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  1. need a shiny jirachi LEGIT! I am offering events and evs
  2. looking for ev trained pokemon
  3. i need a Chikorita
  4. A Couple Of My New Shinies Are Here :)
  5. looking for ev trained Lati@s offering evs and more and some shinies
  6. Looking for a VERY FAST CLONER!!!!
  7. Looking for Power items
  8. Trading Shinies And Ev Trained And Events For Life Orb
  9. need a totodile
  10. Neeing Metagross
  11. Need AR Cloner FOUND ALREADY
  12. Rotoms going for trade!
  13. trading a lv 70 mystery mew legit
  14. trading hacked lv 67 darkrai
  15. Looking for Ev Trained Pokemon and Shiny's!! *Cloner Needed*
  16. lf gf psyduck
  17. shiney spiritomb up for trade!!!
  18. I want good nature pokes!
  19. UNlegit shiny with wonderguard
  20. Can Anyone Give Me a GTS Psyduck Please?
  21. I Need Specific Pokemon Badly (an Ev Trained Physical Wall E.g. Skarmory) And More
  22. looking for a shiny legit eevee
  23. Looking For Shiny Japenese Pokemon (pref:rayquaza) Will Trade Lots
  24. Entei25's Egg Move Pokemon!!!
  25. Adoption Center(FREE POKEMON!)
  26. Clone Shop! [OPEN]
  27. Shiny raquaza legit for grabs!Yahoo!
  28. I Need These Pokemon
  29. Cisco`s Event Thread
  30. trading space c deoxys untouched legit lv 70
  31. my trades
  32. need rare candying service,vaitmin
  33. cloning no longer needed.
  34. Trading Legit UT Junichi Psyduck!
  35. need rare candying service
  36. looking for these pokemon
  37. Looking For Shiny Munchlax (japenese Only)
  38. Looking for..
  39. 2 GF Psyduck UFT
  40. i can train ur pokemon for a price lol ^^
  41. looking for a cloner
  42. auctioning bonus disk untouched celabi
  43. ar cloner
  44. Auctioning a Legit Movie Darkarai, wshmkr jirachi, 10 ani pikachu and mystry mew!
  45. Manaphy Auction!
  46. Auction Must See
  47. LF An untouched bold A and ST Chansey
  48. Bring All Your Japenese Pokemon Here, I May Have Something That Might Intrest You !!
  49. Auctioning Distant Land Suicune!
  50. trading 2 10th anniv legendary dogs
  51. i need pokemon battle revolution pikachu lv 10 ut with light ball
  52. Trading Auctions
  53. Shiny Wingull Auction!
  54. Looking for a salamence with and adamant nature
  55. I Need A Shiny Eved Adamant Slaking
  56. Wishmkr Jirachi for trade!
  57. Shiny pkm!!!!
  58. shiny pupitar auction
  59. Need Things
  60. ♪ronjocox's Tradé Centré!♪ NEW FREE EGG CENTER!
  61. Jerrett's Super Small Pokémart
  62. !!! Need A AR Cloner A.s.a.p !!! Shiny tyranitar u can keep a copy after cloning
