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A Quest of a Champion


This is the sequel to Orange Islands Adventure which you can find here... Orange Islands Adventure (http://www.empireirc.net/pokemonelite2000/showthread.php?t=55)

I am open to any comments you may have on the fic. Enjoy!

Also, if you want to check out the profiles for your favorite character in Quest of a Champion OR Orange Islands Adventure then go here! FanFic Website! (http://www.hometown.aol.com/sodangfine10/fanfics.html)

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Chapter 1- Welcome to Johto! Lose a Friend, Gain a Friend!

"I cant wait Shadow. We are going to beat every trainer that gets in our way!" Nick yelled as he clinched his fist. The boat approached the edge of the Johto League. He remembered his long adventure in the Orange Islands.

He remembered catching all his pokemon, winning gym battles, meeting new friends along the way, and winning the Orange League Championship. This was a different league though.

Shawn approached Nick with his little Umbreon. They leaned over the edge of the boat.

"This is pretty exciting huh?" Shawn asked.

"Yeah. I cant wait to get to Prof. Elm's to get my new pokemon he promised me!" Nick said back.

"Professor Elm? We are stopping by his lab?!" Shawn asked with a worried look on his face.

"Yeah, whats the big deal?" Nick asked the nervous looking Shawn.

"Is my hair ok? My glasses ok? Do I smell ok?" Shawn said quickly.

"Your fine!" Nick laughed out loud.

"Sorry, I just want to make a good impression on the famous Prof. Elm.

"Famous? I didn’t know he was famous!" Nick said.

"Yep, he is famous for his discoveries of pokemon. He is always finding something new about the abilities of pokemon" Shawn told Nick.

Nick looked at the pokeballs on his belt. Only three held there.. one was empty since Shadow was out. His newly evolved Wartortle and Cyndaquil was in their pokeballs. He released Ditto to be with some of its own kind on Valencia Island. Hitmontop stayed with Prof. Ivy and Scizor stayed with his mom to help out with the Spearow/Murkrow problem. Tauros was with Professor Ivy like usual.

The boat docked. Nick, along with Shadow, took their first steps in the land of Johto!

"Hello? Professor Elm?" Nick asked as he stepped into the lab of the famous Professor of the Johto region. Shawn, Shadow, and Nick searched the lab. They found a door in the back open.

They walked outside threw the door. There was a huge forest looking deal. There was a dirt path that lead out to the middle. The group walked along it until it came up to a man in a labcoat.

"Hello? Do you know where Prof. Elm is?" asked Shawn.

The man stood up and looked at the group. It was Prof. Elm himself.

"Professor! How’s it goin?" asked Nick. "Hi there Nick. I have been expecting you. And who is your friend?" Prof. Elm replied.

"This is Shawn. He traveled around with me in the Orange Islands" Nick said back. Shawn ran up to Prof. Elm and shook his hand. "I'm a huge fan of yours Professor. I wish to become a pokemon professor just like you someday" Shawn said extremely fast.

"That’s great" Professor said to Shawn. "Yeah. Do you mind if I look around a bit?" asked Shawn. "No, go ahead and while your doing that I will get Nick started in the Johto league" Prof. Elm said back.

Shawn started his way to the back of the little pokemon preservatory in the back. Prof. Elm lead Nick and Shadow to his desk. There he pulled out two red square things out from his drawer.

"This right here Nick is a Pokedex. Prof. Ivy never gave you one of these but I guarantee you that it will become very useful. He can find out any kind of info needed on a pokemon with that device" Professor Elm explained.

Nick grabbed the Pokedex and slid it into his pocket.

"Professor Elm!" yelled a small boy. He had dark hair with a hat on. His green-blue-yellow pants and shirt hung in a baggy style.

"Ah Matthew. This is Nick, he recently won the Orange Islands Championship. I am giving him a new pokemon as well. He will be taking the Johto challenge" Elm explained to this young kid.

"Hi, I'm Matthew. I just turned 11 and now my mom is allowing me to go on my Pokemon journey through the Johto league. I'm here to get my first pokemon" Matthew said as he shook Nick's firm hand.

"Its nice to meet you" replied Nick. "Have you decided which pokemon you wanted?" Elm asked Matthew. "Yeah, ill take that Eevee you just got in. I think that would be a good choice for me" Matthew said as he grabbed a pokeball from Elm.

"Well I think That’s a good choice, I started out with an Eevee as well which ended up evolving into this fine Umbreon" Nick said as he patted Shadow's head.

"Well Nick, that means there are two pokemons left for you to choice from... Totodile and Chikorita. As for Cyndaquil, well it was already taken but apparently you have one anyways" Elm said as he gave Nick two pokeballs to choose from.

"Well I already have a water type, Wartortle, so I’ll go with the awesome grass type.. Chikorita!" Nick swept the pokeball with Chikorita in it from Elm.

"That’s awesome Nick. Why don’t we battle to see who picked the better pokemon?" asked Matthew. "Alright then..." Nick accepted.

03-05-2004, 10:39 PM
Chapter 1 continued...

"Chikorita, Tackle!" Nick commanded as Chikorita charged towards Eevee. "Jump up Eevee! demanded Matthew.

Their newly acquired pokemons both seemed to be in equal strength. Chikorita shot a single Razor Leaf at Eevee. Eevee dodged but just to get hit by the tackling Chikorita!

Eevee swept itself off the ground. "Headbutt!" Matthew demanded at its new pokemon. Eevee charged right for Chikorita. Chikorita jumped up by using its vines.

Then it threw a vine right at Eevee. The single vine wrapped around the small brown pokemon. Eevee couldn’t move!

"Now send it flying Chikorita!" Nick yelled as Chikorita spun Eevee by unrevealing its vines at a high speed. Eevee spun right into a nearby wall. NICK HAD WON!

"Alright, that was a nice move Chikorita. Glad I picked you buddy" Nick declared.

"That was an awesome battle you two" Elm said as he walked over to the area they had been battling on. Matthew walked over and picked up Eevee. Nick returned Chikorita and snapped its pokeball right behind Cyndaquil's.

"Well it was nice meeting you Nick. I must go cause I have to get back to my house in Violet City so then I can go on my journey tomorrow morning. Bye Professor!" Matthew said as he waved off the group and he walked outside the lab.

"This is so awesome Professor Elm!" Shawn screamed as he ran inside. "Why thank you, I have put in some hard work in here" Elm replied. "I wish I could have a place like this!" Shawn said back as he looked all around.

"Well Shawn, I have an idea! Why don’t you stay here and help out? I have pokemon that I need help feeding and breeding and whatnot. I have places I want to go and see different pokemons all over the world. Why don’t you stay and help out and then I can go places for a few days without having to worry about the pokemon here cause you can take care of them?" Elm immediately asked.

"Really? WOW I ACCEPT!" Shawn yelled. Then he looked over to Nick. "If its ok with you? I don’t mean to ditch you or nothing" Shawn quietly said to Shadow and Nick. "Naw man, this is a great opportunity for you! Im glad for you" said Nick.

"Awesome!" Shawn cheered. Nick and Shadow thanked Prof. Elm for all he has done as well as say goodbye to Shawn. Without Shawn he wouldnt of gotten threw the Orange Islands so quickly or even made it island to island.

Shawn also looked after Nick. Shawn promised to keep in contact. Elm gave Nick his phone number so Nick could call at anytime he wanted to.

Nick and Shadow walked off as the waved to the Professor's new assistant...

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Chapter 2- Team Rocket's Problem!

"Yeah sure mum, love you too" Nick replied to his mother as he clicked the phone in the Pokemon Center off. He was in the heart of Cattailia City, a city that is known for its marvelous buildings.

He stood up and walked over to Nurse Joy. Shadow came out of the back as well as his three pokeballs. Nick started to clip them back to his belt as someone walked up to him. Nick looked up and smiled.

"Well if it isn’t Little Nicky!" Jason blurted out. "I'm not little anymore Jason!" Nick yelled back. Jason got his six pokeballs back from Joy. "You caught any new pokemon?" asked Jason. "Ahh, just one that Elm gave me" Nick whispered back at Jason, ashamed. "That’s it?! Ha! I have caught two more pokemons. They are pretty powerful" Jason said to the shamed faced Nick.

They both walked out of the Pokemon Center. "SHAD!" screamed Shadow. Nick and Jason turned around to see a dazed Umbreon walk away."Whats the matter Shadow?" Nick asked.

Shadow started to run away. Nick and Jason ran after it. They followed it down the street until Shadow turned. Then they followed it into a small building.

Jason went first. They each walked through the door. They searched the place. It was really fancy looking. There were crystal lamps and fancy wancy carpet. It seemed like a million dollar room.

Shadow stopped in its tracks as it started in the next room. Nick looked in. There was a girl in a nice expensive red dress and she was tied up to a chair! Nick ran over to here and ripped off the duck tape that was over her mouth.

"Whats going on?" asked Jason. "They took my special Hypno!" she screamed. "What did?" Nick asked the frightened girl. The girl had to catch her breath. She had short black hair and was really pretty. Nick seemed more into her looks than into what happened to her.

"Team Rocket. This man that called himself Elite Stitch. They stole it and then he ran off on his Dodrio" she explained. "We have to stop him!" Jason yelled out. They untied the girl, which was named Liza, and ran outside.

"Come out Charizard!" Jason yelled. He threw out his pokeball and his big orange fire pokemon came out. Nick was amazed. He had no idea Jason had a Charizard.

"Nick.. Me and Liza will go airborne and look, you look on foot. Watch out for any signs, ok?" Jason demanded. "Yeah whatever" Nick shrugged as they flew off. Nick felt stupid that he was taking orders from Jason. Nick sent out Wartortle and Cyndaquil. Along with Shadow, they spread out across the city...

A sudden blast occurred away from the city. It was in the depths of the woods. Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Shadow, and Nick all ran that way. They met back up with each other.

They followed the blast. They found Charizard, Liza, and Jason all there. The Team Rocket member, Stitch, was standing face off with them. His Dodrio was fainted. He then threw out two more pokeballs. A Marowak and a Mightyhena came out.

"Are yall ok?" Nick asked everyone. "Yeah" answered Liza. Charizard used Flamethrower against Mightyhena's Hyper Beam. The yellow blast hit the fire blast and a huge explosion happened.

The whole forest started to catch on fire. Elite Stitch's Marowak threw its bone club at Shadow.

Shadow jumped over the bone and tackled Marowak. Nick snuck behind Stitch and untied to captured Hypno.

Hypno ran over to Liza. Nick's Cyndaquil used an Ember attack on the hurt Marowak, making it burnt to ashes.

"Ah! Hypno has escaped!" Elite Stitch yelled out. The fire spread across the small patch of forest trees.

"Hypno, show them what you can do!" Liza commanded. Hypno took its little white device which was connected to a string, making it look like a yo-yo and it swung it side to side

White waves flew across the battle area and hit Stitch, Marowak, and Mightyhena. The three bad Team Rocket members flew across the forest into a totally different city.

"Great work!" Nick yelled to Hypno. Jason just looked at the power special Hypno. Jason was truly amazed. The fire was still spreading though.

"We have to put out this fire!" Jason yelled out. He returned Charizard. Nick returned Cyndaquil and Chikorita. Jason brought out his Poliwrath.

Poliwrath and Nick's Wartortle shot out Water Guns to put out the fire...


"I want to thank yall for helping me out. If it wasn’t for you two then I wouldnt have Hypno right now" Liza thanked the two citizens from Valencia Island.

"Yeah sure. Ill catch ya later Nick" Jason said as he jumped on his Charizard and flew off.

"He doesn’t seem like a happy guy" Liza told Nick. "Yeah well he has a small problem with people" Nick said back. "Thanks Nick, here’s my number in case you get bored sometime" she said as she handed Nick a picture of her with her number written on there.

Nick started to blush. Liza walked off as Nick departed from the city with Shadow...

--KCash-> Sorry that was a boring chapter you guys. I was just trying to throw something in there before he got to his first johto gym battle. I am saving my good ideas for later in the story so I just made this chapter up really quick. Sorry if it was kinda boring.

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Chapter 3- Rollout! (And I'm Not Talking About Ludacris' song!hehe)

The sun shined on all the happy faces. Laughs and giggles were heard. Clouds went by a little at a time. They formed the shape of Nick's favorite pokemon.

He pictured the clouds in a form of Blastiose shooting off a Hydro Pump at a Charizard's Flamethrower.

Nick's Wartortle was chasing Chikorita. Shadow was sleeping. Cyndaquil was staring at the clouds with Nick.

Nick sat up. He forgot how great life was. He hasn’t had a lot of time to just sit and rest since his pokemon journey started.

"CCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" screamed something in the distance. Nick's pokemon stopped what the were doing and looked across the small pond they were at. Something was glowing...

With a blink of an eye it vanished! "What the heck was that?" he asked his pokemon. They all shrugged. Suddenly dirt from the dirt path behind them started to arise into the air. Something was rolling towards them at an amazing speeds.

It was baby blue. It suddenly stopped. The little creature walked over to the pond, totally ignoring Nick and Co.

The little pokemon put its trunk in the water and then used its trunk to spray the water out of its trunk and onto its body.

"What is it doing?" Nick wondered. "Ah yeah! I have my pokedex now" Nick whispered to himself. He brought out his red pokedex.

<Phanpy. The Long Nose Pokemon. During the morning hours, it comes ashore to use its trunk to take a shower> said the pokedex given to him from the professor.

"A Phanpy! Just like I saw at Goldenrod when I visited Whitney!" he blurted out as he thought back...

The two pokemons collided using Rollout. Ditto was thrown back from the huge collison with the strong Phanpy. Ditto deformed to become back to its original form.

Nick: "That’s an awesome Phanpy! I hope to get one myself someday!" Nick thought back..

"This is my chance to get that Phanpy I have wanted since my journey in the Orange Islands!" Nick yelled out. The Phanpy turned to look at Nick.

It started to kick dirt up in the air. It looked like it wanted to battle. "Cyndaquil, Ember!" demanded Nick. Cyndaquil shot a wide ranged flame at the baby blue and red pokemon.

Phanpy started to spin in place. The fire was deflected off the spinning pokemon. Then Phanpy started to roll towards Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil was sent flying into a tree. Nick ran over to see if it was ok. Wartortle used Skull Bash. Wartortle dodged towards Phanpy head on.

Phanpy rolled out of the way and then came from the left to hit Wartortle into the ground. Then Wartortle used Water Gun. Phanpy rolled right threw the blast and hit Wartortle again, making sure Wartortle DIDN’T get up this time.

Chikorita stepped out to the plate. It shot two Razor Leafs at Phanpy. Once again, Phanpy started to spin.. making the Razor Leafs just deflect off Phanpy. Chikorita used Vine Whip.

Phanpy was forced to stop spinning, it was caught up in Chikorita's vines! Phanpy couldn’t move at all. Chikorita sprayed a blue powder that misted its way towards Phanpy. It was an awesome Sleep Powder. Phanpy got a whiff of it and passed out right there and then.

"Great job Chikorita!" Nick congratulated. Chikorita sucked its vines back in. Nick grabbed an empty pokeball and threw it right for the sleeping Phanpy.

The pokemon was sucked inside. dun..DUN..dun..DUN..dun..DUN... PING! Phanpy was caught! Nick ran over to pick up his new pokemon safely in its pokeball.

"I caught a... PHANPY!" Nick screamed as loud as his lungs would allow him to..

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Chapter 4- Fly Towards the Zephyr Badge!

"Thanks a lot Nurse Joy" said Nick as he thanked the young, hot Joy from Violet City Pokemon Center. He grabbed his pokeballs from her and left. He set off towards the first Johto Leauge Gym.

Nick walked over to a fairly big gym. He walked inside. It was all dark inside. "Hello?" Nick yelled. "UMBREON!" Shadow helped out.

They kept walking until they got to the back of the gym. There they walked outside. There was a battle floor.

"Are you here to challenge me, the great Falkner?" asked the strange kid. "Yeah I am. The name is Nick" answered Nick. "Well kid, im not to easy to beat. If you can beat me then I will give you a Zepher Badge. We will use two pokemon each. Begin!" yelled the strange Falkner.

Nick remembered what he had overheard at the Pokemon Center..."That Falkner guy is really tough. He uses all bird pokemon. All my pokemon aren’t good against pokemon that fight from the air!" said one of the trainers as he talked to another...

Nick knew which pokemon he would have to use. Phanpy, Chikorita, and Shadow didn’t have a lot of blast. They were more like ground pokemon.. like Rollout, Faint Attack, Take Down, etc.

Therefor he would have to look for Wartortle's and Cyndaquil's blasts to beat Falkner.

Falkner released his first pokemon. A mighty three headed bird pokemon appeared. "What is that?" asked Nick. He had never seen this pokemon before. <Dodrio, the Three Headed Pokemon. It can run up to 40 MPH and together the three heads can be very tricky> read the pokedex.

"Ok then, its up to you Cyndaquil!" Nick said as he threw his pokemon out. Cyndaquil popped out of its pokeball.

Dodrio used Agility and started to run all over the battle area. Cyndaquil used Swift. Little yellow stars were getting shot from Cyndaquil all over the place. Dodrio was just to fast though. Dodrio ran towards Cyndaquil and tried Peck. The three heads started to peck its beaks at Cyndaquil. They were to fast so Cyndaquil had to use Smokescreen.

Black smoke filled the air. Dodrio couldn’t find Cyndaquil. Suddenly a huge wide ranged Ember attack from Cyndaquil swept over Dodrio.

Dodrio was burnt to a crisp. They furiously shook it off though and fought back with Drill Peck. Once again the three heads started to peck Cyndaquil. The little fire pokemon wasn’t fast enough however and got hit tons of times.

Cyndaquil had to pick itself up. Injured pretty badly by the three birds. Cyndaquil used Flamethrower. The huge fire blast went charging towards Dodrio. The big bird jumped up in the air, away from any harm from the vicious attack, and used Tri Attack. A white triangle appeared from the three beaks of Dodrio. The blast came at Cyndaquil.

The part where Cyndaquil was exploded and smoke flooded the air from the collison.

"Wow! That was some blast" said Nick. The young trainer looked around. Cyndaquil was no where to be found. Nick tried to look further into the gray smoke. Nick spotted Cyndaquil. Dodrio still didn’t know where Cyndaquil was. "Cyndaquil, Flame Wheel!" commanded Nick.

A huge flame came over Cyndaquil as it rammed right into the mid section of Dodrio. The were caught on fire and taken to the ground. They rolled around trying to get the fire out.

Nick started to laugh but he was trying to keep it in. Dodrio got it out but then the three heads started to fight. Falkner had no choice but to return it. Nick bursted out laughing. "I'm sorry.. HAHAHAHA.. but its just... HAHA.. funny!" laughed Nick. He didn’t want to make Falkner mad but he had never seen anything so funny in a Pokemon battle before...

03-05-2004, 10:47 PM
Chapter 4 continued...

<Pidgeot. The Bird Pokemon. It can fly up to Mach 2 and can see a Magikarp swimming, even while flying 3,300ft. high> read the pokedex.

"Wow, this is going to be tough.. Cyndaquil Swift!" Nick demanded. Cyndaquil released flying stars towards Falkner's Pidgeot. Pidgeot dodged the attack and swooped in towards Cyndaquil. With no time to react Cyndaquil was picked up by the small claws on Pidgeot. Cyndaquil was taken into the sky. Pidgeot was using Seismic Toss.

Pidgeot spun around and around and then flew towards the ground, releasing Cyndaquil just feet away from the hard ground.

Cyndaquil was fainted! Nick returned his fire pokemon. "That was an awesome move Falkner. I can tell you Pidgeot is well trained so I am going to use a pokemon that I have trained well too" Nick smirked as he threw out Wartortle's pokeball. The blue and white pokemon came out.

"Lets do this Wartortle, Water gun!" commanded Nick. Wartortle released a huge blast of water. Pidgeot used Agility and dodged it. Wartortle tried to follow Pidgeot and direct the blast that way but Pidgeot would just change direction again.

Finally Wartortle stopped. Nick had to come up with another plan. Pidgeot used Whirlwind. It flapped its wings as fast as it could and suddenly waves of wind slashed at Wartortle. Nick's Wartortle went into its shell so it wouldnt be harmed any.

Pidgeot waited for Wartortle to pop out of its shell. As soon as Wartortle did so Pidgeot used Steel Wing. Pidgeot's wing glew silver as it connected with the head of Wartortle. The water pokemon was sent smashing into the ground, nearly finished. Wartortle struggled up and used a Bubble attack. Pidgeot easily dodged.

The white-blue bubbles were flying all over the sky. Pidgeot was easily escaping from getting hit by any of these. Wartortle went inside its shell and started to spin. The shell, with Wartortle inside, spun right for the Pidgeot just floating in the sky. The shell connected with Pidgeot and sent the bird pokemon to the ground. Now that Pidgeot was on the ground Wartortle came out from its shell and started to attack furiously.

Wartortle unleashed a Bubble attack with a Water Gun followed behind it. The two attacks hit Pidgeot right now. Pidgeot was still laying on the ground but soon Pidgeot would recover and fly up again.

Wartortle used Skull Bash. Wartortle's hard head went right for Pidgeot. Right as Wartortle was about to connect with Pidgeot, the bird pokemon grabbed onto Wartortle's head with its small claws and flew up in the air.

It was going to do the same thing it did to Cyndaquil! Nick had to think and fast! "Wartortle, pinch Pidgeot!" yelled out Nick.

Wartortle nodded and reached up to Pidgeot. Wartortle pinched the heck out of Pidgeot. Instantly Wartortle was dropped to the ground but used Water Gun at the ground to drop safely.

Pidgeot got mad and swooped down from the sky at Wartortle. Without any command from Nick, Wartortle went inside its shell and started to spin around. Water started to spray out of the holes in its shell. Pidgeot was about to hit Wartortle until the strong water blast hit Pidgeot right on. "What attack is that?" Nick asked himself. He held up his pokedex.

<Hydro Pump. A Water Pokemon's strongest attack> said the dexster.

Pidgeot was sent flying right back at Falkner. Nick looked closely and noticed that Pidgeot was fainted! "Alright we did it Wartortle!" danced Nick. He danced around and around with Wartortle.

Falkner walked over to Nick. "Great job Nick. That Wartortle is well trained. Here is your Zephyr Badge I promised" Falkner said as Nick took the shiny silver badge from the bird trainer Falkner. Nick walked away knowing the he had a hard battle and deserved that badge, his first step into becoming a Johto Champ!

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Chapter 5-The Flying Capture

"Who wants the rest of my sandwich?" asked Nick as he held up the small bite-sized left of his lunch. Cyndaquil and Shadow were rolled over on there backs and moaning cause they ate to much. Nick turned around from the leftovers of his lunch. Then as he turned back around it was gone!

Phanpy and Wartortle were running around. Shadow and Cyndaquil were to stuffed. So who could it be?

"Did you eat the last piece Chikorita?" asked Nick. Chikorita had wide eyes and was looking up in the trees. "Who's there?" yelled Nick. Shadow and Cyndaquil struggled to their feet. They all watched the tree and suddenly a Pidgeotto came out.

"Hey did you eat the last piece?"asked Nick. "PIDGE!" cheered Pidgeotto. "That wasn’t very nice!" said Nick. Pidgeotto ignored Nick. "Phanpy use Rollout!" demanded Nick.

Phanpy curled up and rolled towards Pidgeotto. The bird pokemon get hit by the vicious attack. Pidgeotto got rammed right into a tree. Pidgeotto shook off the pain and flew up high and tried to use Gust. The big gust of wind didn’t harm the hard-skinned Phanpy.

Pidgeotto swooped down from the sky and tried to hit Phanpy but instead Phanpy rapped its trunk around Pidgeotto's small claw and swung it to the ground. Then Phanpy used Take Down. Pidgeotto was rammed into a hard hit by Phanpy. Pidgeotto was fainted.

"Great job Phanpy, I got it from here!" Nick said with confidence. He released the red and white pokeball from his hand. It bounced off of Pidgeotto and sucked the bird pokemon inside. dun..DUN..dun..DUN..dun..DUN.. PING! the pokeball sounded as it declared the pokemon was caught. Nick jumped up in the air excited.

He caught a Pidgeotto!!

03-05-2004, 10:49 PM
Chapter 6- Battle, Green Style!

"Thank you very much. The competition will start tomorrow morning so please arrive here at 9:00a.m" declared Nurse Joy.

Nick went to his room he had got in the Pokemon Center just outside of Union Cave. He sat his pokeballs on the desk next to his little bed. Nick had signed up for the 25th Annual Grass Pokemon Battle Competition! There would be lots of grass Pokemon and trainers there all competing to get several different prizes.

Nick had Chikorita signed up. Nick was ready to prove that Chikorita was the right choice when he picked it from Elm's selection.


"Nick, from Valencia Island, has proven himself to be a huge competitor for he is an Orange Islands Champ. On the other side, Christian has shown himself to being a tough trainer as well.. going all the way to the semifinals last year" said the announcer.

Nick stared down a small boy with brown hair sticking out in every direction. "Chikorita.. Razor Leaf!" commanded Nick.

Chikorita threw two sharp leaves at Christian's Ivysaur. Ivysaur dodged them and used Vine Whip. The two mighty vines went slashing towards Chikorita.

Chikorita used Vine Whip at the ground to jump up in the air where it used another Razor Leaf. The flying sharp leaves hurled there way towards Ivysaur but were knocked away by Ivysaur's vines.

Ivysaur unleashed a Posion Powder. Chikorita used its vines to "shoo" away the powder. Then Chikorita used Tackle. Ivysaur did the same and the two pokemons collided together. They both got up but Chikorita was the first to fully arise. Chikorita took advantage of this moment and used Leech Seed.

A small seed was sent right for Ivysaur where it landed on its head. Little vines started to spread out of the seed and surrounded Ivysaur.

The vines started to suck the energy right out of Ivysaur until there was no energy left. Ivysaur collapsed. "Nick and Chikorita are the winners here folks!" yelled the announcer over the intercom. Chikorita ran into Nick's arms where Nick gave it a hug. They walked over and shook Ivysaur's and Christian's hand...

03-05-2004, 10:50 PM
Chapter 6 continued...

The crowd was roaring like a tornado gone mad. Nick could feel the vibrations of the stomping fans watching as Chikorita and the opponent's Treecko panted.

Treecko had sucked the energy out of Chikorita by using Absorb. Both pokemon were worn out. Chikorita used Vine Whip! Chikorita's vines slashed through the air right for Treecko. The small grass gecko jumped up in the air and used Bullet Seed.

Brown seeds shot out right for Chikorita. Nick's little grass pokemon was taking a beating. Chikorita was already so tired, how much longer until it would crash? The little Chikorita wasn’t giving up though. Chikorita shot three Razor Leaves at Treecko. The gecko knocked them away by using Iron Tail. Then Treecko ran towards Chikorita.

Chikorita easily jumped into the air with help from its vines and then dropped down on Treecko with a mighty Body Slam. Chikorita got up and looked at Treecko. Chikorita knew Treecko wasn’t finished so Chikorita wrapped Treecko up in its vines. Then Chikorita threw Treecko in the air and then brought Treecko crashing to the ground.

Chikorita unraveled Treecko and returned its vines. Treecko had fainted!

"Ah man! What a dazzling move for Chikorita. Treecko is outta here! Nick and Chikorita move on to the semifinals where they will have a chance to win and go to the FINALS!" the announcer yelled over the intercom. The crowd yelled, chanting for Nick and Chikorita...


The last three battles of the tournament were going to be held on the next day. Nick sat at the computer with Shadow and Chikorita in the corner of the pokemon center.

"Hey Aunt Ivy!" said Nick as he saw her face come up on the telephone/computer screen. "Well hi there Nick! Hows your journey going?" asked Ivy. "Its great! The Johto region has gotta be the best and most beautifulest land in the whole world. I even ran into Jason the other day!" explained Nick. "Oh really? He hasn’t called in awhile. I was starting to get worried but then again That’s just how that little stinker is!" she said, blushing.

"By the way your mom said she hasn’t talked to you in three days and she’s very worried.. you better call her" Ivy told Nick. "Yeah well I figured that. She gets worried when I don’t call her every night. Guess I’ve just been busy" said Nick.

"Well I know you called for something so get to it" Ivy questioned. "Oh yeah, my pokemon have done such a great job and really Shadow, Wartortle, and Cyndaquil haven’t had a good, nice, long break since well.. not since I have had them back in the Orange Islands so I figured I would let you have them for awhile. Just until I get to Azaela town" Nick explained to Professor Ivy.

"Well ok then!" she said back. Shadow looked up at Nick. "UMBRE!" Shadow yelled out with a sad look on its black face. "I know you don’t wanna leave me nor do you want to get into your pokeball but you need a break Shadow!" Nick quietly said to his buddy. Shadow nodded yes and then rubbed its face against Nick's arm. Then it took a deep breath before going inside its pokeball.

Nick transferred Cyndaquil, Wartortle, and Shadow as Ivy let Nick have Tauros.

"Take care of them and just let them relax. Ill call to get them back as soon as I get to Azaela Town. Bye!" Nick confirmed. "Bye! And call your mother!" Ivy yelled back. Nick smiled and turned off the computer. Then he walked to his room he rented in the pokemon center. It was exactly kinda hard for him to sleep without Shadow by his side.

He was ready from the semi finals the next day!

03-05-2004, 10:51 PM
Chapter 7- Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Grass Pokemon

Nick walked out of the locker room. He walked up to the space provided for him to stand. Chikorita came out of its pokeball. The trainer faced Nick from the other side. Tension was raising. Nick felt almost alone with Shadow not beside him this time.

"The last match was decided cause one of the contenders had to drop out do to a sick pokemon but it looks like this match will happen right here and now... the winner will meet Brady and Vileplume for the Championship! Lets BEGIN!" yelled the announcer over the loud intercom. The crowd began its roaring.

A little cute Bellossum came out of the trainers pokeball. "That’s a nice Chikorita but its no match for my Bellossum" said the trainer. "Yeah well I heard that you evolved it to soon so it doesn’t know a lot of good moves so we'll just see who has the better pokemon" Nick snapped back.

"That’s true. It doesn’t know a lot of moves at all. However it does know one which never misses and will always hit its opponent!" the trainer grunted, trying to make Nick shake in his boots.

Chikorita charged towards Bellossum!

Bellossum used Sleep Powder. It danced as blue sparkling mist came from the small grass pokemon. Chikorita stopped in its tracks. The mist was about to get to Chikorita and then at the last moment Chikorita used its vines to jump up in the air and land on the other side of the mist as well as using Body Slam to fall right on top of Bellossum.

Bellossum struggled up. Chikorita head butted the pokemon and it flew to the ground. Depress flew up off the ground. Chikorita used Vine Whip. One single vine went exploding right for Bellossum.

Being a quick thinker, the trainer commanded Bellossum to grab the vine. Bellossum followed orders and gripped the vine and then used it to throw Chikorita into the air and then back down, landing really hard.

Chikorita shook it off however and charged for Bellossum. Chikorita wasn’t going to let Bellossum get the best of it. Bellossum used Petal Dance. A bunch of pink leaves came flying at Chikorita but Nick's small grass pokemon easily ran threw them and used Tackle, knocking Bellossum to the ground.

"Ok Bellossum.. Lets show them whats got us this far!" the trainer commanded. Bellossum nodded. Nick had learned from Shawn on how to know when pokemon were going to use certain attacks and thanks to Shawn's little lesson Nick got ready for its attack.

"Chikorita.. aim on right for Bellossum as well!" Nick demanded..........

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSH! The two Solar Beams collided together. The whole stadium went up in smoke.....

The smoke faded away...
"What attacks! Lets see who came up top here!" the announcer yelled out. Bellossum showed up standing tall. Chikorita......


"Looks like Chikorita is outta here! Bellossum wins!" the announcer yelled over the intercom to all of the roaring fans.

Nick looked on in amazement. He looked down in sadness. He grabbed his pokeball given to him by Professor Elm and he returned Chikorita. The trainer walked up to Nick.

Nick looked up, knowing that Chikorita and himself did there best. He shook the other trainers hand as well as giving Bellossum a pat on the back. "That Solar Beam was awesome" Nick said to the trainer.


Nick packed his things and started the way towards Azeala so he could compete for his second badge. Nick walked threw the doors of the Pokemon Center. The sun glew brightly and he could hear the announcer talking from the nearby stadium that was hosting the finals of the tournament.

"Hey are you Nick?" asked a guy with a white and black stripped shirt. "Yeah!" Nick answered. "I'm on of the referees for the tournament. Since one of the four finalists dropped out you are counted as the third place winner. Therefor you get this egg!" the ref said. Nick grabbed the egg. It was all green except for the white dots all over it.

"An egg?" Nick asked himself. "Yep. Its your prize for placing in 3rd. Its supposed to hatch REALLY soon so I would be take real good care of it!" the ref said as he ran off.

Nick held the egg in confusion. Suddenly a grin overcame his face... "Alright I got an egg!" Nick yelled out.

03-05-2004, 10:52 PM
Chapter 8- The Buggy Hatch!

"Hmm..." Nick moaned as he looked at the green and white egg next to him. Chikorita, Tauros, Pidgeotto, and Phanpy were all with Nick as Shadow, Cyndaquil, and Wartortle were off taking a break with Professor Ivy.

All the pokemon with Nick gathered around the egg. The referee said the egg would hatch VERY soon. He had been walking to Azeala for two days now.

The egg started to crack. It was wiggling back and forth. "Wow! Look guys!" Nick looked on in amazement. All gawked towards the small hatching egg. "Maybe it will be a Charmander or A LEGENDARY or even an undiscovered pokemon!" Nick yelled out while clinching his fist.

The egg turned all white. It started to take form from its round self. It turned into something small. It took a form of a little bitty thing. "No! Grow big!" Nick yelled out. The newly born pokemon started to get color from its glowing white self.

It showed up to be a little green pokemon. "It’s a.............................. Caterpie?!" Nick screamed as he fell backwards anime style. "I cant believe my egg evolved into a Caterpie.. guess That’s what you get for placing third place!" Nick grunted to himself.

Nick held up the pokedex. {Caterpie. Bug Type. If you touch the feeler on the top of its head then it will release a horrible stench} said the pokedex.

"I guess I should be happy" Nick said positively. "Whassup little buddy?" Nick said as he stuck out a hand to be shaken by Caterpie. Chikorita and Phanpy started to talk with Caterpie.

Caterpie seemed to fit right in. It loved all of Nick's pokemon...

"Say.. you know any moves Caterpie?" asked Nick. Caterpie bobbed its head in a yes form. Nick held up its pokedex. {Caterpie knows only two moves.. Tackle and String Shot} said dexster. "Two moves?" asked Nick.

Caterpie smiled back at Nick. He let out a loud laugh. "Well its not the number of moves that count, just the power of the moves you know! Plus, Caterpie's are known to evolve quickly!" encouraged Nick. He patted Caterpie's head as the little newborn pokemon grinned.

03-05-2004, 10:52 PM
Chapter 9- Evolve... Buggy Style!

Nick looked up at the trainer standing in front of him. He was on the edge of a forest he just came out of. Chikorita, Phanpy, and the newborn Caterpie was all out.. walking side by side with Nick.

A trainer straight in front of Nick. He wanted a two-on-two battle.

"Alright Chiko-" Nick started to say before Caterpie stepped up. "Caterpie, you wanna fight?" he asked the little bug pokemon. "CATER!" it yelled out. "You don’t have any battle experience, you should just let Chikorita handle this!" Nick tried to convert Caterpie's decision.

Caterpie still stood up to the trainer. Nick heard the other trainer whisper to himself.."This will be easy". Nick got mad.."Alright, Caterpie lets go!".

The trainer threw out his pokeball. A yellow and black pokemon came out. It was a Beedrill. It looked well trained. Nick knew this wasn’t going to be easy with a Caterpie fighting for him.

The Beedrill started things off. It tried Twinneedle. Beedrill's stinger started to swap right for Caterpie. The little green bug started to run away. Caterpie was crying while running from the Beedrill. Nick put a hand over his face in shame.

"Caterpie, stop running and try a Tackle!" commanded Nick. Caterpie turned around and tried to tackle Beedrill but Beedrill just flew up in the air where Caterpie couldn’t get it.

Nick knew that Caterpie didn’t know hardly any moves. Nick sat down on the ground. He sat down quietly with his hands in his lap.. embraced.

"Caterpie.. on your command I will be glad enough to bring you back" Nick told his pokemon. Caterpie shook its head no and continued to try and reach the Beedrill that was flying 5 feet over Caterpie.

Beedrill had enough and went for its own Tackle. Its flew right for Caterpie but with quick thinking Caterpie let out a smooth, silky, thin webbing. "WHOA!" Nick said quietly.

It was a String Shot attack. Nick totally forgot about it. The string connected with Beedrill and furiously wrapped around Beedrill until you couldn’t see nothing but Beedrill's head.

Beedrill fell to the ground. The trainer had no choice but to return it. "We won?? WE WON!" Nick shouted as he picked up Caterpie, celebrating. Nick has so happy about the great effort Caterpie had put in. He knew right away that Caterpie was going to be an awesome pokemon!

"Well.. lets see about how you do with this!" the trainer yelled as he threw out his pokeball...

"PINSER!!" the pokemon roared. It was all brown with white pinchers on the top of its head and went by the name of Pinser. It looked pretty strong.

"Alright Caterpie.. come back and let Phanpy have a shot" called out Nick. Caterpie canceled out Nick's command and charged for Pinsir.

The big Pinsir just stared at Caterpie as it tried to Tackle its leg. Caterpie rammed into Pinsir's leg hit after hit. It wasn’t going to give up. Nick admired the determination of Caterpie.

Pinsir laughed and then kicked Caterpie up into the air and then catching it with its pinchers. Pinsir was ready to squeeze the life out of Caterpie with those huge pinchers. "Caterpie NO!" Nick yelled out. Suddenly Nick thought of something.."String Shot" he commanded.

Caterpie used String Shot to tie up the pinchers. Then Caterpie jumped off Pinsir and turned white.

"Alright Caterpie.. Tac-" Nick stopped. Caterpie had started to spray a mist around itself. Then it started to glow. Nick didn’t know what was going on. He had seen a evolution cause of his Wartortle and Hitmontop but he still didn’t know what was going on cause afterall, it did seem kinda early for Caterpie to ALREADY be evolving. It was just born a few days ago for crying out loud.

It started to take its new form. Then the color kicked in. It was all green and looked like a hard cast. {Metapod. The Cacoon pokemon. This pokemon can only learn Harden when in this stage} announced the pokedex. Nick smiled.

He knew what was going on. Pinsir was wiggling its pinchers until it finally broke the seal of the sticky web. Pinsir was furious with that attack. It ran right for Caterpie.. I mean Metapod. It grabbed Metapod with its pinchers. "Metapod, Harden!" yelled Nick.

Metapod used the attack to brace itself. Pinsir closed its pinchers on Metapod. Pinsir was trying to pinch Metapod right in half. CRRRAAACCK! sounded the right pincher of Pinsir. It had cracked in half. IT WAS BROKEN OFF! All because of Metapod's hard body. Pinsir started to cry.

Nick didn’t know if he should be worried about the concern of Pinsir or if he should laugh at it. So he decided just to run up to Metapod and hug it. Metapod seemed really happy. Chikorita and Phanpy were jumping up and down behind them, cheering for there new pal...

03-05-2004, 10:53 PM
Chapter 10- Pokeball Chaos!

"Where the heck is the gym?" Nick yelled out. He held a HUGE map in front of him. He was walking with Phanpy. "Its no where on the map!" Nick yelled, frustrated. He had arrived in Azalea Town over an hour ago. For some reason he just wasn’t able to find where the gym was.

"Um… Sir?" Nick asked. A man was on a ladder and picking some kind of apricorns. "Uh yeah?" the man answered back. "Do you know-" Nick started to say. Then he was cut out by the man falling off the ladder! He hit the ground hard. The apricorns went flying into the air. Nick stumbled over to the man so he could help him up.

"Are you alright sir?" Nick asked. "Yeah, just kinda clumsy I guess" replied the kind man. "Here I will help you put this apricorns back in your basket. By the way, my name is Nick… I’m in town to face the gym leader" explained Nick.

"Well its nice to meet you Nick. My name is Kurt. I’m an apircorn-pokeball maker. I take these little apricorns and I make them into different kinds of pokeballs" Kurt said to Nick as they finished picking up the pokeballs. "You seem like a nice kid. Why don’t you come inside for a soda?" Kurt offered. "That would be great!" Nick yelled out.

Nick (with Phanpy now returned to its pokeball) sat down at a small squared table while Kurt put down the basket of apricorns and grabbed two cokes. "So what did you mean when you said made those apricorns into pokeballs?" asked Nick. "Well see I carve and cut and do all kinds of things to these apricorns. Then I do some mechanical work to it and I can make it into a Lure Ball, Heavy Ball, Fast Ball, Love Ball, etc." Kurt explained while sipping on his drink here and there.

"That’s pretty awesome. Seems like it would take a long time" Nick said back. "Oh yes it does……. So you said you’re here to face the gym leader?" asked Kurt. "Yep. I just got to town and I’ve been trying to find the gym all day" Nick sadly said. "Oh well, I’ll be glad to take you there, if you do me a favor?" Kurt bobbled as he put his head down. "Uh yeah, what is it?" asked Nick. "Since you’re a pokemon trainer I need you to get this one pokemon for me. It’s guarding a very special apricorn. For some reason every time I go around the tree that grows those apricorns, the pokemon will pop out and wont let me by them. I want that apricorn for I think I could make it into a very rare and special pokeball for all to use" explained Kurt.

"Wow, sounds pretty cool. Why don’t we go down and look at it. Maybe my pokemon will be able to help out?" pondered Nick.

They walked out the door towards the forest. They walked for about 15 minutes before reaching a big area with just one big tree in the middle. "That’s the tree" said Kurt.

03-05-2004, 10:54 PM
Chapter 10 continued...

"Well I don’t see no pokemon Kurt. Are you sure there is one?" Nick asked to be sure. "Yeah. Its a pokemon that I haven’t ever seen before. Its really bizarre" Kurt explained.

Kurt stayed back while Nick walked up to the tree. Nick touched the tree and then looked up at the apricorns. They were a shiny gold. They sparkled with amazement. "Hey these are cool looking apricorns. Come get some, I don’t see no pokemon around" Nick confirmed.

"Umm... Nick" Kurt yelled over to the young pokemon trainer. "Umm...... Nick!" Kurt yelled even louder. "NICK!" Kurt screamed as loud as he could, getting frustrated.

"WHAT?!" Nick yelled back. Kurt pointed towards Nick, signaling that something was behind Nick.

"Huh?" Nick asked. Kurt continued to point. "HUH?" Nick yelled louder. "THERES SOMETHING BEHIND YOU!" Kurt yelled in frustration. Nick turned around to only jump back from fright.

A big orangish and white pokemon stood before him. It had long sharp claws. "What are you?" Nick wondered. He held up the pokedex that was kept in his back pocket.

{Zangoose. The Cat-Ferret Pokemon. This pokemon is mainly seen around the land of Hoenn. Very rarely will you see it anywhere else in the wild. It loves to eat on bird's eggs. The long claws help it attack its foes with ease} confirmed dexster.

"Wow, That’s why you didn’t know what it is. Dexster said it was mainly seen around the land of Hoenn only" Nick said to Kurt. "Yeah. This wont be an easy pokemon to beat Nick" Kurt shuddered to the anxious Nick.

Nick walked straight up to Zangoose and without thinking he just started to go off on the Zangoose. "Look here buddy. My friend needs these apricorns here so you best back the heck up before I have to get rowdy" Nick yelled. Zangoose stood still, acting like the words of Nick went in one ear and out the other.

"HELLO?!" Nick yelled as he thumbed the head of Zangoose. This really pissed off Zangoose. The Cat-Ferret pokemon took its long claws and swept the face of Nick.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Nick screamed out loud. He ran over to Kurt's said, away from any harm coming from Zangoose. Nick held his hand over the aching scratch from Zangoose. "That’s not nice!" Nick shot back. "Hmm.. Nick, I'm not the smartest person in the world but wouldnt it be easier if you just.. gee.. I dunno.. use your pokemon?" Kurt said with sarcasm.

"Right, I was going too. I was just buying some time" Nick said while trying to keep his cool. He grabbed his pokeball. He threw it out in front of Zangoose.

Nick's bull pokemon came out. "TAURRRRROS!" it screamed out. Zangoose and Tauros stared down each other. "Tauros.. Tackle!" demanded Nick.

Tauros ran towards Zangoose but it suddenly jumped up in the air. Zangoose came down on top of Tauros. Nick's big bull pokemon bucked Zangoose off, sending it flying into the tree that held the special apricorns.

Tauros ran right for Zangoose and nailed Zangoose in the stomach as it was getting up. Zangoose got up and used Slash.

Its claws swept the face of Tauros. This really pissed off Tauros so it used Stomp. Tauros furiously stomped the ground and made it shake all around Zangoose. Then it used a Speed Tackle (A move that is made up in Lonto Journies by HoundourMaster )

Tauros used Speed Tackle by running straight for Zangoose and then disappearing. Tauros then showed up ramming into Zangoose from behind. Zangoose fell to the ground.

"ALRIGHT!" yelled Nick. Zangoose was out for good. "Alright.. Normal Ball, GO!" yelled Kurt.

Kurt threw a little white and gray pokeball at Zangoose. The pokeball sucked up Zangoose and then wobbled side to side. Side to side.. side to side..

"Well, at least now I can use Zangoose for good. With its sharp claws it will be able to help me carve some of the pokeballs" Kurt said as he looked at his pokeball which held Zangoose inside.

Nick and Kurt walked inside his little house. Kurt sat down the one single 'special' apricorn and his pokeball on the counter. "Say Kurt, I noticed that pokeball transportation device with that telephone/computer.. you mind if I use it?" asked Nick.

"Go ahead!" Kurt said as he then walked into the bathroom to watch up a little.

"HELLO?" answered Professor Ivy. "Hey Aunt Ivy!" yelled Nick. "Nick! What a surprise!" replied Prof. Ivy. "Well I have arrived in Azaela town so I would like my pokemon back. Did they have a nice rest?" asked Nick. "Yeah. Cyndaquil and Wartortle mainly slept and ate.. hehe.. but your Umbreon, excuse me, Shadow just played around with the other pokemon and cept walking over to the telephone. I think it missed you Nick!" Ivy explained.

Suddenly Shadow came out of the corner. "UMBRE!" it yelled. "Hey there buddy! Ready to come back?" asked Nick. Ivy left for a second to get Wartortle, Shadow, and Cyndaquil ready. She returned..

"Hmm.. Nick, I'm sorry but you have to many pokemon. I know you are going to return Tauros but you still have Phanpy, Pidgeotto, Metapod, and Chikorita. You must send me one of them if you want your three pokemon back" said Ivy.

"Hmm.. Alright then, I'll send Phanpy!" Nick answered. "Alright then, lets make the switch" Ivy replied.

Nick got his pokemon back so now he had his regular line up back of Metapod, Pidgeotto, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Wartortle, and Shadow.

Nick sent back Tauros and Phanpy. Nick shut off the computer and the connection with Ivy. He found out that Jason just got his badge from Bugsy, the gym leader of Azaela.

This made him very eager to go get his badge. The sun wouldnt set for another 3 hours so he had time to get there.

"Well Nick, I want to thank you for helping me out so here you go" he said as he handed Nick a blue and white pokeball. "What is it?" asked Nick. "It’s a Lure Ball. Use it to catch a water pokemon" answered Kurt. "Also take the road all the way down the street and then take a left and at the end of that road you will find the gym" Kurt explained.

"Thanks for the pokeball and the directions!" said Nick cheerfully. "No thank you! Without you I wouldnt of gotten Zangoose nor would I have that special apricorn I need! As soon as I figure out this apricorn and make it into that special pokeball I have in mind, ill be sure to call you and tell you about it! BYE!" Kurt yelled out. Nick waved off as he set sail for the gym battle with Bugsy!

--KCash-> Hey guys and gals! I hope you liked the chapter. Next up is the 2nd Johto Gym match and one of Nick's pokemon may even undergo a change! Be sure to stay tuned!

03-05-2004, 10:55 PM
Chapter 11- The Way of the Flame!

"HELLO?!" yelled Nick as he approached a big green house that had lots of trees and plants in it. Apparently this was the Azaela Town Gym.

Shadow was rubbing against Nick's side, happy to be back beside him again.

"Well Shadow buddy, I don’t think anyone is here!" confirmed Nick. "UMBRE!" said Shadow back.

"AH how wrong you are!" echoed a voice that sounded like a little kid. Suddenly a ten-eleven year old kid jumped in front of Nick. He had purple hair that stuck out in every which direction. His small green shorts and shirt had dirt all over it.

"How are you?" wondered Nick. "Why I'm the great Bugsy, the leader of this Gym!" Bugsy confirmed. "Awesome! I'm here to battle you!" said Nick. "Well if you really think you can compete with me then ok... we will use two pokemon each!" blurted Bugsy as he led Nick to the spot where they would battle.

They came to a small area that was a grass field. Bugsy threw out his pokeball. A small green spider looking thing came out.

"Meet my Spinark! Its quite strong.. I would choose your pokemon wisely!" Bugsy showed off. "Oh I have the right pokemon for this job!" Nick confirmed as he grabbed the red and white pokeball. He released it from its hand and a bird pokemon came out.

"Pidgeotto! Lets get things under way shall we? PIDGEOTTO...... Peck!" Nick yelled out.

Pidgeotto started to peck at the little spider with its sharp beak. Spinark ran away as fast as it could. Nick blurted out laughing. "What a great pokemon you got there!" Nick said as sarcastically as he could.

Pidgeotto used Wing Attack. It flew right for Spinark and hit the little spider pokemon with its left wing.

Spinark was knocked into the ground pretty hard. Nick felt sorry for the little fella but if Nick wanted that badge then he had no choice but to beat Spinark.

"Pidgeotto, give it a final blow.. GUST!" Nick demanded. Pidgeotto flapped its wings furiously until a big tornado of wind. The gust attack went flying towards Spinark.

"Spinark, you know what to do!" Bugsy smirked. Spinark shot a big long web over to a nearby tree. From there Spinark climbed the web until it was in the tree. The gust attack missed Spinark.

"What a smart move" Nick glazed. "Spinark, String Shot!" yelled Spinark. A long silky string shot from Spinark's mouth and wrapped around Pidgeotto, making Nick's bird pokemon not able to fly so therefor it dropped to the ground.

"Pidgeotto!" Nick yelled. Pidgeotto struggled to get free. The string shot Spinark had used was to strong and Pidgeotto couldn’t break free. "Flap your wings and break the web Pidgeotto!" Nick declared. Pidgeotto struggled to do so but it was useless.

"Dang it. Great job Pidgeotto, you did great!" Nick said as he returned Pidgeotto to its pokeball. "I guess I underestimated you pokemon.. sorry" Nick said to Bugsy.

Bugsy nodded and Spinark climbed down from the tree. "Come on buddy, I have had you for a very long time so I know you can do this!" whispered Nick to his pokeball. He threw it to the middle of the ring. Cyndaquil popped out.

"CYNDA!" Cyndaquil yelled as it fire up the flame on its back. "Hmm.. I expected you would use a fire pokemon. Must people do since that type is strong against bug pokemon. They usually have something more powerful than a Cyndaquil though" Bugsy smirked, acting like Cyndaquil would be a push over.

"I have had Cyndaquil since I started my journey in the Orange Islands. Even though it hasn’t evolved it has certainly proven itself to be able to overcome any obstacle!" Nick screamed back, now getting frustrated at Bugsy.

Cyndaquil released a Flamethrower at Spinark. It easily jumped out of the way and used String Shot. Cyndaquil shot the Flamethrower at the String Shot, making Spinark's attack melt.

Spinark charged in for a Tackle. Cyndaquil jumped up in the air and used Swift. Little flying stars hit Spinark in the back, making it faint.

"Don’t underestimate my Cyndaquil, Bugsy" Nick laughed. "Spinark was already weak from your Pidgeotto so don’t think just cause you beat Spinark that you can beat my next pokemon. With this one your Cyndaquil's Flamethrower wont be hot enough to stop this one..." Bugsy growled back at Nick.

He threw out his pokeball and a big, green pokemon came out. "SCYTHER!" it screamed...

03-05-2004, 10:55 PM
Chapter 11 continued...

"Do your stuff Cyndaquil!" Nick ordered. Cyndaquil shot a long flame of fire towards Scyther. Bugsy's big green pokemon spun around really fast. Sand and dirt arose around Scyther, making a big tornado of sand which deflected the Flamethrower Cyndaquil had used.

"What in the world?" Nick gasped. "You thought since fire can so easily overpower bug pokemon that you could win this match with ease but your wrong. My Scyther has been taught to withstand fire attacks. It just uses Sand-Attack. By using Sand-Attack.. Scyther just spins super fast and creates this tornado around itself which deflects any fire attacks that your Cyndaquil can use!" Bugsy laughed out loud.

"Grrr... Cyndaquil Swift!" demanded Nick, now frustrated with the rude gym leader.

Cyndaquil shot a series of stars at Scyther. They were deflected away by Scyther's long sharp 'razor arms'. Scyther used Double Team. Three Scyther's suddenly appeared on the battle field.

Cyndaquil chose the right one and shot a ball of fire at Scyther. WRONG ONE! Scyther appeared out of the middle one. Scyther hit Cyndaquil with its right arm blade which sent Cyndaquil flying into a nearby tree.

Cyndaquil got up and used Smokescreen. Black smoke flooded out of Cyndaquil's mouth and surrounded the air. Scyther couldn’t see threw the thick smoke. Cyndaquil spotted Scyther and used Ember. Scyther saw the attack coming and at the last split second, Scyther was able to use Sand-Attack.. making the Ember attack non effictable.

The black smoke cleared out of the battle field area. Scyther flew over to Cyndaquil and swept Nick's little fire buddy up off the ground. Scyther flew up into the sky and used Seismic Toss.

Scyther went around and around and then went straight for the ground, releasing Cyndaquil right as they were just inches away from the hard hitting ground.

Cyndaquil looked pretty beat up. "Cyndaquil? You ok buddy?" asked Nick. Cyndaquil nodded and started to stand up, almost failing to do so but of course pushing itself to the limit so it could prove itself as a worthy opponent.

"Cyndaquil, I want the biggest and hottest Flamethrower you can give me ok?" Nick requested. Cyndaquil nodded as it shot a huge flame out of its mouth. Scyther admittedly went into its Sand-Attack form.

The Flamethrower attack wasn’t doing much damage to Scyther. "When will you ever learn?" Bugsy made fun of.

Cyndaquil struggled to get the job done. It tried to produce more and more heat. Trying to win this match for his buddy Nick.

Bugsy started to laugh as loud as his lungs would allow him to. Cyndaquil started to get mad now. Cyndaquil had decided that this was the right time...

Cyndaquil's body glew all white as it grew longer, bigger, and stronger. Cyndaquil started to take a new shape. It was Nick's third pokemon to evolve, with an exception of Shadow, with Wartortle and Metapod being the other two.

"Aweeessome" Nick whispered to himself. He grabbed his pokedex out of his back pocket. {Quilava. The Volcano-Mouse Pokemon. It can produce lots of heat with its fire attacks. It uses the flames on its back to show off} dexster said.

"Alright, lets see how hot your fire attacks really are!" Nick said as he ordered Quilava to use a Flamethrower directly at Scyther.

Once again Scyther was ordered to go to its original Sand-Attack move that would keep the fire away. Quilava's Flamethrower hit Scyther's surrounding sand tornado.

Quilava kept up the flamethrower. "Just keep it up" said Nick. The color of the sand tornado turned from a light brown to a glowing red.

"Oh no!" Bugsy said to himself. Suddenly Quilava stopped using its attack and Scyther stopped spinning and instead dropped to the ground... all burnt up!

"What the..?" Bugsy gasped. "Alright! See Bugsy, that sand attack of your Scyther's got to hot and ended up burning Scyther because of the heat it was giving off thanks to my newly evolved Quilava!" Nick yelled to him.

Bugsy returned Scyther and walked over to Nick. "I'm sorry Nick. I guess your pokemon are well trained" said Bugsy. "Hey That’s cool, Your Scyther is so strong.. yall must of been together for quite awhile" replied Nick. "Yep! Well here’s the Hive Badge I have to give you in gratitude of you winning the match" he said, giving over a nice shiny new badge. Nick took it and raised it up in the air, celebrating. Shadow and Quilava jumped up in the air.. celebrating with our hero as well.......

03-05-2004, 10:56 PM
Chapter 12-Dustox Attack! The Way of Butterfree!

"Ilex Forest?" Nick said as he read a sign at the edge of a huge forest. "Well lets get going Shadow" Nick said as he inhaled a deep breath of air.

The walked into the Ilex Forest that was the one thing in between Goldenrod City and Azaela Town.

The forest was dark and eerie. They crept along and saw lots of different bug type pokemons. "Hmm.. Come out Metapod!" said Nick as he released his bug pokemon from its pokeball.

"This is a great chance for you to play where most bug type pokemons like the play at buddy" Nick said as he bent down and patted Metapod's head. Nick and Shadow sat down on a log and eat some chips. Metapod just stood still.

"DUSTOX!" screamed something in the trees. Nick looked up to see a bug pokemon. It had a purple body with green and red wings. "That’s a Dustox! Awesome.. I'm going to catch it!" Nick declared.

He threw a pokeball at it. The pokeball hit Dustox in the head. The pokeball didn’t even try to suck up Dustox. This anger the little Dustox so it started to scream really loud. Suddenly the tree that Dustox had appeared out of started to rumble. About 30 pissed off Dustox came flying towards Nick and Shadow.

Nick grabbed his bag and Metapod and they ran off. The Dustox started to follow. The Dustox's started to spray a golden powder of Nick, Shadow, and Metapod.

It was some kind of paralysis spray. The Dustox were able to make Nick and Shadow paralyzed. "I CANT MOVE!" Nick yelled out. He had Metapod in his shirt so it was effected.

The Dustox came down and started to use Tackle attacks at Nick and Co.

Metapod came out of Nick's shirt and glew white. The cacoon that Metapod had taken form started to peel off. A butterfly looking shape came out. It then took its color and form.

Nick looked at his new beautiful Butterfree.

Butterfree flew up in the air and a blue mist came from its wings. It was a sleep powder. The Sleep Powder attack managed to make the Dustox fall asleep. They all dropped down from the sky and hit the ground. They were all out cold. Nick managed to get up and he grabbed Shadow, running away as fast as he could.

They finally found a nice spot to relax. Butterfree had really saved the day...

--KC-> Sorry if that was boring but it had to be done.. Stay tuned later when Nick and Shadow have to battle an unbeatable pokemon!

03-05-2004, 10:56 PM
Chapter 13- Skarmory.. Unbeatable?

"Well Shadow, we should be in Goldenrod soon.. boy wont Whitney be surprised!" Nick howled out. Nick started to walk faster and faster. Nick had just gotten out of Ilex forest. He was right on the edge and Goldenrod was just a days away.

"Dun.. Dun..Dun.. Mock-ING BIRD.. Yeah! Mock-ING BIRD.. Yeah! MOCKing BIrd why don’t you-" Nick started to sing until Shadow interrupted. "UMBREON!" Shadow growled. "Well sorry, I think I have a wonderful singing voice" Nick laughed as he patted Shadow on the back.

"Hey you!" said a girl that was probably 18-19 years old. She had red hair that was in a ponytail and went down to her waist. She wore tight green shorts and shirt.

"Uh.. ME?" asked Nick, sounding stupid. "Yeah you.. you want a chance to defeat my unbeatable pokemon?" said the young pretty lady. "Unbeatable? Yeah right" Nick grunted. "What you don’t believe my pokemon is unbeatable?"

"No pokemon is unbeatable" replied Nick. Shadow and Nick kept walking up the path until they came upon a Pokemon Center. They stopped there to grab something to eat.

As they were eating they saw the lady that had that 'unbeatable' pokemon. "Heal my pokemon please lady" she said as she tossed up her pokeball for Nurse Joy to catch. "Man, I'm tired.. I just beat 13 trainers in a row, guess That’s my lucky number" she yelled out as she sat down on a couch in the center of the Pokemon Center.

Nick finished his plate and then left the Pokemon Center. "Hey wait!" yelled the same rude girl that Nick had met earlier. "What about a battle now?" she asked. "That’s ok" Nick grunted back. "Afraid you will lose?" she asked.

"Afraid to lose?! Heck no I’m not! Lets go, one-on-one.. I will have to teach you that there is no such thing as an unbeatable pokemon.." he said. Shadow jumped out in front. She laughed as she threw out her pokeball. A silver bird came out. The pokemon howled out "SKARMORY!"...

Skarmory used Swift. Yellow stars hit Shadow. Shadow shook it off and launched a Shadow Ball. A big purple and black ball went torching towards Skarmory.

Skarmory used Agility and escaped the attack. Skarmory was now lowered to the ground. Shadow used Faint Attack. Shadow disappeared to only come from the right, ramming right into Skarmory.

Skarmory flew back in the air and did another Swift. Shadow did the same. Both Swift attacks hit each other and canceled each other out. Skarmory dove towards Shadow. It used a mighty Steel Wing.

Skarmory's hard hitting wing connected with Shadow. The small Umbreon was knocked across the field which they were battling at.

Shadow struggle up. It then used Confuse Ray. A big red beaming ray hit Skarmory. It instantly became confused.

Skarmory started flying crazily all over the place. Shadow used Hyper Beam. The thick yellow beam hit Skarmory, making it fall from the sky and hit the ground hard.

Shadow then signaled in Skarmory. It shot a the big Shadow Ball. The huge ball hit Skarmory. WHOOOSHH! sounded the debree coming off the explosion.

The dirt cleared out. Skarmory was on the ground fainted. Shadow was still standing.

"Way to go buddy!" Nick congratulated Shadow as he hugged it. "I cant believe it!" the girl gasped. Nick walked over to her.

"Great match" said Nick as he held out his hand to be shaken.

"Even though you won you are still telling me a good match?" she questioned.

"Just cause you lost doesn’t mean you aren’t a good trainer" replied Nick. "You are very kind and you have shown me a lot today. Thank you" she said and leaned up to Nick and lightly kissed his cheeks.

