View Full Version : My Shinies for trade :)

09-23-2009, 06:40 AM
Well it's been about a year since i've logged in but im back now :)

So............ what i have is a few shiny's that im willing to trade, they are UT unless stated otherwise, they are:

Lumineon LV 37 Naive
Tentacruel LV 27 Docile
Buizel LV 9 Relaxed
Ariados LV 52 Quiet
Hippowdon LV 54 x 2 Naughty
Onix LV 44 Hardy
Geodude LV 5 Naughty
Snover LV 34 Gentle
Octillery LV34 Sassy
Skuntank LV 51 Careful
Golbat LV 45 Careful
Magikarp LV 4 Calm
Golduck LV 53 Careful
Absol LV 25 Hasty
Beautifly LV 13 Modest (been trained for evolution)
Luxray LV 43 Quiet (been trained for evolution)
Torchic LV 1 Quiet
Bulbasaur LV 1 x2 Naive
Goldeen LV 16 Naughty
Eevee LV 17 Impish
Wooper LV 18 Impish
Magby LV 22 Mild
Larvitar LV 1 Adamant PKRS
Dratini LV 15 Adamant
Bagon LV 18 Quiet PKRS
Rayquaza LV 70 Serious
Finneon LV 16 Lax

What I want:
Shiny Dialga
Other then that nothing in particular , so just offer...i do like shiny starters though..

I have a few more pokemon so just ask and i might have them.
I can CLONE.
I can give PKRS to any pokemon.
And I'll happily give the pokemon I'm trading you a Rare Candy

Anyways thanks for looking