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02-02-2010, 12:52 AM
So what would you say stood out for you last night at the award show? :D

To submit my answer here I'm gonna c/p from a blog of mine that I made today.

"So yeah like some of you know I tried to stay up to see the show, but I didn't last that long, but I did see a bit of the red carpet and some of the pree show... Anyway when I was watching this I was like OMG it's Pink!! And I'm watching her live on my computer.. xD

Anyway I saw Beyonce and Lady Gaga on the red carpet, also Fergie, live (in my computer..)

Anyway when I came home after school I really wanted to see the performances whom I had wanted to see live the night before, so I've been watching them. I'm not sure if I have seen them all, but I've seen the once I wanted to see..

Anyway out of all the performances they had to offer last night at the Grammy's Pink's was the best. I mean how much more awesome can she be?! Also to be able to do that, and in mid air, with no wires (at least I saw now wires) she is just awesome! Also I loved the dress Pink arrived in.. It looked awesome on her, and omg it was white and really purdy.. And the dress she was wearing at the beginning of her performance, I just loved it, if it were a little less open in the neckline then I would actually want one of those, the hoody was just fabulous and those white heels (gimmegimee)... :3
After that in 2nd place is Lady Gaga... OMG Gaga continues to amaze me with her life performance, but I have to say Elton John kida ruined the song, I mean Speechless is awesome song, and I'm pretty sure she'll never be able to top her self from the time she performed it on Ellen. Anyway the intro was really amusing, and just seconds before she jumped, she looked amazing! She looked so normal, so serious, so fierce! And when she get's thrown in the fire, just awesome! But how she can dance in heels like that is a mystery to me, also the heels she was wearing at the red carpet, omg how can she walk without breaking her ankles.
3rd was Beyonce, freaking awesome, tho I wasn't loving the dress she arrived in but the dress she performed in magnifico! Tho I don't think I would wear it if I had one, you know, to much (unless your performing on a stages xD)..

So I really liked the Black eyed peas performance.. Tho it didn't make it to the top 3...
Also what the hell was Stevie doing with Taylor. A singer off Stevie's caliber shouldn't have been picked to perform with Taylor.. Taylors voice is just to soft and weak, and if Taylor wasn't as popular as she is then Stevie would have been the lead voice. But seeing Taylor is Taylor then they tried to do it the other way, epic fail. Stevie's voice stealing the spot light even tho Taylor's mic had been blasted.. Stevie should stick to rock song and don't get fooled into performing with the likes of Taylor in the future. I mean Stevie needs someone whom is a belter if she's suppose to be performing with someone, like why didn't they pair her up with Fergie, not saying that would be amazing, but Fergie does give Stevie a run for her money, unlike Taylor whom I doubt has the vocal ranges/power Fergie has, and I doubt she'll ever have.

If you wanna pair Taylor up with someone and make it look good then pair her up with Dido, Enya or Sarah Mclaughlin. Caus putting Taylor on stages with someone with such a strong voice as Stevie has is just shooting Taylor in the head.. .

This link has some of the performances, but not all.. (Youtube the rest)

If you follow this link you can see a list of all the winners. ;D

So now it's your turn, what were the highlights for you?

Also if you wanna know why I was so amazed by Pink, then check out her performance (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0lq96Xr9LA).


02-02-2010, 01:08 AM
Beyonce owned the night. She broke the record for most Grammys won in one night by a woman (6) and broke her own (and several others') record of 5.

Taylor came at a close 2nd winning the most covetted award of the night - Album of the Year. Though it didn't help she broke one of her 4 awards into pieces. Haha. And I know I'm not alone, or being bias (I've lurked several forums and blogs) but she sounded horrible on her performance.

If anyone were to win Album of the Year over my wife (Beyoncé) it would be Gaga. Her performance was awesome, and I disagree; Elton made it better. He's a legend. And Gaga learned stilletto dancing from the creator; Beyonce. ;p

But yeah, great night.

02-02-2010, 03:52 AM
The Grammy Awards: where we award artists for record sales, not actual inspiring talent.

02-02-2010, 04:09 AM
The Grammy Awards: where we award artists for record sales, not actual inspiring talent.

Pretty much this. Also, gotta make this post 4 words.

02-02-2010, 04:19 AM
The Lady Gaga and Elton John performance was amazing, seriously amazing.

also taylor winning any awards makes me want to cry