She slowly walked away. "See that Shadow, girls are wild over me" he laughed, patting Shadow...

03-05-2004, 10:57 PM
Chapter 14- You Win Some..You Lose Some

Nick and Shadow crossed a small bridge that went over a tiny river. They were on the verge of being at Goldenrod.

"Hey you! Are you a pokemon trainer?" asked a blonde girl, about the age of 15.

"Yeah" Nick replied. " The name is Kelli. What about a 3-on-3 battle?" she asked.

"Your on!" Nick said back. The girl threw out her pokemon. It was a Totodile. A small, blue dinosaur looking pokemon. It looked really serious and looked ready to kick butt.

"When one of our pokemons are down then the winner still has to return there’s and bring out a new one.. ok?" she said, setting the rules. "Agreed" Nick replied.

Nick threw out his pokeball. Pidgeotto came out. He trusted in Pidgeotto. He knew Pidgeotto could get the job done and plus, it had been on a winning streak lately.

Pidgeotto started with Gust. A big sand tornado went roaring towards Totodile. The Gust attack swept up Totodile and swung it into the air.. high into the air.

Totodile thought quickly and used Water Gun at the ground to safely land. Totodile then used Bubble.

White bubbles went flying towards Pidgeotto. Nick's flying pokemon was able to easily dodge the first set but then got hit by the second. Totodile kept hitting Pidgeotto with its Bubble attack. Pidgeotto wasn’t going to be able to hold up if this kept up.

Pidgeotto used Agility to get away and then used Quick Attack. Pidgeotto knocked Totodile on the ground. Totodile quickly got up.

"Pidgeotto use Seismic Toss" Nick demanded. "What? Pidgeotto cant do Seismic Toss now can it?" pondered Kelli.

Pidgeotto grabbed Totodile with its two small claws. Then Pidgeotto flew up in the air and did circles. Once it gained enough speed it flew towards the ground. Just a few feet before they hit the ground, Totodile used Bite. Totodile's strong jaw snapped onto Pidgeotto's leg.

They both ended up hitting the ground! Dirt arose from the crash landing. Both pokemon were fainted! The first round was a draw!

"Awesome move but looks like my Totodile didn’t go down alone" said Kelli. "That Bite attack was a great move to get my Pidgeotto to go down with you. Now check out this" Nick said back as he sent out his pokemon.

Nick's Butterfree came out. Kelli sent out her Pichu. The second round begun!

Butterfree used Tackle. It flew down towards Pichu. The little yellow mouse used Agility and escaped. It then showed up behind Butterfree. It tried a Spark attack.

A bolt of electricity went right for Butterfree. With quick thinking Nick told Butterfree to fly up. Buttefree did so and Pichu's attack missed. Butterfree tried a Stun Spore. Golden mist came from Butterfree with every flap of its wings.

Pichu was paralyzed! Butterfree took this opportunity to use a Tackle. It charged for Pichu. Right before Butterfree connected with Pichu, Kelli commanded Pichu to use Thundershock. Butterfree was off guard since it was trying to do a Tackle attack.

Butterfree was fried like McDonald's chicken nuggets! Hmm.. Chicken Nuggets....

"Return Pichu, we will call that a draw since my Pichu was paralyzed so lets make this last round a good one" Kelli said to Nick who was returning his pokemon as well.

Kelli sent out her pokemon. A brown little pokemon came out of its pokeball. "EEVEE" it cried out.

"Lets see........ I know, you’re the right one for this job so lets do this Chikorita!" Nick yelled out as he sent out his grass pokemon.

Chikorita started off with Razor Leaf. Four leaves flew towards Eevee. This was one fast Eevee for it dodged the Razor Leaf attack like it was nothing. Eevee ran right for Chikorita, trying a Tackle attack.

Chikorita used its vines to make it leap in the air. Then Chikorita came down and used Body Slam. Eevee was laid flat out.

Chikorita got up and Eevee jumped back up as well. Eevee used Iron Tail. Its tail glew white and was thrown right for Chikorita. Not enough time to react! Chikorita was hit hard.. really hard. Chikorita picked itself up off the ground.

Chikorita used Vine Whip. Its vines wrapped around Eevee's legs. Eevee was pinned down.

"Hyper Beam Eevee!" Kelli commanded. "Hyper Beam?" Nick pondered. He had never seen an Eevee use Hyper Beam but he figured it was quite possible. "WATCH OUT CHIKORITA!" yelled Nick.

Chikorita could dodge quick enough cause of its vines wrapped around Eevee's legs. Eevee shot a yellow blistering Hyper Beam at Chikorita. Chikorita was KOed!

"Aw man!" Nick yelled. He returned Chikorita and told it thanks. "That was a great match, you’re a very talented trainer Nick" said Kelli. "Thanks a lot, you are too. I can tell you have been with your pokemon for awhile. Keep up the good work" Nick said as he waved off.

Nick and Shadow came upon a big hill. From the top they could see Goldenrod, Nick was ready to get his third Johto League BADGE!

03-05-2004, 10:58 PM
Chapter 15- Matthew Encounter! Lets Get the Third Badge!

"Larva.. TARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" sounded something nearby. Nick and Shadow were just down the path from getting to the Pokemon Center and Goldenrod City.

Nick and Shadow had to hold there ears. Suddenly it stopped. "What was that? Maybe a pokemon was crying out for help!" said Nick. They ran down the path until they came upon a boy. He stood up. He had baggy jeans, a vest, a dark colored shirt. His hair was messy looking.

"Nick?" the boy asked. "Matthew!" screamed Nick. An Espeon came from behind Matthew. "Whats up!" said Nick as he walked up to Matthew. "Just helpin out this new Larvitar. It agreed to become my pokemon. Its name is Yogi, which comes from its name in Japanese." explained Matthew.

"That’s awesome, you remember Matthew right Shadow? Hes the one we met at Professor Elms" said Nick. "UMBREON!" replied Shadow, declaring that it remembered. An Espeon came from out behind Matthew's legs. "Is that your Eevee you picked at Elm's lab?" asked Nick.

"Yeah, it evolved not to long ago. We're great friends" said Matthew as he patted the head of his Espeon.

They walked into Goldenrod together. They sat down at a table in the pokemon center. Their pokemon were getting treated by Nurse Joy. Matthew and Nick got a drink each.

"So what pokemon have you caught?" asked Nick. "I have gotten a Growlithe, that Larvitar you saw earlier and my first catch was a Mudkip.. named Bubbles" answered Matthew.

"You have the first two badges?" asked Matthew. "Yep, you?" asked Nick. "Yeah"

They finished their fries and grabbed their pokeballs. They walked together to the gym. "Whitney is going to be glad to see me" said Nick. "Are yall good friends?" asked Matthew. "Really good!"

They walked into the gym...

Matthew, Espeon, Nick, and Shadow all entered the gym. It was dark in there, the lights were all out. "Maybe no one is here" said Matthew.

Nick led them to the back of the gym. There was a big garden with different types of pokemon. Nick looked over to the corner and saw a small female Nidoran getting treated by a beautiful young lady. Two red ponytail came down from her shining red hair. She had one a white shirt and shorts with red stripes.

"WHITNEY!" screamed Nick. Whitney turned around and grinned. She ran over to Nick and they gave each other a huge hug. "Why are you here? I haven’t heard from you in a long time!" she blabbered.

"I'm in the Johto league" replied Nick as he showed off his two shiny badges he had recently got. "That’s great. And how are you Shadow?" she asked as she rubbed Shadow's head. "UMBRE!" replied Shadow.

"Um.. sorry to break up the reunion but I came here for a gym battle" said Matthew. "Oh yeah of course! Right this way" she said as she walked into the gym. "Are yall traveling together?" asked Whitney. "No, we are just friends and just found each other on the way over here" answered Matthew.

Whitney flipped on the lights. "One-on-One ok?" she asked. "Yeah" he replied.

They took there places. Nick and Shadow walked over to the side where they watched as their two friends battled...

03-05-2004, 10:59 PM
Chapter 16- Miltank's Roll Out Surprise!

Matthew's Growlithe shot a huge Flamethrower at Whitney's Clefairy. There was no where to run. Matthew had taught great defense in his Growlithe. Clefairy was fainted! Matthew had won his badge. Shadow and Nick walked down to where Whitney was giving Matthew the Plain Badge.

"Thanks a lot, great battle" said Matthew. "Your Growlithe is really strong, I can tell you have raised it well" said Nick. "Thanks, I better get going. I have places to go and places to be" replied Matthew. "Are you sure you don’t wanna come with me and Shadow?" offered Nick.

"Espeon and me do our own thing but thanks anyways. I'll see you soon" Matthew said to Nick while he waved off good bye.

"Ok, well its my turn" confronted Nick. "What are you talking about?" Whitney questioned with a puzzled look on her face. "I need to battle you for a badge" Nick said upfront.

"Here you go" Whitney said as she handed the badge to Nick. "No! I want an actual battle" yelled Nick, pushing the badge away. "Ok then but this wont be easy" she whispered as she rubbed her lips against Nick's cheeks. They took their positions on the battle field.

"Lets go Shadow!" ordered Nick. Shadow sat down and put on its sad face. "Looks like your buddy doesn’t wanna fight me, guess it likes me to much" Whitney said in a way that made her sound like a million dollars.

"Fine then, Go... Wartortle!" Nick yelled out as he sent his water pokemon out. It popped out of the ball. Nick grabbed the now empty pokeball and clipped it back to his belt.

Whitney's Miltank came out. Nick knew that Miltank was Whitney's strongest pokemon. It wasn’t going to be easy. "Don’t go easy on me" said Nick as a smirk overcame his face. "Ok, have it your way! Miltank, show them what you got, ROLLOUT!"

The battle began...

Miltank rolled extremely fast towards Wartortle. "Wartortle, use Water Gun at the ground to jump" demanded Nick. Wartortle did so and was shot right up over Miltank thanks to its strong Water Gun.

Miltank stopped Rollout. It stared at Wartortle who was falling down now. "Skull Bash!" Nick said, thinking fast.

Wartortle went for Miltank with its head first. It shot super fast at Miltank. Wartortle's hard head connected. Miltank took the damage. Miltank instantly got up. "Iron Tail" said Whitney.

Miltank's tail glew white and was swung right at Wartortle. "Dodge it!" Nick said as fast as he could. Wartortle was still to slow though and was hit. Wartortle was sent back to the ground. "Finish it with Hyper Beam!" demanded Whitney who was really getting in the battle now.

A dark yellow beam came from the little circle from the top of Miltank's head. It went right for Wartortle. Nick wasn’t fast enough to think that quick..."Withdraw!"

Wartortle obeyed Nick's command and went inside its shell. The Hyper Beam was to strong though and did a lot of damage to Wartortle. Luckily for Nick's sake, Wartortle came out.. ready for a little bit more. Miltank used Rollout for its final attack. Nick remembered the attack Wartortle had learned not to long ago.

"Wartortle, give it a Hydro Pump!" screamed Nick, pointing towards the rolling Miltank. With just feet until Miltank reached Wartortle, Nick's water pokemon was able to get in its shell and then spin rapidly with a strong water blast coming out each hole in the shell.

The water blast was so strong that Miltank was hit with fury, making it stop its attack. Miltank rolled back, FAINTED!

"Aw no!" said the surprised Whitney. "Alright great job Wartortle!" Nick said as he returned his pokemon. "Here is your badge. You are a great trainer, as well as a great guy" she said as she came close up to Nick and then handed him the Plain badge which he deserved.

He raised it up in the air and congratulated himself!

03-05-2004, 10:59 PM
Chapter 16 continued...

Whitney and Nick were sitting at a picnic table out in the garden that was behind the gym. Tangela's and Eevee's were playing tag with each other. Shadow dug into Whitney's special dark type pokemon food.

"Hi there Nick!" yelled Whitney's uncle. Nick had met him when Shawn and Nick had came up there before he became the Orange Islands Champion. He wore overalls and talked in a country accent. He was a big Miltank farmer.

"What brings you here?" asked her Uncle. "I just got my Plain badge. I'm about to head towards Ecrutek City" answered Nick as he stood up and shook his hand.

"To bad I cant go" sadly said Whitney as she looked down. "I know you have been wanting to leave Whitney so I decided to let you go on a little quest for me. All since you met Nick a few months ago you have been wanting to explore Johto. Well its time, there is a special medicine package for my Miltank. Come winter they could get sick and I can help them with that medicine so if you go to Cianwood and get the medicine then I will take over the gym while your gone" explained her uncle.

"What? I can go! But.. but you cant take over the gym and your farm" said Whitney back. "I called your cousin, my daughter, down from her training in Hoenn.. she can help take over during that time" said her uncle. Whitney jumped up in the air in excitement. She finally got to go on her own journey.


"Here is my Clefairy, keep good care of it and make sure you heal it after the gym battle. I don’t want it to get hurt. Well, lets go Nick" Whitney said as she gave her uncle the pokeball and a hug and they set off towards a new adventure...

They decided to stop at the Pokemon Center before leaving Goldenrod. Nick wanted to call his mom and check up on everything and show off his new badge.

"MOM! Guess what look at this new badge I just got at the Goldenrod Gy-" Nick started to say. He put down his badge and really looked at the screen. He saw a tear run down her face. "Whats wrong mum?" Nick softly asked. He looked behind him for the comfort of Whitney. He felt terror. Something bad had happened.

"Its your Scizor hunny..." she stopped to whip a tear off her face, "something is wrong with it........... its sick, very, very sick..."

03-05-2004, 11:00 PM
Chapter 17- Jason and Elekid!

"I'm coming home" sadly said Nick. "No your not, Scizor is being transported to a special Pokemon Center just outside of Blackthorn City. They have a great Nurse Joy and a great doctor as well. They will take care of it for the time being" said Nick's mom.

"Well ok Mum. Do you think it will be ok?" asked Nick. "Yeah, they will treat it with care and get it back on its feet in no time" explained Ms. Dunbar.

"Then it can come back on my starting line up again" Nick said happily.

He soon hung up with his mom. Whitney, Nick, and Shadow set off towards Ecrtuek City where Nick could compete with Morty, the gym leader, for his 4th Johto League Gym Badge.

They walked along a small path. They were in a hilly area. Other words there were nothing but grass and hills. As they were walking they noticed a small pond but kinda ignored it. Someone was laying down at the pond. He had a small yellow pokemon with it.

"NICK?!" yelled the boy. The kid stood up and his messy hair went everywhere. The pokemon and the boy walked up to Whitney and Nick.

"Jason?" asked Nick back. "You know each other?" asked Whitney. "Yeah, we are long time rivals.. cousins actually" Nick responded. "Why are you hanging with this weakling Whitney?" blabbered Jason. "What? You know Whitney?" pondered Nick. "Yeah, he faced me twice. I beat him the first time and the second he won" answered Whitney.

"Yeah well don’t get flattered, the first battle was a fluke" Jason showed off. "Is that your Elekid?" asked Nick, bending down to touch the top of its head. "Yep" replied Jason. The Elekid shocked the life right out of Nick. Jason pulled back in laughter.

"Why'd it do that!" yelled Nick, rubbing his hand where the shock started. "Shouldn’t of touched it" laughed Jason. "Oh yeah, what about a pokemon battle! Your Elekid v.s one of my pokemon?!" asked the mad and furious Nick.

"Your on!" accepted Jason. Nick reached for one of his pokeballs.

"GO CHIKORITA!" ordered Nick. Chikorita came out and got in a battle stance....

Chikorita threw three razor leafs at Elekid. The arms of Elekid started to spin around rapidly. This made a 'charge-up' for its electric attack.

Its Thundershock had burnt the leaves to a crisp. Elekid now used Thunderbolt. A huge bolt of lightening went right for the little Chikorita.

Chikorita was to fast however and dodged. "Nice Chikorita Nick!" glanced over Jason. "AAAAHHHHHH HELP!" screamed Whitney. The two trainers and two pokemons looked over to Whitney. She was being lifted up by a hot air balloon. A rope was around her.

The balloon was all blue with the initials of T.A. on it. "Da*n it! Team Aqua" shouted Jason in anger. "Team Aqua?" Nick wondered in confusion. Whitney was dangling from the rope tied around her. "STOP IT!" screamed Whitney as she started to cry out of fright.

"LET HER GO!" yelled Nick back. "Allow us to introduce ourselves. I'm Gill and That’s Gaby and we are from Team Aqua, the greatest team!" declared a short man. He had black hair as so did the lady next to him. They wore Team Aqua uniforms.

"What do you want?" asked Jason. "Give us something for this girl!" demanded the lady known as Gaby. "I'll give you something!" yelled Jason as Elekid stepped in front and charged up for an electric attack. "NO DON’T! If you shock Team Aqua then you will just get Whitney too!" stopped Nick, trying to make Jason come to his senses.

Gaby held up a small tube. She flipped a switch and instantly it started to suck in everything around it.

Nick grabbed his pokeball so he could use it against Team Aqua. That’s when the vacuum she was holding caught the pokeball in its suck up. As the ball got there the guy, Gill grabbed the pokeball. Chikorita wrapped its vines around a tree so it wouldnt be sucked in. Elekid was returned into its pokeball by Jason.

Jason and Nick hugged a tree so they wouldnt be swept off their feet nether. Chikorita shot a single Razor Leaf at the rope that was holding Whitney up. The leaf cut threw the rope. "Oh no! Look" Gaby pointed. Gill looked at the curled up girl on the ground. "She got away, lets get outta here!" demanded Gill.

The hot air balloon started to move away from Jason, Nick, Shadow, Chikorita, and Whitney. Jason started to help untie Whitney. Nick ran after the hot air balloon along with Shadow.

"WARTORTLE! NOOOOOOO" screamed Nick....

03-05-2004, 11:00 PM
Chapter 17 continued... again...

"Pidgeotto, fly right through that balloon!" demanded Nick. Pidgeotto flew up into the sky above the balloon and then dove straight down. Pidgeotto broke threw the skin of the balloon and popped a huge hole in it.

The balloon started to lose air and soon enough it crashed to the ground. Jason let out his Houndoom. Gaby threw out her pokemon. Out came a red pokemon that looked like a crab.

"Houndoom, use Flamethrower on that Corphish!" Jason demanded. Houndoom let out a mind blowing, skin melting, torching Flamethrower at the small Corphish.

The Corphish used Water Gun to overdo Houndoom's Flamethrower. Corphish then released a bunch of small bubbles called a Bubble attack. Houndoom used Agility and the attack from Corphish had missed its target. Houndoom used Tackle and Corphish was sent flying back at Gaby. The guy, Gill, grabbed Nick's pokeball and started to run. Houndoom saw the guy running and torched Gill to a crisp with an amazing Flamethrower.

Gill laid on the ground in crisp. Nick grabbed the pokeball that rightfully belonged to him. He threw it at the ground, declaring that Wartortle to come out.

Wartortle appeared... and it was furious. Gill stood up and threw his pokeball out. A big, huge crab pokemon came out. It looked different then Gaby's Corphish though. "KINGLER!" it called out. Wartortle opened its mouth as wide as it could. Suddenly a loud roar came from Nick's little turtle pokemon.

It turned all white and grew bigger. Its shoulders grew bigger and wider. The head turned into a size of a basketball. The shell on its back had grown at least twice its size. Color started to appear on Nick's newly acquired evolved pokemon.

"A Blastoise!" whispered Jason to himself. Whitney looked on in amazement. Blastoise had two opened parts on its shell that was on each shoulder. Big hydro cannons came out and pointed towards Kingler. "Water Gun!" demanded Gill.

Kingler let out a small blast of water towards the powerful Blastoise. Without command from Nick, Blastoise used Hydro Pump by shooting two lines of furiously fast water towards Kingler and its revently small Water Gun attack.

The blast from Blastoise hit Kingler and the rest of Team Aqua. They were sent flying into the air and were beamed far by the explosive Hydro Pump.

Blastoise then turned around and faced Nick. The face of Nick had disappeared from happiness and joyment to an erie face.. a face that said that Nick knew something was up. Then Blastoise shot a huge blast of water right at Nick.

The blast hit Nick and sent him flying back. Nick grabbed Blastoise's pokeball and returned Blastoise admittally. Nick looked at the pokeball that held Blastoise. Nick was in total confusion. "What the heck made Blastoise do that?" wondered Nick. "Sometimes pokemon disobey their trainers" answered Jason. "But Squirtle was my first pokemon I captured. I have always taken good care of it and we have been threw so much.. since my first journey in the Orange Islands, we is it obeying me now?" asked Nick. "Come on" Whitney said as she helped Nick get up.

Whitney hugged Nick really tightly. "What was that for?" Nick softly asked. "Thanks for being there and for saving me like that" Whitney replied as she gently leaned in. Nick's lips were getting closer and closer to Whitney's....

"I guess I better get" said Jason, interrupting the moment Whitney and Nick were just about to have. "You wanna travel with us?" asked Nick. "No, I like to do my own thing" Jason said back. Jason waved off to them as he walked away.

His Houndoom followed behind him. Shadow and Whitney both hugged Nick...

03-05-2004, 11:01 PM
Chapter 18-Exterminate the Fire!

"Two-on-two!" declared Nick's opponent. They were in a very hot place that was surrounded with Slugma, Magby, and other pokemon that enjoyed the heat. They were on top of a small hill and it was all flat on top. A trainer, named Flamey, had offered a battle against Nick.

"Check this out man.." Nick grinned as he unclipped his third pokeball on his belt. He pressed the button on it to supersize it. He tossed it out to the middle of the battle field where the ball opened up. A dark blue and peachish pokemon came out of the pokeball.

It fired up the flames on its head and lower back. "QUILAVA!" screamed the pokemon. "Ha! A fire pokemon, don’t expect my talented fire pokemon to lose against this weakling" grunted the small kid who wore all red and orange in favor of his speciality type.. fire.

His Combusken came out of its pokeball. "Flamethrower" ordered Flamey and Nick at the same time. Both pokemon shot out a long blast of fire at each other. The blast collided and then cenergated into the air.

"Come on Quilava!" cheered Whitney from the sidelines.

"Quilava.. use Swift" commanded Nick. Quilava released a series of powerful stars at Combusken. "Kick them away" said Flamey in Combusken's defense.

Combusken raised its left leg and kicked all the stars into the ground or up into the air. Combusken clearly had incredible speed. "Combusken, Mega Kick!" demanded Flamey. "Watch out!" yelled Nick. Quilava tucked its head under the first kick. Combusken then tried to kick Quilava with its right leg but Quilava , on Nick's command, shot a Flamethrower at the ground which levered it up into the air.

"Now Smokescreen!". Quilava followed Nick's orders and let out a thick black smoke into the area of the battle field. Quilava then fell from the sky and landed on the ground safely. Combusken couldn’t see threw the smoke so its fighting moves wouldnt be very useful. Quilava shot a ball of fire right threw the middle of the battle field, hoping it would hit Combusken.

Quilava had marked its spot good and came close to getting Combusken with that blast. Unfortunately it was able to move just in time. The smoke started to rise up into the sky. Nick decided to use one more attack before the smokescreen attack left the battle field.

"Quilava, use your new attack.. Flamewheel!" ordered Nick. Quilava nodded and a huge flame surrounded Quilava as it ran into the disappearing smoke and aimed for Combusken. Quilava connected and the Flamewheel did heavy damage, knocking out the fighting/fire pokemon of Flamey's.

"That was an awesome battle. I can tell you have trained your Quilava well. Now get ready for this surprise" grunted Flamey as he picked out his pokeball from his orange bag. He threw it out to the rocky platform they were battling on. A big yellow and red pokemon appeared. "A MAGMAR" whispered Nick to himself. He knew that Magmar where known to be one of the most skillful fire pokemons.

"Quilava use Swift" commanded Nick. Flying powerful stars came out from Quilava's mouth and shot towards Magmar. They were disintegrated from the powerful Flamethrower Magmar had shot back. Quilava used Agility and Magmar somehow found a way to follow Quilava and hit it with its all mighty Flamethrower. Quilava didn’t have any energy in it. "That’s enough buddy. I don’t want you to worn out, we're almost to Ectrutek" Nick said as he returned his awesome fire pokemon into his pokeball. He turned around to look at Whitney and Shadow. "Wanna give it a whirl Shadow?" asked Nick. Shadow smiled in its own little way as it stepped up to the plate.

Magmar shot a Flamethrower at Shadow. With Shadow being so fast cause of its Orange Islands experience, it was able to easily avoid the attack with an Agility that went into a Quick Attack. Shadow rammed into Magmar. Flamey's Magmar barely got knocked back.

It was obviously a strong one and wasn’t going to be easy. "Swift" said Nick. Shadow unleashed a series of stars that hit Magmar before it could do anything about it. "Fire punch Magmar" commanded Flamey. Magmar's fist was surrounded by fire and they were heavily thrown towards Shadow.

Nick's fast Umbreon, Shadow, disappeared before it was hit. "Faint Attack" said Nick. Shadow suddenly showed up ramming into Magmar's right gut. Magmar shook off the pain and then stared down Shadow. "Finish it with a Fire Spin!" shouted Flamey, declaring this battle over in his own words.

Magmar shot a huge blast of fire out of its mouth and it built up into a spinning, roaring tornado of fire! The blast twirled towards Shadow. "Oh no! Shadow Ball!" yelled Nick to Shadow. Shadow charged up a big black and purple energy ball and it was shot towards the Fire Spin. The Shadow Ball attack went right into the Fire Spin tornado and was canceled out by the heat. The tornado of fire hit Shadow who was burnt badly. The Fire Spin then stopped. Nick ran out to the middle where Shadow was laying. "You ok buddy?" asked Nick. Shadow smiled back in a 'I'm ok' way. Nick smiled back. "Great job Nick" said Flamey. Nick stood up and shook the hand of Flamey. "Next time I see you better be at the Silver Conference!" laughed Nick...

03-05-2004, 11:02 PM
Chapter 19- Eevee Sisters Brawl!

"Its so beautiful" cried out Whitney as she looked over the edge of the hill Nick, Whitney, and Co. were on. Down a ways from the hill laid the town of Ecrutek. Two huge towers were at the back of the town. One was old and half way burnt down. The other looked new.

Whitney sat down on the soft grass. Nick stood behind her, not caring about the scenery of Ecrutek and instead watched as Pidgeotto and Butterfree did some air training, getting stronger and faster for the upcoming gym challenge.

"What an awesome Butterfree!" screamed a small girl. She popped out from behind a bush. She had on a pink, red, and white dress. Her dark red hair hung in two pigtails. "Uh.. thanks.. I guess" Nick stuttered to say. "Have you checked out the Eevee Sisters?" popped the question out of the young girl's loud mouth.

"Eevee Sisters?" pondered Nick. "I heard about them. They have each of the Eevee Evovlution's. They are said to be extremely tough" answered Whitney.

"Yeah they are! If I was you I would check them out. You looked like a good enough of a trainer" said the girl as she ran off. "Eevee Sisters eh?" Nick said to himself. Nick then smiled and then returned Pidgeotto and Butterfree. He then took off without giving Whitney or Shadow a warning. He ran all the way until he got to Ecrutek. He asked every person he saw.

"UMBREON!" shouted Shadow. Nick jogged over to Shadow who was by a sign. It read "EEVEE SISTER'S CHALLENGE! Come inside and challenge each of the five Eevee Evovlution pokemon trainers. Win 4 out of 5 and win a ton of $$$!".

"Money? Awesome! Lets GO!" screamed Nick. He ran inside the gate to where an old Chinese looking house stood. Nick crept up to the door, weary about what was around. Whitney and Shadow waited on the edge of the steps. Nick kept walking until he got to the door. BANG! BANG! sounded the hits of Nick's fists hitting the door.

The door opened up. A girl about the age of 18-20 answered. She had long beautiful purplish hair. "Who are you?" she asked. "I'm here for the Eevee Sisters Challenge!" demanded Nick. "Alright then, right this way" she said as she led him to the back of the house. Four other girls were in the back, with different forms of Eevee's Evo's...

"What about kickin it off with a two-on-two pokemon battle?" asked one of the girls. She had light black hair that went just below her shoulders.

"Sure" Nick agreed. Another girl stood up and they went to a large area that would be their battle field for the fight. "I choose you, Jolteon!" yelled one of the girls. A yellow spiked pokemon came out of its pokeball. "I choose you, Vaporeon!" shouted the other. A blue mermaid looking pokemon came out of its pokeball.

"Alright then, Quilava and Chikorita.. come out!" commanded Nick as he threw his pokeballs high in the air and out came his two pokemons.

"Quilava Ember at Jolteon!" demanded Nick. "Vaporeon, Water Gun at that Chikorita".."Jolteon Thundershock towards Quilava".."Chikorita use Razor Leaf"

All the commands were given. The thundershock from Jolteon had canceled out Quilava's Ember attack. Vaporeon's Water Gun was shot off in different directions cause of the Razor Leaf from Chikorita. Quilava then took another command and used Agility. Jolteon failed to hit Quilava with another Thundershock. Then Quilava shot a Swift attack at Jolteon.

The stars missed as Jolteon jumped into the air and then used Thunderbolt. The electric attack hit Quilava. The damage did its toll on Quilava who looked quite hurt. Vaporeon released another Water Gun. Chikorita used its vines to push itself up in the air where it used Razor Leaf. The sharp leaves that came from the small grass pokemon had hit Vaporeon, doing some damage to the water evovlution of Eevee.

Quilava shot back a Swift. The yellow flying stars hit Jolteon but looked like the didn’t do any damage. Quilava then let out an Ember attack. A long line of fire torched Jolteon. It looked like it was finished.

Jolteon managed to shake off the effect of the Ember attack. Jolteon let out a mind bursting Thunderbolt. The electric attack was giving Quilava a shock of its life.

Vaporeon's tail glew white as it threw it towards Chikorita, looking for a hit with its Iron Tail attack. Chikorita jumped over its tail but then got hit in the back of the head when Vaporeon was swinging it back around.

Chikorita used Tackle by ramming into Vaporeon, sending it flying back to its trainer. Chikorita saw Quilava getting shocked so it slammed its feet into the ground and got some leverage.

Chikorita took off charging towards Jolteon and rammed right into the left side of Jolteon. Quilava, now free of the Thunderbolt, charged up for a Flamethrower. A scorching flame of fire came from the mouth of Quilava.

The flame surrounded Jolteon. The Flamethrower settled and then finally stopped, raveling a fainted Jolteon. Now Vaporeon was the only one left for the Eevee team side.

"Let's finish this for once and for all" shouted Nick. Quilava and Chikorita nodded and Quilava ran to the left of Vaporeon. Chikorita ran to the right of Vaporeon. Then Quilava tried a Tackle. Vaporeon jumped up into the air, avoiding the attack. Chikorita used Vine Whip to wrap the vines around Vaporeon. Then Chikorita swung Vaporeon to the ground where it unwrapped its vines around Vaporeon and Quilava used Ember to finish the job.

Vaporeon and Jolteon had both lost! Quilava and Chikorita jumped with joy at the fact that they had beaten the amazing duo of Jolteon and Vaporeon. "Don't mess with us when it comes to Tag Team Style battles!" Nick shot towards the Eevee Sisters.

"I'll go next, It shouldn’t be that hard to shut him up" laughed the next opponent. A red pokemon with a dark white- yellow fur came out from behind her leg. "Lets go Shadow" exclaimed Nick as he returned his other two pokemon.

Shadow squared off against Flareon..

03-05-2004, 11:02 PM
Chapter 19 continued...

"Flareon, Ember!" demanded the Eevee Sister. Shadow jumped up in the air to avoid the spread of fire. Shadow then landed and used Swift. Small yellow flying stars came from Shadow. The attack missed as Flareon jumped into the air where it released an awesome Flamethrower.

The fire blast hit Shadow. The cry of Shadow flooded out of its mouth. "Shadow, just hang in there" struggled Nick. The Flamethrower stopped. Shadow shook the pain off and got ready to inflict some damage on Flareon.

"Faint Attack" demanded Nick. Shadow charged for Flareon. It came within just feet away from hitting Flareon before it disappeared. Flareon looked all around. "Keep your eyes and ears open Flareon!" yelled out the trainer. Suddenly Shadow showed up ramming into the left side of Flareon.

The fire form of Eevee was sent flying across the battle field. It struggled up. "Finish it, Shadow Ball" demanded Nick. "Finish it off, Flamethrower!" commanded the Eevee Sister.

The Flamethrower went swooshing threw the air as the Shadow Ball hit the direct incoming Flamethrower. The Shadow Ball went flying threw the battle of Flareon's fire attack and broke up the Flamethrower. The black and purple Shadow Ball hit Flareon and it was sent flying back towards its trainer.

"Dang it!" screamed the trainer. She reached for her pokeball and pointed it towards the fainted Flareon. The pokemon was sucked up and was now safely in its cozy pokeball.

"Who's next?" smirked Nick...

"Pidgeotto, Gust" demanded Nick. His Pidgeotto heavily flapped it wings until a huge tornado of gashing wind went twirling right for the opponent, Umbreon.

Umbreon used Swift attack and the little flying stars broke up the Gust attack. Umbreon then focused on Pidgeotto. It shot a couple of Swift attacks at Pidgeotto. "Pidgeotto, dodge by using Quick Attack" Nick said, giving orders to his pokemon.

Pidgeotto flew past the flying stars that were meant to inflict damage upon it and fell out of the sky little a speeding bullet. "Umbreon, used Faint Attack" yelled the Eevee Sister. Umbreon instantly disappeared. Pidgeotto stopped itself before it rammed into the ground.

Pidgeotto was now low to the ground, vulnerable to attack from Umbreon. Then Pidgeotto instantly saw Umbreon out of the corner of it right eye but it was just to late to react to the attack. Umbreon's head rammed into the right side of Pidgeotto.

Nick's flying type pokemon was sent across the battle field and hit a nearby tree. "Dang it" Nick yelled as he snapped his fingers. He grabbed his 6th pokeball on his belt and returned Pidgeotto. "Great job buddy, next time we will do better hopefully" Nick said to the pokeball that held his Pidgeotto.

"Your Pidgeotto is well trained but was clearly no match for my Umbreon" stated the Eevee Sister as she returned her pokemon.

"I still have one more chance. Bring it on" shouted Nick as he grabbed a pokeball that was clipped onto his belt. ""Let's do this Espeon" said the last of the Eevee Sisters. She was a bit young compared to the others. "Win it Nick, I know you can do it" cheered Whitney with Shadow on the sideline. Nick looked over for support from his friends.

He threw out his pokeball which reveled to be Butterfree. He had great confidence in Butterfree and knew it could pull threw hard times. Butterfree was the right one for the job for sure.

"Lets go! Butterfree use Tackle" shouted Nick. Butterfree dodged down from the sky and tried to tackle Espeon. The quick Psychic form of Eevee had moved out of the way and then used its own Tackle. Espeon rammed Butterfree hard into the ground.

"Butterfree, get up and use Whirlwind" ordered Nick. Butterfree flapped its wings until there was enough power of wind flowing at Espeon to lift it into the air and toss it back. Espeon was slammed into the dirt from the mind boggling, intense wind.

"Espeon, fight back with a Psybeam" said the Eevee specialist trainer. The colorful rainbow beam flowed towards Butterfree. With commands by Nick, Butterfree tried to dodge the attack but failed as the beam hit Butterfree's wing.

Butterfree was hurt pretty badly. "Espeon, finish it with Psychic!" ordered the Eevee Sister. Espeon nodded and started up its luckily last blast. "Butterfree, use Sleep Powder before Espeon has a chance to use Psychic" ordered Nick.

Butterfree flew over Espeon, who was on the verge of using Psychic, and a blue mist came from the beautiful wings of Butterfree. The powder fell on Espeon with ease. Espeon yawned and then fell to the ground.. slowly closing its eyes for a little nap.

"Alright! Way to go Butterfree!" cheered Nick. He ran to his Butterfree and gave it a great hug. "Well Nick, here is your prize money. You are a great trainer" said the Jolteon trainer as she handed over the big bucks that was promised if Nick achieved the goal of beating 4 out of 5 Eevee Sisters.

"You are a wise trainer" the Umbreon trainer said as she patted him on the back. Whitney hugged Nick as Shadow rubbed its head along Nick's leg. "Where is the Pokemon Center?" asked Nick. "Just take a left and then go all the way down the road" pointed out the lovely Vaporeon trainer.

"Thanks!" shouted Whitney and Nick. They waved off as they set off towards the beginning of Nick's next gym battle.

03-05-2004, 11:03 PM
Chapter 20- Ecrutek Showdown!

"Thanks Nurse Joy" said Nick as he grabbed his six pokeballs out of the tray that was given to him by Nurse Joy.

Whitney grabbed her Miltank's pokeball out of another tray. They walked off, trying to find the gym of Ecrutek City. They walked around in circles, unable to find their destination. She finally ended up in front of two big towers. The newer looking one looked like a place where a gym would be.

"Lets try in there" pointed out Nick. Shadow followed behind Nick and Whitney followed behind Shadow. They crept into the dark and eerie tower. There didn’t seem to be anything in there really. They found a stair way and walked up it. The second floor was empty except for bells that hung up in each of the four towers.

They climbed up another stairway. The third floor looked just like the second floor. They finally climbed up the stairs until they were on the final floor. On the top floor were the greatest bells ever. They were solid crystal.

Nick raised out one of his arms and leaned in to touch one of them. "STOP!" yelled someone from the far corner from Nick and Company.

"What?" Nick asked, confused and frightened. "Don't touch those. These bells are a symbol of Ho-Oh's return which will happen soon. So don’t mess with them." ordered the young guy. He had a purple shirt on and a purple headband on. He had long blonde hair.

"Oh sorry" replied Nick. "Your Whitney right?" Morty recongized. "Yeah I am, how did you know?" asked Whitney back. "I'm Morty, I'm a Johto Gym Leader myself" answered Morty.

"Ah yeah! I remember now! I'm not really a gym leader right now though. I'm taking a small journey in the meantime" Whitney friendly said.

"You travel with him?" whispered Morty to Whitney. They both looked at Nick. "Yeah, just for now" Whitney replied, acting like Nick meant nothing to her.

"I don’t mean to interrupt the reunion of the low gym leaders but did you say Ho-Oh is going to return? Isn’t Ho-Oh like a fungus or something? Does that mean that this town will be infected by it?" Nick popped out questions.

Morty fell down anime style! "No you goof! Ho-Oh is a legendary pokemon! Its said it’s the most powerfulest one in the whole world" Morty shouted at the top of his lungs. Nick blushed.

"What do you mean its going to return?" asked Whitney, confused about the whole deal. "These bells have been going off for quite awhile. They go on and off and on and off. Its crazy" replied Morty.

"Wow! I would like to be here when that does happen" said Nick as he looked up at a crystal bell in the corner. "Why are you here anyways?" asked Morty. "I want a gym battle with you so I can finally get my fourth gym badge!" demanded Nick, clinching his fist up in the air.

"A gym battle? Is it really going to be worth my time?" snagged Morty, flipping his hair out of his eyes. "I can take you!" shouted Nick. He had such enthusiasm that he fell back and knocked the crystal bell off the hook it was hanging by. Morty dived to catch the bell before it crashed and shattered into a hundred pieces on the hard wooden floor. "Get out. Meet me at the gym in about a hour. Its just right and down a ways" Morty pointed out.

"Ok thanks!" Nick said as he blushed. Whitney, Shadow, and Nick ran out the door of the towers.

03-05-2004, 11:03 PM
Chapter 20 continued...

"Yeah, I would like the switch" nodded Nick. He sent his pokeball to Professor Ivy. His alternative pokemon arrived in its pokeball. "Alright the switch is complete" exclaimed Ivy. "Thanks a lot" thanked Nick.

"Tell me something though, why that pokemon?" wondered Professor Ivy. "It knows Foresight. Remember, I used it against Drake and his Gengar in the Orange Islands Championship Battle" explained Nick. "Ah yeah, good luck Nick" Prof. Ivy ended as she turned off the computer phone.

"Nurse Joy just brought out your pokemons" said Whitney as she handed over 4 pokeballs. Nick clipped them to his belt along with the new pokeball he just switched out for. Shadow walked along side of Nick as they charged out the door of Ecrutek's Pokemon Center.

Nick and Shadow, followed by Whitney walked right down the street and into the Ecrutek Pokemon Gym!

"Morty?" questioned Nick. They kept walking until they got to battle field. The lights clicked on. "Right on time Nick, three-on-three sound good? I haven’t had a good battle in awhile. I have faith in you that you will give me that good fight" exclaimed Morty as he walked in.

They took there spots on the battle field. A referee was on the sidelines. "I don’t need you this time buddy, go sit with Whitney" Nick softly said to Shadow. Nick's best pal, Shadow, stayed where it was.. not wanting to move away from its friend.

"Gastly go!" yelled Morty as he threw out his pokeball. "Go Quilava!" yelled Nick as he sent out his choice of pokemon.

"The gym leader may not switch pokemons, the opponent, Nick, may however. Keep it clean, BEGIN!" yelled the referee.

Nick swept the dripping sweat from his forehead and repositioned his hat. "Alright Quilava, all of Morty's pokemon are ghost type so since you don’t have Foresight we cant use physical attacks. Now use a Flamethrower!" shouted Nick.

Quilava released a dazzling hot fire blast. The attack went twirling towards Gastly. It instantly disappeared however by using Agility. It showed up behind Quilava. "Use Nightshade Gastly!" commanded Morty. Black waves were shot at Quilava. "Agility now Quilava!" demanded Nick.

Quilava used Agility to get away from the waves. It dodged the first wave and the second. The third wave of nightshade was coming up and Quilava started to run from the attack but its back foot slipped on the slippery battle field.

Quilava fell on the ground and the Nightshade hit Nick's awesome fire pokemon. Quilava was sent flying almost out of the battle field boundaries. "Come on Quilava, you can do it!" Nick shouted. Whitney, Shadow, Morty, Gastly, the Referee, and Nick looked at Quilava as it struggled to break out of the damage from the Nightshade...

A huge flame ball surrounded Quilava as it charged for Gastly. It rammed right into the ghost pokemon and instantly Gastly was caught on fire. It flew around the gym, yelping in pain.

{Flame Wheel} said Nick's pokedex. "That’s awesome Quilava, great job!" congratulated Nick. Morty grabbed the pokeball that Gastly stays in and returned it. Morty stared down Quilava and Nick.

He grabbed a different pokeball from his pocket and threw it in the smack middle of the battle field. A purple ghost pokemon came out. It had two small hands that separate from its main body. "HAUNTER!" screamed the pokemon.

Quilava shot a series of Swift attacks. The small stars flew right past Haunter as it came in towards Quilava. It charged up a Shadow Ball. A little small purple and black energy ball appeared. Haunter threw it at Quilava. The ball hit right in front of Quilava as it did not have time to get away.

Quilava hit the ground hard. It didn’t look like it was going to get up. The referee got the flag ready to declare Quilava officially fainted. Then suddenly Quilava stood right up and stared down Haunter.

This is a great opportunity to get Quilava out and have a small rest, then I can use it later since I can switch pokemon throughout the battle thought Nick.

He grabbed Quilava's pokeball and a red beam was shot from the pokeball and hit Quilava, sucking it back up into its pokeball. "Quilava, take a small rest cause I’ll need you soon" whispered Nick as he minimized his pokeball and then clipped it to his belt.

He reached for the last pokeball on his belt. He reached for it and unclipped it. He then pressed the button to maximize it. He threw it out onto the battle field. The ball slowly released from his hands. The small red and white pokeball bounced on the ground and reveled...

TAUROS! It pounded its mighty hooves on the surface of the gym floor. "Why Tauros?" wondered Morty. "From the look of your face you must know that most of Tauros' moves are all physical attacks but what you don’t know is my Tauros knows Foresight, go ahead and use it buddy!" shouted Nick.

Tauros' eyes glew yellow and then a yellow outline appeared around Haunter. "Now Haunter is vulnerable to any physical attacks!" explained Nick. "So be it, my Haunter is still more powerful" fought back Morty. "Not against the pokemon I am about to switch out" Nick slowly said.

He returned Tauros to its pokeball. He then grabbed a different pokeball from his belt. He threw it out to the battle field...

"He just needed Tauros in there so it could use Foresight, now its up to..." Whitney started. Shadow and Whitney looked at the substitution for Tauros.

"Lets do this" yelled Nick.

03-05-2004, 11:04 PM
Chapter 20 continued...

"Butterfree!" yelped the substitution for Tauros. Butterfree flapped its wings and flew right for Haunter. "Wing Attack!" shouted Nick. Butterfree flew right up to Haunter.

"Watch Out!" screamed Morty. Haunter glided down to the ground, avoiding the attack from Butterfree. Then, Butterfree slowly turned around to only see Haunter ramming into it. Butterfree was pushed back a bit but still managed to stay in the air.

Butterfree then flapped its wings furiously. A huge tornado of wind pilled up as Butterfree got ready to release it. "Give Haunter a Whirlwind!" demanded Nick.

The tornado of wind glided across the battle field. It made its way to Haunter, who couldn’t get away from the unbearable attack. Haunter was caught up in the Whirlwind and was thrown around inside it. The attack finally settled and Haunter was thrown into the air and back down into the ground, making a small dent in the battle field which they were fighting on.

Haunter struggled up. "Hypnosis Haunter!" ordered Morty. Blue waves came from the eyes of Haunter. The blue rings ejected a loud and annoying sound. "Butterfree, flew as high as you can" demanded Nick. Butterfree flew up to the top of the gym. The waves were to spread apart by the time they got all the way up there.

"Release a Sleep Powder!" Nick yelled, demanding the next attack. A blue mist came out from the wings of Butterfree. The blue powder gently fell down on Haunter, making it in a deep sleep!

"I cant believe it!" yelled Morty. He returned his Haunter. "Great strategy" complimented Morty. Nick gave Morty a small smirk back. "Gengar, come out!" yelled Morty. A big purple pokemon came out from the left wall from Nick.

Nick jumped back at the fact that Gengar just kind of popped out of the wall like that. "This match is just getting started" Morty remarked. "Butterfree, Stun Spore!" yelled Nick.

Now Butterfree released a goldish powder from its wings. The mist went right for Gengar but out of no where Gengar just disappeared. Nick and Butterfree looked all around the battle field.. nothing.

"Ah! Right there!" screamed Nick. Butterfree turned its head up. Gengar stood over Butterfree with a Shadow Ball ready to be let free.

The black ball with purple lines in it floated right for Butterfree where it hit with mighty contact. A mighty blast happened when Butterfree and the Shadow Ball connected. Butterfree fell down from the explosion. It landed smack hard onto the ground.

"Butterfree is unable to battle, Gengar is the winner!" yelled the referee.

Nick returned it and then threw out its next pokemon. "Quilava, I know you don’t have a lot of energy but please give the little strength you have to come back out here and beat this Gengar!" yelled Nick as Quilava came out of its pokeball.

"Gengar, Nightshade!" ordered Morty. Black colored waves were shot at Quilava. "Use Agility!" screamed Nick. Quilava jumped over, under, and to the side of the waves from the Nightshade.

"Quilava, now use Flamethrower!" Nick ordered. Quilava nodded a yes and shot a long fire blast at Gengar. The ghost pokemon was smoked and smothered in the flamethrower.

Quilava stopped to reveal a hurt Gengar, but a Gengar who still had a bit left in it.

"Quilava, use Smokescreen" ordered Nick. Thick black smoke came out of Quilava's mouth and filled the air. Gengar flew up into the air, away from the smoke and spotted Quilava. It then used a Tackle. Quilava was sent flying into a wall from the impact of the big Gengar.

"Quilava!" yelled Nick. He looked at his KOed' pokemon. He grabbed a pokeball from his belt and returned Quilava. "Great job, guess you were worn out more than I thought" said Nick. He then threw out Tauros' pokeball.

Tauros came out and used Foresight. Yellow outlined the eyes of Tauros. Gengar was now venerable to any physical attacks from Tauros.

The speeding bull charged towards Gengar. "LICK!" ordered Morty. Gengar brought out its long, long tongue and gave Tauros a good lickin. Tauros was paralyzed. Gengar then charged up for a Shadow Ball. The energy ball was sent towards Tauros! The attack collided with the helpless bull pokemon.

A huge explosion occurred in the middle of the battle field. Tauros was found laying on the ground. It struggled up and shook off the pain and affects of the Shadow Ball from Morty's awesome ghost pokemon.

"Tauros, Speed Tackle!" yelled Nick. Tauros ran towards Gengar before disappearing. It then reappeared ramming into the right side of Gengar.

Gengar had to literally pick itself up off the ground. Gengar looked hurt pretty badly. "RAGE!" yelled Nick. He gave off a big smile, knowing that once Tauros gets mad..it gets going.

Tauros ran head first into Gengar and then pinned the ghost pokemon on the ground. Then Tauros started the slash its horns towards Gengar. "I... I..." Morty started. He didn’t want his pokemon to get to hurt.

"I give up" said Morty, giving into his feelings for his pokemon. "Well Nick, here is your badge" said Morty, handing Nick a badge as he then left to help out his pokemon. Nick held the badge high and then looked at Shadow and Whitney.

"The Fog Badge is mine!" he celebrated!

03-05-2004, 11:05 PM
Chapter 21- Mind Over Body

"Where to next?" asked Whitney. Nick looked at his Pokemon Johto Quest Handbook. "We have two options.. Olivine City or Mahogany Town?" Nick answered with a question. "Hmm.. I like the second one" Whitney decided.

Nick kept reading and came upon a small paragraph about Olivine.

"OLIVINE! Sandy beaches, lots of water pokemon, and tons of surprises!" read the book. Nick stared up into the sky.

"Uh, why don’t we go to Olivine.. I hear they have... beaches!" Nick slurred towards Whitney. Nick thought it would be the perfect time to see Whitney in a bikini.

"Beaches? OLIVINE IT IS!" Whitney yelled as she started walking off, grabbing Nick's hand and forcing him towards Olivine as well. They started walking when an old woman jumped out in front of them.
There was no trees around... just grass and one single dirt path leading its way towards Olivine. Whitney jumped in fright.

"Where did you come from?!" she yelled. The old lady was the size of Shadow. "Nice Umbreon you have there" confronted the old lady. She rubbed the fur behind the ears of Shadow.

"Thanks" Nick said back as he rested his hands behind his head. "What about a battle? I have an unbeatable Alakazam" asked the old lady.

"Unbeatable? I doubt that, I have a very powerful line-up old lady" Nick grunted back as he held up a pokeball. "OLD LADY!" the 'old lady' screamed. She hit the side of Nick's head. Nick fell to the ground, rubbing his head.

"THAT’S NOT NICE!" screamed Whitney. Nick stood up as fast as he could. "I'll teach you a lesson!" Nick shot back. He thru out his pokeball with Blastoise in it. The ball opened up and a white figure appeared.

"BLASTOISE!" screamed Nick's most powerfulest pokemon. "Blastoise, Show this 'old lady' who is the boss around here" demanded Nick.

Blastoise turned to face Nick and then shot a ball of water from its hydro cannons. Nick was soaked’ n’ wet.

"Yeah, I get it.. Blastoise is the boss" the old lady laughed at her own joke. Nick returned Blastoise. "We'll show you, lets go!" yelled Whitney, getting her one pokeball ready...

03-05-2004, 11:05 PM
Chapter 21 continued...

"Miltank, Rollout!" called out Whitney. Her pink and yellow dairy pokemon rolled across plain of grass. Dirt flew everywhere from the awesome speed Miltank picked up.

Just a few feet away from coming within connect of Alakazam, Miltank was lifted into the air. A small, dim blue light glew around Miltank. Alakazam moved its hands in the direction it wanted Miltank to go in. Alakazam sent Miltank into the ground and back up and into the ground and back up. Alakazam was playing 'mind' basketball with Miltank.

Alakazam got bored and so it used its hands and threw Miltank across the small field. "Ah!" Whitney screamed, frightened that her Miltank was hurt. She ran over and nursed Miltank, making sure it wasn’t injured to bad.

"What kind of pokemon is that?" questioned Nick. He knew it was an Alakazam..a psychic type..the final evovlution of Abra's form, but Nick knew there was something else.

"Your looking at the world's strongest pokemon. This Alakazam could take on any pokemon in the world and destroy it!" fiercely yelled the old lady. "We'll see about that!" Nick yelled back. He grabbed a pokeball from his belt. "Go Quilava!" demanded Nick.

Nick's fire pokemon Quilava appeared. Nick clipped the empty pokeball back onto his belt.

"Quilava Flamethrower!"

"Alakazam, knock it back"

The flamethrower was blocked by the spinning spoons that Alakazam held. The flamethrower was knocked right back at Quilava. "Watch out!" screamed Nick. This caught Quilava's attention and was able to jumped away from the incoming attack which it had made.

Alakazam's eyes glew blue and a fine line appeared around Quilava. "Oh no" Nick gulped, realizing what was about to come. Alakazam directed Quilava up into the sky and smashed it into the ground hard.

"It doesn’t matter how hard you try but you'll never be able to defeat my pokemon!" the old lady laughed as hard as she could. Nick grew an angry look on his face. "Shadow, GO!" Nick said with passion. Shadow jumped from Nick's side and faced off against Alakazam. Quilava crawled over to Nick.

"Try and do your fancy mind thing you do Alakazam, although its going to be hard if you cant keep up with your opponent" Nick smirked. He grew a grin on his face. The old lady was puzzled.

"You stupid boy, don’t ever defy the wrath of Alakazam" she screamed. "Shadow, Faint Attack!" ordered Nick.

Shadow ran towards Alakazam. The powerful psychic pokemon raised its hands and focused on Shadow. The blue surrounded Shadow and then..

WHOOOSH! Shadow left nothing but the sound of wind. Shadow had completely disappeared. Alakazam's eyes stopped glowing blue. "Alright, its working" Nick whispered to himself.

Alakazam looked all around, confused as well as the old lady. Suddenly Shadow appeared to the left of Alakazam and Shadow ran right into Alakazam. The psychic pokemon was sent flying back towards the old lady.

Alakazam raised up in frustration. It focused on Shadow again. "Hurry, Faint Attack!" confronted Nick. Shadow ran towards Alakazam again and then disappeared. Alakazam used its mind to raise itself up into the sky where Shadow wouldnt be able to reach it.

This time Shadow came back in front of Alakazam, right where it disappeared at. "Swift!" Nick demanded. Shadow let out a series of stars which made contact with Alakazam. The psychic pokemon fell from the sky, right onto the old lady!

Nick tried to hold back his laugh. The old lady pushed Alakazam off. "Get back in there you moron!" screamed the lady. She picked up Alakazam and threw him in front of Shadow.

Shadow instantly disappeared again. "Not again! Be on the look out Ala!" the old lady grunted. Shadow showed up behind Alakazam this time! "Shadow Ball" commanded Nick. Alakazam turned around. Shadow hurried and charged up the Shadow Ball attack and released it, before Alakazam was able to control the attack with its mind. The black and purple ball hit Alakazam and exploded from the impact.

Dirt flew into the eyes of Shadow, Nick, Whitney, Miltank, Quilava, and the old lady who all stood... watching and waiting for Alakazam to show up. The dirt and debris from the explosion slowly disappeared. Alakazam was on the ground fainted! "Way to go!" Nick yelled as he ran over to his Umbreon and gave it a huge hug. The old lady was stunned. "I cant believe it!" she said under her breath.

She slowly reached for her pokeball and returned Alakazam. "Next time you better remember your priorities. Its not always whose stronger in strength or mind, it’s the ability of one" Nick grinned as he talked to the defeated old lady. "And you need to get your head on straight and think about what your in for next time you ask Nick Dunbar to a pokemon battle"

03-05-2004, 11:06 PM
Chapter 22- Lure Ball Capture!

"Lets go over to that watered area over there and take a days rest. I think our pokemon need it" Whitney pointed out. Nick nodded and Shadow and Miltank ran off together.

They started playing around and Nick let out his Pidgeotto, Butterfree, Chikorita, and Quilava.. keeping Blastoise in its pokeball since it refused to obey.

As Pidgeotto, who was always wanting to get stronger, tried talking Butterfree into sparring with it. Quilava and Shadow ate some pokemon food. Miltank slept under a shaded tree and Chikorita was chillin by the 'oversized pond'. Whitney and Nick laid on the ground, looking up into the passing clouds.

"I miss the days that I just lay around and glaze up into the sky. Help out my aunt Prof. Ivy with pokemon, not have to worry about anything. After I'm finished with Johto I think I'm gonna set sometime off. I really miss my mom" Nick said to Whitney in a quite voice.

"You always have me" Whitney replied back. She lifted her head off the ground and leaned towards Nick. A tingling nervousness ran throughout Nick as he knew what was coming. Whitney lean in, her lips just inches away from Nick's and then...

"AHHHH!" screamed Nick in fright. A small, scaley vine wrapped around the leg of Nick's. "Chikorita?" questioned Nick. Chikorita nodded and pointed towards the water. "Oh, you wanna go swimming?" asked Nick. Chikorita nodded yes. "Alright then" Nick gave in.

Whitney let out a sigh of depression, being mad that every time she has a chance with Nick she just gets interrupted. Nick took off his blue sleeveless shirt, his black undershirt, and his jeans along with his shoes/socks. He jumped into the water, almost losing his hat. Chikorita jumped in afterwards. They splashed water at each other.

Water flew everywhere as they splashed and played. Pidgeotto got mad cause it was splashed by them while it was trying to train. Nick turned and signaled for Whitney to join them. Nick then turned back around and Chikorita was gone. Nick looked around but Chikorita was nowhere to be found. "CHIKORITA!" Nick said with fright.

Nick filled his lungs with air and then dived down below the surface of the water. He saw Chikorita! She was being pulled down by some kind of blue water pokemon. Nick had to come back up for air. He gathered air in his lungs. "Pidgeotto, dive down and get Chikorita!" shouted Nick as loud as he could. This signaled everyone's attention. All of Nick's pokemon as well as Miltank and Whitney ran over to the water.

Pidgeotto flew up high and then dove down from the sky head first, gaining lots of speed. Pidgeotto crashed thru the surface of the water. It was able to make it to Chikorita. Pidgeotto flipped around and used its claws to get a grip on Chikorita's leaf which hung from its head.

Pidgeotto struggled to get to the surface of the water. Nick went under the water and spotted his pokemon. He grabbed Pidgeotto and helped it up. Once Pidgeotto got the surface it flapped its wings and flew up into the air, dropping Chikorita off in the hands of Nick. The pokemon that drug Chikorita under the water was watching. Nick swam over to the shore. He laid Chikorita down.

"Miltank, use Heal Bell" demanded Whitney. The ball on the end of Miltank's tail started to glow. Miltank moved its tail over the head of Chikorita. Within seconds Chikorita opened its eyes.

"Look over there Nick" pointed out Whitney. Nick turned away from his Chikorita. He spotted the small pokemon that drug Chikorita under the water. "Why did you do that!" screamed Nick. He started his way back into the water. "Nick wait!" Whitney yelled. Nick looked at Whitney.

"I think it was only playing around. I don’t think it knows any differ. Look at the cute little thing, cant you tell its just a baby Horsea?" explained Whitney. "Horsea huh? Well maybe it didn’t mean it but I do want it to apologize!" screamed Nick as he looked towards the baby Horsea. ".. but it can do that after I catch it!" Nick smirked. He grew a grin on his face.

"Butterfree go!" yelled Nick. Butterfree flew over to Horsea. "Use Stun Spore!" commanded Nick. The Horsea might of been a baby but it obviously had battle experience and was smart. The Horsea instantly dived under the water to avoid the attack.

"Hold on Butterfree, watch out for any attacks that may be coming up out of the water" reminded Nick. Butterfree searched the surface of the water. Nothing.

Then suddenly a stream of water came spiraling out of the water. It hit the right wing of Butterfree, knocking it off balance. Butterfree regained control and used Whirlwind. Small cuts of wind were blown towards Horsea but were avoided by going under water once more. "This is going to be tough, keep an eye out Butterfree" Nick reminded.

White shiny bubbles were shot out of the water behind Butterfree. It was Horsea's Bubble attack. Butterfree tried to turn in time but was hit in the back before it could make its move. Butterfree fell into the water. Butterfree's wings couldn’t get any lift since they were so wet.

Butterfree was helpless. Horsea then shot an ink blot out of its small 'mouth tube'. The black, thick, slimy ooze covered Butterfree's eyes. Now Butterfree couldn’t even see anything. Nick had to do something quick before this battle was over!

"Butterfree, use Stune Spore one more time!" commanded Nick. Butterfree let out the misty, golden powder from its wings. The water started to glow gold from the powder. Horsea was started to shake rapidly. It was starting to become paralyzed! The water around Horsea was filled with the Stun Spore powder which paralyzed the small pokemon.

"Alright, now's my chance!" declared Nick. He ran over to his backpack and grabbed the Lure Ball which he had been given by Kurt in Azeala Town. He threw it at the helpless Horsea. The ball wiggled back and forth.

"PING!" sounded the pokeball, declaring the capture of Horsea. The Lureball started sinking. Nick dived in after the ball, not wanting to lose the pokemon he had only have for 3 seconds. He managed to grab it but then it was instantly transported to Professor Ivy, his aunt, since he had 6 pokemon already.

"Great job team!" Nick said as he helped Butterfree dry its wings and gave Chikorita a high five!

03-05-2004, 11:07 PM
Chapter 23- Sara, the New Friend or New Rival?

"Please HELP!" screamed a lady's voice, not to far away. Nick arose up. He looked around and then heard the scream again. Shadow then stood fully up. Nick wiggled out of his sleeping bag. He pulled over his overshirt and slipped his backwards hat on.

The scream overcame the small forest once again! "What is that Shadow?" Nick wondered. Shadow dashed off towards the bushes. "WAIT!" Nick called out. Shadow ignored Nick and kept running. Nick looked back at the fire which had gone out. Whitney was snuggled beside it.

He then figured she would be ok for a minute or two. Nick grabbed his belt which held his pokeballs and dashed towards the screaming and the direction that Shadow went.

Nick threw his arms up, blocking the limbs of trees that were hanging down and knocking him across the face. He came to a huge clearing. A girl with brown hair, a dark red shirt, and a pink and white dress was sitting down in the middle of the clearing.

She screamed louder and louder. Shadow stood in front of Nick, puzzled. Nick was stunned by the beauty from the girl. Nick had to meet her right away. "M'am" Nick called out.

