] Fanfiction Sector
  66. [Pokemon] ~Rayquazza's War~
  67. [Other] The Darkness
  68. [WAR X] Creative Writing
  69. [WAR X] This, this is rebirth.
  70. [WAR X] Three Lives
  71. [Other] --horror-- [Collection of Short Stories]
  72. [Pokemon] Sight of the Future [It will not die!]
  73. [WAR X] Failure (Rated T for mature themes)
  74. [Other] War X Poem- Phoenix
  75. [WAR X] Ingrained
  76. [Pokemon] [IA] Sucessfully Lost
  77. [WAR X] Sister.
  78. [WAR X] The Big Root
  79. [Pokemon] [WAR X] The Genesis of Arceus
  80. [WAR X] A Second Chance
  81. [WAR X] Silence
  82. [WAR X] A Life Once Bound
  83. [Pokemon] [WAR X] Kingdom 2 Come (Now open for comments)
  84. [Pokemon] WAR X - Reshiram and Zekrom (brief mentions of blood)
  85. [WAR X] "Opposites Attract" by XaiakuX
  86. [WAR X Creative Writing] Cradle (Violence, disturbing themes)
  87. [WAR X] War for Life, Freedom by Death
  88. [WAR X] Where Our Loyalties Lie
  89. [WAR X] The Dragon and the Bard
  90. [Pokemon] When fire meet fire .
  91. [WAR X] Juice Fence
  92. [WAR X] Where the Fires Began
  93. [WAR X] Together Strong
  94. [Pokemon] A Day in the Life of...
  95. [Pokemon] The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum
  96. Shane's Guide to Not Sucky Fanfics
  97. [Pokemon] War X - Destiny Journey
  98. [Pokemon] Descent Into the Unown
  99. The Trials of Love
  100. [WAR X] The Undying Truth
  101. [WAR X]Ukulele Blues
  102. [Pokemon] I am Articuno
  103. [Pokemon] The Truth is Just Another Lie
  104. [Pokemon] Last day of school, summer holidays.
  105. [Other] Superkid (season one)
  106. Nightmare Platinum: A Creepypasta by UltimateBrawl
  107. [WAR X] Reminders
  108. [Other] What Dreams Are Made Of
  109. [Other] The Wolf THat Just Learned Love...
  110. [WAR X] Consume
  111. [Other] Just Like Daddy!
  112. [WAR X] The Flare of Mt.Ember
  113. [WAR X] Silver Summits
  114. Crimson Tears
  115. [Pokemon] Coping with Reality [PG-13+ for Bad Language]
  116. [WAR X] Piece of the Heart
  117. [WAR X] Throne Out of Time
  118. [WAR X] The Winter Festival
  119. [WAR X] Deleting...
  120. Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.
  121. [Pokemon] Continuing Story
  122. [DIGIMON] Just a Game? (PG)
  123. [Pokemon] [IA] A Pokemon's Tale
  124. [Pokemon] Ambersaga(Now 100% more dead.)
  125. [Pokemon] [IA]Ambersand Interactive{Dead, if you didn't notice.}
  126. [Pokemon] Kingdom 2 Come EXTENDED VERSION (Ch. 4 FINALLY added xD)
  127. MLP: Legend of Darkness(READ BEFORE POSTING, PLEASE)
  128. [Other] Me Just Being ME [A Story Of A DORK]
  129. [Pokemon] Failing with My Friends....XD
  130. [Other] Then Animal Life [~*Chapt. 3 Up!*~]
  131. [Pokemon] Pocket Hearts: Birth By Sleep (KH crossover)
  132. [Pokemon] Black Holes
  133. Creative Writing Rules, Guidelines & Resources [READ FIRST!]
  134. [Other] The Yin and Yang Chronicles
  135. [Pokemon] $3000 and Someone Else's Dream[Also dead. Yuppers.]
  136. [Other] Digimon (my thoughts of a PG13 live action movie)
  137. [Other] Eye of the Sea
  138. [Other] Doors of Vision
  139. [Pokemon] Is there a way?
  140. My collection of essays (and other stuff)
  141. Diamonds of Poetries Etched in Time
  142. [Other] Dot Wars
  143. [IA] The Final Destination
  144. [IA]: Even we are unwanted
  145. [Other] Saved The Middle! PG-13
  146. [Pokemon] Soul Chronicles (Chapter 4 is out)
  147. Pokemon Platinum release story
  148. [Other] Death by Touch (Impossible Friends Chapt. 1+2)
  149. [Other] Short stories by austbot
  150. [IA] What is Darkness?
  151. [Pokemon] Research: the legend of the mount Coronet.
  152. [Pokemon] Legend of the Shadow Tracker
  153. [Other] (UNFINISHED) Touhou creepypasta
  154. [Other] My word is only as good as the ink that supports it (tust's random poetry)
  155. [Pokemon] Champion Game {Chapter 9}
  156. [Pokemon] A Hero in Need
  157. Petra's Fanfictions
  158. [Other] The Aperture Science Storyteller Sphere Test || Portal <Updated 12-4-11>
  159. [Other] Shadowing the Fallen [Sonic the Hedgehog]
  160. Behind the Scenes: Deadliest FanFic Warrior
  161. [Pokemon] PMD: Night of the Red Moon PG-13
  162. [Pokemon] Seamill Forest
  163. Deadliest FanFic Warrior! (Rated PG-for fictional violence)
  164. [Other] Legend of Zelda: The Heroine of Time
  165. [Other] Pre-edit Dovahkiin Reborn
  166. [Other] Those That Came Before [In-Progress]
  167. [Pokemon] The Trials of an Ex-Pokémon Fan
  168. Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire Story!!!
