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  1. ~Se7en's EV Trained/Shiny Pokes + Items~
  2. Anyone want a Shiny Adamant Bagon?
  3. Important!!!!!!!!!!
  4. LOOKING for an EV'D Gengar
  5. The Blacklist
  6. Trading regular pokemon for regular pokemon
  7. Need a heart scale!
  8. roo's shiny pupitar auction!!!!
  9. LEgEnd salE
  10. MH's super shop 2 also auctioning distant land pokemon
  11. roo's charity
  12. Need EV trained steelix
  13. ~The Trade Master Generals~ NEW!!! FREEBEES!!!
  14. Stantlers Shiny Drive Come Here if you have Shinys!, Going for 490! Constant Updates.
  15. need a burmy
  16. I' m Looking for Event MEW n' DARKRAY
  17. Anyone want a mew?
  18. I need some shinies!
  19. trading events for UT distant land pokes
  20. seans trade thread
  21. Tyranitar Needed
  22. Can someone clone this Pokemon?
  23. Wanted!!!!!
  24. some good pokemon for trade reopend
  25. Want Bold Celebi and Bold Suicune
  26. Pokemon the movie Darkrai!!!!!!!
  27. My Trading thread
  28. looking for theses legit shinys
  29. need AR cloner fast!!!!!!!!
  30. Needed Pokemon
  31. i need some one with AR
  32. pokerus pkm
  33. megadracox trade thread filled with cool stuff and shinies
  34. I need three pokemon.
  35. Ken Sugimori Psyduck [Trading]
  36. AUCTION: GW PIKACHU and 10JHARE LATIAS!!!!!!!!!!!
  37. Lookin for Lightball(BADly)Offering big
  38. EvEnTs FoR eVeNtS
  39. Darkmanjs Ultimate Permanet Trade Palace(new eved poke)
  40. Need Evole item and help evole pokemon
  41. can clone fast
  42. auctioning a shiny legit lucario i am also looking for a donphan
  43. Trading Gen IV Poke for Gen I Poke (no shinies, ev, or natures)
  44. Need these Shinies
  45. @@@@Stantlers SHINY DRIVE: Come Here For All Your Shiny Needs, And Also Clonning.@@@@
  46. !!! Auctioning a LEGIT shiny Ho-Ho closed
  47. i really need
  48. Looking For Ev Trained Machamp & Weezing!
  49. Need an ev trained metegross I have plenty of shinie an events
  50. ok every body post your ev trained lv 100 (dont have to be shiny)
  51. need a admant lvl 1 beldum from an egg, I am offering rare pokes!
  52. Selling Arcaeus, Shaymin, and Darkrai (semi-legit) + Legit Legendary dogs
  53. thoes any one have a Shuckle?
  54. i really need pokes
  55. Azelf.
  56. Need Modest Milotic Badly!
  57. Trading for the following EV Trained Pokemon
  58. i need the following pokemon willing to trade ev trained pokes
  59. need thse pokes will trade ev trained for them
  60. Auctioning A Event Ana Pikachu And A Gw Pikachu
  61. Ditto needed (specific nature: naughty)
  62. Trading away EV trained, looking for others
  63. I need a Bold Regice
  64. I need the following ev trained pokemon i can trade ev trained pokes back in exchange
  65. AUTIONING EV Trained Charizard!
  66. Hacked Shaymin up for trade
  67. Shiny Jarachi
  68. I still need and EV trained GENGAR
  69. @ pokemon need bad
  70. i need toxic orb
  71. shinies, space c deoxys, movie darkrai and arceus for trade
  72. Tacos trading post( Events starters shinies and more)( Giveaway)
  73. Hacked arceus and shiny darkrai up for trade
  74. Lf:event Saphire&ruby Zigzagoons Legit/offering Shinys
  75. Adamant Or Jolly DD Bagon Untouched
  76. Beldum
  77. Owen_Guy's Trading post
  78. Looking for some things
  79. Shiny butterfree........
  80. Shiny hoppip or shiny mareep
  81. wanted: shiny snorunt
  82. Legit Untouched Darkrai
  83. Can somone check these IV's for me?
  84. i really want a legit shiny lapras, my lists inside
  85. Movie Darkrai Auction
  86. Looking For Pokemon: Togekiss
  87. The Official PE2K Wi-fi Trade Blacklist
  88. !!! Auctioning A Legit Movie Darkrai !!!