She screamed even louder! "HELLO!" Nick yelled at the top of his lungs. The girl stopped screaming and looked at Nick. She stood up and brushed her skirt off. She stared into Nick's eyes. Nick did the same, staring into the deep blue eyes of the girl. Her eyes looked like the ocean but suddenly the waves came crashing into each other.

"Its.. its.. its.. a BUG!" she screamed once more. "What? That?" Nick pointed out. A small yellow pokemon with a white needle on its head was wiggling by. She screamed even louder. Nick put his head down in disgust. "Girls" Nick said under his breath.

He walked over to the Weedle and picked it up. "Hey little fella, mind if I take ya over there?" Nick softly said. He put Weedle up into a nearby tree. Then he walked back over to the girl and Shadow. "WOW! YOUR SOOOOO BRAVE!" shouted the beautiful girl. She jumped into the cold arms of Nick, giving him a giant hug.

"BACK UP!" Whitney yelled out as she jumped into the middle of the girl and Nick. "Hi, I'm Sara!" she introduced herself to Whitney. "I know you! You beat me with that tiny no good Poliwag at the Goldenrod Gym" Whitney shouted furiously. "Oh yeah, you must be Whitney. Are you two going out?" questioned Sara.

"Uh, well, no not technically.." Whitney whispered. The only part Sara caught was 'no'.

"Great" she said as she fixed Nick's collar. "Back off girl!" Whitney shouted once again. "Go find someone else to bother" smirked Whitney, putting Nick's collar where it was before. "I claimed him first!" yelled Whitney.
"Let's settle it in a pokemon battle. One v.s one! Winner takes all" Sara challenged. Whitney pulled out her pokeball...

03-05-2004, 11:07 PM
Chapter 23 continued...

Miltank came out of its pokeball, afterall being the only pokemon that Whitney currently had with her. "You gonna try that weak little Poliwag again cause my Miltank will crush it this time around" smirked Whitney.

Nick and Shadow walked to the sidelines and fell to the ground, kicking back and watching the show.

"Nope, I got somethin for ya" laughed Sara. Her pokeball was gently released from her soft hands. The ball bounced twice on the ground before opening up. A big yellow pokemon with black stripes appeared. "Electabuzz!" it stomped around.

"No problem. Miltank, lets do this... ROLLOUT!" Whitney started things off. Miltank curled up into a ball and spun its way towards the electrifying Electabuzz.

The electric pokemon jumped over Miltank. It then turned around as Miltank did the same. Electabuzz used a mind blowing Thunderbolt. Thunder waves came from the body of Electabuzz.

The electric attack bounced off of Miltank, doing little damage. Miltank's Rollout was like a defensive attack against Electabuzz's electric attacks.

Miltank rolled towards Electabuzz still. Elecatbuzz's legs were swept from underneath it as Miltank rolled in. Electabuzz fell to the ground hard. Miltank turned around and came back for Electabuzz.

There wasn’t time, Electabuzz couldn’t get its big body up to its feet and still have time to jump out of the way. Therefor, Electabuzz, still sitting on the ground, back its fist up for an all mighty ThunderPunch! Electricity bounced around its fists as it made contact with Miltank's big bulky body.

Miltank instantly flew back. It was almost completely fainted. Miltank used a little bit of energy it had left to stand up. "Swift NOW!" Whitney demanded admittally.

Little flying stars came from the mouth of Miltank. "Reflect!" commanded Sara with attitude and passion. The swift attack 'stars' bounced off the clear reflecting plate that Electabuzz had made.

"Finish it! Thunderbolt"

"Lets end this, Hyper Beam"

The two pokemons followed the orders given to them by there trainers. Miltank's Hyper Beam had flowed out of its mouth. The electricity was gathered for Electabuzz to blow its opponent away. The two attacks collided together. A huge explosion occurred!

Tons of smoke and dirt flew up from the collision. Nick, Shadow, Sara, and Whitney all had to cover there eyes. The smoke cleared and the two pokemons were still standing. They stared each other down.

"I cant believe there still standing!" Nick said in amazement. Then out of nowhere they both fell to the ground hard. "They both.." Whitney started. "Fainted!" Sara finished. The both looked at each other in hatred. They returned their pokemons and then charged off towards Nick.

"Hey ladies. Why don’t we walk together to the next town and try to get along" Nick wondered. "Sure Nicky" Sara ran a finger down his neck. "Aw shut up" Whitney shot towards Sara.

Sara stuck her tongue out at Whitney. Nick moaned...

03-05-2004, 11:08 PM
Chapter 24- The Test that Glows!

Today our heroes, along with their new friend Sara, are standing in front of a huge white building. On each side of the building was a short, golden trim. On the top was a gigantic pokeball sign with a 'P' in the middle of it.

A thick steel fence made out a big area in the back of the building. In the back was tons of battle floors and one big, huge tent.

"You think it’s the pokemon center?" questioned Nick. Shadow started to walk in. The others followed. "Yeah, I guess so" the words slowly lifted out of Sara's soft lips.

The walked in and there were about 50 people and about 20 pokemons standing around. They walked up to the front counter. "Hello miss?" asked Nick. The lady at the counter turned around, raveling that she was Nurse Joy. "Nurse Joy?! This must be a pokemon center then!" Whitney exclaimed.

"No, its not a Pokemon Center. It’s the Johto League Test Centrum!" She reported back. "The Johto Test Whom? What?" Nick pondered.

"This is a contest place huh?" Nick pondered as he looked around the building. "Yes, would you like to enter?" she asked. "Uh sure, why not" Nick replied with a puzzled face.

"What’s your name?" she questioned as she typed info into the computer. "Nick Dunbar" he answered politely. "Ok Nick, your number 22. Good luck!" she stated as she gave Nick a gold card with the number 22 on it. "Alright! My lucky number!" Nick shouted as he raised his card up into the air.

"Your right there Matthew!" exclaimed someone that sounded like they were on an intercom or telephone. This caught Nick’s attention. "Matthew?" he pondered. He walked over to the back corner of the room. Matthew was sitting at a computer/phone. Professor Elm was talking to him.

"Elm! Matthew! How’s it going?" Nick yelled out. "Nick! It’s going good, what brings you here?" asked Matthew. "I just stopped by, I signed up for the contest that’s being held here!" Nick explained. "Awesome! Me too! I’m number 11" Matthew answered back.

"Hi Nick! Catch any new pokemon lately?" asked Prof. Elm. Nick turned to the phone screen. "Yep, just caught a Horsea the other day!" Nick stated. "Well good for you! I am a little busy with Matthew’s new Muk, I’ll talk to you two later. Good luck with the contest!" Professor Elm stated before he clicked the screen off.

"New Muk? Guess your doing pretty good then huh?" Nick asked. "Yep, who is this?" Matthew asked. He nudged his head towards Sara and Whitney. "Oh, as you already know… that’s Whitney and the other girl is Sara, she’s just traveling with us until we reach the next town" Nick introduced.

"All contestants! Attention all contestants! Please go to the appropriate rooms for the quiz which will start off the first part of the contest!" stated a lady’s voice on the intercom. Nick and Matthew looked at each other and nodded. They walked towards the back room. "Well we didn’t sign up so we’ll just wait out here" Sara waved off, making sure she caught the attention of Nick. Whitney rolled her eyes and walked off.

Question 1- What happens to a Charmander if the flame on its tail goes out?

A- It dies

B- It evolves

C- It starts flying

D- It cries

Nick’s pencil went back and forth, trying to figure out which one to circle. "Well I know I would be sad if the flame on my tail went out, if I was a Charmander that is, so I say…" Nick whispered to himself. His pencil gradually circled letter D.

Question 2- What is the only attack Ditto knows?

A- Transform

B- Hyper Beam

C- Scary Face

D- Smelly Pits!

"I know that one! I use to have a Ditto before I released it in the Orange Islands" Nick yelled to himself. The people surrounding him put their fingers up to their face and yelled "Shhhhh!".

Question 3- Which elements can Eevee evolves into?

Nick pondered about this question. He knew two of them because of Shadow and Matthew’s Espeon.

Espeon, Umbreon, Flareon, Jolteon, and Stantler!

Nick slowly wrote the last one, not sure about it. Nick did the rest of the quiz. There was a total of 45 questions, none of them were easy enough for Nick to pass!

Matthew, his Espeon, Nick, and Shadow walked over to the scoreboard. Matthew had an awesome score of 42 points, Nick on the other hand had… 2… that’s right, 2 points.

"Trainers, please go to the back of the building for the pokemon battle part of the contest" the lady announced over the intercom. The trainers followed each other out the back door. Nick’s head was down the whole time, sad and embraced about his score. Shadow laughed about it, along with Espeon.

"NICK! OVER HERE!" shouted Sara. Whitney, with an angry look on her face, and Sara were in the stands beside a battle floor. "At least I will do good in this part! I always have my Shadow to back me up!" Nick said as he patted the head of Shadow.

"Uh I don’t think so, we have to fight with other pokemons. Here, pick yours" a guy with a red hat and blue uniform said, holding a bucket of pokeballs. Nick reached in and pulled out a pokeball.

"Awesome!" Nick yelled. "I wonder which pokemon I got…"

03-05-2004, 11:08 PM
Chapter 24 continued...

"This is a single elimination tournament! You can only use the selected pokemon you got from the box. Lets begin!" shouted a fairly small guy, standing on a dark green table.

Everyone in the contest was crowded around a small blue board. The board had small pieces of paper with numbers. They posted who would fight who. Nick tried to push thru the crowd so he could see who his competition was.

"Nick, come on.. were on the #4 field" Matthew yelled out above the noise from the crowd while giving Nick a little push.

"What do you mean?" wondered Nick.

Nick followed with Shadow beside him. Matthew led them to a battle field. On the side of it read #4.

"You mean?" Nick asked in shockment.

"You and Me, one-on-one!" Matthew declared, extending his hand out.

The official referee walked over to the sideline box. Nick and Matthew held out their selected pokeballs.

"One-on-One battle. Loser goes home, lets begin!" the referee remarked, waving his green and red flags up into the air.

"Go Pokeball!" both trainers screamed out as their hands released the smooth pokeballs.

Matthew's pokeball hit the ground first, raveling a big pokemon. This pokemon had a redish and yellow coat on it. The legs on this pokemon were long and muscular looking. Nick started to grab his pokedex but then stopped by the amazement of this pokemon.

"It’s a BLAZIKEN!" jumped Nick, "..I've always wanted one!"

"Try to beat this Nicky!" taunted Matthew, giving a big grin.

While all this commotion was going on, Nick's pokemon was coming out of its pokeball. It had long yellow hair. The form was taking that of a humans. Big pink lips stuck out.

"JYNX!" the pokemon sounded out.

"Jynx?" Nick pondered, "Never heard of it. Oh well, your still going down Matthew"

"Oh yeah, let's show him whose boss!" Matthew ordered.

Blaziken's leg rose up into the air. A thin line of fire surrounded its leg as it connected with the thick, big skull of Jynx's.

The girly ice pokemon was knocked across the field. Dirt flew up as Jynx raked up its face from the ground.

"Jynx...uh..... Swift?!" Nick tried to make his pokemon fight back.

Jynx nodded and shot one single star of the Swift attack at the big fire pokemon. Blaziken used its leg for its defense. The long left leg of Blaziken's was lifted up and crossed with the swift attack, acting like it was nothing.. even though it really wasn’t anything.

"What was that?" Nick yelled out in frustration.

Jynx shrugged and walked over to Nick. A puzzled look overcame both the referee's and Matthew's face.

"Uh, Shouldn’t you be like battling?" Nick whispered.

Jynx ignored Nick and instead gave a HUGE kiss right on the cheek of Nick's. He instantly fell down anime style! Nick got straight back up and held his fist out at Jynx.

"Get out there and fight!" screamed Nick as loud as he could.

In the stands Sara and Whitney were heard laughing at Nick and Jynx. Shadow couldn’t even help himself and starting laughing at his best friend.

Jynx turned towards Blaziken and shook its head 'NO'. Then it walked behind Nick and made itself go back into its pokeball.

"Your pokemon has gave up, #11 is the winner!" the referee declared, raising up the green flag for Matthew's won.

"Aw man.. what an embrassment!" Nick said to himself as he put his hand over his face.


"Well Nick, they posted the final scores!" Whitney noticed, walking up to Nick to tell him the news.

Whitney put her hand over his shoulder and Nick gave Whitney a hug in return. Sara stood behind them, staring at the connection Whitney and Nick had. Sara put her head down in sadness.

Nick and Whitney walked up next to Matthew.

"There you are Nick!" Whitney pointed towards the small picture of Nick, "and there you are Matthew!"

Next to Nick's picture was a number, showing the score he got. It read..... 9! Matthew's score was a total of 86, placing second in the whole contest!

"A... A... Nine?" questioned Nick.

"Well its not for everyone" Matthew laughed. He held out his hand.

Nick looked at it and then shook his hand.

"I'll be seeing you soon Nick, I got some places to go and then I’ll go to Olivine to get my next badge!" Matthew told Nick.

They released hands and Nick grinned back at Matthew as he left with his Espeon. Shadow nodded off its friend, Espeon, as well.

"Well this is where I split too" Sara started.

"What do you mean?" Whitney sounded surprised.

"I have my own quest to fill. I need to be on my own, you know.. do my own thing. I'll catch up with you guys later on in the Silver Conference" She finished, looking down at the ground.

"Right on! You better be there" Nick said back, hitting his knuckles with her's.

"Well Shadow.. Whitney, we better head towards Olivine City!" Nick ordered out, walking out the lobby doors of the contest hall.

Whitney started walking behind him until she was held back by Sara.

"Hang on to him, you've got something special there" Sara whispered to her. Whitney smiled back...

03-05-2004, 11:11 PM
Special Chapter #2

--KCash-> This is a special chapter that still deals with Nick... but with a little encounter with the very popular story that was created here at this very PE2K forums, made by Dr. Skottie himself... An Adventure of a Lifetime. Credit goes out to him for these characters of Kevin Sun, Jacob, and Bonnie. Hope you enjoy this one epic battle and I highly suggest that you read Skottie's story!

The sun peaked over the clouds on the beautiful, windy day. Out on the peak’s edge of Olivine City was nothing but plain, dry land. A few hills rose above the surface of the earth and long pieces of grass blew with the wind.
Three trainers headed down a dirt path, heading towards their next Johto adventure. One of them had on a necklace, filled with 6 of the 8 Johto League badges. Behind him was a girl, nice long hair…great face structure… very beautiful. Beside her stood another boy, muscular, strong, messy hair, and handsome.

"Hey, you two wanna stop and take a break?" the famously known boy stopped to ask.

His two traveling partners nodded their heads ‘yes’. They walked over to the side of the dirt path and sat down on the soft, green grass.

As they stared into the sky, they hummed their favorite song… never realizing that one of Johto’s best was coming their way…

"Were almost there Shadow!" the young boy declared, clinching his fist at the thought of getting to Olivine.

His Umbreon, Shadow, was walking next to him. Following up behind him was a young and cute girl named Whitney. She wore her red hair in two ponytails that lowered down to her shoulders, matching her white and red shorts and shirt.

"SHADOW!" Nick yelled as his Umbreon sprinted off down the path ahead.

Nick and Whitney ran down the path, following behind…

"Here Spoink, taste this" the boy said to his beloved pokemon. He raised his hand with a spoonful of special pokemon food.

The small black pokemon, with various pink spots on it had opened its mouth to get the rich tasting food. Before Spoink could get the food, a black blur swooped threw and grabbed the spoon.

"Ah! An Umbreon!" shouted the older boy.

Shadow licked the spoon clean until it heard the voice of its trainer.

"Shadow! I can’t believe you!" shouted Nick as he pulled Shadow out of the way of the three trainers.

"Um, I’m extremely sorry. I haven’t ever seen my Umbreon do anything like that. Guess it’s just been awhile since we last ate" explained the wise yet young trainer from Valencia Island.

"Its alright, the name’s Kevin Sun. That over there is Jacob and the pretty girl is Bonnie" he introduced the whole group. The girl, Bonnie, blushed at what Kevin had said.

They each waved back and Nick introduced Whitney and his self.

"WAIT! I know you, you’re the son of that famous dragon trainer Lance!" Whitney blurted out of nowhere.

"Lance, you mean THE Lance?" questioned Nick, with a very puzzled look on his face.

"Yeah, that’s me…the great son of Lance" Kevin blushed, looking down at his Spoink.

"You don’t look that tough" Nick remarked, trying to sound tough.

"So what bring you here?" Whitney asked, walking up to Kevin as close as she could.

"I’m headed towards Mahogany Town to get my 7th badge" Kevin explained as he held up his necklace, which contained the other 6 Johto League badges.

Nick jumped in the air. He walked up closer to the badges Kevin had. Slowly Nick looked on his shirt at the 4 Johto badges he had.

"6 Johto badges?" Nick pondered for a second, "What about a 3-on-3 battle to see who is really the BEST trainer?"

"A battle? Well I’ve never backed down from a battle and I’m not about to start now" Kevin accepted as he clinched his fist up into the air. "I’ll be glad to ref," Jacob volunteered.

Jacob took his spot on the tall grassed, flat land which they were making into a battlefield. Kevin’s Spoink bounced over to Kevin.

"So you’re starting with Spoink?" Nick asked, waiting for the nod of ‘yes’ from Kevin, "Well then I’ll start with Chikorita!"

The shout of Nick’s voice echoed throughout the small valley as Nick released his pokemon from his hand. The red and white ball bounced on the ground twice before it opened. A white stream of light came out from the pokeball and formed the shape of Nick’s Chikorita.

"3-on-3 battle. When one pokemon is unable to battle, its out…Got it? BEGIN" announced Jacob as he raised his hands out into the air, signaling that the battle should start.

"Chikorita, give it a Razor Leaf!" Nick commanded.

03-05-2004, 11:13 PM
SC continued...

His Chikorita nodded and ran towards Spoink. Three leaves that could easily cut through a diamond had sliced the air and was headed towards the small Spoink.
"Spoink, use Bounce" Kevin said with confidence.

Spoink bent down and then suddenly was flown up into the air. It was like a flash of light. One second Spoink was there and the next it was gone! The leaves from Chikorita had sliced past Kevin.

"What a jump, I can’t even see it" Nick looked up into the sky in total amazement.

"Yep, it has a type of spring for its legs. It comes in handy" Kevin explained.

Chikorita looked all over the sky. Spoink was nowhere to be found but gravity has the effect to make it come down sooner or later. Suddenly out of nowhere, the small pokemon came crashing from the sky… right on top of Chikorita! Nick’s grass pokemon stumbled up.

Spoink had a serious face on now. It watched as Chikorita had to literally rake itself off the ground. Chikorita, although powerful, had taken a large amount of damage from that attack. Neither Nick nor Whitney even knew such attack was possible.

"Chikorita, we can’t let that happen again. You have to use your vines to tie Spoink down so it’s not capable of doing that again," Nick whispered to Chikorita.

Kevin looked on as he tried to figure out what Nick and Chikorita was talking about, "Spoink use your Psybeam!"

The ball that is held on the top of Spoink’s head was glowing all sorts of colors. Nick knew this was a must dodge kind of attacks.

"Chikorita use your vines to jump into the air, making you avoid the hit" Nick gave out orders.

Chikorita waited for the attack to be blown towards her. Chikorita waited calmly. With little notice, Spoink released the mind-blowing attack from the small ball on its head. The colorful blast floated across the flat grassland. Chikorita hurried as fast as it could in order to get the vines out of its back. The vines pressed against the cold and hard ground. Chikorita ‘slingshot’ herself over the streaming blast. Nick covered his eyes from the bright attack.

The Psybeam slowly deliberated with the easy breezing wind. Chikorita’s vines were sucked back in as she floated across the sky.

"Body Slam!" Nick said as fast as he could.

Spoink looked up into the sky to see Chikorita put all it’s weight into the downfall. Spoink quickly used its Agility to bounce out of the way just milliseconds before Chikorita crashed into the ground.

Dirt and debris flew up into the air from the impact of Chikorita’s Body Slam.

Chikorita turned around and Spoink bounced right towards Chikorita. The bouncing pig looking pokemon landed right on Chikorita’s face. Big mistake!

"Now!" Nick yelled out, extending his arm fully out.

Chikorita understood the command that it’s trainer was telling it. Chikorita’s vines came out and wrapped around Spoink before it could bounce off. Spoink tried wiggling out. Kevin became worried now.

"Let’s end it, Body Slam once more!" called out Nick. Chikorita pounded Spoink into the ground and then Chikorita levered itself up into the air and put its weight down in order to come crashing down into Spoink!

The dirt from the surroundings had flown up into the air. Chikorita unraveled its vines from Spoink and backed up.

"Spoink is unable to continue! Chikorita wins Round 1!" announced Jacob, raising the hand on Chikorita’s side.

Kevin ran out to Spoink. Kevin picked up the small pokemon and held it in his hands before returning it to the rightful pokeball.

"You are very loving to your pokemon, I appreciate all trainers like that. I will admit that battle was quick but it was a hard one. I expect to see more interesting moves and techniques from me" Nick grinned.

"Oh you will!" Kevin smirked as his next pokemon came out of its pokeball. The pokemon appeared to be a small purple and yellow figure. A hand was hanging from its tail. A big grin crossed the face of the pokemon.

"I wonder what dexster says" Nick wondered as he held out his pokedex.

<Aipom. The Long-Tail pokemon. This pokemon’s tail is so powerful that it can knock a small tree down alone> replied the pokedex.

"Wow, this will be a tough one!" Nick whispered to his self.

Chikorita sunk its feet down into the ground…

"Aipom, use your Agility to make sure Chikorita can’t grab you with it’s vines!" Kevin said, quickly coming onto the plan of Nick’s.

Nick smiled. Chikorita tried a Tackle but Aipom was furiously quick. Aipom bounced around the small area. Chikorita chased after the Aipom was it was just too quick for Chikorita.

Chikorita dodged towards Aipom. The long-tailed pokemon jumped on the back of Chikorita. Aipom’s tail covered the eyes of Chikorita so it wasn’t able to see.

"Now Bite!" demanded Kevin, making a head on move.

Aipom lowered its head. Aipom's mouth closed around the leaf on the head of Chikorita's, as Aipom's tail moved away from Chikorita’s eyes. Chikorita yelled. Aipom instantly jumped off and then rammed into Chikorita by using Tackle Chikorita was sent to the ground. Everyone looked on at the small grass pokemon.

Chikorita was out cold. It had put up a great fight but it was time for a nice rest.

"Chikorita is unable to continue, Aipom wins!" declared Jacob. He gave a thumb’s up to Kevin and Bonnie lightly hugged the great son of Lance.

"Keep your head in the game Nick" Whitney reminded Nick.

Nick nodded back and put Chikorita back into its pokeball for a nice, long rest. Nick knew which pokemon could take out this Aipom. Nick’s pokemon weren’t really strong pokemon’s but they all had an ability that could get them threw anything. Luckily, Nick had this pokemon and even though Aipom was fast… it would be no match!

03-05-2004, 11:13 PM
SC continued...

Nick’s chosen pokemon glided out of its pokeball. It floated in the air with amazement.
"A Butterfree!" Kevin knew instantly.

"Try this one out, I’ve trained it well!" Nick smirked; thinking this round would be easy.

"Butterfree use Headbutt"

"Aipom use Swift"

The two pokemon’s did as their trainers said to do. Butterfree flew down towards Aipom. Before Butterfree was able to reach the small Aipom, the Swift attack was coming in effect. The small tiny stars were recited from Aipom’s tail and glided towards Butterfree.

The swift’s hit Butterfree in the chest and one hit the left wing, knocking Butterfree off balance and having a crash landing on Aipom!

Aipom used its tail to push Butterfree off. Then the long tail was wrapped around Butterfree’s neck. Aipom swung Butterfree around and around until it was dizzy and then Aipom released Butterfree who was sent flying into the air. Butterfree was thrown towards Nick, going head first with its trainer.

They fell to the ground and Nick quickly pushed Butterfree off.

"Come on buddy, get your head in there!" Nick yelled out.

Nick gave his friend a pat on the back before it flew back out on the battlefield.

"Butterfree, send Aipom flying with a Whirlwind!" Nick ordered.

Butterfree flapped its wings furiously until a light wind start to flow at Aipom. Butterfree flapped harder and harder until the whirlwind started to pick up. Hard sharp winds edged towards Aipom.

Each blast of wind felt like it pierced the skin of Aipom.

"Aipom, we can’t keep this up. Use a Headbutt!" Kevin told his pokemon.

Aipom charged towards Butterfree, lowering its head for a hard hitting attack.

"Butterfree, we have to get Sleep Powder off before Aipom gets to you!" shouted Nick, nervous of the outcome of this.

Butterfree flew towards Aipom. A light blue mist flowed out of the white and black wings of Butterfree. Aipom had to pick up its speed. It ran across the grassy plain and collided with Butterfree. Butterfree was knocked out by impact with Aipom! Butterfree showed up falling from the sky helplessly

The Sleep Powder was being carried by the wind however! The powder blew right for Aipom; there was no way out of this one!

Aipom was overdosed with the powder and suddenly felt an eerie of drowsiness. Slowly but surely Aipom drifted off into the dream world.

"Uh…. I guess both pokemon are unable to continue" Jacob slowly said.

Both trainers had to return their pokemon’s. This three-on-three battle had turned into a one-on-one battle between two of Johto’s best!

Since Aipom’s attack hit Butterfree first, Nick had to choose his pokemon first. Nick threw out his pokeball, showing his well-trained Quilava. Which pokemon would Kevin use was circling throughout the mind of Nick.

"Let’s go Scyther!" Kevin called out as his bug pokemon came out.

"Scyther? Why a bug type?" wondered Nick.

Something was up, Scyther must be strong or be able to defect fire attacks. Only time would tell…

"Quilava let’s show Scyther a Flamethrower!" Nick yelled out.

Quilava nodded and ran towards Scyther. The mantis pokemon started to fly off the ground. Quilava released a huge blast of fire spread across the grass, heading right for the flying Scyther.

The Flamethrower hit Scyther right on! Scyther kept flying however and used its quick speed to fly away from the attack. Quilava pushed the flame back towards Scyther but it just used its awesome agility to move around before the Flamethrower got to it!

"WOW! Scyther is one fast pokemon. Reminds me of my old Scizor" Nick gasped in amazement while thinking of his pasttimes. He didn’t know how he was going to be able to defeat this one.

Quilava quit trying to get an effect with its Flamethrower, making Scyther fly down closer to the ground.

"Scyther, Fury Swipes!" Kevin ordered.

Scyther picked itself up into the air with its wings and flew towards Quilava at an amazing speed. The sharp claws that held by the side of Scyther were lifted up and swung at Quilava.

"Agility!" Nick tried to command at the last second.

Quilava tried to get away but couldn’t. Scyther swung its left blade and missed. Quilava went under it and then jumped over the right blade. As the left blade was swung again, Quilava had lost balance and was hit hard.

Quilava was sent flying back about 10 feet. Scyther kept it coming, even though Quilava had been hit. Scyther brought back its right blade, ready to slash away but before it was able to do so Nick had made a command…

"Smokescreen NOW!" Nick screamed out.

Before Scyther could reach Quilava, a nice thick black smoke stream came from the small mouth of the fire pokemon. The air was filled with the thick, black smoke. Quilava ran around as fast as it could. Scyther couldn’t see threw the smoke so it had no idea where the next attack was going to come from.

"Swift!" Nick ordered right away.

Small stars came flying out of nowhere. The small stars hit Scyther, making it get knocked to the ground hard.

"WHAT HAPPENED?" questioned Bonnie, worried about Kevin’s pokemon.

"Scyther, flap your wings to make the smoke go away" Kevin demanded, coming up with a great idea.

Scyther regained strength and flapped its wings to get up. Then Scyther started flap its wings as fast and as furiously as it could. The thick smoke started to disappear.

"Great idea Nick" Kevin smirked.

"I’ve always been good on my feet" Nick shot back.

"Scyther, use Double Team!" Kevin gave another order.

Scyther stopped flapping its wings. The smoke was now completely gone and Quilava was just feet away from Scyther, ready to battle. Scyther separated into three different forms. Each of them looked the same.

"Nick, be careful" Whitney worried, putting her hand on his shoulder.

Nick studied the slight movement of the wings of the three separated Scyther’s. He looked closely, trying to pick the right one out.

"Quilava, Flame Wheel on the left one!" Nick shouted out.

A rush of fire spread over the body of Quilava. The fire-mouse pokemon ran towards the left Scyther. Quilava slammed into it and the flame around Quilava burnt Scyther. The other two disappeared.

"Ah! I can’t believe it!" Jacob shouted.

03-05-2004, 11:14 PM
SC continued...

Kevin stood with a smirk on his face, he was impressed by the skills that Nick had.
"Scyther, Seismic Toss!" shouted Kevin.

Scyther flew towards Quilava. Scyther swooped towards Quilava and grabbed it by Quilava’s neck. The pain throbbed throughout the small body of Quilava.

Quilava was lifted up high into the air where Scyther flew around and around, making the shape of God’s green earth.

"Oh no!" gasped Nick.

Scyther fluently fell from the sky. It charged right for the ground like a speeding bullet. Nick yelled at Quilava to fire up the flames on its back and head to burn Scyther. Quilava turned its flames up a notch, trying to burn Scyther instantly. The strong mantis pokemon sucked up the pain and just went with it. 50 feet …….30 feet ……10 feet and closing… BAM!

Scyther let go of Quilava at the last second. Quilava was pushed deep into the rich soil. Dirt flew up high into the sky. Scyther flew over in front of Kevin, taking deep breathes from total exhaustion. The dirt slowly blew away with the wind and the outcome of the attack was shown…

"Quilava is unable to battle. Kevin Sun is the WINNER!" Jacob shouted.

Nick’s eyes opened wide. Instead of falling to his knees in embarrassment, Nick raced over to his Quilava.

"You ok buddy?!" screamed Nick. He shook Quilava lightly until Quilava was able to open its eyes.

"Your ok buddy!" Nick smiled from joy.

"Here is some Potion, spray that on Quilava and it will feel just fine" Kevin smiled as he held the bottle with a pokeball on it.

Nick looked up at him and a slow grin started to spread across the face of Nick.

"Thanks… buddy" Nick said back as he grabbed the bottle…

"Well, we have a long trip to Mahogany Town so we better get going" Jacob said as Kevin and Bonnie followed him towards their destination.

"Yeah, we have Olivine up" Whitney said back.

"You better have that Quilava back to full strength cause the Olivine gym leader is tough" Kevin gave advice to the young trainer.

"Not tough enough for me!" Nick winked.

The two trainers waved off to each other as they traveled down the same path… in two separate ways…

03-05-2004, 11:15 PM
Chapter 25- Ring of Water!

"THE SEA!" Whitney screamed at the top of her lungs. She ran down the steep hill as Nick and Shadow looked over Olivine City. The buildings were like an Ursaring on the outburst of Ecrutek’s forests…big, tall, and everywhere.

People roamed the busy streets. Hill surrounded the north and west east side of the city as water waved towards the sandy shores on the south and east side. One building stood out from the rest, it was the pokemon center that had a huge pokeball on the top of it.

Nick and Shadow smiled at the smell of the salty and fresh air. They continued down the path towards the obstruct streets of Olivine…

"Hello Professor Ivy!" Nick yelled out. Prof. Ivy’s face appeared on the screen as Nick called out to his aunt. Ivy looked at her telephone/computer and saw Nick with Shadow and Whitney in the background.

"How’s it going Nick?" asked Ivy.

"Great! We’re here at the Pokemon Center in Olivine but to get to the point, I need a favor"

"And what’s that?"

"Since I’m here at the ocean I thought it would be a good time to trade one of my pokemon’s out for Horsea. Maybe get some training with it before the Silver Conference" Nick winked.

"You seem sure of your self that you will succeed to the Golden Convention" Ivy smiled back.

"Oh yes, I will get there" Nick said back while holding up the victory sign.

"Which pokemon do you want to exchange?" asked the Professor.

"What about my…" Nick paused to think for a moment, "My Butterfree. It’s been doing such a great job and I think it’s a good time for it to take a rest with my other pokemon"

"Alright, place the pokeball on the transfer device" Prof. Ivy agreed.

Nick ran his hand down his belt line, finding the fifth pokeball clipped to his belt. He unclipped it and maximized it. He then gently set it on the transfer machine. He then pressed the red sending button to transfer his pokemon out. Within seconds he had hold of the Lure Ball that held his Horsea.

"Got it"

"Same here"

The both rose up the pokeball’s that just arrived.

"Say Hi to Tauros and Phanpy for me!" Nick yelled.

"Sure will! Have fun" Ivy said as the screen went blank with the push of a button.

"So where we go now?" asked Whitney. Nick stood up and rubbed the top of Shadow’s head. "Let’s hit the beach!" Nick shouted as they started out the door!

"Way to go Horsea!" Nick yelled at his newly traded in pokemon. Nick grinned as he watched his water pokemon swim in the ocean at an incredible speed. Blastoise was laying on the sandy beach of Olivine’s coast. Pidgeotto was flying along the deep waters. Shadow and Quilava were burying Chikorita in the sand. Whitney’s Miltank slept with Whitney under a huge umbrella to block the sun from getting their skin burnt.

Nick started to swim with Horsea, trying his best to keep up.

"Hey you!" screamed a girl’s voice. Nick turned his head, looking towards shore.

"Who? Me?" Nick asked, looking around for the person who called out to him. "Over here" she called out again.

Nick looked straight in front of him. A girl with a yellow bikini, dark red hair, and a Shellder by her side, was calling out to Nick. She shot a smile at Nick, "You want to battle?"

Nick smiled back with a fierce look in his eyes. "YEAH!"

"Take this," she said back as she threw an oxygen amplifier. Nick put it in his mouth and swam down to the bottom of the ocean. Horsea followed.

With the oxygen amplifier, he was able to breath underwater. He met the girl on the bottom of the ocean, which wasn’t very deep there anyways. A small microphone was on the oxygen amplifier so when one of them talked, the other could hear them.

"The name is Krisi, yes… THE Krisi" she said while folding her arms and acting like Miss Hotshot.

"Sorry, never heard of you" Nick said back, rubbing his head in the process.

"I’m the Whirl Cup Champion!" she screamed.

"You won the Whirl Cup?"


"Dang, I wanted to enter that contest" Nick sighed.

"You would of got beaten anyways"

"I doubt that" Nick gave a harsh stare.

"This is an underwater battle, one-v.s-one!" she set the rules.

Nick nodded as he pointed Horsea towards the area in the middle of the designated battling area. Krisi’s Shellder swam over to the battling area as well.

"Horsea use your Tackle!" shouted Nick.

Horsea raced off towards Shellder. "Shellder, use your Withdraw!"

Shellder hid in its shell as Horsea collided head first with it. Horsea hurt itself more than it did Shellder. Horsea back up, Shellder came out of its shell.

"Smokescreen" demanded Nick. Horsea let out a thick black smoke around the area on which they were battling. Shellder couldn’t see where Horsea was in the thick smoke. Without any notice, a series of Swift attacks hit Shellder as they poured out of Horsea’s snout.

Shellder was inflicted with great damage with that hit. However this gave out the position of Horsea.

"Aurora Beam attack Shellder" screamed Krisi. Shellder nodded, letting Krisi know that it understood the command. Shellder charged up for a devastating beam attack on Horsea. A deep yellow colored beam flooded out of Shellder’s mouth. It charged towards Horsea.

Nick didn’t follow the attack cause of smoke that was still in his way; therefore Horsea took the powerful hit!

Horsea was thrown back from the awesome blast. Nick gasped, thinking that the battle may already be over.

The smoke started to go away as the water carried it to another part of the ocean. Nick looked at his injured Horsea and started to give up. "Can you still go?"

Horsea nodded as it shook off the pain and got back into action. Without the command from Nick, Horsea shot a long line of BubbleBeam attacks at Shellder.

The beams hit Shellder’s shell as it hid behind it again. The beam bounced off, into the air.

"Shellder Clamp!" Krisi ordered. Shellder swam towards Horsea. Then, out from the top of the water… a huge yellow beam shot down and missed Shellder by inches. Nick and Krisi looked up into the sky. "What was that?" Krisi asked in a whisper.

"Something is going on up there, lets go check it out" Nick replied.

Krisi used the pokeball she was holding to return Shellder. Nick returned Horsea as well. They floated to the top of the water, looking around at the black sky and the smoking buildings. Total destruction had occurred…

03-05-2004, 11:15 PM
Chapter 26- Destruction of the Strongest!-Blastoise's Pride!

Nick and Krisi swam to shore where from there they ran to the spot that Nick’s pokemon were. Nick picked up his shirt and hat and slid them on. He then looked at the spot where Quilava, Chikorita, and Shadow were. None of them were there. The umbrella that covered Whitney and Miltank had been blown to small pieces.

Nick looked around in fear. His pokemon, his friends, his life… all gone.

A shadow appeared around Krisi and Nick. It grew bigger as the object got closer. A huge yellow beam, just like the one from earlier, was closing in on Krisi and Nick.

Nick jumped at Krisi, taking her to the ground and trying to save her from the deadly beam. From the start of the beach came a ball of water that crashed into the beam, canceling it out. Nick still held on to Krisi, keeping her safe.

He then realized that the beam was gone and he got up off Krisi, feeling awkward about the ordeal. Krisi smiled at Nick. He smiled back and then looked in the direction that the water blast came from.

Standing as if a more image, he stood like he was the king of the world. His green shirt with a fancy collar was covered with smoke smudges. His blue pants fell down to his knees and his green glasses kept place from his nose. His black hair blew in the wind as smoke filled the air around him.

"SHAWN!" screamed Nick, recognizing him admittedly. A big blue and red bird flew to the right of him. A red crab looking pokemon was on the ground to his left. "Yep, its me"

Nick jumped up and ran over to him, giving him a small hug but then realizing what he was doing.. He pulled back.

"What are you doing here?" Nick popped the question that raged his mind.

"Long story" he replied, acting cool as usual.

"Do you know what’s going on here?" Krisi asked as she walked up.

"Hubba, Hubba! Who is that?" Shawn asked, looking at Krisi’s long legs.

"This is Krisi, we were battling when this strange beam almost struck us… just like the one that was knocked away, by you?" Nick said to Shawn, wondering if it was him that knocked the beam away.

"Yep, that was Corphish. Oh and meet Chip, my Swellow, they are my new buddies. I still have Houndour but Ledian stayed with Professor Elm" Shawn introduced his two new pokemon’s.

"Professor Elm? You know him?!" Krisi asked anxiously. "Yeah, why?" Shawn replied. "I have always wanted to meet him! He is my favorite pokemon philosopher" Krisi answered.

"Yeah, I traveled with Nick around the Orange Islands and when we came here to the Johto region, I decided to help Elm out with his lab and learn as much as I could" Shawn explained.

"Why exactly are you here?" questioned Nick. "Cause of that thing right there, the thing responsible for this destruction…" Shawn answered Nick as he pointed up into the air. Nick and Krisi looked up, seeing a dark figure. It was very small cause it was so far up in the sky.

Within a blink of an eye, the figure was gone!

"What was that?" shouted Nick. "That was Mewtwo, the most powerfulest pokemon in the world" Shawn started, "It has came here from the Kanto region cause of the search of wanting to battle some pokemon that lurks beneath the seas of the Whirl Islands. I’m not exactly sure, I haven’t got all the details yet. I had to leave Elm because of this, I need to figure out what’s going on" Shawn looked down in wonderment.

"OH NO!" Nick screamed, "I forgot about Whitney and the others"

"Don’t worry! They are down the beach, I saved them before Mewtwo was able to get a good shot off at them. I made them stay down there in order to be safe. Right now Mewtwo will destroy everything until that pokemon it wants will come out so we better be careful" Shawn replied, putting his hand on the worried Nick.

They started to run down the beach until they came upon a small hole on which the gang was all in.

"Shadow! Whitney! Everyone!" screamed Nick. Whitney jumped into the arms of Nick.

"I was so worried about you," she whispered in his ear. She slowly let go and let Shadow and the other pokemon’s jump into Nick’s arms. "I’m glad you guys are alright!" Nick yelled out with joyment. Then fright overcame Nick’s face as he looked into the empty hole.

"WHERES BLASTOISE?" Nick screamed out as loud as he could. "Over there, it refused to go into the hole," Whitney said.

Blastoise looked up into the sky. The figure of Mewtwo had appeared in the sky again as another yellow beam had hit the water, creating a huge wave in the middle of the ocean. The figure then disappeared once more.

Blastoise continued to look on. The top of Blastoise’s shell opened up on both sides. Silver hydro cannons popped out. Blastoise opened its mouth and took a deep breath. A loud, integrating yell pleaded from Blastoise’s mouth. It called out to Mewtwo.

"Return everyone" shouted Nick as he returned everyone but Shadow to their rightful pokeball’s. "Come on, let’s go"

"Go where?" wondered Krisi.

"Shadow stay here with Whitney and Krisi. Shawn and me have business to take care of before to many people get hurt" Nick responded.

Shadow was overcome with a sad look on its face. Shawn nodded and returned Corphish to its pokeball. He then hopped on his Swellow, Chip. It flew off into the sky. "But I wanna come!" screamed Krisi, trying to catch up to Nick.

Nick jumped on Blastoise’s back and Blastoise entered the water as it swam across to the next island where Mewtwo was. Whitney grabbed Krisi’s arm.

"Believe me, if Blastoise is being friendly to Nick… then this is serious stuff" Whitney said to the sad Krisi. They returned to cover, praying that Nick and Shawn came back alive…

03-05-2004, 11:17 PM
Chapter 26 continued…

Waves crashed against each other as Blastoise created small ones. Nick held on tightly, not wanting to fall off. Determination ran throughout his body, along with a hint of fear. Chip and Shawn flew just above Nick.

"How do we stop this thing?" wondered Nick. "I don’t think we can" Shawn replied back. Nick took a deep sigh.

Blastoise slowed down as they approached the island. It didn’t take long for the crossing from island to island. Nick jumped off of Blastoise when they got to shore. Shawn also jumped off of Chip when they landed.

He returned his pokemon to the designated pokeball. Nick reached for the second pokeball that was clipped to his belt. He turned it towards Blastoise. The red beam shot from the pokeball to Blastoise. The big water pokemon refused to go into its pokeball.

"Get in your pokeball!" Nick yelled out. Blastoise shook its head no and shot a series of Bubble attacks at Nick’s face, making Nick fall to the ground!

"Guess Blastoise doesn’t really want to listen to me, it just wants to prove itself to Mewtwo" Nick sadly said as he covered his face in shame.

Blastoise started walking past the gang and up into the island. The island was mostly just a big hill. Blastoise started to walk up the hill. Nick and Shawn followed closely. As they got to the top of the island, they found a clearing with no trees. They decided this would be the best spot to take on Mewtwo with.

"ARRRRGHHH!" Blastoise screamed as loud as it could, making Shawn’s and Nick’s ears ring with pain.

Blastoise’s hydro cannons were ready to set off a powerful blast of water that could make a hole in a brick wall easily. Blastoise was ready for anything that Mewtwo brought on. Blastoise spotted Mewtwo! A long and solid blast of water went crashing through the air. Nick and Shawn looked at the blast with amazement, not knowing what Blastoise was doing. Then they saw the water collide with something in the air.

"MEWTWO!" Shawn shouted. Nick clinched his fist, worried about his Blastoise taking on such a powerful pokemon. Mewtwo took a furious glance at Blastoise. Mewtwo then noticed Shawn.

Mewtwo flew down to the ground, right next to Blastoise. "So it’s you again" Mewtwo sighed. The voice of Mewtwo rang in the ears of Shawn, Nick, and Blastoise. Mewtwo was using telepathic talking.

"Yes. What is it going to take in order for you to stop this nonsense?!" Shawn yelled. "When Team Rocket created me, I was supposed to be the most dominant of all pokemon. Well, apparently there are rumors that the legendary Lugia thrives here in the Whirl Islands. After I defeat that stupid bird then I’ll be the dominant one for sure. Nothing can stop me!" Mewtwo explained, acting like Michael Jackson in the little boy’s section.

"Oh yeah! Try this!" shouted Shawn as he released his three pokemon’s. Houndour, Chip, and Corphish appeared.

"You really think you can take Mewtwo head on?" Nick smirked. "I have to try" Shawn answered.

Nick took a deep breath. He never backed down from a fight and he wasn’t going to start now. He unclipped the pokeball’s that held Pidgeotto and Quilava. His two pokemon came out and stared down Mewtwo.

"Pidgeotto, do you think Quilava will be to heavy for you to carry?" asked Nick. Pidgeotto shook its head ‘no’. Quilava climbed on Pidgeotto. They were both about the same weight, making it quite hard on Pidgeotto.

Houndour released a Flamethrower. Corphish climbed on Chip’s back. Pidgeotto and Chip flew up into the air. Mewtwo did the same, escaping from Houndour’s attack.

Chip flew at Mewtwo. Once it got to hitting range, Corphish let out a stream of water. The water bounced right off of Mewtwo’s head, doing little damage. Quilava scorched Mewtwo in fire. Mewtwo got furious and tried to hit Quilava off of Pidgeotto but thanks to the quickness of Pidgeotto, that didn’t happen.

Pidgeotto flew around Mewtwo. Chip got behind Mewtwo and tried to knock Mewtwo so hard up side its head that it wouldn’t remember what even happened. Apparently, Chip’s head isn’t as tough as Mewtwo’s. Chip started to fall until Corphish gave it awake up call with a Water Gun.

Pidgeotto flew in close to Mewtwo, in order for Quilava to hit it with another Flamethrower. The blast of fire was shot right for the powerful pokemon. Mewtwo took the hit. The Flamethrower covered Mewtwo completely. Once Quilava became tired, it stopped the attack. Nick and Shawn looked up at the battle between the world’s greatest pokemon v.s the world’s last hope.

"ENOUGH!" Mewtwo screamed. Mewtwo raised its left hand. A dim blue light appeared around its hand. Then a blue light appeared around the other pokemon. They were lifted with force from Mewtwo’s control. He sent them flying towards Shawn and Nick. They hit their trainer’s head on.

Nick shoved his way through the pile of broken bodies. "Come on guys!" Nick shouted out.

"We can’t give up!" He shouted once more. Blastoise stood looking at Mewtwo still. Mewtwo flew down at Blastoise. A jet stream of water collided with Mewtwo who was going head first into the blast. Mewtwo went right thru the attack and collided into Blastoise. Nick’s water pokemon was instantly knocked out from the amazing impact.

Nick shook his head in disbelief. Mewtwo stared down Nick. A yellow beam, like before, was appearing in Mewtwo’s mouth. The beam left Mewtwo’s mouth and headed towards Nick. Before the beam reached Nick, a blue beam had knocked it away.

The big bird pokemon flew up into the sky. Its white coat shined with the small amount of sunrays that broke through the clouds. "LUUUUGIA!" the pokemon screamed.

"ITS YOU!" shouted Mewtwo as it looked at the legendary pokemon. Mewtwo grinned with excitement in its body, just ready to be let out on the Legend of the Sea.

"It’s time Lugia!" Mewtwo laughed. Another deep yellow beam came flying out of Mewtwo’s mouth. A blue beam came out of Lugia’s mouth. The two beams charged towards each other as they collided with awesome impact. The island shook with the deep explosion of the two blasts.

Mewtwo charged towards Lugia. Mewtwo rammed into Lugia’s side, knocking the breath right out of it. Then Mewtwo flew up into the air and came crashing down on Lugia’s back, sending it into the ocean.

Mewtwo waited for Lugia to come up from the water. Waited… waited…waited… Nothing. Mewtwo got tired of waiting for the poor Lugia. Mewtwo charged up another yellow beam towards the ocean. The beam created giant waves and made a small opening in the ocean, quickly being filled back up with water.

Lugia then came crashing through the barrier of the water from behind Mewtwo. Lugia let out a blue beam from its mouth. The beam hit Mewtwo in the back, as Mewtwo wasn’t fast enough to react.

Mewtwo fell down from the sky. Within inches of touching the water, Mewtwo started to fly back up into the sky.

"Your pretty strong after all Lugia. Why don’t we cut the crap and get straight to the point. No more warming up. The real battle begins now.." Mewtwo smirked in laughter.

03-05-2004, 11:18 PM
Chapter 26 continued…

Another blast trebled its way towards the hammered Lugia. Mewtwo was giving out blasts left and right. Lugia couldn’t escape; being so big in size it was hard to move around quickly.

Mewtwo shot itself at the speed of light towards Lugia. Mewtwo’s head collided with Lugia’s. Mewtwo seemed to be fine but Lugia took the hit pretty badly. It fell into the ocean.

"It’s like a DéjB vu. The same thing happens over and over but soon it will be over for Lugia," cried out Nick. They looked on, worried about the fate of Lugia.

"I’m sorry but I have to go!" shouted Krisi. She pushed Whitney away as she climbed onto her Feraligatr. Krisi and her big water pokemon swam off to the island, wanting to help out their newly acquired friends.

Lugia took another deadly hit to the stomach. Lugia tried fighting back by releasing a powerful blast. Mewtwo shot its own blast to cancel out Lugia’s.

"Your so weak! You really think you can defeat ME?" Mewtwo laughed out. Lugia stared down Mewtwo. Lugia was furiously angered about the mess it got itself into. It knew deep inside that Mewtwo wasn’t really that strong.

Then the power seemed to of dropped from Lugia’s body, as if fell and fell from the sky. Faster it went as it soon crashed into the small spaced out area on the top of the island. Nick and Shawn stepped back, afraid of how Lugia might react. Blastoise walked over to Lugia and started talking to it.

"Blast Bas Bl Oise!" Blastoise said to the injured legend.

"Lug…Lugia" answered the legendary bird.

Lugia obviously didn’t have enough energy to go on. Blastoise stood in front of Lugia. It was defending Lugia, for all that is right. Nick looked at his pokemon with amazement. He remembered before when Blastoise was just a Squirtle and they were traveling in the Orange Islands, how much Squirtle would stand up for everything and everyone who couldn’t defend themselves. Now Blastoise was back to acting like the old days.

Blastoise shouted at Mewtwo. The creation of Mew’s DNA was getting mad about the lack of Lugia’s fighting abilities. Blastoise let out a Hydro Pump attack. Water flowed out of its hydro cannons and shot towards Mewtwo.

Mewtwo easily dodged the attack and started to fly around the streaming water, as if it was nothing…of course it really wasn’t nothing compared to the awesome power of Mewtwo.

Mewtwo drilled Blastoise into the ground next to Lugia. Blastoise cried out in pain.

"Hydro Pump!" Krisi shouted. Feraligatr let out a jet of water from its mouth. The blast hit Mewtwo. The left arm of Mewtwo was put up to block the water. Mewtwo flew right thru the water and crashed into Feraligatr, sending it into the ground. Feraligatr and Blastoise both got up however. Mewtwo raised up his hand. A dim blue light appeared around the two water pokemon. Mewtwo controlled them with its psychic powers. They were lifted up into the air and then thrown towards Lugia, hurting all three of the defending pokemon’s.

Mewtwo then shot the dim blue light around Krisi, Shawn and Nick. He threw them at Feraligatr and Blastoise, who were getting back up, and ended up getting all of them hurt in the process.

Lugia, Shawn, Krisi, Blastoise, Feraligatr, Nick- all broken from the mighty wrath of Mewtwo. Nick stood up along with Blastoise. Everyone else stayed on the ground, either hurt or afraid of what would happen if they got up.

Blastoise shot two small balls of water from its cannons. Mewtwo used its psychic ability to direct the attack away from it. "You fool! I have had enough of you!" screamed Mewtwo. Mewtwo gathered up a huge blast. The deep yellow blast once again was summing up in Mewtwo’s mouth, ready to be set off.

It left Mewtwo and headed for Blastoise. The attack was approaching fast. "NO!" Nick screamed as he took off running. He jumped in front of the blast.

BAMM! The blast collided with someone…but whom? Smoke filled the area on which the attack had hit at. Blastoise showed up with its right arm covering its face so the smoke wouldn’t get into its eyes. The smoke finally cleared and Nick showed up. He was on the ground, smoke still rising from his burnt up body.

Nick didn’t move at all, not even a breath came out of Nick. Blastoise stared down at the beaten Nick. Tears started to flow out of Blastoise’s scared eyes. Its trainer… no its friend, had put his life up for it.

Blastoise walked over to Nick and bent down to its news. Blastoise let out a harsh cry, "BLLLLASSTTTIOOOOISSEE!"

Krisi and Shawn looked at Nick with uninsurance on if he was actually dead. Whitney placed her hand on her heart, feeling pain that something was going wrong up on the island which Nick was on.

Blastoise started to cry, Shawn looked down in disbelief, and Krisi started to tear up. Mewtwo looked on with wonder.

"Why did you do that? Why would a human put up his life for a pokemon?" Mewtwo whispered to itself as it tried to get things straight.

"ARGGGG!" sounded a deep and unpleasant sound from above the heavens. A bright light filled the sky as a flap of the wings had winded everyone around. Red, Green, Yellow, and other colors were shining down on the small island. A huge colorful bird pokemon flew down from the skies.

Mewtwo looked up at the fascinating site. The pokemon, or what seemed to be a pokemon, kept flying towards Mewtwo. Once it got to the island it slowly landed on it while staring at Mewtwo with hatred. Mewtwo was filled with fear for the first time.

"Ho Oh!" it screamed out. It flew its way by Nick. The pokemon looked down at the wonder boy from Valencia Island. Ho-Oh knew it was the one. Ho-Oh shot a harsh look at Mewtwo. Ho-Oh took flight and flew towards Mewtwo.

"I… I… Please don’t! I’m sorry!" Mewtwo screamed out as loud as it could, trying to beg forgiveness, "NO!"

Ho-Oh and Mewtwo were out of sight within a blink of the eye. A bright white light surrounded the area. Shawn and Krisi had to close their eyes. Whitney had to close hers, even though she was so far away from the island.


The waves of the roaring ocean had crashed into the sandy dunes of Cianwood’s beaches. Shawn arose, looking around at the sight of nothing but sand and water. Krisi then rose up, looking at Shawn.

"What happened?" she asked. Feraligatr then rose up from being buried in sand.

"I don’t know, that pokemon… that colorful one appeared and then there was a flash of light…and Nick.." Shawn said as he looked down at the ground. They both stood up and scanned the beach with their eyes.

"SWEEET! Guys, We’re at Cianwood! I can get my next badge here!" shouted a mysterious boy as he pointed to a sign that said KEEP OUR BEACHES CLEAN- CIANWOOD. Shawn and Krisi turned to see Nick laughing as he pointed to the sign.

"NICK!" Shawn yelled as he ran up to his best friend. "What happened?"

"I don’t know, I remember getting hit but a beam and by my clothes being all cut and burnt up, I’m guessing that’s right. Then Ho-Oh came down and protected us" Nick explained.

"Ho-Oh?" Krisi wondered.

"Yep, you know that big colorful bird pokemon" Nick said as if they were to know if this pokemon.

"You saw it too?" Shawn asked.

"No, but I know it was there" Nick smiled back.

"Nick! Shawn! ARGH!" Whitney stomped as she came crashing through the sandy beach. Nick smiled at her. She didn’t seem to happy.

"You guys had me worried to death!" she yelled as she gave Nick a giant hug. She was relieved that Nick was back alive. Shadow jumped up into Nick’s arms. "Hey buddy!" he laughed with Shadow. "How did you get here?" asked Shawn.

"I don’t know, I saw a bright light and next thing I know I was on a totally different island" Whitney explained, confused as everyone else.

"What’s up with Blastoise?" Krisi asked the others.

Nick turned his head to see Blastoise by itself, looking up into the sky. Nick walked over to Blastoise. "Is that such a good idea? To go up to Blastoise?" Whitney wondered. "Just watch" Shawn smirked.

Nick looked up at Blastoise. The big water pokemon looked down at Nick. They both smiled at each other as they gave each other a big hug.

Nick had finally gained his pokemon’s respect and friendship once again. Nothing could stop the two and nothing could stop the fire that burned deep inside of Nick…

03-05-2004, 11:19 PM
Chapter 26 continued…

Nick, Shawn, Krisi, and Whitney all traveled through the town of Cianwood together. They had returned their pokemon’s and were headed for the Pokemon Center for healing and something to eat…

"Hmm… hot and fresh pizzaaaa" Nick drooled. Nick grabbed half of the pizza, all of his self! Shawn only had two and the girls ate the rest.

"So where are you headed next?" asked Nick to Krisi. "Well, I just won the Whirl Cup a week ago and then today’s little unhappy event… I think I’m going to just chill for awhile. Stay here at the beach and let all my water pokemon swim around and play together," Krisi answered.

"Then maybe I will continue my Johto quest. I started collecting badges a few months ago but decided to take a break when I got here. I already have three badges, so if I start within the next two weeks then I can probably finish getting my badges by the time the Silver Conference starts" Krisi kept saying, "Unless I cant defeat a gym leader"

"I’m sure you will do great" Nick smiled at her. Whitney didn’t take that comment to well, thinking that Nick was flirting with her.

"What about you Shawn?" asked Nick. "Well I decided that doing lab work is just not as exciting as being there yourself. It’s funnier and better to see pokemon in their own nature. Therefore I think I will travel for awhile until I go back to Elm’s lab" Shawn answered Nick.

"Of course you will be traveling with us, right?" Whitney said, crossing her arms. "Uh… YEAH! Of course!" Shawn smiled really big, happy that he is reunited with his buddies.

The pizza was gone fast. "Hmm… Ima, Ima Fagot’s pokemon are healed" Nurse Joy said puzzled.

"Ima Fagot?" Whitney laughed, "Nick you didn’t!"

"I couldn’t help myself," Nick laughed as he walked up to the front of the Pokemon Center. He grabbed their pokeball’s and walked over to the table with Shadow.

"Here you go" Nick said to the others as he handed them their pokeballs.

"Well, I better get going" Krisi waved off, "I hope we get to see each other in the Silver Conference"

"Me too" Nick said as he gave her a thumbs up. She walked out of the Pokemon Center, waving off to her new friends.

"Well, I better get started on getting that gym badge" Nick sighed, a little nervous about his upcoming battle. It seemed like forever since his last gym battle. "I heard he uses fighting type pokemon," Whitney said, showing her knowledge about her fellow gym leaders.

"Good, I got just the pokemon" Nick clinched his fist in the air. They walked out of the pokemon center, ready for their next battle of the Johto League…

03-05-2004, 11:19 PM
Chapter 27- Battle for the Fifth!

Nick swallowed his spit as he became more and more nervous about his upcoming match. He stood in front of the gym located in Cianwood. Sounds of the ocean roared through the small island. Nick took a deep breath and let out a deep sigh.

Shadow, Shawn, and Whitney stood behind him. "Here we go" Nick whispered. He took a step towards the door of the gym. He reached for the handle and…. WAM!

The door slung open and busted Nick right upside the head! Jason appeared walking through the door, eyes closed and acting like everything in the world was his. Nick fell to the ground and the rest of the gang gasped. "Only two more gyms to go!" Jason shouted as he raised his fist in the air.

Nick stood up as quick as he could before Jason saw him. Jason turned around to face Nick.

"How’s it hangin Nick, just laying around?" Jason chuckled. Nick’s face turned red as he became extremely furious. "I’m about to go win my next badge!" Nick answered.

"Don’t sweat it, he isn’t that hard. Well come to think of it, he might be for you" Jason laughed as he walked off. Nick and Shadow stared down Jason as his chuckle became softer as he left. Nick continued to walk into the gym, followed by his friends.

The hallway was dark but it led into a very bright battlefield. In the corner stood a short, semi-heavy set guy. He had no shirt on and only wore white karate pants. His brown hair was messy along with his misshaped beard.

"Hello… I am Nick Dunbar and I wish to have a battle with the gym leader of this gym!" Nick declared. The man turned around and walked up to the small square where the gym leader was supposed to stand during the battle. "Take your place, we will both us two pokemon each" the guy said in a deep and low voice.

"You’re the gym leader?" questioned Nick as he pointed to the man. "Is that a problem?" the man smirked back. "I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound so mean. I just lost a battle and I don’t like losing. The name is Chuck and I promise that this battle won’t be an easy one! Prepare to lost," yelled Chuck as he threw out his pokeball. The red and white ball bounced twice and then rolled a bit before the pokemon came out. A big, heavy, navy blue colored pokemon came out.

"Poliwrath? I thought Poliwrath was a water type" Whitney wondered. "Its also a fighting type" Shawn looked onto the battle, waiting to see which pokemon Nick would choose.

"Chikorita, GO!" screamed Nick as he released the grass pokemon’s ball. "Alright now…… lets get our badge" Nick pointed to Poliwrath, signaling to Chikorita that it was time to attack…

Chikorita jumped into the air. Poliwrath moved aside, totally ignoring the small grass pokemon. "Doubleslap" ordered Chuck with his muscular, over practiced voice. Poliwrath drew up its left hand and slapped Chikorita back and forth. Chikorita took damage on that attack. Nick had to be smarter than that Poliwrath’s strength. Nick, "Chikorita, use your Vine Whip to wrap Poliwrath’s legs up".

Chikorita did as told and drew out its two dark green vines. They lodged towards the opposing Poliwrath. The vines gently wrapped around both ankles of Poliwrath. Then with a sudden jolt, the vines tightened as Poliwrath fell to the ground.

"Now’s the chance! Use Body Slam" demanded Nick, trying to gain something on this opportunity. Chikorita jumped up in the air, letting its vines do the guiding. It landed smack hard on Poliwrath’s mid-section. Poliwrath screamed out from the agony. This made Chuck mad. Very mad.

"Poliwrath, shake it off buddy and use your Submission!" Chuck gave out orders. Poliwrath grabbed Chikorita who was still on Poliwrath’s stomach and Poliwrath started to roll around the battle field. After Poliwrath made a full lap around the battling field then Poliwrath rolled right up into the air and threw Chikorita down on the ground. The small pokemon screamed out from the pain it had inflicted. The vines of Chikorita unraveled around Poliwrath’s ankles and went back in to Chikorita’s back section. Chikorita stood up, hurting in the process of doing so.

"Chikorita, you alright?" Nick said worriedly. His pokemon nodded back with a ‘I’m fine’ way. "Alright then, give it a Razor Leaf!"

