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07-18-2005, 07:55 AM
Hey, in need of fixing for a few of my Pokemon. I see Nemesis listing Dusclops as OU? Hope this will summon him here. :hungry:
I wonder if Forsety will be summoned to this thread as always.. :smile:

My sets so far, I won't post evs for now, since I haven't totally decided. Could anyone suggest EVs and natures aswell?

- Knock Off
- Shadow Ball
- Will-O-Wisp
- Hidden Power FIGHT/Psychic

Help me with this one, I've been having lotsa trouble finding a good set for this.

and Dusclops
- Curse
- Rest
- Protect
- Mean Look

A Curse sorta thing, you can see. I'm not sure what else to use him for.

And Kecleon:

Don't really have a set for him yet. Maybe Subpunching, I dunno. Trickbanding I'll leave to Volbeat.

Many Thanks,


07-18-2005, 08:36 AM
Dusclops is one of my favorite pokemon (in terms of usefulness anyway), for he seems to be extreemly useful in a lot of situtations... He is also the reason some people use Magneton over a rapid spinner. He should be used in a team with a spiker IMO...

Dusclops@leftovers impish
252 HP, 96 Attack, 96 Def, 66 Sp Def
Pain Split
Focus Punch
Shadow Ball

he is a decent Blissey counter, and makes an okay physical wall. You may want to give him some speed to outrun Snorlax. Also if this is ingame more attack may be nessesary to OHKO Alakazam with shadow ball (not to mention the fact you'd have to bread for pain split from mistrevous I think...). If you like you chould also give him more sp def...

Bannete@leftovers adamant
252 Attack, 76 HP, 182 Speed
Knock Off
Shadow Ball
Double Edge/Hidden Power: Fighting (if you can get it)

hes kind of an anti-tank... ...also if the oponent has a pokemon with spore/hypnosis/sleep powder than could provide a free switch, in which case you could knock off there leftovers and then burn them with W-o-W cutting there attack in half... ...though his defences are a little low limmiting his usefulness...

Kecleon@leftovers/choice band
I've never actually used Kecleon so I couldn't say much other than a little sp attk, and put the rest in HP, and Sp Def to make him a special sponge. Also maybe a little in defence.
Sceismic toss
Focus Punch/Shadow Ball

Focus Punch for Blissey if it likes to laugh at your Seismic Tosses, and Shadow Ball for any ghost likewise... ...only have your item be choice band if you chose trick as the last option. Flamethrower if for Skarmory.

I see Nemesis listing Dusclops as OU? Hope this will summon him here. :hungry:

...lol, though yes Dusclops is OU, unlike the others.

07-18-2005, 08:47 AM
Nice, a great use for Dusclops. You think he would work with that Curse setup?

Meh, Banette is just my favourite Pokemon. But I won't forget about Kecleon...

My Kec is already Sassy, so it's on the way to spongifying itself. :eek:

Ah well, better go get my friend's GameShark for all those Focus Punch TM's. :oops:

Thanks Nemesis, appreciated it alot. :biggrin:

EDIT: Uhh..I don't know how Banette can learn Double-Edg e :P. By breeding in FR/LG perhaps?

07-18-2005, 11:58 AM
Banette learns Double-Edge from a move tutor.....

And more or less go with what Nemesis said......but heres some of my own personal recomendation on variations.....

Substitute, Confuse Ray can also act as great support moves over Pain Split or Will O'Wisp.

Anti-tank it is except he forgot the most important move for anti-tank Banette, Skill Swap, its necessary as you skill swap insomnia to stop them resting while they're burnt and knock off their leftovers.

More or less the standard....I can't suggest anything else although I should mention that Kecleon can do good in a OU environment as he screws over msot special sweepers like Milotic and Suicune.

07-22-2005, 07:18 AM
Yea, I figured out the Banette thing few days ago before, luckily :oops:

I think I'll stick with Nemesis on the Banette, without skill swap. I'm not going to be versing any metagame-standard people around where I am :surp:

Ok, I may try Confuse Ray for Clops:goofy:

Kecleon in standard as in Flamethrower, Seismic Toss, etc.?

Thanks for your help guys, really appreciated it! :razz:

07-22-2005, 12:12 PM
Kecleon in standard as in Flamethrower, Seismic Toss, etc.?

Thanks for your help guys, really appreciated it! :razz:
Yeah Flamethrower and Seismic Toss are standard, flamethrower for steel and Seismic Toss as main attack and the standard optional moves are always F-Punch/Shadowball, Shadowball is only if you fear Gengar and Trick/Thunderwave, depending on whether you want leftovers or choice band.

And I find C-Ray is a good move on the F-Punch Dusclops since it gives you more punches outside of the switch punch and usually is even better when Substitute is involved.