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Neo Emolga
07-21-2005, 07:15 AM
Well, to say the least, I’m through with waiting. I’ve shown this idea to other mods, and so far I haven’t gotten much response (some, but not much) as to how we can further develop the idea. So I’m posting it here. For everyone to see and make a comment on. HKim and I have been working on it, and I can fairly say that almost 98% of the ideas I’m about to show you are in fact mine.

To HKim, he would rather enjoy a RPG that’s more based on the Pokémon GBA games, while I would rather develop something more military based, more in the realm of tactical special forces and squad team work, very much like the games Socom II, Counter-Strike, and many others (But still have Pokémon in it). The role here is where players are put into missions and their whole goal of the mission is to complete as many objectives as possible. This may seem like a cheap version of the War RP, but I’ll go much more into it, and you’ll see what makes this a lot different.

To start off, the project, which I call “Firestrike RPG” uses the maps that were used during War Season 3 for the campaign mode, the teams that are located in the Teams and Clubs board, and focuses very highly on Role Play performance. To put it in an allegorical sense, what the URPG does for Pokémon battling, Firestrike RPG will do for role playing.

The main objective of each team is to take control as much of the Pokémon world as possible. This focuses more on the conflict between the teams involved, and role playing becomes the engine that decides who is the victor, and who is the vanquished. And instead of sign-up forms, each participant keeps track of their own stats that will be constantly changing and building their character. Rather than just posting who their character is and what they know, Firestrike RPG will actually allow them to shape their character throughout time and participation. For example, after many missions, their Pokémon get stronger and evolve, their ranks in the team build up through performance, they learn more about combat and gain skill proficiencies such as driving, piloting, weapon proficiencies such as light and heavy weapons and so forth. Like the URPG, their stats will constantly be growing.

So, how does battle between two teams take place? Unlike the War RP, Firestrike RPG isn’t just one RP, it consists of many mission RPs, and usually several are going on at the same time. For example, let’s say that Team Trainer owns Vermillion City on the map, and The Magnificent Alliance wants to take it for themselves. This is where a RP mission is created. The leaders of The Magnificent Alliance would then create a mission to infiltrate, capture, and claim the location for themselves. Meanwhile, Team Trainer would attempt to counter act the offensive measures of The Magnificent Alliance by attempting to defend their city from capture. Then, the leaders of both teams would select who on their team would be sent to engage on the mission. These members would only be able to engage on that one RP. If TMA has another mission going on, the members involved with this mission can’t take part in that other mission, and the same goes for Team Trainer and the other missions they have. Then, after the team leaders have selected the members they deploy to the mission, the RP begins, and each team follows objectives.

After a two week period, the mission is finally ended, regardless of an actual conclusion taking place. Then, very much like a URPG story, the RP mission is graded by an official RP grader outside of both teams. They grade each team based on their Role Playing performance, how well they worked as a team, how much of the mission they accomplished, as well as their creative approaches toward getting the job done. Whichever team has the highest score wins that mission, and the territory becomes theirs (Either successful capture or successful defense). And another question is, can I actually kill other players in the RP? The answer is yes, but you’d better have a very creative way of doing it. If you can catch them off their guard, make a very grave mistake, or fall into one of your creative traps, then they can be defeated and removed from that mission RP. However, upon their death, they can be deployed to a new mission.

So, how does it all start? Basically, each team starts with an HQ in the location of their choice. This HQ can be attacked, but it cannot be captured. Teams that don’t want to be in the RPG anymore have their HQ and all their owned territory become neutral. While new teams that want to enter the RPG can take a neutral territory, or they create a mission to attack one of the locations owned by another team. If they are successful, that territory becomes their new HQ, effectively putting them into the new RPG. As for capturing neutral territory, since there is no opposition, the capture is instant. However, finding a way to limit capturing so one team can not instantly take over almost all territory in a single moment still needs to be implemented.