Chikorita followed orders and let out two sharp leaves and aimed them towards its opponent. The leaves flickered and spun as they went towards Poliwrath. The big bad blue pokemon held its hands up in the leaves directions on which they were coming. Poliwrath used one single hand for both leaves to knock them away in a karate style manner.

"No good…" Nick stopped to think, "Chikorita, use Head butt".

Chikorita nodded and ran towards Poliwrath, head lowered near the ground. Dirt flew off the battle field as Chikorita ran at its top speed towards Poliwrath. "Use head butt as well and show them who is the real big bad guy around here" Chuck laughed. Poliwrath lowered its head towards the ground and ran right for poor ol Chikorita.

The two pokemon’s collided skulls, feeling the back bone freeze up. The two were sent flying back, inflicting the same amount of damage. Nick knew Chikorita didn’t have a lot still in it but there was one move that would work and yet wouldn’t take a lot of strength out of Chikorita in the process.

"Chikorita, lets finish this off" Nick stated, taking a deep breath before continuing, "Leech Seed!"

Chikorita didn’t argue about that call. It seemed to be the only good option against something as powerful as Poliwrath. "Put it to sleep, Hypnosis." Chuck commanded.

Poliwrath nodded and raised its hands up. It got ready to release the waves that would slowly put Chikorita to sleep. "Hurry before Poliwrath puts its attack to work" Nick screamed out. Chikorita used the small bit of strength it had left to throw a small brown seed over to Poliwrath. The seed landed smack on Poliwrath’s head. The instant it touched Poliwrath, about ten different vines sprouted from the seed and covered the body of Poliwrath. The vines glew red, indicating that they were sucking the energy right out of Poliwrath.

Poliwrath’s eyes glew with fury as it threw its powerful arms into the air and outstretched. The vines snapped in half as Poliwrath stretched out. Poliwrath was free from Chikorita’s attack. What now?

Poliwrath ran towards the weak Chikorita who was tired from battling. Poliwrath jumped into the air and landed smack down on Chikorita by using its Body Slam attack. Chikorita was crushed. Nick returned Chikorita right away, no sense in making Chikorita go through anymore harm. It did a good job and put up a good fight but now it was Shadow’s turn. Shadow jumped up onto the battle field.

"You…you want to battle?" asked Nick. Shadow nodded as Chuck laughed. "You think that weakling will be your last defense?" he chuckled.

Poliwrath tried a Double Slap. The massive hands of Poliwrath flew back and forth towards Shadow. The quick Umbreon quickly got into position to leap away. "Faint attack" Nick ordered as fast as he could say it. Shadow ran towards Poliwrath but then quickly vanished into thin air. Gone! Poliwrath looked around for clues on where the Umbreon had gone. "What the…" Chuck said, just as confused.

Shadow appeared ramming right into Poliwrath. The so called ‘strong’ pokemon had been knocked back a few yards. Nick gave off a big smile. "Finish it with Shadow Ball!" Nick yelled, counting this as the end of Poliwrath’s turn.

"Bubble!" Chuck said so fast he mumbled it where Poliwrath could barely recognized what he had said. Poliwrath raised its hands up into the air and let out a stream of white bubbles. The black and purple Shadow Ball flew towards Poliwrath..

03-05-2004, 11:20 PM
Chapter 27 continued…

The ball spiraled across the gym floor, canceling out the small matters of Bubbles that were projected to hit Shadow. The ball then continued onward until it hit the fist of Poliwrath. The Shadow Ball exploded, causing great thick smoke to rise up into the air all around.

The debris started to clear and it was then obvious that Poliwrath was out for the count! Nick cheered on about his victory towards the mighty Poliwrath that was struggling to beat. "Great work Nick, perhaps that Umbreon of yours is quite a strong one but not as strong as my Machoke!" shouted Chuck. He threw his poke ball out onto the battle floor. The ball bounced once before the muscle pokemon came out. The pokemon growled and beat its chest with its ham sized hands.

"Be careful Shadow, we need to rely on speed" Nick directed. Shadow nodded to make sure its trainer saw that it understood.

"Mega Punch!" screamed Chuck, raising his pointing finger up in the air as if he was saying he was ‘#1’.

The massive arms came flying towards the small Umbreon. Shadow ran under Machoke’s arms and ran up behind Machoke where Shadow kicked Machoke in the back with his hind legs. Machoke went stumbling to his knees, unable to control his stability.

This small maneuver made Chuck very mad. Very mad.

"Shadow, Swift!"

"So that little weasel your Cross Chop!"

Shadow let out little yellow stars that glided across the battle field and nearly hit the massively strong pokemon. Unfortunately, Machoke was about to knock away the attack by using its Cross Chop. One by one the ‘swift’ stars were being chopped away towards the walls where they did nothing but vanish. The attack had no effect what so ever.

"Seismic Toss noowwwwww!" Chuck blurted out. Machoke grabbed a hold of Shadow before it could go anywhere. Machoke turned around and around and around until finally it jumped way up into the air. From there Machoke put all its force behind one final throw of Shadow into the hard and cold ground.

Debris rose up from the collision of Shadow’s bones and the hard concreted floor. Shadow lifted its broken body up. Nick knew that was a mistake to not try and get away from that attack. Like he said before, Speed is the key.

"Shadow, speed time" Nick giggled, thinking that he had a plan although really he was just going to make his plan as it happened… that’s usually what he does.

Shadow knew that meant to go into its awesome and quick Agility mode. Shadow ran and disappeared and then showed up behind Machoke. Then it disappeared again. Now it was on the left side of Machoke! The muscular pokemon didn’t know where Shadow’s next move would be coming in from.

"That’s one fast pokemon!" Chuck said in amazement. Shawn looked onto the battle, looking at how fast Shadow had gotten since the last time he saw it. "Wow", Whitney whispered as she broke the silence of Shawn and her which they had throughout this match. "I remember when Shadow went up against Drake’s Dragonite in the Orange Islands Championship. Shadow was so fast I thought it would be impossible to out do it but now look at it. The speed is so awesome!" Shawn looked on with total amazement.

"Shadow, Faint attack now!" Nick decided that this was the time for the ultimate hit.

Shadow picked out its spot to ram into Machoke at. The aiming was right, the timing was right. Machoke had no idea what even hit it. The skull of Shadow’s top forehead had gushed into the mid-section of the Machoke that once was a big, mean, and strong pokemon. Not it was on the ground yelping for air and help. "Keep it up!" Nick yelled out. Shadow didn’t even care about Nick’s orders. Shadow stood over Machoke and laughed at the aching muscular pokemon.

"Submission" one single word from Chuck and it would be over. Machoke jumped up out of no where. Shadow was totally surprised and caught off guard. Machoke grabbed Shadow in a military form style way. Machoke rolled on the ground, keeping the strong grip on Shadow. With the only seconds before Shadow had even more damage then what the Seismic Toss had brought in. It was about to happen, the big throw down that would make Shadow ache for a week.

Think Nick think! Thought Nick as he thumped his head. Then at that very second a small urge for greatness located the right attack in the small head of Nick’s. The attack was transferred to Nick’s mouth where he called it out, just waiting to see Chuck’s face after this one.

"Confuse Ray, NOW SHADOW!" Nick screamed out as loud as he could, making sure that Shadow heard…of course people in Kanto could hear him from that loud scream!

Shadow let out a deep yell and big yellow rings hit Machoke. The big pokemon stopped the attack that it was about to finish and Machoke fell over onto the hard ground. "NOO!" Chuck yelled out in aggravation.

Machoke laid on the ground, confused as a Grimer around fresh sewage. "You got it from here" Nick said as he crossed his arms, knowing that this would be the end of this long battle. Shadow thought deep about which attack to use, Quick Attack.. Faint Attack.. Moonlight.. SHADOW BALL TIME! Shadow gave off a small smirk. A black ball the size of two basketballs had built up in front of Shadow. Purple lightening orbited the Shadow Ball as it was unleashed into the wild. It located its prey!

The Shadow Ball collided with the muscles that built up Machoke. A small explosion occurred. Smoke blinded the sight of Shadow, Chuck, Shawn, Nick, and Whitney. They covered their eyes until the smoke stopped. Machoke was out for good. The small Umbreon was the size of just one of Machoke’s legs but with the combined power of Nick and Shadow, they were able to get the win!

Chuck instantly returned Machoke to its poke ball, being very embarrassed about the defeat.

"Well kid, I have to say…" he started as he looked down at the ground, " you have something real special. That would be the bond between your pokemon and yourself".

Chuck gave off a small wink in his right eye and he tossed a badge up in the air. Nick caught it and stared deeply into it, realizing that his long, long trip from Ecrutek to Cianwood was a long one but it had paid off.

Chuck walked away and we started to walk through a doorway. He lifted a hand up and gave a gentle solute to Nick and Shadow. Nick jumped up in the air, excited about his great victory. The rush was extreme as Nick was speechless. Whitney jumped into his arms. Shadow and Shawn laughed as Nick tipped over from the weight thrown into his arms by Whitney…

03-05-2004, 11:21 PM
Chapter 28- Nick: The Great...Pokemon??

"Um, well Nick," Shawn started to say as he read from his guidebook, "There are eight badges. You have five and we only have two more gym cities to go to. What’s up with that?"

"WHAT?!" Nick screamed out. He jumped up from the dirt road that led to the Cianwood Pokemon Medicine Facility. Whitney went in there to get the special package for her uncle and his Miltank farm. Of course Nick wasn’t to happy about her getting the package cause this meant that she would have to leave once they got to Ecrutek. He didn’t want her to leave so soon, or leave at all really.

"Oh! That’s right! The gym leader at the Olivine was away so I haven’t got a chance to go there and battle for my badge yet" Nick remembered.

"Well then we will stop there first thing tomorrow. Today we can just catch the ferry that goes across to Olivine and we can get your badge tomorrow" Shawn planned out. If it was one thing Shawn was good at, it was planning ahead of time. Shawn got his little personal book out and wrote down the plans like he always does.

About that time the door slammed open and Whitney stepped out. Shawn and Nick turned towards Whitney. "Got it?" questioned Nick. "Yep" she smiled back as she showed a small brown bag with a pokeball and a medicine capsule on it.

"GREAT! WE FINALLY GET LUNCH!" Nick yelled as loud as he could. He darted off down the street to the big Pokemon Center that laid by the sea.

Later on…
Nick dug into his big bowl of Macaroni and Cheese. He stuffed his face so much it was almost sickening. Shawn covered his mouth as he looked at the cheese that was all across the face of Nick.

Shawn took the medicine for Whitney’s Uncle out of the bag. He examined the bottle. It was a thin liquid and smelt like onions with a pinch of fresh French fries. Shawn opened the bottle and smelt it a little. Whitney covered her mouth as she looked at the noodles stuck between Nick’s teeth.

Nick opened his mouth to show off the chewed food like a little kid. Whitney yelled at him, telling him to put it away. Everyone in the café looked at Nick. He smiled back, grossing them out with the nasty noodles in his teeth. He turned towards Whitney and let out a deep cough. Macaroni and Cheese flew everywhere! The table was covered with slimy, half eaten noodles.

Whitney jumped up into the air and swung her arms out. Her hand slapped Shawn in the elbow and it knocked the medicine right out of his hands. The medicine went flying all over the table, all cause of Nick… no figure.

"URGH! NICK!" screamed Whitney. Shawn picked up the bottle and looked inside. "Don’t worry Whitney, I don’t think that much was spelt" Shawn said, trying to help Nick out on not getting in to much trouble.

Nick took a sip of his drink to get the Macaroni down. He took a long drink but after he was finished, he felt kinda funny.

He shook a little. He even had a very weird thick spit in the back of his throat. He coughed a little. No one seemed to notice cause Whitney and Shawn were cleaning up the spilled medicine.

Nick felt a huge urge that made him feel like he was something else. He climbed out of the booth. He landed on all fours and screamed, "MILTANK!"

Whitney and everyone else in the café turned to look at the weird trainer. Nick looked around hesitantly. Nick slowly wobbled towards the door. Whitney and Shawn looked at each other. Shawn could always find out what happened, where it happened, when it happened, why it happened, and anything else you needed to know about something. He was good at putting pieces of the puzzle together.

He figured out that something was up with his drink. He looked inside the cold soda. A thick and mushy liquid sat up top of the soda.

"I think Nick drank some of the spilt medicine" Shawn pondered. "That’s not harmful now is it?" asked Whitney. "I don’t think so, not physically but I think its doing something to him mentally" Shawn said as he grabbed his bag and ran out the door after Nick…

03-05-2004, 11:21 PM
Chapter 28 continued…

"MilllTANKKKK" Nick screamed out with his voice cracking in the middle of the sentence, making him sound like a fright train from h*ll.

People ran off the road, thinking that someone was having a "Running of the Bulls COWS!" right here in Johto. Although it wasn’t a cow pokemon, it was a kid. A kid that was acting like a total @$$ in front of everyone in Cianwood.

Nick charged towards the ocean. He stopped just before he ran off into the cold water. His head lifted as high as it could, looking for a place to go. A small white and brown ferry that was headed towards Olivine was about to leave just down the street. Nick ran off on all fours, trying to make its way to what he thought was a huge marshmallow that was just a bit burnt. Nick hauled after the ‘big snack’.

"Where could he be?" Whitney wondered. Shawn shrugged as he put his hands on his knees, taking a rest from all the running. Shadow picked up a scent and started off down the street to a boat. Shawn and Whitney stumbled behind.

"MIL!" Nick screamed, making the people that were getting onboard a small shove. Nick ran passed the guard that was guarding the ferry. "Hey! You have to pay to get on!" the guard yelled out, chasing after the Miltank…I mean after Nick.

Shadow led them right to the ferry. The guard was reporting a kid that was running around like a monkey had run aboard the ship. Now there were a couple of guards after Nick. Whitney, Shawn, and Shadow ran onto the ferry. The guard held them back and started to yell at them about no one else was getting on the ship until the little monster that ran on is caught.

Whitney and Shawn looked at each other. "Sir, here’s the money for me and the kid. Sorry about this" Shawn said as he placed a lot of money into the hands of the guard, about 30 dollars too much actually.

They ran onto the ship and started to search for Nick admittedly. Nick was now leaned over the edge of the railing that surrounded the edges of the ferry. Nick wanted a drink of the blue water that was wailing underneath him.

He reached out for the water and that’s when the boat started to move. It was now sailing towards Olivine City. Nick now felt more desperate then ever before to get some water. Longer and harder Nick reached out to touch the flowing, cold water. Shadow picked up the scent from Nick and started down to the other side of the boat. Whitney followed and Shawn took the other way around. They came up to Nick who was now on the verge of falling.

Whitney called out, "NICK! NO".

Out of nowhere a huge bolt of yellow electricity shot out at Nick. The blast shocked Nick back to reality and then some. The mysterious electric bolt came out of nowhere, literally. Shawn and Whitney looked at each other confused.

Nick look around, still frying from the intense blast. Nick looked all around and wondered how he got there. He slowly looked down and saw the rushing water underneath him.

He thought he was about to fall off the boat so he waved his arms and legs, trying to keep balance from not falling in. He was in a position where he wouldn’t fall in but all the moving made him lose balance and fall right smack into the cold water.

Shawn, Shadow, and Whitney yelled out for him, telling him to doggy paddle back to the boat. Nick was more confused then worried about drowning. He grabbed his second Pokeball that was clipped to his belt. He held it high and let Blastoise come out. His big blue bad pokemon came out happier than ever. Nick climbed on top and followed the boat, not knowing what happened…


"That’s weird, I don’t remember a thing" Nick said as he drank the last bit of hot chocolate. They were sitting at a small booth in the back of the Pokemon Center. He was covered in blankets cause of the cold water that froze his body. Whitney laughed and walked over to the computer to call her uncle about the medicine. Shawn walked over to the counter to get Shadow and the rest of the group’s Pokeballs.

Nick picked up PokeMag out of Shawn’s bag. On the front cover it said, results for the Indigo League and a small interview with Nick Varela. He switched to that page and read the interview. Apparently, Nick was heading towards Johto with just his Squirtle.

Nick closed it from the thought of where he was. He realized that he had made it to Olivine finally… now he could FINALLY take on the gym leader. Nick smirked a smile at the thrill of wanting to battle…

--KCash-> Well I know that was kinda a boring chapter but I just had to put a filler into between gym battles. Well stay tuned however for there will be a dooming battle between Jasmine and Nick!

03-05-2004, 11:22 PM
Chapter 29- The Size That Doesn't Matter!

Whitney, Shadow, and Shawn had to run a mile down the road, searching for Nick high and low. The sun rose to its noon point on this brightly early day. Nick had just woken up and remembered about his gym battle he had made an appointment for the day before.

The gang finally caught up with Nick, who was standing frozen still in front of the giant, steel made, unique Olivine Gym.

"What are you…" Shawn paused to catch his breath," in a hurry for?".

"I’m finally here, I am ready for this battle" Nick smiled as he looked deep into his friend’s eyes. Nick tiptoed into the front door of the gym. A small hallway led to the back of the building where it suddenly opened up to a huge, rocky gym field. The lights flickered on as a fairly young and beautiful girl walked into the gym. She wore small hairnets that held her hair in two ponytails. Her hair was long, going well down her shoulders, looking good with her white dress on.

She was walking around in the gym, just staring up at the distant wall.

"Um… Miss?" Nick asked. The young girl jumped from being startled. She gasped for breath as she then noticed that a girl, an Umbreon, and two boys were standing across the gym.

"Uhh, what business do you have here?!" she yelled out harshly. "All I want is a gym battle" Nick said, waving his arms in the air to calm down the girl. "Oh sorry," she shrugged "Well you certainly came to the right place. The name is Jasmine".

She walked over to Nick and Shawn to shake their hands, leaving Whitney out. "Are all of you going to battle me?" asked Jasmine. "Oh so you’re the gym leader?" Shawn concluded. "Nope, only I am here to battle you for the badge!" Nick declared, clinching both of his fists.

"Well in that case, we will each use two pokemon each. When one pokemon is not able to continue, they are out. Got it?" Jasmine instructed, seeming very serious all of the sudden.

"I’ll be glad to ref" Shawn said as he walked to the mid-point line of the battle field and picked up two flags- one green and one red.

Nick took his box on one side and Jasmine took her side. Nick suddenly felt nervousness run over him, even though he has done this a thousand times.

"Lairon, let’s do this" Jasmine called out for her first choice in this two pokemon each battle. As the Pokeball finished rolling on the hard floor, the ball opened and a white mass of steel started to appear. Nick had never seen nor heard of anything like this pokemon. It’s deep blue eyes stared deeply at Nick and its massive shoulders stuck out like a WWE wrestler’s arms. It was quite small for having such big arms and legs. The big pokemon stomped on the ground, making Nick’s legs tremble underneath him from the massive blows of stomps.

Nick grabbed his Pokedex. {Lairon. Steel/Rock pokemon. This pokemon doesn’t step down from nothing cause of its pounding 275lb. weight. It eats iron in rocks to become stronger} Dexter ended.

"Alright then, I don’t have the strength to compete with this one but I do have the right attacks in one very special pokemon of mine. Come on out Butterfree!" screamed Nick as he threw his Pokeball straight up into the air. A small purple and white Butterfree came flying out with sparkles surrounding it.

"Butterfree, let’s get this done first! Hit Lairon with a Whirl Wind attack" Nick started things off. Butterfree did as told and started to flap its wings as furious and as fast and it could. With just a few seconds of wind gashing blows, a small whirl of wind was brought up and slid across the battle field to Lairon.

"Lairon, use Iron Defense" ordered Jasmine, thinking of a good way to protect Lairon from inflicting a lot of damage here from the start of the battle.

Lairon’s nice and shiny steel coat started to sparkle as it strengthen and higher the defensive rate for Lairon’s protection. The Whirl Wind attack blew right over Lairon, not doing any damage at all. Lairon just stood there while the attack blew over and eventually demolished itself in the cool breeze of the gym.

"Butterfree, use String Shot!" Nick thought of quickly. Butterfree shot out a long thick sticky webbing out at Lairon. The string stuck to Lairon’s head as it raveled around Lairon, covering its whole body practically. Lairon struggled to get out of the thick and messy substance. "This is our chance for a strong physical attack, use Tackle!" Nick called out. Jasmine knew what was coming easily.

"Lairon, on my count you need to break out of that webbing and use Take Down straight in front of you" Jasmine thought cleverly. She waited and waited until Butterfree was about to enclose on Lairon. "1...2...3-NOW!" she screamed as loud as she could. With one move Lairon busted out of the string enough to use its attack it was commanded to do. Lairon put all its weight in its back legs to give a great push off. Butterfree collided with the thick steel head of Lairon.

Little damage was inflicted on Lairon cause of its thick skull but Butterfree was on the ground aching. It struggled to get back up but Butterfree had taken quite the blow to the head. "Now’s the chance to end this with Earthquake!" Jasmine ordered.

Nick knew that Earthquake had enough power to end this battle real quick. Butterfree had to get up and fly into the air. "Come on Butterfree, fly up.. NOW!" Nick yelled. No movement came from Butterfree. It just laid on the hard and rocky surface of the battle field as Lairon lifted its mighty legs up into the air. It started to come crashing to the ground.

The ground that made up the battle field had crumbled and cracked into several different pieces as Lairon used its must effective attack. Nick closed his eyes during this scene, scared to see his Butterfree get demolished so fast in this battle. Nick’s eyes slowly forced themselves open.

He looked on the battle field ground but nothing was there except for Lairon and the broken up battle field from Earthquake. Nick looked up into the rafters of the gym. Butterfree flapped its wings proudly, yet still exhausted from the blow it took earlier.

"Great job Butterfree! Now let’s get the job done!" Nick said to warm the thoughts of his pokemon about the battle. While Nick was talking, Jasmine took this time to call out the next attack, "Lairon, use an Iron Tail".

If there was a good time for this attack, it was now. Butterfree wasn’t high up yet cause of its non-quickness to reacting to Earthquake. Lairon would barely have to jump to get this attack down. Lairon’s tail glowed white as it ran straight at its opponent. Butterfree turned to see a mighty roaring Lairon charging right for it. Butterfree knew what it needed to do.

Suddenly Butterfree glowed all white as if it was evolving. Everyone in the gym looked on in amazement. The whiteness that covered Butterfree was all sent into front of Butterfree where it was let out with rainbow colors. The blast soared across the sky at the incoming Lairon that acted as a speeding fright train.

Lairon stopped in its tracks and curled up to use Harden as fast as it could. The rainbow colored blast still connected with Lairon, just not doing total damage cause of the quick thinking of Harden. "Way to go Butterfree!" Nick yelled, not even knowing which attack that was.

"That was an awesome Psybeam!" Whitney declared, jumping up and down to cheer for Butterfree. Nick smiled at his pokemon, happy about the choice he had made about letting Butterfree into this match. "Lairon, don’t give up. You still have plenty of energy to take this flying bug. Use Metal Sound" Jasmine commanded.

Nick thought about which attack he could use to end this thing. He had to do it before Metal Sound was released however. "Butterfree, use Stun Spore" Nick said, putting one of his two part plan to work.

Butterfree released a shiny, golden mist. It sparkled as it slowly dropped from Butterfree’s magical wings. Lairon opened its mouth to let out the Metal Sound that would deficit Butterfree, which is exactly what would happen if this Stun Spore didn’t get to Lairon in time.

"Now use Gust to blow the Stun Spore directly at Lairon!" screamed Nick. Butterfree flapped its wings as fast as it could possibly go. The Stun Spore started to pick up the flow and directed itself towards Lairon. The Metal Sound was about to be released towards Butterfree but at the same time, Lairon was starting to get sprayed by the paralyzing Stun Spore. Who would be the one to walk away victorious in this part one of two in this great battle…?

03-05-2004, 11:23 PM
Chapter 29 continued…

The massive, bulky mouth of Lairon closed shut. It stopped its attack which was about to be let out. Butterfree’s last minute attack, Stun Spore, started to overwhelm the poor Lairon. A cold and franek powder made shivers run down the back of Lairon.

The big steel pokemon cried out as it was hurt from the paralyzing spray. Lairon shivered slightly, trying to break free from the paralysis.

"Now’s the chance! Use Tackle!" Nick ordered right away. Butterfree dropped from the sky and doomed in on the Lairon which laid still as perfect bait. Butterfree gained speed on its fall and WHACK!

Butterfree collided with Lairon’s bulky head. A clink of steel hitting bone sounded throughout the whole gym. Butterfree fell to the ground before Lairon even took the effect. No doubt however, Lairon did faint afterwards.

Nick gasped as his Butterfree. Worried that the attack of going up against Lairon’s rock hard body wasn’t a great idea. Nick ran out to the middle of the battle field as Shawn raised up both flags and declared both of their pokemons… unable to battle.

"I’m sorry Butterfree, my fault. I should thought about what I was telling you what to attack with. Take a nice long rest, you need it" Nick said as he reached for a pokeball and soon let Butterfree inside. The red beam absorbed the mass of Butterfree and sucked it right into the pokeball.

"That was a great attack however, even though it did fail" Jasmine smiled as Lairon was sucked back into her pokeball. "No more games now though, I other things to do so I’ll make sure to end this one fast. Go Steelix!" she screamed as she threw in her next pokemon. Nick looked on as the enormous steel snake pokemon came out. He had seen one before, he has always wanted one. His cousin/rival, Jason, even had one of his own and it proved itself to be very powerful. However, Nick knew his type advantages so he decided to fight with pure fire!

"Go Quilava!" ordered Nick as he sent in his choice of pokemon. Quilava came roaring out of its pokeball, lighting up the flames on its head and back.

"Let’s do this Quilava, start this fight off with a Swift attack" Nick said.

Quilava nodded and let out several small flying stars from its mouth. The Swift attack stars flew across the battle field at Steelix. The attack was aiming for the head of Steelix but as soon as it was about to make contact… Steelix raised its rocky tail up. The Swift’s collided with Steelix’s tail and were canceled out from the great impact against that rock hard tail.

Nick gasped with a little bit of frustration. "Steelix, use Iron Tail!" Jasmine said.

Steelix’s tail started to glow whiter than paper. It shined throughout the gym as it was swung right for Quilava. With a rock hard, huge, powerful tail like that using Iron Tail… Quilava didn’t stand a chance. "Quilava use Agility to get away from the attack" yelled Nick.

Quilava did as told and ran at a quick speed away from the powerful tail as it slammed into the ground, making the ground crackle. Quilava kept running until it was fully behind Steelix. That’s was the perfect spot to get Steelix at.

"Quilava use Flamethrower!" shouted Nick. Quilava’s flames on its head and back fired up even more as a heat dazzling flame came shooting out of Quilava’s mouth. Steelix turned around just in time to see the Flamethrower come at him. The fire blast started to burn Steelix as it hit just below its head.

"SANDSTORM NOW!" Jasmine said as fast as she could before Steelix took to much damage. Steelix started to spin slowly and then faster and faster and faster until it was hard to even see it’s face. It looked like one circling silver string… until the sand started to appear around Steelix.

The fire was blocked out from the sandstorm. Nick didn’t ever think of anything like this before. He knew he would have to find another way if Steelix knew how to prevent from getting effected from fire attacks.

"Now finish it with Crunch" Jasmine ordered, thinking it was going to end this fast. Steelix stopped spinning since Quilava stopped its attack. Steelix then jumped towards Quilava, mouth ready to crunch down on Quilava.

"Use Quick Attack to get away from Steelix, Quilava!" Nick hurried to say. Quilava darted away from Steelix who was coming in for the close range attack. Steelix was to close though! Steelix’s mouth tapped Quilava’s foot, tripping it and making it crash into the hard floor.

"Iron Tail" Jasmine said with confidence. Steelix raised its tail up as it shinned fully white. The tail was thrown right for the hurt Quilava.

Nick and the gang watched on as Quilava was hit with the enormous Iron Tail. Quilava was sent flying back into a nearby wall.

"Quilava… Quilava is unable to continue" Shawn said, looking down in disappointment.

"Its ok buddy" Nick said as he patted Quilava’s head as the red beam from his pokeball sucked Quilava in. Jasmine turned her Steelix back into its original pokeball.

Whitney and Shadow walked up to Nick. "It’s ok, let’s go take a rest and then tomorrow we can come back and you could use Blastoise. That would probably be a better pick Whitney said as she put a hand on Nick’s shoulder. "This is mine and Quilava’s fight" Nick said as he walked away and out the door. Shadow started to follow but then stopped, figuring it would be best to just let him go alone.

Whitney and Shawn smiled at Jasmine as they soon left to go to the Pokemon Center…

Nick ran out of the deep part of town, which was filled with people nagging and shouting. He walked away from the busy streets to a small café. He walked inside and ordered a slurpie. Nick thought deeply about the way his life was like right then.

Nick though, How can I prevail if I cant even win a simple gym battle. I cant beat Jason… probably not Matthew either… even though he is just a beginner at being a pokemon trainer. My mom and brother are raising our small farm and the house back at Valencia Island. Maybe I should just quit this Johto quest while I still have some dignity. Maybe it should all end here. I can go back and help out with my aunt, Professor Ivy, at her Pokemon Laboratory. Maybe I should just quit now…

03-05-2004, 11:24 PM
Chapter 30 continued...

"Quilava, show Steelix a Flamethrower! FULL BLAST BABY!" Nick screamed. Quilava nodded and fired up the flames on its head and back. A huge, massive ball of fire grew as it was soared towards Steelix.

"Go underground" yelled Jasmine. Steelix didn’t hesitate on that. Steelix piled itself head first into the soft sandy beach. Steelix was digging tunnels, deciding where to come up at on Quilava. "Be on the look out" Nick warned his pokemon. Quilava looked around and felt for any vibrations that could give Steelix’s position away.

Nick looked on, worried about what Steelix could be planning. "Quit hiding and come out!" Nick yelled, looking at the ground around Quilava.

"STEEEEEEELLL!" shouted Steelix as sand blew up from the ground as Steelix held its massive snake-like body towards Quilava. Steelix hammered Quilava with all its might. Quilava was levered backwards, hitting the sand very hard.

"Get up Quilava," Nick said, "Let’s use a Swift".

Quilava nodded and tried a Swift attack. The little flying stars maneuvered there way towards Steelix. With great defense tactics, Steelix held its rock tail up to block the Swift Attack. The attack exploded with impact. Steelix didn’t feel the slightest effect from that attack. Nick knew he would need a better strategy then to just go for a offensive attack after another while Steelix will just find a way to not get effected.

"Quilava... use Smokescreen!" Nick ordered. Quilava opened its mouth and let out a deep, thick black smoke smog. The smoke poured out into the cool air fast. The wind was blowing so Nick knew he didn’t have very long until the smokescreen would be gone.

"Quilava, use Agility!" Nick commanded. Quilava ran around Steelix until it found a good open spot. Nick knew the spot was picked, "FLAMETHROWER!".

Quilava was almost directly behind Steelix, who was trying to look through the thick smoke to find the little fire pokemon. Quilava released a skin melting Flamethrower. The fire blast hit Steelix just below the back of the head. The steel snake cried out in pain. "Go underground now Steelix!" Jasmine ordered.

Steelix slowly went into a tunnel that it had already made. Quilava quit using the Flamethrower attack as the smoke cleared out. "Use your Iron Tail attack!" Jasmine said.

Steelix was still tunneling underneath the actual battle field. Quilava watched for any movement that might show up to be Steelix.

There! Steelix crashed through the sand with it’s tail glowing brightly. The tail swung its way towards Quilava who was hit harshly. Quilava soared through the air, landing with hard impact with the ground. Quilava was showing up to be tired and quite hurt from the Iron Tail attack.

"Quilava, use another Smokescreen" shouted Nick. Quilava let out another one of its thick smoke defensive attacks. The smoke covered the beach once more.

Steelix was no confused again on where Quilava was. While Steelix was searching, Quilava was moving around trying to find the perfect spot to aim and hit with a Flamethrower.

"Steelix, use Iron Tail all around the battle field. Make sure to get that little Quilava!" Jasmine said as she wanted to prove that nothing could stop her Steelix.

"Quilava watch out for–" Nick started to say until he heard the contact of the Iron Tail with Quilava’s body. Quilava now was beat up pretty badly and it probably wouldn’t hold up to much longer. The smoke started to clear the atmosphere around the battle.

"Quilava, get up... please," Nick begged. Quilava struggled to its feet, panting as if it had just ran 10 miles. "Let’s get this one Quilava! Use your Flame Wheel attack!" Nick screamed. Quilava darted off and a full speed run towards Steelix.

Steelix stuck its tail out in front of it and the tail started to glow! It was another Iron Tail attack. This could be it. Nick wouldn’t be able to stop Quilava now so luckily luck would be on their side and let them get past that Iron Tail.

A fire ball wheeled itself around Quilava as it ran towards its opponent. The fire that surrounded Quilava grew bigger and bigger with every step that Quilava took. Steelix got ready. Quilava turned up the heat on the attack as it closed in.

BAM! Quilava hit Steelix’s tail head first! Quilava went soaring back into the ground. Steelix fell back as well, not nearly as effected as Quilava however.

"Get up!" Nick urged. He knew Quilava could do it. Nick remembered all those times they were down but Quilava was the one that could always bring them back to life. Quilava could do it!

"Quilava, just finish this and we can all go to the pokemon center and have a nice long rest. You know what to do" Nick said in a quiet tone. Nick started to walk back, not wanting to get mixed up with this attack.

"What’s going on?" wondered Jasmine. Quilava stood up with fire in its eyes. Quilava was furious and tired, ready to go have a long rest. Quilava’s body started to glow fluidly. Red and white colors shot out of Quilava’s body and an intense heat started to gash out from the body of Nick’s small fire pokemon.

"OVERHEAT!" Nick screamed. Jasmine gasped, trying to think as quick as she could, "Steelix, go underground!".

It was to late. Steelix couldn’t make it even if its life depended on it. This battle was over. A huge explosion warped the sky and beach around the battle field. A big circular energy blast that sent out as much heat as a volcano had all came from Quilava. Steelix cried out as Nick and Jasmine covered their eyes from the bright light.

The blast slowly calmed down and smoke rose from the ground. Nick first looked at the ground around Quilava and Steelix. The sand— the sand had gotten so hot that the sand had... turned to glass!

Jasmine was truly amazed. Steelix showed up as fried as chicken. Quilava panted before it fell to the ground from exhaustion. Nick ran over to his Quilava, patting it on the head and returning it to it’s Pokeball for a nice long rest. Jasmine returned Steelix, still amazed at the power that came from Quilava.

Jasmine walked over to Nick, smiling while she held the badge that was now officially Nick’s! "Here is your Mineral Badge," she said as she gave up the badge, "That was a great battle Nick. Look, if you ever happen to be in town again... drop by the gym for a little rematch. I would like that". Nick smiled, knowing he would love to get the chance for another battle like that one.

Back at the Pokemon Center...

"NICK!" Whitney yelled as she jumped into Nick’s arms, "We were so worried about you". Nick smiled at her and apologized for just leaving like that but it was what he had to do at the time. Nick thanked Shawn and Whitney for always being there for him. He then bent down to Shadow and waved the Mineral badge up in his face.

"The Mineral Badge?!" Shawn questioned. "How did you get that?" Whitney wondered.

"Well I had a rematch... and let’s just say Steelix was a little ‘Overheated’ this time around" Nick smiled, looking at his newly won badge...

03-05-2004, 11:24 PM
Chapter 31- Bye Bye Butterfree!

"I can’t believe we have to go ALL the way back to Ecruteak to get to Mahogany Town" Nick complained. He drug his arms close to the ground, slouching over as he walked on a narrow trail that headed into a forest. Shadow wept beside him while Shawn and Whitney seemed to be enjoying the fresh air.

"Cheer up Nick, take a small rest. You have been battling one after another all freaking week!" Whitney screamed, trying to get Nick to get in a ‘good day’ mood

"FREEEEEEEE!" screamed something farther and deeper in the thick forest. Shawn, Shadow, Whitney, and Nick all looked at each other. "What was that?" wondered Nick. "It sounds like something you should be... FREEEE!" Whitney laughed. "It sounded like someone or something was hurt" Shawn got serious. They took off deeper into a forest. They came upon a small opened area with tall grass. More like a meadow really.

The group split up and searched around for any signs that could lead to that cry they had heard. "Come on out Butterfree!" yelled Nick, throwing his Pokeball out. "Good idea, Chip.. Let’s go!" Shawn said as he let out his Swellow. They two Pokemon flew up into the air to search for any signs that could lead them to the sound.

With just seconds of being in the air Butterfree had spotted something. Not with its eyes, after all Butterfree didn’t have the greatest eye sight. Butterfree had heard a cry for help in its own language from one of its own kind.

Butterfree called out to Nick and the gang all rushed to see what Butterfree had found. "Another Butterfree!" Whitney screamed. A small Butterfree was lying on the ground, gasping for air. A small cut lay across the Butterfree’s chest. It was obvious that this Butterfree was a girl from the look in its eyes and by its long lashes. "Get out your medical kit" Nick reminded Shawn.

Shawn was way ahead of Nick and was already getting the medical kit out. Shawn found some bandages and some spray medicine. "Now this will hurt Butterfree but it will help" Shawn said quietly as he lightly spread a mist of the heal spray medicine on the gash. Shawn then slowly wrapped the white bandage around the hurt Butterfree.

"What happened to it?" Whitney wondered. Shadow started to talk to the Butterfree. Then Nick’s Butterfree got into the conversation. Shadow started to explain by holding up its front paws in a scary way and opening its mouth up wide to roar.

"Uh... A monster ate a hamburger! Hmm... Hamburgers..." Nick drooled. Shawn slapped Nick back to reality. "A big pokemon did it right?" Shawn asked. Shadow nodded yes.

"Well I wonder where the pokemon went off to?" Whitney said, looking around the meadow that lay out in the middle of the forest.

"Maybe it left to go get food" Nick suggested. "All you ever think about is food" Whitney laughed, hugging Nick for being so ‘cute’.

"SARRRRRRRRRRRRR!" screamed a very deep and impassive voice. The whole group jumped up in the air from the creepy roar. They turned around to see a big brown pokemon. It stood over 7 feet up in the air. "That’s an... URSARING!" Shawn figured out, jumping back about 10 feet in fright.

"I bet that’s the pokemon that did this to that poor Butterfree!" Whitney yelled. Nick became very mad about the pain this Ursaring was bringing to the small Butterfree.

"Butterfree, Take out that Ursaring NOW!" Nick demanded his Butterfree to do. Butterfree didn’t hesitate to protect one of its own kind. "Give it a Tackle" Nick said, meaning one tackle... and only one. Butterfree flew into Ursaring’s body. Butterfree bounced back from the thick fat that lay across Ursaring’s big body. Butterfree kept using Tackle until Ursaring started to feel a small effect. "Butterfree looks determined" Shawn said. The hurt girl Butterfree smiled at the brave Butterfree that was protecting her.

"Now give it a Whirlwind" Nick commanded. A huge blast of wind came gushing out of Butterfree’s fast beating wings. The wind struck Ursaring harshly. "That’s enough to throw it off guard, now take its feet out with a Wing Attack!" Nick whispered in a way that Ursaring wouldn’t know what there strategy was.

Ursaring covered its face from the harsh gusts of wind that was rampaging into its face. All the sudden the wind stopped and Ursaring looked up. Butterfree came swooping down from the sky. Butterfree’s wings turned white as it took out the right leg of Ursaring. The big bear pokemon fell to the ground with a shattering effect.

Butterfree then flew up high and directed its wings so the powder would spray directly on Ursaring from the dazzling mid-day breeze that was blowing by. A golden mist slightly fell from the sky as it lightly drizzled on Ursaring. The big pokemon stood up at once and darted away, back into the maze of a forest, screaming about the loss.

Butterfree came flying down into Nick’s arms. They gave each other a pat on the back, "Great job Butterfree!" Nick laughed, rubbing Butterfree’s head.

Butterfree flew out of Nick’s hands and landed beside the girl Butterfree. The girl Butterfree rose up and started to rub its nose along Nick’s Butterfree’s nose. There wings flapped furiously as they gave each other a ‘Butterfree kiss’.

Nick instantly knew what was happening and panicked. He didn’t need Butterfree to fall in love, he needed one of his best performing pokemon to train and become the best it could for its trainer.

"I think Butterfree just found a girlfriend" Shawn joked. Shadow smiled in its own way about Shawn’s little comment. Nick didn’t like that thought. He needed Butterfree. "Um... Butterfree, we have to go" Nick rushed. He grabbed his bag and started to walk off. "Come on Butterfree" Nick darted away. Butterfree didn’t come. Shadow and the rest of the gang followed Nick. Butterfree noticed and flew up to Nick, stopping him from walking any further.

"Freeee, Butter ee e freeeeeee" Butterfree tried to explain. Nick’s mad face expression slowly turned into a small smile. "Yeah I know, you have to stay here to take care of her because of her injury" Nick smiled. Butterfree nodded its head yes. "Alright then, I’ll miss ya Butterfree" Nick said as he gave Butterfree a goodbye hug.

"I’ll... I’ll... be competing in the Silver Conference in less than 2 months luckily and when I win, I will think of you Butterfree!" Nick said as he fought back the small happy tears that wanted to come flying out of his eyes. Nick and Butterfree departed from another. Butterfree flew over to the girl Butterfree.

Nick remembered all the great times he had with Butterfree. From the time that Butterfree first hatched into a small Caterpie that Nick thought there was still hope to turn it into a fighting machine. Then as it proved itself to defeat any kind of pokemon that got in its way, making it evolve into Metapod. Then as Nick and Shadow were about to be hammered by hundreds of Dustox, who else but Metapod who evolved into Butterfree would come to their rescue. Butterfree helped defeat many trainers with its awesome combinations of powders. Nick loved using those powders to his advantage and loved being around Butterfree cause of the happiness and joy that Butterfree always brought to the scene. Nick would never forget his Butterfree as he departed away onto Ecruteak, away from his loving and joyful Butterfree. "Take care Butterfree" Nick smiled, looking down while trying to hold back the tears. He remembered all the wonderful times he had with Butterfree...

03-05-2004, 11:27 PM
--KCash-> If you don’t know, SC's are chapters that don’t deal with Nick's journey but like a side-quest. I decided to do another one with this time giving some info on the background of Nick's brother, which we know from Orange Islands Adventure that he had to quit being a pokemon trainer when his dad decided not to ever come back home. Hope you enjoy! This will give you a little bit of info on some other characters that will be in another Nick-terrific fic as well.

Special Chapter 3

Derrick opened his eyes, whipping the night crust that settled in his eyes. He opened his window and looked at the outside world. He looked down from his two-story house, looking at the long field in the back of his house. He wished he saw something like Tauros, which is what his family raised when his dad was still here.

He then thought about his sister, the one who disappeared once their dad just vanished one day. Unlike them, at least his brother… the hall of famer of the Orange Islands League, Nick Dunbar… called every time he got the chance. Derrick wished he was there with his little brother, out seeing the world.

Sadly, Derrick wished he wasn’t 18 years old anymore. He got tired of being a grown-up and having to work everyday instead of full filling his quest of becoming a champion like his brother. He slipped on his gray hat and green shirt. His blue jeans smelled like Ponyta manure. He slowly walked out of his room and started down the narrow hallway. He looked in the empty rooms that belonged to his disappeared sister and his little brother Nick.

He tapped each stair as he slowly made his way to the first floor of the house. "Hi mom" he growled. "Hi sweetie. Aunt Ivy said she needed you down there early today so get to hopin" Mrs. Dunbar said happily. After all, she didn’t have to do all the work around here so why would she not be happy?

"Fine then, I’ll just skip breakfast… again" he mumbled as he walked out the door. He walked down the street where a huge field surrounded a small building. He walked into the building to his Professor Ivy, his aunt. "Hi Derrick, guess we should get started" Prof. Ivy said as she showed Derrick the way outside. "Great, work in the hot sun" he whispered to his self. It was always pretty hot in Valencia, no matter what month it was.

"Geez, still training Hitmontop?" Derrick said to Nick’s Hitmontop. Since Nick left for the Johto League, Hitmontop has been here at Ivy’s lab… training EVERYDAY.

Hitmontop gave a thumbs up to Derrick. Ivy kept leading Derrick out to the far fields that she let Jason’s and Nick’s, as well as some wild pokemon, roam around on.

"Well, I need this rock over there" Ivy pointed to a rock that laid in the middle of the field, then she pointed just a few feet away where she wanted the rock at now, "Then I need you to wrap Nick’s Tauros’ leg. It got in a fight with an Arbok yesterday and got bit. Just change out the bandages is all. Then feed all of the water pokemon’s on the north side".

Derrick was mad at all these chores he had to do. "And then you can have your breakfast break" she finished as she walked away.

"That’s all before my breakfast break?" Derrick said in angerment, happy that Ivy walked away before he said it. He hated doing all these stupid chores, you would think his own aunt would let him have a little slack. He would love to quit but his family needed the money.

"Onix, Makuhita… come on out" Derrick said as his two big pokemon’s came out of their poke balls. "Take that rock over there" Derrick said. He usually had to do the chores by his self-- Aunt Ivy’s rules-- but he thought he could let it slide this time. He helped his pokemon’s out… kinda. They moved the rock to where Ivy wanted it in no time at all.

While his Onix finished up, Makuhita and Derrick walked over to a tree where Nick’s Tauros was catching some shade. It laid on the ground, not wanting to put a lot of pressure on it’s leg. "Hey Tauros. Ready for a new bandage?" Derrick asked. Tauros did a kind of ‘Tauros smile’ at Derrick.

To tell the truth, Derrick liked doing stuff like this. He always thought of his self as a pokemon doctor-to-be. It was times like this when he was helping pokemon out that made him forget about the money he was their to get by doing hard chores.

Derrick walked into the lab. He picked out the special water pokemon food to take over to the north side pond where lots of Poliwag’s and Staryu’s liked to hang out at.

RING! RING! RING! The screen to the telephone/ PC rung. Derrick looked around but Prof. Ivy was nowhere to be found.

Derrick hit the ANSWER button. Nick’s face appeared on the screen. "Hey Bro!" Nick said in amazement, thinking that Ivy would be the one to pick up. "Hey man!" Derrick said back. "What’s up?" Nick asked. Derrick looked at Nick’s happy face, figuring that he probably won a new badge or caught a new pokemon, exceeding to the greatness that Derrick wished he had.

"Nothin, helping out over here" Derrick said. Nick didn’t know Derrick actually worked there at the lab for money to support his mom and his self cause they went bankrupt cause of the money lost to Nick’s journey. Derrick felt like it would be better to just keep it unknown.

"That’s awesome. How is Tauros, Hitmontop, and Phanpy?" asked Nick. "Their great, Hitmontop deserves a place on the starting line-up. It’s been working really hard lately" Derrick replied. "That’s good to know. Well I do have an opening spot, Butterfree left yesterday" Nick said sadly. "Oh to bad, it seemed like a great pokemon" Derrick said, not knowing what else to say.

"And how is mom?" Nick wondered. "She’s great, misses you a lot" Derrick said back softly. "Well I will return home soon bro, then we can spend our days chillin together and wrecking the island like we did before I left" Nick laughed. "Yeah, we will be back together again" Derrick smiled back…

--KCash-> Well that was pretty much to get you a small idea about Derrick and his background. Why do you need to know about him? You will find out later on…

03-05-2004, 11:27 PM
Chapter 32- Ecrutek Goodbyes!

"And how did you get us on this old rusty thing?" wondered Nick as he laid across hundreds of boxes. "I overheard a guy say he was steering a blimp to Ecruteak City. So I asked him about it and he said he had plenty of room on board" Whitney explained, smiling at the fact that she got them a free 1 day ride ALL the way back to Ecruteak City.

"Plenty of room huh?" Shawn said sarcastically. They rolled on top of hundreds of boxes that laid all over the huge blimp. "What do you think is in these boxes anyways?" Whitney said, throwing a box on the other side of the blimp to make room for herself. "Skitty poop" Nick said seriously. "NICK!" Whitney grunted. "Well it smells like it" laughed Shawn.

The blimp started to shake until it hit something from the bottom. "What was that?" wondered Nick as he tried to stand up on the boxes. A small side door on the blimp opened up. The driver of the blimp looked in. Whitney jumped up in the air, trying to hide the box she was opening. "Huh... I was just wondering what was in these boxes!" she said, blushing. The guy acted like he didn’t care, "We’re here".

Whitney, Shawn, Shadow, and Nick pushed there way out of the blimp. "How do you think clouds are made?" Nick wondered, doing his regular day dreaming by looking up at the puffy clouds aiming overhead in the light blue sky. Whitney thanked the guy and they were off on their way!

They ended up in a small park for pokemon. It was the first that Nick had ever seen. I remembered playing on the monkey bars, slides, swings, and other park goodies but he didn’t ever think they would actually have one for a... pokemon.

"Let’s take a break, this sounds like a fun place to hang out at and I saw a burger stand across the street. We can get some lunch and let our pokemon’s have a little fun" Shawn thought. The others agreed. Shadow came off running at the slides. Shawn’s Houndour took a nap, his Swellow drifted in the rafters above the park, and his Corphish was playing tag. Nick’s Quilava, Chikorita, and Shadow were playing tag as well. Whitney’s Miltank took a nap. Nick’s Blastoise took a nap as well and Nick’s Pidgeotto was busy talking with local park Pidgeys.

Nick’s Blastoise woke up and looked on the other side of the street where a trainer and his Machoke were training. Blastoise started to walk over there. Nick noticed his Blastoise just mysteriously walk away. "Blastoise! Uh.. Wait up!" Nick cried out. He followed his big water pokemon over to the other side of the street.

"1...2... GO!" yelled the trainer. The Machoke hit a tree as hard as it could. The tree rumbled but nothing else happened. "It’s alright Machoke! Try it again, just remember... this attack will only work if you put all your force and all of your natural energy behind this big punch!" the trainer gave a preach to his pokemon. Nick stopped him, "Uh.. I’m sorry to interrupt but what are you doing?".

"Oh well I’m trying to help my Machoke learn Dynamic Punch" he answered. "Helping him learn an attack?" asked Nick questionably. "Yeah" the trainer confirmed. Machoke went back to training by hitting the tree. Nothing happened. The next punch his hand lit up with white sparks and it rumbled the tree a little more than the last time. "You can teach pokemon a move?" Nick bugged the trainer. "Yeah, you can give them a TM but I prefer just teaching my pokemon’s how to do it the good old way. That your Blastoise?" asked the trainer. "Yep".

"Then your Blastoise can learn Dynamic Punch as well. Just got to tell it how to do it. Pretty easy really, just needs to build up its strength by hitting hard things like rocks and trees and make sure it puts all its energy into it" the trainer kindly explained this new fact to Nick. "That’s awesome!" Nick yelled. Blastoise and Nick started to talk about the attack as they walked back over to Whitney and Shawn.

Whitney had put her Miltank back into its pokeball and she had her bag on her shoulders. "Where you going?" pondered Nick. "You remember... why I came on this journey with you right?" Whitney said sadly. "I came I had to get that medicine for my uncle but remember..." she took a deep breath.

"Hey! Guess what! I’m gonna teach Dynamic Punch to Blastoise!" Nick yelled. "Nick I have to leave now" Whitney screamed louder. Nick stared at Whitney in amazement, kinda startled at what she had said. Nick had forgotten that Whitney was to leave once she got back to Ecruteak City so she could get the Miltank medicine to her uncle.

"Oh..... I forgot" Nick looked down at the ground. Nick and Whitney started to walk together. Shawn stayed behind with the rest of the group. "It’s been fun ya know" she said, obviously trying to hold back tears. "Yeah, we have had some great times together" Nick smiled at her pretty face. "Without you then I would of never of gotten out of that crappy gym but it is my duty so I better get going" she whipped tears away from her face.

They came across a sign that said GOLDENROD- LEFT. Whitney looked down the road where it turned into a small path that lead straight to Goldenrod City. "I’ll miss you" Whitney cried. "I’ll miss you too" Nick whimpered. They came close together and closely hugged each other. They stayed that way for awhile, not wanting to let go. They both looked up at each other and stared into each others deep blue eyes. Their lips came forward to each others. A love lip lock had connected as the two love birds kissed each other for the first real time. Whitney pulled away, now letting the tears run down her face.

She turned around and walked down the path, never once looking back...

03-06-2004, 10:32 PM
Chapter 35- Double Trouble.. Back Again?!

"So she really left huh?" Shawn kept agoning on, ignoring Nick's request to drop the subject. All he wanted to do was forget about it, he had been away from Whitney for a day and he was already missing her. He loved to wake up next to her soft, sweet smelling ‘fumes and her running red hair.

He tried to focus on more important things, although it was tough. The group had spent the night at the Pokemon Center. Now they were back in the park where they were yesterday.

While Shadow, Quilava, Chikorita, and Pidgeotto slept, Blastoise and Nick were doing some tough training. Shawn was giving his pokemon some different types of medicine he had mixed up.

"Now you have to focus all of your energy into that one single punch Blastoise" Nick reminded his pokemon once more. Blastoise closed its eyes and started to focus in on all of its power within. Nick decided to close his eyes and concentrate too, afterall he felt that if the pokemon has to work hard then the trainer must hard just as hard.

Blastoise started to make some growling noises. Nick opened his eyes to see Blastoise sneezing right in his face. Nick looked very angry and Blastoise just sighed in hope that Nick wouldnt burst out in anger. "I think.." Nick sighed deeply, "That’s enough training for today on that whole Dynamic... ‘sneeze’... attack". Blastoise laughed along with Shawn at Nick’s so called joke.

Nick returned four of his pokemon, leaving Shadow out. Shawn left his Houndour out, wanting it to be out in case if the opportunity comes then Houndour could battle another pokemon in order to get stronger... hoping to evolve.

No one seemed to be in the park. It was a quiet day, probably a work day for most of the adults. A few kids were seen across the street at an ice cream parlor but that’s about it. Everything seemed to be in order...

"Isn’t that our old ‘friends’ back from the Islands?" asked a fairly young woman dressed in a very fancy dark blue outfit with a red ‘R’ on the front. Her blond hair strolled down to her waist as she looked down from a building on our heros.

"Yeah... Nick and Shawn I think their names are" a guy dressed in the same outfit confirmed. "Well Billy, I think its time for some pay back" Casey said as she stroked her long blond hair.

"Payback is good..." Billy laughed with her, " But we have what we came here for. If we mess with them then that gives Professor Elm here a chance to escape if we screw up".

"That’s a good point Billy, but why don’t we go for something more. We tell them we will give Elm to them in return for that little Umbreon they have" Casey asked.

"Are you kiddin me?" yelled Billy, "The orders from our great leader were strict, bring Elm to him or suffer the consequences. Now do you really want to give up Elm and our LIVES for a whippy Umbreon?"

"That Umbreon is a very strong one. Remember in the Orange Islands, that Umbreon put our plans to waste plenty of times. It has a very high percentage in speed attacks. It could come to a useful sense. As for trading Elm, we wont really... we will just be playing a little joke trade on them, right when they least expect it" Casey laughed at her devilish plan as she started to push around the tied up Professor Elm....

03-16-2004, 07:48 PM
Chapter 35 continued...

Nick and Shawn were followed by Shadow and Houndour. They walked down the narrow path of the park that led to a very small stream. They figured they would take a rest by fishing for some Magicarp. Nick looked up at the blue sky and watched the overpassing clouds that seemed like large bunches of smoke dust.

“Well, if it isn’t the all powerful and great Nick Dunbar!” laughed a creepy figure as a girl and boy popped out from behind a tree. Nick and Shawn got ready for a fight, they knew trouble would be approaching. “How do you know me?” Nick questioned the comers.

“He doesn’t remember us!” the boy laughed. “Ah! I remember you two!” yelled out Shawn. “Oh yeah! They are from Team Rocket, we beat them plenty of times back at the Orange Islands!” Nick remembered, “The names are uh... I think Gilbert and Obie”. Both Team Rocket members fell straight down on their faces anime style.

“The name is Casey you runt!” screamed the girl. “Yeah and my name is Billy, although I wish my name was Gilbert... what a creative name that is!” Billy looked up in the sky in question of the name ‘Gilbert’. Shawn and Nick looked at each other at the weird members of Rocket.

“So what are you two doing here? Last time we saw you two, yall were being hauled away in a Police Car” laughed Shawn. “That’s not funny! We spent long, helpless hours in jail cause of you!” Billy grunted back. “We aren’t here to have a conversation about ‘back in the days’. We have something that we think you want but we won’t give it to you until you hand over that Umbreon!” ordered Casey.

“Hand over my Umbreon? You crazy, I would never do that!” blurted out Nick, getting very mad about this. “Billy..” Casey gave a signal. Billy nodded and walked away behind a series of big trees. Out came Billy and a tied up Professor Elm!

“Professor!” cried Shawn. He tried running to Elm but then Shawn’s Houndour stepped out in front first. Shadow got in front of Nick to protect its trainer. “Your Umbreon for Elm, what do you say?” Casey smirked. “I say we take both” Shawn gave off a little smile. Houndour used its Faint Attack. Using its quick speed it ran towards the Team Rocket members and then vanished into thin air.

Houndour showed up coming from the side of Billy and ramming him into Casey. Houndour then help Elm get to his feet and start running away. Casey, however, would not stand for this. She got up and threw out her pokeball. “Marowak, Go!” screamed Casey. “Her Cubone must of evolved!” remembered Shawn when she used to have a Cubone.

“Yeah and mine has evolved as well!” Billy threw his pokeball to the ground, opening up and letting out a huge yellow and orange pokemon. “Magmar, get Elm and that Umbreon!” demanded Billy.

Magmar let out a huge Flamethrower that burnt the hair right off of Houndour’s butt. Shadow lept thru the air and took Magmar to the ground in order to stop the Flamethrower attack. Marowak used its club to hammer Shadow off of Magmar. “Houndour, use Bite!” ordered Shawn. Houndour ran up to Magmar and tried to make permanent teeth marks in Magmar’s shoulder. Marowak beat Houndour, however, and used its club to knock it aside the head... knocking it almost completely out cold.

“Shadow use your Shadow Ball attack now!” demanded Nick. Shadow charged up as quick as it could and made a smooth black ball filled with purple lightening surrounding it. The Shadow Ball was thrown towards Marowak. “Watch out to the left!” Casey told her pokemon. Marowak turned to see the attack just moments before it would of hit it. Marowak jumped up into the air and let the Shadow Ball go by without harming a hair on its body. Marowak threw its bone at Shadow. The bone hit the right shoulder of Shadow and seemed to pop the shoulder slightly out of place.

Shadow was furious and used Faint attack without any order from Nick to do such an attack. Shadow knew this was its battle now. Shadow disappeared and was then found head butting Magmar into Marowak. Magmar got up furiously and started to used Ember on the whole area. Shadow wasn’t quick enough to get away and was found in the blast, getting torched like non-other.

Houndour stood up with fire in its eyes. It glew all white and started to take in a new and approved shape. The shoulders expanded farther out. Horns grew out of the front of its head. Then the color took effect and Houndour had completed its evovlution. “Wow! It finally evolved!” Nick screamed out. “It’s a Houndoom!” shouted Shawn, smiling a mile wide.

“Hounnnnndoooooooooooooom!” howled the approved from of Houndour. Houndoom darted towards Magmar and head-butted it in the gut. Marowak came running up with its bone and tried swinging it at Houndoom’s head. Houndoom ducked quickly and then used its horns to throw Marowak at Casey. Magmar shot a blast of fire towards Houndoom and Houndoom decided to fight back with the same attack... but with more power.

Houndoom’s Flamethrower overgrew Magmar’s and within seconds Magmar was found being burnt by a Flamethrower. Houndoom then quite the attack and ran up to Magmar to hit it at Billy.

“Finish it off Blastoise!” shouted Nick. A red and white pokeball flew into the air and hit the ground, releasing a pokemon that had a grudge against these Team Rocket members. “Have fun” smiled Nick. Blastoise cocked its Hydro Cannon’s towards the helpless Team Rockets.

Fresh, cold water came flowing out of the cannons and met with the group of Team Rocket. They were sent flying back into the stream. Wet and wearing their new... ruined outfits of Team Rocket, Nick and Shawn got a good laugh out. Team Rocket looked at them with hatred. Nick pointed to the left of them where several Carvanha’s waited on the fresh meat to come to them. Team Rocket literally ‘rocketed’ down the stream, trying to get to safety.

“Awesome team work!” Shawn and Nick gave each other a high five. Shawn’s new Houndoom howled at the defeat of Team Rocket.


“So, ready to get going?” asked Shawn. Nick put on his backpack and walked out the door of the Ecrutek Pokemon Center. “New adventures. New journies. New wonders lay ahead” Shawn said, patting Nick on the back. Shadow walked out in front of the group, thinking of the last two gyms that awaited them...

03-17-2004, 04:14 AM
Chapter 36- Discovering Discoveries!

Small ripples drifted away. Blastoise took a deep breath and then exhaled very slowly. “Energy focused?” Nick asked. Blastoise nodded. “Fist ready?” questioned Nick. “Get ready... you never know when the attack, WILL BE COMING!” Nick yelled as he threw a log the size of a basketball towards Blastoise.

Blastoise lifted its massive right fist up in the air and swung it towards the incoming log. Blastoise’s fist glew white and seemed to be edging towards the log at a fast rate. Then the glowing stopped and then logged collided with Blastoise’s newly broken knuckles. Blastoise held his fist with pain, although not wanting to show it. “You ok?!” Nick ran to his pokemon and took its hand to examine it. Shawn ran over with his medical kit and found some bandages. Shawn started to wrap the wrist that was sprained within the attack. “That was a nice try Blastoise. Let’s quite today but just remember to get your timing and your energy at the same level next time” reminded Nick. Blastoise smiled back. Trying to teach Blastoise Dynamic Punch was a lot harder then Nick thought.

Blastoise decided to jump in since and rest, even if it was like hot tub from the skin-melting sun. Nick took a load off and dropped down on the ground next to Shadow. Shawn was mixing up some berries together. “What are you doing?” Nick wondered, looking at chunks of berries getting grinded up together. Shawn ignored him and kept on grinding the berries together. After awhile he ran out of breath and sat back, staring at his creation. “Eon Berry?... Yeah! Eon Berries!” Shawn exclaimed, pointing towards the sky. “What in the world are you talking about Dr. Freako?” Nick looked at Shawn with his eyebrows pushed together in a way that showed that Shawn was crazy.

