View Full Version : PBR Disk Read Error

Pink Leon
10-02-2009, 05:55 PM
I want to play PBR (Pokemon: Battle Revolution), but my wii is suddenly having
difficulties reading the game disk. Awhile back, I do believe some time last year,
we had to send in our wii, because SSBB (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) wouldn't read.
When we got it back, it was working OK, but not great. Sometimes it still has trouble reading
it, but it's rare that it still happens, but now, it won't read PBR so well. sometimes it
seems like it's reading the disk just fine, but after the safety warnings appear at the
beginning of every wii game, it can no longer read the disk - most of the time.
Then there's this: If I can pass that, get to the title screen, load the save file,
I am able to play, until I get into a colosseum battle.
During one of the turns that the opponent makes, (as the opponent is using it's move)
it shows the attack animation, while the music fades, but the sound effects are still there -
then when the attack animation is almost complete, it shows a disk read error message
and the wii freezes.

Funny thing is - the PBR disk is clean enough to where is should read with no problems.

Has anyone else had this problem, specifically with PBR and no other wii game?
And does anyone have suggestions? Tips? Anything that may be useful information in this case?

Edit: I've found that it isn't just the opponents pokemon that triggers this strange event. Certain moves, like screech, flatter, bounce, sometimes hypnosis (etc.), crash the game.