View Full Version : Project PokéArt Dex!

Pink Leon
10-17-2009, 09:52 PM
I'm making a gallery for user-submitted Pokemon art.

Here's how this works; Pokemon will be listed on the page and sorted by number.
The goal is to collect and display at least one artwork piece for each and every Pokémon.
The art that is submitted must be digital or traditional art; But may or may not include specific kinds of art.
The digital art may include portraits, pictures, drawings, 3-D models, etc; but may not include sprites.
The traditional art may include Hand-Drawn images, Hand-Painted images, and Sculpted Figures, but may
not include culinary art (or food art). Media may vary.
It's recommend to be colored, however, it does not have to be. It must also be a single pokemon alone,
and cannot stand with other pokemon. Shiny pokemon, and non-shiny pokemon are all accepted.

Multiple submissions of a single pokemon ARE accepted.
(example: 2 artworks for Lucario are submited; both will be displayed.)

This will not be displayed on the forum.

If you are interested, you would like more information to submit, or see where this is held, go Here (http://pink-leon.webs.com/projectpokartdex.htm).