“These berries! I think I may be on something here!” Shawn laughed. His Corphish came out of the nearby lake and started to sniff the berries he had mixed together. “Well that’s pretty sweet... uh what are you doing again?” Nick asked, still confused more than ever. Corphish started to eat the berries in gulps. “NO! Don’t eat all of them!” yelled Shawn, making sure to grab some so he could make sure he didn’t forget how to make them. “See Nick, I was working on a special berry at Elm’s and that’s why I REALLY left, to find the rest of the berries needed to make this ‘Eon Berry’ as I will call it” Shawn started to explain, rubbing Corphish’s head, “These berries have shown to make the pokemon’s size grow, the speed grow faster, and most of all... become all the more powerful which could even effect it to evolve faster”.

“Your really serious about this huh?” smiled Nick. “Yeah, this could be the real deal right here. I’m just 17 and here I am discovering something that could change pokemon forever!” Shawn smiled wide, thinking of his major discovery. “Is it ok for Corphish to really be eating this?” wondered Nick, studying Corphish’s body. “Yeah, I have done tons of test on this thing to make sure it doesn’t effect the pokemon in any harmless ways. Out of all my pokemon’s, Corphish had volunteered to take the honors of testing this food. I will give it a berry each day and eventually it should grow in size and grow stronger” Shawn thanked Corphish again by giving it special water pokemon food.

Nick started to pat Shadow’s head when all of the sudden, a rumbling behind them in a bush occurred. Nick turned around to look but then paid no attention to it. Then out of no where, a big and bright electric wave came from the bush and fried Nick to a crisp. Shawn and Shadow rose up and looked at Nick, laying on the ground amazed by the shock.

“What was that?” yelled Shawn, looking around for the attacker. Shadow helped Nick up to his feet. “That was the same shock!” Nick exclaimed, “Remember when we were about to leave Cianwood and I drank some of that potion for Miltanks and I thought I was one and I was brought back to my senses by that mysterious shock?”. Shawn waited to figure all this out, afterall it was hard for him to catch every word when Nick’s mouth was moving a 100 mph. “I think soo...” Shawn said, not fully sure about that. “I’m gonna find out what pokemon that is that keeps using that Electric attack on me!” Nick darted towards the bush. He looked behind, inside, outside, and all around the bush but nothing seemed to be there. Shawn, Corphish, and Shadow even started to help out by looking at other close by bushes.

“Elect!” sounded a tiny voice behind our heroes. Nick, Shawn, Shadow, and Corphish all turned around to see a small green and yellow pokemon waving its small tail back and forth and glaring at them with its big white eyes. “What is that?” questioned Nick, reaching for his PokeDex. {Pokedex Description: Electrike. Type: Electric. This small pokemon stores electricity in its long fur hairs by running and making up friction.} said the dexster.

“That’s awesome! Well that pokemon shocked me to many times, I think its time we bring another partner to the team. Afterall we are short one from the lost of Butterfree” Nick said, reaching for a pokeball.

The pokeball flew out of Nick’s hands and soared thru the air. It opened up and let out a dark figure, lighting up the fire on its head and back. “Quilava, let’s get this one! Use your Quick Attack!” yelled Nick. Quilava started off running at full speed towards the small Electrike.

Electrike jumped up over Quilava as it came in close. Electrike then turned around and use Head-Butt to ram Quilava into a nearby tree. Quilava quickly got up and used Agility. “Ember!” commanded Nick. A long, spread out fire came out from Quilava’s mouth. The whole battling area was surrounded by fire and Electrike found itself caught up in the attack. Quilava slowly eased the attack down until the blast had faded away. Electrike was still on its feet with just a few burnt marks on it. “Quilava use Flame Wheel!” demanded Nick.

A light fire blaze surrounded Quilava’s body. Quilava ran at full blast towards Electrike. Just moments before Quilava would reach Electrike, a huge bolt of electricity came from Electrike and head for the path of Quilava. “A Thunder attack!” Shawn announced. Nick looked on with amazement that a pokemon could do so much damage.

The Thunder attack hit Quilava with massive destruction. Quilava was fried to the bone. Nick ran over to his fire pokemon and rubbed its head. “Great job buddy!” Nick congratulated on the nice effort. Quilava was sucked back into its spherical pokeball. “I got somethin for ya Electrike!” Nick smiled, releasing the next pokemon. This time Pidgeotto came flying out with its wings spread far apart and ready to do a diving attack that would shock Electrike entirely. “You do realize that Electric type pokemon have the advantage over Flying type right?” Shawn checked. “Yeah but that won’t matter if Electrike isn’t fast enough to shock Pidgeotto flying at a high speed” grinned Nick, knowing he had his strategy in order.

“Pidgeotto, use Agility and never slow down!” ordered Nick. Pidgeotto started to flap its wings and never stopped, not wanting to slow down at any time. “Use Steel Wing” ordered Nick. Pidgeotto’s wings glew silver as it dove down from the heavenly skies and hit Electrike off its feet before it was able to get an attack off. Electrike quickly got up and started to use Thunderbolt. Bolts of electricity went flying all over the sky, missing Pidgeotto with every attempt. One wrong move and Pidgeotto would be toast.

“Use Gust!” Nick said, trying to keep the attacking up. A long and wide gust of wind started to brew up and was sent at Electrike, sweeping Electrike off its feet and ramming into a tree.

“This is my chance right here!” Nick smiled as he reached into his pocket for an empty pokeball. He pressed the front button to the pokeball to make it maximize. Nick easily tossed the pokeball at Electrike, making the pokeball open up and suck Electrike inside. Nick, Shadow, and the rest of the gang watched on as the pokeball rocked back and forth. Pidgeotto got ready to battle in case it came out of the pokeball with a direct attack.

The pokeball kept rocking and now everyone was growing to nervous and tense. Nick took a deep breath and with that... the pokeball had locked up. “Alright! We caught a pokemon” Nick shouted as he went to pick up his prize catch. Shadow, Corphish, Blastoise, and Shawn congratulated Quilava, Pidgeotto, and Nick on the awesome catch.

Nick instantly knew that Electrike would be a great companion and a good choice for the deepest parts of the battle. Nick knew that Electrike would prove itself worthy of being a starter on Nick’s starting line-up...

03-17-2004, 04:30 AM
What can I say. You have done an awesome job KC. I loved the battle and what you had Shawn do by making the ultimate berry almost. Keep up the great work and I can't wait for more.

03-26-2004, 03:22 AM
Chapter 37- Lake of Rage... Unleashed!

The lake in front of our heroes today shone with brightness as the sun reflected off the calm waves. “Lake of Rage? Kinda a dimpy name isn’t it?” asked Nick, not expecting an answer. “Well, it doesn’t seem to be raging to much to me” added Shawn. Shadow crept over to the edge of the lake and started to drink the water.

“Let’s walk around, I bet there are some awesome pokemon’s getting some water in this lake and that means I can catch them!” Nick got fired up and quickly started to walk around the lake. It wasn’t a long walk until they came up to a big pokemon. It looked like a smaller form of Steelix and has made of the same structure of rock.
“ONIX!” It shouted. “Nick, step away slowly!” Shawn yelled to him. “Why? This pokemon doesnt seem very frightening to me!” Nick said to Shawn and then continued to walk up on the Onix. The giant rock type pokemon opened up its large jaw and roared with all its might.

Nick decided that would be the right time to run. Only one problem... it was a dead end. Large rocks surrounded Nick and the only way out was blocked by Onix. “This is just great!” Shawn bickered. Nick blushed, knowing it was his fault for getting them into this mess. Onix kept roaring while it charged for Shadow, Nick, and Shawn at full speed. They covered their heads as if Onix wouldn’t be able to hurt them if they did that.

“Water Gun!” shouted a mysterious voice.

A cool jet blast of water hit the ground in front of Onix. That completely stopped Onix in its tracks and it turned around to go creeping away from the harm of water. “Wow... what happened?” Nick wondered, looking around for the mysterious voice and water gun attack.

“Nick... we come I am always meeting you when your in trouble?” Matthew laughed as he jumped down from one of the huge boulders that surrounded them.

“MATTHEW! What’s up buddy!” Nick said, reaching his hand out to shake Matthew’s hand. “Not much, just figured I would come see who the screaming was coming from” Matthew laughed then going into a whisper, “Anyone ever tell you that you scream like a little girl?”

Nick shoved Matthew away and laughed until a mysterious figure caught its eye. Standing up next to Matthew was a Marshtomp. “WOW! That’s awesome, did your Mudkip finally evolve?” questioned Nick, studying the pokemon while Shawn and Matthew shook each other’s hands and introduced one another.

“Yep, it evolved not to long ago” said Matthew, “So where are yall headed?”.

“Going to face the gym leader in Mahogany Town” answered Shawn. “Awesome, me too. I heard he uses really tough Ice type pokemon”.

“I’ll be ready, I need the win so I can go win the Silver Conference” laughed Nick, giving Matthew a little shove to the shoulder. “Not until you find some skill” Matthew joked.

“Let’s see how good you really are. Shawn, do you battle pokemon?” asked Matthew. Shawn replied, “Yeah, I’m not a big pokemon trainer or nothing but I do have pokemon to battle with”.

“Then let’s have a two-on-two pokemon battle. Shawn and you v.s me!” Matthew said, pointing to Nick. “Shawn and me v.s you? That wont be to hard!” laughed Nick, joking around again. Matthew back up so there was space to battle. Shawn struggled with which pokemon he should use.

“Bubbles, GO!” Matthew said as his Marshtomp ran out to the battle field. Then he reached for a pokeball that was in his pocket and released an Arcanine, referring to it as Flames.

Nick gave Shawn a nod to let him know he would choice his pokemon and based on that Shawn could choose his.

“Chikorita, GO!” sounded Nick as he released his grass type pokemon. Shawn now knew which pokemon to send out and grabbed his Swellow pokeball.

“Swellow and Chikorita huh? Sure about that?” asked Matthew. Nick and Shawn both nodded.

“Swellow Quick ATTACK!” shouted Shawn. Swellow flapped its wings as fast as it could and flew right towards Arcanine, known as Flames. The mighty Arcanine let out a Flamethrower that nearly fried Swellow’s left wing to the bone. Luckily, Swellow was able to use the draft that the wind was bringing by to swift directions and ended up dodging the attack and nailing Arcanine right on.

Arcanine took little effect however and quickly got ready for anything else coming its way. Marshtomp was distracted from the attack against its partner. Chikorita took this advantage and with Nick’s command, it tied its vines around Marshtomp’s legs to take it down to the ground and then swinging it in the air to let go for it to shot right towards Arcanine.

Marshtomp went tumbling over Arcanine and both were down. Arcanine got up first with a furious rage burning inside it. “Flames, use Agility!” yelled Matthew. The Arcanine did as took and started to run at a full blast set speed. Swellow and Chikorita couldn’t follow the movement, only one option to get away from any attacks Flames was planning.

“Chikorita, jump on Swellow’s back!” demanded Nick. Chikorita used its vines to jump high up into the air and land on Swellow as it came swooping by. “Go up into the air until we can figure out Flames moves!” commanded Shawn. Swellow flew high up into the air and tried to rest its wings by just riding the drifts in the air. That’s the first mistake, being unguarded and forgetting about Marshtomp.

“Bubbles, Water Gun!” Mathew said quickly. A jet of water slashed the air and hit Chikorita, knocking it off balance and off of Swellow.

This was bad, really bad. Swellow took them so far up that now if Chikorita hit the ground, the impact would not only end the battle but end Chikorita’s body from being in contact. Nick gasped as he watched his Chikorita fall from the sky...

03-26-2004, 03:43 PM
Cliffhangers! Love writing them, hate reading them! Great work KCash!

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Chapter 37 continued...

Swellow tucked in its wings and fell from the sky. It dodged right towards Chikorita and with its diagonal fall, Swellow was able to catch up to Chikorita and get underneath it to get her back on Swellow’s padded feathered back.

“Great work Swellow!” Nick called out, happy that Chikorita wasn’t injured.

“Don’t give up! Give another Water Gun!” yelled Matthew. Marshtomp, known as Bubbles, kept up Water Gun attacks that aimed right for Swellow and Chikorita. Riding the currents of the wind, Swellow directed itself away from all of the attacks and then swooping in to a close range attack on Bubbles.

“MEGA Body Slam!” Nick put some creativity into the move, knowing this would be an awesome Body Slam from how far they were up and how fast they were coming down.

Chikorita waited until they got in range and when Bubbles took a break in between Water Gun attacks. Chikorita put force into its back legs and pushed off of Swellow’s back feathers. Chikorita fell towards Bubbles and landed on him just right.

Bubbles was hit so hard it literally went into the dirt underneath it. Chikorita hopped up, ready for more action. Swellow went swooping by Flames but the mighty Arcanine happened to let out a Flamethrower at the right time.

The fire blast hit Swellow at a close range and knocked it off course where it eventually fell to the ground. Chikorita pulled out its vines to tangle up Flame’s legs.

“Mega Kick!” shouted Matthew. Bubbles rolled back its leg and then let out a mighty roar with a shot to the head of Chikorita. Bubble’s legs made a popping sound with the impact of Chikorita skull. The vines untangled around Flame’s legs and Chikorita flew into Swellow who was about to get back up.

“Combine them!” Matthew said those simple words and his pokemon instantly knew what he meant. Bubbles let out a cold stream of water while Flames let out a skin melting fire blast.

The two attacks warped around each other into one big attack. Chikorita and Swellow awaited their defeat, getting knocked cold from the huge explosion caused by the mighty Water/Fire blast.

“We WON!” congratulated Matthew as he hugged both of his pokemon while noticing that Swellow and Chikorita were both out for good. “Great job” Nick and Shawn shook hands before going over to congratulate Matthew on the great win.

“You have done a great job with your pokemon’s” Nick said.

“Yeah, well I have trained them a lot” Matthew shrugged off.

“So you wanna tag along to Mahogany Town?” questioned Shawn, knowing that the more the merry. Matthew looked in the distance at some mountains behind Lake of Rage. “You know what, I think I may just tag along here for awhile. There is some Gyrados that live in this lake and the surroundings around here so I think I may stay here and look for one”.

“That’s a great idea Matthew. Best of Luck to you!” Nick smiled over to him. “Same to you, better get the two last badges so you have enough time to study for me” Matthew cracked a joke. Nick and Matthew didn’t say bye to each other but just a simple, ‘See ya Later” for they would know they would be back soon enough.

Shadow, Shawn, and Nick hurried off into the distance in search for their 7th Johto League Badge!

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Great job so far KC. I can't wait for more and I want to see what happens next. Love this fic.

03-27-2004, 05:29 PM
There is nothing I like more than a good Rival, Gym, or League battle. Great work KCash!

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Chapter 38- An Icy Pryce!

The wind blew heavily, coming in from the east where a few mountains with high ranges stood. Nick and company continued towards their journey to become the best in Johto. Today they are found in Mahogany Town, looking to capture the 7th Johto Leauge Badge.

“Yeah, rumor has it that Pryce had a heart attack two weeks ago and just now made a full recovery”.

“I heard he struggles to walk and has to be in a wheel chair now.”
“Think he will continue to be the leader to much longer?”

Rumors kept getting passed around the Pokemon Center as everyone tried to figure out what happened to Pryce.

Nick didn’t worry about these rumors and tried not to listen to them for he didn’t want to feel bad to beat Pryce because of a health problem he may be having.

The gym was cold and made Nick’s skin feel like it was frozen inside a giant ice cube. Shadow examined the air, playing with the effect of being able to see its breath from the coldness. Shawn took some pictures of some old statues of ice pokemon that were around the entrance. Nick continued to walk deeper into the gym, waiting for the appearance of the gym leader.

“Hey, what are you doing here?!” shouted a mean voice. Nick, Shadow, and Shawn all turned their heads quickly to the attention of a lady. She stood on a icy battlefield. She wore overall’s and a small bandana on her head. It looked as if she was re-freezing the battle field with liquid nitrogen type of gas that she held in a big keg.

“I want to challenge the gym leader” Nick confronted. “Well he is sick right now.”

“Look miss, you don’t understand. I need that badge,” Nick yelled to her while walking closer to the battle field. “Look, I said he isn’t feeling very we-”. “I’m just fine. You know that, so let me do my duty and defend my gym’s honor!,” struck an old man in a wheelchair. He pulled up and parked on one of the sides of the battle field and then he grabbed a pokeball and resized it from a small pokeball to a normal sized one.

“Pryce,” muttered Nick under his breath. Nick figured he wanted to battle since he had his pokeball. “I haven’t battled in awhile kid. What about we use two pokemon each?” he asked. “Alright,” agreed Nick.

Shawn tried to study the techniques of the battle as he found his seat on the side. Shadow stood next to Nick, wanting to get into the battle quickly. The lady that was in the gym took her place in the referee box on the sideline.

Pryce’s pokeball opened up and a white mass started to appear. The color turned out to be a deep brown while it took a little form.

{Pokedex indication: Swinub. The Pig-nosed Pokemon. Its nose is so tough, even frozen ground doesnt oppose a problem} Dexster was closed shut and put back into Nick’s back pocket.

Nick decided which pokemon to use and he sent it out. The pokeball bounced on the ground and let out his choice. It started to take form and grew into its green and yellow fur.

Nick knew it was risky to choose Electrike for a gym battle, especially when they haven’t even practiced or battled together but somewhere in the pit of Nick’s stomach, he could sense that Electrike could pull this one off.

“Agility,” Pryce wasted no time. Swinub took off in a hurry and boy was it fast on such an icy pavement.

Swinub literally sped across the ice fast enough to catch it on fire. Electrike had to jump up into the air and go over Swinub as it came in for its attack. Electrike tried to come down with a Body Slam but missed for Swinub was just a bit to fast for Electrike.

“Thundershock!” commanded Nick. Electrike let a surge of electricity release from its body and attack Swinub.

The little critter was still running to fast however and the bolt of electricity hit the ice right behind Swinub, following it the whole way but never being able to catch up. Electrike finally stopped as it knew its attack and aim couldn’t reach the quickness of Swinub.

But on weird happening went on during this Thundershock attack, the blast hit the water so hard that it melted the ice and showed the icy cold water underneath the battle field. A long line of water was now set for a trap against Swinub.

Swinub couldn’t jump very high, its little feet that it ran on mostly glided on the floor and weren’t picked up very often. If Electrike could use Thundershock again and complete a circle around Swinub then a water trap would be set around it and the little Swinub wouldn’t have anywhere to go.

Electrike did just that with a simple flick of Nick’s finger to let it know that’s what Nick wanted to happen. Electrike focused on its aim and let out a bolt of electricity. The Thundershock hit the ice and started to move around Swinub to make an almost perfect circle. Pryce and Swinub couldn’t figure out what was going on. Was Electrike’s aim just off a little? Boy were they in for a surprise.

Swinub was shocked when it figured out its plan. It took off at full blast and tried to get away but ended up getting so frightened and so nervous that it actually fell into the water.

“Alright baby... just perfect,” Nick smiled.

04-03-2004, 05:02 AM
Chapter 38 continued...

A huge bolt of electricity ended this match up as the water conducted the electric waves from Electrike’s body. The electricity gave a shock to Swinub that it would never forget. Game Over.

Nick celebrated with its pokemon and gave a quick high five to Electrike but fell twice from the slippery ice. The referee declared the battle won by the little electric pokemon and Pryce grew angry and returned his Swinub. He told it “Great job” and he sent out his next.

The sphere-shaped pokeball came out of his hand and out came a very weird looking and acting pokemon. It had a big yellow beak with white and red fur.

“Nick!” called Shawn, “That’s a Delibird, they are known for the ‘presents’ they give and those presents aren’t good ones”.

Nick nodded to Shawn’s comment and knew that this was probably Pryce’s best pokemon. “Blizzard,” commanded Pryce and the second match up of this once fierce battle was underway.

Delibird jumped up into the air and started to wave its tail around and lots of different beam like structures came out. The little ‘beams’ came out to be snow, freezing over the water that stormed on part of the iced battle field. Electrike got some of the attack and instantly got into a cold stage. Nick and company even started to shake from the coldness filling the gym.

“Electrike, give it a shock with Thunderbolt!” shouted Nick. Electrike struggled to get the last of its energy focused on this attack and a bright yellow wave of electricity went towards Delibird. The little bird pokemon slid on the ice to get out of the way and then using its tail to once again let out an attack. This time it wasn’t blizzard though, it was a weird and unusual attack that Nick and Shawn had never seen before.

“Present,” laughed Pryce. They were small beams that came out of its tail as it waved it back and forth. The beams hit Electrike and made it go sliding into a huge ice glacier that stuck up on the battle field.

“Electrike is unable to battle,” declared the referee, signaling it by holding up a flag.

Delibird jumped with joy on its victory. Nick returned Electrike angerily and tried to decide which pokemon to choose for this next match up. Shadow stood tall as if it wanted to take on the challenge of the Delibird but Nick knew Shadow based a lot of its attacks on its amazing speed so could he really send in Shadow on such a slippery battle ground? He needed something that could hit the Delibird quick and fast without a lot of movement.

“Go Quilava!” Nick released his pokeball and out came his little dark blue fire-mouse pokemon. The flames on its back and head lit up with strength. “Let’s get this thing going, bring home the badge baby!” Nick yelled out to encourage Quilava. Its flames grew bigger and Delibird tried to use a tackle attack on Quilava.

“Flamethrower!” shouted Nick. A long line of fire went shooting out of Quilava’s mouth and torched the ice as it made its way towards Delibird. This forced the little Delibird to jump up into the air. Quilava tried to move its Flamethrower up at Delibird but wasn’t fast enough to get the aim straight on.

“Come down with a Body Slam!” Pryce demanded. Delibird dropped its weight and came crashing to the ground with all its force and weight behind it. Quilava was slipping to much to be able to dodge the attack and was crushed by Delibird. The impact was so great that Quilava and Delibird went crashing thru the ice into cold water.

“Whoa! What a Body Slam!” Shawn said while standing up from the awesome attack.

Both pokemon were under the layer of ice, searching for the hole they made so they could get out. Pryce and Nick both waited for their pokemons to come back up to the surface. Quilava was struggling, having to keep its flames from coming back on for if they did then Quilava would take in a lot of damage since it was under water.

Delibird was spotted paddling its way to the surface of the water. Quilava noticed this and decided to launch an attack. Little stars went flying towards Delibird– Swift Attack.

The Swift attack hit Delibird and made Pryce’s pokemon go flying out of the water and up into the air. Nick and Pryce looked on as amazement. Quilava was still in the water however, now losing its breath and feeling woozy. Quilava knew it would pass out unless it got some air and fast.

Right in front of Nick came a burst of fire out from underneath the ice. The layer of ice instantly broke from the outstanding blast. Out from the fire came Quilava jumping up out of the water. The flames on its back and head let up once again and Quilava started to run towards Delibird. Quilava really wanted pay back for that one.

“Use Flame Wheel!” shouted Nick. Fire surrounded Quilava’s body as it tackled down the ice pokemon. Delibird went flying into a nearby block of ice. The ice shattered and Quilava didn’t stop there. It let out a huge Flamethrower but was stopped when an Aurora Beam interrupted the attack. Delibird stood tall while letting the Aurora Beam cancel out the Flamethrower and get right to Quilava.

Quilava was sent flying into a ice glacier itself. Pryce got a big smile on his face as if this battle was over. It was clear that both pokemons were tired and not a lot would be left to battle.

“Use Present again,” Pryce said. “Don’t give in! Dodge it,” screamed Nick as Delibird instantly went of the command from Pryce and used Present. Little beams came flowing out at Quilava and once again the ice made a big factor. Luckily this time Quilava figured out that he could slide out of the way.

The Present attack hit the ice and was demolished. Quilava closed in on Delibird. “Fire Spin!” shouted Nick. Quilava let out a blast of fire that twirled around and around. The fire started to close all around Delibird but then out of nowhere it used Blizzard. The attack sent snow flying at a high speed and made the Fire Spin seem useless.

“Quilava, hurry... Overheat!” yelled Nick. Quilava started to roar at the top of its lungs. Quilava’s mouth grew wide and the flame on its back and head started to flame up some more. A huge red blast came from Quilava’s body and filled the entire battle field. The heat was scorching and Nick even had to step back a little in order not to get burnt from the attack as well.

The blast slowly stopped and revealed Delibird fainted in a pool. The only block of ice left was the one that Quilava stood on. Nick jumped up in the air in excitement.

“Delibird is unable to battle, Quilava is the winner!” declared the ref.

“Alright! Way to go Quilava!” shouted Nick. “Great job guys!” Shawn congratulated. While Nick and Company celebrated on the huge victory, Pryce had returned his Delibird and made his way over to Nick’s side.

“Well young man, you have a deep fire inside you that could led you all the way. You battled well today therefor I shall give you a Glacier Badge,” Pryce acknowledged and Nick happily took the badge. He held it up into the air and congratulated himself.

“If you are ever in town then give me a call and we will battle each other again,” Pryce smiled at the young Nick. “I certainly will!”.

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Chapter 39- The Bigger the Better

“YOU CANT BEAT ME!” screamed a loud and very huge man. He leapt out of a nearby ally and scared Nick, Shadow, and Shawn half to death.

In this small town, only a few log-made houses stood, with a few stores here and there. Our heroes today were walking away from Mahogany and onto Blackthorn. A few people were out and about something that seemed really strange was that every person seen had a big pokemon with them– Snorlax, Feraligatr, Machamp, Typhlosion, Meganium, Haryihama, etc.

“WHAT?!” Nick jumped back ten yards. The guy held up a pokeball and held it in the air. He took his pose, “In the Sumo Wrestling Tournament. Just leave town now for you can’t beat me!”.

Shawn and Nick looked at each other in a funny way. Shadow just shook his head in disbelief of the ‘crazy’ man.

“Look sir, we are just passing by. We don’t want no trouble,” Shawn replied. “So your not entering the contest?” the guy asked in disbelief. Shawn and Nick nodded no. “Well then you should!” Now the guy was WANTING them to enter the contest!

“But I thought you didn’t want us too?” Nick said, getting anger by now. “Well if you enter then you may get some great training out of it but you will lose to me,” he smiled. “What is this Sumo Wrestling tournament your speaking of?” questioned Nick, seeming a little bit interested in it from the guy’s reactment to it.

“Well you go right over there to that building,” he pointed to a stadium. It was pretty big and took a Rome look to it, being made of stone and making it the only thing in town that wasn’t made out of wood.

Nick nodded and preseded towards it. The guy ran off in a goofy manor and went to pick on other competitors in the tournament.

“The name is Nick Dunbar,” Nick entered himself in. “Which pokemon will you be using?” the lady asked. “Oh... didn’t think of that one. What about my...Quilava.. No, Shadow? No. Ooh! Blastoise!” Nick shouted out. “Ok, you are up after the next three matches which will put you at about 2 o’clock,” smiled the pretty lady. Nick took off his hat and slicked his hair with a big puddle of spit in his hand. “And if I win this tournament, what do I get?” Nick asked as he moved his hand towards hers. She came in close to Nick’s lips and said, “One.... Less.... Hand”.

She gripped her pen and tried to stick right thru Nick’s incoming hand. The pen went right in between the pointing and middle fingers. Nick drew back his hand and started to back away. She laughed and then went back to work. Shawn and Shadow laughed away.

“Shut up guys, like you two would have any better luck. Come on, I wanna check out the matches before mine so I actually know what I am doing,” Nick said. “So you know what you are doing?! That will be a first,” Shawn joked, laughing with Shadow again.

Nick entered onto the platform that looked over a small circle. He went to the top of the small stadium and watched as two huge pokemon fought it out. There was just one thing different then regular pokemon battles, they weren’t using attacks.

Instead, the two pokemons– Kangaskhan and Ursaring– had their hands locked up together. They were pushing and shoving each other to try and get either them down on the ground or out of the circle. Nick knew this would be about pure strength and while all the town’s citizen’s worked hard to compete for these competitions, Nick’s Blastoise had absolutely no practice with this Sumo Wrestling style of competing. Shawn helped Nick watch the trainers as they commanded their pokemons to compete in the circle.

Nick wasn’t sure if he was ready but he was still going through with it. Then the announcer came on to call up the next to opponents of the leauge, “Nick Dunbar... please come to the center of the arena for you match”.

--KCash-> Well this is the first part to the Sumo Wrestling Tournament. I have a lot that needs to be done so you can look forward to more being up tomorrow or so. Hope you enjoyed the opening!

04-04-2004, 05:58 AM
Chapter 39 continued...

Nick walked down the wooden steps on down to the dirt floor that covered the bottom of the arena. Nick looked up at the crowd and figured out that this was where the whole town was, right here staring at Nick as he walked to the circle. Nick shook from nervousness. He knew he could do this but how will could he do? He had absolutely no time to get Blastoise prepared for the battle.

Nick grabbed his pokeball from his belt and dropped it to the ground. He looked up at the stands to see the insurance of having his friends there. He picked up the pokeball and maximized it. Slowly he let the pokeball fly from his hands onto the dirt platform. The guy across from him, his opponent, sent out his pokemon. It was a big one, of course, that had a rocky figure to it and Nick knew that this wasn’t going to be easy.

Blastoise turned up in the circle and Nick got his pokeball back. “Nidoqueen, lets do this!” shouted the other trainer. “Blastoise, just lock up hands and push with all of your strength. Don’t all Nidoqueen to push you out of the circle or to get you to the ground! Let’s try to get the quick win by pushing it out of the circle. Ready? Let’s do it!” Nick had deep faith in his Blastoise and knew it would come out strong.

Nidoqueen came out running towards Blastoise! The only thing Blastoise could do was to throw up his arms and stop Nidoqueen. The two mighty towers of pokemon collided together and were now pushing each other with there arms locked together.

Blastoise outstretched its long toe nails and buried them into the ground, trying to grab some leverage off of it. Nidoqueen seemed to get the edge out of the starting off with a running attack. Blastoise was closer to the line of the circle then Nidoqueen was. There was limited options in this position and Nick had to think fast.

He didn’t know if this move would pull off or not but he did know that he had to use his head and try to pull this one together.

“Blastoise, listen to me!” Blastoise looked over at Nick really quick with its eyes but then quickly locked its attention back onto Nidoqueen. “You have to let Nidoqueen push against you with all of its strength and roll back on shell, making Nidoqueen lose balance and fall over you out of bounds!” yelled Nick.

Blastoise quickly did as it was told, trying to hurry before Nidoqueen knew what was going on. The other trainer gasped and tried to tell Nidoqueen what was going on. Nidoqueen pushed up against Blastoise with more strength and more tension.

Blastoise let go of Nidoqueen and rolled on its back, making Nidoqueen lose balance to quickly to recover from the smart move.

Nidoqueen went tumbling over Blastoise and rolled right out of bounds. The referee didn’t know what to say. This technique was new and unusual. No one had ever tried something so risky. The referee slowly raised up the green flag that told everyone that Nick and Blastoise were the winners!

Nick jumped up from happiness. The other trainer returned Nidoqueen and walked out with a bad attitude, mumbling something about losing to a rookie was embrassing. Nick didn’t worry about him though and ran out to Blastoise. Nick waited for Blastoise to get up so he could give it a big victory hug. Only one problem however... Blastoise couldn’t get up.

Blastoise waved and pushed with its arms and legs but that had no effect. Blastoise was stuck on its back and couldn’t get up for nothing. Nick had to get from behind and push on Blastoise’s top portion of the back. Once Blastoise got up, Nick and Blastoise were to embrassed to congratulate each other on the win and instead just went up to sit with Shawn and Shadow.

“Those were great tactic’s out there buddy,” Shawn congratulated. “Yeah but I’m going to have to do better then that in the next round,” Nick knew this was so true and that trophy for the winner was so far away...

04-06-2004, 02:07 AM
Chapter 39, Part II- All Your Strength and Then Some

Blastoise’s foot edged its way an inch away from the white chalked line. Blastoise kept pushing back on the Hariyama with all of its strength. This was a hard match up for Hariyama had a lot more upper body strength then Blastoise did.

The crowd went nuts and cheered on for their favorite of the match, which right now was Hariyama. Shawn and Shadow watched their buddies fight this battle out against a tough opponent.

“Blastoise!” called out the big blue pokemon. Blastoise struggled to keep in front of Hariyama and knew that the fighting pokemon was starting to tire out. Nick noticed this as well.

“It’s tiring! You need to harness your energy and push with all your might. Now PUSH!” cried out Nick. Blastoise took a second to gather up energy and strength. Hariyama just kept getting tired from trying to push Blastoise right on out.

Blastoise clawed its toe nails into the dirt and push with its legs. Hariyama was starting to give in. Blastoise kept it up and now Blastoise was in position to start walking while pushing on Hariyama.

Hariyama’s strength had run out and the big pokemon tumbled over. Blastoise jumped front shell first on the falling Hariyama. Blastoise had pinned the opponent on the ground, also qualifying for a win!

“Blastoise is the winner via pin fall!” declared the referee.

Nick jumped up into the air in excitement. He returned Blastoise into its pokeball and quickly ran up into the stands to find Shawn and Shadow.

Soon afterwards they had a small intermission where they could take a break before the semifinals. Nick, Shadow, and Shawn now found themselves eating large ice cream cones in the town’s Pokemon Center.

“HAHA! Nick Dunbar.. You’ve done pretty good so far!” called out a huge guy, the same one that had told Nick and Shawn about the tournament in the first place.

“Oh, hi um...,” Nick tried to think of his name. “Dangler, so from looking at the standings it looks like you and me are going to have an all out brawl next round huh?” asked Dangler. “What?! We are battling each other?” Nick stood up out of his chair.

“Yeah, good luck buddy,” laughed Dangler as he hit Nick in the back so hard that he went flying over the table.

After Nick regained sight again, he ran over to his chair and watched as Dangler went to talk to other people. All he needed to do in order to get to the finals was beat Dangler but could that be accomplished? The way he talked was as if he trained for this match his entire life.

Nick thought of a 10,000 pound monster Pokemon going up against Nick’s Blastoise. Nick couldn’t wait to see which pokemon Dangler would use, hoping that his imaginary pokemon was wrong. Nick knew, whether he won or lost, that this was one of the best experiences he ever had.

The sun had came out heavily and bashed on the skin of the final four trainers left in the tournament. Nick stood on one side of the circle and Dangler on the other side. Nick started to shake but then regained control of himself and knew that he could get this one done.

“Go Pokeball!” shouted Dangler. Out came his pokemon. Blastoise was already out, waiting to see what its opponent would end up being. A massive pokemon showed up, reaching around the same height as Blastoise of about 5-6 feet. Blastoise had the weight advantage but you can never judge a giant and an elf from each other.

“Let the battle begin!” shouted the referee. He waved the flags and both pokemons started off in a running motion towards one another. Blastoise stuck its arms up first and then Slaking, the mighty monkey looking pokemon. Slaking had lots of upper strength which would certainly make it hard for Blastoise to do a lot.

Slaking press up against Blastoise’s upper shell. Blastoise pushed back on Slaking’s arms. They were locked together very tightly. They both pushed and then pulled with lots of might, trying to push the opponent out or roll them up for the pin.

Nick figured out that in the past it had been better to push them out but he couldn’t rely on Blastoise’s arm strength against a Slaking. He also knew that Slaking wouldn’t be the easiest to trick into a pin.

Both pokemon’s took the commands given to them by their trainers but even the deepest motivation wouldn’t help in this situation. Slaking had proven itself to be a tough opponent by defeating mighty pokemons in the tournament such as a Snorlax and a very strong Blissey.

Blastoise’s feet start to lose its gripping first, making it start to get pushed back. Blastoise couldn’t keep this up to much longer and Nick realized this.

“Alright buddy,” Nick started while taking a deep breath before continuing, “Remember what I told you before the match. Do as I told you....”

Blastoise nodded. Slaking kept pushing with all its might but soon it would get weaker from straining its muscles so much. Blastoise let out a little slack in the pushing back on Slaking. Blastoise waited til Slaking’s feet were well digged into the ground so that Slaking was really focused else where.

Blastoise moved with once very quick motion and picked up its huge feet to sweep Slaking’s feet. Slaking started to fall forwards from its feet being swept out from underneath it. Slaking started to fall head first but Blastoise caught Slaking and then lifted the big body into the air. Slaking was tossed over Blastoise and thrown behind Blastoise.

What a strategy! What a plan! Nick and Shawn had thought of that one just moments before the battle. Slaking was now being hurled into the air, looking to come down on a hard ground awaiting.

Blastoise threw up its arms in victory, then slowly turning around to congratulate its trainer on the awesome plan to defeat Slaking. As Blastoise turned around, a huge and angry face of a Slaking appeared staring down Blastoise. The Slaking charged up on Blastoise, locking its arms in place and beginning to push on Blastoise once again.

Slaking had landed on its feet when hurled into the air, and Blastoise was to close in the middle to have thrown Slaking over the circle’s out of bounds area.

Blastoise’s muscles ached from going through so many battles in one day. Throwing Slaking over Blastoise’s head and way up into the air didn’t exactly help either. Slaking, however, came back with lots of force and lots of energy towards Blastoise.

The grip on Blastoise’s feet position started to get slip away. Blastoise stumbled over itself and went hurling to the ground. Blastoise’s shell was to heavy and to bulky to let Blastoise stand up in time to avoid Slaking.

“Get the job done man!” called out Dangler to Slaking.

Slaking jumped high into the air and landed on Blastoise with a mighty crush.

Blastoise yelled out, wanting to get up. The referee saw the pin and had no choice but to raise the flag into the air to declare Dangler the winner of the battle.

Nick picked up his pokeball and then ran to Blastoise. He gave a huge hug to his pokemon and then thanked it for doing such a great job when the pokemon that it was up against was so much stronger at this kind of tournament. Blastoise was sucked into the red spherical ball.

“Man, what a great battle!” shouted Dangler, walking over to shake Nick’s hand. “Yeah, I’ll remember it for a long time. Thanks for this experience. I would of never of gotten the opportunity to take on a challenge like this if it wasn’t for you and your craziness,” Nick let out a loud laugh.

Dangler departed with his own laugh at the joke. Shawn and Shadow came down from the stands to congratulate Nick on the wonderful tournament and a great job on holding his own with Blastoise.

“Thanks, but I think I’ll stick to regular pokemon battling for awhile,” Nick laughed, walking off.

As Nick and the gang walked off to the next town where another exciting adventure awaited, they found out that Dangler and his Slaking had actually fell to a Swampert in the championship rounds. A few weeks later, Nick even saw an article in the paper about Dangler and his Slaking taking on another challenge in Goldenrod City in a strength competition, winning that and taking home some gold at last.

04-09-2004, 05:57 PM
Chapter 40- Blackthorn Round Up

The day was a quiet one. The sun was shining very brightly and all kinds of pokemon were chirping. Nick was in heavy doubt that this day would be a great one for he was now at the local Pokemon Center in Blackthorn City.

“Heard she uses dragon type pokemon,” smacked Shawn as he stuffed his face with fattening cake with colorful sprinkles on top.

“You’re a pig,” grouched Nick, eating his own fattening food- double deluxe jelly filled donut.

“I’m gonna,” Nick stopped to swallow his food, “.. Call Professor Ivy to see how my pokemon are doing”.

RING! RING! The message appeared on the computer-phone as Nick tried to call in. Someone had picked up, but it wasn’t Ivy.

“JASON!” yelled Nick. Jason stood looking into the monitor to figure out who it was. “Nicky boy! How’s it goin?” Jason said in a polite way.. for him anyways.

“Great, about to go win me my final Johto Leauge Badge,” Nick said with total pride. “Well good, then you’ll finally be caught up with me,” Jason smirked while holding up all of his official Johto League badges.

“Whose on the phone dear?” asked Professor Ivy. “See ya later.. Or will I?” Jason laughed as he handed the phone over to Ivy.

“Hi Aunt Ivy!” Nick smiled at her. “How are you doing?” she replied.

“Just fine, ready to win me another badge”.

“What can I do for ya?” she asked while cleaning her hands with a white towel. “Well I just wanted to see how my buddies are doing,” Nick said, hoping she had the time to tell him.

“Well Horsea has been getting lots of exercise in the pond. Hitmontop has been keep in top shape, as well as Phanpy. Tauros is still running around in the fields every day and keeps in shape. Your doing a great job out there Nick!” Ivy answered.

“Thanks a lot Ivy, just checking in. I will let you get back to your work now!” Nick started to reach for the disconnect button until Ivy interrupted.

“What about Scizor?” she asked Nick. That question stunned Nick hard.

“We are in Blackthorn! I forgot Scizor was here at the hospital!” screamed Nick while jumping up into the air. “Well you have six pokemon right? You have to send me one if you want Scizor,” Ivy reminded.

“Oh ok.. Let me think... what about Electrike?” Nick asked.

“Fine by me, just send it to me”.

Nick grabbed the pokeball off of his belt and placed it on the pokeball transfer device. He pressed the green button to watch it vanish into thin air.

“I’ve got it! Now I know your anxious so go ahead and get-” Ivy stopped from the interruption. “Thanks Aunt Ivy! Gotta go get Scizor!” Nick yelled out while clicking off the line and running towards the Pokemon Center’s door. Shawn and Shadow stuffed their faces with rice balls and then darted after Nick.

Finally, Nick and Scizor would be reunited...

--KCash-> Well I know that was a semi-short post but none the worry, I will have the rest up here in a little while when Nick finally gets his Scizor back... or does he?

04-10-2004, 05:04 PM
Chapter 40 continued…

The air conditioning in the hospital would of honestly of made you believe it was winter. It was actually kind of relaxing after being in the hot sun all day but quickly got you cold. Nick charged up to the front counter.

“I’m Nick Dunbar, I’m here to pick up my Scizor,” Nick told the young lady that was working the counter.

“Ok, let me just type this up…” She said slowly as she started to go with awesome works on the keyboard, typing faster then Nick could think.

“Ok, good news. Your Scizor is in top shape, a whole lot better then when it first came in here.. that’s for sure. I guess your mom was paying for this right?” she asked.

“Yeah, she should of”.

“Ok then, there is one final bill she hasn’t taken care of. It will be $125”.

“A hundred and twenty-five dollars?! Are you kidding me?” screamed Nick. The lady looked back at him like Nick was crazy… and to a sense, he was.

Nick mumbled to himself just quietly enough to where she couldn’t hear while he took half of his money left for the trip out of his wallet. He threw the money onto the counter and then begged to see his Scizor.

“Right this way,” she directed him as Shawn and Shadow came running up about to pass out.

“Geez Nick, you just couldn’t wait on us now could you?” Shawn said while moaning from exhaustion. Nick didn’t reply so Shawn went on, “That’s right! Scizor huh?”.

Nick nodded his head no as the lady lead them to the back of the hospital and then onto the ‘backyard’ of the hospital. The lady stood up on a chair and looked thru some binoculars. She searched the open sky for any movement and this made the gang really confused.

“Aw, here it comes now,” she replied.

Swooping down from the sky at a radical pace was a blur of red. The figure was moving so fast, it was hard to detect where it was going. Nick knew that couldn’t be his Scizor. Of course it had always been one of his fastest pokemon and that had been its specialty but this quickness was just so much greater.

The object fall from the sky and then stopped, just barely using its wings to see what person was looking at it. The big red flying pokemon dropped into Nick’s hands and started hugging him with its big, giant size claws. “Scizor! You’ve finally returned!” screamed Nick while hugging Scizor back. It seemed like such a long time since they last saw one another.

--KCash-> Stay tuned for next time when Nick and Company go exploring in Blackthorn and as they get lost.. they run into trouble but are reunited with an old friend from the Orange Islands, the guy that changed Nick's life forever. Also.. whats this? What's wrong with Nick's pokemon?

04-11-2004, 07:04 PM
Chapter 40 continued…

The sun peaked over the mountain hills that surrounded the city of Blackthorn. A nice breeze decided to work today and blew in at a light pace. Shadow followed Nick and Shawn as they tried to make their way to the Blackthorn City Gym.

They crossed through forests and rivers, climbed over rocks and crawled under fences, trying to get unlost and find their destination.

“Pidgeotto, Come on out and look for the Blackthorn City Gym,” Nick said as he tossed his pokeball up into the air. The pokeball opened up and out came Nick’s flying pokemon. Pidgeotto enjoyed its out coming and spread its wings wide as it started to soar on the incoming breeze. Pidgeotto was lifted into the sky and began its search for the gym.

Nick still kept walking through thick trees that covered the area. Somehow while trying to catch a Furret, they ended up getting separated from the dirt path that would of lead them straight to the gym. Now they were heavily lost and were growing tired.

“Look! A cave!” shouted Nick, pointing straight ahead where a huge hole appeared in the middle of a mountain. “Looks more like a tunnel,” Shawn shrugged, noticing only a few yards into the tunnel was the exit. They took the tunnel and ended up into a new world.

Trees grew with long leaves, flowers blossomed with various color patterns, the grass grew up to knee length but at a pretty pace. Nick and Shadow instantly fell in love with an apple tree, growing apples the size of basketballs and just waiting there to be eaten. Nick quickly lifted Shadow up into the air and Shadow was able to grab 2 and knock down 6 apples.

Nick started to stuff his face with those delicious and tender apples that seemed to lift him up into apple heaven. But that was the last bit of enjoyment Nick had. A load and angry groan appeared out of nowhere. Nick turned around to see a very angry Salamance.

The giant dragon pokemon moved with such quickness that it seemed to go by as only a red and blue blur. It charged straight for the hungry Nick. Shadow jumped out in front of the Salamance and gave it a quick head butt. The Salamance took little damage and took this hit with lots of anger. The Salamance gave Shadow the same head butt back and made Shadow go flying into the apple tree to knock down about 20 more apples.

Pidgeotto came soaring down from the open sky with its talons open and wide. The long and sharp talons went scraping at Salamance’s eyes and just barely pierced them. Salamance screamed out in pain and was now getting very upset that its apple tree and itself were getting abused by comers from the outside world.

“Pidgeotto, Gust!” screamed Nick. Pidgeotto flapped its wings fast and sudden gusts of wind started to be targeted for Salamance. The dragon pokemon took the attack with ease. Salamance grew a weird energy beam in its mouth and let it fly out. The beam ended up being fire! It was an Ember attack that spread all throughout the calm sky. Pidgeotto dived down from the sky to miss the attack but Salamance was able to easily direct the attack with Pidgeotto’s movement.

Pidgeotto’s left wing was fried to the bone from the amazing heat coming from the Ember attack. Salamance stopped the attack and then actually went air born with its fairly small red wings. Salamance went high up into the air and its claw started to glow yellow and red. Salamance drew it back and got ready to knock the burnt Pidgeotto out of this world.

“Nick! Watch out, that’s a Dragon Claw!” screamed Shawn as he was making sure Shadow had no broken bones.

It was to late and Pidgeotto got the wind knocked right out of it. Pidgeotto went flying down from the sky onto the hard sprung ground. Nick ran over to his pokemon and slid on the graceful grass. Nick was careful not to touch Pidgeotto in case it had broken bones or any other injuries. Pidgeotto stared into Nick’s eyes for the longest of time. Nick started to grab another pokeball, Blastoise.

Then out of the respect of Nick and of Nick being so kind and loving, Pidgeotto started to evolve.

Pidgeotto’s wings spread out a few extra inches. Colorful feathers on its head grew out a foot or two and curved with its body. The long and sharp talons Pidgeotto had grew into huge scissor like claws. The whole general body of Pidgeotto grew into that huge body of Pidgeot.

“Wow, a Pidgeot!” Shawn gasped, helping Shadow up to its feet by now. “You ok Pidgeot?” asked Nick. Pidgeot nodded and took off for flight, having such a quick and powerful take off it blew Nick back on his butt. Pidgeot was pissed off and wouldn’t let anything stand in its way now.

Pidgeot used its big head to give Salamanca a head butt to the ground. Salamance crashed into the ground with a hard hit but was able to shake it off. Salamance was even madder now. White balls circled around Salamance’s body and with one quick roar the blast went flying towards Pidgeot. The blast known as Hidden Power went flying towards Pidgeot. The blast exploded with the impact of hitting Pidgeot.

Pidgeot’s body smoked from the powerful hit but Pidgeot was still able to stay up in the air. Fire raged in Pidgeot and surely wouldn’t lose this battle.

“Hey! Stop that Salamance!” screamed a figure from above on a Dragonite. The Salamance got ready to launch a Hyper Beam at Pidgeot.

The guy warned Salmance again but the dragon pokemon didn’t listen and took a step forward. As it did so, the Dragonite the guy was on let out a huge Hyper Beam right in front of Salamance.

Salamance decided to back away and turned around to go wandering off. The guy now turned his attention to the figure in the sky. The Dragonite started to fly down and was about to land when the guy asked, “What business do you have here? This is the Dragon’s Den and no one is allowed here”.

“I’m sorry, we wondered off while trying to get to the gym in Blackthorn,” Shawn answered. “Wait… Drake? Is that you?” asked Nick.

04-14-2004, 02:32 AM
Chapter 41- One on One! Orange Islands Rematch!

“Wow Nick, I can’t believe its you!” shouted Drake as he came charging up to Nick to shake his hand.

“Sorry if we are on private property or something,” Nick shrugged. “It’s alright, so what brings you two here?” asked Drake. “Well...” Nick started.

“Oh great.. Here he goes,” laughed Shawn. “I just won my 7th badge, ranked high in a sumo wrestling contest for pokemon, and I am on my way to battle the leader of Blackthorn for my 8th and final Johto league badge,” bragged Nick, as if he needed to with Drake who already knew he was a great trainer.

“Your going to battle Clair?” gasped Drake, “Wow, I cant wait to see that one”.

“Whose Clair?” asked Shawn.
“She’s the leader at Blackthorn Gym”.
“You know her?” asked Nick.
“Yeah, we actually go way back. I bring my Dragonite here every once in awhile to hang with her dragon type pokemon,” Drake explained. “She uses Dragon type?” Nick made sure of this, he knew that dragon types have always proved themselves worthy against Nick’s team.

“Yeah, she’s pretty good. Are you guys going over there right now?” asked Drake. “Yeah.. If we can get unlost for a second in order to find it,” giggled Nick.

“I can get you there in no time, but first you have to do me a favor Nick,” Drake grew a huge smile, “After you beat me at Pumello Island for the Orange Island League Cup, I always wanted to get you in a rematch. I’ve been training my Electabuzz quite a bit and I was thinking, what if we had a quick warm-up battle before you fought Clair?”

“Nick v.s Drake.. Again? I like,” Nick said as he ran far back with Shadow and made enough room to battle. Shawn took the side of the imaginary battle field where he could referee the match.

“One-on-One contest, you know the rules,” yelled Shawn in a deep voice.

“Go Electabuzz!”
“Go Chikorita!”

Both trainers yelled and sent out their pokeballs at the same time. Both pokeballs rolled on the soft green grass and finally opened to reveal two pokemon that were eager to battle. “You ready Chikorita?” asked Nick. Chikorita gave a big smile to Nick and got ready for the battle that was on its way.

Drake didn’t waste anytime, he knew better then that. Electabuzz started off with a quick and fast punch towards Chikorita. Luckily, Nick’s little grass pokemon was able to jump out of the way to avoid the punch that made a crack in the hard ground.

“Chikorita, Razor Leaf!” shouted Nick. Razor Leafs came swooping low to the ground and grinded down some long pieces of grass on its way to Electabuzz.

Electabuzz threw up its arm and knocked the sharp leaves away quickly. “Way to go! Now show it a Thunderbolt!” ordered Drake.

Electabuzz let out a loud and terrifying bolt of electricity. The electric attack came to fast for Chikorita to dodge. Chikorita took the attack and now looked like it was about to die over right there on the battle field.

Chikorita hurried and drew out its vines.

“Wrap up Electabuzz’s legs!” demanded Nick. Chikorita’s vines wrapped around Electabuzz’s legs to make it fall right over on its back side. “Now give it a Body Slam!” yelled Nick. In the yelling of Nick, Drake had given Electabuzz some kind of unknown command as well.

As Chikorita floated in the air and dropped its weight down to come falling like a boulder on top of Electabuzz, the mighty electric pokemon raised up its arm and electricity surrounded it. The punch knocked Chikorita cold for a few seconds and its vines untangled Electabuzz.

“Nice Thunder Punch buddy,” grinned Drake. Chikorita had lots of fire within it and didn’t give up there. Electabuzz was back up and ready to go as well. The both started to run towards one another but with quick thinking from Nick, Chikorita drew out its vines to give it a little extra jump into the air over Electabuzz. As Chikorita landed behind Electabuzz, Chikorita let out lots of sharp leaves known as Razor Leaf.

The attack hit Electabuzz and made it very angry. Nick knew that wasn’t going to stop it though, “Now gather energy for a Solar Beam attack!”.

Chikorita tried to go as fast as it could, gathering energy from the gleaming sun overhead. Chikorita kept up the gathering even though Electabuzz was ready to battle again.

“Electabuzz, Double Team so Chikorita can’t find you!” ordered Drake.

Electabuzz departed into different forms of itself. There was now a circle around Chikorita with at least 14 fake Electabuzz’s, and one real Electabuzz. Only problem was.. which one?

Chikorita completed getting the energy needed for the Solar Beam attack but now there faced another problem, which one to attack. This was a one shot and Chikorita knew it couldn’t blow it now.

“Search for the right one buddy, look hard!” screamed Nick. Chikorita closed its eyes and looked for the right Electabuzz.

Chikorita let out a deep cry as a huge white beam came exploding from its body. The huge Solar Beam was the mightiest Nick and Drake have ever seen. The ground shook with such a blast and the beam had connected with the real Electabuzz. Drake gasped in fear that this battle was over now.

“NO! ELECTABUZ-” started Drake before having to cover his face from the dirt and loose pieces of grass that were in the air from the explosion.

Nick, Shadow, Shawn, and Drake each awaited to see if the match decided to stop there. Then out of the small cloud of smoke left, Electabuzz came jumping out with a ThunderPunch.

“Chikorita jump!” yelled Nick. To weak to jump, Chikorita knew it needed help with its vines so out came the vines but it was already to late by then. Electabuzz’s fist and collided with Chikorita’s face and the little grass pokemon went flying into Shadow and Nick on the baseline. Nick held Chikorita for a second to make sure it was ok, but the battle had already ended.

“Drake and Electabuzz are your winners!” announced Shawn and then running along with Drake to make sure Chikorita wasn’t injured to badly. “How is it?” asked Drake, being concerned.

“I think it will be ok, maybe not its dignity but its physical condition will be alright for now and I will make sure to let it have a rest at the Pokemon Center after the Clair battle,” said Nick, knowing how much Chikorita wanted to win that battle and not only that but Chikorita would be crushed inside to know it did so great yet still failed. Maybe that’s the motivation that Chikorita needed, especially with the Silver Conference on its way up after just one more gym win.

“Here, I think your ready for Clair,” smiled Drake, jumping onto his Dragonite.

04-17-2004, 03:02 AM
Chapter 42- Battle for the Badge, Nick and Clair!

The gym was cold and let out a fascinating breeze into the hot air. Drake walked in the gym first and Shawn and Nick became jolted by the mighty gym field that was neatly set up for the next contender. A fairly young lady stood up in the high stands that overlooked the battle field.

She wore a weird dress time thing that looked like it came straight out of the medieval times. Her hair was wrapped up into a messy bun style. Her eyes clinched together to see who was entering into her kingdom.

“It’s about time you got back,” laughed the lady. “Well I ran into some old friends, meet Nick, Shawn, and Shadow- the Umbreon right there,” pointed Drake.

“Nice to meet you, are you the gym leader?” questioned Nick. “Yes, the name is Clair,” she answered back. “I believe Nick here wants to battle you, I think you will like that especially since he’s talented when it comes to battling. He even beat me back in the Orange Islands for the cup,” Drake explained.

“Great, I have been dieing for a great battle,” she mumbled as she jumped down from the high bleachers and onto the gym floor.

“Why don’t you take that side and we can get started, I’m eager to see if you really are what Drake thinks you are,” she grunted, grabbing a pokeball and getting ready to toss it up into the air.

Nick took his spot on the other side of the battle field, ready to get this battle going which he has long awaited. Shadow stood next to Nick in case it was needed for the battle. Shawn found a seat to relax on up in the stands. Drake took position on the referee spot on the side of the battle field.

“I know you’re a gym leader but I was thinking this could be a three-on-three battle?” Nick asked with easeness, knowing that Clair wouldn’t decline an offer like that.

“No prob,” she nodded. Nick reached for his pokeball when the field started to change shape quickly. The middle portion of the battle field turned into water and the rest was a platform. This just got a bit harder on Nick, forcing him to a limited number of pokemon that could survive on such an environment for a battle field.

Clair let out her pokemon, revealing a huge pokemon that wouldn’t be messed with in numerous situations. It took the form as if it was a huge water snake. It rose above everything in the gym, letting out a deep roar. Its mouth extended out widely and looked quite pissed off.

“Gyarados huh? Good choice Clair, you just forced me to start with one of my best. Let’s get this one done Blastoise!” yelled Nick. A pokeball was thrown out of his hand and landed on the ground to let out Blastoise. Nick’s water pokemon knew it had to rise to Gyarados’ level of battling for it wouldn’t be any easy opponent.

“Blastoise, you ready buddy?” asked Nick. Blastoise answered back by letting out its hydro cannons and pointing them towards Gyarados.

Gyarados took this as a deep challenge and started to move in on the water part of the battle field while Blastoise stayed on the platform.

“Use Bubble!” demanded Nick. Small, bubble-like beams came shooting out of Blastoise’s mouth. The bubbles went soaring thru the air right at Gyarados.

The beams did just a small amount of damage in strength but a lot of damage in temper on Gyarados. The huge pokemon decided not to take any commands from its trainer and attack Blastoise right on for that move really ticked it off.

A Twister attack, an attack that Nick had never seen before, started to develop in front of Blastoise. The water started to storm up into a tornado shape and was ready to take Blastoise up in it. Blastoise lowered its hydro cannons as the Twister attack was now coming at Blastoise at a fast pace.

“Hydro Cannons!” shouted Nick, knowing that he couldn’t waste anytime at all. Blastoise let out a cold stream of water at the incoming Twister. Blastoise’s water attack had broken up the Twister into two different parts, making the top vanish and stop spinning rapidly, falling right back into the pool of water.

The rest of the Twister was nothing Blastoise couldn’t handle as it lowered its hydro cannons towards the rest of the attack to demolish it. “Great job Blastoise!” congratulated Nick, holding a fist up into the air.

“Gyarados, use Hydro Pump!” shouted Clair. Streams of water came flowing out of Gyarados’ wide mouth, crashing down at Blastoise like a ton of bricks. Different streams came out one after another, making Blastoise really have to work in order to get away from the attack.

“Dive down into the pool!” yelled Nick, thinking quickly. Blastoise dodged another stream of water of the attack and then dived down into the cold rushing water that Gyarados stood in. Once Blastoise was down there it knew that the Hydro Pump would be ineffective on him now and that Blastoise might be able to get a quick attack off if lucky enough.

“Blastoise, if you can hear me then use Skull Bash!” shouted Nick at the top of his lungs, hurting everyone’s ears.

Blastoise was use to hearing sounds above the surface of the water and was able to make out the words coming from its trainer. Blastoise started to flap its arms in order to get a swimming start and then out of nowhere Blastoise was rocketed towards Gyarados, head lowered for the incoming Skull Bash attack.

Nick awaited to see if the attack would pull off or if Blastoise would come back to the surface. Then, unseemingly, Gyarados started to scream out in pain as Blastoise connected with Gyarados’ abdomen.

Blastoise then arose to the surface, just putting its shoulders up out of the water.

Clair started to tell Gyarados to Water Pulse but then realized that Nick was coming for a final attack, knowing that this needed to end right now. “Use Hyper Beam Gyarados!”.

“Blastoise,” Nick stated, “Hydro Cannons!”

Blastoise let out another flow of water out of its cannons at Gyarados. Meanwhile, a deep yellowish beam started to size up in Gyarados’ mouth and soon enough, it came out to meet with Blastoise’s water attack. The Hyper Beam seemed to demolish the water pretty easily, meaning that Blastoise was going to stand a chance much longer.

“Dive down!” screamed Nick. Blastoise still kept using Hydro Cannons, not wanting to give up. “NOW! IT’s AN ORDER!” urged Nick.

Blastoise quickly went under and stopped its attack in the process. Blastoise was now swimming underwater, where Gyarados decided to make its attack go. The deep yellowish beam was directed into the water, following Blastoise from behind with every paddle with the arms.

Nick took in a deep breath before demanding this next attack. “Blastoise, I know you can do it, we have worked on it for quite awhile now so just remember what we learned together... use Dynamic Punch!”.

Shawn jumped out from his chair, he couldn’t believer what he had just heard from Nick’s mouth. They had gone thru training everyday for quite awhile now.. Yeah, but does that mean Blastoise can really pull this off?

Blastoise focused on the attack, directing all its energy into this next attack. Energy started to do cartwheels in Blastoise’s right arm. Blastoise drew back its massive fist and put all its weight into that one and final punch to decide this match up.

Blastoise’s fist glew brightly with a white flash as it connected with Gyarados’ abdomen. The large pokemon yelled out in pain and its eyes rolled back.

Gyarados created a large wave as its Hyper Beam stopped and was sent flopping onto the pool of water, finished off.

“You did it! We still need to work on it a little more but you sure as heck did it!” congratulated Nick to Blastoise. He was so happy with its pokemon’s effort, Blastoise had put up such a great fight and now they were on number two!

Gyarados was sucked up into its pokeball, which was returned to Clair’s pocket. “That was a great move Nick, credits go out to ya for that one. Let’s see how you do against another water type!” Clair said as she let out her next pick in this battle. Out came a blue pokemon that sat on top of the water. It had a weird face structure and a large snout appeared as its mouth.

“Watch out Nick! Kingdra is known for its massive water attacks!” warned Shawn.

Nick nodded and watched as Blastoise stood up on the platform, deciding not to be in the water for this match up.

Blastoise had conquered the Dynamic Punch for one attack but could Blastoise be so lucky next time? Gyarados put Blastoise to the test and Blastoise’s energy left over from the battle proves it so will it have enough energy to finish off Kingdra? One thing was for sure, Kingdra was going to have to bring out it all for this battle...

--KCash-> I'll have the rest of the battle up later tonight!

