View Full Version : Need My Computer Fixed; Cannot Do System Restore! Help!

09-27-2009, 07:07 PM
A while back, I don't know what happened, I realized the Sound Card was missing and my computer wasn't making any sound out of it at all. It got all mute. Also every time my mother would say something stupid about every time I'm on the internet clicking and downloading stuff, someone on the other side of the world may be getting onto my computer, which I find to be false and I could disprove of her total idiocy for saying stuff like that. Now because I have been going to the Admin Control Panel on my computer, I can no longer get properties selected or do a System Restore. Every day and night, I'd turn off my computer just to turn it back on to press the F10 button on the keyboard, and I think either it might be jammed or something, or I'm totally screwed and cannot do System Restore anymore. There has been a few cases in the past when one of my keys on the keyboard were jammed and then I managed to get them fixed. Anyways, this is some serious and/or I mean some severe technology program I have with my computer so I'm in need of getting some serious Technic Help so I can get back to fixing my computer, which may require me to put in a Disk in the top slot which has been kicked off of there back in 2007, don't know what to do about that but the DVD and CD Drive on it is still functional.

Just a few days ago, my mother printed out some instructions on the hp website, http://www.hp.com of how to pick up some Properties, except for they won't appear on this computer, she was on a different computer, but on the other computer. What a coincidence. I couldn't imagine because that computer is fresh while this one is in bad shape, which is how I couldn't have been able to access the forums this much once it's been discovered my computer has one serious issue. Post here if you'd like to help me repair it. And also I cannot believe all my System Restore Files have been depleted. I put the computer in Safe Mode just to use System Restore to restore the computer back into its original state and then that won't work and also I can't access the internet. Further issues include that when I open up Starry Night Program let alone Safari, it doesn't even show up on the Task Bar Manager. Also my MSN and AIM are totally disfunctional and won't work without Internet Explorer which refuses to work and Firefox stopped opening up. I actually got the link for downloading Firefox onto my computer from a girl named Palamon on another forum, Pokemon website. I thanked her enough but I couldn't have been able to tell what was causing this big ****-up to my computer. Sorry for language, but I've been really irritated lately at the lack of communication between my mom and me about how to resolve this conflict on my computer and she was on it last Friday. Also something else bites me or gets on my nerves. Every time I try to click something to get into my User Accounts in which I don't have any, it freezes up the whole hard drive on my computer. Does anyone know why other than what I stated? I'll elaborate with more detail once I know how to get to it again.

10-02-2009, 12:25 AM
You might have malware on your computer. Seems likely from your description. Either that, or your computer is absolute ****. Either way, if your CD/DVD drive is still functional, I reccomend you get a liveCD of any distro of linux to install. You can continue using linux after that, or obtain a Windows XP/Vista/7 CD and reinstall windows. Your choice. Reformat is the way to go.

10-08-2009, 03:14 AM
I absolutely do not know how it could be reformatted or where to go to reformat. But one of my best options was staying off my computer from time to time while others I just don't even look at as I can't take the damage that was done to it. I'm still the Admin but you might've said it best as to how I can rework the problem.

Kardas the Great
10-08-2009, 03:26 PM
All new computers come with a little disk to reinstall widows, ALL of them. My laptop recently started failing, almost to the point where it felt like the software was literally CRUMBLING like blue cheese (bad analogy, but I'm hungry :P)! If, god willing, you still have that disk, reinstall windows and it should fix any problems with the windows program.

10-10-2009, 12:30 AM
If you feel like learning, download a linux LiveCD. Ubuntu will hold your hand in the install process. Or you can get a Windows XP/Vista/7 install disk and boot from CD. Re-install windows like that. Reformat is just another way of saying reinstalling your operating system.