  89. Need an AR CLONER FAST!
  90. Adment raphyerior EV traned in attack up for grabs
  91. looking for a shiny torchic or evolution
  92. Lv100 adment dragotnite up for tarde
  93. !!!! Auctioning a shiny LEGIT HO-HO
  94. Shiny Poliwag Wanted (because it my Fav Pokemon!!)
  95. Any Shiny wanted! PLZ
  96. Does anyone have a shiny poliwag
  97. Item Needed [Heart Scale]
  98. Trading a level 50 shiny Umbreon with 200 sp.def
  99. trading shinies and events for competitive nonshiny eved pokes
  100. Auctioning Shiny Shaymin
  101. if your patient wif GTS cloning come and i will clone pokemon for u
  102. Need power items, Will trade shinies
  103. Looking For
  104. I want an event mew i will trade a shiny for it........
  105. Auctioning a Palacity Manaphy, Shiny Absol, and Shiny Charizard
  106. MH's super store UPGRADED: Now with new shinies, new events and new lv 100's!!!!!!
  107. .:Trading tons of EVd pokes{: (Huge Update)
  108. Tyler999s cloning service CLOSED forever
  109. evolving and training academy
  110. Looking For Events, Shinies, Legend, Japanese Or Rare Pokemons,
  111. Trading legit Darkrai and hacked Shaymin for shines or events!
  112. Auctin shiny beldum plus you can bid neo pounts
  113. Auctin shiny beldum plus you can bid neo pounts
  114. anyone have an eved gengar
  115. shiny HACKED mudkip up for trade, id like a shiny for it
  116. UPDATED 9/10! Shinies! over 80 different ones!! Alot of EV'd Shinies too!
  117. need these pokemon shiny uxie shiny regice or shiny cresselia
  118. Need Ice punch Elekid with good nature!
  119. Looking for Bold Cresselia
  120. trading events for events
  121. In Search of Any 10 Anniversary Pokemons.
  122. need help to know if this pkmn is ev'd or not!!!
  123. Three Shiny's up for grabs!!!!
  124. I Need These Pokemon Badly
  125. Looking For 10ann Pokemons ! Raikou,suicune, Etc...
  126. Tabootsee's Event Trading Thread
  127. TRADE:I need heart scales
  128. Looking for Ev trained Ninjask in speed and attack , with baton pass
  129. trading shinies and events for good ived pokes
  130. roo's flash shiny thread
  131. I don't need a mew now
  132. WeeMarks pokemon shop (Updated today 19/09/07) + mini give away inside
  133. Rellyms Breeding Station
  134. I want a shiny Vulpix.....
  135. Auctioning lv 31 magnezone
  136. Need Hitmonchan
  137. Lots Of Events For Trade-Lookinh for other events
  138. My Events And Shinys For You Animal Crossing Stuff
  139. Need good EVd blissy!
  140. Auction Semi-Legit Shiny Ho-oh
  141. !**Auctioning Shiny EV Trained Kingdra with PKRS**!
  142. Trading Shiny Crobat, shiny hariyama, shiny fearow, shiny Registeel!!!
  143. i wants japanese pkmn
  144. can clone fast
  145. Shiny Mesprit auction!!!
  146. Shiny Rapidash for auction
  147. I need a japanese ratatta lvl 1.
  148. Pokemon for Neopets
  149. Looking for Quiet Ditto Desperately!!!
  150. I need a celebi!
  151. Trading Shiny Crobat, shiny hariyama, shiny fearow, shiny Registeel!!!
  152. I want a spiritomb
  153. Trading Mesprit
  154. Looking For Alot Of Pokemons ... So Click Here
  156. free pkmn from my trade thread? what? its full of shinies and ev'd shinies? what?!!!
  157. Up-Grade and Dubious Disc
  158. ~Elemental Trading Post~ SPAM-FREE!
