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  1. The Coyotes [We will return to the battlefield, mark my words, Monseiurs]
  2. .
  3. Team Electrified Dark Water (In training for ToD)
  4. Padman's PSS
  5. WAR Season V: The Novel Project Discussion Thread (Merchandise Now Out!)
  6. Brothers Blood Guild
  7. PE2K Team Based RP Discussion
  8. Ninja Footwork Master the Silent Arts
  9. Eevee Lovers Assemble!!
  10. [Team RP III/WAT] The Rocket Renegades
  11. PE2K's Supreme Court
  12. [TEAM RP V] Team Trainer: Heroes of Honor- Beating with Brushes
  13. The "We <3 Cute Pokemon that Kill" Club
  14. [WAR Hopefull] Ranger Union
  15. The Dark Council: A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy
  16. Tales of Symphonia Chatters Club.
  17. Music Club!!!
  18. The Society of Light
  19. The Flying Aces ( non-WAR for the present time)
  20. Team Brigade
  21. *~The Metal Honor Thread (Pokemon Included)~* {DEAD}
  22. Pokemon (forum version)
  23. team emerald base[recruits open]
  24. The Homeschool Club
  25. The Phantom Squadron
  26. *War on CN*
  27. [War Season VI] - WAR Leader Sign-Ups/Discussion
  28. The Atheist Club
  29. [WAR VI] Team Swarm (Scott does evil right!)
  30. War VI
  31. Team Neon [lock this thread]
  32. The Jewish Club!
  33. [Non-WAR] ~Ŧ℮aм N℮řn~
  34. War Season VI - War Roleplay Discussion
  35. [WAR VI] Schedule, Positions, and Participant Compendium
  36. War Season VI Team Leader Sign-ups
  37. Team Pokescape
  38. (WAR-Hopeful) The Flying Aces( sub-branch of Team Swarm! )
  39. The Syndicate ~=~ See, told you we do evil right! ~=~
  40. [War VI] RP Discussion Thread
  41. The Mirotes Club.
  42. The Apex [EVIL WAR TEAM] ~ Join Today and express that burning desire to hurt people!
  43. NightStriders:Renegade Knights [Searching for a purpose]
  44. Gurito Roleplay Sprite Club (Help Wanted)
  45. The Typhoon Alliance (Where Pwning is a Lifestyle!)
  46. [Merged with NS!]DARK:Dark Angels Renegade Knights (renewed) Looking for members now!
  47. Pokemon Gems
  48. The Empire Of Cipher (Retired until next year, we will be back, mark my words, ok)
  49. The Unofficial Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Fanclub!
  50. bookworm's club
  51. [Non-War] Hyrule Castle: The Legend of Zelda Fan Club
  52. [War VI] General Discussion Thread
  53. [WAR VI] Team Leader Voting Thread
  54. [WAR VI] Team Leader Voting Thread: Take Two (Everyone Vote Again!!!)
  55. Team Emon and Team Nightmare(revived)
  56. Shadow of the Colossus and System of a Down fanclub!
  57. The 4th Generation Knowledge Seekers club
  58. War VI RP - Allowable Races Discussion
  59. Team Twilight Forest
  60. Talk about Anything
  61. Creative Minds[Please Lock]
  62. Avatar Fan Club (NON WAR)
  63. War VI Election Results + Poll for deciding the last team!
  64. Fullmetal Alchemist club
  65. The Xbox Live Club
  66. Vampyric Overlord (need members to enter WAR)
  67. Team Vortex(Non WAR, for now... Preparring for WAR 7)
  68. Enviromental Society
  69. [WAR VI] Team Sub-Leader Selection Thread
  70. Mario Party Club-The One and Only Mario Club! Banner Contest!
  71. War VI: The right Team Sub-Leader thread.
  72. The Midgar Council (non-WAR)
  73. Creators club! (ALL TCGs and CCGs)(Cards, Pokemon, etc)
  74. eleMENTAL
  75. The pokemon fan-club
  76. Marine Pokemon Fan Club
  77. The pokelife news group (players of pokelife only)
  78. [non war] The electric rodent pokemon club!