  169. Genesect shutdown
  170. [Other] The Color of Death-Betrayal's Outlaw
  171. [Other] C&C: A Red Alert
  172. [Pokemon] Where Dreams are Made
  173. [Other] TES V: Skyrim - Dovahkiin Reborn
  174. [poetry] The Gates of Horn and Ivory
  175. [Other] Harvesting Darkness chapter 1
  176. [Pokemon] Pokemon X Kingdom Hearts (aka Pocket Hearts)
  177. [Pokemon] [IA] The Lost One
  178. [Other] Someone Stole Your Sweet Roll? (TES: V)
  179. [Pokemon] "LOSER's journey"
  180. [Pokemon] Survival Project
  181. [Pokemon] Blowing Smoke (PG-13) Updated to Chapter Four
  182. [Pokemon] The Canalave Library (for all writers to contribute!)
  183. [Other] DAXTER: The Hero Trade [Crossover/Jak & Daxter, FIRST CHAPTER POSTED]
  184. Have YOUR story voice acted!
  185. [Pokemon] Beyond Time, Over Darkness, In the Sky: A PMD Tale
  186. [Other] . t o | z a n a r k a n d . [poem gallery]
  187. [Other] Digi Chronicles- Book 1: Dark Secrets (Chapter Two out now!)
  188. Tutoring and Review Group (TAR) First review up~
  189. [Pokemon] Pokemon X Kingdom Hearts ( total redux)
  190. [Other] Fear of the Dark {Short Story/One-Shot}
  191. [Pokemon] 傳說中的天空口袋妖怪 (Legends of the Sky Pokemon)
  192. [Pokemon] Pokemon: Plaid Version (A Play in One-Act)
  193. Song Parodies!
  194. [Other] Lost In Darkness
  195. [Pokemon] Myth: God's Eye (Chapter Six up!)
  196. [WAR XI] Creative Writing Section -- Final Week Judged!
  197. [WAR XI] The Voice {PG 13+} [Judged]
  198. [WAR XI] Live Radio [Judged]
  199. [WAR XI] Where the Heart Is [Judged]
  200. [Other] [WAR XI] The Radio (Rated M. I'm serious. This is just awful) [Judged]
  201. [Pokemon] [WAR XI] Mordred's Lullaby [Not Judged]
  202. [WAR XI] Build Up Radio Style [Judged]
  203. [Pokemon] The Fire Red Nuzlocke Tales
  204. [Pokemon] [WAR XI]While You Were Gone [Judged]
  205. [WAR XI] Burst of Soul [Judged]
  206. [WAR XI] Echo Through Time [Judged]
  207. [Other] [WAR XI] Changing History {Rated for 16+} [Judged]
  208. [Other] [WAR XI] Dusk Delusions [Judged]
  209. [WAR XI] Faces of the Moon [Judged]
  210. [WAR XI] The One I Hate [Judged]
  211. [WAR XI] An Afternoon Tea Party [Judged]
  212. [Pokemon] [WAR XI] Ice Cream? No, YOU Scream. [Judged]
  213. [WAR XI] An Act of Kindness [Judged] (And finally finished!)
  214. [WAR XI] Strife of Solace [Judged]
  215. [WAR XI] Kerosene (Rated M) [Judged]
  216. [Pokemon] [WAR XI] Goodbyes Are Hard [Judged]
  217. [WAR XI] Let me Tell you a Story...[Judged]
  218. [Other] [WAR XI] Snow Petals [Judged]
  219. [Pokemon] [War XI] Broken Smile [Judged]
  220. [WAR XI] Just Me and My Voices [Judged]
  221. [Pokemon] Trapped
  222. Short Story of the Bi-Week #1 (THEME: APOLOGIES)
  223. [Other] The Divine Champion
  224. [Other] [WAR XI] Killing the Innocent [Judged]
  225. [WAR XI] Chant of Twilight [Judged]
  226. [Pokemon] [WAR XI] Breakeven [Judged]
  227. [Pokemon] [WAR XI] Waltz for the Moon [Judged]
  228. [WAR XI] The Wandering Forest [Judged]
  229. [Other] Return of the Avatar (15+ due to language and semi-detailed violence)
  230. [Pokemon] Keldeo Contest: Short Story of the Bi-Week #K (THEME: KELDEO)
  231. Short Story of the Week Library and Hall of Fame
  232. Theory Time
  233. [Pokemon] Tears of the Prophesy
  234. [Other] Tekkit Is Awesome(An MLP-Yogscast crossover)
  235. [Pokemon] Yes, Another Nuzlocke Story (Leaf Green)
  236. [Pokemon] [Short] Grace (Drop a Comment or Rate! :D)
  237. [Other] Kamara's Poem Collection
  238. [Other] Elemental Fighters
  239. [Pokemon] Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Pokemon Style)
  240. Meloetta Contest: Short Story of the Bi-Week #M (Theme: Meloetta Battle)
  241. [CONTEST] Meloetta - Write Us Some Poetry!
  242. [Pokemon] Time Exploration
  243. [Other] Turnabout Assumptions
  244. Crystal's Short Stories
  245. [Other] Dragonball Xtreme Saiya Reborn (in progress)
  246. [Pokemon] Project Gray [PG-13]
  247. Meloetta Poetry Contest (Voting)
  248. [Pokemon] The Rocket Wars (Rated M)
  249. [Other] [IA] The World Ends With You: New Game
  250. Pikachu's Original Song: Magnagate & The Infinite Labyrinth