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FireBrawl Latios
10-24-2009, 02:23 PM
I wanted to write down some notable (and also seemingly purposeless) aspects in Sky that changed between the transition from Time/Darkness. There will be spoilers, naturally.


The new starters:

Phanpy (male only) [Relaxed]
Shinx (male only) [Hasty]
Riolu (male only) [Sassy]
Vulpix (female only) [Relaxed]
Eevee (female only) [Jolly]

As shown above, all new starters are gender exclusive.


Starters can come with Egg moves now, such as Zen Headbutt Skitty and Quick Attack Shinx.

When determining the aura, a bow appears. The instruction tells you to touch the bow.

The colour of your aura is no longer determined by the colour setting in the DS.


Amp Plains - One Manectric and several Electrike minions

(Probably due to Shinx's possibility as a starter)

Storyline changes:

Shaymin Village, a place where only Shaymin lives, is next after graduation instead of Blizzard Island. It is unlocked when Spinda announces its discovery. Shaymin Village leads to Sky Peak, where "it is so complex that Friend Rescues can't be done." Upon arriving there, a Shaymin wants to be the main characters' Sky Peak guide. There is not much else here that serves a purpose, other than a Kangaskhan Rock. The Shaymin Delivery delivers Sky Gifts to guild members or your partner free of charge. The day after the deal is done, an item can be collected at Spinda's Cafe by speaking to him. The Shaymin Delivery is unlocked after clearing Sky Peak.

Special Episodes:
There are five in total. Each of them are related to the main story in the sense that money and items in storage can be shared. The star characters of SEs can use items deposited in the storage by the main characters, and vice versa. Same applies for money if the star characters have access to Duskull Bank. After completing a SE, whatever money and items in possesion of the star character will be transferred to Duskull Bank and Kangaskhan Storage respectively. You can play an SE as many times as you like.

Mission Changes:

There are more types of Outlaws now. To get an idea what this Outlaw does to avoid being captured, one has to read the flavour text that nobody really cares prior to Sky.

Keywords : Style

Calls for help/Monster House [Pokémon name] : Monster House upon entering Floor

Runs : Outlaw will target the Stairs (will not attack unless cornered between members of the team)

Henchmen/Den/Lair : One room Monster House with two species of Pokemon, one who is the Outlaw and the rest are (usually) less evolved and share a typing of the Outlaw.

Retrieve Item (without mentioning species of Pokemon) : The Outlaw will mingle with the native Pokemon on the specified floor and is like them in the sense that it has a red dot. It will drop the stolen item after being defeated. There is no special background music even when fighting this type of Outlaw.

I'll come too! : The team will have to escort either Magnemite or Magnezone, depending who is the client, both of which will be at Level 12, to the criminal.


There are two more ways to obtain Jobs. Sometimes, a Pokémon in the Spinda Café offers the team a job. This Pokémon is usually at the bottom left. This is the only way the Player can obtain Challenge Mail from legendaries like Suicune, Raikou and Mewtwo. Upon reaching the designated floor, there is only one room, and the team leader faces the challenger. If the legendary Pokémon is defeated, it will offer to join the team as a reward.

The other way is by bottles washed ashore. Occasionally, a bottle with a message appears on the beach. The message is a job request. The bottle sparkles, and it appears near the rocks where the main character was found unconscious. The bottle is the only way to have a job request unique to Sky. This job requires the Team to reach a certain floor of a dungeon and acquire a Box. Thing is, the client is ???, the loot is ???, the dungeon is also ???, but the floor is stated. The player has to read the flavor text to get a hint on which dungeon it is. The designated floor has no Pokémon, and usage of Orbs are not allowed. It also has a Warp Tile, and a room that requires a Key. Upon completion of the mission, the Pokémon you receive Explorer Points is Chatot.

Shop changes:

Croagunk does not ask for specific Exclusive items. Instead, he will show you a list of Exclusive Items. The list changes everyday, similarly to the Kecleon brothers' stock. Depending on its rarity, you trade a number of Exclusive Items for another Exclusive Item on the list. Very rarely, Croagunk wants specific requirements. Your Exclusive items do not need to be in the bag. You can trade with Exclusive Items in storage.

Spinda's Cafe converts edible items into drinks for free. Spinda makes one drink per edible item, which you choose from the Treasure Bag. Spinda will "shake it this way, shake it that way, stir it all round, and it's done!" Then Spinda may "have a good feeling about this drink". A drink which Spinda has a good feeling of will raise the IQ and/or stat of the customer. Beware though. Some drinks can lower stats. Very rarely, after drinking, a Pokémon offers to join the Team.