04-19-2004, 05:49 PM
Chapter 42 continued...

Kingdra let out a thick, black smog, known as Smokescreen. The smoke surrounded the whole area that Nick, Clair, and the rest were trying to battle at. Blastoise was forced to go underwater to avoid this attack let out.

“Swift, Hurry before Blastoise goes underwater,” Clair ordered, not knowing Blastoise had already gone underwater by that time. Not to mention that Nick didn’t know either.

“Blastoise, use Skull Bash now,” yelled Nick. Blastoise used Kingdra’s own attack to its advantage. Blastoise shot up from the water and nailed Kingdra’s head with its own.

The thick smoke started to disappear. Kingdra was trying to recover from the harsh attack and now became more furious then ever.

“Water Gun!” both competing trainers screamed at one another. Kingdra and Blastoise took no time to gather as much water as possible but tried to release the attack before the other one did.

Low streams of water came shooting high into the air of the gym, aiming for both pokemon. Both attacks hit the competitor, knocking each other into the water.

Both pokemons came up mad as hell and started to swim towards one another. This was their battle now and the trainers would have no control. Kingdra shot out little tiny stars known as Swift attack. The attack hit Blastoise in the stomach and Blastoise decided to fight back with its own Swift attack but Blastoise’s attack was canceled out by Kingdra’s Swift.

Blastoise was furious and charged Kingdra. “Use your Bite attack!” yelled Nick. Blastoise widened its massive jaws and clinched them down on Kingdra’s side. Kingdra yelled out in pain and gathered up water in its mouth. Kingdra let out the long blast of striking water at Blastoise, making Nick’s big water pokemon go flying back to the other end of the small pool of water.

“Hurry! Dragon Rage!” yelled Clair. Kingdra took the little time it had left before Blastoise would fight back by gathering energy for this attack. A huge yellow and deep red colored energy ball appeared coming in front of Kingdra. With one flicker, the attack Dragon Rage was unleashed on Blastoise.

“PROTECT!” screamed Nick. Blastoise held up its hands in front of its body and the shiny blueness in Blastoise’s silky skin started to shine with brightness. The attack came right for Blastoise but connected with its hands, making it exploded with impact.

The whole battle field went up in smoke and confusion. The smoke fluttered away into the highest point of the gym while water spots laid around the gym where the water had came out. The pool of water was now just a little bit over a puddle of water.

Kingdra was laying fainted in the water while Blastoise was out cold next to Nick.

Nick picked up Blastoise’s head and congratulated it on being so great in the deepest parts of the battle. He returned it to its pokeball so Blastoise could have a long and peaceful rest. Clair did the same for her Kingdra. Nick had two eligible pokemon left while Clair only had one. The score was on Nick’s side but he knew that her best pokemon has yet to come.

Nick reached for his next choice. He grabbed the last pokeball on his belt and threw it out into the air, letting out a gliding and wondering Pidgeot. Drake raised up Nick’s flag and awaited Clair’s choice. She threw out her pokeball and out came a Dragonair, the evolved form of Dratini. Nick held up his pokedex...

{Dragonair, the Dragon Pokemon. Some Dragonair’s are known to shed its skin in battle so that attacks such as Stun Spore won’t effect it more then one time} concluded the pokedex.

“Well, sounds like a hard opponent, ready Pidgeot?” asked Nick. His pokemon chirped in its own language and Nick knew it was ready for battle. Drake had both flags in the air and threw them down, indicating that the battle now can officially begin.

“Pidgeot, start with Steel Wing!” shouted Nick. Pidgeot’s wing glew silver as it spiraled down from the high above air. The long spread-out wings glanced with easiness towards Dragonair. Pidgeot tried to hit Dragonair with its wing but it was just to fast. Dragonair moved in the air with such quickness and so easy like.

“Dragonair, this is no contest.. Now show it why!” Clair easily said, keeping her cool.

Nick got furious with this comment, “Pidgeot, Let’s control this sky battle! Use Quick Attack!”.

Pidgeot picked up speed by flapping its wings harder and harder while going right for Dragonair. “Use Thunder Wave!” Clair ordered. Dragonair gained the electricity within itself and let it out at the incoming Pidgeot.

“Pidgeot, use Agility to get away!” yelled Nick. Pidgeot flew out of the way with awesome speed in order to ignore the attack Thunder Wave.

Pidgeot let the attack go by and then kept flying towards Dragonair. “Use Feather Dance,” commanded Nick. Pidgeot flapped its wings so hard that feathers, razor sharp and having the eye for Dragonair, went shooting out.

Dragonair knew it had to get rid of the attack as well as Pidgeot.

“Hyper Beam, Dragonair!” Clair said. Dragonair shifted its long body in the air in order to get the strength for the attack as quickly as possible. A dark yellow beam went soaring in the sky at Pidgeot. There was no where to run and sure as hell no where to hide.

Pidgeot found itself caught up in the attack and the Hyper Beam exploded with contact, making the Feather Dance attack and Pidgeot destroyed. Pidgeot flew far from the high heavens of the gym and hit the small amount of water left, giving it a softer landing then hitting the concreted battle floor.

“Return Pidgeot,” said Nick, extending his arm out to send his pokemon back into its rightful pokeball.

Nick didn’t know which pokemon to go with next. Chikorita, Quilava, and Shadow wouldn’t be able to take on Dragonair who can fly up into the air and release all those attacks so quickly. He thought about it and decided he had no choice but to try out his newly regained pokemon.

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-KCash-> Well sorry for the long waited finish to the battle, some unexpecting things came up this weekend and put all my writing behind. I hope you enjoy the conclusion to the battle and opinions would be appreciated!

Chapter 42 continued...

“Scizor, let’s get this final badge!” called out Nick as he let out the pokeball which he hadn’t touched since the last of his Orange Islands adventure. Scizor, coat shining a bright red and claws clamping down harshly, came out to battle.

Scizor flew up into the air up to Dragonair’s level. They stared each other down until Drake signaled that the battle may continue.

“Quick Attack,” signaled Nick.
“Agility,” Clair said, fighting back with speed defense.

Both pokemon flew towards one another at amazing speeds, both trying to stay undetected by the other. Scizor drew back its right claw in order to hammer down on Dragonair’s skull. As they got right up to each other, Dragonair vanished as Scizor swung its huge claw. Dragonair appeared behind Scizor and used Wrap attack.

“Squeeze the life out of Scizor!” yelled Clair, ready to end this battle once and for all.

Dragonair tried to fit its body over Scizor but the quick motion of Scizor’s wings made sure that wouldn’t happen. The head and legs, along with the claws, were all closed tight from the wrapping of Dragonair’s long snake-like body. Scizor struggled to get out but couldn’t The constant beat of its wings stopped and Dragonair was able to get a grip around its whole body now. Scizor yelled out in pain and disgrace.

Scizor shouted louder then a Loudred having its time of month. A glow of shocking white light inflicted the whole battle area, blinding everyone in sight. As the light cleared out, Nick held out his pokedex...

{Attack: Frustration} said Dexster. Nick put it away and stared at how much Scizor had strengthened since they last saw each other.

Dragonair was off of Scizor and now had no attention of going near the furious and raged pokemon. Scizor was boiling with fire and was ready to unleash all of its hatred out on Scizor.

“Double Team!” said Nick. Scizor’s body departed into a circle of Scizor’s all around Dragonair. Nick remember how before he came to Johto that Scizor was only fast enough to make three of its false selves while using Double Team.

“Dragon Rage until you can find the right one!” yelled Clair. Dragonair nodded and started to dish out mighty balls known as Dragon Rage. The energy balls were filled with power and destruction but that wouldn’t effect Scizor... if Scizor wasn’t to be found first.

“Scizor, get ready for Metal Claw...” Nick reminded his pokemon before a Dragon Rage hit Scizor.

The first Dragon Rage hit nothing but a fake image of Scizor, as the second came out it was seen as a fake as well... same with the third. Dragonair was getting angry itself and felt like unleashing its own Frustration attack.

Dragonair let out its fourth Dragon Rage, even though knowing this was taking to much energy out of its body to do so.

As the fourth Dragon Rage attack hit the next Scizor in line... the attack was stopped in motion! All the other Scizor’s disappeared with the passing wind in the gym and Scizor flew high with its claws crossed together and glowing white... Metal Claw.

The Dragon Rage attack was broken apart from the Metal Claw and disappeared.

“Wow, I can’t believe it. I have never seen any pokemon try to break up one of Dragonair’s Dragon Rage,” Drake whispered to his self, totally amazed at what Scizor was doing.

“Fury Cutter!” screamed Nick while Dragonair was caught off guard. Scizor flew lightening fast towards Dragonair, drawing its large claws back. With two quick swipes with its claws, Dragonair came falling from the high points of the gym.

Dragonair hit the ground harshly and Clair ran out to it admittally. Nick ran out to Dragonair as well, watching his Scizor fly down.

“Nick and Scizor are the winners!” Drake announced, waving up the rightful flag for Nick.

Nick gave Shawn and Shadow a high five and then Scizor a huge hug. Clair held out her hand and Nick did the same as they shook each other’s hand on the wonderful battle that would change both of their skills in great ways.

“You did a great job today Nick,” congratulated Clair. Nick thanked her, releasing his hand from hers and noticing that she gave him the badge.

“Its called the Rising Badge. With it you may now enter the Golden Convention, or also known as the Silver Conference. Come on and I’ll explain,” pushing him towards the back room. Nick thought back to getting all of his badges...

04-20-2004, 12:41 AM
Chapter 43- Returning Home! Time for Training!

The small room was quiet with the exception of Clair’s talking. Drake, Nick, and Shawn hovered around the small table as well, each drinking a soda and chowing down on smoke chocolate chip cookies that were freshly baked. With each bite they came apart in a gooey sense and melted away in there mouths. As it slowly went down their throats it would leave a heavenly aftertaste that you wouldn’t ever want to go away.

“There are 3 weeks until the actual tournament, known as the Golden Convention or Silver Conference. All you have to do is show up at the Silver Conference with your badge and they will enter you in for the tournament. It would be good to get there a day or two early so you can find out who you are battling in the preliminaries and you can get a room before they are all taken,” Clair explained, trying to be as helpful as possible.

“That’s great, I cant wait. Three weeks though, don’t know if I want to wait that long,” Nick took another bite of a delicious cookie.

“Yeah Nick, you have to. Think about it, all the trainers at the Silver Conference will have well-rounded teams. You stick to your six main pokemon which let’s just admit it, aren’t the greatest in the world although they can be effective, but you need to train your other ones. Phanpy, Horsea, Tauros, Hitmontop, and such are all back at Professor Ivy’s lab, not getting the training like your six pokemon you have with you get. Your going to need those extra pokemon’s come time for the Silver Conference my friend,” Shawn said, taking a deep breath at this point.

“I guess your right, Shadow, Blastoise, Pidgeot, Hitmontop, and Quilava are the only ones that have evolved over me throughout the whole Orange Islands and Johto Leauges. I guess it would be a good idea to work on the others and get them a bit stronger in case I need them for type advantages and such. Why don’t we just go to Valencia Island so I can work with all of them at the same time at Ivy’s lab! My Pidgeot could get us there in a day’s flying!” suggested Nick.

“Its fine by me but we better get started on that, Pidgeot is going to need some rest stops if its going to carry both of us and our bags so it would be a good idea to hurry and do it before dark,” Shawn reminded Nick.

“Think you could go into your pokeball for a few hours?” asked Nick, looking down at Shadow on the floor. Shadow gave off a sad face and Nick felt bad for even asking but being the great pokemon Shadow is, it agreed and went into its pokeball to reduce the weight Pidgeot had to carry.

Nick made sure Pidgeot was healed with Clair’s healing machine before they left for Valencia Island.

“I have to run the gym at Pummelo Island and all but if I can find a break then maybe I’ll come see you win battle up at Mt. Silver huh?” Drake said, shaking Nick’s hand. “Sure thing, and then afterwards you’ll let me have a rematch,” Nick winked at him and then climbing onto Pidgeot.

“Thanks for the battle Clair, I won’t forget that one,” Nick said to her and she nodded in agreement.

“See you guys!” Shawn waved off, hopping onto Pidgeot. Pidgeot got ready for its training– getting both Shawn and Nick all the way to Valencia with luckily no stops to rest.

Nick pulled out Shadow’s pokeball and sat it next to him, just making sure that Shadow was still there by his side like always. Pidgeot blasted off with all the power in its wings, soaring up into the sky with a current draft passing by.

The gang was now off to where it all began... Valencia Island!

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Chapter 43 continued...

Tailow's shifted their back feathers to allow them to glide easier in the faint breeze roaming the air above on this time of year when they migrated often to the Orange Islands in search of new homes and wonders. Beautiful herds of Lapras were seen down below, swimming in the migration pattern as well. Nick and Shawn held on tightly to the only Pidgeot in the air, soaring back to the Orange Islands where it all started at.

“Valencia Island…” Nick said in wonder, looking far below at the huge island filled with houses and lots of land. Pidgeot started to flap its wings to let go of the current it was gliding on. Pidgeot dropped down from the sky and was now tearing up the air with its long wings as it flew right up to the rooftops of the citizens of Valencia.

“Ah! Right there Pidgeot!” screamed Nick, trying to be heard over the blowing wind. Pidgeot looked at the house in front of it and prepared for landing. Pidgeot's sharp talons dug into the soft soil of the island as it landed with ease. Shawn and Nick admittally jumped off Pidgeot and let the big bird pokemon take a rest in its pokeball for its been a long trip from Blackthorn City.

Nick hurried and grabbed Shadow's pokeball and released his best buddy. Shadow popped out of the pokeball with a huge smile on its face, happy to see its trainer and friend. “Hey buddy!” screamed Nick, giving Shadow a hug.

Shadow licked Nick's face, “Now it wasn't that bad now was it?”.

Nick went around the gate that led to their backyard, knowing at this time of day his mother would be found watering and caring for her garden. Without failure of his choosing, she was sitting down while watering a beautiful red flower that just blossomed.

“Mom!” yelled Nick, dropping his bag and charging for his mother.

She dropped her watering bucket and reached wide with her long arms. Her brown hair flowing with the breeze that just swept thru the small town. Nick embraced her, then tried to quickly get out of reach from her as Nick’s breath fell short from his mother’s Ursaring-like arms.

“They are all so shiny,” Ms. Dunbar remarked, looking at all the Johto League Gym Badges at her kitchen table. Shawn and Nick munched on her famous chocolate chip cookies, like every time they come home.

“I’m so proud of you sweetie, and Shawn, its good to see you again,” she smiled at him who just filled his mouth with three cookies at a time while trying to drink his soda at the same time.

“Naice to ba bactiak,” he mumbled on. Nick laughed at him while stroking Shadow’s fur.

Ms. Dunbar smiled at him but then noticed something on Nick’s mind, “I think I am going to go back up to my room a little awhile. Where’s the big bro at?” Nick said to his mother.

“At Professor Ivy’s, he’s always working there sadly. Derrick will be home soon though,” she replied. Shawn waved off with stuffing more cookies into his mouth as Nick and Shadow ran upstairs. Nick passed his sisters room, wishing the room was a mess like it was two years ago. He then passed his brother’s room where they would play Cop’ n’ Robber at every afternoon.

“Ah, just where I left ya,” smiled Nick, entering his room for the first time in weeks. He slowly sat down on his sheets, trying not to wiggle around to much and mess up the neatly made sheets. He rested his head on the puffy Voltorb pillow, or maybe it was a poke ball with two dots on it, no one could ever tell.

He stared at the ceiling where posters of the Orange Islands League hung. That reminded him of all he has accomplished and he looked at his Orange Islands League Trophy sitting on his desk. He smiled wide and thought if he could really win the whole Silver Conference. Jason was going to be there, most likely Matthew would be. He had tough competition getting ready for his arrival while he was just laying down on his bed and dreaming about things that will never happen without hard work.

“Shadow,” Nick looked at his poke ball and got up from the bed, “Training day starts now, but first let’s go pay Ivy a little visit”.

Nick rushed over to his aunt’s lab, just a few short houses away. He charged inside to see no one in sight. Shadow sniffed around and knew that they were outside. Nick’s Chikorita did the same and they charged outside.

“What is that Umbreon and Chikorita doing here? Are they yours mom?” asked Jason.

Nick ran out of the back door and saw Derrick giving his Steelix cleansing treatment to make its coat all shiny. Jason and Professor Ivy were loafing around and watching Derrick.

“How did your Onix become a Steelix?” asked Nick, smiling wide. Derrick stared at his brother, it had been so long since they last saw each other. Nick and Derrick did their hand shake and got excited about seeing each other.

“Whassup Nick? Guess you finally won?” Jason suggested. Nick nodded back.

“That’s great! Wow, both of you are in the Golden Convention! What a tournament this will be huh?” Ivy suggested.

“I’d love to talk old times Derrick but I need to get busy,” Nick turned his attention to Ivy, “I need to talk to Horsea, Tauros, Hitmontop, Phanpy, and Electrike”.

“Sure Nick… right this way,” she said, unsure of what he wanted with all his pokemon.

They gathered up the herd of Nick’s team now Ivy was watching as Nick talk to his pokemon. Tauros was laying down in the high grass, Horsea was in a small pond, Electrike, Hitmontop, and Phanpy were sitting around Nick. He went ahead and let out the rest of the gang, sending Blastoise into the pond with Horsea. Scizor, Pidgeot, Shadow, Chikorita, and Quilava all sitting in a line in front of Nick.

“Guys, with all of your help, we can win the Silver Conference. I have been doing some reading about it and this tournament wont be easy. Its going to take teamwork and lots of training. We have three weeks, anybody who isn’t willing to give up sweat for this then step back. If you are willing, say ‘I’, Nick told his troops.

Everyone started to yell out in their own pokemon language. Horsea used Water Gun up into the sky and water started to mist down on every pokemon. They were all ready, but was Nick?

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I'm loving this fic more and more with each additional chapter. :smile:

I can hardly wait to see the Silver Conference.

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--KCash-> Thanks for the reply Pyrochu! I appreciate it a lot! Here's more...

Chapter 44- Training Day Capture!
“Scizor you got your speed down which results in defense come battling time. I think you just need to focus on attacks, which is a problem for you,” Nick explained.

“Now you do as I said on Steel Wing. Keep using it on this rock and just strengthen it up a little, same with Fury Cutter, you can do that over there on those logs,” Nick pointed. Scizor nodded and flew over to a rock to strengthen Steel Wing.

“Nick is getting really serious,” Ivy said, handing Shawn a soda. “Yep, that’s Nick alright,” he replied back.

Shadow was also working on attacks, using Faint Attack and Shadow Ball on Quilava who was working on defense. Pidgeot was trying to dodge incoming Thundershock attacks from Electrike. Horsea was trying to work on accuracy with Water Gun, knocking down soda cans along the edges of her pond. Hitmontop was busy working on spinning quickness, Tauros on non-physical attacks such as Hyper Beam, Phanpy on Rollout against Shawn’s Houndoom.

“Blastoise, you did a great job at the Blackthorn Gym but your Dynamic Punch wasn’t as effectful as it should’ve been. I want you to continue the training tactics,” Nick ordered.

“Chikorita, why don’t we go running up Valencia Mini-Mount, the hill over there?” asked Nick, pointing to a very wooded hill that was quite a ways up.

Chikorita nodded and they were off, Nick was determined to get Chikorita to evolve because it would be able to use a lot more physical attacks with a bigger body of Bayleef. As they started off down a trail, the sun slowly passed over their heads. They began their hike up Valencia Mini-Mount, a small mountain on the far end of the island.

“Come on, gotta keep up Chikorita!” yelled Nick, trying to dodge hanging vines and small trees that blocked the path. Trees started to cover the area very well, making it hard to pass through so they had to move away to the main trail that led up to the top.

“Way to go Chikorita, almost ther-” Nick started. They both stopped and stared at the huge pokemon blocking their way up the mountain.

“Um, excuse me mister pokemon,” shouted Nick. Nothing, this pokemon was sound asleep and didn’t seem to want to get up for anything.

“Chikorita, looks like we have to turn around,” Nick said in a depressing way. Nick turned around to go back down the mountain when Chikorita didn’t budge the slightest. “Chikorita, I said...” started Nick.

He looked at the concentration and desire Chikorita had to get up this mountain, even if it meant going through this pokemon.

“Let ‘em have it!” shouted Nick.

Chikorita let out 6 spiraling razor leaves at the pokemon. The leaves connected with the pokemon’s abdomen and slightly did damage to it. Chikorita didn’t stop there and used Vine Whip to do some more damage. Now this pokemon decided to get up and it wasn’t very happy.

The pokemon roared as loud as it could, sending chills down Nick’s spine. Chikorita tried to do more damage with another 6 razor leaves but this pokemon happened to dodge them. The pokemon just rolled out of the way like it was nothing.

“Did you see how fast that thing was?!” yelled Nick, amazed at that capability.

Chikorita charged up its attack, trying to gain lots of energy.

“Let’s do it Chikorita, Solar Beam!” ordered Nick.

Chikorita let out its energy required from the sun above. The attack roared as it clashed with the ground in front of the big pokemon. The explosion could be seen from the opposite end of the island!

“Your mine,” declared Nick as he reached for his pokeball. The ball slowly fell from his hands at the fainted pokemon and knocked it in the head, sucking it up into its red orb.

The pokeball dropped to the ground and wiggled a little, wiggled some more, and wiggled just a bit more.

Nick couldn’t wait any longer and started to take a step forward when the pokeball locked!

05-01-2004, 05:14 PM
Chapter 45- Gettin’ Ready for the Big One!

The wind blew silently from the ocean. Everything seemed so calm and peaceful on the quiet island of Valencia.

Chikorita rolled off a huge brown log sitting on top of the sparkling ocean water. The small grass pokemon tumbled into the water, causing a minor splash.

Nick dog paddled to keep his head above the ocean’s surface. “Chikorita, the log...” Nick pointed. The log was now swimming away into the deep ocean. Chikorita pulled out its vines and started to paddle with them against the current. Sweat dropped from Chikorita’s head, splashing into the water.

“Awesome job, not bring it in,” yelled Nick, back paddling in the wonderous water. Chikorita stood on top of the log and started to run backwards on it to make it go forward. That was until something shot up Chikorita’s spine in the fact of knowing something or someone was watching her.

“What’s wrong Chikorita?” asked Nick, concerned and confused that Chikorita stopped running on the log.

Chikorita tried searching in the water but the sun gleaming off the surface made it hard to see very far in the ocean. Then suddenly...

The gleaming and wet skin of an orange and white pokemon hurtled itself over Chikorita’s head. Nick and Chikorita only saw it long enough to see a small blur.

Water started to storm up as it swam close to the surface of the water. The mysterious figure was coming right for Nick!

Chikorita started to run on the log again and this time the log got really going. Chikorita was storming towards her trainer, wanting to help her best friend.

“CHIKOOOOO!!!” screamed Chikorita as its body turned all white.

Chikorita’s body started to grow in size. The brightness glowing from her body seemed to blind the whole sky. The leaf on the top of her head grew bigger and her legs grew stronger, a lot stronger.

The color started to take form, not showing a lot of difference there. Chikorita was now a Bayleef.

The newly transformed grass pokemon jumped from the log, using its great legs for the first time. Bayleef made it to its trainer just in time before the figure could get in the way. Bayleef let out a stunning beam from its body. The blast scorched the surface of the water until it connected with the pokemon.

“GOLDEEN!” screamed the mean pokemon, trying to unleash its attack on Nick and Bayleef.

Nick gave his pokemon a giant hug as they swam back to shore safely where Nick’s brother, Derrick, was busy battling with his Makuhita against Nick’s Phanpy for training purposes.

Nick and Bayleef walked to Professor Ivy’s lab, tired and exhausted from the hard training.

Nick noticed his newly caught Snorlax running around in the field behind Ivy’s lab. The Snorlax seemed to have lots of energy and was quite fast for such a big pokemon.

“So how is everyone doing?” Nick asked Shawn who was moderating all of Nick’s pokemon in their training exercises.

“There doing awesome, seemed to get worn out pretty fast in this heat though,” Shawn answered back.

“Then why don’t we take the rest of the day off at the beach, huh?” yelled out Nick. All of his pokemon smiled wide as they rushed to the shores of Valencia Island.

05-01-2004, 11:19 PM
Chapter 45 continued...

Days passed and little training had gone on since then. Some were determined to train such as Shadow, wanting to get faster and faster. Pidgeot, Bayleef, and other’s in their high evolved stages decided that they didn’t need training and spent must of the time relaxing on the beach. Snorlax did the same, going through the usual full day’s supply of food in one bite.

“You seem more worried then you should be,” Derrick explained. Nick and his bro were slowly swinging on the porch swing that overlooked a small field. The sun was setting and letting out a golden light across the grass and sky.

“I just feel like I’ve been so caught up with being home with you and mom that I didn’t train enough. Geez, I came here thinking I could get all my pokemon to evolve if I really try. I have a good starting six but I’m going to be switching my pokemon out throughout the tournament, and the backups aren’t as strong as I would like them to be,” Nick played with his thumb, very worried about the upcoming Silver Conference.

“It doesn’t matter Nick, you’ll be ready. You know what, why don’t I come along too?” asked Derrick. “Awesome”.

Shawn came out to the front porch with his Ledian, Swellow, and Houndoom out. “We are going for a run, wanna come?” he asked Derrick and Nick.

“No thanks,” they said at the first time, laughing afterwards.

“I’m going to go up to my room and pack stuff needed for the Silver Conference,” winked Nick as he stood up and went inside.

Nick threw himself on top of his bed, staring at the sleeping Quilava in the corner of the room. He looked through his bag to find a letter which his mom gave him the day he left for his Orange Island’s journey. It was from his dad.

“Open when you become a Champ- like I know you are,” printed across the envelope the letter was contained in.

Nick threw it aside and didn’t want nothing to do with it as of now. Today was a big start for Nick as he left to become a Pokemon Champion which we had always dreamed of being. So many trainers would be there competing for the same prize he was and he knew this was going to a huge test to complete.

Tomorrow would be a whole other world.


“And you have everything sweetie?” asked Ms. Dunbar.

“Yes mum...” mumbled Nick.

“I’ll be up there with my sister later tomorrow,” told Nick’s mom.

“Yeah, We’ll see you then and if you see Jason up there then tell him we are on our way,” Ivy shouted from the garden, playing with some wild Oddish.

“Everyone ready?” asked Nick.

“See ya later buddy,” Shawn reached out his hand to do his shake with Nick.

“Yeah, see ya later,” Nick replied, knowing that Shawn was staying behind to take care of Professor Ivy’s lab while they went to the Silver Conference.

Derrick and Nick climbed on board of Pidgeot and they were soon sailing in the air, looking straight forward at the Silver Conference tournament, just one day away now...

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--KCash-> Well I know the last few chapters have been very low for me. I promise to make up and make these next few chapters with such excitement that you will never forget them.

Chapter 46- Silver Conference Confrontations!

Trainers fled like confused Gengar’s. The strong wind coming in from the north of Mt. Silver brought rainy clouds over the day-before Silver Conference, giving off a gray clouded look.

Trainers looked up in the sky as a two pokemon trainers stepped off a Pidgeot landing on the soft grass outside the main stadium for the tournament.

A kid with messy black hair, baggy jeans, and a dark red shirt stepped off first. Nick jumped off afterwards and returned his Pidgeot. He knew this was where he was destined to be. And now he was destined to win it all.

“We better go sign in over there at the Pokemon Center and grab a room before all the other trainers beat us,” Derrick reminded the dazed Nick. “Sure thing,” Nick nodded.

The pokemon center was flooded with trainers left and right. 14 Nurse Joy’s and 36 Chansey’s were running around in the pokemon center, trying to full fill the orders of the trainers.

“This has to be the biggest Pokemon Center ever,” admired Nick, searching the huge lobby of the center.

“May I help you?” Nurse Joy asked while swaying off some sweat dripping from her forehead. “You seem like your working hard so I’ll try to ease it on you. I just need one room and to sign up for the tournament,” said Nick.

“Name? Or Pokedex?” asked Joy. Nick handed her a pokedex which he only used half the time, mainly because it was in bad shape from the long journey he has had.

“OK... Nick... your all signed up for the tournament. Tomorrow be at the mini-fields on the east side of the main stadium, you in ‘Field B’ around 1:00 in the afternoon. You win that battle and you will automatically be in the Silver Conference Tournament. If you lose then you will have to battle a bit more to be in the tournament itself. As for your room, here’s your key. It’s room 211. Good luck in the Advancing Rounds!” Nurse Joy said as she handed Nick a booklet about the Silver Conference and the room key.

The room was gigantic, having two bedrooms, video game systems, a huge TV, a nice computer, and a refrigerator big enough to hold everything Nick would eat while here at the tournament.

Nick found a P.H.S, Pokemon Healing Station, in the corner of the kitchen so he decided to heal Pidgeot.

Shadow was transported from Valencia Island through the PC by Derrick. This way Shadow didn’t have to stay in its ball the whole way up to the Conference.

“Thanks Shawn, see ya later!” winked Derrick as he got off the PC.

“Pretty nice room uh?” asked Nick.

“Yeah it is, but there is nothing to eat here. I saw a small convenient store right outside of the Pokemon Center. Let’s go grab some grub, shall we?” asked Derrick.

Nick finished rubbing Shadow’s head and agreed to it. Shadow and Derrick’s Poochyhena stayed in the room to munch down on some dark pokemon-type food.

“I knew you would be here! Never doubted that you wouldn’t of made it all the way Nick!” shouted a familiar voice.

Nick turned around to see the happy face of the new but experience trainer, Matthew, sitting down at a small table drinking a soda. Next to him was Jason.

“Wow, if it isn’t my two best friends,” Nick joked around with Jason, giving him a small punch to the arm. “How’s it been going Matthew?”

“Good, finally got all my badges just two weeks ago,” he showed all his shiny badges in a small, blue case.

“That’s pretty awesome, where are you guys battling at tomorrow?” Derrick asked the trainers.

“I’m at Field A,” Jason grunted.
“Field G over here,” answered Matthew.

“Well, I’m at Field B. I’m starving, we are going to go get something to eat. I’ll talk to you guys later, good luck!” smiled Nick as him and his brother walked off.

Nick had the weird feeling that he was going to have to go through Jason and Matthew in the Silver Conference, or worst... trainers that were stronger then them.

05-06-2004, 01:07 AM
Chapter 47- Fist v.s Heat, The Advancing Battle!

“Yeah, quite nervous actually,” Nick answered his brother who stood behind him in support of the upcoming battle. Nick knew he needed to get the win so his pokemon could take a rest because if he lost then he would have to fight through a long line of trainers to get to the tournament round of the Golden Convention.

Nick watched as his opponent walked out onto the rightful trainer box awaiting him. He had flat black hair, a nice dressy red and white shirt, white pants, and a face that said ‘attitude’.

“Nick Dunbar... Nick Dunbar to Field B,” announced the intercom over Nick’s head.

“Wish me luck!” Nick smiled, entering the caged in battle field made of hard rock.

The referee held up both flags into the air. Nick being green and Kevon, the opponent for Nick, being red.

They all looked up at the score board over head with both of the trainers pictures up there. A small red dile rotated around a circle. Easing the way around, the dile stopped on Kevon’s side.

“Red trainer Kevon picks first!” screamed out the referee.

Kevon picked up his pokeball from the bag sitting next to his feet. He kissed the pokeball slightly before throwing it up into the air. “Check out my greatest pokemon!”

Out came a white, furious creature. Fists were rock like, nose was wiggling like a pigs, and eyes were sight on defeating Nick. He drew his pokedex...

{Primeape, the pig monkey pokemon. This pokemon becomes furious when looked at and will chase the person staring at it to the end of the world until they get punished for the look} dexster said.

“Alright, hope your ready buddy!” Nick threw out his picked pokemon.

The brightly coated Quilava came out with a determinated look on his face. “Let’s do this.”

“Primeape, use your Karate Chop!” yelled out Kevon.

Nick smiled wide.

“Watch out for the attack Quilava... Agility!” commanded Nick, keeping his smile.

Primeape charged Quilava with its fist out wide. Quick flashes followed the awesome chops from the powerful pokemon. Quilava used the muscles in its legs to jump around on the battle field, trying to dodge everyone of them. Primeape wasn’t going to get worn out from this and knew it needed the attack to connect quickly.

Quilava tried to leap away but the back left foot slipped on a rock, making Quilava crash to the ground. The quick sensation of the Karate Chop was coming forward to crashing into Quilava’s back.

“FLAMETHROWER!” shouted Nick.

Quilava caught itself and blew an open, spread out flame at Primeape’s face. The pokemon was coughing up smoke now and figured out that speed was really going to matter in this battle.

“Don’t give in Primeape! Keep up the Karate Chops,” this trainer was serious about this battle, he obviously put a lot of time and training into his pokemon and their attacks.

“Smokescreen!” Nick tried some defense.

Nick had the attacks coming, he knew he was going to have to out think this trainer and his Primeape.

A thick, black smog started to pour out of Quilava’s mouth. The smoke heavily filled the air but with the wind blowing that day, it wouldn’t be long before it was all gone. At least it would buy Quilava some time for a decent attack on Primeape... or would it?

“Swift,” Nick softly whispered to Quilava who was sitting right in front of him.

Quilava ran quietly to the side of Primeape where the attack could hit at a good range away.

Yellow sparks flooded the smoke, causing it to break up and to be easily seen in the small amount of smoke left.

“Fury Swipes, to the left!”

Primeape threw up the powerful fists it was packin’. The Swift attack was deflected to the ground or into the air. Smoke kept disappearing and now Quilava was detectable.

“Dang it,” mumbled Nick, made at the wind and himself.

“Just hang in there buddy! Let’s use...” Nick started to think of the next attack while Kevon was giving orders for Primeape to keep up the Fury Swipes and attack Quilava with it.

Primeape looked furious, charging at Quilava with such hatred.

Quilava dodged the first swing but fell to the second strike. Quilava flew back onto the ground, throbbing in pain.

Primeape jumped on top of Quilava, nailing it to the ground and pounding Quilava like a sac of beans.

“Nick, that’s Rage attack. You have to do something, it’ll never quit until its over!” shouted Derrick from the stands. Nick tried thinking of what to do.

“NOW!” Derrick yelled once more.

“SMOKESCREEN!” Nick let out at the top of his lungs.

Quilava struggled to goggle up the attack in the pit of its throat. Finally though, after a few quick hits from Primeape came pouring out a little bit of black smoke right at Primeape’s eyes!

The attack blinded Primeape and made it back up in pain. The giant fists of Primeape covered up the burning eyes and the pokemon struggled to gain control of where Quilava was.

“Now, Flame Wheel!” shouted Nick.

A huge flame soared over the body of Quilava as it charged towards its opponent. Primeape was knocked flying back into its trainer as the two bodies of Quilava and Primeape collided. Primeape was burning hot now and slowly fainted.

“Green trainer Nick and his Quilava win!” announced the referee.

Nick jumped up into the air in excitement and turned to his brother to give him a thumb’s up.

“Nice battle man, hope to see you in the tournament,” said Kevon as he returned his pokemon and turned around to leave.

“Yeah, good luck to ya,” Nick said, returning his pokemon as well.

Nick ran out of the caged battle field with a huge smile creeping across his face. “Man did you see that?!” yelled Nick, swinging his arm around his big brother.

“Nice job Nick, just don’t get a big head. You have a long road ahead of you,” reminded Derrick.

“No prob man! I bet sis and dad would be proud of me,” Nick looked up into the sky to remember his long lost but not forgotten family.

“Speaking of family, I bet Aunt Ivy and Mum are going to be here soon, let’s go check it out,” suggested Derrick, obviously trying to get away from the conversation about their sister and dad.

“Sure...” Nick said in a sloppy way, noticing a familiar face walking towards them.

He hadn’t seen her since they almost got to Olivine. Her hair was blowing with magnificence. Nick couldn’t wait to smell her wild berry scent...

05-06-2004, 03:22 PM
Wow, now there's the way to start the Silver Conference. Great chapter, I'm getting excited bout Nick's upcoming battles here's hoping he makes it all the way. :clap:

05-06-2004, 09:48 PM
He hadn’t seen her since they almost got to Olivine. Her hair was blowing with magnificence. Nick couldn’t wait to smell her wild berry scent...

Is that who I think it is?! I hope so!
Great chapter KC, the battle was cool. I just know the Silver Conference is going to have some of the best battles ever. I can hardly wait to read more! Good luck KCash!

05-07-2004, 01:36 AM
Chapter 48- The Great Scent of Competition

The lovely girl wrapped her arms around Nick like a Seviper trying to mangle its prey. The time had really gone by since the last time they saw each other before Nick got to Olivine City.

“Nick, I missed you!” she cried out, backing away to see Nick’s face now.

“Sure has, how have things gone for you Sara?” Nick asked back.

“Good, after I left you and Whitney on the out brinks of Olivine I have been training non-stop and getting badges repeatedly and now here I am with you at the big tournament,” She continued to brag on.

She looked around like she was looking for something. “Where’s Whitney?”

“Um, she’s back at her gym… in Goldenrod City,” Nick answered her.

She cracked a smile and leaned in really close to Nick, tugging on his shirt. She whispered softly into his ear, “Good, stop by Room 407 later.”

She turned around and walked away, looking back once to see if Nick was staring at her. She smiled when she noticed he was.

Derrick gave Nick a wink and they started to bicker about if that girl was Nick’s ‘girlfriend’ or not. After lunch was eaten by Nick and Derrick at the Pokemon Center, Professor Ivy and Ms. Dunbar arrived at the Silver Conference, getting a room of their own.

Derrick didn’t allow time to give Nick a chance to say hi to them because he found out the final brackets were taken in for the triangle round.

Nick arrived at a four huge screens within the entrance of the Pokemon Center. On the second screen Nick’s picture was shown in a small triangle that had two other pictures in it.

“See Nick, points count up as you battle against each one of these trainers. I would explain the rest but we don’t you just defeat both of these trainers and you’ll automatically win,” winked Derrick, trying to explain the triangle round a little bit.

“Come on, let’s get closer. I wanna see who I’m facing,” Nick started to push around to get closer to the screen.

Trainers that were finding out their opponents struggled to find their way out of the heavy crowd but everything suddenly stopped in Nick’s world as he saw who he was facing.

“It’s Krisi!” Nick gasped not in fright but in amazement.

“Whose that?” Derrick asked.

“Met her in the Whirl Islands, she wont the Whirl Islands Championship here! Her water pokemon are awesome!” Nick explained quickly.

“What about that other kid, Jacob Boseff?” Derrick asked Nick.

“Never heard of him, looks like he’s determined though.”

“Well it says you fight him first, Krisi second.”

“What do those little signs next to our pictures stand for?” Nick pointed out some water, grass, and ice symbols.

“That’s one of the new features here at the Silver Conference. The drop of water means you are going to fight Krisi on the water battle field and the grass symbol says you’ll fight Jacob on the grassy field,” explained Derrick, remembering reading it in the handbook.

“Well that’s not a good thing, I don’t really wanna face Krisi on the water field.”

“Let’s check out this computer over here about Jacob’s pokemon since you have to battle him early tomorrow. It would be good to pick your pokemon out so you can heal them overnight and make sure they are fully rested,” Derrick started to walk over to an empty computer sitting in the corner.

He typed in JACOB BOSEFF into the selected bar on the screen. Up came lots of pokemon pictures and stats on his pokemon history and training.

“How am I supposed to pick my pokemon for this one?” Nick questioned.

“I don’t know. This guy has one pokemon of every type. Not just two of one type, like exactly one for each individual type. It’s crazy… and they seem to be so well trained. Hope your ready for this one buddy.”

Nick didn’t find this to comforting and now the Silver Conference was already getting harder…

05-10-2004, 11:11 PM
Chapter 49- The Praise of the Underdogs

Nick stood on top of the second leveled seating structure that looked out over the grass field that he would soon be on. With the fall of a Mareep, Nick started down the stairs where he would be standing up against Jacob, his opponent for the match-up.

He remembered the words of his brother, “Just win both of them and you’ll advance to the second round hopefully.”

He knew he HAD to win at all cost, he had to show the world that he was meant to become the greatest trainer in the world.

“Hey bro, ready?” asked Derrick, looking at Nick as he was about to go out onto the field.

Nick looked out in the stands where thousands of people would be watching him. The field workers finished putting the grass field back together from the destruction caused to it last battle. They ran off and the announcer announced Jacob and Nick to the battle field.

“Yeah, I just hope I picked the right team,” answered Nick.

“I think you have a fine team.”

“I know, but I have none of my powerhouse teams. What if I can’t use just skill on this battle? What if this guy is packin’ pokemon that have unbelievable strength?” so many questions ran thru Nick’s mind.

“Don’t worry about it, you have the heart and that’s all that matters,” Derrick patted his brother on the back, “Now go get ‘em!”

Nick staggered onto the field, looking at every face in the crowd. He noticed Jason, Aunt Ivy, and his mom all watching in their front row seats. Professor Elm was there, sitting along a man that Nick had never seen before, dressed like Elm but with white hair and a bit older. Shadow and Derrick took their seats next to Ms. Dunbar.

Nick took a deep breath and cancelled them out of his thoughts. He focused ahead, looking into the eyes of his opponent. His red pants with matching shirt and hair gave out an appearance different from his attitude.

Nick finally reached the end of the grass field where he would stand to call out his commands to his pokemon throughout the battle. Nick swapped sweat away from his face as the red dial on the titan-tron overhead started to spin to determine who had to send out their pokemon first.

The dial slowly reached the point where it was almost in the middle of each trainer but with a little more push left in it, the dial stopped on Nick.

“Alright then, Nick Dunbar from Valencia Island v.s Jacob Boseff from Ilex Forest. No time limit and each trainer may use three pokemon until there are no farther more to battle with. Nick Dunbar, send out yours first and then let the battle begin,” the referee stated the rules clearly as possible for the young trainers.

“Phanpy, It’s your turn to shine for me!” declared Nick, releasing a poke ball from his hands and letting his red and baby blue long-nosed pokemon out.

“Alright then, let’s bring out the advantage pokemon, Jolteon go!” shouted Jacob.

Out came a yellow and white spiked pokemon with a look of determination on its face.

“Advantage means nothing in this battle buddy,” Nick smiled as he taunted his opponent.

Jolteon darted off first, charging towards Phanpy. Jolteon tried numerous Tackle attacks but Phanpy was able to dodge them all. Jolteon swung its head and head butted Phanpy, sending the long-nosed pokemon flying across the grass field.

Phanpy stood up and stood strong. “Phanpy, use your Rollout!”

Phanpy jumped up into the air and landed in a ball. The pokemon started to roll on the field with great speed, sending pieces of grass flying into the air behind him.

“Jolteon, dodge it!” Jacob ordered and watched as Jolteon did just that. The spiked pokemon jumped high over the rolling Phanpy but the Rollout attack was just starting. Phanpy hooked a U-turn and came back for its opponent.

“Pin Missile,” called out Jacob.

Jolteon braced itself and let out a dozen flying white sparks towards Phanpy. The attack hit Phanpy but bounced off from the effect of Rollout. Phanpy was able to catch Jolteon off guard on this and suddenly the two collided together, resulting with Jolteon on the ground and not wanting to get up.

“Come on, Thunder Wave!” shouted Jacob.

Jolteon slowly stood up while charging up the electricity flowing through its body.

A surge of Thunder Wave went flying across the grass field at the rolling Phanpy. The attack did just the same as Pin Missile and bounced off, getting cancelled out as it hit the ground afterwards.

“Take Down!” Nick called out quickly.

Phanpy stopped the Rollout Attack and got leverage off the muscle in its legs. Phanpy rammed into Jolteon with all the force within its body, knocking Jolteon into a deep sleep.

“Phanpy is the winner!” shouted the referee. The announcer started to yell stuff out about how Phanpy did such a great job and how Jolteon put up a great fight.

“Alright, that was a great battle Nick. Let’s see how you can handle this one,” Jacob smiled.

His poke ball opened up and a small blue and white pokemon came out. A white, hard rock thing laid across its head and the pokemon’s teeth were huge.

“A Bagon, I read some stuff about them. Powerful dragon type, let’s get this one out of our way too Phanpy!” shouted Nick.

Bagon started off with a full sprinted run. The pokemon must have had lots of muscle and strength in its legs to run that quickly. Phanpy had no time to prepare and decided to use Take Down on Bagon, thinking no pokemon could stand up to the Take Down attack.

Bagon used Skull Bash, letting a loud crack roar above the shouting crowd watching the battle. Phanpy rolled back in confusion, getting knocked so hard it thought it was a Tailow and tried to fly.

Bagon was laughing at Phanpy for thinking it could stand up to Bagon’s great-self.

“Phanpy, don’t give in. Rollout!” ordered Nick. Phanpy curled up into a ball and took off in a rolling way, headed right for Bagon.

“Piece of cake, Ember!” said Jacob.

A long line of fire came exploding from Bagon’s small mouth. The fire ripped the air and burnt the grass that crossed its path. The fire didn’t bounce off the Rollout Attack like Jolteon’s attacks did, one reason being that Phanpy was going as fast because of exhaustion getting to it.

The Ember attack fried Phanpy up on all sides and when the attack was done, Nick had an elephant sausage to take care of.

05-11-2004, 08:16 PM
The tournament is great so far KC, I can tell these battles are going to be some of the best ever! I also have a pretty good idea as to who the man in the white coat is, at least I now know where Nick will be travelling to next! Keep up the good work KC, this story is very inspirational.

05-13-2004, 01:13 AM
Chapter 49 continued…

The scent of competition was in the air by now. The battle was heating up and both trainers seemed to be urging for a victory. Nick’s second choice in this match-up was now standing up against a feisty Bagon.

“Hitmontop, its been awhile but I think we can get this V! Now let’s show ‘em a Rapid Spin!” Nick shouted out.

Hitmontop jumped up high and landed on the pointy tip of its head. The incredible martial arts pokemon spun at a rapid pace, letting its legs fly for protection and attacking. Bagon started to back away but Jacob made sure his pokemon would face the problem head on by using Dragon Claw.

Bagon’s claw glew white and was focused on Hitmontop. The three feet coming out of Hitmontop’s body were spinning rapidly and with the force of the Dragon Claw, Bagon’s attack decided to fail but also knocked Hitmontop off course… sending it right to Nick!

Hitmontop kicked Nick in the stomach and they both fell to the ground. The whole crowd was laughing as Jacob tried to make sure his pokemon was ok as well. Hitmontop gave off a little smile. Nick was super embarrassed and decided to return his Hitmontop. He reached for another poke ball and brought out Electrike, his green and yellow electric pokemon.

“Nick Dunbar has recalled Hitmontop and sent out his Electrike!” announced the announce.

“Electrike, let’s try not to screw up,” Nick laughed, looking at the crowd still laughing at him.

“Ember attack Bagon!” commanded Jacob.

Bagon let out a fire blast that spread across the arena. The blast came in low and Electrike was able to jump over the blast.

“Thunderbolt!” shouted Nick.

The electric blast surged from Electrike’s body and hit Bagon in the head, causing little damage because of the rocky part making up its head and skull.

“Agility!” Jacob said.

Bagon ran with great speed, dodging every Thunderbolt come its way.

“Electrike, try a Thunder Wave!” shouted Nick.

A blue wave of electricity floated through the air and caught Bagon right as it stopped running to see what was going on. The attack paralyzed Bagon greatly and now there was no stopping Electrike!

The quick, green and yellow pokemon charged towards its opponent and used Quick Attack.

“Bagon is unable to continue, Electrike is the winner!” the referee said.

Nick couldn’t help but to smile as he knew he had one more pokemon to use then Jacob did. Jacob threw out his pokeball, showing a new pokemon known to Nick. Red and orange towered over on the pokemons feathers, standing a few feet tall but with power that would make it seven feet tall to the opponents.

“Meet my Combusken, my first pokemon my father gave me!” grunted Jacob, acting as tough as a ford truck.

“That’s nothing, let it have a Thunder Wave attack.”

Jacob’s fire pokemon jumped high into the air before Electrike even got off its attack. When the blue, lightning type attack soared thru the air, Combusken dropped to the ground to be missed by the attack. Then from there Combusken acted as if it were a rocket and shot off towards Electrike, bring its legs back for a huge Double Kick attack.

The kick hit Electrike so hard that the pokemon fainted with the impact. The battle was now over for Electrike.

Nick sweated harder while returning his Electrike to his pokeball. He knew he should of gone with Blastoise, especially if this Combusken was that good.

“Hitmontop, I hope your ready for this one,” whispered Nick as he let go of his pokeball.

“Here’s Hitmontop for a second time… Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out the same way as last time!” the announcer gave off a little chuckle, just creating more tension in Nick.

“Combusken, Flamethrower!” ordered Jacob.

Combusken let out a strong fire blast that was totally amazing. Hitmontop used lots of force between its three legs and boasted itself up into the sky.

“Rolling Kick!” directed Nick.

Hitmontop spun sideways in the air and came down with a foot to Combusken’s head. The pain shocked the true fighter and Hitmontop felt like it was back on top.

“Don’t stop now baby! Triple Kick!” yelled Nick.

Hitmontop ran at full blast towards Combusken. “Use your Sky Uppercut!” shouted Jacob.

Combusken’s bulky fist lifted back in the air and swung up towards the incoming Hitmontop. Using pure quickness, Hitmontop turned in the air and landed on its head, missing the Sky Uppercut coming in from Combusken. Hitmontop spun and kicked Combusken twice for the knock out and once for the payback on Jacob and his Bagon for making him look like a fool.

“Combusken is out! Nick Dunbar and Hitmontop are the winners!” screamed the referee, shouting over the crowd the best he could. The crowd was giving Nick and applause for the great battle and for Jacob who put up a great battle as well and stood his ground.

“You’re a great trainer Jacob,” Nick smiled.

“Your just as great, but don‘t forget this thing isn’t over!” winked Jacob, walking off the grass battle field which they both started their dreams to their Silver Conference titles…

05-20-2004, 12:22 AM
I'm sorry their hasnt been an update lately but I promise I'll get one up here soon! Its kinda hard making up a battle every chapter for the Silver Conference so I also need to think of some fillers in between battles and plus the next battle will take awhile to do because it will be one awesome water battle!

Here's some titles of upcoming chapters (could change):

Chapter 50- Extra Water Please!
Chapter 51- Advancing with...Sara!
Chapter 52- The Long Awaited Battle- Nick v.s Matthew!
Chapter 53- Sister and Brothers Meet Again!
Chapter 54- Cousin and Cousin, Fist and Fist!
Chapter 55- Jason and Nick, the Good Times!

That's all for now, give you some hints about the Silver Conference.

05-22-2004, 12:22 AM
Chapter 50- Extra Water Please!

A Starmie, Seel, Walrein, and other awesome water type pokemons swam about in the small tank reserved especially for water type pokemon. Nick leaned against the railing surrounding the tank as Jason came up and leaned against it as well.

“Ready for you next battle?” he asked.

“Not really, not sure which pokemon to use and I only have 30 minutes until I have to summit my line-up to the administration of Pokemon Battles,” Nick worried.

“Which pokemon you have so far?” asked Jason.

“I got Horsea,” Nick nodded at his pokemon as it swam up to a strong looking Starmie. The purple star pokemon ran right into Horsea and knocked it pretty hard.

“I figure that she’ll use her Geodude since she thinks I’ll use electric types on her water so the secret is I wont use an electric pokemon. Really I don’t know which pokemon I want though,” shrugged Nick.

The Starmie started to bicker about Horsea running into it instead of the other way around. Horsea shot back its attitude towards the situation and before you knew it, ink was being shot out of Horsea’s mouth at the Starmie’s precious jewel.

The Starmie shot a mind blowing Water Gun and knocked Horsea to the edge of the small pool. The other water pokemons were surrounding them in a circle and started to shout on who they wanted to win the fight. Horsea started to glow white.

“Return Horsea!” screamed Nick. A red beam caught Horsea and the small pokemon was sucked up inside its pokeball.

“Geez, what was Horsea thinking! It could of got me banned for fighting with other members of the Silver Conference!” Nick shouted while looking at his pokeball. “You should of just let them fight, that Horsea of yours has potential. It probably would of gave that Starmie a lesson it deserved,” Jason smirked.

“There is nothing wrong with my Horsea!” barked back a furious trainer. Her fire red hair glew in the sunlight and her swimming suit sparkled with purple glitter as she returned her Starmie.

“Krisi! Long time no see!” Nick shouted, happy to see her after they departed in the Whirl Islands.

“Its good to see you again! Ready for our battle?” she asked.

“Been ready,” lied Nick.

“I’ll see you in a hour,” she smiled as she walked away.

Nick started to walk off in a different direction. “GOOD LUCK!” Jason smirked.

Nick knew he was going to have to make up an awesome line-up. He decided on his next pokemon he would choose for this match-up. Until the idea was knocked out of his head by a flying pokemon that rammed into his head. He went flying down to the ground and was pinned by a face full of Butterfree.

“Get off of me!” shouted Nick, thinking he was being attack by the Boogie-free Man. He pushed the Butterfree off of him until he looked into the pokemons eyes. “Is that you buddy?”

The Butterfree couldn’t help but to smile in its own ‘Butterfree’ way. Nick apologized for pushing it and was glad to see his friend once more since it left to breed. “What about one more battle buddy?” asked Nick. Butterfree fluttered with joy.

By the time Nick arrived at the scene of the water field, the care-keepers of the field…or water for this matter… were cleaning up from the last battle and making sure the next competition between Nick and Krisi was ready to take off.

This was it. Nick needed this win for the advancing opportunity to get to the final bracket round.

05-24-2004, 11:53 PM
Chapter 50 continued…

The pool of water was a stunning sight. The water was reflecting with beauty from the glorious sun. This was a great day to have a battle and Nick was ready.

All his buddies were in the stands and looked down at the trainer from Valencia island. He had carefully picked his pokemon for this battle and what a job he thought he did. He always kept in mind that he could only use 3 pokemon for this one battle.

Earlier on, Krisi won against Jacob, making pressure on Nick because he could secure his spot in the final bracket round if he won this next battle.

The red dial on the titan-tron overhead the stadium spun around until it landed on Krisi, making her pick the first pokemon of this match-up.

Five white, circular platforms floated about in the water, everything else was wet which didn’t mean good for Nick. Krisi pulled a pokeball out from a blue bag next to her feet. The pokeball soared in the air and let out a pokemon on the platform.

The pokemon had a rough and jagged texture, taking a form of a rock. “GEODUDE!”

Nick didn’t understand why she would choose a rock pokemon. If he sent out an electric type then maybe she would but why would she when she knows he could send out a water type? So many questions came unanswered to Nick and he knew what he had to do. Phanpy came out of its pokeball and Nick believed in his little buddy.

“Phanpy, watch out for the water okay?” Phanpy nodded to Nick. “We are going to use power moves to try and knock Geodude into the water.”

Geodude took the first move and charged towards Phanpy, jumped on two platforms to get to its opponent. “Phanpy, jump to the platform on the left!” called out Nick.

Phanpy used the small power in its legs to transfer from one platform to another. Geodude missed Phanpy and now it was the long-nosed pokemons turn.

"Phanpy, use Swift attack!" ordered Nick.
Phanpy let out a stream of stars towards Geodude. The rock pokemon easily dodged the attack by moving to another platform. Phanpy got mad and went after its opponent.

"Geodude, use Rock Throw!"

Krisi had trained this Geodude to have great speed because Phanpy couldn't move around nearly as well as Geodude was. The powerful arms of Geodude glew white before letting out a blistering lot of rocks. Phanpy quickly curled up into a ball on Nick's command and used Defense Curl. Rocks hurled its way at Phanpy and knocked it pretty hard. Phanpy, however, was able to keep balance on the platform and was now angered.

"Phanpy, use Rollout!" Nick said, even though he knew that would be hard to do.

Phanpy created lots of speed as it cruised from platform to platform, getting to Geodude. The rock pokemon was surprised Phanpy even made it over to him and before Geodude knew any better, Phanpy had just cracked its skull with one shattering hit.

Geodude didn't feel a lot, having a rocky texture saved it a bit but its balance was knocked off greatly and off Geodude fell... right into the water.

The rock pokemon struggled to get free of the overflowing water but even Geodude couldn't stand up to it. "Geodude, return!" Krisi ordered as the referee raised his flag for Phanpy's victory.

“Great job Phanpy, let’s try to get this next one as well!” congratulated Nick. This battle was just getting started.

“Alright Nick, your doing a great job but let’s see how you handle this one,” she gave a huge grin off.

Suddenly, the pokeball in her hand opened up and a small gray flying pokemon appeared in the sky. “Crobat,” whispered Nick. He wondered why she didn’t use a water pokemon against Phanpy. Crobat was her last chance for a non-water pokemon according to her stats on the computer in his hotel room.

“Crobat, use Poison Fang,” she called out.

Crobat swooped down from the high heavens with its jaw opened wide. Phanpy started to jump from platform to platform and Crobat decided it wasn’t up to the speed.

“That’s alright buddy, try a Supersonic!” yelled Krisi.

Long and screeching sound waves came flooding out of Crobat’s mouth. The waves hit Phanpy and instantly took effect by making Phanpy totally confused. Phanpy wobbled back and forth in confusion and almost went right off the platform! Luckily for itself and Nick, Phanpy wobbled back into the middle of the platform before Krisi decided to make Crobat try a Wing Attack.

The batty pokemon came in at a deep slope, clipping Phanpy hard with its left wing. The long-nosed pokemon went flying right off the platform and got itself into a mess in the water which it obviously didn’t like.

“Ah no! Phanpy!” Nick was stunned, the Crobat was clearly trained well to end the battle with such graceful moves.
“That’s alright, great job buddy,” Nick returned his pokemon. He tried to think which pokemon would do better against this pokemon and he knew that his next choice could get the job done without a doubt.

“Let’s go Horsea!”

Nick’s little blue water pokemon came out of its pokeball and landed in the water where Phanpy had fallen in at. There was just one problem with this picture. Horsea was a different color…Horsea wasn’t Horsea.

05-29-2004, 11:11 PM
Chapter 50 continued...

A longer snout, a bigger body, a darker shade of blue, a more intriguing pokemon Horsea was now. “A Seadra?” Nick thought.

Suddenly, Nick remembered the fued Horsea had with Krisi’s Starmie earlier on. Whenever he went to return Horsea it was glowing white... or evolving in other words.

“Alright! You’re the best Seadra! Let’s bring this one in for the team!” Nick kept shouting remarks.

Seadra stared down the Crobat that floated overhead. “Wing Attack!” Krisi commanded first.

The Crobat came swooping down from the high skies and aimed for the targeted Seadra. “Go underwater,” ordered Nick. Crobat’s left wing slashed the water but didn’t get any of Seadra who went deep down into the water.

“Stop hiding!” Krisi said out of frustration. “Bubble!” Nick said, trying to end this as soon as possible.

Light and small, white bubbles came slashing thru the surface of the cold water, nailing Crobat in the right wing and making it come down to the dangerous waters. Just before Crobat hit the water, Krisi helped it get focused and turn the fall into a Bite attack.

“Smokescreen!” yelled Nick.

Seadra poked its head up out of the water and let out a thick, black gust of smoke at Crobat’s face, making it miss its target. Crobat hit the water and was now vulnerable to any oncoming attacks from Seadra.

“Ok buddy, Tackle!” Nick wanted this battle to end right now.

Seadra went slashing into the water as it headed towards the hurt Crobat. As Seadra approached, Crobat some how figured a way to get into the air and lock its nasty jaws into Seadra’s back pillars. Seadra cried out in pain and dived down underwater. Perfect plan for Crobat wouldn’t be able to last a second in the water... then again, the Bite attack would take a serious effect on Seadra.

“Use Twister!” Nick kept the commands up.

Seadra sucked up the pain and started to spin around as fast as possible. A small swirl started to develop in the water and the faster Seadra went the larger and faster the swirl went. Finally, Crobat was swung off of Seadra’s back pillar and sent twirling around in the Twister made up by Seadra. Crobat was shot up into the air and quickly fell back down onto a hard platform. Crobat had taken enough damage.

“Seadra is the winner!” the referee declared Crobat unable to continue.

Krisi furiously grabbed her pokeball and returned her flying and poison pokemon. A red beam sucked up Crobat and that was the last of her non-water pokemon. Luckily for Nick, he still had two pokemon left and one of them was a mean and lean fighting machine.

“Let’s do this Starmie,” Krisi softly whispered to her pokeball as it soared through the air and let out a purple star-shaped pokemon just before it hit the surface of the water. The pokemon had an awesome red jewel in the intersections of the five spread out limbs making the star.

“It’s the same Starmie from before... Sorry Seadra, I have to do what I have to do,” Nick said, reaching for his lureball and waiting for the red beam to suck Seadra back into its original ball.

“Why would you return your Seadra?” Krisi called out across the battle field.

“I got something else for ya,” Nick smiled as he threw a pokeball high into the sky. The pokeball opened up with a small, purple, flying pokemon. The pokemon’s wings shinned brightly with the sun, sparkling with amazement.

“A Butterfree? Are you for real?” Krisi laughed, showing that non-beautiful side of her when battles get down’ n’ dirty. Nick just smiled at her remark.

Starmie started off by going deep down into the pool of water. Butterfree was ready for any oncoming attacks. The water was very calm and still and the crowd seemed to be asleep or nervous about the upcoming attacks from Starmie because it was dead silent.

“We are just going to have to be patient on this one Butterfree,” said Nick.

“WHOOSH!” the water bursted with impact as Starmie flew out of the depths of the pool and spun towards Butterfree. The little butterfly pokemon was hit in the abdomen by Starmie. After feeling the effects of the Rapid Spin attack, Butterfree was left to watch as Starmie went back under the water to await another good time to attack once again.

“Butterfree, just watch-,” started Nick.

Starmie came out of the water once again and did the same move! Butterfree dropped from the sky a little from feeling so bad from the wicked hits.

“Butterfree!” screamed Nick to get his pokemon’s attention. He raised his hand in the air and wiggled his fingers as if it was a mist of a waterfall. Then Nick closed his eyes and acted like he was asleep. Butterfree nodded to this.

Butterfree started to release a misty Sleep Powder from its gorgeous wings. The powder spread across the pool of water, awaiting for Starmie to come up. Krisi realized this, “Don’t come up!”

