View Full Version : Trend Micro is EVIL!!!!

Kardas the Great
08-28-2009, 08:33 PM
GRRRR, I HAD trend Micro security, but the subscription ran out. So, wanting to switch to Norton, I let the subscription run out. Boy was that a stupid move. First thing I noticed was, when trying to get to the home page of TM, it sends you to a page to pay for your subscription. WTF! Even norton lets you use the extra features, it just doesn't let you update. THEN, I get spyware from some &!#!ing website, and have to reinstall my browser. It worked as far as me not having to see the ads, but sometimes when I click a link, it redirects me to various health websites. Now, I know I'm out of shape, but am I so out of shape that software can detect it?!?! (obviously sarcasm)

So now, every time the problem happens, I have to refresh my browser! Now, I know a mod is going to say this has no purpose, so here's one. What Idiotic things has your antivirus done to you. Oh, and BTW, I did manage to find out Trend Micro works in safe mode, because I got a virus that made my computer shut off! Curse you trend Micro!!!

(If your wondering why I am writing so bad, I just got my ass kicked in halo multi, so, HULK MAD! HULK SMASH!):dazed:


Not that anyone cares, but I fixed the problem by getting a free antivirus. yay...