Now on an individual scale, everyone edits and constantly makes changes to their stats. In the beginning, each person selects what kind of position they want to be in. Say you want to be a Combat Medic. You would start with a First Aid proficiency and a Surgery Expertise proficiency due to your class selection, along with two others of your choice to suit your character’s personality. Then you would have your weapon proficiencies, and which weapons your character would be skilled with. For your Combat Medic, that would likely include sub machine guns and pistol side arms. Sure, your character could use any weapon, but like normal humans, they wouldn’t be to use them as well, and would still need the training, which they could get as they get more missions completed and further develop their character, or through some other means developed in the future.

Well, that’s the basic general idea of what direction I would like to take this RPG in. Of course, I do appreciate feedback, and every new idea helps. I’m sure there’s a lot more that could be added to this, but I’m definitely willing to listen to everyone’s ideas and give them consideration.

07-21-2005, 01:09 PM
Me likes. This finished product you are presenting is very nicely written. From the scraos you showed me, I already like it. This makes RPing the only way to survive. I approve. The only thing that is gonna be hard to work out is this section:However, finding a way to limit capturing so one team can not instantly take over almost all territory in a single moment still needs to be implemented.Frankly, I myself have no clue how to make it so Teams just do go and claim neutral places for themselves without opposition.

Another thing is that this should get its own Forum Sections, because of the massive stat keeping that you've told me about.

Now, on to other problems. There are people on teams that have no clue how to RP. Sure, the Fanfic writers could adapt and become RPers (If they want to), but I'm talking about people who are on the team to participate for URPG, trivia, art, and other stuff not related to RPing that doesn't come to mind rightnow. It seems to me like this will make it so those people who are not RPers will be left out. While people decide on how the problem of owning neutral territory will be handled, I just wanted to present this problem as well.

There's my two cents, Joe.

Edit: Yay! First reply!

07-21-2005, 01:23 PM
I like this, althought I'm not a RP-er.

I've something that bothers me:
What if a team gets new recruits. They can't start doing high-leveled mission. There should be a star system or so, where 1 star is easy and 5 dead hard.

People, and especcialy newbs, could start shooting and god moding them selves, by constantly stating that they sneaked behind someone and pulled the trigger. I might be wrong, but there are people who don't read the rules...

Lord Celebi
07-21-2005, 04:29 PM
I like it, but If I joined the RP, I'd just screw it up.

It sounds like a nice idea. I look forward to seeing the final product.

07-21-2005, 05:50 PM
Sounds cool. i like the idea even though I've never really rped before but I get the general idea.(i really need to A. try an short rp out b. find a war team) but this sounds awesome.

note: If anyone can explain the war thingy to me please pM me about it.

07-21-2005, 06:28 PM
Okay. Problem is RPing to decide the victor seems a little weird, since both sides would want themselves to win, and unless either a judge or something like that decide the victor, it wouldn't work very well.

Anywho, I do have to note that War 3 was a horrific failure, and I don't know if this RP would work by running the same engine as war 3.

Neo Emolga
07-21-2005, 06:35 PM
Okay. Problem is RPing to decide the victor seems a little weird, since both sides would want themselves to win, and unless either a judge or something like that decide the victor, it wouldn't work very well.

There would be. After a two week period has passed, a judge who belongs to neither team would grade each team's RP performance, much like grading a URPG story.

Anywho, I do have to note that War 3 was a horrific failure, and I don't know if this RP would work by running the same engine as war 3.

It's only using the maps. That's it. The engine as to how it all works is a lot different.

The Elite Ygseto
07-21-2005, 10:04 PM
This sounds fun. I agree with DaRkUmBrEoN about letting n00bs go onto high leveled missions. Here are some ideas on a star system.

Each person would get a star number, they can then keep it in thier Stats (Millitary ID, just a fancy way of saying it. Just an idea.). Going from 1-5 each person that joins a team gets a star count from the team's leader. The count depends on past RPs and knowing what the person would do in a important situation.

Every mission can have a star amount. Like a simple get the hostages, and come back could be a 1, while a very sneaky mission with a high chance of death could be a 5. If you are a person that has a 3 and you want to go into a 1 mission, than you can. But a 1 can't go into a 3 mission.