  63. Need these shinies and normal pokemon
  64. Tms Needed
  65. Trading manaphy
  66. !!! Auctioning a shiny absol LV100 girl
  67. Bens Trading Shoppe
  68. Ev trained Metagross with perfect stats (legit)
  69. need timid and jolly ditto
  70. trading mew lv 10 in japenese pokemon event 7 in cheriss ball
  71. Shiny raquaza for grabs legit! Yippee!
  72. trading space c deoxys and a shaymin
  73. Auctioning Distant land Lv100!!!!
  74. i need manaphy egg unhached from ranger
  75. I' m lookin' for Serebii legit!!
  76. i need a cloner so i can clone faster than using the gts
  77. Looking for Foreign Dex Pokemon (Power Items Here)
  78. trading palcity mew
  79. Auctioning Palacity Manaphy and Concert Chatot and Distant Land Espeon
  80. Shiny for Shiny
  81. I have Rhyhorns with dragon rush and Fire fang
  82. LF: IV breeders
  83. i need manaphy egg unhached from ranger
  84. The Longer but Sweeter Trade Thread.
  85. !! Shiny Palkia!! Auction
  86. i can brred almost anything
  87. i can train up ur pokemon for u (no scam if not believe me ask weemark)
  88. i can train up ur pokemon plzz belive
  89. Deoyx, Mew & Celebi
  90. Anyone have a shiny eevee or magikarp willing to trade....
  91. Good natured pokemon needed CAN OFFER RARE ITEMS AND POKEMON
  92. kaydo im mates with mark(weemark) and he sed u might be able to AR clone for me?
  93. can clone fast
  94. mindaco's shop
  95. I Need A Cloner Pronto
  96. help me!i really need these pokemon
  97. i need a pokemon battle revolution pikachu untouched with light ball
  98. double auction shiney ho-oh and shiney spiritomb auction!!
  99. Distant land enti lv100 closed no one wants it
  100. i need a heracross please!
  101. I Need These Badly
  102. Looking for a shiny cloyster or shelder
  103. trading palcity mew
  104. got a manaphy that hasnt hatched yet
  105. Dracometeor
  106. LF: Relaxed Ditto & 3 TMs, FT: Egg Moves and more
  107. I need help! ^_^;;
  108. Anyone Who Plays Rs And Pokemon
  109. need trusworthy cloner
  110. weavile
  111. Thunder93's Ultimate trade thread closed forever
  112. i need gts spyduck
  113. Jay Stars shiny trade's! Looking for pokemon with Egg moves and others!
  114. looking for ghosts
  115. Looking 4 an EV'd IV bred donphan
  116. Looking For Egg Move Meowth
  117. Shinies and Starter Pokemon Here
  118. Natures Please
  119. i need many masterballs
  120. Darkmanjs ultra spectacular trade thread
  121. i need a gts spyduck really badly
  122. getting rid of this pkmn
  123. shiny ho-oh auction!!
  124. I want to trade a shiny noctowl for a shiny eevee....
  125. Sorry to bring up this stink again, but...
  126. 2 GF Psyduck UFT
  127. Hasty Synchronizer
  128. Gold Groudons Trade shop(My first true 1)
  129. Needing Pokemon:
  130. Looking for adamant elekid with cc and ice punch OT Dawn
  131. DD Bagon
  132. best offer gets a palcity mew
  133. I would Two Pokemon
  134. My Extra Events
  135. Dont Want Any More
  136. Need Liechi Berry, offering Shiny! *CLOSED*
  137. Need an AR cloner
  138. who can clone my gts spyduck
  139. need
  140. Movie Darkrai auction (CLosed)
  141. Tms and pokemon up for trade
  142. i need someone to ar clone 6 of my gts spyduck fast
  143. i can rare candy for you
  144. who hass ev trained shiny slaking and ninjask
  145. i have all generation starters
  146. pkrs question
  147. who has murkrow with item heart scale on it
  148. I need these right natured pokemon!
  149. Need crazy fast Gts cloner! Now!! Big job!
  150. trading zapdos
  151. Pkrs
  152. Ken Sugimori Psyduck [Trading]
  153. Shadow Sword's Empire Trading Thread, Ev Trained, Events, Iv Breeds, Shinies + More!!
  154. Events Ft
  155. Wanred!
  156. Looking For Chimchar!!!
  157. Anyone Want A Shiny Ivysaur
  158. skate4242's shop!
  159. Taking Pokemon!!
  160. Looking For Pokemons ... Shinys, Or Non Shinies, Events Or Not Event.. Legends Too
  161. Shiny Rotom Auction! :)
  162. Looking for 10nth Anniversery pokemons, shinies, and japenese
  163. Cloner Wanted!
  164. Flash auction of shiny Azelf
  165. really looking for
  166. Second flash auction Shiny Giratina!!!!
  167. The ultimate trade thread!
  168. Shinies by Quaint *CLOSING DOWN SALE*
  169. My Events!!!
  170. my distant land lugia for a hacked shiny deal or wat lol
  171. in need of a rare candier
  172. Auctioning a movie deoxys ,a movie darkrai and a ev trained shiny tyranitar
  173. i've got a box full of bulbasaurs. Anyone want one?