Recycle Shop

Wynaut runs the shop with the help of Wobbuffet. Here, the player can trade a number of items for another. At first, there are not many items that can be traded for. As the game goes on, more and more items get added on. After Graduation, the shop may have a special offer. Items that only appear as special offers are Zinc, Iron, Protein, Calcium, Life Seed and Link Box. If the player traded for a Ticket, he/she can take part in the Big Treasure ticket drawing. When winning big, the wall between Spinda's Cafe and the Recycle Shop breaks apart as a Ludicolo and four Bellossom enter the scene. They start dancing for around half a minute, while Spinda, Wynaut and Wobbuffet mimic the movements. At the end of the show, a flash of light appears, then the wall is fixed magically and everything is back to normal. Wynaut then gives the player the prize which could a rare item like Miracle Chest, Wonder Gummi or a Friend Bow.

Secret Bazaar

There is now a good reason to bring at least 100P into a dungeon. Sometimes, a "Hidden Stairs" can appear below the team leader's feet. Climbing these stairs will lead to a secret floor named the Secret Bazaar. The services it offers cost 100P each. After exiting the Secret Bazaar, you will move on to the next floor.

Kirlia, the Bazaar Guide, stands in the middle.
Shedinja, in the top left, lets the Team escape from the dungeon.
Lickilicky, in the top right, offers to clean any Sticky Items.
Mime Jr, in the bottom left, completely heals the Team.
Swalot, in the bottom right, sells grab bags that contain one item. I have to do more research on this. I have gotten an Oran Berry five times, a Hunger Seed, a Black Gummi, a Foe Fear Orb, a Link Box and a Drought Orb once each.


There are now Lookalike Items that usually have unpleasant or no effects. Their spelling are related to the original in some way. These are the ones that I know of, followed by the original, then the effect:

Slip Seed ----- Sleep Seed ---- Allows user to walk on water
Reviser Seed - Reviver Seed - Fills Belly slightly. No other effect.
Oren Berry --- Oran Berry ---- User takes 10 Damage. Fills Belly slightly.
No-Slip Cap -- No-Stick Cap -- Items in bag may occasionally get sticky
Mix Elixir ----- Max Elixir ------ Fills Belly slightly. Recovers PP of Linoone only.
Gone Pebble - Geo Pebble ---- Gives user Enduring status.
Dropeye Seed - Eye-drop Seed - Immediate surrounding area will be dark. Fills Belly slightly.
Via Seed ----- Vile Seed ------- Warps user elsewhere on the floor. Fills Belly slightly


The Shaymin nearest to the Kangaskhan Rock will give a Gracidea everyday after recruiting a Shaymin. The Gracidea can be used in a dungeon once, and if used on a Shaymin, it will turn into its Sky Forme. Shaymin (Sky Forme) has its speed boosted by one stage.

Watch this space!

I admit my English isn't that great. If you don't understand anything, ask me any time. I'll accept help and give credit for it too!

12-27-2009, 02:55 PM
Riolu isn't Sassy. Shinx is. I know myself, as I am a Shinx in my game.

12-29-2009, 05:10 PM
Magnezone is level 12? No wonder he can never capture any Outlaws himself.

Also, you can receive new locations and eggs after drinking one of Spinda's drinks. Spinda can also rarely make "Miracle" drinks, which add a large amount of stats and do lots of good things.

Chromatic Alchemist
12-29-2009, 05:44 PM
Riolu isn't Sassy. Shinx is. I know myself, as I am a Shinx in my game.

1. Don't revive threads that are older than a month anymore please.
2. Riolu is indeed Sassy because I play as Riolu. ;P

-Pichu Boy-
12-29-2009, 07:37 PM
1. Don't revive threads that are older than a month anymore please.
2. Riolu is indeed Sassy because I play as Riolu. ;P

The PMD forum doesn't get much activity - it was one of the most recent threads (it was on one of the first two pages) so it's allowed to be revived.

More Lookalikes -

Y-Ray Specs -- X-Ray Specs -- If the leader wears them, they cannot see Pokemon or Items on the map. If anyone else wears them, they obtain Blinker status
Gravelyrock -- Gravelerock -- Raises the IQ of Bonsly or Sudowoodo only.

01-10-2010, 02:21 PM
I found out that Sky's Wondermail slots are extended to about 5-6 symbols instead of 4.

It used to be

???? ???? ????
???? ???? ????

In sky it's

????? ????? ?????

Sorry if my examples are bad.

08-28-2010, 07:30 PM
Ohhh...I learned stuff I didn't knew!

Thanks for posting this!
I didn't knew that some pokemon were gender exclusive I got vulpix(and it certainly fits me)
and I got a challenge from mewtwo and beated him up relly easy.

11-06-2010, 06:03 PM
Hm... So, would you guys recomend this over Darkness? I'm thinking about trading in Darkness for Sky.