  79. The pokegamers club!
  80. The pokemon club! join now
  81. Band Club
  82. (Non-War) X-Mansion; Xmen Fan Club
  83. PE2K WoW Guild?
  84. [WAR VI] WAR Member Sign-Up Thread
  85. [War VI] Team Factor
  86. Role Player's club
  87. Planetary Council
  88. pokemon crater club
  89. [Non-War] Sprite City (A spriter's Fan club)
  90. May club
  91. May club (better)
  92. Ash and May club
  93. (Non-War)The Debate Club
  94. (WAR VI) The Next Step: Drafting!
  95. Grass Pokemon Trivia club
  96. [NON-WAR] -Team Kryptonite-
  97. Team Hydro-Bloom
  98. The Wario Ware Inc. Club
  99. The Bomberman Club
  100. Pokemon club!
  101. [Non war] fighters of group "Alfa"
  102. Team NMG
  103. Grass pokemon club
  104. ~*~Shiny Pokemon Hunters~*~
  105. Pokemon Trivia Club
  106. [WAR VI] Judge Sign-Ups
  107. The Akatsuki Organization
  108. Organization Tsukikage
  109. The grass pokemon fan club
  110. May Fan Club
  111. The Grass Pokemon Fan Club
  112. The Piplup Fanclub
  113. Underground and Trading Pokemon Club
  114. [WAR VI] WAR Poll (Addendum! See Post before Voting!)
  115. The Fanfickers Guild!
  116. [WAR VI] Judge Compendium
  117. Digimon Tamers Club.
  118. ~Dawn/Hikari Fan Club~
  119. Team Shine
  120. DBZ Fans UNITE!
  121. Pokemon Collector's Club
  122. War Question
  123. Club 萌, the Essence of Cuteness
  124. War RP: Roll Call
  125. TACC(Pokemon Elite Forums Edition)The Anti-Cloning Club
  126. [Non-War] Sacred Heart Hospital- Scrubs Fan Club
  127. The New Anti-Cloning Club.TNACC
  128. The Colbert Nation
  129. Shiney Pokemon Club
  130. Water Pokemon
  131. Official PE2K Team Shine HQ
  132. The New FMA Club
  133. The Jasmine Fanclub
  134. Competitive Swimmer's Club
  135. Team Flame
  136. Invader Zim Fanclub!
  137. War VI: Trading
  138. The Hikari/Dawn Fanclub!!!
  139. War Season VI: The Final Step
  140. Team Maelstrom! Needing Site Mods/Forum Mods
  141. Team Reverence
  142. The Weavile Domination Club!
  143. Pokemon fushion
  144. Team Light
  145. Team SuperGoGetters! it has it's own RPG, and 2 websites!
  146. Team Reality
  147. Naruto Fanclub (And yes I mean the show/manga)
  148. [WAR VI] Score and General Discussion Thread
  149. Team Futopia
  150. Photoshop Inc. V.3.0 *Lock please*
  151. Team Magneon
  152. Could some one explain
  153. My War Team Everyone Here
  154. WWE Fan Club
  155. the pikachu heros
  156. MMO Club
  157. Pokemon School
  158. SOVA (Save Our Voice Actors)
  159. Kingdom Hearts Fan Club
  160. The Pokémon Pearl Version Club!
  161. The 4th Group
  162. The Sunola Files Club
  163. The Marine Pokemon Fanclub (Reborn)
  164. The Spriters Club
  165. The Pokemon Diamond Club
  166. Pokemon Trainers' School (lock please, due to inactivity)
  167. The DCC Hangers!!
  168. The Hellsing Guild ~Banishing Them Impure Souls, Yo!~
  169. Pokemon Elementals!
  170. [WAR VI] Special Event: WAR URPG FFA
  171. The Nintendo Club
  172. The Dojo
  173. [W00t I] Team C.O.O.L. (New Contest: Winners: Freddy Fro and The Jr. Trainer, gratz!)