To late! Starmie was on its way back up to hit Butterfree once again. As soon as Starmie broke thru the surface, it caught a whiff of the Sleep Powder. The attack instantly took place but with quick and smart thinking, Starmie dove back into the water.

“Dang it!” shouted Nick, knowing the attack wouldn’t work since Starmie could wash the powder off in the water. “Fly higher so that Starmie can’t reach you then wait for my orders!”

Butterfree did as it was told. It flew high into the sky to the level where Starmie most likely couldn’t get to. Of course, if it could then Butterfree was ready to go higher up.

Starmie came back up! It shot up like a bullet out of a gun barrel. Starmie was coming fast and quick but once it got ten feet away from Nick’s Butterfree, it started to fall again. Butterfree was to high!

“Silver Wind!” ordered Nick.

A silver gust started to spark from Butterfree’s fast flapping wings. Quick and sharp winds struck Starmie and blew it off course of the water, making it land on a platform harshly.

“Alright buddy, use Tackle to end this,” smiled Nick.

Butterfree did just as it was told. It dove down from the heavenly skies and aimed for Starmie. The purple star pokemon got up to quickly though! Starmie was furious and wanted revenge more then anything else. It started to spin rapidly and took off into the sky towards the incoming Butterfree.

Both pokemon collided in the sky and both took the same amount of harsh damage. The crowd was going nuts and couldn’t believe their eyes. What a sharp Starmie Krisi raised and what a super Butterfree Nick had trained throughout most of Johto. This battle wouldn’t be forgotten.

Butterfree hit its head on the edge of a platform as it fell from the sky. Starmie hit the water just as hard. This battle was one of the most memorable experiences of the Silver Conference Triangle Battle Round!

06-08-2004, 05:07 PM
:happy: :razz: Hey what's up man. I'm sorry i haven't read been able to keep up reading your fanfics, i have been pretty busy studying for the SAT's and working. I really like your last chapter it is very unique. Keep up the great work!! :biggrin: :wink:

06-08-2004, 05:32 PM
Thanks for the comment. It means a lot and I promise to bring Chapter 51- Advancing with...Sara! later on today or tomorrow.

06-28-2004, 08:12 PM
--KCash-> OK, I'll apologize now. I have been sicker then Michael Jackson at a playground for two weeks. Then I couldn't go and get this chapter off another computer of mine for another week so that's whats been taking so long. With that said, finally this chapter is here... but the battle won't be up for awhile... still haven't gotten that off my other computer. I hope you enjoy, and for those that are actually reading.. please reply!

Chapter 51- Advancing with Sara!

Sixteen trainers surrounded one another in the middle of the Silver Conference's main Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy typed on her green, wide-screened computer as she finished the bracket for the tournament. Many trainers were eliminated throughout the triangle rounds and now only the best were left, among those Nick, as well as his cousin Jason and friend Matthew.

They all waited anxiously as a gigantic screen looked over them. With a sudden flash on the screen, the brackets were up and showed each trainer who their next opponent would be.
"I can't even get up there," Nick sighed, trying to push thru the crowd.

Everyone pushed their way up to the front as Nick was left behind. Suddenly, a familiar face ran right into Nick. "We meet again buddy."

"Yeah, I guess we need to stop running into each other like this," Nick slightly laughed, trying to be as humorous as possible towards Sara.

"No, I mean on the battle field," Sara pointed to the board above them.

"Looks like I face you tomorrow," she smiled. Nick was in shock, he couldn't believe he was facing her of all people. He just hoped her looks and kindness wouldn't be his fault in the match up.

"I'll see you on the field," Nick mumbled as Sara walked off.

Nick walked his way over to the front counter of the center and handed over his pokeballs to Nurse Joy. As Joy tried to tell Nick what time to pick up his pokemon, he was busy wondering about his upcoming battle.

His shoes clicked with each step as he walked up the stairs leading to his hotel room. He finally arrived on the red carpeted hallway and found his room. He brought out his key but then noticed the door was already unlocked. He pressed his hand against the handle and turned it, letting himself in. His brother, Derrick, was laying on the couch and watching some reruns of the famous Survivor: Pokemon Island.

Nick went straight to his computer and started to type in for Sara's Pokemon Sheet. He looked at her pokemon and studied it hard. He knew he was going to have to bring out his best team. Not just the most powerfulest pokemon he has but the ones he trusted the most. He was going to need it all for this battle. Sara's team had been evolving and she had captured some new, hard-headed pokemon since they last saw each other.

Nick remembered her Electabuzz she used against Whitney's Miltank (Chapter 23 for those keeping track). He knew she would use Electabuzz because not only was it her strongest, she probably thought Nick was going to use Blastoise. He quickly ran over to his stash of pokeballs. He placed some on the transporter tray and with the click of a button, they were sent to Professor Ivy's lab for some other source of help.

Nick quickly started to put together his team. He decided to put in some small pokemon that could pack a powerful punch if needed. He also knew he needed speed and some dominance on the battle field. He made a phone call to Shawn at Professor Ivy’s lab, getting all his pokemon he would need for this battle.


The sun shined brightly thru the blue curtains in the small bedroom. Nick rubbed his eyes and opened them to the new day that awaited him. Quickly he jumped up, knocking Shadow off the end of the bed. He hurried to throw on all his clothes. This was a big day for him, the Top 16 would be competing for their chance at fame.

Nick would certainly be among them and he believed that no one could get by him. Even if it meant going up against Sara.

Nick raced to the kitchen so he could get his breakfast in fast. He didn’t have long before his battle because he was the second battle of the day. Derrick was just waking up, wondering what Nick was so excited about. Of course, he had stayed up so late last night watching television that he hardly remembered they were at the Silver Conference.

“You’ll be at my battle?” Nick said, swallowing the drop of orange juice.

“Sure bro, just let me get dressed and I’ll go down there with you here in a sec,” Derrick said, searching the refrigerator for something to eat.

Suddenly, Derrick turned around to see Shadow’s black tail go swooping around the door as the wooden frame was closed with impact. Nick was already off even at this time of the day.

“He has the passion I once had,” Derrick smiled. “And that’s what is going to get him where he wants to be.”

06-28-2004, 09:43 PM
Hi KC! Good to see more of your fic again. Sorry to hear about you being ill, but I'm glad you are better. I can't wait to see the battle, it's going to be so cool! But will he win? I hope so! Nice touch with Derrick at the end. I hope to read more soon KC, keep it up!

06-29-2004, 06:44 PM
alright, QOAC is back! please post more soon kc!

07-02-2004, 02:33 AM
Chapter 51 continued…

The sun was shining far off on the distant sky. The air was clean but smelt of competition. There could be no better day for battling then this day.

Nick Dunbar sat on a wooden bench underneath a red and white stripped tent. Next to him was Derrick and Shadow. This was his last few moments before the battle would get under way. First thing that happened was the battle field changes.

On the titan-tron that stood above the crowd, a small dial spun around and around with four markings on the sides. Each represented a different kind of battle field. Among those were an ice battle field, the one Nick least wanted for this battle.

The dial slowly stopped and then signaled with a tone that the battle field had been selected. That’s when the battle field itself started to come up from within the grounds below. This platform had a small circle in the middle, laid with short grass. Around the circle, covering the rest of the battle field, was tall and a dark green shade of grass.

A small sound interrupted Nick’s thoughts and turned his attention back to the titan-tron. He noticed that another red dial was spinning around, with a picture of both Nick and Sara on the sides. The dial slowed down before stopping on Sara.

“Well ladies and gents, its time for this battle to begin!” screamed the announcer over the intercom. “Nick and Sara may now approach the grass battle field on which they will be battling on!”

Nick nodded to Derrick before him and Shadow took their place next to the battle field. Sara stared them down in a friendly way on the other end.

“Sara may choose her first pokemon when she is ready,” declared the referee, gathering his green and red flags for the battle.

Sara already had her pokeball in her hand and was ready to start off this battle. She quickly threw her pokeball up into the air where it opened up at. A red beam game gleaming out of the pokeball and started to develop its shape on the battle field. A small yellow and purple pokemon appeared. It had big, bold eyes and looked like it was well trained by Sara.

“That’s her Delcatty, I know this is a tough one so I think you’re the right one for the job buddy. So just go and give it your best,” Nick talked to his pokeball before he threw it onto the ground.

The pokeball opened up, releasing Nick’s choice for the match-up against Delcatty. Out came a burst of fire from the pokemons head and lower back side. Quilava was pumped for the battle and was definitely ready to prove itself in front of the crowd.

Nick took a deep breath. This is what being a pokemon trainer was all about. The rush of excitement, thinking and making the right decisions at the right time, and knowing the right moves to make because in this league, the wrong move could cost you the battle.

“Delcatty, its all up to you buddy. Let’s take down this fire mouse,” Sara said, trying to put confidence in her pokemon.

“Quilava, let’s roast this opponent,” smirked Nick.

Even throughout this, Nick and Sara both knew they would remain friends and that’s what brought excitement to the battle.

Nick and Sara gave each other a wink before Quilava and Delcatty darted towards one another.

“Quick Attack,” Sara called out.

“Agility,” Nick decided to use defense then offense to start out this one.

Delcatty tried to use its strength and speed to ram into Quilava but the fire mouse was just to fast. Quilava bounced around on the grass field, taking some breaks in between running by hiding in the tall grass. Delcatty seemed lost and that made a bad impression on Sara.

“Quilava, stay right where you are and when the time comes, use your Flamethrower,” Nick said, seeing Quilava in the tall grass where Dalcatty couldn’t see him.

Delcatty acted like it had heard something in the grass. With quick movement, Delcatty spun itself around, facing away from Quilava.

That was the time to attack and that’s just was Quilava did. A hot, flaming blast of fire burnt the grass in front of Quilava. The flamethrower attack kept spiraling towards its destination and torched everything in its path.

With a small blink, Delcatty used its muscles deep within its hind legs to jump high off into the sky. The Flamethrower attack burnt a small path in the grass field, leaving nothing but smoking grass behind. Up above Delcatty was quickly dropping from where it was saved by being burnt to a crisp.

“Now! Quick Attack,” ordered Nick.

Quilava wasted no time and darted off towards Delcatty. Falling from the sky, there was nothing Delcatty could do but to land. Just inches before touching the earth’s soil once more, Quilava rammed into Delcatty like a bullet train hitting a tricycle.

Delcatty flew across the field before finally landing back down onto earth. Sara fought herself not to run out onto the field to make sure Delcatty was ok. Unluckily for her, she could go and see if Delcatty was ok because the referee quickly rose up the green flag, signaling that Delcatty was out and Quilava was the winner.

Nick gave off a large smile but didn’t get to excited. He knew this battle wasn’t going to be this easy for they still had five of Sara’s pokemon to get past. “Quilava, that was a great job. Let’s go and get this next one buddy,” Nick kept faith in his pokemon.

Sara finished returning her Delcatty and now focused on her next choice. She knew she had to bring out a pokemon that could stand up to the heat of this battle. She knew just the one…

“Bring it out Lairon!” smiled Sara like she had something up her sleeve.

She threw out her pokeball, releasing a silver monster at a meter tall and carrying around 120 Kg worth of weight. The pokemon walked on all fours and had a mean look in its face. Lairon’s eyes gleamed with a blue light and spikes stuck up down its spine. Jaws clinched down and feet hammered into the soil. Lairon would be a tough match up for most pokemon, but as for Quilava, advantage was definitely on its side.

“You saw how powerful Quilava’s fire attacks are,” Nick shouted to Sara. “So why bring out a steel type that has a heavy disadvantage against fire types?”

Nick couldn’t figure out this one but didn’t think he needed too. Quilava could take care of itself in any situation.

“You seem to have quite to collection of Hoenn pokemon. I can’t wait to see what you are seeing in this Lairon,” Nick continued to make conversation before the battle got underway.

“I’ll be glad to show you,” Sara smiled.

Quilava arched its back, ready to take off or let off a torching blast on Nick’s command. “Flamethrower,” whispered Nick to his pokemon.

Quilava was ready to attack and it only took a second before the flamethrower was streaming out of Quilava’s mouth and being sent on its way towards Lairon.

“Double Team,” said Sara.

Lairon instantly developed into six…seven… eight of itself! The speed was incredible for such a big and bulky pokemon. The Flamethrower attack hit the middle Lairon but nothing happened. Quilava then managed to move the flow of the attack and made it go to the right. Each Lairon disappeared with the hit of the fire.

Four Lairon’s stood standing now, but only one of them was the real deal. Quilava quit using Flamethrower, feeling to weak to use up a lot of fire power.

“Lairon, use Earthquake!” ordered Sara. All the Lairon’s disappeared except for one, who stood up on its hind legs before heavily falling down on the grass field harshly. The field had sent the Earthquake attack right to Quilava. The attack streamed underneath the ground of Quilava, shaking it up quite badly.

“Take Down,” demanded Sara.

Lairon took off like a bullet and so quickly took down Quilava. Nick never saw the attack coming, such power and such speed… that kind of combo could be defying.

Quilava was now pinned to the ground by Lairon. The big iron armor pokemon stood on top of Quilava, which brought real pain since Lairon weighed so much.

Lairon had total control and Quilava was definitely in no position to win this battle. Nick had to think of something before he had to return Quilava back to his pokeball.

“Ah! I got it!” Nick yelled to himself. “Quilava, I think its getting a little OVERHEATed in here.”

Nick gave a wink and like that Quilava started to save up its energy for the attack. Lairon got ready to use some sort of attack that Sara called out. Quilava had no choice but to hope for the best.

“LAVVVAAAAA!” screamed the fire mouse. Quilava’s flames on the tip of its head and back roared and flamed up around Lairon and itself. Fire spun around them and kept growing until it had surrounded the entire battle field. A ball of fire seemed like it was coming up from the ground itself and torching the battle field.

The light from the fire could be seen a mile away, even in the middle of the day. Slowly, the fire started to vanish and smoke started to rise. As the fire disappeared into the daylight skies, one pokemon remained standing. Quilava stood above the best.

Lairon was scrolled out on its back, fainted like none other. Quilava’s body slowly stopped glowing red and orange and the fire on Quilava’s body started to return back to its normal state.

“Dang, I wanted to use the tall grass to my advantage later on in the battle,” sighed Nick, looking at the short grass that was smoking from the Overheat attack.

Sara returned Lairon, stunned at what just happened. “I can’t believe it Nick. I’ve seen it all. Sadly, Quilava is giving me a hard time so I have no choice but to get rid of it right now,” Sara grabbed a blue pokeball with a bit of red stripping on it. A Lure Ball.

Nick sighed,“Hope you have enough energy for this one buddy.”

07-03-2004, 02:28 PM
This is such an amazing battle so far KC, and I love it when Quilava uses Overheat. I can hardly believe that Quilava took down Delcatty and Lairon, but something tells me the next one won't be so easy...

Good luck with the next part KC, I can't wait to read it!

07-07-2004, 05:58 AM
--KCash-> Well you know what I say, You reply-I update. So that's what I did for you viewers. Please reply to tell me what you think about the first half of the battle and what I need to improve on in the future Silver Conference battles.

Chapter 52- Advancing Without Sara!

The lure ball had opened up and right away Nick knew that Quilava was going to have to be quick and focused. The Poliwag she had once owned had evolved into an even stronger pokemon. White fists clinching, navy blue skin as silky as silk itself, and a swirl on the pokemon’s stomach as if it was to hypnotize its opponent.

“Quick Attack!” Nick hurried to start things off.

“Poliwhirl, use Bubblebeam,” Sara yelled.

Poliwhirl held up both hands and out poured small, blue bubbles. They darted across the field towards Quilava. The fire mouse ran left to right, dodging each attack coming towards him. Quilava made his way up close to Poliwhirl.

“Use Fire Spin,” ordered Nick.

Quilava opened its mouth wide and braced itself for a heavy duty, all out attack. Fire burned inside Quilava as he found the right feeling to release a Fire Spin at Poliwhirl. Fire started to come flowing out until…

“Qua! Qua!” coughed Quilava.

Black smoke emptied out of Quilava’s mouth, signaling that Overheat took more then just almost all of Quilava’s energy. Poliwhirl smiled, knowing this was the chance.

“Water Gun!” said Sara. Poliwhirl did just that and a single shot of Water Gun came flowing out of the middle of the swirl around Poliwhirl’s stomach. The water sent Quilava flying backwards at Nick.

Quilava hit the ground head first in front of his trainer and was surely out cold by this point. “Great job buddy, when this battle is over I have some of those berries you like so much,” comforted Nick, returning and thanking his pokemon for going through so much in this battle.

“Hope you have something that can defeat my Poliwhirl. That Quilava was just a minor set back,” smiled Sara. Nick wanted to start yelling at her but he knew this was just her battle side and that away from the battle field so was as sweet as sugar.

“Let’s take this one out Electrike,” whispered Nick.

He let go of his pokeball, replacing Quilava’s pokeball back onto his belt. The red and white sphere opened up high in the air. Out came a small green and yellow pokemon, sharp teeth and sharp attitude. Nick was hoping that his electric type could beat this Poliwhirl.

“Double Slap!” Sara ordered, catching Nick off guard.

Electrike, however, was ready for the attack and used Agility to get away. Poliwhirl chased after Electrike but the quickness of Electrike was far greater then Poliwhirls.

“Give it a Spark attack!” said Nick.

Electrike started to shoot off small electric bolts into the air, falling down all around Poliwhirl. With the last few coming down, Poliwhirl was hit by three of them. This wasn’t going to be enough though.

“Poliwhirl, use Body Slam,” demanded Sara.

Poliwhirl lept into the air, aiming to come down on Electrike belly first. “Thunderbolt!” shouted Nick very quickly.

Electrike let out a huge bolt of lightning from its body. The attack took aim at Poliwhirl and made the water pokemon see circling stars. The electric attack did major damage to Poliwhirl since it had the disadvantage in type. However, even though it had taken a great attack, Poliwhirl still came stomping down on Electrike.

The Body Slam did a lot of damage to Electrike just as the Thunderbolt had did a lot of damage to Poliwhirl.

Poliwhirl was the first to get up, Electrike soon after. Both seemed to be out of it but both had enough energy to keep going. “Show Poliwhirl another Thunderbolt!” ordered Nick.

Electrike charged up the electricity running throughout its body. Concentrating on what it wanted, Electrike was able to fire out its Thunderbolt attack. The electricity blast went soaring through the air, right at Poliwhirl.

“Agility!” quickly said Sara. Poliwhirl didn’t have a lot of speed but was able to run underneath the incoming attack. “Double Slap!” Sara continued to spill out orders.

Poliwhirl came in close enough to Electrike to make its two powerful fists slap across Electrike’s face many times. Electrike fell to the ground and looked like it wasn’t going to get up. Fire and fury burned inside of Electrike, however and with that the electric pokemon strained to get up.

Electrike just didn’t have enough energy and fell back to the ground. “Electrike is unable to battle!” announced the referee. Nick put his face down, trying to think of some way to stop Poliwhirl. He took Electrike’s pokeball and returned his buddy.

“Ok, all we have to do is get Poliwhirl out and we have a five minute intermission before the second half of this battle. Let’s do it!” whispered Nick to his next choice.

He threw out his pokeball onto the ground of the battle field. The pokeball opened up with fury and power coming out. Red claws hung by the pokemon’s side. Yellow eyes stared down Poliwhirl as Scizor’s wings beat against the surrounding air to left him up high.

“Metal Claw!” Nick commanded. Scizor raised both its huge, red claws and suddenly they busted with a white light. Scizor flew right for Poliwhirl with both claws raised back for a beating.

Two heavy claws came swinging at Poliwhirl before Sara could give out any orders for an attack. Scizor missed with the first two swings but the third swing with the right hand came down hard on Poliwhirl’s head.

The water pokemon rolled about on the ground. “Get up and use Water Gun!” Sara gave out orders.

“Slash attack Scizor!” screamed Nick.

Poliwhirl was quick to release water from the middle of the swirl on its stomach. The water rampaged Scizor but by using its left claw, the water was blocked from making a direct hit on it. Using the right claw, Scizor used its Slash attack by hitting Poliwhirl across the chest. Poliwhirl went tumbling across the battle field once more. Poliwhirl had taken quite the beating.

“Poliwhirl is unable to battle!” announced the referee, seeing the obvious that Poliwhirl had taken in enough.

“We are letting our awesome trainers Nick and Sara have a five minute break so enjoy the intermission by going to go get an Arbok-sized hot dog!” the speakers roared as the announcer tried to get more people to get the stadium’s special hot dogs.

Nick returned Scizor before walking back to his bench. He sat down next to Shadow and rubbed his buddies head.

“Awesome job! Your up by a pokemon! And what great work on that Poliwhirl!” Derrick congratulated Nick.

“To bad this is only going to get tougher,” Nick sighed, looking across the battle field where Sara sat staring back.

07-07-2004, 05:32 PM
This match is awesome KC! For Nick the battle is getting harder, but for us the battle is getting more and more interesting! Battles against old friends and rivals are always fun to read. Keep up the good work KC, I can't wait to read more!

07-08-2004, 05:47 AM
--KCash-> Thanks so much for the comment Phoenix, you know how much I appricate it. Here's part one of two that I will put up between now and tomorrow afternoon that will wrap up this battle...

Chapter 52 continued…

“She chose her pokemon first at the start so now its my turn. I think I’ll save Scizor for later and start with Hitmontop,” Nick sighed, trying to figure out the right decision.

“Seems like a good choice,” Derrick replied. “Just be careful with you decision’s on the match-ups. Don’t hesitate at all and be careful. You know she’s going to have her strongest, Electabuzz, so just watch out on the picks of pokemon you use.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Nick said back, taking a white towel from the bench and whipping all the sweat of his face with it.

He looked up at the titan-tron, noticing that time was almost up. “Wish me luck,” said Nick, standing up. “Come on Shadow.”

Shadow followed behind Nick to the battle field, knowing it was going to be battling in this second round. Nick stood in his place with Hitmontop’s pokeball in his hand. Sara approached her place as the five minute mark for the intermission ended.

“Folks, Get ready because this battle is back underway!” the announcer acted so happy.

“Nick Dunbar, your choosing first,” the referee reminded.

Nick nodded and threw his pokeball on the ground just feet in front of him. The pokeball bounced twice before opening up and letting out source of energy. The energy started to take a form or figure of some sort. The figure ended up being, Hitmontop, of course. Standing with three legs, one big head, and one small tip on the highest point of that big head, was a pokemon that was ready to show itself to the audience.

During all this, Sara was releasing her pokemon like she had already known she was going to use it, no matter what pokemon Nick chose. This pokemon walked on all fours, having a yellow skin tone with green dots on its back. The pokemon’s eyes seemed droopy like it was caught up in boredom.

“Time to check out my Numel, Nick,” smiled Sara. Not just any smile, the kind of smile that made Nick believe that she knew something Nick didn’t. The Numel didn’t look that strong.

“Hitmontop, let’s get things underway. Just focus in on the incoming attacks and you’ll do just fine,” at least Nick hoped so.

Hitmontop walked forward a few steps so that he could get closer and observe his opponent. “Quick Attack!”

Hitmontop darted off at full speed towards Numel. The fire pokemon did the same thing and took off towards Hitmontop. Both pokemon closed in on each other and very quickly.

“Take Down!” Sara demanded.

Nick awaited his turn to give a command but had to wait for just the right moment. Numel jumped up into the air in attempt to come crashing down on Hitmontop. “Use Rolling Kick now!” Nick screamed loudly.

Hitmontop twisted its body around to where its head was close to the ground and its three legs hung high in the air. As Numel’s head came near, Hitmontop used Rolling Kick by spinning its legs around so that each one smacked Numel hard enough to send him back to his pokeball.

Numel landed hard on the ground after flying up fifteen, twenty feet up into the air. Hitmontop seemed pleased with it self and didn’t want to stop there. “Great job buddy, now get near Numel and use Rapid Spin,” Nick wanted to keep attacking hard.

Hitmontop jumped high to flip itself on its head where is spun rapidly on the tip burrowing up from its skull. Numel started to stand up from the harsh blow from earlier. Hitmontop approached Numel very fast though so Sara had to make things quick.

“Please Numel, try to use Flamethrower!” shouted Sara, hoping her pokemon still had plenty of energy.

Numel showed that it did when heat exploded around the battle field from the intense Flamethrower. The attack flourished the ground, exploding towards Hitmontop. The handstand pokemon spun even faster as the flames started to hit. The Flamethrower attack started to bounce off the spinning feet of Hitmontop. It was the perfect defense that wasn’t meant to be. Numel and Sara were amazed by this and quite frankly, Nick was too.

Numel stopped using up his energy and Hitmontop started to slow down the spinning until he finally stopped. Hitmontop showed signs of exhaustion and burnt marks so the Flamethrower attack put an effect on him but not enough to get him out of the battle.

“Come on Hitmontop, we have to end this one right now. Try to use Triple Kick,” Nick didn’t recognize the signs of exhaustion from Hitmontop.

Hitmontop started to get ready for the attack, starting off by running towards Numel. “Ember,” Sara commanded, thinking up a great move to use.

Fire started to pour out of Numel’s mouth, heading right for the opponent. The Ember attack shot out far and wide, spreading across almost the entire battle field. Hitmontop had no where to go or hide and just covered itself with its arms. The fire blast quickly came and went, demolishing the field even more then before and showing Hitmontop finished for the day.

“Hitmontop is unable to battle! Numel is the victor!” the referee raised the flag for Numel. Nick knew he should’ve done better then that. He should’ve but he didn’t. He returned Hitmontop to his pokeball and then looked down at Shadow.

“Get in there and finish this for me,” Nick smiled, trusting his best friend. Shadow approached the battle field with pure confidence and the willingness needed for to win. Shadow put a grin on his face as Numel stared down Shadow. Numel seemed to be tiring out anyways so Shadow felt that this would be quick work.

“Faint Attack,” whispered Nick.

Shadow heard and used the speed within itself to vanish like nothing was there but air. Shadow wouldn’t be seen again until the time came to ram into Numel with all its strength. Shadow smiled down at Numel after the attack, feeling so happy to battle again since it had been awhile since it had done so.

“Confuse Ray, Shadow!” yelled Nick to the other side of the battle field.

Shadow concentrated on the attack and summoned the power to get it off right. Suddenly, things changed inside Shadow’s body. Weakness started to pour over it and Shadow’s legs felt like jelly. The suddenly weak pokemon fell to the ground hard as the Umbreon’s eyes rolled back to the back of its head. Nick darted out onto the battle field with the threat of elimination in doing so.

Nick didn’t care though, because he knew something was wrong with Shadow.

07-08-2004, 09:17 PM
Chapter 52 continued…

Nick slid on his blue jeans as he approached Shadow. Something was seriously wrong with his buddy, he could see it in Shadow’s eyes. Derrick had called for the paramedics and they got to Shadow within seconds. Nurse Joy and a tall man, looking like he was a doctor, started to feel around on Shadow’s body for a heartbeat and to see if any serious injuries had occurred.

“What’s wrong with my pokemon?” asked Nick.

A Chansey and a Blissey carried Shadow off the field and onto a small cart. Nick took off after his best friend, wanting to follow him to the Pokemon Center. The referee signaled his flags to show everyone that he had to disqualify Nick.

“Nick Dunbar is dis-” the referee started.

“No! You can’t do that,” interrupted Sara. “I wish for him to be able to continue the battle.”

The referee gave her a harsh glaze, “Sure, if that’s what you want.”

Nick didn’t seem to hear, he was worried about Shadow and continued to run after the moving cart. “No! Nick, you have to stay!” Derrick stopped his brother. “Just finish the battle. Make quick work Nick, I know you can. Then we will go straight to the center.”

Nick kept staring at the moving cart as it turned left out of the stadium and towards the Pokemon Center. “Alright,” Nick turned around quickly and approached his spot at the end of the battle field. He had already thrown out his pokeball, releasing Scizor once again.

“Come on, take ‘em out,” mumbled Nick.

Numel seemed to be struggling to stay up, taking in so much damage from previous opponents. “False Swipe,” said Nick.

Scizor flew up in the air before using its wings to speed itself over to Numel. Scizor’s claw was sprung back and swept the air as it went flying towards Numel’s yellow and green body.

Scizor felt unbalanced as its mighty claw went swinging at nothing, seeing as Numel’s head fell to the ground before the attack got off. Numel hit the ground harshly. Sara grabbed her pokeball, realizing that Numel couldn’t take anymore. The Ember attack used earlier took out a lot of energy before Shadow even came into the scene. She was forced to return Numel so it could take a long rest.

“Well this puts me in a difficult situation. I think I’ll go with you though,” Sara decided, grabbing a pokeball from her pocket and throwing it out onto the field. The pokemon came out flying, having different shades of brown within its wings. This pokemon had a large head with even bigger eyes that studied Scizor closely.

“Alright Noctowl, use Confusion,” Sara started things off in this air battle.

Noctowl focused its eyes in on the opponent and let out a fuse of rings with the colors of purple and black. The attack stormed across the air over the battle field. “Scizor, use Tackle,” ordered Nick.

Scizor flew straight at Noctowl but was quickly pushed back and taking in lots of damage from the Confusion attack. But as soon as Noctowl quit the attack, here came Scizor ready to pluck some feathers.

“Hypnosis!” Sara said very fast, knowing this could be a great opportunity.

“Scizor stop! Use Agility,” Nick tried to gain control of his pokemon again. Scizor stopped charging towards Noctowl and started to put to work on its speed.

Large rings came flying out of Noctowl’s eyes as it tried to put Scizor into a deep sleep for the win. Scizor suddenly disappeared however, and then showing up in a different place. Then once again the same thing. Scizor was going to fast to be intrigued by the Hypnosis attack. A great defensive move by Nick and Scizor.

“Now give it a Wing Attack,” yelled Nick. Scizor nodded and continued to use Agility to avoid any direct hits from Hypnosis. Scizor sped to get closer and closer until it was able to clip Noctowl with a wing, sending it soaring down towards the ground.

Just seconds from hitting the hard ground below, Noctowl regained strength in its wings and flew back up into the sky. “Metal Claw.. NOW!” Nick screamed, trying to get the hit in before Noctowl had to much time to regain total strength.

Scizor’s powerful claws lit up white and started to glow with brightness. Scizor lounged its left claw at Noctowl but the owl pokemon caught a draft and was able to sink down below the incoming claw.

“Take Down!” Sara demanded, keeping this battle going quickly in the air. Noctowl rammed into Scizor’s side since it was open from the missed swing in attempt to get a Metal Claw attack off. Scizor backed up a few feet, taking in much damage.

“That’s it, give it another taste of Hypnosis!” said Sara.

“Block it with Metal Claw,” Nick tried to think up another great offensive move to be put up as a defensive move.

Scizor used its incredible speed to suddenly appear just a foot away from Noctowl as it started to release its Hypnosis attack. Scizor put up both claws in front of its chest and suddenly they started to glow white once again. The rings of Hypnosis started to bounce off of the Metal Claw attack Scizor was using. The Hypnosis rings started to hit Noctowl and now the crowd was really on their feet.

Noctowl slowly stopped using the attack and started to fall from the sky. Noctowl’s very own Hypnosis attack had been brought back to be used against itself. Noctowl fell quickly and hit the ground hard, knocking it out instantly.

Nick jumped up in the air in excitement. He looked up in the sky to congratulate Scizor but when he did, he saw nothing but a falling red object. The object appeared to be Scizor, and he hit the ground very hard. Even though it appeared that the Hypnosis attack was all going back to Noctowl, Scizor had caught some of the waves of the attack and fell into a deep sleep as well.

Nick was amazed by this, not knowing what the think. He slowly grabbed his pokeball and let the red and white object release a red orb to return Scizor into its pokeball for a nice, long rest.

[i] This is just great, Sara is going to use Electabuzz and I only have one pokemon left. I hope grass can conquer electric, [i] thought Nick. He grabbed his last pokeball, knowing that this could make the difference if he was to advance into the Top 8 of the Silver Conference or if he was to be going home tomorrow morning. Either way, the pokeball dropped from Nick’s hand and let out his one and only grass type pokemon.

Bayleef came out looking stronger then ever, having a shiny coat and the leaf on its head sticking straight up with pride. Bayleef filled Nick with confidence that he could overcome Sara. As Nick finished looking at his pokemon, he noticed Sara had already let out her pokemon too.

“I figured that would be your choice,” laughed Nick.

“I figured I would need my best for this one,” Sara smiled back.

“Electabuzz, Thunderbolt,” and the battle was started.

Electabuzz charged up energy and let out a very strong blast of electricity towards Bayleef. With the command of Nick, Bayleef used Agility to get away. Having a heavy body, Bayleef had pretty good speed and was able to get away safely.

“Vine Whip attack,” Nick said. Bayleef let out two long, green whip like vines from its body. The vines shot out towards Electabuzz, trying to tie up the pokemon. “Grab them!”

Electabuzz listened to her trainer and grabbed the vines. Electabuzz now had control of Bayleef’s movements, or so it thought. “Reel it on in and put it into a Body Slam,” smiled Nick, happy that his plan worked perfectly.

Bayleef started to let its vines come back into its body, making it fling towards Electabuzz quickly. As Bayleef got close, it put all its weight down and used a Body Slam, smashing Electabuzz and causing serious damage.

“Electabuzz, Thunder Punch,” shouted Sara.

Electabuzz threw Bayleef off its body by bringing back its strong electrifying fists and making its knuckles imprinted on Bayleef’s face. Bayleef flew back with an amazing pain across its face. Electabuzz didn’t stop the attack there however. Electabuzz powered up for its greatest attack, Thunder. Electabuzz sent the attack flying towards Bayleef. “Safeguard,” Nick said, using a move he didn’t use often. The electric attack hit Bayleef’s body that was surrounded with a blue aura. The Thunder attack was knocked away and Bayleef seemed to not take in to much damage.

“Great job, Razor Leaf,” Nick said, using an offensive attack this time. Three razor sharp leaves came flying from Bayleef’s body. The leaves were shot just inches away from the ground, right towards Electabuzz.

“Light Screen,” said Sara, using a defensive move like Nick had done. The Razor Leaf attack didn’t do much as the leaves bounced off a small screen that Electabuzz was able to make. “Take it Electabuzz, this battle is ours. Give it an all out Thunder Punch!” shouted Sara.

“This is your chance, wrap its legs with Vine Whip and send it flying with a Take Down,” smiled Nick.

Electabuzz ran to get closer to Bayleef so that it could smack Bayleef in the face with an electric consuming punch. “Now!” Nick found the right opportunity and Bayleef let out its vines. They were sent towards Electabuzz’s feet, wrapping around them tightly and tripping the yellow pokemon to the ground. Bayleef loosened the vine whip a little so that Electabuzz could think it could get up.

As it got up, Bayleef went running towards Electabuzz at full speed. The Take Down attack from Bayleef had sent Electabuzz flying to the other side of the battle field. That was it. Done. Over. Finished. Nick stood faceless, watching as the referee declared him the winner.

Nick couldn’t help himself but to jump with joy. He ran right to Bayleef and hugged his pokemon tightly. They had been through so much but it all paid off for this second of joy. But then something sparked in Nick’s head, Shadow.

Nick rushed off the battle field with Bayleef and Derrick, running right for the Pokemon Center.

07-08-2004, 10:00 PM
Brillaint work as usual KC, the battle was really fun to read. But what's wrong with Shadow? I hope he's okay, he's such a cool Pokemon and it's been a while since he battled.

07-09-2004, 02:46 AM
:happy: WOW!!!!!! That was an amazing battle. Keep up the great work.

07-09-2004, 04:58 AM
Thanks everyone. I love the comments! While I have readers and with this fic soon ending, I would like to have any comments towards the next trainer fic I make. It will stay within the Nick series and take place in Kanto. I was thinking of having Nick's son try to live up to Nick's accomplishments in Kanto. What do you think? Maybe you have a different suggestion? I'd appriciate any comments you might have. Other then that, I would like everyone to know that the next chapter is being written as of now and will be up shortly!

07-09-2004, 06:37 AM
Thats sounds cool. So I guess that means Nick won't go to Hoenn after all? Or are you going to do both fics, like I am with NPJ and KJ? Well that sounds awesome, but I see no way his son can live up to Nick. Who can?

07-09-2004, 03:34 PM
I like the idea of seeing Nick's son and how things change. That's why I decided to write a story about Ash's son, Mike. However, I was looking forward to reading about Nick in Hoenn or Kanto. Perhaps you could even create your own region, as many people have tried and often failed to do. I think I am yet to see a completed fic from a different region.

Whatever you decide to do for the sequel, I wish you the best of luck KC.

07-11-2004, 04:03 AM
--KCash-> Thanks a lot guys. I think I made up my mind and I have a date that will seem accurate to when it will be out as well as this fic ending so I'll let out my info for that upcoming fic as well as the release date within this next week. Until then, enjoy this chapter!

Chapter 53- Taking the Next Step!

“Take me to him!” Nick screamed at the front counter of the Pokemon Center. Trainers swarmed the place, talking about battles and pokemon or even getting their pokemon treated. Nick had more on his mind, however. He was worried about his pokemon that he had become to know as his best friend.

Bayleef and Derrick came running thru the door to get into the Pokemon Center, being right behind Nick. A Chansey that was working the front counter knew that Nick was really worried about Shadow and took him to see his friend right away.

“SHADOW!” Nick busted thru the emergency room’s door. Shadow laid on a bed with tubes and wires all over his body.

“What’s wrong with him?” asked Nick, eyes filling up with tears.

“Don’t worry, calm down. Its just a small virus. Umbreon will be fine in three days tops,” Nurse Joy put her hand on Nick’s shoulder, trying to calm the young trainer down.

“A virus? What kind of virus?” questioned Nick.

“Just a small one that makes pokemon lose their energy quickly. This Chansey right here had it just two weeks ago. Tomorrow your Umbreon will be kept here in bed the whole day. By the next day, Umbreon can get out of here and go with you but needs to stay off its feet long as possible. By the third day, Umbreon will be feeling back to normal except for a possible fever and strength problems,” Joy explained very slowly to Nick so that he knew nothing would happen to his pokemon.

“This isn’t good, I have a battle the day after tomorrow,” Nick rubbed his head.

“Sorry but your Umbreon won’t be able to make that one but will make the battle in four days if you win your next battle,” Joy smiled at Nick to reinsure him that everything was ok.

She walked out of the room as Derrick and Bayleef came in. That reminded Nick about the hard battle he was just in. “Oh Nurse Joy! May you take these pokeballs and my Bayleef to have them treated since they were all put thru a hard battle?” asked Nick.

“Sure thing,” she smiled, taking four of Nick’s pokeballs and Bayleef, one pokeball missing since Shadow was already being treated in its special way.


As the darkness of the night was being swallowed up by the first ounce of sunlight, Nick was found by Shadow’s bed. He hadn’t moved a muscle since he arrived at the Pokemon Center after his battle. He didn’t mind at all, as long as Shadow was ok.

Derrick slowly opened the room’s door, trying to make a quiet entrance so that both Nick and Shadow could sleep. As Derrick opened the door, the hinges holding the door to the wall gave off a croaking sound louder then a supersonic wave from a Zubat.

Nick jumped up in the air really quick, holding a pokeball in his hand and throwing it at Derrick’s head. The pokeball hit Derrick right smack in the face, making him scream loudly. Nick just stood in place, wondering what happened to his older brother.

“Why did you do that?” Derrick tried to whisper.

“I thought you were a Blaziken so I was going to catch you,” Nick said, eyes wide open now.

“Well sorry to interrupt that little fantasy but in the main lobby of the Center they are showing the next round opponents. I think you’ll be surprised when you find out who your facing,” Derrick smiled wide. First thought Nick had from that eerie smile Derrick gave him was that he would be facing Jason in the top eight battle. That freaked him out, especially with his possible best pokemon out on the sideline.

Nick brushed his fine hair with his fingers before putting on his hat on his way to the main lobby. Once he got there only a few trainers remained, one in particular face. Nick didn’t pay attention to him at first and decided to find out who he was facing in the next round tomorrow.

As he saw the face of luckily his next victim, he couldn’t help but to smile. He took a few more steps to be next to that familiar face he saw. He stood by his friend which he met as they were both starting their Johto journeys. They both just smiled as they looked up at their pictures next to one another with lines that would link them to the next round. Sadly, only one picture up their would be linked to the top four by the time its all said and done with.

“We sure have came along way,” sighed Nick.

“Sure have,” Matthew replied. “I’ll see you on the battle field tomorrow night.”

“Yep, better bring your elites,” laughed Nick.

“I got something for ya,” Matthew walked off and on past the doors of the Pokemon Center.

Nick turned around and saw Derrick with his pokeballs. “I picked them up for you so now you can get with Shawn at Aunt Ivy’s lab and can pick out your team for the battle,” said Derrick. “And speaking of Aunt Ivy, her and mom are up at our room with breakfast so lets go eat.”

“Yeah, that sounds really good but first I have to make a quick stop,” Nick said, heading off towards a friend’s hotel room.

He stood outside a red painted door in a white hallway with red carpet. A whole lot nicer place then Nick’s hotel. He thought they were all the same here at the tournament but apparently this one had it made. Gold letter were painted on the red door, reading 407.

Nick clinched his fist and brought his fist back to beat on the door two hard times. Before his fist could knock on the wood, the door flew open and a young and pretty girl stepped out. “Sara…” whispered Nick.

She looked up at Nick’s face and a smile overcame her. “Hi Nick!”

“Hi, where are you going?” asked Nick, noticing she had two black bags over her shoulders.

“I’m leaving, going to Hoenn where my family is and then there I can train my pokemon for upcoming adventures. Um, so how is Shadow?” she looked worried, scared that something bad happened to it.

“Its ok, caught a virus and needs time to heal,” replied Nick. “Oh that’s awful,” the worried girl said back. “Yeah it is, I just wanted to come by to tell you thanks for the great battle yesterday. I kind of ran off because of Shadow…” Nick looked down, knowing he was rude for that.

“Don’t worry, I know you were in a hurry to get to your pokemon,” Sara replied, moving her foot about.

“I hope you watch me on television! I’m going all the way,” Nick laughed, saying that before an awkward silence popped in.

“I wouldn’t doubt it,” she came in close to Nick’s face. She looked down at his lips and then back to his beautiful blue eyes. She moved her pinkish lips in towards Nick’s and gave him a small peck of a kiss to the mouth. “Good bye Nick.”

And just like that, she was gone once again. Nick had feelings for Whitney still but he knew he would always have something for Sara as well.

Nick ran off to his room where he could get ready for his upcoming battle. With Matthew’s Arcanine, Flames, and his Marshtomp, Bubbles, he knew they would put up a good fight. Not including his starter, Espeon. Nick knew he would be taking a step up and now was the time to bring out his best. He admittedly started to think about Blastoise’s power, Butterfree’s powders. Everything that he would need to get past this amazing opponent. He couldn’t wait because this battle would be a one of a kind battle.

07-11-2004, 03:31 PM
Great Chapter. I can't wait to see the battle against them. :happy: Please update soon.

07-11-2004, 09:47 PM
I can't wait until the next post, I just know it's going to be one of your best battles ever! Too bad Shadow won't be in it, he's really cool.

Please post more soon KC!

07-11-2004, 10:21 PM
Great job KC. Just want to point one thing out, Nurse Joy called Shadow an Umbreon and Nick said his best friend Espeon. Just wanted to point that out, like you pointed out to me when I said Zach instead of Rob, lol. But still awesome no matter what.

07-12-2004, 12:55 AM
Thanks a lot guys, means a lot. And you know what I say, the more reviews the faster the update. Therefore, I should have the next chapter up tonight or tomorrow morning (most likely tonight).

Now HM, I read over the whole chapter and didn't see anything about Nick referring to Espeon that should've been Shadow. I must've missed it. Now about Nurse Joy calling Shadow an Umbreon, thats because she just got a pokemon rushed into her center. Then Nick didn't tell her Shadow's name so therefore, she doesn't know its named Shadow thats why I made her say Umbreon. Thanks for the review! I hope you guys like the battle, this one will be GREAT!

07-13-2004, 05:25 AM
Hey everyone, look at the guy double posting. Yeah well I have something to say:
The school's gym has opened up and I expect to be playing basketball there throughout most of my day so updates will come as I can get them. This means that the first part of the Matthew-Nick battle will come sometime tomorrow.. Luckily. I know I promised it last night but I didn't know the gym would be open at the time. So anyways, here's some chapter titles I guess I'll post to give you guys an idea of whats ahead.

Chapter 54- The Long Awaited Battle, Part I
Chapter 55- The Long Awaited Battle, Part II
Chapter 56- Sister and Brothers Reunite!
Chapter 57- Cousin and Cousin! Fist and Fist!
Chapter 58- Jason and Nick, the Good Times!
Chapter 59- Trying to Finish a Legacy!
Chapter 60- Dunbar Sibling Brawl, Sister and Brother!
Chapter 61- Taking the Final Attacks!
Chapter 62- Pride Over Joy
Chapter 62- Good, Bad, and Ugly Times
(Titles are subject to change)

07-13-2004, 09:42 PM
--KCash-> Well I was going to write about them picking out their teams and such but I think everyone has waited long enough so let's get right to the battle! Read it! Enjoy it! Review it!

Chapter 54- The Long Awaited Battle, Part I

Matthew and Nick stood hip to hip in the small crowded room which lead right to the battle field they were about to fight each other pokemon style on. Both of them were filled with confidence and trying to stay calm.

“Didn’t know it was going to be an ice field,” Nick swallowed, remembering the team her brought with him and then wishing Quilava had been in his line-up so he could just flame down the ice.

“Yeah, they must of picked it right just moments ago,” Matthew stood watching as the workers got the field ready.

“They are calling you out boys,” one of the workers said, sending the two friends out in front of the full-seated stadium.

“Good luck?” Matthew said as if it was a question. “Good luck,” Nick smiled back.

They both separated, walking to two different ends of the battle field. As they were walking, lights that sat high above the highest peak of the stadium suddenly turned on. This brought a lot of brightness to the stadium since the sun was starting to set on this eventful day. Both trainers had studied their opponent and carefully prepared their team.

Nick seemed unsure about his team now that he looked at the battle field. Ice layered the grounds of the battle field except for three spots that were dirt, giving a bit of gravel for those who can’t battle in ice like some others. Pillars of ice exploded up out of the grounds, making huge ice-cycles around the battle grounds. This would make the ultimate test for the trainers as they had to adapt to these grounds and use them to their advantage… or get beaten.

Just as Nick approached his sectioned off box, a small red dial started to spin around on the big screen looking over the battle field. The dial stopped on Nick’s side, meaning he would be picking his pokemon first.

“Alright, come on out Butterfree,” Nick choose his pokemon, letting Butterfree out right beside him.

Matthew smiled at this and knew exactly which pokemon could take out Butterfree, “Let’s take ‘em out Flames.”

Matthew let go of his pokeball and out came his awesomely trained Arcanine. This pokemon had such grace and power, added with some special treats such as speed and defense. Matthew had trained this pokemon for a long time and he did an extremely great job with it.

“Butterfree,” Nick called his pokemon, bring it close over. “I’ll tell you when to take cover behind the pillars of ice. When I tell you to, do so and Arcanine will melt the ice away with its fire attacks. This way when I use pokemon such as Tauros, Bayleef, and others, they can get around easier without slipping on ice constantly. Got it?”

Butterfree nodded so Nick smiled at it as his butterfly pokemon flew up to a higher elevation. This battle was ready to get started and Matthew was the one willing to do so.

“Flames, Ember!” Matthew stated.

Fire spread out from the Arcanine’s mouth and scattered in the sky. Butterfree took this as a disgrace to its skills, easily moving with a current of wind to swing down below the scattered blast of fire.

“Ha, nice try anyways Flames,” laughed Nick, trying to fuel the fire.

Butterfree knew what his trainer was trying to do so it got near an ice pillar with lots of ice surrounding the ground. Flames used Ember again without orders from Matthew, trying to fry Butterfree up. Butterfree stuck to the plan and quickly dodged behind an ice pillar. The Ember attack worked perfectly, frying the ice and making it melt at a high rate. The ice started to sink down and form a low ice block now just sitting in the way of everything. Butterfree couldn’t hide behind it anymore and moved so that it could be near a fresh piece of ice.

“Turn it up a notch and show Butterfree what we can really do, Flamethrower!” Matthew told Flames.

The mighty Arcanine did just as it was told and let out a steam rushing Flamethrower. The heat was massive and melted the layer of ice on the ground as it spun rapidly towards the next ice pillar Butterfree had dodged behind. The plan was going to shame, however. The ice pillar’s were melting so fast that Butterfree struggled to get from one pillar to another. Flames had great control of the movement of the attack and the heat was truly outstanding. There’s no way anything could stand up to such an impressive pokemon.

Butterfree kept doing as it was told but soon enough the ice had started to melt on the left side and the last two pillars were on the right. Butterfree was going to have to move fast if it thought it could move from one side of the field to another.

“Oh no,” Nick had to think quick, seeing what was happening to Butterfree. “Use Silver Wind half way across the field.”

Butterfree nodded and wasted no time, darting off towards the other side of the field where it could hide behind other ice pillars. As it got just a little less then half way across, Butterfree opened up its wings wide and with pride. With quick and sudden flaps, sharp winds exploded from the vibrations of Butterfree’s wings. The Silver Wind attack was in effect and was sent towards Flames. Silver Wind had just barely made it to Flames, dodging the Flamethrower attack trying to follow Butterfree. Flames quit using Flamethrower and took in the hits from Butterfree, making it mad.

Butterfree quickly made its way to the ice pillar of its choice and hid there until Flames would melt it down.

“I don’t understand,” Matthew thought about why Butterfree would hide behind ice pillars when it had a better chance dodging the attack in the air. “Ah! I get it now Nick. Great idea but your wasting a pokemon in doing so because now I’m going to take it out. I was planning to burn up the battle field anyways before Flames’ turn was up.”

Nick ignored everything Matthew said, concentrating more on what to do next.

“Fire Spin!” yelled Matthew. Flames didn’t hesitate a bit and let out a thrashing fire attack. Fire spun around as if it was a tornado, eyeing down the ice pillar that Butterfree was hiding behind. This was a terrible thing for Nick and Butterfree because there was no time to react to it. The Fire Spin attack hit the ice pillar, swallowing it within the heat of the flames.

As the attack wore down, it was left that there was no ice around. One thing remained and that was Butterfree. The pokemon didn’t have enough energy to fly up and away or to even attempt to escape. “Take Down,” Matthew ordered. Flames did just as it was told, knowing that Butterfree just needed this last hit to make it out of the battle forever.

Nick didn’t watch but instead grabbed Butterfree’s pokeball so that once the ref declared Butterfree out, it could have an instant rest inside its ball.

Now one problem faced Nick, which pokemon to use against Flames. Being up against such an Arcanine was a hard thing to do. Even though Nick knew Bayleef had the disadvantage, he felt that his grass pokemon had the right moves to take out this fire pokemon once and for all.

“Bayleef, get out there and do your stuff!” called out Nick. His pokeball soared through the air before opening up to let us his big leaf pokemon out. Bayleef seemed to be very healthy, even after the hard battle it took in just two days earlier.

07-13-2004, 09:44 PM
--KCash-> It was to much to put in one post so heres the rest, Enjoy:

Chatper 54 continued...

“Allow me! Bayleef, Razor Leaf,” Nick decided to get things started before Matthew.

Bayleef let out four leaves that glistened with the bright lights above. The leaves were shot just inches off the ground and were headed directly at Flames. “Flamethrower!” said Matthew.

Flames once again let out its fire blast, soaking up the Razor Leaf attack and burning the leaves to a crisp. The Flamethrower didn’t stop there, continuing onwards to Bayleef.

“Use your Vines to jump up and towards that Arcanine,” ordered Nick.

Bayleef let out two vines from within its body, throwing them towards the ground as it jumped for a little extra boost. The Flamethrower went scorching by under Bayleef. As Bayleef withdrew its vines as it flew through the air, Nick gave commands for a Body Slam. Bayleef had to drop its weight as it came closer to Flames.

Bayleef came flying down from the sky at a fast rate. Flames didn’t have time to move because it was busy trying to redirect the Flamethrower. Bayleef fell on top of Flames harshly, making it feel damage on top of exhaustion of using fire attacks so much.

“No wrap your vines around Flames and send it flying,” yelled Nick, thinking this battle was being taken over very quickly.

Bayleef let out its vines once again and used them to wrap up Flames tightly. Bayleef used all its strength to bring Flames’ heavy body up off the ground and swing it around its big leafed head three times before sending him flying at one of two last ice pillars.

Bayleef started to let go of Flames as it went towards the ice pillar but then Matthew decided not to sit there and take that kind of attack. “Hurry and use Flamethrower!”

Flames summoned up enough energy to let out one last Flamethrower. As Bayleef started to let go, the Flamethrower attack was already headed its way. Bayleef couldn’t untangle its vines from Flames’ body fast enough so that it could jump out of the way from the fire blast. Not being able to, Bayleef was forced to take the hit which was more then it could stand. Flames, however, kept soaring across the battle grounds and hit the ice pillar really hard, instantly knocking it out.

“Arcanine is out,” the referee started, then catching Bayleef. “Um, and Bayleef is too. A Draw!”

Matthew and Nick both returned their pokemon while trying to think of which pokemon to chose first. Matthew had his pokeball ready, not caring which pokemon Nick might use. He dropped his pokeball a few feet in front of him so that his pokemon could come out. This pokemon had purplish skin and being known as the sun pokemon.

“With Espeon being your starter I bet it will put up a great battle,” smiled Nick, letting out his choice of pokemon.

The pokeball opened up to reveal a very large pokemon. A very hungry pokemon. A very… sleepy pokemon.

“Ah Snorlax! Why do you have to sleep now?” questioned Nick.

“I thought you haven’t fed it in two days?” Derrick called out. Nick looked behind and answered, “I haven’t. I guess Snorlax still isn’t hungry enough to wake up.”

“To big of a mistake Nick, Espeon let’s show it a Swift,” said Matthew.

Espeon let out a series of stars, creating the Swift attack. The attack hit Snorlax in the stomach area, not doing a whole lot of damage since Snorlax was so big compared to a little attack.

Matthew kept up the attacks while Snorlax was sleeping, “Espeon now you can use Psybeam!”

Espeon lowered its head so that its aim would go directly at Snorlax. A series of colors exploded from the small pearl looking item on top of Espeon’s head. The beam hit Snorlax just below the mouth and hurting it bad enough to wake it up. Snorlax wasn’t good at waking up either, unless it was to food.

Snorlax had a facial expression that could scare away a million slaughtering Absols. Espeon tried not to back up or show any consideration in wanting to get away from this evil and mean looking Snorlax.

“And there’s your big mistake. You never wake up a hungry and sleepy Snorlax!” laughed Nick.

“Psybeam again!” Matthew gave Espeon more orders.

The same beam came flowing out of Espeon’s pearl like object, trying to crash into Snorlax once again. “Snorlax, tuck in your arms and legs so that you can roll away and then use Rollout,” said Nick.

Snorlax did as it was told and quickly rolled out of the way from the Psybeam attack. Snorlax used this and kept going, knocking over the last ice pillar on the battle field. Snorlax rammed into Espeon, sending it flying to the boundary line of the battle grounds.

“Not to shabby,” Matthew shrugged. “Now use Confusion.”

Espeon stood up and focused its mind on Snorlax. A red flash occurred from Espeon’s body and suddenly Snorlax had no idea where it was or where it was going. Either way, this could be a good thing. Snorlax was still using the Rollout attack and was now rolling all over the battle field, demolishing anything in its way.

Snorlax even hit Espeon twice before a piece of ice left on the ground had made Snorlax slip and fall, making it stop using Rollout. This knocked some sense into Snorlax and now his mind was back into place.

“Hyper Beam!” yelled Nick. “Psybeam!” Matthew screamed.

Both pokemon summoned energy to put into their attacks. Espeon let off the Psybeam first as Snorlax let out a yellow stream of energy from its mouth just soon afterwards. The two attacks collided in mid-air, exploding upon hitting one another. Smoke filled the air and the two attacks slowly stopped, making both pokemon feel tired.

As the smoke cleared, it was seen that Snorlax was still ‘sitting’ tall. Espeon, however, seemed like it was out of energy. Espeon kept struggling to walk forwards but it was obvious that Espeon couldn’t go on. The referee was forced to call Espeon out, which was good timing because Espeon fell to the ground right after it was declared.

“Alright, great work Snorlax!” Nick jumped and cheered, being very excited after being on the edge of his seat on that match up. He was glad his pokemon could pull it off and show everyone how great he was. Just one problem, Snorlax was going to look so great if it didn’t stay focused because Nick knew Matthew would come out with a strong pokemon so he could defeat Snorlax, making Nick have three pokemon knocked out which meant a five minute intermission. Matthew would love nothing more but to go into the break ahead.

Nick was certainly right as the crowd cheered from above in the stands as a mighty and very large pokemon came out. This was a great pokemon to choose if you wanted to defeat Snorlax. The strength and size would be great in this match up but their would be disadvantages as well. This was one atrocious pokemon, standing tall and looking very mean.

“Gyarados, let’s finish this off shall we?” Matthew commented. Gyarados agreed and got ready to take aim for its attack. “Hyper Beam.”

And the battle was off! Snorlax had no time to react and dodge so Snorlax quickly let out a Hyper Beam attack. The two Hyper Beam attacks hit each other in the air, exploding on contact. Snorlax took lots of damage, having the explosion closer to it.

“Snorlax use Headbutt!” cried Nick.

“Gyarados, Hydro Pump!” Matthew directed.

Gyarados let out its attack far before Snorlax could run over and use Headbutt. The water attack was a rushing stunt that sent Snorlax rolling back onto its backside and tumbling all the way over on its head. Snorlax got up in anger, wanting revenge on Gyarados right away. But then something caught Snorlax’s eye. Someone had thrown a bucket of popcorn out of the stands and next to the battle field. The bucket was only half way full; or half way empty, depending on how you looked at it, but either way, Snorlax wanted it.

The big sleeping pokemon wobbled its way over to the popcorn, picking it up and digging into the bucket for the buttery wonders. Matthew laughed at this and the crowd was behind him. “Gyarados, finish this with Hyper Beam!”

Gyarados let out yet another blast from its mouth, shooting a yellow blast right at Snorlax. Just as Snorlax had even realized it was still in a battle, the Hyper Beam had hit it directly. What a hit, knocking Snorlax out instantly.

Nick slapped his face with his palm, “That was disappointing.”

07-14-2004, 07:42 PM
That was kind of embarrassing for Nick, how is he going to win now? Already three down with Matthew only two down, Nick's really going to have to work to win this round.

Great chapter KC, it's cool to see Nick battle Matthew again. Interesting battle strategy Nick is going for. Please post more soon!

07-16-2004, 04:51 AM
Chapter 55- The Long Awaited Battle, Part II

Nick took a drink of water and whipped sweat coming down his forehead. This battle was nerve wrecking to him but he knew he had to stay focused. Matthew had to choose his pokemon first since Nick started out the battle choosing first. Matthew had his Marshtomp out, nicknamed Bubbles. He was giving his pokemon a small talk before they went into battle.

“I’m going to use Pidgeot, his Marshtomp has trouble with aiming at a flying pokemon,” Nick said before taking the last sip of his drink. Derrick nodded, but something else had caught his attention. A fairly young girl was sitting up in the stands. It was hard for Derrick to see where she was looking because of the bright lights shining down from the top of the stadium but something told Derrick that she was looking right at him.

“Derrick…” Nick tried to get his brother’s attention but he seemed to be shocked by something in the stands.

“I can’t believe she’s here. Sure has been a long time since I last saw her,” Derrick started to grin.

Nick noticed the referee calling him out along with Matthew. “I don’t know what your talking about but I have to get out to the battle field. Wish me luck,” Nick patted Derrick’s back with two slaps before leaving his bench. Derrick didn’t move a bit.

Nick walked out to the battle field with his pokeball ready. Matthew had Bubbles ready for action with a battle strategy. Nick knew he could get past it, after all he had no choice if he wanted to advance.

Nick’s pokeball was thrown high into the air, letting out his Pidgeot high into the air. Brown and white feathers streamed out of Pidgeot’s wings but the most noticeable thing about it was the yellow and pink feathers streaming down from its head to its tail feathers. Pidgeot was known for its beauty and power and that’s actually what Nick wanted to showcase to the audience.

Bubbles, having a nice built body for a Marshtomp, seemed well prepared for this battle. That’s why Nick figured he would start things off.

“Pidgeot, let’s go with a Sand-Attack!” yelled Nick.

Pidgeot started to flap its wings to a steady and heavy beat. Sand started to explode up off the ground where the ice no longer was thanks to Nick’s early battle strategy. Sand swept off the ground right at Bubbles face, getting in its eyes and blinding it a little.

“Mud-Shot!” Matthew said furiously.

A thick substance sprayed out of Bubbles’ mouth towards Pidgeot. The substance was a brown color and practically was mud. It was being slung in the air towards Pidgeot. “Agility,” said Nick.

That’s all it took for Pidgeot to escape getting hit from this attack. Bubbles seemed to move slower when trying to aim this attack at the flying Pidgeot, probably because it was thick.

“Now use a Water Gun,” Matthew changed orders.

Instead of the muddy substance, clear water started to spray out of Bubbles’ mouth. Now Bubbles seemed to be moving faster with its aim, most likely because the water wasn’t as thick or heavy. The Water Gun attack surprised Pidgeot because it wasn’t moving its fastest since the Mud Shot was moving so slowly. Once the Water Gun attack started, it moved to quickly for Pidgeot to gain speed therefore, creating Pidgeot to be hit directly.

The Water Gun knocked Pidgeot off course a bit but without to much difficulty, Pidgeot started to fly normally. Pidgeot was fired up now, not taking the hit to kindly.

“Get in close Pidgeot so that on my command you can use Wing Attack,” ordered Nick.

Pidgeot flew lower to the ground and but still kept a good distance from Bubbles so that it could summon up speed for the attack.

“Get ready to use Mud-Shot again when Pidgeot comes up close to use Wing Attack,” Matthew said, hearing Nick’s orders to Pidgeot.

Nick smiled, hearing what Matthew said to Bubbles and thinking why Matthew would think Nick would be that stupid to come in at a physical attack range straight on.