I'm willing to help out in any way posibal, I can also lead a team also.

BTW: Yeah, war season 3 sucked ass.

07-22-2005, 01:18 AM
How come nobody is adressing my concerns?

Neo Emolga
07-22-2005, 01:33 AM
How come nobody is adressing my concerns?

Actually, they did, just indirectly. The whole "star system" is designed to judge on how comfortable people feel with RPing, as well as presenting them with other people who can RP on their level

You could set it up in a system where people with 1 to 2 stars are people who aren't that skilled with RPing or aren't used to it yet, and there could be a mission where only those with that kind of rating can participate. Then, you could have people with 3-4 stars as somewhere between a intermediate and expert level, and they too could have their own RP missions with those rating requirements. And then you have the five stars, who are the absolute experts. You could set it up where people with a 3 or 4 star rating can take part in that RP, or even a 4-5 can work as well.

The other way we can go about rather than having a five level star system is to have it only on three levels. So rather than picking out 2 star ratings at once, you would only pick out one to keep the RPs populated while keeping the level system. It could be set up where 1 star stands for a beginner, 2 for experienced, and 3 for expert, just to broaden the playing field a bit more so it isn't segmented as much. I think that's as fair as fair gets.

Still, regardless, I definitely think the star rating idea is an awesome idea, and let's beginners RP with someone on their level and gives those who are experts their own challenge to face. DarkUmbreon, you definitely have to be commended for that one. I appreciate that. :wink:

07-22-2005, 08:45 AM
DarkUmbreon, you definitely have to be commended for that one. I appreciate that. :wink:

You're welcome...

And oh yeah, how about weapons. Let's think like noobs... "I've unlimited ammo on my godmoded bazooka!!!"

See, there might be a problem there. I think there should be a list of useable weapons every mission.
If it is a search and destroy mission: lets say you have a bazooka + 4 missiles
If it is a stealth mission: you have nothing but a enterhook and sleeping gas.

And if you want ammo, you go to a assigned ammo-dump, which slows down your progress, so you need to use your weapons in a smart way..

I believe the stars should be given as a point system...
Grades count from 1 to 10, and you have 3 points of judgement:
- Type of mission
- Type of weapons
- Location and Amount of Amma dumps.

1= easy as hell and 10= hard as hell.

Between 01 and 10 = 1 star.
Between 11 and 20 = 2 star.
Between 21 and 30 = 3 star.

Just something I came up with...

07-22-2005, 09:11 AM
Interesting idea, but will it be active? I took a glance in the RP and Other RP section and they don't seem too active.

07-22-2005, 05:54 PM
It is a very good idea, and it seems that it would be fun. I don't understand One thing very well though. How do you go up star levels? Is it that when you are sent on a mission, if you write well and Role Play well you are upgraded?

Daniella Defines Divinity
07-26-2005, 05:48 PM
It sounds like a good idea in theory, but I can see people losing interest after a few weeks, just like what's happenning with the war. Then again I could be wrong and it could work.

However I agree on the it would need it's own board thing, it would get too confusing if it were all in the same thread. I could see it as a thread per rp HQ where you would actually rp being in your HQ and recieving your mission etc, and a thread per mission so it would all be in one spot and you could only rp in the one spot at any time. A thread for stats and rules etc, and all that stuff too naturally. My only concern is for the leader to communicate within the rp, I mean the leader could be rping in a mission or whatever and a new mission could open up involving your team, hopefully you can see where this problem is going, cxan't be bothered to type it all out. Anyway you could phone within the rp or whatever but it's hard for the other members to keep track so you'd phone your HQ and leave the message in both places or something like that maybe?

Also graders, they'll lose interest in it unless they can do something and be a part of it (thats what happens every season in the war). So I was thinking perhaps there should be an official list of graders and they'd be able to grade missions that don't involve their team but still be able to participate... no wait nevermind, you said that bit already, oops XP