View Full Version : [MTG] Roflcopter

11-07-2009, 06:12 PM
Budget: 5 bucks

4 muddle the mixture --> 8 cents
4 Thopter Foundry --> 20 cents
4 sword of the meek --> 16 cents
1 Time Sieve --> 115 cents
4 Krark-Clan Ironworks-> 80 cents

4 Duress --> 80 cents
4 Rune snag --> 80 cents
4 Repeal --> 12 cents
4 Ponder --> 32 cents
4 Thirst for knowledge-> 200 cents

1 Academy Ruins --> 50 cents
13 Island
9 Swamp

The basic deal with this deck is really simple:
Get the combo out and go infinite. The deck strives to get the three pieces out together as fast as possible, with ironworks the least important piece.

Card choices:
Muddle the mixture: looks for pretty much anything other than ironworks to roflcopter. Have one piece, get the other.

Time sieve: maximum lulz when you get it out with ironworks. It can also work turns 5 and up, where you have enough mana to just go infinite turns anyway.

Duress: preemptively check your opponent's hand and get rid of whatever that can disrupt your combo.

Rune snag: catch all counterspell in extended.

Repeal: get rid of an early threat and draw a card. This is the only reason why I chose it over into the roil.

Ponder: Filler, card filter.

Thirst for knowledge: instant speed card draw is good. I can discard sword of the meek to really hurt someone.

Academy ruins: get back a combo piece more readily post-removal.

Adding money to the deck:
Seat of the synod/vault of whispers: All good. The combo needs artifacts to run, and this serves the bill nicely.

Gifts Ungiven: Why not?

Fetchlands: That should be obvious.