  174. Auctioning a distant land enti info on pokemon inside
  175. Okay can someone help ?
  176. i need an ar cloner
  177. Jack's Trading Thread
  178. Help for a newb?
  179. Jay Stars Shiny Trade's! Looking for EV trained pokemon!
  180. Mega Dratinis! Egg moved!
  181. Ken and Jun's Psyducks For Trade
  182. Free Pokemon Anyone?
  183. my gts spyduck
  184. Ev Trained Pokemon Thread...............
  185. i need a legit ken spyduck
  186. metalic houndooms super shop
  187. EVENT LATIOS for trade. Lv 100
  188. Spec Sweeper Lucario
  189. shiny lucario auction (but it has to be cloned)
  190. i need the other 2 spyducks besides gts spyduck i have that one
  191. trading events for events
  192. I need these Two Pokemon
  193. Looking For XD pokemon
  194. Trading away EV trains..
  195. ar cloning
  196. Auctining shiny lucario.
  197. Shiny latias and latios up for grabs!
  198. Genagar And Shiny Umbreon
  199. Kamikazeiks Trade shop (Ev Trained!!Rares!!Events!!) Updated Regularly New Pokemon!!!
  200. Wanted Cranidos!
  201. i need an ar cloner
  202. Charmanders a plentiful (and legit!) Get 'em while they're hot!
  203. I need a gengar alakzam or some sp attack pokes
  204. events for events
  205. !! Auctioning a shiny Palkia again!!
  206. ar cloner
  207. FT: Plenty events
  208. semi legit shiny arceus up for grabs nature is modest closed
  209. bored, posting up a mini trade thread
  210. !!! Auctioning A Shiny Legit Palkia !!!
  211. Looking For a Few Little Pokemon
  212. need help evolving my electabuzz
  213. Auction: Shiny BOLD Cresselia
  214. wanting extra foreign pkmn and fiesta pkmn
  215. [Read First] How To Identify Hacked Pokemon Guide (And Guide about OT "ZERO")
  216. DJ's Market! Shinys and legends and giveaways! Oh my!
  217. need hacked ditto
  218. Shinies
  219. Trading Lengendaries
  220. Treeky's Shiny and Legendary Mall
  222. Anyone want a Palkia?
  223. LF shiny beldum
  224. Looking for a POkesaver or ARer
  225. make me laugh, get a free pkmn. only one winner
  226. Looking for ev trained alakazam
  227. TCGWC Pikachu UFT
  228. can clone fast
  229. Trading away EV trained, Good IV'd Lvl 1 Pokes
  230. I'm trading my shinny's for the next Pokemon's!?
  231. How hard can it be to get a Koffing?
  232. ~Shiny Legends UFT~
  233. events
  234. Jay star's Shiny trades! Searching for EV trained pokemon and Egg moves!!
  235. shiny ev trained umbreon for auction
  236. Trading good iv pokemon/EV train'ed LF: Azelf
  237. Ev training berries
  238. I am in need of the following pokemon
  239. Need synchronize poke
  240. Sean's EV Trained CLOSED FOR RENOVATION!
  241. will trade distant land lugia + wishmkr jirachi for...
  242. Still need an honest AR cloner for my movie darkrai and arceus!!!!
  243. Trading gen IV for gen I, III, and III
  244. Looking for a reliable EV Trainer..
  245. hey does anybody have
  246. anybody want a legit shiny delibird?
  247. trading lots of events for other events
  248. Pokemaster 1111's Ultimate Trading/Cloning Thread, *Read First Post*
  249. Okay I need one of these real bad
  250. I need a good trustworthy EV trainer (rewarding well)