  174. The Warriors Book Fan Club!
  175. [TEAM RP III] – The Unleashed Enigma Team Participation
  176. The [C]oyotes [there is no Heart Without You]
  177. The Midgar Council (Non Team RP-WAR)
  178. [Team RP IV] Team Aqua: Murder and Taffy
  179. {WAR, WAT soon, and Team RP III} Galactic Cipher, Knights of Shadows, Time, and Space
  180. [Rescue Force] Team Fire Mouse (We do PMD rescues!)
  181. Bleach [needing 2 more squad Capitans, for now]
  182. [Team RP III] Ranger Union
  183. Wi-Fi -- Attack of the Teams *Team Sign-up*
  184. The Club of the Gym and Elites!
  185. [Team RP III] The Blackblade Contingent
  186. [Team RP III] Team Noveau Révolution - Dire rebels & vigilantes
  187. D-Generation X: Join Today!
  188. [Team RP III] The Hitokiri - Assassins Out of Control
  189. [The] [Leaf] [Squad]
  190. [-~The Fire Gang!~-]
  191. MySpace
  192. Pokemon Dragon Club
  193. Team Alpha Dragon
  194. Dumbledore's Army - The PE2K Way
  195. Maple Story Club MSC
  196. Deep Shadows - Chaotic Knights (Team RP III Team)
  197. <factoids>
  198. The Elites - Cuz were elite like that?
  199. Team Apoim
  200. The NoHackGlitchClub
  201. .:Raccoon City:. {Resident Evil Fan Club}
  202. Gay/Bi Pokemon Eliter's Club
  203. *Grass Pokemon Fan Club*
  204. *Water Pokemon Fan Club*-Accepting applications for members and Merfamily-
  205. The Legend of Zelda Fan Club
  206. TGHQ: Recruitment, Currently looking for Cloners,Breeders, EV trainers and Team Rater
  207. Team:: I love PE2k!!!!
  208. Wěngs
  209. the complete transformers club
  210. Anime Club
  211. Theme Park Club
  212. Mario Strikers Charged CLUB!!!!
  213. Team Darkness
  214. -The Intergalactic Super Mario Galaxy Club!-
  215. -[]mp3 Freaks!![]-
  216. Uam Who Likes Uxfie Azelf And Mesprit!!!!
  217. Rascal Flatts Fan Club
  218. Team Fury
  219. Kingdom Hearts Clan
  220. Club Lock This Now
  221. Club Waddle Kirby Knight ~ We put the air in Kirby~
  222. The digimon club
  223. The Sonic Club!
  224. The 5 Star Pikachu Fan Club
  225. The Destroy All Webkinz Club
  226. The CLub penguin Club
  227. Nothing anymore....
  228. Jedi of Shinno (bringing together the best of both worlds)
  229. "The Digimon Tamers of Earth"
  230. Calm Down Genin [UPDATE!]
  231. WAR VI.598746321 Annoucement/Discussion
  232. WAR VI.598746321 Team Sign Ups
  233. [WAR VI.598746321] The Navy! We aren't afraid of no squirt guns! Nya~
  234. [WAR VI.598746321] The Naughty Forties
  235. [War VI.5987654321] The Ninjas!!!
  236. [Possible War 5.987654321] .Sigil 8B
  237. The hoMestArmy
  238. [WAR VI.598746321] The Preists of the Temples of Syrinx
  239. Roo Industries
  240. Wi-Five - Dedicated to |Wi-Fi|Our Members|Other Games|Our Community
  241. WAR VI.598746321 Nose Sign Ups
  242. WAR VI.598746321 Membership Drive Ceiling
  243. team champions
  244. The Ultimate Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Fanclub W00t
  245. the book club
  246. Guitar Hero Club
  247. [A.A.O.C.] Art Achievement Organization - "The New Era of Art!" - Nominations!
  248. Organization XIII
  249. Celtic Music Club
  250. [WAR VI.598746321] Salior Moons Naughty Forties