  159. Looking for EV trained and events!
  160. i allredy have a cloner now so theres no need for replying thank you ^^
  161. Auctioning A Shiny Cresselia
  162. Hacked Shaymin (Ot Zero) Auction
  163. EV trained Gardevoir..Metagross and more.......
  164. RRG's pokemon trade thread!!! I have a Legit Movie Darkrai and some Shinies too!
  165. shiny lopunny, lucario,starmie,drapion, and absol
  166. Trading Lugias!
  167. Treekco
  168. Minun_Hunter is back--- Jirachi Wanted - GOT ONE, THANKS DENIZEN, CLOSED NOW
  169. UFT: Untouched Nagoya Totodile
  170. Offer anything reasonable for a mew
  171. anyone need a shiny HO-HO
  172. want shiney sunicune
  173. want shiny ditto will give 3 shiny for it.
  174. Events For Trade all need to go wanting other events!!!!!
  175. Looking for a delibird.
  176. Need a EV trained Blissey
  177. Looking for Shaymin.
  178. looking for items
  179. Zukirin's TRADE THREAD!!
  180. TayyabX First Trade Thread! READ FIRST POST! First to Post on Page 10 Wins!
  181. Special auction: ALL 3 PSY TRIOS OF SINNOH shiny!!!!!! azelf,mesprit,uxie SHINY
  182. Got one ^_^
  183. Tabootsee's Event Trading Thread
  184. Dawn_Piplup's Official Trading Thread
  185. !!trading Big For Any Shiny,event,legend And Japanese Pokemon That I Dont Have!!
  186. Anyone have these shinies?
  187. trading events for events
  188. Need Ditto Badly!!!
  189. Shiny Absol needs GTS cloning ASAP
  190. Trading Shines Crobat, Fearow, Hariyama and PK XD Legends Birds
  191. Mod's Please Close this!
  192. I'm Trading An Azelf
  193. Combee
  194. Power items
  195. Auctioning Articuno
  196. Looking for these items:
  197. looking for hacked mews
  198. looking for a lucky egg
  199. anyone got a shiny dustox?
  200. Ev Trained Shiny Absol For Trade.... 389 Atk!!!
  201. Looking For An Shiny Eved Magmortar OR A NOT EVED SHINY MAGMORTAR
  202. Looking for.....
  203. Wanting Shiny's
  204. Auctioning Aura Mew
  205. need ar cloner no doubt
  206. In need of Latias
  207. electrizer and TM 26
  208. powe item
  209. Need Suicune and Celebi\\\ Have shinies and events
  210. Looking For Events
  211. !!! Auctioning a Legit shiny mewtwo
  212. The Shiny Magcargo Bonus Thread
  213. EV trained and shiny pokemon trading zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  214. need some help
  215. Well I Am A Cloner! If You Need Some Cloning I Will Clone
  216. !!! Auctioning a a Mew Lv9 came from Movie 7
  217. Lv. 70 Adamant Torterra up for trade!!!
  218. Trading Shinies crobat, Hariyama, fearow and PK XD Legandary Birds (Awesome attacks)
  219. many POkemon and a few shinies!!!!
  220. i want any english darkrai!!!!
  221. what i want
  222. Dwhite's Trading Center *Some guys may take longer to be ready for trade*
  223. i need cherrum balls
  224. Hyper Blaze and se7en's Pwnage shop!
  225. Trading 4 Brave Shiny Gible's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  226. LF: Sugimori Psyduck, German Ekans, TCGWC Pikachu
  227. Trading 6 Ev Trained Pokemon For A Ev Trained Absol
  228. can clone fast
  229. modest movie darkrai and shiny jirachi for auction
  230. need legandary dogs
  231. LF GameFreak Psyducks. (Offering Shinies)
  232. ~*~*Fredlocks' Trading Centre*~*~
  233. Team Generosity HQ's *new* Recruitment Thread~~
  234. Magby Please or 3
  235. I am looking for a shuckle.
  236. Tomo's Trade Thread (new and improved)
  237. reallyt lokknig for
  238. Looking for Celebi or Mew
  239. Thunder93's Trade shop
  240. I Need A Cloner An AR Cloner
  241. 2 shiny
  242. ev'd empoleon anyone
  243. Fill Ya Dex Up! ~ Filling Dexes since... well... Today!
  244. Looking for Shiny weedle/Caterpie i have TM's and MYSTERY EGGS also =]
  245. Looking For Events
  246. auctioning shiy drapion lvl 50
  247. Wanting shiny
  248. auctioning event japaneese mew
  249. auctioning shiny starmie lvl 100
  250. last auction:shiny lucario lvl 100