“Hurry, use Whirlwind!” Nick screamed.

Pidgeot hurried like Nick had said, flapping its wings steadily and creating a tornado of wind. The attack hovered above the battle field and going right for Bubbles. There was no where to go because the Whirlwind was taking up the entire battle field’s wide range. Bubbles was soon sent flying into the air in a circular motion, being warped around the tornado of wind.

While Bubbles was caught in this attack, Pidgeot had been given an order to use the Wing Attack. Bubbles started to fall from the sky as the Whirlwind attack started to wear off and vanish with the night sky. This was the perfect opportunity because Bubbles couldn’t do a lot about it.

“Come down from above and use it!” Nick yelled.

Pidgeot flapped its wings to get above the falling Bubbles and then Pidgeot closed its wings and put them next to its body. Pidgeot fell from the sky, keeping all body parts in close so that it could drop faster then Bubbles.

Pidgeot suddenly let out its right wing as it came in close to Bubbles. The wing started to glow white as it hit Bubbles in the mid-section of its body, sending it flying even harder into the ground.

“Marshtomp is out!” signaled the referee, noticing right away.

07-16-2004, 04:53 AM
Nick was proud of that attack because Pidgeot had performed it so well. The crowd seemed to really love it as well.

Matthew returned his Marshtomp back into its pokeball and then let out his next pokemon. As his pokeball opened up, a red orb let out his small pokemon, taking in a color of shades of green and blue. This pokemon seemed pretty small compared to a big flying pokemon like Pidgeot. A plant seemed to be on this pokemon’s back, making out the image to be a grass type pokemon.

“Alright Bulbasaur, let’s get this one done!” Matthew charged up his pokemon.

“You ok Pidgeot?” Nick asked his pokemon. Pidgeot chirped back to signal it was ready to battle.

“Razor Leaf!” Matthew called out without notice.

Five leaves came flying out of the back of Bulbasaur, being sent right at Pidgeot.

“Dodge them Pidgeot,” Nick said.

Pidgeot started to ride currents in the air to move its body around, dodging all the leaves except for the last one that clipped its wings a little, nothing to make a lot of damage, however.

“Great job buddy, now let’s use Gust!” Nick yelled to Pidgeot.

“Wrap your vines around Pidgeot to make sure that Gust doesn’t happen!” Matthew said very quickly before Pidgeot even started to use Gust.

Bulbasaur let out its vines by shooting them out towards Pidgeot. The vines wrapped around Pidgeot’s body, making its wings be closed in with its body so that it couldn’t create a gust. Nick had put his pokemon in a bad position because Pidgeot couldn’t use any attacks with physical contact or with its wings.

Nick expected to see Bulbasaur throw Pidgeot down on the ground but instead, Matthew ordered it to use a Leech Seed.

Nick watched helplessly as Bulbasaur sent a small seed flying out of the plant on its back to Pidgeot’s head, where it sprouted vines. The vines seemed to shock Pidgeot in some sort of way each time they glowed red.

Soon enough the attack had finished what it needed to do so Bulbasaur tossed Pidgeot on the ground by using its vines, waiting for the referee to call Pidgeot unable to continue battling, which he did.

Nick had failed to keep his pokemon from being attacked like that. He knew he was going to have to do better then that if he even had a chance of winning this battle. He let Pidgeot return to its pokeball for a nice, long rest.

Nick only had two pokemon left, having Butterfree, Bayleef, Snorlax, and Pidgeot all knocked out. “Hmm… guess I have no choice, Tauros get out there!” Nick let go of his pokeball.

Nick was glad that he decided to bring Tauros along for this battle because it always proved that it could hold its own. Throughout all battles from the Orange Islands Championship to various Johto League gym battles, Tauros always stood its ground and got done what it was there to do.

“Tauros, use Horn Attack,” Nick said.

Tauros stomped the ground hard, taking off like a speeding bullet towards Bulbasaur. Tauros’ horns were lowered so he could ram into Bulbasaur with them. “Bulbasaur, try to use your vines to stop Tauros,” Matthew gave it a chance.

Bulbasaur sent out its vines and wrapped them around Tauros’ horns, trying to take it down by the horns like they would do in a rodeo. Tauros couldn’t move because of Bulbasaur’s vines.

“Push! Your stronger then some vines! Full speed ahead!” Nick yelled. Bulbasaur’s vines seemed to be taking control of Tauros very well, especially since some Tauros’ horns can be sensitive.

“I got it, try to use Stomp, Tauros!” Nick thought up an idea.

Tauros brought its two front hooves up very high before crashing the ground with them. A white stream of energy exploding from Tauros’ stomp was sent right for the sitting Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur couldn’t get out of the way in time because of its vines that were tangled around Tauros’ horns. The Stomp attack had hit Bulbasaur directly which caused it to unravel its vines and let Tauros free.

“Great job! Use Take Down!” ordered Nick.

Tauros sped off towards to fallen Bulbasaur, ramming into it like a fright train. This Bulbasaur was taking in such a beating but somehow it found enough energy to get up. Even though it wasn’t evolved yet, this Bulbasaur was trained extremely good by Matthew.

“Dang, that’s not enough Tauros. Let’s try to see if a Horn Attack will finish it off,” Nick clinched his teeth, hoping this would end it after all.

Tauros sped towards Bulbasaur once again. This time, Bulbasaur was more prepared. “Sleep Powder!” hurried Matthew.

A blue mist started to pour out of the plant on Bulbasaur’s back. The mist sparkled with the lights above, making a pretty battle scene picture for the audience. Tauros, unluckily, ran right into the attack, taking in the Sleep Powder. Tauros’ mind started to drift off to a deep sleep but Tauros’ legs decided to keep on running.

Tauros still rammed its horns into Bulbasaur, making the bulb pokemon fly back fast and hit the ground hard, causing it to roll all the way to Matthew. Tauros kept charging even after hitting Bulbasaur but soon enough, it crashed to the ground and fell so asleep, you would think it never wanted to wake up. No nearly as a big deal for Matthew as it was for Nick.

Now Nick had one pokeball left against Matthew’s two pokeballs. Nick knew that his next choice could get the job done no problem, but something worried him. Matthew had a different pokeball then what he had Gyarados in. This meant that he was saving Gyarados for last, but Nick would get through Matthew’s next choice and then take care of Gyarados once and for all.

Nick whispered to his pokeball, “Blastoise, I need you more then ever.”

--KCash-> The final battle between Nick and Blastoise v.s Matthew and Gyarados and ??? will be here tomorrow!

07-16-2004, 01:12 PM
Great battle KC! I love all the vivid description as well as Nick's battle strategy. I can't wait to see his Blastoise in action!

07-19-2004, 05:14 AM
Chapter 55 continued…

Blastoise had a sour facial expression. The crowd was going ballistic, all wanting to see more battling! More exciting action from Nick and Matthew!

Blastoise try to zone out on the crowd and just focus in on in the number one prize, winning. Blastoise would face up against two tough opponents, one being Gyarados. Blastoise let out its two hydro cannons and aimed them straight ahead for the upcoming opponent.

Matthew had thrown his pokeball onto the ground, letting out a small, silver pokemon. This pokemon looked as if it was inside a shell and just having holes for its mouth and eyes. The top of the pokemon’s head and around its eyes were fairly large spikes. This pokemon seemed to be very strong and very willing, but no way could it stand up to Blastoise.

“Pupitar, it’s a rock and ground type pokemon so you can definitely win,” Derrick whispered beneath his breath, hoping the best for his younger brother.

“Pupitar use Sand Attack,” said Matthew.

Pupitar wiggled its body back and forth, causing domestic waves and sending sand flying into the battle field’s atmosphere. Blastoise seemed to struggle with this attack because the sand was tearing away at his eyes, making it hard to see.

“Hydro Pump!” ordered Nick. Blastoise shot two water balls out of its hydro cannons, not wanting to waste to much energy because all it needed was for Pupitar to stop the Sand Attack.

“No problem! Pupitar, dodge ‘em,” mumbled Matthew.

Blastoise’s attack just hit the ground as Pupitar easily dodged the Hydro Pump. “And now use Hyper Beam!” Matthew tried to attack with a powerful move.

A yellow colored beam came spitting out of Pupitar’s mouth, aiming right at Blastoise’s mid-section.

“Counter with Hydro Pump,” Nick said, watching as his pokemon was quick to act and got off Hydro Pump fast enough so that the two attacks collided at the middle of the battle field.

Sky blue water went up against a heat raising beam. Both pokemon struggling to gain control of the other’s attack. Blastoise’s Hydro Pump seemed to be weakening against the mighty Hyper Beam coming from Pupitar. Suddenly, Blastoise knew that his water attack wouldn’t hold up against the Hyper Beam.

The Hyper Beam came in too quickly to be comfortable, making Nick jump with surprise. “Withdraw!”

Blastoise did as Nick said and put its hydro cannons back into its shell, along with its head, arms, and legs. The Hyper Beam swept over Blastoise’s shell, not damaging a bit on the outside but Blastoise had taken in quite a bit of damage.

Pupitar stopped using the attack and now awaited to see if Blastoise was damaged severely or not. Nick knew Blastoise was still in good shape, ordering, “Skull Bash time!”

Blastoise let its legs and head out of the brown shell. Using the muscles tightened within its legs, Blastoise leapt towards Pupitar at an amazing speed for its size. Blastoise’s shiny blue head reflected with the lights as it clashed into Pupitar’s body.

Pupitar fell backwards and hit the ground hard, struggling to regain its strength. “Pupitar, please get up!” Matthew pleaded. Pupitar started to do so, making Matthew give more orders, “Use Earthquake.”

“Hydro Pump and quick!” shouted Nick.

Blastoise knew it had no time to build up a lot of strength for a mega attack because then Pupitar could get fully up and use Earthquake like Matthew had ordered. Blastoise and Nick both knew that Pupitar had the types of rock and ground inherited into its genes, making it very weak against water. Blastoise knew if it just got off the attack quickly, even the littlest Hydro Pump could keep Pupitar from getting the Earthquake attack off.

Blastoise was right, making the quick attack and letting the gleaming water out of its hydro cannons. The attack smashed into Pupitar like it had just ran into a brick wall. Pupitar fell backwards, tumbling with the flow of the water. When everything was said and done, the Hydro Pump not only stopped Pupitar from using Earthquake but had knocked it out of the battle.

“Pupitar is unable to battle, Blastoise is the winner!” the referee said with a grin on his face, happy to be refereeing in such a great battle.

Matthew returned his pokemon very nervously. He had kept his cool during this battle but now his nerves were getting to him. Matthew knew he had captured one of the strongest Gyarados at Lake of Rage soon after he battled Nick in a two-on-two pokemon battle. Gyarados had fought with Snorlax in a heavy battle scene and now wouldn’t be up to its full potential in strength. Either way, he had no choice but to get past Blastoise… or go home.

“Gyarados, hope you didn’t lose to much strength earlier on. Let’s just get our job done so we can advance, eh buddy?” Matthew whispered to his pokeball. This was a hard time for him, he knew the attacks were going to be quick and Gyarados’ big body would make it hard for it to dodge any big attacks from Blastoise.

“Rain Dance,” Nick softly said, trying to use an attack that could benefit in ways, but also be lead to damage if not careful.

Blastoise’s shell started to glow white as Blastoise raised its bulky blue arms up towards the sky. A light drizzle of rain started to pour down upon the stadium, making people grab books, shirts, or jackets to cover them up from getting soaked in the rain.

“Show them an even better Rain Dance,” Matthew wanted to show off that his Gyarados was prepared for this battle. The tip of Gyarados’ head started to glow white as rain started to pour down at a heavy pace. The first attacks had been sent out and the audience was felling the attacks more then the pokemon themselves.

“Bubble attack,” Nick said, watching as Blastoise shot out small blue bubbles out of its mouth.

“Dragon Rage,” yelled Matthew, trying to get his voice over the sound of the pounding rain.

Gyarados quickly developed a yellow and black ball of energy, soaring through the air towards Blastoise. The Bubble attack was soaked up in the Dragon Rage attack, making Blastoise realize it was time to dodge the attack.

As the Dragon Rage hit the area that Blastoise was standing before, an explosion that could’ve hurt Blastoise severely had occurred. Blastoise now knew to watch out for Gyarados’ Dragon Rage attacks because that could be the end of the battle by getting hit with such a powerful attack like that.

“Blastoise, use Hydro Pump!” Nick said.

Blastoise let out two streams of water out of its mighty hydro cannons. Blastoise’s attack had made a full contact with Gyarados since it was off guard from trying to hit Blastoise with the Dragon Rage attack. Blastoise kept a steady flow of water and the pressure on the attack.

“Stop the Hydro Pump with a Twister attack!” screamed Matthew, pointing his pointer finger at Blastoise.

Gyarados used its mouth to make water and moisture combine with the air to make a swirling tornado that moved a foot above the ground towards Blastoise. The Hydro Pump attack was demolished as the Twister got started up.

“Skull Bash, right through the Twister attack!” Nick commanded.

Blastoise leapt off the ground and technically flew towards Gyarados. Blastoise tried to go right through the Twister but once in the middle of the swirling tornado, Blastiose was caught up in it. Blastoise was sent twirling around the Twister attack before being hurled up into the air, only to use that to its advantage.

The fall from above made Blastoise go faster and stronger towards Gyarados, making the Skull Bash hit with a tremendous effect. Gyarados hit the ground, looking like it was over but something had clicked in Gyarados that made it want to get up and continue this fight.

Both pokemon were out of breath and worn out from battling. “Gyarados, let’s try an Hyper Beam,” Matthew said, going for desperate measures.

Nick was starting to order for a Hydro Pump but Gyarados’ Hyper Beam was already heading towards Blastoise. There was little time to react to the attack, therefore Blastoise just withdrew into its shell.

The Hyper Beam still hit with an awesome power, making a clashing impact and sending the shell of Blastoise across the battle field to the end of the battle field boundary.

Blastoise had taken in to much damage but was still in good shape. “That wasn’t enough, use another Hyper Beam!”

Matthew wanted to end this very quickly. Only one move could take out Gyarados in this situation.

“Rapid Spin your way up to Gyarados, then use the move we have worked on for so long… Dynamic Punch,” whispered Nick to Blastoise.

Blastoise stayed in its shell but got its legs out to get a small jump in for the Rapid Spin. Gyarados had let out its Hyper Beam and it was now headed right for Blastiose.

Blastoise got Rapid Spin off, sending it twirling towards Gyarados. With just a few feet before getting right up to Gyarados’ face, Blastoise came out of its spinning shell and suddenly its right fist lit up with a bright, white light. The light shined all throughout the stadium as Blastoise’s fist had met with Gyarados’ face.

This battle was a long one, but it was now over.

07-20-2004, 01:46 AM
Chapter 56- Sister and Brothers Reunite!

The morning sun had just arrived over the hilltops beyond the stadium’s of the Silver Conference. Nick was awake, standing at the front exit of the first stadium. Matthew and his Espeon stood beside him.

As Shadow and Espeon talked, Matthew and Nick found it hard to say anything. They both came a long way and just the night before, Nick had beaten Matthew to advance to the final four of the Golden Convention.

“I see that Espeon made a full recovery, what about the others?” asked Nick, putting his hands into his pockets.

“They are all in perfect condition, fully back to normal,” answered Matthew.

“You’ll never guess who I got paired up with to battle in for the advancing of the final four round,” smirked Nick. “Jason… he told me,” smiled Matthew.

“Yep, and they aren’t even giving us a break. We are battling tonight at six. After the battle with you I’m sure Blastoise and the rest of my pokemon are pretty tired. Luckily for me, Shadow made a quick recovery and the doctor’s will let it battle,” Nick patted Shadow’s head.

“Wow, I can’t believe they aren’t having a day off. Good luck to you, even though that’s what I said to your cousin,” Matthew laughed. “Sorry I can’t stay for it, but there is a world out there that’s just waiting for Espeon and me. I wish you the best of luck and I’ll keep in contact with your battling here.”

“Take care,” Nick made a quick escape out of the goodbyes. Matthew and Espeon walked out of the Silver Conference grounds and on down the road to new adventures. Nick and Shadow had to get their minds straight.

Just the night before, Nick and his team were up against a strong line up by Matthew. Now their was no 24-hour break in between battle days. They had to make a full recover by tonight or it could be the end of their Silver Conference days. Most of all, Nick would be going up against his cousin… Jason Ivy.

Derrick was awaiting him at The Breakfast Club restaurant. A table sat outside with Derrick drinking orange juice, with silver collar pancakes, waffles, blueberry muffins, milk, and eggs all laid out over the table. Three seats remained emptied next to Derrick.

Nick came and took up one of the seats and Shadow laid on the soft grass beside the table, trying to get rested up for tonight’s big battle against Jason.

“Wow bro, I didn’t know you were going to give me this much to eat for breakfast just for beating someone in the tournament,” smiled Nick, trying to decided what he would eat first.

“No problem but don’t eat to much, we have someone coming here to meet us,” Derrick sat down his glass of orange juice.

“Who?” Nick looked puzzled, thinking it would be mom or you never know, maybe Whitney had shown up for him. Derrick nudged his head towards Nick, making Nick turn his head around to see a brown-haired beauty come walking by, taking the seat next to Nick.

She sat still, not talking or moving, but just staring at Nick and Derrick. Nick hadn’t seen her in so long, she had left the family to go on her own journey before Nick had left. She had first went to Hoenn but then it seemed unheard of where she would be going.

“Its been so long,” Derrick whispered.

Nick didn’t stay so calm, instead he jumped up and looked at the girl. She had beautiful brown hair that waved down to her shoulders. A blue shirt and jeans matched her blue eyes.

“Natalie! It’s you! It’s really you!” Nick shouted, bursting with emotion.

Derrick stood up too, walking to his younger sister and hugging her. Nick hugged his older sister like Derrick, being very happy to see her once again. “I’m glad to see you guys all together again,” a familiar voice came out of nowhere, as Ms. Dunbar came out from the shadows.

She sat down at the last empty seat at the table, looking at all the great morning foods. “Where have you been?!” Nick screamed, overwhelmed with joy.

“Well you know I went to Hoenn for a little while, met lots of new friends. Then once I failed there I thought I could start over here in Johto, and now I’m competing today at five,” explained Natalie, the second child born into the Dunbar family household.

“What!” Nick stood up in shock. “Your competing to go to the final round too?”

“Yep, and I’m quite scared about it,” she tried to smile. “Not to lose but to win. I saw your battle last night and I saw what Jason was capable of as well. Whoever wins tonight against you two will be a hard opponent to beat.”

“Why didn’t you ever check in?” wondered Derrick.

“She did, she wrote me letters,” Ms. Dunbar admitted.

“Why not call?” pondered Nick. “Well I just thought it would be better to write, it was easier for me to do,” shrugged Natalie.

Nick saw Jason in the distance. Beside him was his Charizard, he’s first pokemon. They were getting prepared for tonight’s battle. Only one more win and the finals of the Silver Conference would be awaiting them.

Nick started to sweat, “I have to go sis, I’m sorry but I need to focus and get my team prepared for tonight’s battle. I wish you the best of luck cause I wouldn’t want anything more then to battle my own big sister at the finals of the greatest tournament in the world.”

They said there good byes and Derrick and Ms. Dunbar stayed behind to talk to Natalie about her trips. How much Nick wanted to be there, he knew that it had taken him to long to get where he was and he just needed to focus a little longer.

Jason has an awesome line-up, filled with strong battlers that have been through the most intense training ever. This would be no walk in the park for Nick.

(-o-) (-o-) (-o-) (-o-) (-o-)

“Aggronnnn!” screamed one of the most vicious pokemon Nick had ever seen. Natalie’s Aggron was in battle with a Raichu. All it took was one punch to that Raichu and the battle was over. Natalie had won and advanced to the final round.

Ms. Dunbar started to cry and Derrick cheered and yelled like a maniac. Nick looked down at his watch as people brought out a small medal for Natalie and congratulated her on going to the championship finals. Nick’s watch read 5:48. Twelve more minutes until he would be out on that battle field in one of the hardest battles he would ever have. His nerves rang, he’s heart started to beat like a bass drum. Nick said goodbye to Derrick and went to the bottom of the stadium to the locker room so that he could get prepared for his battle. Shadow knew something was wrong with its trainer and friend.

Nick rushed into the locker room but when he got there, he stopped in shock. Jason stood standing in front of him. “Good luck cousin,” he mumbled, walking out of the room. As soon as the door closed Nick rushed to the trash can, leaning over it and thinking he was about to vomit. Why was he so nervous? Was it event that he was nervous? Whatever it was, he had never felt like this before. Jason couldn’t be that good, at least that’s what Nick would like to hear.

Nick somehow made his way out of the locker room, passing his sister in the entry hall to the stadium’s battle field. Reporters surrounded her in such a way that Nick could hardly see her at all. He was very proud of her and was very excited to get to see her again. But as of now, he had other problems.

Jason had been waiting on one end of the battle field, which had been turned into the rock field. Big boulders were stationed all around the battling grounds, this was definitely it. The big one that Nick had been waiting for his whole life. Just one more win, that’s all it would take, and he would be in the finals!

Jason started things off, sending out his Rhydon. This was one powerhouse pokemon, having large muscles and a big body set. Nick grabbed Tauros’ pokeball, “Let get ’em big guy.”

This battle was about to start, the battle between cousins… between friends.

07-20-2004, 05:10 PM
Nice chapter KC, Nick seems just a little nervous about the battle.

Good luck with the next chapter KC, please update soon! I just know this is going to be one of the best battles ever!

07-21-2004, 05:41 AM
Chapter 57- Cousin and Cousin! Fist and Fist!

Rhydon crushed the rock field with each powerful step. Tauros was running towards the big rock pokemon at full speed. “Take Down,” Nick ordered.

Tauros rammed into Rhydon’s massive hands, being stopped as Rhydon pushed back on Tauros’ horns. Tauros kept pushing with its legs but Rhydon barely seemed to budge. “Hyper Beam!” yelled Nick.

Jason wouldn’t let that happen, “Mega Punch.”

Rhydon released one had and brought it back past its head, letting it ride forward with amazing power. Tauros was sent flying back, hitting a rock with its back and then another rock with its head. Tauros was out. “That’s it! Tauros is fainted, Rhydon is the winner!” the referee announced.

“Wow, didn’t know his Rhydon knew a Mega Punch. This is a hard one,” Nick struggled to say, finding Tauros’ pokeball and returning it.

Nick didn’t have a lot of options to beat Jason’s Rhydon but he knew he could do it. “Quilava, I need your great tatics now more then ever!” Nick said, referring to the awesome battling its been doing during this tournament.

Quilava came out of its pokeball, looking very healthy and very strong. Rhydon seemed just a bit worn out from the battle with Tauros but definitely still had some more to go left in it.

“Quilava, use Flamethrower!” said Nick.

Quilava released a blast of fire right for Rhydon. The fire soaked up Rhydon, not having a way to escape from the awesome Flamethrower by Quilava.

Rhydon came out of the flames at full speed.

“Horn Drill!” Jason quickly said. Rhydon’s horn started to spin rapidly on its head. Quilava easily used Agility to get out of the way. With its speed, Rhydon wasn’t able to find it, not being fast itself since it weighed so much.

“Quick Attack!” muttered Nick. Quilava came out of the far corner and rammed into Rhydon’s backside. Quilava bounced off the big body, not doing any damage at all. Rhydon hardly even felt the little rodent!

“Rhydon, Stomp!” Jason quickly said while Quilava was in close range.

“I don’t think so! Quilava use your Fire Spin!” Nick screamed.

A fire blast came out of Quilava’s mouth and spun around Rhydon’s body, making it heat up very quickly. The Fire Spin attack was a major success, especially being at such a close range, and even though everyone doubted Quilava’s fire abilities to beat a rock type pokemon, Quilava had done it.

“Rhydon is unable to continue, the winner is Quilava!” the referee held up a flag to signal Quilava the winner.

“Not to bad Nick, try this one out,” smiled Jason. He let out his pokeball, revealing his next choice.

A large, silver pokemon came out, having a snake-like structure. This pokemon was a large one that looked very determined.

“A Steelix?” Nick questioned, knowing how weak steel type pokemon can be against fire type.

“You know what to do!” shouted Jason, pointing to the ground.

The large Steelix dug its head into the ground, making an underground tunnel. Quilava was a sitting Psyduck, just waiting to be smacked by a Steelix hiding underground. “Just wait and feel the vibrations so you know when its coming up!” Nick said, trying to think of something to do in order to stay away from attacks from Steelix.

With that last word from Nick, Steelix came roaring up out of the ground, catching Quilava as well and sending it flying into the air, landing on the hard rock surface of the battle field.

“Whoa man!” Nick said to himself.

Quilava laid still on the ground, while Steelix got ready for an Iron Tail. Steelix’s tail started to glow white as it brought it back far and let it fly towards Quilava. “Watch out!” screamed Nick.

Quilava barely jumped out of the way, avoiding a lot of damage but still taking in a bit. Quilava seemed angry that this Steelix was showing it up.

“Steelix use Bind!” Jason kept the attacks coming quickly. Steelix wrapped its rock hard body around Quilava before the fire pokemon could do anything about it. Quilava was trapped, or so it thought. “Your at a close range, use Flamethrower!” said Nick, realizing this could be a huge opportunity.

Quilava shot a blast of fire at Steelix’s face but missed because Steelix let go. Jason had commanded it to drop Quilava and go underground.

Steelix went back into the ground, making a new tunnel to play its little tricks and sneak attacks. “Quilava go underground too!” ordered Nick.

Quilava ran into the tunnel Steelix had created, getting ready for the next command from its trainer. “And now use Overheat!” Nick smiled, knowing Steelix was trapped for one fire sensation. Quilava found a good spot in the tunnel and without any notice, fire erupted out of the holes leading underground. The crowd was amazed by this performance and Jason as well as Nick was too.

Steelix came stumbling out of the tunnel, looking very tired but then suddenly dropping to the ground. “Steelix is unable to continue” said the referee.

Nick couldn’t help but to smile, his Quilava had put on such a great show. “Class A work Quilava,” Nick gave a thumbs up to his fire pokemon who did such a great job.

As Jason returned his Steelix he had grown a smile on his face. Nick didn’t think there was anything to be smiling about in Jason’s position. Jason found the first pokeball he had ever received on this belt. So many battles have been fought along side this pokemon of his, and this would be just one more in the books.

As the pokeball opened up, a large pokemon came stomping out. This pokemon had an orange color of skin, with a bit of blue on its wings. The fangs of this pokemon scared Nick, as well as its appearance since Nick knew this was the first pokemon Jason had ever received and the strongest.

07-21-2004, 05:43 AM
--KCash-> And here's the second part to the first half of Jason v.s Nick. Hope you enjoy it Phoenix.. and whoever else is reading this?

“There’s Charizard, no figure,” smirked Nick. He wasn’t to happy about facing Charizard this early in the battle but he had no choice.

Nick knew he needed to bring out all the attacks he could right away, “Quilava use Flamethrower!”

A fury of fire shot out of Quilava’s mouth, heading right for Charizard. The dragon and fire type pokemon lifted itself off the ground and flew towards Quilava. Charizard was flying right through the Flamethrower, acting as if it wasn’t damaging a single hair on its body.

“Wing Attack,” Jason said calmly.

Charizard smacked Quilava in the face with its wings. Quilava tumbled on the ground, being stopped by a large rock on the battle field.

“Come on and get up!” Nick shouted. “You can do it!”

Quilava was stumbling, making it seem like it was hard to walk or stand up. “To easy, finish this with Seismic Toss,” said Jason.

“No, this battle is over! Quilava is unable to continue,” Nick yelled out.

The referee nodded and declared it Charizard’s victory. Nick knew Quilava had taken a beating from Steelix pretty badly and it didn’t need to go through anymore. It did all that it could do.

Nick stood still for countless seconds, trying to decide which pokemon to use next. Every time he would think about it, only two came to mind. Nick looked down at Shadow by his side, watching as Shadow waited patiently to get into this battle. Nick didn’t want to risk losing Shadow this early in the battle, which left only one pokemon that could defeat Charizard.

“Blastoise, I need you,” Nick threw out Blastoise’s pokeball.

Charizard stood facing the water type pokemon, Blastoise, who had the type advantage in this match up. Jason laughed at the fact of thinking Nick was using Blastoise because he thought it had the advantage. Jason believed type didn’t matter when going up against his Charizard.

“Dragon Rage!” Jason commanded.

Charizard let out a big ball of energy, taking a yellow color and looking like it could really do damage. Nick couldn’t think of anything but a defensive attack, “Withdraw!”

Blastoise tucked its head, arms, and legs into its shell for cover. The Dragon Rage attack exploded with the contact of hitting Blastoise’s shell. As the explosion ended, Blastoise came out shaking its head, showing everyone that the attack was powerful enough to still do damage to it even though Blastoise was inside its shell using Withdraw.

Nick knew he had to shoot back an attack fast, “Hydro Pump!”

Water came bursting out of Blastoise’s hydro cannons, shooting right for the spot Charizard was at. Charizard used its wings to lift itself into the air, away from the water attack. “Charizard use Wing Attack,” said Jason.

Charizard flew right at Blastoise, coming in range for a physical contact hit. “Get ready for a Skull Bash attack as soon as it gets close enough,” Nick whispered to his pokemon.

Charizard was risking a lot by coming in so close, and now Blastoise could get a close up Skull Bash on it. Charizard was closing it… and now was the perfect time. “Now!” Nick instructed.

Blastoise started to use Skull Bash but Charizard had picked up to much speed and clipped Blastoise in the head with its wings, making Blastoise see Staryu’s spinning around its head for a few seconds.

“Come on, stay with me!” said Nick.

Blastoise was able to focus in on Charizard who landed on the ground. “Flamethrower!” yelled Jason.

“Hydro Pump!” Nick said angrily.

Rushing water came flowing out of Blastoise’s hydro cannons and a surge of fire came blasting out of Charizard’s mouth. Hot fire and cold water connected with one another at the midway point of the battle field. As the two attack hit, a huge explosion occurred. Smoke flooded the battle field and it seemed almost impossible to see if both pokemon’s were ok.

“Dragon Claw,” Jason quickly said to Charizard very quietly.

Charizard took flight and flew right through the gray smoke. Blastoise couldn’t see through the smoke and didn’t know what to do, Charizard could be coming right for it and Blastoise would never know. And it didn’t know.

Charizard came bursting through the smoke with its claw glowing with a bright light. Charizard smacked Blastoise across the face with its massive claw and just like that, Blastoise dropped to the ground. Charizard landed on the ground, waiting to see if Blastoise had fainted or not.

The smoke was fleeing away, being taken up by the wind. Blastoise tried to pick itself up off the ground, knowing it can do better and can defeat this Charizard. But then something struck Blastoise, it was the lost of energy.

“Charizard is the winner! We will take a five minute intermission,” the referee said, walking away to take his break.

Nick stood still, mouth wide open and his eyes filled with discourage. He couldn’t believe Blastoise had failed to get the job done. He watched as Jason returned Charizard and went to take his seat on his bench during the intermission.

Nick returned Blastoise but then didn’t move an inch. This was only the first round, he still had another round to go with no Blastoise.

Blastoise was one of Nick’s strongest pokemons, if not THE strongest. Nick knew he had to make something happen and now. It was time to regain his strength and get the job done.

“Its an intermission kid. You can go take a break, clear your head for the next round. You only have three minutes left now,” the referee said.

Nick didn’t move. “I’m good.”

The referee let it be and Nick just kept standing, waiting for the break to end and Jason to return. Jason just sat at his bench, drinking a cup of cold water. Jason just starred back, smiling as he remembered how Nick had always been like this. So determined, and that wasn’t a good thing for him.

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OMG! Charizard beat Blastoise?! How can that be? How can Nick recover now? Incredible battle so far KC! I can't wait to read the rest! It's been so long since we saw Shadow battle, so that will be a sight to see. And don't worry KC, I know there are several other people who are reading this story, and anyone who isn't should be!

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--KCash-> Well I felt like I was dragging on the battle but thats why the final part of this battle will be awesome! Charizard and (you'll see at the end of this page) v.s (you'll see at the end of this page) will be up later tonight or tomorrow!

Chapter 57 continued…

Jason finally approached his designated area with one minute remaining in the intermission. Everyone saw that these two trainers were determined to win, which meant a good show would be put on for them.

Nick still stood as still as a Sudowoodo acting as a tree. Nick found a pokeball on his belt loop and threw it onto the ground. The pokeball opened up, revealing a green pokemon with a big leaf on its head.

“Let’s do it Bayleef,” Nick said. “Bay!” Bayleef seemed ready to battle against anything Jason would bring out.

“Elekid, do your thing,” Jason said to his pokeball.

The pokeball opened up in Jason’s hands, revealing a small yellow pokemon. On the top of its head, it had a form like an electrical plug. Small black streaks aligned around his yellow fur.

“Allow me, Elekid use Thunderbolt!” ordered Jason.

Elekid started to spin its arms around rapidly, creating energy for the Thunderbolt to shoot out the top of its head. This was an amazing site to Nick, if he could pin down Elekid’s arms then Elekid wouldn’t be able to use its electric attacks.

“Wrap your vines around Elekid!” shouted Nick.

Bayleef let out its vines from its body and sent the towards Elekid. “Agility,” said Jason.

Elekid ran as fast as it could away from the vines. It started to make a circle around Bayleef and the vines were catching around Bayleef’s feet. “Thunder punch,” Jason commanded.

Elekid’s left hand started to stream out bolts of electricity as it was sent flying through the air at the awaiting Bayleef. As the big grass pokemon tried to leap out of the way, its legs got caught up on the vines that Elekid had set up going around its feet. The Thunder punch hit with a large explosion to Bayleef’s face.

The referee awaited, trying to look closely while thinking Bayleef couldn’t take a hit like that and still be able to fight some more. But the ref was wrong, Bayleef stood up and still looked strong.

“That’s it, use Vine Whip,” said Nick. Bayleef let out its vines and sent them flying towards Elekid. This time it was a success and Elekid’s arms were pinned to its body. No more electric attacks for Elekid and one big attack coming up for Bayleef.

“Solar Beam,” said Nick, using an attack he rarely used.

The leaf on top of Bayleef’s head started to glow white as it summoned energy from the sun. Bayleef let out all the energy in one full blast that rocked the battle field and crushed rocks as it was sent to Elekid. Just as the blast was about to hit the electric pokemon, Bayleef let go of it with its vines.

The Solar Beam had hit with success, sending Elekid ramming into three rocks before hitting the ground. “Elekid is unable to continue, Bayleef is the winner!”

Jason brought Elekid in and tried to think of a pokemon that could take out Bayleef. Jason let go of a pokeball which let out a blue and white pokemon. This pokemon had a big set for its small size and had a big swirl on its stomach.

“Poliwrath, start things out with a Water Gun,” ordered Jason.

Poliwrath let out a blast of water from the middle of the swirl going around on its stomach. The Water Gun almost hit Bayleef but the grass pokemon was able to get away.

“Take Down.”

Bayleef heard Nick and immediately ran at full speed towards Poliwrath. Bayleef put all its weight into the attack and slammed into Poliwrath’s body. As Bayleef tumbled onto Poliwrath, the quick thinking pokemon grabbed Bayleef and started to roll around the battle field.

“Submission time,” smiled Jason.

Poliwrath finally finished rolling around and threw Bayleef up into the air, and then landing onto a large rock. Bayleef cried out in pain but wasn’t going to let that stop it. Bayleef struggled to get up and Jason knew he had to take care of business before Bayleef could get up, “Double Slap.”

Poliwrath used its large hands to slap Bayleef across the rock field. “Bayleef is unable to continue, Poliwrath is the winner!” the referee pointed to Poliwrath.

Nick returned Bayleef, knowing that lose was caused because of him. “Snorlax, hope you can do what you did yesterday,” Nick let out his massively large pokemon.

Snorlax looked mad as if it was tired or very hungry. Poliwrath didn’t waste any time and shot a Water Gun attack at Snorlax.

Water bounced off the large stomach of Snorlax. “Hyper Beam,” said Nick.

Snorlax let out a yellow beam from its mouth, which struck the ground in front of Poliwrath but still making the water pokemon take in damage.

“Poliwrath, don’t take that! Put it to sleep with Hypnosis!” Jason screamed.

Poliwrath held its hands up and its eyes started to glow red. Snorlax could fall asleep at any moment and that would be a big lose for Nick.

“Don’t let that happen! Use your Rollout attack,” Nick said, having Snorlax use a move that it has only used a couple of times.

Snorlax bundled itself into a ball before rolling around on the rock field, smashing into rocks and boulders that laid on the field. Poliwrath had no where to run, especially since Snorlax took up so much room.

Snorlax crashed into Poliwrath, flattening the pokemon out like a Ditto. Snorlax didn’t stop there and just rolled back around to smash into Poliwrath again. Snorlax was having a great time using this attack, it was so much fun and a hard move for the opponent to counter on. Poliwrath was down and out and definitely didn’t want anymore.

Nick smiled wide, after all that was a big win for him. Now he only had to get through to more pokemon, one being Charizard. Jason returned Poliwrath and quickly grabbed another pokeball.

Out came a black and gray pokemon with two horns on its head. It looked mean and very vicious but Snorlax could surely take it, at least Nick would like to think that.

“Houndoom, Flamethrower!” yelled Jason.

Houndoom let out a fury of fire towards Snorlax. The fire blast hit Snorlax with a direct hit but Snorlax fought back with a Hyper Beam. The yellow blast missed as Houndoom leapt away from the incoming attack. “Faint Attack now!” said Jason.

Houndoom disappeared, using its quick speed to reappear on the right side of Snorlax where it used its head to hit Snorlax’s big body. Let damage did that do, since Snorlax could take those kind of hits with its body.

“Rollout!” Nick said angrily.

Snorlax bunched up its body parts and started to roll towards Houndoom. “The best Flamethrower you got!” yelled Jason, knowing that this would need lots of power behind it.

The blast of fire hit Snorlax as it rolled. The Flamethrower didn’t appear to be doing a lot of damage but since Snorlax was rolling, the fire was hitting all sides of its body. Snorlax was basically cooking very slowly for Houndoom.

With just feet before it got to Houndoom, is stopped rolling and fainted. “Houndoom is the winner!”

Nick returned his pokemon with anger, made that Snorlax had gone out like that. Jason had cleared his head during intermission, Nick was filled with so much anger and stress that he had gotten himself into worse situations then what they really should’ve been. Now it was time to get himself out.

“Shadow… your up."

07-24-2004, 06:26 AM
--KCash-> Well here's the end of the battle, sorry it came late. I hope everyone enjoys it! I feel like I'm getting weak at writing these battles and quite frankly losing touch from exhaustion of them. Therefore I'm going to take a small break but hope to have the final battle finished by Wednesday so I luckily I can get a lot done before then.

Chapter 58- Jason and Nick, the Good Times!

Shadow leapt through the air. Houndoom’s aim was off a bit and the Flamethrower had just hit a rock. Shadow was using shifty turns and quick speed so that Houndoom wouldn’t be able to lock onto its opponent.

“Faint Attack,” said Nick. Shadow hit Houndoom from the left side, sending the dark pokemon into one of the few boulders left on the battle field.

Shadow had a smile on its face, in its own Umbreon kind of way. Shadow was putting on quite the show and the virus that it had earlier on in the week was showing to of completely worn off. Now Shadow was taking it to Houndoom like it was nothing.

“I see a lot of hard work has been brought to your Umbreon to make its speed and attacks so awesome but I can’t let you win Nicky,” Jason struggled, thinking in his head that he could be in deep trouble if he didn’t think of something fast. “Flamethrower!”

Houndoom shot another Flamethrower at Shadow, who leapt off the rock that the fire attack was going for. “Faint Attack again,” Nick hoped this would end it after all.

Shadow turned its speed up to an Agility attack level, then turning it into a Faint Attack where it disappeared in front of Houndoom’s eyes only to appear kicking it in the face with its hind legs.

“Houndoom is unable to continue, Umbreon is the winner!” yelled the referee.

Shadow stood on top of a fairly small boulder, awaiting for its opponent who everyone knew was going to be the flying fire pokemon known as Charizard.

“Shadow, I want you to keep focused in on Charizard at all times, you can’t underestimate this pokemon. Use your speed, that will be a huge advantage against Charizard,” Nick told his pokemon, trying to get it ready for the situation ahead.

Nick looked over at reporters, newspaper writers, and other people who awaited him to win. He knew he could do it. He had gotten this far, hopefully he could get to the next step as well.

Charizard was already out of its pokeball by now, staring down Shadow. Neither pokemon nudged an inch, each just awaiting for the other to make a move. Nick couldn’t sit around and let this tension get to him, he needed to attack.

“Shadow, u-” Nick started. Jason had cut in, “Fire Spin!”

Charizard let out a spiral of flames from its mouth. The fire attack was spinning its way towards Shadow who used Agility to get away just in time. Charizard took flight with Jason demanding it to use Wing Attack. Jason was really bring on the attacks and now Nick had to teach him about thinking before acting.

“Use Flash,” Nick called out.

Small rings were on Shadow’s fur on the top of each leg and on the Umbreon’s head. The rings started to glow with a brilliant light, surging blindness throughout Charizard’s head. The fire pokemon couldn’t see therefore didn’t know where it was flying. Charizard had flown into a rock before hitting the ground where it rubbed its eyes in hope of getting its sight back.

“Use Shadow Ball!” yelled Nick, knowing this was a golden opportunity.

Shadow developed a small energy ball that was black, with purple strobes in it. The Shadow Ball soared across the rock field and hit Charizard directly. With the contact a huge explosion had occurred, sending smoke scurrying into the sky.

Shadow awaited to see if Charizard was out or not. Nick figured that even Charizard couldn’t take such a hit but once again he had doubted wrong. Charizard flew out of the smoke, taking a look at Shadow from the sky.

Shadow watched Charizard, trying to tell what it was doing but once it figured it out, a Dragon Rage attack had hit the ground just in front of it! Rock and debris flew into the air in front of Shadow, who took in quite a bit of damage.

“Wing Attack,” Jason wanted the attacks to keep flying towards Shadow at a never ending pace until Shadow was out.

Charizard came low to the ground, wings wide open for the attack. “Faint Attack!” said Nick.

Shadow disappeared in a hurry. Charizard stopped flying and landed in confusion, not sure where Shadow had gone. Out of the corner of Charizard’s eye, it did see a black blur that came right for it, knocking it in the jaw with its hard head.

Charizard screamed loudly, furious at this attack. Shadow didn’t stop though, still using the Faint Attack and appearing to ram into Charizard’s big belly. Shadow continued the attacks, hitting Charizard time after time. Jason didn’t know what to do, he froze up and Charizard didn’t look like it was taking in a lot of damage anyways.

“Flamethrower!” Jason screamed, furious.

“Don’t let it get to you, Shadow Ball!” screamed Nick, trying to hurry and give out his command.

Shadow was panting, very exhausted from all the speedy attacks it just got done with. Charizard was the first one to get its attack off, sending a rush of heat towards Shadow. As the Flamethrower attack soaked over Shadow’s worn down body, the Shadow Ball was released. Shadow’s massive attack went right through the middle of the Flamethrower, making Charizard not suspect it. The Shadow Ball hit Charizard right upside the head, sending a massive explosion to the fire pokemon.

As the Flamethrower quit, Shadow seemed to be severely burned and on the ground from exhaustion. Charizard appeared to be on the ground as well, looking just as tired and beat up.

The referee studied the scene very closely, watching and waiting for one of the pokemons to move at least an inch. Shadow was the first to do so, standing up with the small amount of strength it had left. Charizard started to get up as well, before collapsing on the ground again.

“Charizard is unable to continue, Shadow is the winner!” announced the referee.

Jason returned Charizard and then gave Nick a wink, as well as holding up two fingers to tell Nick ‘two hours’ and Nick understood. Reporters and writers rushed to see Nick and his amazing Umbreon. One of the Silver Conference staff members brought a small medal to Nick on his accomplishment to get all the way to the final round.

“Just this morning you were having breakfast with your sister and now you will be facing her for the championship, how does that make you feel?”

“Is this the greatest accomplishment you’ve ever had?”

“Do you think you can stand up to your sister’s bouts?”

All these questions went right through Nick’s left ear and out the right ear. He had his mind set on Jason, Shadow, and the road ahead.

07-27-2004, 04:29 AM
Chapter 59- Trying to Finish a Legacy

Two hours had gone by since Nick had won his battle against his cousin, Jason. The stadium was empty and all of the Silver Conference fans were out eating or in bed. Tomorrow would be a nice break for Nick before having to get ready to battle his sister which he just met up with earlier in the day since three years before when she left to go to Hoenn.

On top of the stadium was a kid, tough competitor on and off the battle field. His hair blew in the wind and he shivered from the cold air that was coming in from the coast that night. Nick walked up the many stairs leading to the highest point of the stadium’s seating posts. He wore a blue jacket with black pants, along with a blue toboggan instead of his hat.

“Sure is getting cold out tonight,” Nick shivered.

“Its kind of nice, fresh air coming in from the coast to renew the old air,” Jason said, staring down at the dirty field that he had been battling on just two hours ago. Suddenly the lights on top of the stadium shut off, since the workers wouldn’t clean up the battle field until tomorrow for the final battle of the tournament.

“How’s Shadow?” asked Jason.

“Good. And Charizard?”

“The same. Joy said she wanted to keep him over night so he should be ready to go in the morning, luckily very early in the morning so we can get out of here.”

“Your leaving?” Nick almost came out of his seat, surprised that his cousin wouldn’t be here to see both his cousin’s battle for the championship.

“I’m going to train Nick, you know how it is,” Jason shrugged.

“I’ll be seeing you in Valencia after the tournament is over, right?” wondered Nick.

“Possibly, maybe I’ll stop bye to say hello to whoever the champ is,” Jason smiled at Nick before standing up. Nick stood up as well.

“I know you haven’t talked to your sister a lot since she left and then your leaving to go on your journey, so I bet you didn’t know her starter is was a Torchic, did ya?” wondered Jason, lifting his eyebrow.


“Torchic evolved into a Blaziken that could put my Charizard to rest with two moves. I’d watch it, she is more powerful then you’ll ever imagine, after all she is a Dunbar,” Jason smiled as he started down the stairs so he could go to his hotel room to pack for his leaving tomorrow morning.

Nick sat back down on the cold metal seat, looking down at the world from a high view perspective. He stayed that way for countless hours…

(-o-) (-o-) (-o-)

Ivy and Ms. Dunbar had a big breakfast for Nick and Natalie, the brother and sister that would compete against one another in tomorrow’s big battle. For the rest of the evening, Nick had Shawn send him all of his pokemon that he had at Professor Ivy’s lab.

Now they were at the park, everyone of Nick’s pokemon and himself. They were all playing baseball, except for Nick who sat on the bleachers, never being fond of the game. Nick laughed as he watched Snorlax throw a fast pitch to Bayleef, who was holding the bat with her vines. Bayleef hit the ball and it went right to first base where Pidgeot caught it with its beak and tagged the base, making Bayleef out.

But then Electrike came in from third base and was about to score when Pidgeot hit the ball with its wings to send it to Blastoise at home plate. Blastoise caught the ball and tagged Electrike who looked like its left paw was touching home plate already.

Blastoise signaled that Electrike was out but Electrike thought it was safe. The pokemon started to argue until Phanpy stepped in and calmed them down. They went back to playing the game, not caring if Electrike scored or not. This made Nick happy to see his team working together as a team and yet being so happy.

He still had other things in his mind. Seeing all of his pokemon come together like they were was brightening up his day. He remembered the first day he got Shadow as an Eevee. Then capturing Squirtle who became the big and bad Blastoise he has know. Quilava was caught third as a Cyndaquil.

Together Nick had been put into the Orange Islands Hall of Fame! Even with six new friends and a trophy, that was just the beginning for Nick.

Chikorita proved its strength in battle, never thinking that it was at a mismatch and that had shown true character. Soon after arriving in Johto, Nick had captured two fun and full of energy pokemons, Pidgeotto and Phanpy.

The first badge was handed to Nick, the Zephyr Badge. Cyndaquil and Wartortle had taken care of the bird duo of Dodrio and Pidgeot. Next came the grass pokemon tournament where Chikorita failed to win but they did get an egg! That egg ended up being a Caterpie that evolved into a beautiful and bold Butterfree.

Then the Hive Badge was given to Nick after Pidgeotto and Quilava defeated Bugsy’s Spinark and Scyther. Boy and then after meeting with Matthew once again, Nick had arrived in Goldenrod City where he saw his true love once again. Whitney…

She had to give Nick the Plain Badge as his Wartortle beat her Miltank in battle. That was the day that Whitney was able to leave the gym and travel with Nick throughout Johto. The Eevee Sisters put up amazing battles for Nick but Nick had proven to be the stronger on, beating four of the five Eevee Sisters.

Then Morty gave Nick the Fog Badge as his Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar were beaten by Nick’s team of Quilava, Tauros, and Butterfree. Along the way to Olivine, Nick had caught a Horsea and met another wonderful girl named Sara.

Then came the awesome battle against the legendary son of Lance the dragon trainer, Kevin Sun.

Upon arriving in Olivine, Nick had met Krisi and together they encountered legendary battles. Then Chuck’s Poliwrath and Machoke lost to Nick’s Chikorita and Shadow, earning him the Fist Badge.

Finally Nick got to the Olivine Gym, losing to Jasmine’s Lairon and Steelix with Butterfree and Quilava. Nick was giving up then and never again does he want to feel that way. He tried again and Quilava made sure Steelix would run away terrified every time it saw fire.

After getting the Mineral Badge from Jasmine, Nick went towards Mahogany Town. On the way Butterfree and Whitney had said their goodbyes and left in opposite directions but now Nick had his old Orange Islands friend, Shawn.

Pryce gave away another Glacier Badge with the lost to Nick’s Electrike and Quilava against his Swinub and Delibird. Nick went on to almost win a Sumo Wrestling tournament with Blastoise, then going to Blackthorn to reunite with Scizor.

Clair’s Gyarados, Kingdra, and Dragonair lost to Nick’s Blastoise, Pidgeot, and Scizor to earn him a Rising Badge which is the last one for the adventure.

So many memories ran through Nick’s head, such a long journey he went through to get all those badges. Winning some, losing… well a lot more then he wanted to. Tomorrow all of this would be put aside because no battle could live up to the one he was getting himself into. Not the battle against Drake at the Orange Islands Championship match, not against Kevin Sun, none of them.

Such hard work he had put into his life so that he could accomplish this goal, and whether he lost or won tomorrow, hard or not… he would still do it all over again.

07-27-2004, 02:12 PM
Nice chapter KC. It was great re-living some of those battles. Almost makes me want to read both your fics again, but I'm afraid I'm staying right here for now. I wouldn't want to miss Nick's biggest battle ever!

Dragon Lover
02-15-2005, 02:04 PM
Hey i just saw the last post date of this great story and wanted to ask

02-15-2005, 10:17 PM
Ah man oh man does this bring back memories! I wish I could continue this and eventually finish it and of course it will be on my agenda. However, I recently got a library card and have been getting books about literature and such and am currently writing a story about real live situations, nothing like a fan-fic and fantasy like I write here and thats working better for me. And yet its still hard to find time for it, for I play drums during spare time and play bass guitar for a band, and theres school time, so I am always so busy. Perhaps spring break or even summer I could finish the one last battle and final conclusion to this long waited ending fic. Sorry... :sad:

02-21-2005, 09:25 PM
--KCash-> Where we left off last time, Nick had some past memories cycle throughout his head, reminding him about the long road it took for him to finally get where he always dreamed of being. Nick’s final minutes to competing for the Johto League title where coming up as Nick’s older brother, Derrick, brought some good news to him that Shawn was coming to the battle with a special someone… Whitney. Spirits up in the air by this news, Nick seems ready to take on his sister in the final rounds of the Silver Conference. With her Hoenn experience and pokemon, this was sure to be a hard battle but like always, Nick would be more then ready to step up to the challenge.

Chapter 60- Defeat of Vanity, Part I

Natalie’s name came up over the large speakers surrounding the pokemon stadium that was holding the final round of the Silver Conference. Nick almost started to clap as his sister’s name but stopped himself, remembering that he should think of her as a regular, everyday pokemon trainer. He had to beat her or his journey wouldn’t be a success like he has dreamt of so many times before.

This is what it had come to. This one final battle that would end with one final blow on one final command. Hopefully that command would come from Nick and his pokemon would give out that last punishment.

Nick stood in the entrance to the field, getting ready to run out with the yell of his name by the announcer. Nick bent down to look Shadow in the eyes. Shadow’s long Umbreon eyes were looking so focused and determined that Nick knew Shadow would do an excellent job out on the field, despite being badly injured in the battle against Jason’s Charizard just days ago.


The crowd erupted! Nick jumped up, missing the introduction presented to him. He took a deep breath in and trotted out onto the field. The crowd looked so amazing. There was thousands and thousands of screaming pokemon fans ready to get a load of battling action.

The weather was excellent for this day, sun shining enough to warm your face but the wind coming in from the mountains all around to make sure it wasn’t to hot. Nick didn’t have to jog to far with Shadow until he arrived at his box which he would stand for the battle.

The battle field was that of a normal field, having a fairly large circle in the middle and being made of a soft plastered material. On the other end of the battle field stood Natalie, looking very confident. Nick gave a small wave to her but she didn’t wave back. Nick looked up at the titan-tron to see who would have to send out their pokemon first. Natalie didn’t even look up, she just stared amongst the battle area and Nick.

“Nick Dunbar will choose his pokemon first!” the announcer screamed out with affection.

Nick threw his pokeball of choice out onto the field. A grass pokemon appeared, having a leaf on its head and wearing a tan coat of fur on its body. Bayleef was always a great pokemon to start out with so Nick knew she would be the perfect one to get the battle on his side early.

Natalie had her pokeball out on battle field before Bayleef fully appeared out of her pokeball. She had confidence in her pokemon despite which pokemon Nick would send out.

“Houndour, figured,” Nick whispered to himself, noticing from previous battles Natalie has been in that she always liked to start off with Houndour.

“Houndour, use Flamethrower!” Natalie wasted no time and got this battle going quickly.

Nick was caught off guard but was able to yell to Bayleef to dodge left. Bayleef did so and the spiral of fire came slashing thru the thin air just inches away from Bayleef.

“Razor Leaf!” commanded Nick.

Bayleef slung three sharp leaves towards Houndour. Using its awesome speed, Houndour dodged the attack and put his speed into a Quick Attack.

Bayleef had no time to react nor did Nick see it coming. Houndour rammed into Bayleef’s left side. Bayleef screamed in pain as it fell harshly to the ground. Houndour was starting to walk towards Bayleef and Nick wouldn’t allow another attack like that to be done to his pokemon. “Vine Whip!” called out Nick.

Bayleef quickly released its long vines from within its body and shot them out towards Houndour. The two vines wrapped around Houndour’s legs and then Bayleef lifted Houndour high into the air. Bayleef then used its vines to send Houndour into the ground. Bayleef would soon have this battle taken if Houndour didn’t do something soon. Natalie noticed this and quickly called for a Smokescreen attack.

As Bayleef lifted Houndour up into the air again, the dark dog pokemon let out a dark, thick smoke from its mouth. The air around the battle field was being filled with a black smoke. As Bayleef coughed and tried not to breath in the thick smoke, Houndour used Crunch attack and bit down on Bayleef’s vine.

Bayleef let out a loud yelp of pain as it let go of Houndour. As the vines untangled around Houndour’s legs, Houndour went in for a Faint Attack. As Houndour prepared its attack, Nick ordered Bayleef to use Body Slam. The two powerful features rose up in the air and rammed into each other, both being blinded by the smoke.

Houndour and Bayleef laid flattened out on the field for minutes but no one could tell what happened until the smoke cleared.

Nick could see Bayleef standing up as the air thinned but Houndour was still laid out on the ground. Bayleef probably would’ve been called out of the battle along with Houndour but since the thick smoke bought time to Bayleef, Houndour was left to be called out of the battle. The first round had gone to Nick and Bayleef!

Nick wanted to pick Shadow up and dance with him but he knew he needed to keep his cool so he low-fived Shadow and told Bayleef good job, although Bayleef was showing great signs of tiredness and probably wouldn’t last long come next round.

Natalie thought nothing of this lost, for she knew the battle didn’t truly end until her best fell… and that would be a long road to get down for Nick.

--KCash-> Hooray! I was able to complete a little somethin somethin! Glad I got a little bit of the final battle done and there will be more where that comes from! Although I found it hard to write this and I do such an excellent job on reality fics so lets see if I can continue to take a small break from that and get this fic wrapped up. Hope you enjoyed!

Dragon Lover
02-24-2005, 12:55 PM
The story has been posted yes!oh ya oh ya its posted great i cant wait till nick reaches her blaziken if he will.Any way a great post as ever i like nick batteling its not to easy and not too hard.

02-24-2005, 08:21 PM
YES! YOU'RE CONTINUING THE STORY!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO READ MORE KC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

02-28-2005, 11:54 PM
Chapter 60 continued…

Nick kept looking up into the stands around the area that his mother, brother, and Professor Ivy were sitting. Two empty seats were on the right of Ivy, showing no sign of Shawn and Whitney.

Nick really wanted her to be at his most important battle ever but at the same time, that should be the least of his worries at the moment.

By the time Nick had snapped out of his wonderful thoughts, Natalie had already sent out her next choice of pokemon. Bayleef stood quite confident despite it had lost a lot of strength in the previous battle against Houndour. Natalie’s pokemon was taking color and form as it popped out of its rightful pokeball.

This pokemon was very small and yellow, looked like a easy match for Bayleef but Nick had learning over his past few years of pokemon training that you should never judge small, for small packages bring big surprises.

A zig-zag tail came waving behind the pokemon as it trotted around the field, almost as if it was getting warmed up for the battle. The referee lowered his flags to signal that the battle may continue.

“Pikachu, show Bayleef why electricity owns!” Natalie gave off a small smirk to intimidate Nick.

“Bayleef, dodge!” screamed Nick, watching as Pikachu shot out a jolt of electricity from its body towards Bayleef all within the blink of an eye.

Bayleef easily jumped aside this attack and got ready for the next order. “Vine Whip!”

Bayleef shot two long, green vines towards Pikachu. Natalie knowing this plan of Nick’s wouldn’t work, allowed the vines to wrap around Pikachu.

As Bayleef held Pikachu into the air, favors of this battle already seemed to be going to Nick. That’s before Natalie pulled her clutch move.

“Thunderbolt!!” commanded Natalie. Pikachu absorbed all the power within its little body for this one heavy attack. Bayleef wouldn’t even be able to untangle her vines fast enough and let go of Pikachu even if she had tried.

The surge of electricity flowed from Pikachu’s body, throughout Bayleef’s vines, and into a full effect attack on Bayleef’s already weakened body. Bayleef instantly dropped and let go of Pikachu. Nick looked down in shame. His fault, not Bayleefs. This was completely his mistake and now he had one pokemon out of this battle. He grabbed his pokeball and let Bayleef take a nice, well deserved rest inside. The referee raised Nick’s green flag to show that the battle was in pause. Nick knew he had to shuffle through his pokeballs and find which one could beat Pikachu.

“Go Snorlax!” yelled Nick as he released his pokeball. The red and white sphere opened up and let out a extremely large dark blue and white pokemon. Snorlax looked extremely grumpy, showing signs that it was probably sleeping before it was awakened for battle.

“Snorlax, I’m counting on you!” Nick said softly, hoping his oversized pokemon could come through for him.

“Easy pickings… Pikachu…” Natalie nodded at her pokemon. What in the world did she mean by that? Nick certainly didn’t know, for he knew that Snorlax could hold its own against any pokemon.

“Hyper Beam!” called out Nick.

Snorlax decided to yawn before doing any attack. Once he got that out, he was ready to go. Nick blushed, embarrassed that his pokemon didn’t attack directly after being commanded to.

A yellowish aura exploded from Snorlax’s fat mouth, cutting through the air towards Pikachu. “Agility!”

Natalie’s Pikachu darted off with a blink of the eye, easy flowing throughout the battle field. With grace, Pikachu just kept running on and the Hyper Beam hit nothing but a hard clayish matter that made up the ground of the battle area.

Snorlax kept using Hyper Beam while moving its mouth to stream the attack across the battle field. Pikachu ran right up to Snorlax, climbed on its large stomach, then dashed off again without warning of its whereabouts.

Snorlax, being the slow pokemon it is, showed that its mental stage was even slower then its movements. Slowly, Snorlax moved the Hyper Beam in the path Pikachu had taken up to its stomach, and as the Hyper Beam hit the ground just inches from its giant feet, the hyper beam make a huge explosion with the impact it hit. Snorlax was levered up into the air with that explosion that thundered throughout the arena.

“Thunder, Pikachu!” shouted Natalie.

Pikachu finally stopped its awesome speed attack and stopped behind the fallen Snorlax. The large pokemon acted as if it was stuck, being on its back it couldn’t get up. “Snorlax! Roll over!” shouted Nick, knowing something needed to happen quickly.

Snorlax struggled to move its body and swift itself over but it was all a failure. “ROLL OUT!” yelled Nick at the top of his lungs, knowing Snorlax could roll up into the ball and just roll out of this mess and crush Pikachu into a Pika-pancake.

By this time it was to late for Pikachu had already launched a full out electric attack. Electricity knocked out Snorlax with ease, and Snorlax didn’t resist for he didn’t mind having a nice, long rest anyways.

Nick hoped his pokemon could still get up once Pikachu ended the outrageous attack. As Nick crossed his fingers in hope that Snorlax could get up, the referee declared Snorlax out. Nick didn’t want to believe it. Snorlax had done one heck of a job during the tournament and it acted like a slow, untrained, idiot pokemon. Nick slowly grabbed Snorlax’s pokeball and returned his pokemon so it could get some rest.

“It’s ok Snorlax. I know you had good intentions despite the bad effort,” Nick whispered to the pokeball.

Nick sighed, knowing that this put him in a bad situation because he needed a pokemon that could ensure him that he would be a head or at least close to Natalie at the end of the half way point of the battle. “I wanted to save you so you could beat one of Natalie’s toughest pokemon later on in the battle but it looks like your going to have to get things done here and right now. Good luck buddy,” Nick sighed, grasping his next choice of pokemon’s pokeball and throwing it into the air.